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									        2005 Jr. Olympic Travel Information
                    14U, 16U, 18U Boys & Girls
                 Boys Competition July 30th - August 2nd
                    Girls Competition August 4th - 7th

1. Travel Information
7/29 Southwest Flight 1055 (90 seats)
Departing LAX 10:10 am - Arrives San Jose 11:10 am
(All players must meet at Southwest Ticket Counter at 8:10 am)

8/2 Southwest Flight 1091 (60 seats)
Departing SJC 8:30 pm - Arrives LAX 9:40 pm

8/2 Southwest Flight 2866 (30 seats)
Departing SJC 9:50 pm – Arrives LAX 11:00 pm
(This flight will be used for teams that compete in the final championship

8/3 Southwest Flight 1055 (60 seats)
Departing LAX 10:10 am – Arrives San Jose 11:10 am
(All players must meet at Southwest Ticket Counter at 8:10 am)

8/7 Southwest Flight 1091 (60 seats)
Departing SJC 8:30 pm – Arrives LAX 9:40 pm

2. Travel Attire
Wear LAWPC Warm-up jacket, shorts or jeans, white LAWPC t-shirt and clean
sneakers. Absolutely no sandals!!!!

3. ID Requirements
1. Drivers License
2. School ID with photo

4. Travel Policy
Attached – please read!
Please Note: There will be absolutely no modifications to the travel
arrangements! Players are welcome to leave the tournament with their parents
as soon as they complete all competition, however, there will be no refunds or
price adjustment for players not using return airline tickets.
5. Code of Conduct (Behavior, Representing LAWPC)
Attached- Must be turned in (signed by both player and parents) at the airport to
the assigned team coach!

6. Hotel Information
1740 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(Breakfast is included with accommodations. All rooms are double

7. What to Bring:
Underwear, Socks, Sneakers, LAWPC Speedo Warm-ups, 4 LAWPC t-shirts (2
White & 2 Navy), Tooth brush & tooth paste, 2 LAWPC shorts, LAWPC Speedo
swim suits, Goggles
1 Bag (carry on size only - we will not check in luggage)

8. Tournament Attire
Only LAWPC Speedos, LAWPC T-Shirts, LAWPC Warm-Ups & LAWPC Shorts
can be worn at the tournament. All merchandise can be ordered from S & R
Sport (800) 231-8295 – order early to guarantee availability.

9. Meals
Each player needs to bring money for meals. Breakfast is provided with hotel
accommodations. Recommended amount: $30- $35 per day for food - 5 days.

10. Phones
Players will not be able to make long distance calls from their hotel phones. They
can use a calling card or bring a cell phone.

12. Venue Locations
The Hyatt Hotel is centrally located in the San Jose area. Most competition
venues are 5-10 miles from the hotel. Specific venue locations can be found on
the USA Water Polo Website at:

11. Cost
The total cost of the trip is $614. The fee includes: roundtrip airfare, 4 nights
hotel accommodations (double occupancy), breakfast, ground transportation (gas
& insurance), tournament fees & coach cost. A deposit of $300 is due by
June 15tth – the remaining balance will be due on July 1st. Any player not
submitting a payment will forfeit their position with the team and will be
replaced by an alternate player. Payments can be made using PayPal or by
sending a check made payable to “LAWPC” to D. Flacks, 3453 Consuelo Drive,
Calabasas, CA 91302.
                      Los Angeles Water Polo Club
                          Team Travel Policy
The following Team Travel Policy will be in effect for all major tournaments and
championships. These tournaments will be designated as such at the earliest possible
date to alert parents and players that the travel policy is in effect. **

In recognition of the goals of LAWPC and in an effort to maximize the opportunity to
achieve these goals, the coaching staff of LAWPC has issued this travel policy.

Team Policy

1. All players and parents must agree to and sign the player code of conduct in order to
   participate and travel with the team.
2. Violations of this code may result in the player being sent home at the parents’
3. To promote unity and to emphasize the need to focus on competition and minimize
   a. All players will travel together.
   b. All players will wear the team uniform when traveling.
   c. All players will stay at the same hotel.
   d. Players will room with designated roommates as assigned by their coach.
   e. Players will eat meals and travel to and from the pool as a team.
4. The coaching staff may designate parents as team chaperones. These chaperones,
   along with the coaches, will be responsible for the team.

Parental Policy

Parents wishing to attend tournaments are welcome. The following guidelines apply:

1. Parents who choose to stay at the same hotel must stay on a separate floor from the
2. While there will be occasions when the team will have free time, it will be at the
   coaches’ discretion and activities will be conducted as a team. Parents should not
   plan on eating with their children or taking them out on any excursions.

** When a tournament is not designated a “team travel tournament”, players will travel
and stay with their parents. This will be determined by LAWPC coaching staff.
                      CODE OF CONDUCT

TO:           All Athletes Selected for LAWPC 2005 Trips

FROM:         Richard J. Corso

Please read the Code of Conduct below. All players selected to represent the Los
Angeles Water Polo Club must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Your signature
below constitutes your acknowledgment that you have read and will abide by the Code
while training, traveling, and competing as a member of the Los Angeles Water Polo
Club. If you do not wish to sign the Code, please notify Coach Corso in order that an
alternate member can be selected.

Members of the Los Angeles Water Polo Club agree that:

1.     On trips a nightly curfew will be established and observed.
2.     All meetings, training sessions etc. will be attended and athletes will be expected
       to be on time.
3.     There will be no possession or use of any illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
4.     Any damage occurring to a dorm or hotel room shall be paid for by the registered
5.     There will be no unacceptable behavior. This includes but is not limited to:

       a. Committing any act which would be considered an offense under U.S.
       Federal,                     California State laws, or local laws.

       b. Gross misbehavior.

       c. Unsportsmanlike conduct.

NOTE: Persons present while any prohibited activities occur
must leave immediately or be considered a participant. Any
person observing or having knowledge of any activity resulting
in serious bodily harm must report such activity to the team

Violations of the above may entail, depending upon circumstances, the following:

1.     Full or partial restriction from participation in team activities.
2.     Loss of opportunity to be a member of the club team.
3.     Removal from the team and sent home at the family's expense.
4.     Any combination of the above.

I agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct and understand what violations of the
Code entails.

_____________________________________________                 ______________________
Signature of Team Member                                      Date

I,____________________________________________                parent and/or guardian of

_____________________________________________               do hereby consent, on behalf
of myself, to my son/daughter being under the auspices of the Los Angeles Water Polo
Club and all coaches and staff of such organization. I consent to his full participation
with the Los Angeles Water Polo Club and agree to be held accountable for all costs for
damage for which my son is responsible. I agree to pay all costs arising from disciplinary

_____________________________________________                ______________________
Signature of Parent                                           Date

_____________________________________________                ______________________
Signature of Parent                                           Date

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