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					                                                                                       New	Newsprint	Catalog!
                                                                                           Going	Green.
                                                                                               Staying	Local.

                         Lewis-Clark State College
                         L e w i s - C l a r k Va l l e y • G r a n g e v i l l e • O r o f i n o

                  Personal Enrichment &
                    Lifelong Learning Classes

Learn	to	Fly!
New	Culinary	Delights	
Weight	Training	for	
Courses	in	Lewiston,	
Orofino,	Grangeville	
and	also	Online!
                                Brought to you by

                         C  ontinuing
                                         C    ommunity                           Spring	2011

                          E   ducation
                                          E     vents                 	       www.lcsc.edu/ce
                                                                                                             Table of Contents -
                                                                                                             Lewis-Clark	Valley	Classes
                                                                                                                Arts	&	Crafts	 ................................................................................. 3
                                                                                                                Computers	&	Technology	............................................................. 4
                                                                                                                Culinary	Delights	.......................................................................... 5
                                                                                                                Dance	&	Music	.............................................................................. 5
                                                                                                                Day	Trips	&	Recreation	 ................................................................ 6
                                                                                                                Family	&	Life	................................................................................. 7
                                                                                                                Health	&	Fitness	........................................................................... 8
                                                                                                                Home	&	Garden	............................................................................ 8
                                                                                                                Money	Matters	.............................................................................. 9
                                                                                                                Language	&	Culture	...................................................................... 9
                                                                                                                Photography	&	Video	.................................................................... 9
                                                                                                                On-line	Non-Credit	Classes	......................................................... 11

     Our Message to You -                                                                                    Grangeville	Outreach	Center	Classes	.................................................12
     Personal enrichment. We use this phrase to describe
     our noncredit courses, but what does it mean? Personal
                                                                                                             Orofino	Outreach	Center	Classes	.......................................................15
     enrichment courses offer opportunities to enhance or learn
     new skills that can help you with health, relationships,
     hobbies and personal needs. Our personal enrichment courses                                             Contact	Information	...........................................................................18
     are open to the public as a community outreach service of                                               Registration	Form	..............................................................................19
     Lewis-Clark State College. We offer courses and excursions
     that expose participants to arts, culture, technology, fitness,
     and more. Why take a personal enrichment class? Well, isn’t
     it time you do something for you? Step outside of the box to
     try something new or attempt something that you’ve always
     wanted to do. Our classes are small, comfortable, affordable
     and convenient. Satisfaction guaranteed! Join us for a class or
     two and see for yourself!

     Kathy L. Martin                       Lisa L. Jones
     Dean, Community Programs              Director, Continuing Education & Community Events

     Our Mission -
     Continuing Education & Community Events, a
     department of Community Programs at Lewis-Clark State
     College, is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals
     through distinctive service and exceptional programs.

                           SATISFACTION GUARANTEE
         Our commitment is to quality and to you. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.
          We know that our instructors are excellent, and that our programs are solid;
                  but, if your class does not measure up to your expectations,
                                                                                                              Lewis-Clark	State	College	Continuing	Education	&	Community	Events	is	a	member	of
              please call us at (208) 792-2447 or (800) 394-4189 and give us the
               opportunity to do something about it. We want you to be satisfied!
                 Lewis-Clark State College will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color,
                      age, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.
                Idaho State Relay Service for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired TTY# 1-800-377-3529
                                                                                                             The Learning Resources Network (LERN)                 University Continuing Education Association

2	                                                                                    Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
    LEWIS-CLArK	VALLEY                  your	skills,	this	class	will	give	
  CONTINuING	EDuCATION	&	               you	a	deeper	look	into	drawing,	
    COMMuNITY	EVENTS	                   as	we	explore	a	series	of	still-
       415	Main	Street                  life	props	and	more.	Beginner	
      Lewiston,	ID	83501                to	intermediate	students	are	
        Open	to	Serve	You               No experience necessary. A
     Mon.	-	Fri.:	8:00am	-	5:00pm       materials list will be provided
                                        prior to class.
                                        5	day	course.	$58.00		
                                        2/24-3/31;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	9:00	pm		
                                        No	Class	3/17
                                        LCSC	Campus
                                                                                        Stained	Glass:			                               Fused	Glass	Wall	Art
                                        Scrapbook	Scramble!                             An	Introduction                                 by Darcy Lodge       NEW!
 Web                                    by Amanda Long      NEW!                        by Darcy Lodge                                  Take	a	wonderful	assortment	
 lcsc.edu/ce	                           Scrapbooking	is	a	wonderful,	                   For	centuries,	stained	glass	                   of	glass	colors	and	textures	
 Email                                  popular	hobby	that	preserves	                   artwork	has	inspired	and	awed.	
                                                                                                                                        and	just	see	what	a	beautiful	
                                        memories	in	unique	and	                         Now	it’s	your	turn	to	try	your	                 piece	of	fused	glass	wall	art	
                                        creative	ways.	Whether	it’s	                    hand	at	creating	a	one-of-a-kind,	              you	can	create!	Learn	some	of	
                        Alison	Oman,
       Lewis-Clark	Valley	Coordinator   using	photos,	clippings,	or	                    beautiful	glass	piece.	You’ll	learn	            the	technical	aspects	of	fused	
                                        small	mementos,	let	Amanda	                     how	to:	set	up	a	pattern	and	cut	it	            glass	and	its	journey	from	your	
                                        help	you	create	an	entire	6”	X	                 out,	cut	glass	safely,	grind	foil,	and	         imagination	and	design	to	kiln	
            ArTS	&	                     6”	mini	album	while	exploring	
                                        backgrounds,	stampings,	
                                                                                        solder	and	frame	your	project.	No	              -	and	be	proud	to	show	(and	
                                                                                        experience	is	necessary.
            CrAFTS                      cut-outs,	die	cuts,	drawings,	                  Please bring a glass cutter
                                                                                                                                        share!)	your	piece.
                                                                                                                                        All tools will be supplied during the
 Exploring	Watercolors	for	             clippings,	stickers	and	more	                   to class, all other tools are                   class. Supply fee (which also includes
 Beginners                              to	set	the	tone	of	your	themed	                 supplied. Supply fee is paid                    kiln firings) will be paid directly to
 by CindyLee Oleson                     album.                                          directly to the instructor in                   instructor during the first class.
 Just	because	you	feel	you	can’t	       A materials list will be provided               the first class. Students are                   2	day	course.	$50.00	+	$35.00	Materials	Fee		
 draw	well	doesn’t	mean	you	            prior to first class.                           requested to visit The Stained                  2/21-2/28;	Mon	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		
 can’t	paint	well!	We’ll	begin	         2	day	course.	$46.00		                          Glass Company before the                        The	Stained	Glass	Company
                                        4/9-4/16;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	4:00	pm
 with	a	brief	history	of	the	use	                                                       class start date and choose
 of	watercolor	in	painting	and	a	
                                        LCSC	Campus
                                                                                        glass colors and patterns.                      COMPuTErS	&	
 demonstration	of	tools	and	basic	                                                      3	day	course.	$65.00	+	$50.00	Materials	Fee		
 techniques.	Learn	to	choose	
                                        Majolica	Tile	Art
                                        by Lizette Fife
                                                                                        4/20-5/4;	Wed	5:30	pm	-	9:00	pm		               TEChNOLOGY
                                                                                        The	Stained	Glass	Company
 subject	matter	and	how	to	get	         Have	you	seen	the	gorgeous	                                                                     Excel	-	Level	1
 your	desired	results.	You’ll	          pottery	from	Mexico,	Italy,	and	                Painting	Pastel	Landscapes
                                                                                                                                        by Nora Abbott
 complete	3	or	4	paintings	during	      Spain?	It	is	often	made	using	                                                                  It’s	time	for	you	to	learn	
                                                                                        by CindyLee Oleson      NEW!
 the	class.                             a	technique	called	majolica.	                                                                   Excel	fundamentals	-	how	
                                                                                        Experience	the	great	outdoors	by	
 No experience necessary. A             Majolica	painting	uses	colorants	                                                               a	spreadsheet	works,	some	
                                                                                        painting	landscapes	with	pastels!	
 materials list will be provided        on	top	of	an	unfired	white	                                                                     basic	formulas,	appearance,	
                                                                                        The	layering	of	pastel	color	lends	
 prior to class.                        glaze.	The	colored	decoration	                                                                  print	basics,	and	working	with	
                                                                                        itself	beautifully	to	expressing	
 5	day	course.	$58.00		                 is	painted	on	before	the	piece	                                                                 multiple	sheets.	You’ll	explore	
 4/7-5/5;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	9:00	pm		                                                       the	diverse	textures	of	landscape.	
                                        is	fired	to	maturity,	so	you	will	                                                              lots	of	tips,	shortcuts	and	pitfall	
 LCSC	Campus                                                                            So,	become	more	confident	with	
                                        design	and	paint	a	tile	to	explore	                                                             cautions.	This	program	is	a	
                                                                                        drawing	as	you	explore	basic	pastel	
                                        this	technique.                                                                                 wonderful	organizational	tool	-	
 Draw	What	You	See!                                                                     techniques,	compose	a	scene,	
 by CindyLee Oleson                     You are encouraged to bring                                                                     for	tracking	time,	money,	events,	
                                                                                        experiment	with	preliminary	
 Learning	to	see	the	world	like	        any pictures for inspiration.                                                                   and	details.	AND	it	is	fun	to	use!	
                                                                                        sketches	and	so	capture	the	
 an	artist	is	the	first	step	toward	    Instructor will provide all                                                                     The	more	you	know,	the	more	
                                                                                        essence	of	your	subject.
 building	confidence	in	drawing.	       materials, and will fire the                                                                    you	can	do.	Get	started	here!
                                                                                        No experience necessary. A
 Cindy	will	share	timeless	tools	       pieces for you. Minors 12 &                                                                     Basic computer experience
                                                                                        materials list will be provided
 and	techniques	to	help	you	            older welcome.                                                                                  & typing skills required; no
                                                                                        prior to class.
 draw	faster	and	with	greater	          1	day	course.	$22.00	+	$10.00	Materials	Fee		   5	day	course.	$58.00		                          minors please.
                                        5/7;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	4:00	pm		                                                                    2	day	course.	$42.00	+	$4.00	Materials	Fee		
 accuracy.	Whether	you	are	just	        LCSC	Campus
                                                                                        5/12-6/9;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	9:00	pm		
                                                                                        LCSC	Campus                                     3/8-3/10;	Tue,	Thu	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		
 starting	out	or	wanting	to	refine	                                                                                                     LCSC	Campus

Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                      3
     Excel	-	Level	2
     by Nora Abbott
                                                    Microsoft	Word	-	Level	1
                                                    by Lisa Myers                                   CuLINArY	                                 The	Perfect	Spring	Meal
                                                                                                                                              by William Jollymore
     Now	you	can	build	on	the	basics	
     as	you	learn	to	use	charts,	more	
                                                    New	to	word	processing?	It’s	
                                                    becoming	a	necessity	these	
                                                                                                    DELIGhTS                                  With	Spring	right	around	the	
                                                                                                                                              corner,	this	is	the	ideal	time	to	
     functions	and	formulas,	and	                   days	and	it’s	a	wonderful	                Dutch	Oven	Basics                               plan	your	menu	for	the	perfect	
                                                                                              by Rodney Duke
     database	basics.	While	the	tools	              convenience	at	home.	Learn	                                                               family	get-together	and	discuss	
                                                                                              Imagine	a	full	course	elegant	
     covered	in	this	workshop	are	                  to	make	professional-looking	                                                             what	can	be	bought	fresh,	what	
                                                                                              dinner	under	the	stars.	Now	
     powerful,	the	concepts	are	easy	               documents	and	letters	in	just	                                                            can	be	cooked	ahead	of	time	and	
                                                                                              let	your	imagination	turn	to	
     to	understand.	These	two	down-                 a	few	hours	plus	create	labels,	                                                          which	recipes	best	feature	fresh	
                                                                                              reality	by	taking	this	course	and	
     to-earth	workshop	sessions	                    newsletters,	reports	and	other	                                                           spring	vegetables.	Come	ready	
                                                                                              learning	Dutch	Oven	history	
     will	help	you	feel	confident	and	              correspondence.	This	class	                                                               to	learn	about	holiday	food	
                                                                                              and	care,	food	prep	and	fire	
     capable.	Come	join	us	and	see!                 moves	at	a	comfortable	pace	                                                              preparation	and	how	your	life	
                                                                                              management.	All	food	for	four	
     Basic computer experience                      with	clear	instructions	and	                                                              can	be	made	easier	by	planning	
                                                                                              complete	meals,	charcoal	and	
     & typing skills required;                      one-on-one	help	from	a	patient	                                                           ahead!
                                                                                              supplies	are	included	in	your	
     completion of Excel Level 1 or                 instructor.                                                                               Come to class ready to sample
                                                                                              supply	fee.
     equivalent experience; 18 or                   Basic computer experience                                                                 some great recipes and please
                                                                                              Adults 18 & older welcome.
     over please.                                   and typing skills preferred.                                                              bring a pen and paper to catch
     2	day	course.	$42.00	+	$4.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                              First class held on campus, the
                                                    Software version used in class                                                            all Bill’s tips and tricks.
     4/19-4/21;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		                                                  following three classes held at                 1	day	course.	$40.00	+	$10.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                    is MS Office 2007.
     LCSC	Campus                                    1	day	course.	$29.00		
                                                                                              private residence.                              4/6;	Wed	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		
                                                                                              4	day	course.	$40.00	+	$60.00	Materials	Fee		   Red	Lion	Hotel	-	Lewiston
                                                    4/9;	Sat	10:30	am	-	12:30	pm		
     Computers:	An	                                                                           4/5-4/26;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	9:00	pm		
                                                    LCSC	Campus
                                                                                              LCSC	Campus
     by Lisa Myers                                  Microsoft	Word	-	Level	2                                                                     Explore behind the
     Do	you	have	a	computer	                                                                  Meatless	Meals	for	
                                                    by Lisa Myers
                                                                                              Everyone!							NEW!                               scenes at a winery
     and	don’t	know	how	to	use	                     Pick	up	where	MS	Word-
     it?	Do	you	think	Windows	                      Level	1	left	off	and	explore	just	
                                                                                              by William Jollymore                                and a brewery in
                                                                                              Do	you	think	that	meatless	
     are	something	that	need	                       how	useful	MS	Word	can	be!	
                                                                                              meals	aren’t	satisfying?	Are	you	
                                                                                                                                                Grape and Grain 101
     curtains?	This	is	the	class	                   Discover	drawing	and	graphics	                                                                   on page 7.
                                                                                              afraid	that	you	will	walk	away	
     for	you!	Learn	the	basics	of	                  and	how	to	cut,	copy	and	paste.	
                                                                                              from	the	table	hungry?	Well,	let	
     operating	your	computer	in	                    Work	with	mail	merge,	plus	use	                                                           The	Virtues	of	Vegan
                                                                                              chef	Bill	Jollymore	show	you	
     this	non-threatening	class	for	                tabs,	columns,	tables	and	more.                                                           by Blodwyn Eckert   NEW!
                                                                                              how	delicious,	satisfying	and	
     anyone	that’s	lost	in	today’s	                 Basic computer experience                                                                 Many	of	us	associate	the	word	
                                                                                              filling	a	meatless	meal	can	be.	
     technological	age!                             and typing skills preferred.                                                              vegan	with	the	descriptors	
                                                                                              Bring	your	appetite,	questions	
     Software version used in class                 Software version used in class                                                            blah	or	boring	and	with	
                                                                                              and	pen	and	paper	to	record	all	
     is MS Office 2007.                             is MS Office 2007.                                                                        eliminating	food	choices.	In	
     2	day	course.	$44.00		                         1	day	course.	$29.00		
                                                                                              Bill’s	tips	and	tricks	for	cooking	
                                                                                              up	the	very	best	vegetable	                     fact,	vegan	foods	offer	just	the	
     3/5-3/12;	Sat	10:30	am	-	12:30	pm		            4/23;	Sat	10:30	am	-	12:30	pm		
     LCSC	Campus                                    LCSC	Campus                               recipes.                                        opposite	-	tasty,	varied	dishes	
                                                                                              1	day	course.	$40.00	+	$10.00	Materials	Fee		   which	provide	all	the	nutrients	
                                                                                              3/23;	Wed	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		                   one	needs	at	a	surprisingly	
                                                                                              Red	Lion	Hotel	-	Lewiston                       economical	cost,	an	added	
                                                                                                                                              benefit.	One	evening	course	
                                                                                                                                              may	be	all	you	need	to	ease	your	
                                                                                                                                              hesitancy	and	get	you	on	the	
                                                                                                                                              road	to	better	living	through	
                                                                                                                                              vegan	cooking.	Bring	a	favorite	
                                                                                                                                              recipe	to	class	and	we’ll	help	you	
                                                                                                                                              change	it	to	vegan	while	helping	
                                                                                                                                              you	define	vegan	vegetarianism,	
                                                                                                                                              understanding	the	health	
                                                                                                                                              benefits	and	learning	to	include	
                                                                                                                                              vegan	options	in	your	current	
                                                                                                                                              1	day	course.	$19.00	+	$2.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                                                                              •	3/8;	Tue	6:30	pm	-	8:00	pm		
                                                                                                                                              •	4/7;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	8:00	pm		
                                                                                                                                              LCSC	Campus

4	                                                                      Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
 The	ultimate	BBQ
 by William Jollymore
                                                 how	to	Play	Piano	by	Ear
                                                 by Gladys Wentland
                                                                                                 Out	on	the	Dance	Floor!		
                                                                                                 Salsa	and	Merengue.
                                                                                                                                          DAY	TrIPS	&	
 You’ve	got	the	deck,	the	
 barbecue	and	the	fancy	
                                                 Contrary	to	popular	belief,	
                                                 anyone	can	learn	to	play	by	
                                                                                                 by Julie Strobel
                                                                                                 Now’s	your	opportunity	to	
 tongs	so	NOW	you’re	ready	                      ear.	This	workshop	shows	you	                   try	even	more	ballroom	and	            Ghosts	of	Lewiston
                                                                                                                                        by Garry Bush
 for	some	special	barbecuing	                    the	inside	secrets	professional	                latin	dances	-	right	before	the	
                                                                                                                                        Take	a	walking	tour	of	Historic	
 tips	from	the	chef	who	really	                  piano	players	use	(but	rarely	                  wedding,	prom,	and	social	
                                                                                                                                        Downtown	Lewiston	and	learn	
 knows	barbecues!		In	this	                      reveal).	You’ll	learn	how	to	pick	              events	of	the	summer!	Salsa	is	
                                                                                                                                        how	the	previous	residents	
 demonstration	class,	you’ll	                    tunes	right	out	of	your	head	and	               a	popular,	upbeat,	flirtatious	
                                                                                                                                        affected	our	local	history.	Visit	
 learn	about	rubs,	sauces,	and	                  off	the	radio	(just	think	of	the	               dance	with	its	roots	firmly	in	
                                                                                                                                        areas	where	life	in	the	1890’s	
 steak	cuts	that	are	best	suited	                money	you	can	save	in	sheet	                    Cuba.	Salsa	has	its	many	forms	
                                                                                                                                        will	come	alive	and	encounter	
 to	barbecuing	and	what	to	serve	                music!)	You’ll	even	learn	how	                  (Cumbia,	LA,	and	Miami)	and	is	
                                                                                                                                        spirits	from	days	gone	by.	Walk	
 with	your	grilled	foods	while	                  to	transpose	in	a	workshop	that	                known	for	syncopated	footwork	
                                                                                                                                        under	the	sidewalks	and	listen	
 sampling	recipes	in	class.                      goes	beyond	mere	‘ear	training’.	               combined	with	a	quick	flick	of	
                                                                                                                                        for	the	voices	of	the	past.	Each	
 No minors please. Bring pen                     Open	to	all	musicians	(not	just	                the	foot,	light	turns,	twists	and	
                                                                                                                                        historic	building	you	enter	
 and paper to class to record all                piano	players)	who	have	a	basic	                spins	that	express	the	incredible	
                                                                                                                                        has	been	documented	with	
 Bill’s great tips and tricks.                   understanding	of	chord	theory.	                 energy	of	the	music.	Students	
 1	day	course.	$40	+	$10	materials	fee
                                                                                                                                        paranormal	activity!
                                                 Beginners	should	take	Instant	                  will	learn	the	basic	four	count	       1	day	course.	$20.00		
 5/4;	Wed	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm                      Piano	as	a	prerequisite.                        step,	partnering	(leading	and	         •	4/30;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	2:30	pm		
 Red	Lion	Hotel
                                                 Registration fee includes                       following),	dips,	turns	and	           •	5/7;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	2:30	pm		
                                                 workbook and a 60 minute                        direction	changes.	We’ll	then	         •	5/21;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	2:30	pm		
          DANCE	&	                               practice CD.                                    follow	that	with	the	merengue,	        Meet	outside	Morgan’s	Alley

           MuSIC                                 1	day	course.	$40.00	+	$35.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                 4/3;	Sun	1:30	pm	-	5:00	pm		
                                                                                                 another	Latin	dance	that	you	
                                                                                                 can	master.
                                                 LCSC	Campus
 Instant	Piano	for	                                                                              No experience necessary; wear
 hopelessly	Busy	People                                                                          comfortable clothing and shoes,
 by Gladys Wentland
                                                 Out	on	the	Dance	Floor!	
                                                 Cha-Cha-Cha	and	rhumba                          preferably a shoe with a slick
 Music	teachers	may	not	want	you	                                                                sole.
                                                 by Julie Strobel
 to	know	this,	but	you	don’t	need	                                                               4	day	course.	$31.00		
                                                 Ballroom	dance	is	once	
 years	of	weekly	lessons	to	learn	                                                               4/1-4/22;	Fri	7:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		
                                                 again	popular	as	people	are	                    LCSC	Campus
 piano.	In	just	an	afternoon	you	
                                                 preparing	for	Prom,	weddings,	
 can	learn	enough	secrets	of	the	
                                                 anniversaries,	and	holiday	social	              Out	on	the	Dance	Floor!		
 trade	to	give	you	years	of	musical	
                                                 events.	Come	learn	the	rhythms	                 Waltz	and	Tango
 enjoyment.	The	difference	is	
                                                 of	the	cha-cha-cha	and	dance	                   by Julie Strobel
 regular	piano	teachers	teach	
                                                 the	wonderful	rhumba	while	                     You	CAN	dance	and	we	have	
 note	reading,	but	piano	pros	
                                                 learning	the	basics	of	framing	                 just	the	class	for	you	to	prove	it.	   Golf	for	Adults:		Beginning
 use	chords.	Learn	all	the	chords	
                                                 (leading	and	following),	spins,	                Begin	this	4	week	course	with	         by J. Scott Manyon
 you’ll	need	to	play	any	song-
                                                 direction	changes,	and	dips.                    the	beautiful	and	gliding	foot-        Take	your	lunch	hour	and	learn	
 both	hands-in	this	one	session.	
                                                 No experience necessary; wear                   work	of	the	waltz	and	then	move	       a	sport	that	you	will	enjoy	for	
 Any	song,	any	style,	any	key.	In	
                                                 comfortable clothing and shoes,                 on	to	the	exciting	tango,	a	dance	     a	lifetime!	This	is	a	class	for	
 class	learn	to	create	songs	from	
                                                 preferably a shoe with a slick                  that	has	its	roots	from	Spanish	       people	who	are	interested	in	
 sheet	music.	At	home,	follow	the	
                                                 sole.                                           and	African	cultures.	You	will	        learning	the	basics	of	golf,	from	
 exclusive	CD	-	it’s	easy,	fun,	and	             4	day	course.	$31.00		                          learn	the	basics	to	framing	           how	to	address	the	ball	to	the	
 musically	correct!                              2/25-3/25;	Fri	7:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		              (leading	and	following),	spins,	       basic	swing.	We	will	also	be	
 Basic understanding of treble                   No	Class	3/18
                                                 LCSC	Campus                                     direction	changes,	and	dips.	          learning	the	fundamentals	of	the	
 and bass clef, sharps and flats
                                                                                                 Enjoy	your	event	this	summer	          rules	and	proper	etiquette	while	
 is advisable - if you’re unsure,
                                                                                                 while	feeling	confident	out	on	        on	the	course.	We	will	keep	it	
 please ask for instructor contact
                                                                                                 the	dance	floor.                       simple	and	fun	for	beginners	
 information. Youth 16 and above
                                                                                                 No experience necessary; wear          and	people	interested	in	the	
 1	day	course.	$35.00	+	$25.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                                 comfortable clothing and shoes,        basics	of	golf.
 4/3;	Sun	9:00	am	-	12:30	pm		                                                                   preferably a shoe with a slick         Youth 17 & up welcome. Limited
 LCSC	Campus                                                                                     sole.                                  number of golf clubs available
                                                                                                 4	day	course.	$31.00		                 to borrow.
                                                                                                 5/20-6/10;	Fri	7:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		     3	day	course.	$42.00		
                                                                                                 LCSC	Campus                            4/13-4/20;	Wed,	Fri	11:45	am	-	1:00	pm		
                                                                                                                                        Bryden	Canyon	Golf	Course

Personal	Enrichment	&	Lifelong	Learning	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                   5
     School’s	Out!	Golf	Camp	for	                                                                                                Private	Pilot	Ground	School
     Youth                                                                                                                       by Mark Chmieleski
     by J. Scott Manyon                                                                                                          Flying	offers	endless	
     Here’a	chance	for	you	to	have	                                                                                              possibilities	and	this	class	is	
     fun	on	your	days	off	and	learn	                                                                                             your	very	first	step	to	explore	
     this	great	game.	You’ll	be	                                                                                                 the	joy	of	flying.	Let	us	help	
     introduced	to	the	rules	and	                                                                                                prepare	you	to	take	(and	pass)	
     etiquette	of	the	game	while	                                                                                                the	FAA	Knowledge	Exam	for	
     learning	to	putt,	pitch,	chip,	                                                                                             the	Private	Pilot	license	by	
     get	out	of	the	bunkers	and	use	                                                                                             covering	such	topics	as	Federal	
     irons,	and	even	drivers!	Come	               Go	Fossil	hunting!                          Pistol	Shooting	for	               Aviation	requirements,	weather	
     have	fun	with	a	buddy!!                      by William Rember                           Beginners                          theory,	aerodynamics	and	
     Ages 7 & up welcome. Clubs                   Come	dig	for	fossils	in	the	18	             by Bob Jones                       aircraft	systems,	among	others.	
     provided if necessary.                       million	year-old	fossil	beds	near	          Here’s	a	shooting	class	that	      Each	week	culminates	in	your	
     4	day	course.	$30.00		                       Clarkia,	Idaho.	Using	a	knife	and	          either	a	rank	beginner	or	         taking	at	home	an	online	quiz	so	
     3/28-3/31;	Mon-Thu	9:30	am	-	11:00	am		
                                                  hammer,	you’ll	unearth	and	take	            someone	with	previous	             after	successfully	completing	the	
     Bryden	Canyon	Golf	Course
                                                  home	specimens	of	plant	fossils,	           experience	can	enjoy!	You’ll	      course	and	tests,	you	will	receive	
     Scablands:		A	Glimpse	of	                    and	maybe,	if	you’re	really	lucky,	         receive	a	review	of	firearm	       an	endorsement	ready	to	take	
     Nature’s	Fury                                a	fish	fossil!	Then	paleobotanist	          safety,	range	rules,	shooting	     the	FAA	written	test.
     by William Rember                            Bill	Rember	will	help	you	                  terminology	and	shooting	          Materials include Private Pilot
     Come	on	a	trip	through	time	                 interpret	your	finds.	Plus,	                skills	development	through	        Knowledge Test book, 2011
     and	see	the	results	of	the	Great	            weather	and	time	permitting,	               demonstrations,	class	time	        FAR/AIM, navigational plotter,
     Missoula	Flood,	the	largest	                 we’ll	visit	the	nearby	Hobo	                and	drills	to	ensure	that	you	     E6B flight computer and online
     flood	this	world	has	known.	                 Cedar	Grove,	an	area	containing	            understand	the	fundamentals	       testing. Materials fee paid in
     The	scablands	of	Eastern	                    old	growth	Western	Red	Cedar	               of	pistol	shooting.	On	the	        first class directly to instructor.
     Washington	formed	when	an	                   estimated	to	be	500	years	old.              range,	you’ll	combine	your	        8	day	course.	$225.00	+	$65.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                                                                 2/26-4/23;	Sat	9:00	am	-	12:00	pm		
     ice	dam	broke	in	the	Clark	Fork	             Bring a lunch, beverage, cheap              new	knowledge	with	live	fire	
                                                                                                                                 No	Class	3/19
     River	Valley	and	drained	Glacial	            pocket knife and hammer, as                 exercises	while	receiving	         LCSC	Campus
     Lake	Missoula.	See	dry	falls	                well as a take-home bag for                 instruction	on	correct	grip,	
     and	huge	erosional	features,	                your finds. Class size is limited,          sight	picture,	trigger,	breath	    “Afternoon	Spirits”	-		
     among	others,	left	behind	by	                so register early. Travel is by             control	and	stance.	Once	          A	Trolley	Tour			NEW!
     the	Pleistocene	catastrophe.	                van from LCSC. Accompanied                  completed,	you	will	receive	a	     by Garry Bush
     Bill	will	share	the	history	                 youth 8 and above welcome.                  certificate	from	the	National	     What	could	be	better?	Exploring	
     and	background	you	need	to	                  1	day	course.	$22.00	+	$18.00Program	Fee	   Rifle	Association	and	a	card	      old	downtown	Lewiston	and	
                                                  5/28;	Sat	10:00	am	-	4:00	pm		                                                 Normal	Hill	and	seeing	it	all	
     appreciate	the	trip’s	spectacular	                                                       documenting	your	completion.
                                                  Meet	at	Williams	Conference	Center
     sights.                                                                                  No open-toed shoes or open         from	a	beautiful	trolley!	You	will	
     Children 12 & above welcome                                                              necked sweaters please. It is      enjoy	the	open-air	experience	
                                                  Geology	of	the	Snake	river
     with an adult. Optional 1/2                  by Keegan Schmidt                           recommended that a billed          of	riding	on	board	a	replica	
     mile hike through sand dunes.                Learn	the	geological	history	of	            baseball cap is worn during the    trolley	car	while	visiting	historic	
     Travel is by LCSC van. Bring a               Hell’s	Canyon	firsthand	on	a	               shooting portion of the class.     downtown	buildings,	Lewiston’s	
     lunch and beverage.                          guided	tour	by	jet	boat.	We	will	           All instruction materials, range   original	cemetary,	and	
     1	day	course.	$36.00		+	$15.00Program	Fee	   boat	through	the	lower	canyon	              time, eye & ear protection         numerous	sections	of	historic	
     4/16;	Sat	8:00	am	-	5:00	pm		                                                            and targets are provided by        Normal	Hill.	Expect	to	walk	one	
                                                  of	North	America’s	deepest	
     Meet	at	Williams	Conference	Center
                                                  gorge	to	the	confluence	of	the	             Diamondback Shooting Range.        block	viewing	Victorian	houses	
                                                  Salmon	or	Imnaha	Rivers,	                   Adults 18 and above welcome.       that	have	‘ghostly	stories’.
                                                  discussing	the	incredible	                  Please park your vehicle on the    Please call us, 792-2749 for
      Keep a Good Class Going!                                                                                                   reduced youth and family
                                                  geologic	story	and	examining	               street curbside rather than in
           Nothing kills a program
                                                  the	spectacular	rock	exposures	             the small parking lot.             rates, as these are not available
       faster than waiting until it is
                                                  along	the	way.                              1	day	course.	$75.00		             online! Trolley leaves from west
         too late to register. Classes                                                        3/5;	Sat	8:00	am	-	4:00	pm		
                                                  Registration includes lunch,                                                   entrance of Morgan’s Alley
       with insufficient registration                                                         Diamondback	Shooting	Range
                                                  refreshments, and all taxes and                                                on Main and 3rd in beautiful,
          will be canceled and may
                                                  fees; dress for any weather;                                                   downtown Lewiston.
           not be offered again. To                                                             Sesquicentennial! Celebrate      1	day	course.	$25.00		
        reserve your spot and make                youth 16 & above welcome.                     Lewiston’s 150th Birthday!       5/14;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	3:00	pm		
                                                  1	day	course.	$79.00		
          sure your favorite classes              4/30;	Sat	8:30	am	-	6:00	pm		                       For	details,	visit         Meet	outside	Morgan’s	Alley
       continue, call 208-792-2749.               Meet	at	Hell’s	Gate	Marina                       www.cityoflewiston.org

6	                                                                   Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
 Look,	up	in	the	Sky!		It’s	a	              reception	at	the	Center	for	Arts	       wines,	hear	how	the	wines	are	                    April 1-30 is Dogwood
 hawk!		It’s	an	Owl!                        &	History	with	a	Chinese	food	          made,	how	long	it	takes,	where	                  Festival of the LC Valley!
 by WSU Raptor Club                         buffet,	access	to	the	restored	         the	grapes	are	grown,	and	more.	                 Visit	www.lcsc.edu/dogwood
 Just	how	do	you	tell	those	                Beuk	Aie	Temple	and	artifacts	          Then,	just	a	short	walk	takes	                            for	details!
 raptors	apart?	Get	up	close	and	           plus	book	signings	are	included.	       you	to	the	valley’s	best	brewery,	              Medicare	101:	A	Beginner’s	
 personal	with	these	beautiful	             This	two	day	event	offers	you	a	        Riverport	Brewing	Company,	                     Guide
 birds	as	the	WSU	Raptor	Club	              great	opportunity	to	experience	        where	you’ll	hear	all	about	the	                by Paul Lowry
 brings	real,	live	birds	for	you	to	        the	early	contributions	of	             different	beers	and	how	they	are	               If	you	find	Medicare	confusing,	
 see,	hear	and	study.	Learn	how	            Idaho’s	Chinese	population.             brewed,	tour	their	facility,	taste	             you	are	NOT	alone.	Learn	about	
 they	differ	from	other	birds	and	          You may enjoy the entire                several	beers	and	much	more.	So	                the	benefits	and	regulations	
 what	local	species	to	watch	for.	          conference for $150, or just            now	you	can	enjoy	the	Grape	&	                  surrounding	Medicare,	
 We’ll	explore	their	habitats,	             Thursday’s events for $30 or            Grain	event	even	more	with	your	                allowing	you	to	maximize	your	
 characteristics,	what	they	eat	            Friday’s for $120. $150 includes        new	knowledge.	But	wait!	There’s	               participation	in	the	program.	
 (and	why!)	and	what	basic	bird	            Thursday’s lectures, discussions,       more!	Take	the	class	and	receive	               In	this	two	hour	course	we	will	
 watching	techniques	will	help	             catered reception, & book               a	$2	discount	off	the	price	of	your	            discuss	Original	Medicare	(Parts	
 you	identify	raptors	in	the	wild.          signings and Friday’s full day jet      Grape	&	Grain	tickets!	Tickets	                 A	&	B),	Medicare	enrollment	
 Please bring a sketch book and             boat trip through Hells Canyon          will	be	available	for	purchase	                 guidelines,	premiums,	Part	D	
 a pencil (colored pencils and a            with lunch. Please call 792 2749        during	the	class.                               and	supplements	(including	
 bird guide book are optional).             if you wish to take only part of        Light refreshments will be                      Medigap	and	Medicare	
 All ages welcome.                          the conference as only the full         served. Adults 21 and older                     Advantage	plans).	Come	with	all	
 1	day	course.	$26.00		
                                            conference price is available           welcome. As you will be                         your	questions!
 4/23;	Sat	4:00	pm	-	6:00	pm		
 LCSC	Campus                                online. For an additional walking       sampling several different                      1	day	course.	$12.00		
                                            tour (on Thursday morning)              wines and beers, we encourage                   	•	3/9;	Wed	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		
                                                                                                                                    	•	4/13;	Wed	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm
                                            of historic downtown Lewiston           participants to have a designated
                                                                                                                                    LCSC	Campus
                                            emphasizing its Chinese heritage,       driver for when the class is over.
                                            call Garry Bush, 208-746-3119.          1	day	course.	$19.00	+	$12.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                    4/5;	Tue	5:30	pm	-	8:00	pm		
                                                                                                                                    Cat	First	Aid!							NEW!
                                            One LCSC credit for teachers is                                                         by American Red Cross Instructor
                                                                                    Basalt	Cellars
                                            available, please contact Jack                                                          Have	you	ever	had	to	cope	
                                            Peasley at 792-2443. Also, some                                                         when	Fluffy	throws	up	some	
                                            scholarships are available, please              FAMILY	&	                               unrecognizable	object	-	other	
                                            contact Jack Peasley to apply.
                                            2	day	course.	$150.00		                           LIFE                                  than	a	hairball?	Can	you	give	a	
                                                                                                                                    cat	medication	without	getting	
                                            6/23	&	6/24;	Thu	1:00	pm	-	7:30	pm,		   Babysitting	–	An	American	
                                            Fri	8:00	am	-	5:30	pm		
                                                                                                                                    scratched	or	bitten?	Do	you	
                                                                                    red	Cross	Workshop                              know	how	to	handle	cat	first	aid	
                                            LCSC	Campus
                                                                                    by Kelly Schaeffer
                                            Grape	and	Grain	101		NEW!                                                               emergencies?	If	not,	join	us!	The	
                                                                                    Are	you	looking	for	a	worthwhile	
                                                                                                                                    American	Red	Cross	offers	this	
                                                                                    way	to	earn	some	money?	This	
                                                                                                                                    course	to	participants	in	order	
                                                                                    American	Red	Cross	self-
                                                                                                                                    to	teach	how	to	be	prepared	for	
                                                                                    reliance	babysitting	course	will	
 Chinese	remembering	                                                                                                               emergencies	that	involve	a	cat	
 by Sisters & Friends of the Monastery of                                           teach	you	the	necessary	skills	
                                                                                                                                    and	how	to	keep	themselves	
 St. Gertrude NEW!                                                                  to	become	a	safe,	responsible	
                                                                                                                                    and	the	animal	from	further	
 For	its	fourth	year,	Chinese	                                                      babysitter.	This	class	will	help	
                                                                                                                                    harm,	injury	or	suffering	during	
 Remembering	2011	brings	                                                           you	develop	leadership	skills,	
                                                                                                                                    emergencies.	The	step-by-
 together	scholars,	teachers	                                                       build	a	babysitting	business,	
                                                                                                                                    step	reference	guides	provide	
 and	the	public	to	discuss	and	                                                     and	keep	yourself	and	others	
                                            The	annual	Confluence	Grape	&	                                                          guidance	for	handling	many	
 understand	the	history	and	                                                        safe.	You’ll	also	learn	about	
                                            Grain	event	at	the	LCSC	Center	                                                         emergency	situations	until	
 impact	of	the	Chinese	in	Idaho	                                                    basic	first	aid.	Class	fee	includes	
                                            for	Arts	&	History	has	been	a	                                                          veterinary	care	is	available:	such	
 and	the	Northwest.	Take	this	                                                      a	training	handbook,	an	
                                            valley	staple	for	a	great	evening	                                                      as	knowing	normal	heart	and	
 unique	opportunity	and	hear	                                                       emergency	reference	guide,	and	
                                            out	for	years!	So	why	not	make	                                                         pulse	rate;	how	to	approach	
 the	story	and	walk	the	sites	                                                      a	babysitter’s	training	CD-ROM.
                                            it	two	evenings	out	and	learn	                                                          an	injured	animal;	how	to	give	
 where	history	was	made;	a	full	                                                    Bring lunch and beverages. Age
                                            all	about	the	wines	and	beers	                                                          rescue	breathing	and	CPR	on	a	
 day	historically	interpreted	jet	                                                  range 11-15 years.
                                            that	you	are	drinking?	Begin	           2	day	course.	$50.00
                                                                                                                                    cat;	and	much	more.	Books and
 boat	trip	in	Hells	Canyon	which	                                                                                                   CD included in class fee.
 visits	four	sites	once	occupied	by	        the	evening	with	the	folks	at	          3/5-3/12:	Sat	9:00	am-3:00	pm
                                                                                                                                    1	day	course.	$45.00		
 the	Chinese	including	Chinese	             Basalt	Cellars,	tour	their	facility,	   LCSC	Campus
                                                                                                                                    3/9;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	9:30	pm		
 Massacre	Cove;	an	evening	                 taste	several	of	their	wonderful	                                                       LCSC	Campus

Personal	Enrichment	&	Lifelong	Learning	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                          7
              MONEY	                      heirs,	Wills	and	Trusts
                                          by Randy Eriksen
                                                                                    provided through lunch on
                                                                                    Sunday (3/6). It is highly
                                                                                                                                     Weight	Training	for	
                                                                                                                                     Women							NEW!
             MATTErS                      This	class	just	might	be	the	most	
                                          important	one	that	you’ll	ever	
                                                                                    recommended that students                        by Russ Craber
                                                                                                                                     Regardless	of	athletic	ability,	
                                                                                    attend the planning meeting for
     Debt	to	Wealth                       take!	Prepare	for	your,	and	your	                                                          every	woman	can	benefit	from	
     by Douglas Ahrendsen                                                           the retreat on Thursday, 2/24,
                                          loved	ones’	futures	by	planning	          4:30-6pm in Activity Center                      weight	training.	Weight	lifting,	
     You’ll	learn	a	decade	proven	
                                          now	how	to	allocate	your	assets	          West 128. For information on                     whether	using	free	weights	or	
     process	where	an	average	
                                          in	the	future,	learning	ways	             the one credit option, please                    machine	weights,	has	numerous	
     family	saves	over	$110,000.00,	
                                          to	reduce	inheritance	taxes,	             contact the Registrar’s office,                  health	benefits	including	
     getting	a	31%	return.	Most	
                                          and	establishing	living	wills	            792-2223.                                        increased	muscle	strength	
     people	can	be	completely	debt	
                                          to	protect	those	loved	ones.	If	          3	day	course.	$219.00		                          and	endurance,	and	increased	
     free-	including	owning	your	own	
                                          you	own	a	business	or	farm	-	             3/4-3/6;	Fri	5:00	pm	-	9:00	pm;		                bone	density.	You	will	learn	
     home	-	in	five	to	ten	years.	This	                                             Sat	9:00	am	-	5:00	pm;	Sun	9:00	am	-	1:30	pm		
                                          or	simply	want	to	have	some	                                                               the	proper	techniques	and	how	
     process	will	have	you	building	                                                Monastery	of	St.	Gertrude
                                          control	over	your	assets	after	                                                            to	structure	a	personal	lifting	
     your	net	worth	from	the	very	
                                          you’re	gone	-	then	this	class	is	         reflexology	for	Better	                          program.	This	course	is	a	great	
     first	day.	Whether	you	make	10K	
                                          for	you.	Bring	your	questions	            health                                           opportunity	to	learn	the	basics	
     or	100K,	you	can	live	a	stress	
                                          and	start	planning	now!                   by Hartini Woodbury                              of	weight	training	and	how	it	fits	
     free	lifestyle.
     1	day	course.	$35.00		               No minors please.                         Reflexology	is	the	science	of	                   into	a	total	wellness	plan.	As	an	
                                          1	day	course.	$19.00		                                                                     added	bonus,	now	that	you	have	
     3/1;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	9:00	pm		                                                   applying	pressure	to	the	feet	
                                          4/21;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		
     LCSC	Campus                                                                    and	hands	in	order	to	stimulate	                 a	membership	at	the	center	for	a	
                                          LCSC	Campus
                                                                                    the	reflex	areas	that	correspond	                whole	month,	you	can	continue	
     A	Woman’s	Guide	to	Money	            Finding	Balance	in	Your	                  to	the	glands,	organs	and	other	                 on	your	own	and	really	get	fit!
     Matters                              Budget                                    parts	of	the	body.	Stimulating	                  Class price includes $25 month
     by Sherrie Beckman                                                                                                              long user fee for the weight
                                          by Sherrie Beckman                        these	reflexes	can	help	
     Designed	for	women	of	all	ages,	     Spend	an	hour	with	Sherrie	               many	problems	in	a	natural	                      room at the Asotin County
     this	seminar	will	help	you	learn	    and	find	the	help	you	may	need	           way	-	a	type	of	preventative	                    Family Aquatic Center. If you
     to	take	control	of	your	financial	   to	understand	credit,	debt	and	           maintenance	so	you	can	enjoy	                    already have a membership,
     life	by	examining	your	values	       budgeting.	You	will	learn	how	            relief	of	stress	and	tension,	                   call us 792 2749 and we will
     and	setting	specific,	realistic	     to	set	personal	financial	goals,	         improve	blood	supply,	help	                      reduce the price by $25.
     and	measurable	goals.	You’ll	        manage	your	expenses	and	debt,	           achieve	a	natural	balance,	get	                  4	day	course.	$45.00	+	$25.00	Building	Fee
     learn	strategies	concerning:	        explore	savings	options	for	now	          revitalized,	and	be	cleansed	of	
                                                                                                                                     	•	3/1-3/10;	Tue,	Thu	5:30	pm	-	6:30	pm		
     what	you	can	do	now	to	prepare	                                                                                                 	•	4/12-4/21;	Tue,	Thu	5:30	pm	-	6:30	pm		
                                          through	your	retirement,	and	             toxins.	Learn	from	a	master	how	                 Asotin	County	Family	Aquatic	Center
     for	retirement;	your	options	to	     create	a	financial	blueprint	for	         to	work	on	your	own	reflex	areas	
     pay	for	a	child’s	or	grandchild’s	
     education;	and	developing	a	
                                          the	rest	of	your	life.	Bring	your	
                                          questions,	a	notepad	and	pen!
                                                                                    ....	or	pamper	someone	special!
                                                                                    Please bring a towel to class.                            hOME	&	
     strategy	to	help	achieve	your	
     financial	goals.
                                          1	day	course.	$22.00		
                                          	•	3/10;	Thu	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm
                                                                                    1	day	course.	$32.00		
                                                                                    4/2;	Sat	9:00	am	-	12:00	pm		
     Bring a pen and notepad to           	•	5/24;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		          LCSC	Campus                                      Log	home	Dreaming
     class.                               LCSC	Campus                                                                                by Douglas Ahrendsen
     1	day	course.	$22.00		                                                         Adult	Swim	Lessons                               This	class	covers	the	myths	
     3/8;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		
     LCSC	Campus
                                                 hEALTh	&	                          by Asotin County Family Aquatic
                                                                                                                                     and	realities	of	planning	and	
                                                                                                                                     building	your	dream	log	home.	
                                                  FITNESS                           Here’s	your	chance	to	gain	the	
                                                                                    confidence	you	always	wished	
                                                                                                                                     Learn	information	to	design	
                                          Yoga:	Week-end	retreat                                                                     a	basic	floor	plan	(vacation	
                                                                                    you	could	have	in	the	water!	                    home	or	full-time	living)	that	
                                          by Meredith Robbins
                                                                                    Maybe	you’re	a	rank	beginner	                    works	for	your	family.	Compare	
                                          Come	join	us	at	the	beautiful	
                                                                                    or	maybe	a	triathlete	looking	                   packages	from	good	log	home	
                                          and	serene	St	Gertrude’s	
                                                                                    for	help	-	whatever	your	skill	                  companies.	Get	hints	on	making	
                                          Monastery!	Retreat	is	a	potent	
                                                                                    level,	there	will	be	an	instructor	              decisions	about	properties,	
                                          yogic	practice	that	allows	you	
                                                                                    just	waiting	to	help	you	in	these	               foundations,	financing,	
                                          to	explore	yoga	for	the	first	
                                                                                    small,	comfortable	classes.                      maintaining,	and	the	value	of	
                                          time	or,	for	those	with	prior	
                                                                                    Beginner to Advanced level                       log	homes	vs.	frame	homes.
                                          knowledge,	deepen	your	yoga	
                                                                                    classes available.                               $15 optional book fee paid to
                                          practice.	Retreat	fee	includes	           8	day	course.	$40.00		
                                          meals,	double	occupancy	room,	            3/1-4/26;	Tue	6:00	am	-	6:45	am		                instructor
                                          and	all	yoga	instruction.                 No	Class	3/15                                    1	day	course.	$34.00		
                                                                                    Asotin	County	Family	Aquatic	Center              4/26;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	9:00	pm		
                                          Friday (3/4) supper will be                                                                LCSC	Campus

8	                                                            Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
 Vegetable	Container	                            Stunning	Side-Planted	                          paper and pen for notes. Youth                 Adobe	Elements	for	the	
 Gardening                                       Baskets											NEW!                          16 & above welcome.                            Digital	Photographer-	
 by Kate Patterson                               by Kate Patterson                               4	day	course.	$65.00	+	$2.00	Materials	Fee		   Level	1
 Whether	you	have	a	parcel	of	                   Are	you	ready	to	plant	the	                     4/20-5/11;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		             by Eric Hill
 land	or	just	a	pot,	you	can	grow	               most	beautiful	hanging	basket	                  LCSC	Campus                                    Do	you	have	computer	files	
 a	bounty	of	summer	vegetables.	                 ever?	Side-planting	is	the	                                                                    full	of	photos?	Are	your	photos	
 We	will	showcase	new	                           new	technique	that	gives	you	                   PhOTOGrAPhY	                                   pretty	good	but	could	be	great	
 varieties	of	tomatoes,	peppers,	                spectacular	floral	displays	all	                                                               with	a	little	editing?	Come	
 cucumbers	and	eggplant	                         season	long.	You	will	stuff	a	14”	                &	VIDEO                                      learn	how	to	easily	edit	your	
 that	are	ideal	for	container	                   heavy	duty	basket	and	fiber	liner	              Digital	Photography	-		                        photos	with	cropping;	sizing,	
 gardening.	We’ll	also	discuss	                  with	over	15	colorful	annuals	to	               Level	1                                        lighting,	color	balance;	changing	
 companion	planting	(pairing	                    keep	your	patio	or	front	porch	                 by Eric Hill                                   resolution;	preparing	images	for	
 veggies	with	herbs	and	other	                   looking	spectacular	all	summer.	                This	is	an	introductory	class.	It	             printing	and	web	viewing;	and	
 plants),	indoor	seed	starting,	                 All	supplies	and	plants	are	                    will	cover	the	basics	of	camera	               much	more.
 garden	pest	control	and	fruit	                  included	in	class	price.	Bring	                 function	and	operation,	the	                   Students	should	be	comfortable	
 crops.	Plus,	you’ll	plant	a	pot	                gloves!		                                       principles	of	photography,	                    using	MS	Windows	and	have	
 full	of	vegetables	to	take	home	                See www.sideplanting.com for                    printing,	and	introductory	                    familiarity	with	basic	Windows-
 and	enjoy	all	summer	long.                      more info.                                      software	use.	Students	may	take	               related	programs.	Youth	14	&	
 Youth 12 & older are welcome                    1	day	course.	$25.00	+	$50.00	Materials	Fee		   on	special	projects	and	maintain	              older	welcome.
                                                 4/17;	Sun	1:00	pm	-	3:00	pm		                   personal	contact	via	email	with	               5	day	course.	$58.00		
 with an adult.
                                                 Patt’s	Valley	Garden	Center                                                                    3/21-4/18;	Mon	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		
 1	day	course.	$20.00	+	$15.00	Materials	Fee		                                                   the	instructor	during	the	class.
 5/15;	Sun	1:00	pm	-	3:00	pm		                                                                                                                  LCSC	Campus
                                                                                                 Please bring your camera to
 Patt’s	Valley	Garden	Center
                                                   LANGuAGE	&	                                   class; cameras with manual
 Landscaping	for	the	                               CuLTurE                                      settings are preferred, but not
                                                                                                                                                Adobe	Elements	for	the	
 ultimate	Vegetable	Garden                                                                                                                      Digital	Photographer-	
                                                 Spanish	Language	-	Level	1                      5	day	course.	$51.00		
 by Kate Patterson
                                                 by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards                    3/22-4/19;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		             Level	2
 You	really	don’t	need	a	lot	of	                                                                 LCSC	Campus                                    by Eric Hill
                                                 This	class	is	for	the	beginner	
 space	for	a	productive	vegetable	                                                                                                              Now	you	know	a	little,	but	you	
                                                 who	wishes	to	learn	Spanish	and	
 garden	that	will	give	you	the	                                                                  Digital	Photography	-		                        have	SO	many	questions	and	
                                                 it	is	ideal	for	those	who	travel	to	
 freshest,	tastiest	vegetables	all	                                                              Level	2                                        ideas!	So	move	on	with	Level	
                                                 Spanish-speaking	countries.	We	
 summer	long.	Turn	one	of	your	                                                                  by Eric Hill                                   2	and	learn	even	more	about	
                                                 will	cover	the	alphabet,	vowels,	               This	course	continues	exploring	
 flower	beds	into	a	garden	spot	                                                                                                                this	powerful	program	-	learn	
                                                 Spanish	sounds,	basic	grammar,	                 the	principles	covered	in	Level	
 that	you’ll	be	proud	of	each	time	                                                                                                             cloning	and	about	the	healing	
                                                 structure	and	vocabulary.	Also	                 1.	You	will	gain	a	more	detailed	
 you	sit	down	to	dinner.	Learn	                                                                                                                 brush;	layering;	selective	
                                                 covered	are	Mexican	Spanish	                    understanding	of	how	your	
 what	to	plant	for	the	early	crops,	                                                                                                            coloring;	combining	photos;	
                                                 and	Castilian	Spanish.	On	                      camera	works	(f-stop,	shutter	
 what	to	rotate	out	so	that	newer	                                                                                                              creating	actions	and	other	
                                                 the	last	day,	we	will	play	a	                   speed	and	sensor	speed),	and	
 crops	can	be	planted,	how	much	                                                                                                                special	effects.
                                                 simple	game	and	prizes	will	be	                 learn	more	about	color	theory,	
 space	is	needed	for	particular	                                                                                                                Students should be comfortable
                                                 awarded.                                        advanced	composition,	lighting,	
 crops,	and	much	more.                                                                                                                          using MS Windows and be
                                                 Bring a Spanish/English-                        and	flash	photography.
 So	that	the	staff	at	Patt’s	can	                                                                                                               familiar with basic Windows-
                                                 English/Spanish dictionary,                     This class is not for the novice
 be	fully	prepared	to	meet	each	                                                                                                                related programs. Students
                                                 paper and pen for notes. Youth                  photographer. Bring your
 participant’s	particular	needs,	                                                                                                               should have taken Level 1 or
                                                 16 & above welcome.                             camera to class; cameras with
 a	few	days	prior	to	class	please	               4	day	course.	$65.00	+	$5.00	Materials	Fee		
                                                                                                                                                have some knowledge of Adobe
 bring	photos,	drawings,	or	any	                 3/23-4/13;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		              manual settings are preferred                  Elements. Youth 14 & older
 pictures	that	you	may	have	of	                  LCSC	Campus                                     though not required.                           welcome.
 the	area	you’re	expecting	to	                                                                   5	day	course.	$51.00		                         4	day	course.	$50.00		
                                                                                                 4/26-5/24;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		             4/25-5/16;	Mon	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		
 garden.                                         Spanish	Language	-	Level	2
                                                 by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards                    LCSC	Campus                                    LCSC	Campus
 1	day	course.	$25.00		
 2/26;	Sat	1:00	pm	-	3:00	pm		                   If	you	already	have	the	basics	
 Patt’s	Valley	Garden	Center                     of	Spanish	language,	don’t	stop	
                                                 now,	this	class	is	for	you.	We	
                                                 will	practice	the	basics	and	will	                    Check out Chinese Remembering on page 7
                                                 cover	more	Spanish	grammar,	                          for exciting lectures and discussions, and a jet boat
                                                 structure	and	vocabulary.                             ride into Hells Canyon to explore the affects of the
                                                 Bring a Spanish/English-                                               Chinese in our area.
                                                 English/Spanish dictionary;

Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                   9
          Meet Our Instructors
  Nora	Abott	-	Nora	Abbott,	           rodney	Duke	-	Rodney	C.	             Darcy	Lodge	-	Darcy	Lodge,	           Meredith	robbins	-	Meredith	
  owner	of	Software	Assistants,	       Duke	has	practiced	dutch	oven	       owner	of	The	Stained	Glass	           Robbins,	has	been	practicing	
  has	worked	with	hundreds	of	         cooking	for	over	thirty-five	        Company	in	Lewiston,	is	              meditation	daily	for	over	20	
  organizations	and	individuals	       years.	He	has	taught	with	Larry	     fascinated	by	every	kind	of	glass,	   years	and	teaching	for	over	15	
  to	increase	computer	skills.	        Kraus	for	eight	years.               and	loves	to	see	the	amazement	       years.
  She	teaches,	tutors,	and	creates	                                         on	students’	faces	when	they	see	
  applications	tools.                  Blodwyn	Eckert	-	Blodwyn	            what	THEY	can	create.                 Kelly	Schaeffer	-	Kelly	
                                       Eckert,	a	former	Family	and	                                               Schaeffer,	a	Boy	Scout	leader	for	
  Douglas	Ahrendsen	-	                 Consumer	Science	teacher,	           Amanda	Long	-	Amanda	Long	            over	13	years,	enjoys	teaching,	
  Douglas	Ahrendsen	has	been	          spent	several	years	as	the	          is	excited	to	pass	on	to	others	      mentoring	and	sharing	her	
  researching	properties	and	          manager,	chief	cook,	and	caterer	    her	love	of	preserving	the	past	      knowledge	of	babysitting	
  building	options	for	years	and	      at	a	small	vegan	restaurant	and	     through	scrapbooking	and	             techniques	with	today’s	youth.
  has	built	his	own	dream	log	         more	recently,	worked	as	cook	       creating	unique	and	beautiful	
  home.                                at	an	organic,	vegan	health	food	    cards.                                Keegan	Schmidt	-	Dr.	Keegan	
                                       store	and	deli.                                                            Schmidt,	who	has	taught	
  Asotin	County	Family	                                                     Paul	Lowry	-	Paul	J.	Lowry,	          geology	for	over	seven	years,	
  Aquatic	Center	-	Various	            Caroline	(Yasmin)	Edwards	           who	has	worked	for	Regence	           focuses	his	research	on	the	
  instructors	from	Asotin	County	      -	Caroline	Edwards,	a	native	        Blue	Shield	since	1999,	enjoys	       geologic	history	of	Hell’s	Canyon	
  Family	Aquatic	Center	will	teach	    Spanish	speaker,	relocated	          Idaho’s	outdoor	life	and	             and	the	region	around	it.
  Adult	Swim.                          to	Seattle,	and	taught	with	         teaching	about	the	benefits	of	
                                       the	ASUW,	University	of	             Medicare.                             Julie	Strobel	-	Julie	Strobel	
  Sherrie	Beckman	-	Sherrie	           Washington,	for	32	years.                                                  is	a	dance	and	fitness	educator	
  Beckman,	an	investment	                                                   J.	Scott	Manyon	-	Scott	              with	16+	years’	experience	and	
  representative	for	Edward	           randy	Eriksen	-	is	an	LCSC	          Manyon,	who	has	been	in	              is	owner	of	a	studio	on	Moscow,	
  Jones,	creates	a	fun	learning	       Professor	and	UI	Law	School	         the	golf	business	for	over	10	        Idaho.
  environment	for	a	sometimes	         graduate.	He	teaches	business	       years	working	with	programs	
  intimidating	subject.                and	tax	law	and	enjoys	helping	      in	Hawaii	and	Idaho,	enjoys	          Gladys	Wentland	-	Gladys	
                                       people	plan	for	their	future.        teaching	golf	at	all	levels.          Wentland,	has	15	years’	
  Pete	Broyles	-	Pete	Broyles	                                                                                    experience	teaching	piano	
  has	been	homebrewing	beer	off	       Lizette	Fife	-	Lizette	Fife,	        Lisa	Myers-	Lisa	Myers,	              privately	but	also	loves	to	give	
  and	on	for	nearly	20	years.	He	      an	Idaho	Commission	on	the	          working	towards	a	BS	at	              people	the	tools	to	‘make	music	
  is	experienced	in	basic	brewing	     Arts	Teaching	Artist,	holds	a	       LCSC	in	Information	Systems	          in	a	hurry’	as	these	seminars	
  through	all-grain	processes.         Masters	of	Architecture	(minor	      Analysis,	currently	holds	many	       teach.
                                       in	Art	and	Interior	Design)	and	     computer	and	networking	
  Garry	Bush	-	Garry	Bush	is	          Bachelors	of	Environmental	          related	certifications	and	works	     hartini	Woodbury	-	
  a	certified	First-Person	Living	     Design.                              on	campus	as	a	tutor	and	lab	         Hartini	Woodbury,	a	certified	
  History	presenter	with	degrees	                                           monitor.                              Reflexologist	with	over	20	
  in	Geography,	History	and	           Eric	hill	-	Eric	Hill,	a	middle	                                           years	experience,	believes	that	
  Photography.                         and	high	school	teacher	for	4	       CindyLee	Oleson	-	CindyLee	           reflexology	is	a	surefire	way	to	
                                       years,	also	enjoys	a	professional	   Oleson	is	a	professional	             relaxation	and	better	health.
  Mark	Chmieleski	-	Mark	              photography	career.                  artist	with	10	years	teaching	
  Chmieleski,a	past	helicopter	                                             experience.	She	is	a	popular	
  pilot	in	the	US	Army	who	            William	Jollymore	-	Chef	            returning	LCSC	Non-Credit	
  served	in	Korea,	Egypt	and	          Bill	Jollymore	has	been	the	         instructor.
  Afghanistan,	has	been	a	FAA	         executive	chef	at	the	Red	Lion	
  certified	flight	instructor	since	   Hotel	since	1998.	Jollymore	has	     Kate	Patterson	&	Carol	
  1991	and	has	over	4500	flight	       been	in	the	food	and	beverage	       Church	-	Kate	Patterson	and	
  hours	and	1500	instructor	hours	     business	for	over	thirty	years.      Carol	Church,	both	long-time	
  to	his	name!                                                              employees	of	Patt’s	Garden	
                                       Bob	Jones	-	Bob	Jones,	having	       Center,	are	avid	gardeners	who	
  russ	Craber	-	Russ	Craber,	          retired	after	19	years	as	a	Law	     enjoy	experimenting.
  armed	with	a	BS	in	Sports	           Enforcement	Officer,	now	                                                    Have a special skill
  Science	and	the	prestigious	         has	over	10	year’s	experience	       William	rember	-	Bill	                  that you can share?
  C.S.C.S.	qualification,	honed	his	   as	a	handgun	instructor	and	         Rember,	a	paleobotanist	at	the	
  skills	in	Seattle	in	a	personal	     is	owner	of	Diamondback	             University	of	Idaho,	enjoys	                 Teach for us!
  training	studio	before	moving	       Shooting	Range.                      sharing	his	knowledge	and	                 Call 208-792-2749
  into	corporate	wellness	for	                                              enjoyment	of	the	fossil	and	
  Potlatch	and	then	Boeing.                                                 geological	world.                        for more information.

10	                                                 Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
                                                                                          Over 300 online courses available

 Take classes that fit                                                                 Personal	Enrichment		
                                                                                        Classes	Made	Easy
           YOUR schedule.                                                Microsoft	Office                     Languages
                                                                         Learn	how	to	effectively	use	        French,	Spanish,	Italian,	
                                                                         tools	such	as	Word,	Excel,	          Japanese,	ESL	–	multiple	
                                                                         PowerPoint	and	Access                levels	for	the	beginner	or	
                                                                                                              intermediate	learner.
                                                                         Learn	how	to	quickly	and	            resume	Writing	Workshop	
                                                                         efficiently	gain	control	over	       &	Job	Search	Tips
                                                                         finances.                            Create	an	effective	resume	or	
                                                                                                              improve	the	one	you	already	
                                                                         Adobe	Design	Software                have.	Learn	twelve	steps	to	a	
                                                                         Learn	how	to	create	with	            successful	job	search.
                                                                         Illustrator,	Photoshop	and	
                                                                         more!                                Test	Prep
                                                                                                              GED,	GMAT,	GRE,	SAT	&	ACT.	
                                                                         understanding	                       Be	prepared	for	the	tests	you	
                                                                         Adolescents                          need	to	further	your	education.
                                                                         To	know	your	kids	is	to	
                                                                         love	them.	In	this	course,	          Creating	Web	Pages
                                                                         an	experienced	social	               Create	and	post	your	very	own	
                                                                         worker	will	help	you	gain	           Web	site	on	the	Internet	in	this	
              View our online course catalog at:                         a	deep	understanding	                extensive,	hands-on,	six	week	
                                                                         and	appreciation	of	your	            workshop.
                      www.lcsc.edu/ce                                    adolescent’s	development	and	
                                                                         behavior.                            Introduction	to	PC	Security
                                                                                                              What	you	don’t	know	can	really	
                                                                         Introduction	to	Natural	             hurt	you.	Learn	what	you	can	

  Most courses just $89                                                  health	&	healing
                                                                         Would	you	like	to	learn	more	
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     •	   expert	instructors                                             know	where	to	start?	If	so,	then	    We offer hundreds of
                                                                         this	is	the	course	for	you!	We’ll	   classes, see our website for
     •	   affordable	courses                                             discuss	the	various	stages	of	       more titles!
                                                                         health	and	illness,	and	you’ll	
     •	   24/7	access                                                    discover	that	true	health	means	
                                                                         wholeness	of	the	mind,	body,	

     •	   convenient	for	everyone                                        and	spirit.

  12 Online lessons in 6 weeks                                                         Various	Start	Dates		
  available to EVERYONE!                                                             for	Added	Convenience!
Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                11
          GrANGEVILLE	                            Awaken	the	Artist	Within	-		                        MS	Word	-	Beginning                       QuickBooks
   LCSC	OuTrEACh	CENTEr                           Basic	Drawing			NEW!                                by Patricia Moody                         by Angela Morrow
  Avista	Building,	201	E.	Main	St.                by Andra Walton                                     New	to	word	processing?	It’s	             Learn	the	basics	of	QuickBooks	
       Grangeville,	ID	83530                      Be	inspired	and	guided	as	                          a	necessity	for	a	job	in	the	             for	use	in	your	home	or	
                                                  you	tap	into	your	inner	artist,	                    business	world	and	a	wonderful	           business.	Set	up	a	company,	
           Open	to	Serve	You                      pencil	in	hand.	Using	classic	                      convenience	at	home.	Learn	               work	with	lists,	handle	accounts	
      Mon.	&	Fri.:	10:30am	-	3:00pm               and	creative	drawing	exercises,	                    to	make	professional-looking	             payable	and	receivable,	write	
      Tue.	&	Thu.:	10:30am	-	6:00pm               tools	and	techniques,	you’ll	                       documents	and	letters	in	just	a	          checks,	make	deposits,	do	
         Wed.	10:30am	-	1:00pm
                                                  learn	the	skills	needed	to	                         few	hours.	This	class	moves	at	           bank	reconciliations,	generate	
  208.983.2164                                    draw	any	subject	matter	in	a	                       a	comfortable	pace	with	clear	            financial	reports,	etc.	Basic
                                                  realistic	manner.	Beginner	and	                     instructions	and	one-on-one	              bookkeeping and computer
  208.983.2368                                    intermediate	students	12	and	up	                    help	from	a	patient	instructor	           skills required.
                                                  are	welcome.                                        with	a	sense	of	humor.	You’ll	            2	day	course.	$50.00	+	$8.00	Lab	Fee	
                                                  4	day	course.	$40.00	+	$4.00	Materials	Fee		                                                  3/14-3/16;	Mon,	Wed	5:45	pm	-	8:45	pm		
  lstolz@lcsc.edu                                                                                     feel	comfortable	right	away	in	
                                                  3/10-3/31;	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		                                                            Grangeville	Outreach	Center
  Web                                                                                                 this	easy	learning	environment.
                                                  Grangeville	Elementary/Middle	School                2	day	course.	$35.00	+	$7.50	Lab	Fee	
                                                                                                      2/15-2/17;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		
                          Louise	Stolz,
      Grangeville	Outreach	Coordinator            COMPuTErS	&	                                        Grangeville	Outreach	Center

                                                  TEChNOLOGY                                          MS	Word	-	Next	Step
             ArTS	&	                              Computer	Basics
                                                                                                      by Patricia Moody
                                                                                                      Want	to	learn	what	use	Word	
             CrAFTS                               by Patricia Moody
                                                  So	you	think	you	must	be	the	
                                                                                                      has	to	offer?	Become	familiar	
  Personalized	Candles	-	                                                                             with	Word	Art,	pictures,	clip	art,	
                                                  last	person	on	earth	who	doesn’t	
  Simply	Done!                                                                                        and	cut,	copy,	and	paste.	Learn	
                                                  know	a	thing	about	computers?	
  by Sister Janet Bernard OSB                                                                         how	to	print	envelopes	and	
                                                  Join	this	understanding	
  Learn	how	to	create	unique	                                                                         labels,	work	with	Mail	Merge,	
                                                  instructor	who	won’t	make	you	
  candles	with	the	embossing	                                                                         use	tabs,	columns	and	tables,	
                                                  feel	like	a	dummy.	Learn	to	find	
  technique.	Join	this	fun	hands-                                                                     and	much	more.
                                                  your	way	around	your	computer	                      2	day	course.	$40.00	+	$7.50	Lab	Fee	
  on	class	and	get	in	on	the	secret	              and	use	some	of	its	programs.	                      2/22-2/24;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		
  of	how	to	apply	designs	into	the	               Join	the	computer	age	and	make	                     Grangeville	Outreach	Center
  surface	of	candles	for	a	special	               your	life	easier.
  touch.	This	process	looks	a	lot	                2	day	course.	$35.00	+	$7.50	Lab	Fee	               Excel	-		Beginning
  more	complicated	than	it	really	                2/1-2/3;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		               by Angela Morrow
  is.	Any	graphic	you	can	put	on	                 Grangeville	Outreach	Center                         Want	to	customize	data	entry	             Top	10	Tips	for		
  a	computer	you	can	put	on	a	                                                                        or	accounting?	Need	a	resume	             Computer	Care
  candle.	You’ll	take	home	one	or	                Introduction	to	Internet	&	                         booster?	Learn	the	basics	and	            by Greg Uhlenkott
  more	completed	candles.	Great	                  Email                                               begin	to	analyze	an	assortment	           Want	to	fix	your	computer	
                                                  by Patricia Moody
  special	occasion	gifts!	Dinner at                                                                   of	information	and	numbers.	              yourself?	This	hands-on	
                                                  Don’t	be	afraid	of	the	internet!	
  noon (included in the fee) in the                                                                   Cover	data	entry,	formatting,	            class	will	give	you	the	top	ten	
                                                  This	hands-on	class	teaches	
  Monastery dining room.                                                                              and	basic	calculations.	The	              (and	more)	tips	to	keep	your	
                                                  you	how	to	create	a	free	web-
  1	day	course.	$20.00	+	$15.00	Materials	Fee		                                                       little	time	you	spend	learning	           computer	in	top	shape.	You	
  4/2;	Sat	9:30	am	-	2:30	pm		                    based	e-mail	account	you	can	
                                                                                                      this	program	will	go	a	long	              will	learn	tips	from	a	wide	area	
  Monastery	of	St.	Gertrude	-	Cottonwood          access	anywhere.	Learn	to	send,	
                                                                                                      way	toward	increasing	your	               including	viruses,	spyware,	
                                                  receive	and	forward	messages,	
                                                                                                      effectiveness	in	organizing	and	          backups,	security,	utilities,	and	
                                                  attach	files,	and	manage	your	
                                                                                                      presenting	numbers	and	data.	             much	more.	Avoid	the	costs	of	
                                                  e-mail	account.	Also	learn	to	
                                                                                                      Basic computer skills required.           calling	for	service!
                                                  access	the	internet,	use	a	search	                  2	day	course.	$40.00	+	$7.50	Lab	Fee	     1	day	course.	$45.00	+	$4.50	Lab	Fee	
                                                  engine	to	find	specific	web	                        3/7-3/9;	Mon,	Wed	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		     4/4;	Mon	6:00	pm	-	9:00	pm		
                                                  sites,	shop	safely	online,	delete	                  Grangeville	Outreach	Center               Grangeville	Outreach	Center
                                                  unwanted	files,	and	more.
                                                  2	day	course.	$35.00	+	$7.50	Lab	Fee	
                                                                                                                         Keep a Good Class Going!
                                                  2/8-2/10;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		
                                                  Grangeville	Outreach	Center                               Nothing kills a program faster than waiting until it is
                                                                                                           too late to register. Classes with insufficient registration
                                                                                                                will be canceled and may not be offered again.
                                                                                                              To reserve your spot and make sure your favorite
                                                                                                                      classes continue, call 208-983-2164.

12	                                                                                              Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	208-983-2164	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
       CuLINArY	                                                                               Kitchen	Fun	-	Gluten	Free
                                                                                               by Carol McAdams NEW!
                                                                                                                                                 DAY	TrIPS	&	
       DELIGhTS                                                                                Spend	an	enjoyable	day	at	the	                    rECrEATION
                                                                                               Gospel	View	Retreat	learning	
 Soup’s	On!			NEW!                                                                                                                             horseback	Olympics		NEW!
 by Beth Waite                                                                                 ways	to	remove	gluten	from	                     by Julie Kulp
 Really	good	home-made	soup	                                                                   your	diet	and	meal	planning.	                   Learn	coordination	and	
 from	scratch	is	magic	and	                                                                    Discover	the	many	new	                          concentration	techniques	while	
 medicine,	satisfaction	and	                                                                   ingredients	and	recipes	that	                   enjoying	the	fun	of	games	on	
 contentment.	In	this	hands-on	                                                                make	this	transition	easy,	                     horseback.	Whether	you	are	
 workshop	learn	how	to	make	                                                                   healthy	and	appetizing;	no	                     a	beginner	or	an	experienced	
 soup	stock,	the	base	of	all	good	                                                             need	to	sacrifice	your	favorite	                rider,	these	games	are	for	you,	
 soup.	Then,	you	will	learn	                                                                   foods!	You’ll	explore	gluten-free	              promising	to	provide	challenges	
                                                Just	Dry	It!	Food	
 simple	techniques	to	turn	that	                                                               breads,	desserts,	pastas	and	                   and	excitement	while	building	
                                                Preservation			NEW!
 stock,	along	with	a	bit	of	this,	a	            by Julie Rankin                                cereals.	The	class	will	prepare	                confidence	in	a	safe,	professional,	
 pile	of	that,	and	a	few	herbs	into	            Getting	ready	for	a	season	of	                 and	eat	a	complete	gluten-free	                 and	fun	environment.	Games	
 wholesome	soup.	In	addition,	                  hiking?	Need	quick,	healthy	                   meal.	Take	home	numerous	                       will	include	Ball	Toss,	Knights	of	
 you	will	take	away	the	secret	to	              snacks	to	grab	and	go	to	the	                  recipes,	resources	to	find	high	                Grangeville,	Bareback	Baseball,	
 delectable,	silken	cream	soups.	               park?	Want	lightweight	treats	                 quality	ingredients,	and	other	                 Soccer	and	more.	While	designed	
 Bring a large apron and be                     that	don’t	need	refrigeration?	                educational	materials.	Call                     for	therapeutic	horseback	riding,	
 prepared to eat soup and bread                 Save	some	money	and	                           Center for directions                           the	games	are	adaptable	to	
                                                                                               1	day	course.	$15.00	+	$20.00	Materials	Fee		
 at 8:30.                                       preparation	time	by	making	                    4/9;	Sat	9:00	am	-	2:30	pm		
                                                                                                                                               any	level	of	riding	experience,	
 1	day	course.	$12.00	+	$8.00	Materials	Fee		   your	own	dried	foods.	Learn	                                                                   including	yours!	Bring	your	own	
                                                                                               Gospel	View	Retreat	-	near	Grangeville
 3/3;	Thu	6:30	pm	-	8:30	pm		                                                                                                                  horse	or	enjoy	one	of	our	gentle	
                                                principles	and	techniques	for	
 Camas	Prairie	Preschool	-	Grangeville
                                                drying	food	and	then	keeping	                                                                  ones.	Dress appropriately for
 Just	Can	It!	Food	                             it	dry	so	molds	cannot	take	                                                                   riding; wear shoes with heels.
 Preservation			NEW!                            hold.	Among	other	topics,	                                                                     (Tennis shoes or shoes without
 by Julie Rankin                                students	will	learn	how	to	                                                                    heels allow only bareback
 Learn	to	can	with	confidence	                  make	jerky	that	is	safe	from	                                                                  riding). We have boots in stock
 in	this	hands-on	class.	Cover	                 harmful	bacteria.	You’ll	also	                                                                 for use. Notify us if you’re
 the	basic	principles	of	canning,	              taste	a	variety	of	dried	fruits	and	                                                           bringing your own horse.
 whether	using	fruits,	vegetables,	             veggies	in	recipes	prepared	in/                                                                1	day	course.	$25.00		
                                                                                                                                               	•	6/4;	Sat	9:00	am	-	4:30	pm	ages	8-12
 sauces,	jams	or	other	food	                    for	the	class.	Bring an apron
                                                                                                                                               	•	6/18;	Sat	9:00	am	-	4:30	pm	ages	13	and	up
 products.	Preserving	food	that	                and peeler or paring knife.                                                                    RJ	Ranch	-Grangeville
 we	grow	or	purchase	locally	at	                There will be goodies to take
 the	height	of	its	freshness	and	
 flavor	can	save	money,	increase	
                                                1	day	course.	$20.00	+	$6.00	Materials	Fee		                                                          FAMILY	&	
 our	self-relience,	and	enable	us	              5/4;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		
                                                Grangeville	High	School                                 DANCE	&	                                        LIFE
 to	enjoy	the	wonderful	flavor	
 of	local,	organic	foods	year	                                                                           MuSIC                                 Disciplining	Without	Crisis
                                                                                                                                               by Greg Bailey
 round.	Isn’t	now	a	good	time	to	                                                              Belly	Dancing                                   Do	you	want	to	stop	the	yelling	
 learn	skills	to	do	this?	Bring an                                                             by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards
                                                                                                                                               at	home?	Then	enjoy	an	evening	
 apron, paring knife or peeler,                                                                Have	fun	learning	the	dances	of	
                                                                                                                                               learning	helpful	tips	to	reduce	
 and 2 quart-sized canning jars                                                                the	Middle	East	while	exploring	
                                                                                                                                               the	tantrum	that	occurs	when	
 that will go home filled (call                                                                the	rhythms,	history	and	culture	
                                                                                                                                               disciplining	your	child.	The	
 Center if you don’t have any                                                                  of	this	exciting	dance	style.	This	
                                                                                                                                               instructor	will	share	stories,	
 jars).                                                                                        dance	strenghtens	the	back,	
                                                                                                                                               information,	and	techniques	
 1	day	course.	$20.00	+	$6.00	Materials	Fee		                                                  hips,	and	thighs	and	increases	
 5/18;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	8:30	pm		                                                                                                                 that	have	helped	him	be	
                                                                                               total	body	coordination	and	
 Grangeville	High	School                                                                                                                       successful	in	getting	thousands	
                                                                                               flexiblitiy.	What	a	great	class	to	
                                                                                                                                               of	kids	to	manage	their	own	
                                                                                               take	with	friends	for	a	fun	night	
                                                                                                                                               behaviors,	and	accept	personal	
                                                                                               out!	Cymbals available from
                                                                                                                                               responsibility.	District #244
                                                                                               instructor - $12.
                                                                                               4	day	course.	$40.00		
                                                                                                                                               sponsored instructor.
                                                                                                                                               1	day	course.	$5.00		
                                                                                               3/1-3/29;	Tue	7:00	pm	-	8:15	pm	
                                                                                                                                               4/13;	Wed	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		
                                                                                               No	class	3/15	
                                                                                                                                               Grangeville	Elementary/Middle	School
                                                                                               Grangeville	Elementary/Middle	School

Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                             13
         hEALTh	&	                                    Introduction	to	herbal	
                                                      Salves	and	Tonics
          FITNESS                                     by Sister Agnes Reichlin OSB,
                                                      Sister Carlotta Fontes OSB
  heavenly	Scent	-	A	Soap	                            Local	herbs	can	enhance	your	
  Making	Primer                                       health	and	well-being.	In	this	
  by Sister Carlotta Fontes OSB
                                                      hands-on	class	learn	how	you	
  Create	beautiful	cold-process	                      can	benefit	from	their	use	in	a	
  soap	the	way	Grandma	made	                          setting	where	herbs	and	fruits	
  it.	Use	updated	methods	and	                        of	the	earth	are	revered	and	
  ingredients,	learn	safety	tips	                     honored	for	their	gifts	to	us.	
  and	how	to	compose	your	                            Students	will	make	their	own	
  soap.	Learn	how	to	mix,	                            salves	and	taste	tonics. Field
  stir,	fragrance,	mold,	and	                         trip if weather allows; dinner
  trim	the	finished	product.	                         at noon (included in fee) in the
  Make	bars	of	soap	to	take	                          Monastery dining room.
  home. Bring a towel, long                           1	day	course.	$25.00	+	$10.00	Materials	Fee		
  sleeved shirt, wooden spoon,                        5/14;	Sat	9:00	am	-	2:30	pm		                        Taking	Control	of	Your	                 measures	which	will	help	
  candy thermometer and                               Monastery	of	St.	Gertrude	-	Cottonwood
                                                                                                           Back	Pain                               establish	a	strong,	healthy	
  rubber gloves; dinner at                                                                                 by Jeremy Pettinger                     and	pain-free	lower	back.	
  noon (included in fee) in the                                                                            Are	you	tired	of	nagging,	              Dress	comfortably,	bring	your	
  Monastery dining room.                                                                                   persistent	back	pain?	Many	             questions,	and	be	ready	to	
  1	day	course.	$42.00	+	$12.00	Materials	Fee		                                                            sources	of	back	pain	are	both	
  4/30;	Sat	9:00	am	-	2:30	pm		
                                                                                                                                                   participate.	Take	home	a	low	
  Monastery	of	St.	Gertrude	-	Cottonwood
                                                                                                           preventable	and	treatable.	In	          back	maintenance	program.
                                                                                                           this	class,	you	will	participate	       1	day	course.	$15.00		
                                                                                                           in	therapeutic	prevention,	             3/15;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		
                                                                                                           maintenance,	and	treatment	             Preferred	Physical	Therapy	-	Grangeville

              Meet Our Instructors
  Greg	Bailey	-	is	the	                       also	traveled	to	North	Africa	          bee	products.	She	never	            Jeremy	Pettinger	-	is	           Greg	uhlenkott	-	is	
  Superintendent	of	Mountain	                 to	extensively	learn	dances.	           passes	up	the	opportunity	          an	Idaho	licensed	physical	      a	Microsoft	Certified	
  View	School	District	and	                   Yasmin	plays	in	2	bands	and	            to	share	her	knowledge,	            therapist.	He	graduated	in	      Professional	with	15+	years	
  holds	an	education	Specialist	              has	been	drumming	for	20	               experience,	and	library	of	         2002	with	a	Masters	Degree	      in	the	computer	industry.	
  degree.	He	has	been	an	                     years.                                  health	information,	including	      of	Physical	Therapy	from	        He	develops	software	and	
  administrator	and	educator	                                                         wheat	intolerance,	with	            Idaho	State	University,	and	     internet	solutions	and	offers	
  for	24	years	working	with	                  Sister	Carlotta	Fontes	                 others.                             in	2007	opened	Preferred	        sales	and	services.
  students	of	all	ages	on	                    OSB	-	is	a	Master	Herbalist	                                                Physical	Therapy,	P.A.	in	
  managing	their	own	behavior.                                    Patricia	Moody	-	has	
                                              and	tender	of	the	Monastery	                                                Grangeville.                     BethWaite	-	has	a	BS	
                                                                  taught	computer	classes	since	
                                              gardens.	She	makes	salves,	                                                                                  in	Home	Economics	with	
  Sister	Janet	Bernard	                                           1994.	She	has	been	an	LCSC	
                                              soaps,	and	balms	among	                            Julie	rankin	-	an	                                        a	specialty	in	foods	and	
  OSB	-	Sister	Janet	Bernard	                 other	healing	items.instructor	since	2001	and	was	 experienced	food	preserver	                               nutrition.	She	has	been	
  OSB,	a	nurse	and	health	                                        raised	on	computers.           who	has	enjoyed	food	                                     teaching	cooking	and	baking	
  care	provider	by	day,	loves	    Julie	Kulp	-	is	the	director	                                  preservation	since	childhood,	                            classes	for	years,	as	well	as	
  doing	creative	crafts	in	       and	an	instructor	of	RJ	ranch	 Angela	Morrow	-	Angela	         when	she	helped	her	mother	                               Adult	Education	for	LCSC
  her	spare	time,	including	      Therapeutic	Riding	Center.	     graduated	from	LCSC	with	      put	up	hundreds	of	pounds	of	
  knitting,	crocheting,	          She	has	been	working	with	      a	4.0	gpa	and	received	her	    produce	and	meat	every	year.	                             Andra	Walton	-	has	been	
  candle	embossing,	and	          horses	for	over	15	year.        Administrative	Assistant	      She’s	taught	several	food	                                drawing	with	a	passion	since	
  scrapbooking.                                                   degree.	She’s	used	MS	         preservation	workshops.                                   age	5,	studying	and	learning	
                                  Carol	McAdams	-	Carol	          Excel	&	QuickBooks	for	15	                                                               countless	techniques	over	the	
  Caroline	(Yasmin)	              McAdams	is	a	retired	           years	on	the	job	and	for	      Sister	Agnes	reichlin	                                    years.	She’s	been	involved	in	
  Edwards	-	Yasmin	has	been	 recreation	director	with	a	          various	committees.	In	the	    OSB	-	is	an	RN	and	has	                                   education	for	30	years,	and	is	
  performing	and	teaching	        passion	for	growing	healthy	    mid	1990’s	she	taught	the	     taken	to	herb	and	essential	                              the	mother	of	10	children.
  dance	for	30	years.	Appearing	 organic	food.	She	is	owner	      Administrative	Assistant	      oil	classes.	She	uses	oils	
  at	nightclubs,	street	fairs,	   of	“Lil	Carol’s	Bee	Products”,	 program	to	displaced	          and	herbs	in	many	healing	
  festivals,	private	parties	and	 a	business	specializing	in	     millworkers.	Today,	Angela	    environments.
  community	functions,	she	has	 raw,local	honey	and	honey	        has	a	data	input	business.

14	                                                                                                   Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	208-983-2164	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
           OrOFINO	                            Kids	Valentine	Card	                          MS	Word-Beginner                          Internet	and	Email:	An	
    LCSC	OuTrEACh	CENTEr                       Making	(1st	grade	and	up)                     by Phillip Shriver                        Introduction
      2200	Michigan	Avenue                     by Kelly Brumley                              New	to	word	processing?	It’s	             by Phillip Shriver
        Orofino,	ID	83544                      Are	your	kids	tired	of	giving	                a	necessity	for	a	job	in	the	             Don’t	be	afraid	of	the	internet!	
                                               out	the	same	old	store	bought	                business	world	and	a	wonderful	           This	hands-on	class	teaches	
        Open	to	Serve	You                      Valentines	Day	cards?	This	is	                convenience	at	home.	Learn	               you	how	to	create	a	free	web-
    Mon.	-	Wed.:	8:30am	-	3:00pm	              a	fun	hands-on	class	that	gives	              to	make	professional-looking	             based	e-mail	account	you	can	
      Thu.:	8:30am	-	5:00pm	                   kids	the	tools	and	techniques	                documents	and	letters	in	just	a	          access	anywhere.	Learn	to	send,	
         Fri.:	Noon	-	5:00pm                   to	design	and	create	3	unique	                few	hours.	This	class	moves	at	           receive	and	forward	messages,	
                                               Valentines	Day	cards	that	are	                a	comfortable	pace	with	clear	            attach	files,	and	manage	your	
 208.476.5731                                  guaranteed	to	please!                         instructions	and	one-on-one	              e-mail	account.	Also	learn	to	
                                               1	day	course.	$10.00	+	$5.00	Materials	Fee	   help	from	a	patient	instructor	           access	the	internet,	use	a	search	
 Fax                                           2/4;	Fri	2:00	pm	-	5:00	pm		
 208.476.3698                                                                                with	a	sense	of	humor.	You’ll	            engine	to	find	specific	web	
                                               Orofino	Outreach	Center
                                                                                             feel	comfortable	right	away	in	           sites,	shop	safely	online,	delete	
 altucker@lcsc.edu                                                                           this	easy	learning	environment.           unwanted	files,	and	more.
                                                                                             2	day	course.	$40.00	+	$5.00	Lab	Fee	     2	day	course.	$40.00	+	$5.00	Lab	Fee	
                                                                                             2/22-2/24;	Tue,	Thu	5:30	pm	-	7:30	pm		   3/8-3/10;	Tue,	Thu	5:30	pm	-	7:00	pm		
 lcsc.edu/cp/orofino                                                                         Orofino	Outreach	Center                   Orofino	Outreach	Center
                      Amanda	Tucker,
         Orofino	Outreach	Coordinator                                                        ebay	for	everyone:	Buying	
                                                                                             and	Selling	on	ebay                             CuLINArY	
                                                                                             by Amanda Tucker
            ArTS	&	                                                                          Now’s	the	time	to	learn	how	to	
                                                                                             buy	and	sell	on	the	popular	eBay	         Dutch	Oven	Cooking
            CrAFTS                                                                           website.	Let	Amanda	show	you	
                                                                                                                                       by Rob & Sue Lundgren
                                                                                                                                       During	this	hands-on	class,	
 Terrific	Tie-Dye:	For	kids!                   Creative	Card	Making                          how	to	register	as	an	official	
                                                                                                                                       learn	the	basics	of	Dutch	Oven	
 by Amanda Tucker                              by Kelly Brumley                              eBay	buyer/seller;	explore	many	
                                                                                                                                       cooking,	from	buying	and	
 Attention	Kids!	Have	fun	                     Papermaking	is	a	fun	outlet	                  different	ways	to	sell	an	item	
                                                                                                                                       seasoning	the	ovens	through	
 learning	how	to	make	cool	tie	                for	your	creativity.	In	this	                 using	the	‘buy	it	now’	option,	
                                                                                                                                       cooking.	Bread,	a	main	dish,	and	
 dye	projects.	In	this	workshop,	              imaginative	class	you	will	learn	             or	just	auction	it	off	using	the	
                                                                                                                                       a	dessert	will	be	prepared,	with	
 students	will	learn	the	basics	of	            the	skills	necessary	to	create	               many	tools	of	the	eBay	site.	
                                                                                                                                       lunch	to	follow	for	participants.
 tie-dye,	how	to	make	interesting	             3	“pop-up”	cards	that	are	                    You’ll	also	hear	how	to	optimize	         1	day	course.	$25.00	+	$10.00	Materials	Fee	
 designs	such	as	swirls,	spirals,	             delightful	to	open.	Each	design	              your	selling	power	with	the	right	        4/16;	Sat	10:00	am	-	1:00	pm		
 stripes	and	bulls	eyes	as	well	               will	leave	lots	of	room	for	your	             photo	as	well	as	how	to	jazz	             Orofino	City	Park
 as	how	to	get	bright,	long	                   artistic	personalization!                     up	your	description!	If	you’re	
 lasting	colors!	Students	will	
 need	to	provide	a	white	100%	
                                               1	day	course.	$10.00	+	$5.00	Materials	Fee	
                                               2/3;	Thu	5:30	pm	-	7:00	pm		
                                                                                             coming	to	class	as	a	prospective	
                                                                                             seller,	bring	one	or	two	small	
                                                                                                                                                DANCE	&	
 cotton	t-shirt	for	their	project.	
                                               Orofino	Outreach	Center
                                                                                             to	medium	sized	items	to	class	                     MuSIC
 Instructor will finalize student’s                                                          that	you	would	like	to	sell	on	
 t-shirts for them and they                    COMPuTErS	&	                                  eBay,	plus	a	digital	camera	and	
                                                                                                                                       Belly	Dancing
                                                                                                                                       by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards
 can pick up 2 days after the
 workshop. Please bring a snack
                                               TEChNOLOGY                                    the	necessary	cord	to	download	
                                                                                                                                       Have	fun	learning	belly	
                                                                                                                                       dancing	of	the	Middle	East.	
 and a water bottle.                           Introduction	to	MS	Excel                      2	day	course.	$35.00	+	$5.00	Lab	Fee		
                                                                                                                                       It	strengthens	the	back,	hips,	
 1	day	course.	$10.00	+	$5.00	Materials	Fee	   by Phillip Shriver                            3/1-3/3;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		
                                                                                             Orofino	Outreach	Center                   and	thighs.	Gain	total	body	
 4/1;	Fri	2:00	pm	-	4:30	pm		                  Learn	the	basics	of	this	popular	
                                                                                                                                       coordination	and	flexibility	
 Orofino	Outreach	Center                       spreadsheet	program	with	topics	
                                                                                                                                       and	get	an	introduction	to	the	
                                               such	as	data	entry,	spreadsheet	
                                                                                                                                       music	of	another	culture.	Part	
                                               formatting,	basic	calculations,	
                                                                                                                                       of	the	class	will	be	dedicated	
                                               and	an	assortment	of	tools	to	use	
                                                                                                                                       to	learning	Middle	Eastern	
                                               to	crunch	numbers.	Learn	basic	
                                                                                                                                       rhythms	using	percussion	
                                               graphing	techniques	and	how	to	
                                               use	functions	to	get	Excel	2003	                                                        4	day	course.	$45.00	+	$12.00	Materials	Fee	
                                               to	perform	complex	math	and	                                                            4/5-4/26;	Tue	6:00	pm	-	7:30	pm		
                                               professional	looking	spreadsheets.                                                      Orofino	Outreach	Center
                                               2	day	course.	$40.00	+	$5.00	Lab	Fee	
                                               2/8-2/10;	Tue,	Thu	5:30	pm	-	7:30	pm		
                                               Orofino	Outreach	Center

Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                    15
  by Sarah Whisenant                                                                     hEALTh	&	                            Stress	Busting	Massage:	
                                                                                                                              Tips	and	Techniques
  (3,	4	&	5	year	olds)	A	fun	and	
  active	class	where	children	
                                                                                          FITNESS                             by Linda Smeltz
                                                                                                                              Relax	during	this	3	hour	
  explore	movement,	music,	                                                       Water	Aerobics                              long	workshop	with	massage	
                                                                                  by Vikki Landmark
  rhythm	and	dance.	Emphasis	                                                                                                 therapist	Linda	Smeltz.	Learn	
                                                                                  Water	Aerobics	is	an	excellent	
  is	on	developing	coordination,	                                                                                             self-help	massage	tips	and	
                                                                                  low-impact	way	to	build	
  muscle	development,	flexibility,	                                                                                           techniques	to	use	on	yourself	
                                                                                  strength	and	muscle.	Reduce	
  balance	&	body	control.	A	                                                                                                  and	loved	ones	in	a	“hands	on”	
                                                                                  body	fat	by	burning	calories	
  wonderful	class	for	both	boys	                                                                                              environment.	This	workshop	
                                                                                  more	efficiently	and	increase	
  and	girls.                                                                                                                  will	teach	students	how	to	
                                                                                  flexibility.	Working	out	in	the	
  This	session	includes	13	dance	                                                                                             identify	tight	muscles	and	
                                                                                  water	supports	the	body	and	
  classes	and	a	final	recital.                                                                                                trigger	spots	throughout	the	
  13	day	course.	$115.00		
                                                                                  reduces	risk	of	muscle	and	
                                                                                                                              body	through	a	form	of	massage	
  2/4-4/29;	Fri	11:30	pm	-	12:25	pm		                                             joint	injury.	Everyone,	from	
                                                                                                                              “detective”	work.	Students	
  Oddfellows	Lodge                                                                beginning	exercisers	to	elite	
                                                                                                                              will	be	guided	through	various	
                                                                                  athletes	are	welcome!	Have	fun	
  Introduction	to	Dance:	                                                                                                     strokes	and	tender	points	in	
                                                                                  and	get	fit!	Please bring a towel
  Ballet	(ages	6-12)                                                                                                          addition	to	learning	the	benefits	
                                                                                  and water bottle.
  by Sarah Whisenant                                                              8	day	course.	$35.00		                      of	massage	for	stress	relief	
  Introduction	to	Dance:	Join	                                                    	•	2/1-2/24;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	am	-	7:00	am		   and	relaxation.	Please bring
  our	energetic	instructor	Sarah	                                                 	•	3/1-3/31;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	am	-	7:00	am		   supportive pillow and water
                                                                                  	•	4/5-5/5;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	am	-	7:00	am		    bottle. Dress in comfortable
  for	a	series	of	dance	classes	
                                                                                  	•	5/3-5/26;	Tue,	Thu	6:00	am	-	7:00	am		
  designed	to	introduce	children	                                                                                             loose fitting clothing.
                                                                                  Best	Western	Lodge	at	River’s	Edge
  to	the	wonderful	world	of	dance.	                                                                                           1	day	course.	$35.00
  A	continuation	of	creative	                                                                                                 Location	TBA
  movement	combined	with	
  ballet	training.	Emphasis	on	
  coordination,	rhythms	and	
  development	of	confidence	and	          DAY	TrIPS	&	
  love	of	dance.	Students	will	           rECrEATION
  learn	basic	ballet	positions,	
                                        “From	Soil	to	Sip”	An	
  steps	and	vocabulary.
  13	day	course.	$115.00		              Afternoon	at	Colter’s	Creek	
  2/4-4/29;	Fri	12:30	pm	-	1:30	pm		    Winery	and	Vineyards
  Orofino	Outreach	Center               by Melissa Sanborn, Mike Pearson
                                        Join	owners	Mike	and	Melissa	
                                        for	an	afternoon	at	Colter’s	
                                        Creek	Winery	and	Vineyards.	
                                        The	workshop	will	begin	with	
                                        a	walking	tour	in	the	vineyard	
                                        where	students	will	learn	
                                        about	growing	a	variety	of	
                                        wine	grapes	in	the	Clearwater	
                                        Valley.	The	tour	will	then	move	
                                        into	the	winery	to	explore	the	
                                        wine	making	process	followed	
                                        by	a	lesson	in	wine	tasting,	
                                        that	includes	both	bottle	and	
                                        barrel	tastings.	An	excellent	
                                        opportunity	to	learn	about	the	
                                        art	and	science	of	winemaking	
                                        and	to	experience	local	LC	
                                        Valley	wines!                                         Have a special skill that you can share?
                                        1	day	course.	$20.00		
                                        5/14;	Sat	10:30	am	-	1:30	pm		
                                                                                                           Teach for us!
                                        Colters	Creek	Winery	and	Vineyards
                                                                                               Call 208-792-2749 for more information.

16	                                                        Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
   LANGuAGE	&	                                        Kid’s	Beginning	Spanish	
                                                      3rd-6th	grade
    CuLTurE                                           by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards
                                                      Your	child	will	have	fun	learning	
 Spanish	I                                            Spanish	in	this	active	workshop.	
 by Caroline (Yasmin) Edwards
                                                      We	will	cover	the	alphabet,	
 This	class	is	for	the	beginner	
                                                      numbers,	colors,	and	animals.	
 who	wishes	to	learn	Spanish	and	
                                                      We	will	also	have	songs	to	sing	
 it	is	ideal	for	those	who	travel	to	
                                                      and	on	the	last	day	of	the	class	
 Spanish-speaking	countries.	We	
                                                      we	will	play	a	game	and	a	prize	
 will	cover	the	alphabet,	vowels,	
                                                      will	be	awarded.
 Spanish	sounds,	basic	grammar	                       4	day	course.	$55.00	+	$5.00	Materials	Fee	
 structure	and	vocabulary.	Also	                      4/4-4/25;	Mon	4:00	pm	-	5:00	pm		
 covered	are	Mexican	Spanish	                         Orofino	Elementary	School
 and	Castilian	Spanish.	On	
 the	last	day,	we	will	play	a	
 simple	game	and	prizes	will	be	
 4	day	course.	$65.00	+	$3.00	Materials	Fee	
 4/4-4/25;	Mon	6:00	pm	-	8:00	pm		
 Orofino	Outreach	Center

             Meet Our Instructors
 Kelly	Brumley	-	Kelly	       Vikki	Landmark	-	No	                                    Mike	Pearson	-	A	self-        Phillip	Shriver	-	            her	knowledge	of	web	
 has	loved	making	a	variety	  one	loves	the	water	better	                             proclaimed	“engineering	      Phillip	Shriver	works	for	    design,	internet	savviness,	
 of	crafts	since	a	young	     than	this	Idaho	native.	                                geek,”	enjoys	both	winery	    Clearwater	Technical	         and	computer	programs	
 age.	Owning	her	own	         Vikki	Landmark	grew	up	                                 and	vineyard	systems.	        Group,	specializing	in	       with	people	of	all	ages	and	
 scrapbook	and	stamp	store	   swimming	in	the	rivers	of	                              Owner	of	Colters	Creek	       computers	and	social	         skill	levels.	Amanda	holds	
 provided	her	with	loads	of	  Idaho,	spending	time	as	                                Winery	and	Vineyards,	        media.	Phillip	graduated	     a	degree	in	Education	
 ideas	and	experiences	with	  a	lifeguard	and	practicing	                             Mike’s	goal	as	a	             from	LCSC	with	a	degree	      from	LCSC	and	is	the	
 card-making.                 synchronized	swimming	                                  winemaker	is	to	produce	      in	Business	and	a	minor	in	   Coordinator	of	the	Orofino	
                              in	college.	Vikki’s	true	                               outstanding	wines	from	       information	systems.          Outreach	Center.
 Caroline	(Yasmin)	           passion	is	scuba	diving.	                               locally	grown	grapes,	
 Edwards	-	Caroline	          She	is	a	dive	master	and	                               involve	the	community	in	     Linda	Smeltz
 Edwards,a	native	Spanish	 teaches	diving	classes	                                    the	process,	and	to	engage	   Linda	has	been	massaging	     Sarah	Whisenant	-	
 speaker,	relocated	from	     during	the	summer	                                      a	wide	range	of	wine	         away	stress	now	for	over	     Sarah	has	been	dancing	
 Seattle	where	she	taught	    months.	Vikki	has	been	                                 drinkers.                     12	years.	A	graduate	         since	she	was	8	years	old.	
 for	36	years.	She	travels	   teaching	water	aerobics	                                                              of	Moscow	School	of	          Growing	up	teaching	her	
 extensively	to	Spanish-      several	year	at	the	pool	in	                            Melissa	Sanborn	-	            Massage	and	owner	of	her	     younger	sisters	to	dance	
 speaking	countries	and	is	a	 her	hometown	of	Kamiah	                                 Melissa	studied	wine	         own	business.                 inspired	her	to	begin	
 contributing	writer	to	the	 Idaho	where	her	husband	                                 chemistry	and	sensory	                                      teaching	children	ballet,	
 ‘Lonely	Planet’	travel	book	 and	her	own	Landmark	                                   science	at	Washington	        Amanda	Tucker	-	              jazz	and	tap.	Sarah	has	
 series.                      Insurance	Agency.                                       State	University.	As	the	     Amanda	Tucker	has	had	a	      taught	dance	for	Festival	
                                                                                      owner	of	Colters	Creek	       passion	for	the	arts	since	   Dance	Academy	and	has	a	
                                               rob	&	Sue	Lundgren	-	                  Winery	and	Vineyards.	        her	days	as	a	professional	   degree	in	Kinesiology.
                                               have	10+	years	experience	             Her	goal	as	a	winemaker	      finger	painter.	Amanda	
                                               and	first	learned	from	                is	to	produce	outstanding	    has	taught	various	kids	
                                               Butch	Welch.	They	                     wine	from	locally	            art	classes	for	Orofino	
                                               enjoy	adapting	recipes	                produced	grapes,	to	          Kids	College	and	has	
                                               for	Dutch	Oven	cooking	                involve	the	community	in	     a	bachelors	degree	in	
                                               and	are	returning	LCSC	                the	process,	and	to	engage	   Education.	She’s	also	
                                               instructors.                           a	wide	range	of	wine	         a	computer/internet	
                                                                                      drinkers.                     enthusiast	loves	sharing	

Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                              17
                                              College Radio:
                                                                                              Get Ahead This Summer!

                                                 The Ultimate LC Experien

                                                                                             LEWIS-CLARK STATE COLLEGE
      Your World. Your Chance
         To Make It Better.                   88.9fm                                         SUMMER SESSION
                                              KLCZ encourages the students, faculty,         • Offering more than 100 challenging
                                              and sta at LCSC to develop original              for-credit courses
                                              programming focusing on news and                 Choose from business, education, ethics,
                                              opinions, civic a airs, diverse music and
                                              other programming seldom heard from              history, psychology, art, accounting,
                                              mainstream media outlets. KLCZ serves            health, math, science, and more
                                               rst and foremost the Lewis-Clark State
                                              College campus, secondly, the                  • Choose from 2, 4, 8 or 11 week
                                              community of the Lewiston-Clarkston              sessions
                                              Valley, and, thirdly, any additional areas
                                              outside the LC Valley via internet
                                              streaming.                                     • No out-of-state tuition
        You can help at-risk students

                                                               a Song?
       of all ages, from all walks of life,
                                                  anna Request
                                                                                             • Financial Aid available to those who
       attain their dreams of completing
                  an education!                 W                                              qualify
      For your service, you can receive
      a financial educational award, living   KLCZ is not only dedicated to creating
              allowance and more!             opportunities for students to learn
                                              more about the broadcasting industry
                                              but also strives to be part of our
                                              community. If your business or
                                              organization is interested supporting
                                              KLCZ and becoming an underwriter of
                                              KLCZ please contact us.

         Contact AmeriCorps today,                                                                  Registration begins April 11
                and Join Us!
        208-792-2084 or 800-423-8239                                                                  Contact us at 792-2207
          www.lcsc.edu/americorps             www.klcz.com                                    or visit us online at www.lcsc.edu/cp
                                              O ce Line: 208.792.2722

18	                                           Register	online	at	lcsc.edu/ce	•	800-394-4189	or	208-792-2447	•	Registration	Form	on	page	19
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      Address                                                                                          City                                  State         Zip Code           Education	and	Community	
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     Enclosed is my CHECK or MONEY ORDER #_______________ in the amount of $_________ made payable to LCSC.                                                                    communityed@lcsc.edu

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Community	Education	&	Personal	Enrichment	Catalog	•	Spring	2011	•	February	-	June	                                                                                                                        19
Lewis-Clark	State	College                 Nonprofit Org.
Continuing	Education	&	Community	Events    US Postage
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