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10 commandments for fitting a Lyon Brace



                   10 commandments for fitting a Lyon Brace.
                          Jean Claude de Mauroy, Cyril Lecante

                                   Clinique du Parc - Lyon (FRA)

1 - Never before puberty, you will compress the rib cage.
(Milwaukee better than TLSO to avoid a tubular trunk)

2 - Before bracing, you will creep the ligaments of concavity by a plaster cast.
(minimum 4 weeks)

3 - In puberty period of growth, you will use an adjustable brace

4 - A tridimensional brace wants to say: 1 correction of the frontal inflection,
2 elongation between the pelvic and the shoulder girdles, 3 derotation in a horizontal plane.

5 - By the elongation you will decompress the intervertebral disc.
(it is difficult to reduce a spine in compression)

6 - Every 6 months, you will adjust the brace with a screwdriver.

7 - The chondro-costal anterior hump, you will model

8 - The lumbar area, you will maintain in lordosis.
(adult lumbar scoliosis evolves in kyphosis)

9 - According to the evolutivity and the initial Cobb Angulation, you will
adjust the time of wearing.
(from night <5°/Y and initial Angulation < 30° to
23h/24 if evolutivity > 15°/Y and Initial Angulation > 40°)

The brace is:

    -   Adjustable on seven centimeters of growth, it’s efficient. We do not need to change the
        brace every six months.

    -   Active: Because of rigidity of the plexidur structure, the child is stimulated. The active axial
        auto correction decreases the pressures.

    -   Disc decompression: It is the consequence of the “Adjustable”. The effect of extension
        between the two pelvic and scapular girdles decreases the pressure on the intervertebral
        disc and allows a better effectiveness of the pushes.

    -   Symmetrical: In addition to the esthetic aspect, the brace is much easier to build.
    -   Stable: The stability of both shoulder and pelvic girdles facilitates the intermediate

    -   Transparent: Usually, it is not necessary to use the “pads”, we can thus control directly on
        the skin the pushes, stops, drives and reliefs.

10 - The practice of Physiotherapy and Sport, you will advise.

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