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Riva on the Park                          Apartment complex attracts urban
Apartments                                pioneers to new Portland “green”
22-story, 294-unit building
25,000 ft2 eco-roof

Products Used:
                                          T        his 130-acre former brownfield site is fast becoming home
                                                   to an engaging mix of residential, office, and retail develop-
                                                   ments, and is also home to the Oregon health and Science
                                          University’s Health and Research buildings. A defining characteris-
                                          tic of the entire development is a focus on sustainable design that
                                                                                                                                A         nyone who owns or
                                                                                                                                          operates a parking
                                                                                                                                          structure is familiar
                                                                                                                                with the deterioration that can
                                          helps to lessen the environmental impact of development across the                    occur: cracks, leaks, and cor-
   Dow Corning® 795 Sili-                 site, and affords easy and open access to the natural setting along the               rosion.      Parking structures
cone Building Sealant—                    Willamette river.                                                                     undergo more distress and
Used for window-wall seal-                                                                                                      deterioration than most other
ing                                       The personality of the South Wa-
                                                                                                                                buildings due to their direct
                                          terfront District gained the atten-
                                                                                                                                exposure to traffic, weather,
                                          tion of Trammell Crow Residential.
                                                                                                                                deicing chemicals, and snow-
  Dow Corning® 790 Sili-                  The company proposed a rental
                                                                                                                                plows.        Although today’s
cone Building Sealant—                    apartment complex, Riva on the
                                                                                                                                parking structure technologies
15,000 lineal feet used for               Park, (formally known as Alexan
                                                                                                                                have introduced features (such
masonry sealing                           South Waterfront Apartments) that
                                                                                                                                as advanced sealants and coat-
                                          provides an option for new resi-
                                                                                                                                ings) that mitigate many of
                                          dents moving to this green
                                                                                                                                these problems, they do not
  Dow Corning® AllGuard                   neighborhood. The 22-story build-
                                                                                                                                eliminate the need for mainte-
Silicone Elastomeric Coat-                ing, located on the streetcar line
ing—Used for exterior                     that connects the new neighbor-
                                                                                                                                    A regular maintenance
masonry coatings on                       hood to downtown Portland, fea-
                                                                                                                                program is crucial to preserv-
building envelope                         tures a window-wall exterior that
                                                                                                                                ing the garage, providing a
                                          opens to river views.
                                                                                                                                satisfactory level of service,
                                          Designing and installing the win-                                                     and meeting service-life ex-
  Dow Corning® 999 Sili-                  dow-wall has been one focus of the                                                    pectations, without premature
cone Building Sealant—                    experienced team of professionals                                                     deterioration, undue repair
Used for temporary water-                 working on this project, including                                                    expense, interrupted service,
proofing                                  the Portland office of Atlas Supply.                                                  inconvenience to patrons, or
                                          Sustainable Design                                                                    loss of cash flow. Neglected
                                          Ankrom Moisan Associated Archi- The emerging South Waterfront District in             problems can lead to safety
  Dow Corning Contrac-                                                                                                          hazards for users, increased
                                          tects in Portland designed the Riva Portland, Oregon, provides residents and
                                                                                  visitors with sophisticated urban living in
tors Weatherproofing                      on the Park. The 294-unit design                                                      liability for owners, and neces-
                                                                                  a relaxing and inspiring natural setting
Sealant (CWS) - Used for                  calls for 15 to 16 apartment units      along the Willamette River.                   sitate expensive repairs in the
sealing of test chambers                  per floor, ranging in size from 465                                                   long run.
                                          to 1,500 square feet per unit, as well as four levels of parking and                  Annual Inspection
                                          retail stores on the main level. Reflecting the green development                     Inspecting a parking structure
                                          philosophy in the South Waterfront District, a focal point for the                    yourself isn’t rocket science,
                                          Riva on the Park will be its 25,000-square foot eco-roof that features                but it does require some care-
                                          a park like environment for the use of residents. Other elements of                   ful attention. First, you should
                                          sustainable design include low-flow plumbing and dual-flush toilets.                  be familiar with materials and
                                          Both the owner and architects believe the building will qualify for                   protective systems used in the
                                          the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold                         original construction of the
                                          certificate when completed.                                                           garage, such as joint sealant,
                                          “The specification for the window-wall called for the use of Dow                      expansion joint sealants, sur-
                                          Corning products,” said Mike Kapp, project manager for Ankrom                         face sealers, and traffic deck
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                                      Dow Corning® FC Parking               Structure Sealant is a one-part,      temperature range. It requires
                   Dow Corning                                                                                    tooling and cures on exposure
                                      Structure Sealant is a two-part,      self-leveling sealant that readily
                                      self-leveling, fast cure silicone     extrudes over a wide temperature      to atmospheric moisture to form
                                      sealant that readily extrudes over    range. It cures on exposure to        a durable, flexible, low-
  ARKING                              a wide temperature range. It          atmospheric moisture to form a        modulus, high-elongation, sili-
STRUCTURE                             features a fast cure rate, enabling   durable, flexible, ultra-low-         cone rubber joint seal for use on
                                      its use where timing is critical.     modulus, high elongation              concrete. Primer is not required
SEALANTS                              It cures to form a curable, flexi-    silicone rubber joint seal for use    on most applications. During
                                      ble, ultra-low-modulus, high-         on concrete and/or asphalt.           application, the material consis-
P    arking struc-
     ture joints call
for a tough sealant
                                      elongation silicone rubber joint
                                      seal for use on concrete and /or
                                                                            Priner is not required on most
                                                                            applications, During applica-
                                                                                                                  tency remains relatively un-
                                                                                                                  changed (as compared with
that can withstand                    asphalt. Primer is required on all    tion, the material consistency        non-silicone-based materials)
excessive horizontal                  applications, except asphalt.         remains relatively unchanged (as      from -35 to 140ºF (-32 to
and vertical move-                    During application, the material      compared with non-silicone-           60ºC). It retains its gunnability
ment, has good weatherability         consistency remains relatively        based materials) from -35 to          and can be pumped at low tem-
and is easy to install with a short   unchanged (as compared with           140ºF (-32 to 60ºC). It retains       peratures.
downtime and long service life.       nonsilicone-based materials)          its gunnability and can be                Dow Corning NS is ideal
    Dow Corning Parking Struc-        from -35 to 140ºF (-32 to 60ºC).      pumped at low temperatures.           for use in concrete joints that
ture Sealants are capable of          It retains its gunnability and can        Dow Corning SL is ideal for       experience movement, such as
withstanding extension of 100         be pumped at low temperatures.        use in sealing asphalt/asphalt        control joints in parking struc-
percent and compression of 50             Dow Corning FC is ideal for       joints in new asphalt overlays or     tures. Its non-sag characteristic
percent of the original joint         use in concrete, asphalt and/or       joints prepared over reflection       makes it an excellent choice for
width. They have excellent re-        metal armored joints that experi-     cracks in old asphalt overlays.       vertical joints, parapets, deck
                                      ence a high degree of movement,                                             perimeter joints, steep slopes
covery, which makes them ideal                                              Dow Corning® NS Parking
for use in joints that experience     such as expansion joints in park-                                           and as an end dam for the self-
                                                                            Structure Sealant is a one-part,
a high degree of movement.            ing structures.                                                             leveling sealant.
                                                                            non-sag silicone formulation
                                      Dow Corning® SL Parking               that can be installed over a wide    Parking Structure Sealant Prep. Guide

(Parking Structures, Front Page)       dragging survey reveals a prob-      (Riva on the Park from Front Page)
coatings.                              lem, or if there are noticeable      Moisan. “Our spec writers are familiar with the products and we
    A walk-through inspection          cracks on the faces of columns or    think the warranty available through Dow Corning is a benefit to our
should be conducted at least           on beams, particularly near bear-    clients. Atlas Supply was involved in the product recommendation
once a year. Do this in conjunc-       ing areas, an engineer with ex-      process early on, and provided
tion with a wash down of the           perience in structural forensics     general technical support         According to Ryan Wilde and
structure so that any active leak-     should be consulted for follow-      throughout the Project.”          Dalan Askew, onsite manag-
age can be noted and its source        up.                                                                     ers for Walsh, the support of
                                                                            Technical Support
identified. Look for cracks,                                                                                   Atlas Supply is invaluable in
                                       Repairs and Restoration              Walsh Construction was the
leaks, joint sealant failures, and                                                                             projects of this type.
                                       When potential problems are general contractor for the pro-
general surface deterioration.
                                       identified, a specialty contractor   ject. According to Ryan Wilde
Using plan sheets of each floor,
                                       should be retained to perform and Dalan Askew, onsite managers for Walsh, the support of Atlas
proceed with the inspection,
                                       corrective measures.         Typical Supply is invaluable in projects of this type. “Atlas Supply has pro-
walking through the entire ga-
                                       work includes repair of deterio- vided pull-tests throughout the project to date to ensure that the Dow
rage and marking on the plan
                                       rated concrete, sealing of cracks Corning silicone sealants are adhering to the substrates, and has su-
sheets any areas where prob-
                                       and joints, repair of expansion pervised accurate and on-time delivery of all the materials,” said
lems are observed.
                                       joints, and application of sealers Askew.
    Sometimes concrete may be
                                       and traffic deck membranes. “We were involved at the design phase and pre-construction, and
damaged, even through there
                                       Sealants have a finite life, so even continued to actively participate throughout the construction phase,
are no visible cracks or surface
                                       the latest and best will need to be “said Randy McAdams, sales representative for Atlas Supply. “Our
deterioration. A simple “chain
                                       replaced periodically.               philosophy is to provide seamless support while working closely
dragging” survey can help                                   By David Monroe
evaluate suspicious areas. Drag                                             with all of the companies involved in a project.
a length of chain over the con-
crete wherever a problem is             Talk to one of our field            “Excellent adhesion, weatherability, and ease of use, coupled with
suspected.     A hollow sound           specialist for additional           Dow Corning’s 20-year warranties for 790 and 795 Silicone Build-
indicates that the concrete is          information you may                 ing Sealants and a 10-year warranty for AllGuard Silicone Elas-
delaminating and a significant          need in setting up your             tomeric Coating, are important benefits to the contractors and build-
problem may be developing. A  ’ll   be            ing owner alike,” McAdams said. “The reputation and proven per-
hammer or metal rod may also            glad you did.                       formance of Dow Corning Building Sealants helps make our jobs
be used; simply tap on the con-           800-347-5767-Seattle              easier.”
crete and listen. If the chain           800-806-7952-Portland
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                                                                          FloorPaint HD
            NEW pply                                                      Water-Based Epoxy Coating and Resurfacer
          Atlas                     Products that are simple to           FloorPaint HD is a water-based, epoxy coat-
                                      select, mix, and install.           ing and seamless resurfacer providing a slip
                                                                          resistant, matte finish in a selection of colors.
Recently added to Atlas Supply’s line of concrete and asphalt repair,
                                                                          FloorPaint HD provides a flooring system
protection and restoration products, LiquidConcrete is a Seattle-         with high permeability and excellent moisture
based company with 30 years of experience developing and innovat-         vapor resistance.
ing the best polymer coating products in the industry. In general,
                                                                          Recommended uses include concrete walk-
LiquidConcrete products are mainly designed for contractors and           ways, sidewalks and driveways, concrete
applicators; however, a wide range of industrial professionals from       patios, institutional facilities, moisture vapor
facility maintenance crews to transportation agencies use them every      areas and for high traffic entrances
                        - Product Overview -
                                                                          PK-1 CR
                                                                          Industrial Floor and Wall Coating System
PG-1                                                                      PK-1 CR provides superior chemical resistance, outstanding durabil-
100% solids, 2-component, epoxy system                                    ity, and excellent elevated temperature performance. It is ready for
                                                                          light traffic in 10-12 hours.
PG-1 is commonly used as a top coat over other LiquidCon-
crete systems or as a stand-alone roll on, or trowel on coating           Recommended uses include in commercial processes, metal finish-
for concrete or wood floors.                                              ing plants, pulp mills, food processing, waste water treatment plants,
                                                                          trenches and sumps and for hangar floors.
The many features, versatility, and proven durability of PG-1
have established this system as the ideal coating/resurfacer              PK-3
for applications such as food processing plants, manufacturing            Industrial Flooring System
facilities, restrooms, locker rooms, hospitals, mechanical                PK-3 combines high traction and an easy to clean surface. The high
rooms and loading docks                                                   traction, seamless matte finish is easy to mop and broom clean,
                                                                          making maintenance less of a chore.
Penetrating Crack Sealer/Healer                                           Recommended uses include for industrial facilities, pulp and paper
                                                                          mills, machine shops, institutional facilities, moisture vapor prone
R-60 is an ultra-low viscosity polymer that aggressively seeks out        areas, and in high traffic entrances.
cracks and voids to completely saturate and seal concrete pave-
ments.                                                                    UK-1000
Within minutes of applications, R-60 restores integrity to cracked        Industrial Floor and Wall Coating System
pavements, preventing further damage from contaminants.                   UK-1000 gives you the time you need to do your best work. While
Recommended uses include cracks, spalls and as a deck sealer/             still in the bucket, the cure process is slowed. Once applied to the
crack healer on PCC pavement.                                             substrate, it begins to cure rapidly allowing for a quick return to ser-
                                                                          vice. Ready for foot traffic in two hours.
BlockFill Plus                                                            Recommended uses include aircraft hangar floors, manufacturing
Water-Based Epoxy Cement Resurfacer for use on Verti-                     floors and walls, exterior floors and walls, and for showrooms.
cal, Horizontal, and Overhead Surfaces
BlockFill Plus is used when a tough, long lasting coating or filled
patching material is needed in medium to heavy                            Industrial Flooring System
traffic areas.                                                            UK-2000 is an industrial floor coating that’s not only extremely quick,
BlockFill plus provides a coating system with                             durable, and nearly odorless, but is also easy to use even in cold
high permeability and excellent moisture vapor                            temperatures. Ready for traffic in just one hour.
resistance.                                                               Recommended uses include industrial facilities, freezers and cool-
Recommended uses include block filler,                                    ers, correctional facilities, loading docks, and for pulp and paper
‘bughole’ filler, patching compound , concrete                            mills.
resurfacer, wall coating and in moisture vapor
prone areas                                                               UK-3000
                                                                          Industrial Flooring System
60-W                                                                      UK-3000 defines versatility by wrapping four products into
Water-Based Sealer/Primer/Coating                                         one. (1) Topcoat, sealer primer, (2) self-leveling resurfacer,
60-W can be used as a primer or concrete sealer on old or “green”         (3) high build, standard duty overlay, (4) high build, severe
concrete and is often used as a primer for other LiquidConcrete coat-     duty overlay. Ready for foot traffic in 2-10 hours.
ing systems.
                                                                          Recommended uses include for bakeries, pulp and paper
Recommended uses include concrete sealer (including green con-            mills, freezers and coolers and for food processing facilities.
crete), primer, decorative coating and as a concrete curing agent.

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             Prices …on products that may be nearing the end of
                the suggested shelf life, un-sold special order items,
overstocks or jobsite returns. Here are a few top sellers on discount:

   Dow Corning CWS (Aluminum Sausages) - Dow Corning® Contractors Weatherproof-
ing Sealant (CWS) is a one-part, primerless silicone sealant with +/-25% movement capa-
bility. This unique, weather-resistant formulation adheres to concrete, masonry, stone and
EIFS, as well as glass and metal substrates including painted aluminum (great low-cost al-
ternative to Dow Coring® 795 Silicone Building Sealant)
  Dow Corning CCS (Limestone Sausages) - Dow Corning® Contractors Concrete
Sealant (CCS) is a one-part, moisture-cure, low-modulus silicone sealant that provides
durable, flexible, watertight joint seals and offers outstanding unprimed adhesion to
masonry (great low-cost alternative to Dow Coring® 790 Silicone Building Sealant)
   Dow Corning AllGuard Elastomeric Coating - Dow Corning AllGuard is a one-part,
silicone, water based elastomer designed for use on above-grade exterior walls.
  Sikaflex -15 LM (Cedar Sausages) - Sikaflex-15LM is a low-modulus, high-
performance, 1-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant. Meets
Federal Specification TT-S-00230C, Type II, Class A; ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS,                                      Krista
Class 25.                                                                                                CONGRADULATIONS
  Bostik 920 (Black cartridges) - Bostik® Marine 920 is a 1-part, gun grade urethane                 To Chris Ferguson and family!
sealant/adhesive that moisture cures to an extremely tough, resilient seal which exhibits
excellent tear and abrasion resistance while retaining permanent elastomeric properties. It          Portland’s Branch Mgr., Chris Ferguson,
has tenacious adhesion to most common marine substrates including virtually all woods,               and his wife, Sherry were blessed with a
                                                                                                       new baby girl, Krista, on March 3rd.
metal, FRP and most plastics...can be used either as an adhesive or as a sealant.
                                                                                                          All is well as the fergusons settle
                                                                                                               in with their new addition.
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             Call us. It can make the difference between a job done right or a job done again.
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                                                                    IT’S A GIRL!
                                                                    Some Reduced Sealant Prices
                                                                    New Product Announcement—LiquidConcrete Inc.
                                                                    Parking Structure Sealants
                                                                    Structural Maintenance of Parking Garages
                                                                    Portland’s Riva on the Park Waterfront Apartments

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