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									76                                        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                 1
The New World Order      is
                                                               Calvary. He died for
in full control      glo-
                                                               the sin of the whole
bally already.
                                                                world, you included.                       Editor: W. B. Howard ... Despatch & “Beauty for Ashes”
There is no way to
resist it or to win                                                                                      Director: W. B. Howard ... Endtime Ministries Assoc. (Aust.)
                                                           3...Come to God and                      Publications: W. K. Beuster
over it; Bible pro-
                                                           ask Him to forgive
phecy is coming true
                                                          you because Jesus
right now.                                                                                “..Stand fast in the Lord..” Phil. 4:1                Vol. 18 No.1.        Mar, 2006
                                                          Christ has made it
        If you are a Christian
                                               possible. He has opened the way
who is lukewarm, worldly, or
                                               to God through the Cross.
sinful, then get right with God
                                               4...Invite Jesus to come into
through confession.
                                               your heart and give you ever-
        You need to be renewed and
                                               lasting life.                                      March 2006.                                                W. B. Howard.
filled with the joy of the Lord.
He will forgive you and cleanse
                                               5...Say to God that you will               ant of the man of God                                                    GOD, JE-
you. His joy is your strength. Be
                                               worship Him and seek to obey Him           “Andrisen early,serv-
                                                                                          was when the and                                                       SUS CHRIST
filled with the Holy Spirit.
                                               forever.                                   gone forth, behold,                                                   IS COMING
                                                                                          an host compassed                                                         SOON.
“If we confess our sins,                       “For the wages of sin is                   the city both with                                                       Multitudes
he is faithful and just to                     death; but the gift of God is              horses and chariots.                                                     of Christians
forgive us [our] sins, and to                                                             In        addition, his                                            across the earth,
                                               eternal life through Jesus
cleanse us from all unright-                                                              servant said unto him,                                             in many walks
                                               Christ our Lord.”                          Alas, my master! how                                               of life, in many
eousness.” 1 John 1:9;                                                     Romans 6:23.
                                                                                          shall we do?                                                       differ-ing fellow-
“...for the joy of the LORD                                                               And he answered,                                                 ships and churches,
is your strength.“                             “For God so loved the world,               FEAR NOT: for they                                            in many countries, be-
                   Nehemiah 8:10.              that he gave his only be-                  that be with us are                                        lieve that Christ Jesus
                                               gotten Son, that whosoever                 more than they that be                                will soon return to the earth.
   If you have never received                                                             with them. And Elisha prayed, and             This cannot be just accepted as a
                                               believeth in him should not
 Christ Jesus as your Saviour,                                                            said, LORD, I pray thee, open his             certainty, but the signs are all there
         then DO SO NOW!
                                               perish, but have everlasting
                                                                                          eyes, that he may see. And the LORD           as they never have been in all of his-
1...Admit your sin to God.                     life.” John 3:16.
                                                                                          opened the eyes of the young man;             tory. Every detail of prophecy is now
Repent of your wrongdoing and                                                             and he saw: and, behold, the moun-            in place. Bible Christians all over
sinful selfishness.                             CONTACT DESPATCH if you need
                                                                                          tain was full of horses and chariots          the planet are joining the alarm cry
                                               spiritual help...please `phone
                                                                                          of fire round about Elisha.”                  – “And when these things begin to
2...Believe that Jesus Christ                  or write or email, we will put
                                                                                               11 Kings 6: 15-17.                       come to pass, then LOOK UP, and lift
took the punishment [the wages]                  your request before God in
                                                                                                       WARN THE SHEEP OF                up your heads; CONT’D. PAGE 4
you deserved on the Cross of                          PRAYER ... Editor
                                                                                                     `Despatch‛ gives permission to copy whole articles [or complete magazine ] for private use,
      Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]             Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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2                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  75
                                                                                              thee: because he trusteth in thee.”                       We would not attend a
                           Christian Resource Centre                                          Isaiah 26:3.                                     Presbyterian denomination our-
                                                 Director   ... W. B. Howard                                                                   selves, but that is, of course, your
• A Non-Profit, Ind. Service Centre.              Publ. Dept. ... W. K. Beuster                PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH QUERY                        decision. We want sound doctrine,
                                                                                              Dear Subscriber,
• A Salvation Gospel Ministry,                                                                Please find enclosed material to help
                                                                                                                                               Biblically correct.
• Not Social Liberation orientated.                Statement of Purpose                                                                          With all our love in Christ Jesus,
                                                                                              you decide about the Presbyterian
• No personal, financial gain received by                     Endtime Ministries               denomination.
                                                                                                                                               Wendy Howard ...editor of Despatch
any staff member                                                                              The points we have covered are:
                                                              is committed to:
• Publishes information that exposes             • Presenting the TRUTH...                    1...The Presbyterian Church is com-
the New Age New World                            • A clear Trumpet call...                    mitted thoroughly to COVENANT
• Order [Qrtly] magazine ~`Despatch‛             • Affirming that the “WORD OF GOD”,           THEOLOGY. This is anti-Biblical and                     Please feel free to send for the above
• Publishes `Women‛s Ministry‛                   none other than the King James Ver-          in error. In this system of theology                    material. We have also a DVD of
• Booklet “Beauty for Ashes” ~                   sion, the Holy Bible, is the Truth in        there are only 2 or sometimes       3                   Dave Hunt summarizing some of his
• Full Sanctification                             its entirety.                                covenants, not 8 covenants as the                book “What Love is This?”. He gives a very
                                                                                                                                               good overview of Calvinism, which is the
• Seminars, home meetings etc., are              • Seeking to uncover those things which      Bible teaches. This makes a great
                                                                                                                                               basis of much of Reformed Covenant Theol-
held on request, to reach out to those           the Hidden forces of evil desire to keep     deal of disparity between Presbyte-              ogy. $7 posted in Aust. stamps only
who are in need of a        Saviour, and         from the people of the world.                rianism and fundamental Bible-based
those Christians who need up-to-date             • Seeking to present the Truth in an         interpretation and viewpoint.                    Dear W. B. Howard,
information re the dangers of Global             objective, correct and God fearing            (See chart enclosed on 8 covenants in Scrip              I often go on your site and
Education, Mind Manipulation, Alterna-           manner.                                         ture -Clarence Larkin’s Covenants Chart ).
                                                                                                                                               have the same feelings you do about
tive Medicine, New Age Deceptions                • Making available to others informa-        2...The Presbyterians are Calvin-
                                                                                                                                               the ALPHA COURSE and the P.D.C.
in the Churches ... to protect their             tion on the insidious infiltration of the     ists through and through. They are
                                                                                              under the spurious Westminster                   junk. I recently was at a church and
loved ones.                                      NEW AGE NEW WORLD ORDER
                                                                                                                                               they were going thru the course
• Telephone counselling/help for those           • Seeking to encouraging the followers       Confession of Faith, with some modi-
                                                 of Christ to fight against the forces of      fications.                                       and I gave a friend of mine who is
of our subscribers who need comfort
                                                 evil in prayer, and to warn the ungodly               The Dave Hunt’s book                    a member of that church the “Alpha
in these trying times ... availability of
                                                 while there is still time.                   “What Love is This”, is a good ex-               Course Friend or Foe” information.
a chat and a `cuppa‛ if they pass this
way. There are many who are outside
                                                 • Seeking to reinforce biblical belief in    pose of Calvinism. The whole book                They quickly had a deacon meeting
                                                 these latter days, before Jesus Christ       is worth getting.                                about the course. I do not know the
the churches needing encouragement                                                            We have included some statements
                                                 returns.                                                                                      outcome other than my friend men-
and sound Bible Truth.
                                                 • “...and the servant of the Lord must not   of faith etc. from the Pressies them-            tioned the deacon’s wife said your
• This ministry is maintained by the             strive, but be gentle unto all men ... in    selves. Shows they are “off” if you
donations of committed Christians,                                                                                                             site says some really bad things about
                                                 meekness instructing those who oppose        compare Dave Hunt’s critique - it is
and those requesting publications                                                                                                              the southern baptists. I certainly can
                                                 them.” { II Timothy 2:23,25}                 with your material enclosed.
not by the publishing of Despatch                                                             (Enclosed documents on Internet from the Pres-
                                                                                                                                               understand that the truth can some-
Magazine;                                        *NOTE ... Website address                    byterian Church of Australia                     times hurt the heart. I just pray that
• This ministry maintains a Biblical             http://www.despatch.cth.com.au               www.presbyterian.org.au/belief.htm)              GOD will speak to those deacons
View towards the Jews, which is                  FREE ONLINE donation appreciated             (Enclosed “Covenant Theology Versus Dispen-      and they will be spared the damage
in no way anti-Semitic. The Jewish               * Photocopying and postage                   sationalism, A Matter of Law Versus Grace.”      that doing the course may cause to
Nation‛s Restoration in the prophetic              $30 p.a. in Australia only                 by Bob Nyberg)                                   their church. Thank you for your love
scriptures is still future.                      Overseas: Total $70/$80 Aus. Curr.]          (Enclosed pp. 86-90 of the above book of Dave    and hard work. God Bless, T. C

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74                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006
                                                                                            Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                              33
trayed love and victory as winged                         This is becoming alarmingly
figures, and deities, such as Athena,            popular today, even politicians like
Artemis and Aphrodite were at first              George W. Bush use it, and films stars
– though not later – also depicted               do as well. However, invoking the
                                                                                             Volume 18. No 1. Mar., 2006
with wings….In alchemy, wings are                “goddess” is done with the left hand,
                                                 the thumb and first finger held up and
always associated with the higher,
active, male principle; animals with-            curled into a half-circle, while the
                                                 rest of the fingers are tucked against     01...Editorial [Cont’d. p. 4]
out wings are related to the passive
                                                                                            08...Aust. in the Spotlight (i)Water
female principle.”                               the palm. This represents the CRES-
                                                                                                  (ii) H.A.A.R.P. (iii) Chemtrails
Of course, this is all Occultic “ spir-          CENT MOON.                                 16...Snippets~ (1)Geoff Gallop WA
ituality” not godly.                                      The Pegasus, or winged                  (ii)Microchip (iii)Islam Rising (iv)666
         The closest I can get to a              horse, has a hoof shaped like a                (v)A Laugh (vi)Canberra Aust.
winged bull is a winged horse. The               Crescent Moon, because he is said          20...Wiring up Police State Aust.                  INCLUDED THIS ISSUE
winged horse (Pegasus) is a com-                 to be the son of the Moon Goddess.         24...Warnings - Health Issues
                                                 Anyway, your ‘photo seems very             29...Bird Flu info.                                      ...Beauty for Ashes 9:1
mon neopagan symbol. It is usually
derived from Greek and Roman my-                 witchy and pagan! It is though there       32...Snippets~ (i)Soy Warnings (ii)Kids
                                                 are some people in that area who are         learn Gay Hist. (iii)UN control Internet?
thology, where it is generally ridden
                                                 calling upon (invoking, praying to)        35...Internet Censorship - Murdoch!
by pagan “gods” and “goddesses.”
                                                                                            38...Snippets~ (i) Helen Clark UN
I have included pictures of Wings                pagan gods and goddesses to influ-
                                                                                            (ii)Aliens                     (iii)Iran Oil
that are Masonic and Occultic for                ence Shepparton. Taurus the Bull is        (iv)Muslim Cartoons                                        STOP PRESS:
you, from Dr. Cathy Burns book Ma-               just another ancient pseudonym for         41...The Coming Islamic Republic-UK
sonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated             the devil, Satan. We live in ugly pa-      44...Snippets~(i)Jargon Hiding Meanings            .. Take special note of
p.170 was helpful here.                          gan days indeed. Maybe, just maybe,              (ii)Freemasons Rebuild Temple
                                                                                                                                             pp. 61-63 Condi talks with
         The Crescent Moon is in-                the flying bull over the crescent          46...Badgers- Bizarre Slaughter
                                                 moon is an artist’s impression, an         50...Snippet~Pyramids at Gympie
                                                                                                                                             Australia about China. Amer-
teresting as well. All this could be
                                                 imaginative piece of art only? But, it     53...Dialoguing Da Vinci                         ica is preparing for conflict
Masonry in action, also a feeling
                                                 doubtful that this is the case.            58...Snippets~(i)Madonna - Kabbalah              with China.
of Muslim with the crescent moon
worship. Alternatively, New Ager                 Extract:                                        (ii)Aust. Ambassador Skull & Bones            .. USA Ambassador
cults in Shepparton?                             ”The Phallus” by Alan Danielou                  (iii)Why was `Condi’ in Australia?               to Australia - Skull
                                                                                                 (iv)Pentagon Strategy China.                             & Bones Man p.
         It is a symbol in Wiccan of             book Advert. - New Dawn, p. 77
                                                                                                 (v) Russia & China talking
invoking the “goddess.”                          “Danilou traces the associations of                                                         60
                                                                                            64...Update about Invisible Solana
         There are hand gestures in              the phallic cult, and see them in the      66...Snippets~Commonwealth Games                   .. Update from p.60, Rus-
Wiccan that represent the Crescent               bull and the goat. He then extends                                                          sia NOW has the agreement
                                                 this association to horns, and the         68...Editors Corner (letters)
Moon. The “god” is invoked with                  lunar crescent that represents the         76...Gospel Message                              signed with China.
the first and middle fingers of the              horns.”                                      DISCLAIMER...                                    ..Pope in News- having
                                                                                              Despatch quotes from many sources,
right hand raised, with the first and            Hope this helps, God bless you and           and cites many people. It is impossible to          talks with Muslims...
fourth fingers up, the thumb holding             keep you in His peace,                       delve into every group, person, doctrine           Muslim Info this Issue
down the others against the palm, to                                 Wendy Howard             or association which the writers of
                                                                                                                                                      pp. 40 - 44
                                                 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect               these quotes may embrace. Therefore,
represent horns.                                                                              the staff of Despatch may not neces-
                                                 peace, whose mind is stayed on               sarily agree with everything these writers
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     stand for. .....Editor
                                                                                              Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
                                                                                             Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
                              Ph. 38882974 Mob. 0422359978                                             Publish: “Beauty for Ashes” 4 issues @ $15 p.a. [Despatch 4 issues @ $30 p.a.
                                                                                                     Publish: “Beauty for Ashes” 4 issues @ $15 p.a. [Despatch 4 issues @ $30 p.a.
4                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  73
                                                                                             America” for God.                              dem with the New Age Movement
                                                                                                      What has not been reported            and the entertainment media which
                                                                                             in the media, Christian or otherwise,          is inundating American young peo-
                                                                                             is a more clandestine and insidious            ple with       occultism and political
                       Continued...                                                          operation. It seems that the Colum-            propaganda. His projections for the
                                                                                             bine victims are now manifesting               future of Joel’s Army are realistic and
for your redemption draweth nigh.”                                              Matthew      themselves as reincarnated beings –            sobering.
Luke 21:28.                                      24:24.                                      primarily as hawks and owls. When                        Barbara Aho Watch Unto Prayer
                                                                                             teenagers are drawn far enough into                         baho@watch-unto-prayer.org
         The prophesied sign “666”               The above prophecy is about events
is appearing in strange places ...               in the Great Tribulation itself; how-       this web of deception, they begin to
                                                                                             experience these demonic                       PHOTO of a cow over the crescent
Perhaps the most astonishingly                   ever, the beginning of sorrows is all
blatant appearance of “666” was at               around us already. The Antichrist           manifestations; they are
the United Nations 60th birth- day               global government wants to strike           then told that Rachel Scott,
bash, September 2005. “666” domi-                fear into the populace of the earth,        Lauren Townsend, Cassie
nated the table of speakers, behind              and intends to bring a deeper, more         Bernall and other Colum-
them on the wall. Three sixes, with              terrifying scare by way of the fraud,       bine victims want them to
the “0” of the sixty depicted as   a             ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE visit-              talk to the operatives who
UN symbol – the al-                                            ing earth. This agen-         regularly communicate with
tered “0” disappears                                           da was exposed from           the dead students. Through
to the outer eye, and                                          the pirated documents         this “stealth operation, un-
only “666” is seen by                                          called The Iron Mt. Re-       suspecting teenagers are
the inner eye.                                                 port, official documents      brought into spiritual bond-
    Pictures inside                                            of the Internationalists.     age and recruited for the
       Despatch.                                               Demons WILL appear            youth revolution that will one day
                                                                                             be mobilized as Joel’s Army.                   moon Life size, there are two at Shep-
                                                               LIKE ALIENS. They will
                                                                                                      The anonymous author of               parton don’t know their meaning, not
  ...We warn our read-                                         seem to be a benevo-
                                                                                             this article was himself drawn into            good I dare say...
ers about the         AL-                                      lent race that is here to
                                                                                                                                                                     from a subscriber
IEN THREAT this issue.                           “assist” earthlings. This could be a        this deception. To warn other young
                                                                                             people of this trap, he has written a          Dear subscriber,
Jesus Christ gave us the most startling          major part of the bonding of people
                                                                                             powerful expose of the Columbine                        Thank you for your letter
information on an unparalleled de-               together to support the          global
                                                                                             event and its aftermath, one that              with ‘photo. We send our regards to
ception at the end of the age – the              government. More inside.
                                                                                             goes far beyond the usual superfi-             you in Christ Jesus.
BIGGEST deception in mankind’s
                                                                                             cial treatment. He has perceptively                     I can only suggest that the
history. It has to do with false Christs                   IS 2006 A
                                                                                             identified many signs that the Colum-          picture shows Taurus the Bull, (can’t
and false prophets:                                     MOMENTOUS YEAR?
                                                                                             bine victims and their        families         see the sex of the animal). Wings are
“For there shall arise false Christs,                      The New World Order oc-
                                                                                             were/are involved in the occult, as            usually male.
and false prophets, and shall shew               cultists think it is. They are especially
                                                                                             well as their role in the Dominionist              Dictionary of Symbols:
great signs and wonders; insomuch                looking towards the sixth day, of the
                                                                                             conspiracy and how the Columbine               “Wings: in the more general sense,
that, if it were possible, they shall            sixth month, 2006, which equals
                                                                                             youth revolution is working in tan-            wings symbolize spirituality, im-
deceive the very elect.”                         – 666. We should expect to see                                                             agination, thought. The Greeks por-
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
                              Ph. 38882974 Mob. 0422359978                                             Publish: “Beauty for Ashes” 4 issues @ $15 p.a. [Despatch 4 issues @ $30 p.a.
72                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  5
anniversary of the Anglican Arch-                My subject was                             television programs that point to a            telephone that I could not accept the
bishop Michael Ramsey’s meeting                  “The Columbine Youth Revolution:           global unity in a dramatic way. “SE-           Badger concept – he has just sent us
with Pope Paul VI in 1966 and the                  Recruiting Young Dominionists            CRETS” is one such offering, should            The Mail on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2006,
founding of the Anglican Centre in                                                          come out really soon. John Christian           from the UK, with the cover story be-
                                                          for Joel’s Army.”
Rome that same year.                                                                        gave us in his book “The Hidden                ing, “Why Does Prince Charles Want
                                                          This Dominionist-led youth
          Archbishop Williams met                                                           Secrets of the Alpha Course” this              to Slaughter all Our Badgers?”
                                                 revolution is overtaking the Christian
Pope John Paul II in the autumn of                                                          intriguing information:                           ...More inside, you will have to
                                                 churches and media so it would be
2003. The Anglican leader also at-                                                          “George C. Curle [N.Z. Bible chro-                              read this one!
                                                 very worthwhile for every Christian
tended the funeral of John Paul II and                                                      nology writer] outlines how God
                                                 parent, teenager and young adult to
the inaugural Mass of Benedict XVI.                                                         has miraculously sealed Bible chro-                   THE UK WIRING UP
                                                 become informed about it’s Judeo-
The Anglican and the new Pope met                                                           nology with the number 37 – and                      FOR A POLICE STATE.
                                                 Masonic agenda and modus oper-
briefly the following day.                                                                  explains that from 637 A.D. when               The freedom-stealing measures be-
          Archbishop Williams said:                                                         the Moslems captured Jerusalem                 ing imposed upon the populace in
                                                          Today’s 2 hour program is
“Forty years ago today Archbishop                                                           until 2006 is 1369 years, which is             the UK are an unnerving forerunner
                                                 being repeated over the next 24 hour
Ramsey met Pope Paul VI in what                                                             exactly 37x37 years. It is not without         of what will soon be Australia’s fate
                                                 period at the Berean Chronicles:
was a historic and groundbreaking                                                           significance that the Alpha Interna-           under the global masters.
visit to the Vatican. They exchanged                                                        tional Space Station is also planned           This is all about international laws.
                                                 Thank you & may God bless you
fraternal greetings and gave thanks                                                         to be completed in 2006. Will this             “Britain is to become the first country
to God for the ‘new atmosphere of                                                           be a monumental year?”                         in the world where the movements
fellowship’ between the Anglican                          DESPATCH: we have some                                                           of all vehicles on the roads are re-
Communion and the Roman Catholic                          of the 2 hour broadcast tape               THE BADGERS &                         corded”
Church. …                                                 from the internet, we can put             PRINCE CHARLES.                              (Independent, December 22).
“My visit this autumn is an opportu-                      it on a CD for those who are      John Christian of New Zealand has                          ...Much more inside.
nity to continue that rich tradition of          able to use this medium, if anyone is      sent us spectacular data. This has
visits between Canterbury and Rome,              interested. $5 posted in Aust.             to do with his book “Hidden
to reflect on the achievements of the                                                       Secrets of the Alpha Course”.
last 40 years and on the future of         SUBJECT:                                         There is a section in the
those relations.”                              COLUMBINE MASSACRE                           book on the Badger, which
                                                    Since the Columbine mas-                I must    admit I found eerie
BARBARA AHO                                sacre, parents of the student victims            and     I laughed at it! It was
             Watch Unto Prayer             and a network of operatives have                 like reading something out
        baho@watch-unto-prayer.org         been recruiting teenagers into the               of Tolkien’s myths. Well,
        http://watch-unto-prayer.org       youth revolution that will become                the whole thing is coming
March 16, 2006                             Joel’s Army, the American equivalent             to pass, amazingly. John
Dear Watchmen,                             of the Hitler Youth who became the               wrote about Prince Charles “soon
Just a short notice to let all of you know Nazi Storm Troopers. Through the                 implementing his         global mass
that today I made an important pres- Christian media, these operatives                      persecution and slaughter of BADG-             ...The British Israel World Freema-
entation on The Berean Chronicles have rallied the future troops to “take                   ERS, Jews, and genuine Christians              sonry’s Luciferian Plan to Rebuild the
radio program.                             back their schools” and “take back               in 2006.” I told John last year by             Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
                              Ph. 38882974 Mob. 0422359978                                            Publish: “Beauty for Ashes” 4 issues @ $15 p.a. [Despatch 4 issues @ $30 p.a.
6                                             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  71
Set Up                                                      IN THE SEARCHLIGHT.               will be a card played right when all           must come to be. As always, the best
a N.W.O.                                                  This issue Despatch will deal       goes utterly crazy and our current             advice is to stay close to the Lord
“Kingdom of God                                           with many of the disquieting        economy/political system melts                 God.
on Earth.”                                                 developments on the national       down ( as planned ) and aliens ap-                        Apparently in the USA they
Read all about it –                                        front. Our aim is to awaken        pear to “help”.                                have passed SECRET laws stopping
inside Despatch.                                   our readers to the schemes of the          May the peace and love of Yahweh               people accessing GOLD ETC. FROM
                                                   New World Order in our own coun-           God be yours. Amen. Steve W.                   THEIR BANK SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES
    ...A FEMALE HEAD                               try RIGHT NOW.                             Monday, January 23, 2006                       IN TIMES OF NATIONAL EMER-
      OF THE UNITED NATIONS?                       A brief outline of the basic agenda of     SUBJECT: USEFUL INFO                           GENCY.
       From New Zealand no less?                   this global government will be given;                                                        Now why would they do that?
     It is in the realm of possibility.            your friends may not understand            Send to “Answers in Genesis”, for              Australia is rumoured to pass laws
            See more this issue.                   what is going on. We know what it is       Gary Bate’s set of CDs or his book,            requiring people to register their gold
                                                   like to seek to show them the deeper       on this ALIEN question, he is very             in 2007/2008 at time of       purchase
   ...A subscriber to Despatch came                elements of what is occurring only         sound & very informative.                      which would make a           gold grab
up with an interesting theory      re-             to find that they do not know a thing                                                     easy and keep everyone poor and
cently.                                                                                       Also send for our DVD “Iron Moun-
                                                   and mumble “conspiracy theory” at                                                         enslaved.
          He commented that the sat-                                                                    tain”, where the NWO
                                                   you like good global citizens.                                                                        Are we about to see the
ellites that circle the planet might                                                                    PLAN has been spelt out
                                                                                                                                             1930s replayed when the USA govt
create the strange CROP- CIRCLES                                                                        since 1993. Aliens are one
                                                        The main items Despatch                                                              confiscated all gold for “safe keep-
that are appearing still      all over                                                                 of several Scenarios; some
                                                                                                                                             ing” and then kept it in Fort Knox?
the earth, they are getting more com-
                                                             will tackle are:                 of the Plan has already taken place,
                                                                                                                                             ( this is in the history books by
                                                      ...A planned evacuation of Bris-        with the rest to follow soon.
plicated every year.                                                                                                                         the way...but people have forgot-
                                                   bane could occur, using the WATER
          The N.W.O. Elite want                                                                                                              ten.....).
                                                   CRISIS as a catalyst.
the masses to be quaking in their                                                             Hello Despatch,                                           May God hide you in His day
                                                      ...The dangers of SMART GROWTH
shoes about “ aliens” and “myster-                                                                      I don’t recall how much you          of wrath. Praise be to Yahweh’s Holy
                                                   and how the indications of this being
ies.” That these circles are demonic                                                          do on articles on witchcraft, but its          Holy Holy name. Steve Williams
                                                   implemented all over Australia are
in nature is obvious. Could the Sa-                                                           fast becoming a BIG thing in this
                                                   right being our eyes.
tanic Illuminati masters be working                                                           country.....
                                                      ...Is the government planning
a fraud by using satellites to “draw”                                                               www.exwitchaustralia.com
                                                   MARTIAL LAW before fully putting                                                          Apostasy Alert 25.03.06
crop circles?                                                                                     - site run by ex witch in Perth.
                                                   into operation International Law?                                                           ANGLICAN LEADER TO VISIT
                                                                                              People don’t seem to be bothered                     POPE THIS AUTUMN
                                                      ...Smart Growth will be explained
 It is an inter-                                                                              by witchcraft anymore. - which is
                                                   again this issue; you will easily see                                                     LONDON, MARCH 23, 2006
 esting theory                                                                                dangerous - and leaves the door open
                                                   how this is being implemented in
     all right.                                                                               to the antichrist in a major way.
                                                   your own area.                                                                                     The archbishop of Canter-
Could the satel-                                                                                        When the economy col-
                                                      ...Troops being trained in urban in-                                                   bury, Rowan Williams, plans to visit
        lites                                                                                 lapses in the planned NWO collapse,
                                                   vasion? At Tin Can Bay, Queensland.                                                       Benedict XVI in Rome sometime later
accomplish this?                                                                              people will freak out in a major way.
                                                   This is an ancient occult site, strange                                                   this year, says the    Anglican Com-
                                                                                              But those who trust in God will be             munion News         Service.
    AUSTRALIA                                                                                 comforted knowing these things                          The visit will mark the 40th
                                                      ...Geoff Gallop’s shock resignation
          Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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70                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  7
verse 9 on a great multitude of the              www.mackwhite.com/tv.html                    earlier this year? See inside.            “THE TRUTH UNCOVERED”
saved during the Tribulation of all              the phrase “In our obsession with               ...We will deal briefly with two             by Alex Jones.
nations, kindreds, and people, and               antagonisms of the moment”                   matters that cause controversy and   We can post it to you for $5 in Aust..
tongues – the saved multitudes of the            Note how people like Reagan,                 confusion.
Tribulation. Notice that in Revelation           Dewey, Mcarthur, H G Wells - all             (i) MONTESSORI SCHOOLING,              ...Much more inside – may God
the “Church” does not appear after               NWO people - talk about aliens?              (ii) THE DA VINCI CODES.             enlighten us all in these days of
chapter 4, the period of the Tribula-            Its like its a done deal.                    Many people comment on these murderous intrigue.
tion begins in chapter 6. Notice in                          BE WARNED -                      two subjects, it is time to clear up
chapter 7 that the Jewish saved per-             this concept will freak most people          these issues.                        Readers,
sons and the Gentile saved persons               out but is a MAJOR part of bonding              ...Are MUSLIMS being deliberately the facts uncovered may be un-
give glory to the LAMB, Jesus Christ             people together under the “alien             incited to speed WW3?                settling and unpleasant, but it is
as Saviour, in Rev. 7:10. Notice that            threat” into a NWO world govt. The           That mysterious cartoon that de- vastly better to be informed rather
in verse 14 that the BIBLE tells you             people of the earth will be SO freaked       picts Allah and caused worldwide than to be just robotic,           sitting
who these multitudes are:                        out, they will be easily herded into a       fury from the Muslims. What is the ducks!
“These are they which came out of                global govt under direction from the         story behind it, and how was the This is what most people are to-
great tribulation, and have washed               “benevolent” alien beings ... who            sinister N.W.O. Bilderberger Group
                                                 are in fact satan’s demons.                                                       day, including the “Christians”!
their robes, and made them white                                                              involved?
in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB.” In                    This link ties it all together                      All is NOT as it seems –
other words, they were saved in the                                                            will the conspiracies have no end?
Tribulation, and were saved by trust                      Now I could just be making          Conspire = to combine to plot
in Christ’s sacrifice for their sin.             this up, but it all fits with in other un-   against, to scheme, connive.               STOP PRESS...27.03.06
Hope this helps,       Wendy Howard,             related NWO research I have done.               ...The only end of this will be Shalom.
            editor of Despatch magazine          Bill Coopers comment in “behold              when Jesus Christ reigns supreme. I am a Christian, living in Israel and
                                                 a Pale Horse” fits as well. Note too         See inside.
                                                 those who usually are “abducted”                                                           witnessing the eclipse of the truth by
                                                 by aliens seem to be into the occult -       There is a DVD available that is              the apostate Messianic movement,
                                                 another pointer and link. Apparently         a gem, in that it is right up to date,        whose leaders entertain delusions of
Continuation of Steve Williams’                  aliens figure big in New Age demon
letter on p. 39 this issue.                                                                   easy to understand, and presents so           grandeur and manipulate the ignorant
                                                 inspired literature.                         many of        the facts in one DVD (a        by deception. Continue your work
                                                          Jesus warned us of unparal-                      synopsis of many of our
SUBJECT: ALIENS...                                                                                                                          of exposing error and encouraging
                                                 leled deception at the end of an age                      other DVDs). It is espe-
     THIS IS A CRITICAL POINT                    - I give you the BIGGEST deception                                                         believers who do not have a voice, at
         TO UNDERSTAND                                                                                     cially valuable for those
                                                 in mankind’s history.                                                                      this urgent hour.
Demons WILL appear LIKE ALIENS, a                                                                          who are in the dark about
                                                 “For there shall arise false Christs,        events globally and may be difficult          “Jesus,jesus,jesus - sweetest name i
benevolent race to “help” us ... but it          and false prophets, and shall shew           to reach with the truth about the glo-        know.” Yaffa Dassa
wont be the case. The NWO people                 great signs and wonders; insomuch
will of course welcome them since                                                             bal government and the take-over.                    PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS
                                                 that, if it were possible, they shall        Get it for those stubborn relatives               MAN AND OUR CONTINUED
they are satanists.                              deceive the very elect”
(4) See this link - note about 90% of                                                         and friends.                                    CORRESPONDENCE WITH HIM.
                                                                         (Matthew 24:24)      It is called,
the way down the page                            Please take this seriously - this I think                                                                  ... Editor
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]       Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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8                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  69
                                                                                           [these] little ones that believe in me,        Christ died on the Cross.
                                 AUSTRALIA IN                                              it is better for him that a millstone
                                                                                           were hanged about his neck, and he
                                                                                                                                          “But with the precious blood of
                                                                                                                                          Christ, as of a lamb without blemish
                                THE SPOTLIGHT!                                             were cast into the sea.”
                                                                                                    But then again if you are
                                                                                                                                          and without spot: Who verily was
                                                                                                                                          foreordained before the foundation

                               THE WATER CRISIS.
                                                                                           Christian in name only, then I can             of the world, but was manifest in
                                                                                           understand why you would think we              these last times for you,”
                                                                                           had lost the plot, because you have                               1 Peter 1:19, 20.
Courier Mail, Brisbane, P. 11, 13th Feb-        out rain? Then we move to Level 4,         had no access to the absolute Truth            Christ’s Sacrifice was the only way
     ruary, 2006. Mike O’Connor.                which means a total ban on all forms       ...”Jesus said I am the Truth...”              of salvation right from before the
“Don’t Mention Level 5.                         of watering.                               and there you would feel free to be
No one is talking about Level 5. It’s                                                                                                     foundation of the world.
                                                        In other words, you can drink,     taught from whatever source. In
the Doomsday scenario, which does                                                                                                                  In the Tribulation, there are
                                                bathe, and wash clothes and that will      this case you would need to repent
not bear contemplation.                                                                                                                   multitudes who will be saved, both
                                                be it. Bye, swimming pools. And            and turn to the only one who can
As the days                                                                                                                               Jews and Gentiles. The Church is
                                                                         if it doesn’t     help you out of your dilemma.
roll remorse-                                                                                                                             already gone in the Rapture, and
                                                                         rain? No one                  Wendy Beuster...publications
lessly on and                                                                                                                             these Tribulation saints are now the
                                                                         is mentioning
the furrows                                                                                                                               “elect” because God has foreknowl-
                                                                         Level 5.          SUBJECT: JEW & GENTILE
and frowns on                                                                                                                             edge of who would turn to Him in the
                                                                         There must        One reason why I am post-trib is
political fore-                                                                                                                           Tribulation, and He      has “chosen”
                                                                         be a plan,        that the pre-trib rapture doctrine
heads deepen,                                                                                                                             them in the Beloved. They are the
                                                                         however, for      teaches ‘another way’ for the Jews
it would seem                                                                                                                             “elect.” This does not mean they
                                                                         action be-        to be saved during the Tribulation.
inevitable that                                                                                                                           have been singled out arbitrarily, its
                                                                         yond Level 4      Pre-tribbers teach that the ‘elect’
within weeks                                                                                                                              means that God knew beforehand
                                                                         and it would      during the Tribulation is a reference
the Brisbane                                                                                                                              who would come to Him through
                                                                         seem inevi-       to the Jews. What are your thoughts
City Council                                                                                                                              Christ Jesus, and that they would in
                                                                         table that if     on this? ~Mary Scheel
will enact                                                                                                                                free will accept the Saviour.
                                                                         the dams fi-
Level 3 water                                                                                                                                      The Jews in the Tribulation
                                                                         nally become      Dear Mary,
restrictions and                                                                                                                          come to God through salvation in
                                                                         mud flats, the    Greetings to you in Jesus Christ’s
ban the use of                                                                                                                            Christ, just as we do. There is no
                                                                         Government        name. In regard to your query:
hoses….                                                                                                                                   other way. This is not my “thoughts”
                                                will have to consider the PARTIAL                   There is no “other way” of
When Level 3 restrictions are in-                                                                                                         it is the clear teaching of the Word
                                                EVACUATION OF THE CITY OF                  salvation in the Tribulation, for Jews
troduced in a few weeks, suburban                                                                                                         of God.
                                                BRISBANE.                                  or Gentiles.
gardens will begin to die. It will                                                                                                                 I have no time to do a proper
                                                        It’s a frightening scenario but             The only way of salvation
signal the beginning of the brown-                                                                                                        Bible study here; there is much infor-
                                                one you can be sure, which has been        has always been Christ Jesus cruci-
ing of Brisbane as people struggle                                                                                                        mation on our Website, but just look
                                                the subject of whispers in the halls of    fied, even in the Old Testament. No
to maintain gardens and lawns with                                                                                                        at the passage Revelation 7:4-14.
                                                government.” (End of quote,                one could be saved in the O.T. by
buckets.                                                                                                                                  Here you see in just one passage a
                                                           emphasis added by Despatch).    keeping the Law; they had to have              remnant of Israel sealed by the Lord
          What happens, then, if the            Well, the storms of rain this month        sacrifice of animals which typified
areas that feed the dams remain with-                                                                                                     God, saved Jews, and then from
                                                have been welcome indeed, and              the Sacrifice that was to come when
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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68                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  9

Editor’s Cor-                                     a process towards salvation, never
                                                  knowing if they ever were to
                                                  come a Christian. Salvation is im-
                                                                                             may well have saved the citizens of
                                                                                             Queensland from a nasty quandary.
                                                                                             Don’t count your blessings too soon,
                                                                                                                                            everyone ponder anew.
                                                                                                                                                     In the article above from the
                                                                                                                                            Courier Mail it is already being sug-
                                                  puted to us instantaneously the mo-        or store your suitcases in the shed,           gested that parts of Brisbane might
                                                  ment we repent of our sins and be-         however. In other parts of the world           have to be evacuated because of
                                                  lieve that our sins are forgiven. The      weather modification for political             lack of water. Has this been averted
                                                  faith to believe is given by the Holy      reasons is proceeding, and there is            now, we pray so. I am not surprised
                                                  Spirit. If you are a true born again       no reason to suppose we are out of             by this plan, nevertheless, the New
                                                  Christian you would put no store           the woods yet. Many Christians have            World Order wants our cities to be
                                                  in anything a Catholic taught you          been praying for rain, and God has             converted to SMART GROWTH cit-
                                                  (devout or not), and you       certainly   intervened and saved us from the               ies, and to do this will necessitate
This Email Correspondence has been ed-
                                                  would not subject your children to a       horrors of “level 5” by the looks of           re-construction, renovation, struc-
ited because of Despatch space limits ... all
original Emails available on request              Babylonish religious teaching as a         it!!!!                                         tural changes in many areas. This
                                                  source. The definitive book “The Two                                                      is collectivism, Marxism.
Wednesday, February 15, 2006                      Babylons” by A. Hislop, categorizes                 The fraudulent nature of this
                                                  the source of Catholicism to just that,    fake “drought” has to be faced by                  “Smart Growth” is fully explained
To: despatch@mail.cth.com.au                                                                                                                     in a DVD by Michael Coffman.
SUBJECT: MONTESSORI                               sanitized under Constantine. There         our populace.
                                                                                                                                                 Our Government Internet Sites are
         Were you aware that Mon-                 is no meeting point for a discussion,               It sounds crazy to many
                                                                                                                                                 the proof of his statements. In fact
tessori was a devout Roman Catholic               as the Bible is absolute Truth and         that weather warfare is being                       the whole scenario of Sustainable
and that her works often refer to                 Catholicism trusts in its traditions       waged against nations globally, to             Development is presented in our 3 Liberty
Christ and contain Christian refer-               as well as the Bible. The Word of          bring CHANGE and consolidate des-              DVDs which include Coffman’s expose.
ences?                                            God says “...Come out of her, my           potic international power structures.          $12
Are you aware of the Catechesis of                people, that ye be not partakers of        Wake up, this is not dreamland – it is
the Good Shepherd, a Montessori                   her sins, and that ye receive not of       happening. Freedom loving scientists                    Smart Growth is here in
Christian Education programme?                    her plagues.” Rev. 18:4                    are beginning to protest what eve-             Brisbane, we see it mentioned every-
         There are Christian Monte-                         I do not think we have missed    ryone must be thinking in their tiny           where by the Beattie government. It
ssori schools. As a Christian and                 the point, I believe you are caught up     brains, “How come we get rain here,            is about compact cities, fewer cars,
a strong supporter of Montessori                  firstly in Ecumenism (that is if you       decent enough rain, but it does not            more bicycles and pedestrians, inner
education, I think you really missed              are really a Christian), and also in       fall on the water catchment areas?”            city living with more units and flats
the boat with your denouncement of                New Age (occult) Teaching. Home            Despatch has heard that there have             closer together, shopping close in,
Montessori education.                             Schooling is adequately         covered    been statements from some scientists           eventual removal of private property
                                                  for a Christian with the Bible based       that they now believe in weather               altogether.
Dear N & L Collier,                               programme offered by A.C.E.; details       warfare, and weather manipulation                       Right under the article about
        Why would born again                      can be sent if needed.                     - because of the ridiculously impos-           Level 5 and possible evacuation of
Christian protestants have anything                         If you are Christian you will    sible state of affairs where rain hardly       Brisbane, on the same page, there
in common with a Roman Catho-                     be called to account at the Bema seat      falls on the catchment areas, on the           was an article on “leadership is need-
lic?                                              one day, when you meet Christ, and         dams.                                          ed to reduce car use in Brisbane.”
        Since when did Catholics                  I can assure that                                   It is impossible, this is delib-               What a happenstance that
acknowledge anything other than                   “...whosoever shall offend one of          erate, the craziness of it must make           this should be so close to the other

         Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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10                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  67
article! When we look at the con-                OUR LIVES AND OUR CITIES in                lost his fur and moped in his Y-fronts.        on motor-bikes before being hoisted
tent of both articles the monstrous              ways that will ensure their liveability                         (Why?)                    into the air, to hose the floor with their
scheme comes clearer:                            and SUSTAINABILITY.”                       Another lost his head, and had it kicked       flares. Why? Don’t bother to ask.
                                                          Global warming is a scam,         around in a game of football.                           And that, ladies and gentle-
Courier Mail:                                    people. The sky is falling in, Henny                             (Why?)                   man, was the show, with the athletes
                                                                                            “I think you need to suspend all               then rushed into the stadium — quick,
“But there is now a newly recog-                 Penny. It is not possible to put all the
                                                                                            your adult thoughts,” Channel 9 host           quick — as if late for the last train.
nised and hugely significant entry               proof of that statement in this small      Liz Hayes said doubtfully. This was            We did get a few more bits, like Dame
in the ledger: the impact of vehicle             magazine, but it is proven beyond a        meant to reach the “child within”,             Kiri Te Kanawa singing            Happy
emissions on the global atmospheric              doubt. It is a lie from the global gov-    apologised co-host Ray Martin.                 Birthday to the Queen, and lovely
environment. Cars and other vehicles             ernment to bring about its agenda.         Said my 12-year-old son,                       Delta Goodrem flogging a limp lyric
are principle contributors to the gases          There was an article in the same pa-       “Dad, I am a child, and even I can’t           (Find your guiding inspiration in a
that are warming and destabilizing               per, page 4, on global warming and         understand this.”                              place where dreams are made) from
our climate.                                     the Kyoto Protocol. To add credibility               But this worship of the primi-       somewhere inside a cloud of smoke
           Climate change is upon                to the Water Crisis lies?                  tive and irrational hadn’t finished.           belching from the flares of over- ex-
us. Our urban catchments now                              A Freedom Fighter in              The boy on the tower then fell through         cited skaters.
seem vulnerable to the hotter, drier             Queensland has sent us some good           an abyss into Aboriginal Australia.                     But these were tack-ons.
summers that Australian cities are               info. on the fraudulent Water Crisis,      Peace-loving, wise Aboriginal elders           Of course, there were also many
                                                                                            down in that ever fertile world wel-           things to praise. The Church played
regularly experiencing. Brisbane                 it makes interesting reading. The let-
                                                                                            comed him with songs, and offered              wonderfully, as did the Melbourne
City Council is now contemplating                ter brought information on a Petition      gum-leaves of peace and glowing orbs           Symphony. The fireworks over the
digging for underground water, as it             for Referendum, which is still in the      of knowledge, as the sacred Bunjil             city were beautiful, and the Yarra has
no longer seems to fall in sufficient            planning stage.                            flew overhead. How much kinder and             never looked prettier. The lighting was
amounts from our skies.” (Brenda                    It has two main petitions:              all-knowing the primitive are, in this         sensational.
Gleeson).                                        1... Stop fluoridating the water.          reinvented Eden!                                        I should make clear that the
           The rainfall in our area, quite       2... Water from a central canal made       Do you think Christianity would ever           dancers, musicians, acrobats and tech-
close to Brisbane, has been fine,                available to farmers (and later, to        get this reverential treatment at a            nicians were highly talented. It was not
thank you. Only the catchment areas              other people). They do not seem to         Games ceremony?                                their performance that was flawed, but
seem to be failing to get rain. The              understand why the government will         Do you know that most Aborigines are           the vision. The PAGAN VISION. And
N.W.O. cry that cars and vehicles                not help them. The letter indicates        in fact Christians?                            that so many cheered it makes me
                                                                                            Don’t you think it’s time the symbolic         doubt not only me, but we.”
have to be reduced, especially in                that some understanding of weather
                                                                                            Aborigine beloved of artists was not           “...The Queen was clapped mightily as
cities, is amazingly present in all this.        control is there, but the bigger picture
                                                                                            depicted as some earth mother or               she arrived at the opening, and when
Look further in the article and we find          needs to be addressed. The farms           act of nature, but as a clerk, engineer,       Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sang her Happy
SMART GROWTH outlined for the                    here are to be completely altered by       Country Women’s Association member             Birthday and added a few bars of the
poor foolish citizens to accept:                 the globalists. There will be social-      or hard-Yakka plumber?                         anthem, she was joined by thousands
“The car is a good tool that is there            istic, commune-style agricultural                    But this ceremony was to             who roared that last line, God Save
to stay. But we need to make sure it             endeavours, it appears, globally.          be a prayer of the New Pagan. With             the Queen.
doesn’t overwhelm us. There’s no                       FLUORIDATION brings about            a mystic duck as a guide and reason            How we love our English-mangling,
need to panic: the (warming) sky                 submission, lack of brain power,           the enemy.                                     Chinese-born Lord Mayor, we racists,
isn’t falling in yet. But we do need             lack of energy and makes people                      And so boy and duck then met         with our wicked PM and unwanted
to move swiftly to begin to RESTYLE              lethargic. This is used to good effect     ballerinas, who were circled by men            Sovereign” Submitted by a subscriber-
                                                                                                                                                                Thank you ...editor.

        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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66                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  11
                                                                                            to dumb down and neutralize the                Queensland, high up where the rain
                                                                                            serfs (us).                                    comes in floods, down to Southern
  OPENING CEREMONY                                                                              (Fluoridation was first used for           Queensland, has been discussed
        A NIGHT OF CRINGE                                                                    this in Nazi concentration camps).            for many, many years. A jolly good
          - by Andrew Bolt                                                                           Fluoridation of Public Water          plan – is has never come to fruition,
                 Herald Sun, 17.03.06
                                                                                            Supplies Amendment Act 2005.                   however. Now look at the possible
            Cont’d from p. 62                                                               Act No. 71 of 2005. It appears that            suffering, up ahead.
redistribution of wealth by having                                                          the fluoride amount cannot be regu-
countries take inventory of what                                                            lated in the water supply. This info.
they have so it can be passed around             “...The show opened, you’ll recall,        was useful from the Freedom Fighting
equally (no doubt more equally to                with a boy and his duck looking at a       groups:
the EU perhaps?). Most interestingly,            W-class tram flying in from over the       “…there is a pipe from Wivenhoe                                              GARY
their “Maitreya” will solve world                roof. The two later returned to the
energy problems by a fusion energy               spotlight while Leunig recited with
                                                                                            Dam to Tarong Power Station, sup-                                            KAH’S
                                                                                            plying water that cools the Turbines.
process.                                         great gravity:
                                                                                            There is a great amount of water                                             NEWS-
                                                           With a bit of luck
         While thinking of that, I also
                                                                  A duck                    wasted in the process…. There is                                            LETTERl
reflect on other aspects. About that
“global inventory and redistribution”.
                                                        Will come into your life            about two years supply of water                                             Extracts:
                                                       When you are at the peak             left at S.E.Q. at the present rate of                                  October 27,
And then I think about Javier Solana’s                    of your great powers              use…. There is also a Power Station                                    2005. He
various “donor conferences” and go                   And your achievement towers            at Ipswich.”                                                           spoke on In-
“hmmmmmm.” But then again, I                        Like a smoking chimney stack ...                                                                               ternational
am sure I am reading way too much                           She will lead you               More news of interest to this water            control by means of WATER in his
into his very coincidentally named                   Into wisdom, joy & innocence           fraud:                                         speech on Environment and        Se-
“Section 666” of the Europa Code                             That little duck.              “…about 80 years ago 2 English                 curity re Global Governance.
creating his job and “Recommenda-                Anyone who thinks they can learn
                                                                                            Engineers/Scientists – L.B.S. Reid,                     “Green Cross International
tion 666” of his ten nation Western              wisdom from a duck has never talked
                                                 to one. Or is simply lost to reason.       M.I.M. of C.E. London and Dr. J.J.C            has been requested by the Inter-
Europe Assembly. And just because                                                           Bradfield, M.I.M. of C.E. London,              national Water Forum to develop
                                                          And unreason is just what
he has been given the keys to open                                                          examined Australia’s Inland River              a draft of an agreement on water
                                                 the opening ceremony served up.
and shut down Project Galileo at Tor-            Suddenly we had the boy flying in          Systems, to drain into a Central Ca-           basins to develop a tool in order to
rejon – ah, I must really be delusional          the air on a skateboard, along with        nal North to South in Mid Australia.           effectively share those resources.
now. After all, most Americans do not            his duck, only to get stuck high up on     The work was started in the Southern           Last spring, the United Nations held
even recognize this invisible man’s              some tower.                     (Why?)     States, but was stopped by the politi-         a conference at which Green Cross
name. Couldn’t be anything to it – or                     A pack of malformed and           cal parties. Their work was published          International presented a paper – a
could there be? ...”                             demented koalas tried to rescue him,       in a small booklet titled “Water for           paper that called for developing an
            Part of Israel Report 20.0306        rowing flying thongs, pushing prams,       the Inland” produced by a Social               international water convention ...
                       from Mike Claydon.        climbing up the hugely inflated body
                                                                                            Creditor A.W. Noakes and printed               We hope that the bylaws that we
                                                 of a mummy koala, and doing Key-
                                                                                            by Rallings and Rallings, 578 Stanley          are currently conducting on water
                                                 stone Koala routines with a ladder and
                                                 safety net. (Why?)                         St., South Brisbane.”                          and on use of land and on the basis
                                                          In all the frantics, one koala             A pipeline from North                 of this charter that we put together
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12                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  65
with a number of other international to build international standards that                  reminisce fondly about colonialism             Framework Programme is due to go
environmental organizations ... that impact how regions, nations, and                       and control. Then I would study the            into effect for the “Greater European
the population of those nations will communities utilize and share water                    history of colonialism (including but          Neighbourhood” which will under
unite their efforts in order to continue systems. This is, quite literally, the             not limited to Germany and even                those 7 year programs include the
the use of shared water at all levels, attempt to create a global platform                  more importantly Belgium) and go               countries with Treaties of Association
at the local level, the regional level for the most important liquid on the                 hmmmm. Well, since all of the EU’s             with the European Union.
and the global level.”                   planet. WATER.                                     motives (or at least those of its leader-         And that is not to mention 2008.
          To be sure, there are many            Hope for the World Update,                  ship, including but not limited to Dr.         That year the Europeans hope to tie
problems facing the world. However,                  Winter 2006, p.7.
                                                                                            Solana) could only be altruistic, not          together various creepily acronymed
Mr. Gorbachev tends to overstate                                                            to worry. Or should they? Maybe this           entities such as GMES (Global Moni-
these problems and then, in typical                                                         is inevitable?                                 toring for Environment and Security),
fashion, offers global government               Send for a DVD on the Weather                        One of Angela Merkel’s top            GEOSS (Global Environment and
through the United Nations as the                manipulation & photocopied                 deputies formerly served on Javier             Observation System of Systems). But
only solution. In his own words:                 updates, cost $7. + Chem-                  Solana’s Council of the European               you can relax. Everybody will be
          So, looking at this situation,         trails $5                                  Union cabinet. Christoph Heusgen,              perfectly safe. After all, their planned
we understand that we need politi- in Australia, Use only stamps                            by some accounts “plucked” from                system will monitor every ship at sea.
cal rule; we need to over-come the                                                          the cabinet of Javier Solana by An-            According to their generously free
parameters of the political world. We                                                       gela Merkel, appears more likely to            CD, it can even monitor people out
see that world leaders are so stuck                 H.A.A.R.P. &                            this observer to have instead been             on a walk! Sleep well. Our EU big
in the dimensions of responding to                 CHEMTRAILS                               planted in the cabinet of Angela               brothers (and they brag that George
events. And as a result of this we do                                                       Merkel by Javier Solana.                       Bush helped with the GEOSS project)
not see the kind of new politics that            IN AUSTRALIA.                                       Heusgen (and probably his             will monitor our every move. And
we need and we do not see the kind The “experiments” of the globalists                      boss as well) appears to be working            no doubt, they will come off looking
of political rule that we need. And I in Australia are proceeding. There                    very hard to make Javier Solana’s              like heroes with their fusion energy
believe that ... more and more the are few voices of opposition here,                       really big dreams come true. He                project called ITER. That rhymes with
United Nations is addressing these the media has been gagged, so that                       has advocated for the EU to have a             bitter. Google it for yourself. They
issues...                                the citizens seldom realise what is                                                               claim they will harness the energy
                                                                                            permanent Security Council seat in
        Hope for the World Update,       going on. Despatch has a DVD on                                                                   of the stars. Was this what George
                                                                                            place of Great Britain, France, and
             p.3 Winter 2006             the “Chemtrails” in the US, with de-                                                              W. Bush was alluding to when he
                                                                                            Germany as those three countries
                                         scriptions and pictures that spell out                                                            claimed an energy breakthrough
                                                                                            had previously hoped. He is making
Carl Teichrib...                         what is happening there.                                                                          was coming? I am more than a little
                                                                                            BIG PLANS for Germany’s turn at
March 16-22: 4th                         The DVD comments that the Chem-                                                                   nervous knowing that Tara Centre’s
                                                                                            the presidency of the EU (provided
WORLD WATER FORUM.                       trail pollution agenda is occurring                                                               Benjamin Crème (remember him – he
                                                                                            the new constitution doesn’t go
Held at Mexico City, Mexico.             in many countries,            including                                                           heads the group that periodically
                                                                                            into place first). This will happen
The World Water Council is conven- Australia. This is just one of the direct                                                               runs those full page ads claiming “the
                                                                                            in 2007 – a year that Javier Solana
ing its fourth international conference “warfare” schemes happening!                                                                       Christ is now here.”) Per
                                                                                            has concomitant BIG PLANS for
on the global availability and use of           What are Chemtrails?                        the Middle East. That is the year the          Crème, their “Christ,” (Maitreya
water. This is a highly importance They are rather like jet streams. Jet                                                                   to them) will be “the great world
                                                                                            Neighbourhood (Neighbourhood
event, as the WWC is attempting streams are frozen vapours from                                                                            teacher. He will achieve a global
                                                                                            to Americans) Action Plans or 7th
                                         planes that shoot out and disappear
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64                                            Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  13
                                                                                              almost immediately. Chemtrails,                Nicholas Begich, actively involved in
UPDATE ON INVISIBLE E.U.                                                                      however, dissipate slowly, falling             the public campaign against HAARP,
 LEADER - SOLANA JAVIER                                                                       down to form a thick band under
                                                                                              the trail that takes a long time to
                                                                                                                                             describes HAARP as – ‘A super-pow-
                                                                                                                                             erful radio wave beaming technology
                 Javier Solana Reportedly                                                     disappear. These are phenomena                 that lifts areas of the ionosphere (up-
                   Would Like Germany                                                         seen in many countries, the results            per layer of the atmosphere) by focus-
               To Do Better Than Germany Itself                                               left behind of the trails appears to be        ing a beam and heating those areas.
                                                                                              illness, disease - sometimes globules          Electromagnetic waves then bounce
                         - What Next??
                                                                                              of brown substances are found that             back onto earth and penetrate eve-
         See previous issues of Despatch for                                                  are toxic. Watch out for strange trails        rything – living and dead.”
          background info, or send       for                                                  from planes in your area. We saw an                                      (End of Quote)
          the Powerpoint CD for  GROWING IN IMPORTANCE
                                                                                              odd one in our vicinity early in the
          computer by Constance    TOWARDS THE SOUTH
     Cumbey. $5 posted in Aust.                                                               morning, some weeks ago. It took a                      HAARP can be used to cre-
                                  –JAVIER SOLANA WILL BE                                      long time to dissolve. Please do not           ate weather manipulation for the
          Cont’d from p.60       TRAVELLING TO THE CON-                                       think we are just alarmists, this is           N.W.O. agenda, climate change and
common views on how to resolve    GO – GERMANY WOULD                                          reality readers.                               global warming. The project is being
the Iranian nuclear issue.” “Our   LIKE TO LEAD THIS MILI-                                                                                   foisted upon a gullible and dumbed
objectives are to solve the issue in a                                                        The Omega Times,                               down world population as being a
                                                   CONSTANCE CUMBEY -                         Vol. 1:05 Feb. 2005                            space shield against weapons, or if
peaceful way through negotiations,”                Author ‘Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow’
he said, as Chinese President Hu                                                               p. 4: NZ                                      you are really easy to fool, as a con-
Jintao and Russian President Vladimir                                                         Brian Hay comments:                            trivance for repairing the ozone layer.
                                                             Well, it looks as if Javier
Putin held talks in Beijing.                                                                  “The High-Frequency                                                 HAARP is a part
                                                   Solana has his hands full for a while.
Moscow has offered to process ura-                                                            Active Aural Research                                               of the New World
                                                   He travels on Sunday to the Congo.
nium for Iran in an attempt to break                                                          Program (HAARP) based                                               Order’s military
                                                   He is seeking troop donations from
a stalemate but Tehran has so far                                                             in Gokoma, Alaska and                                               control that is us-
                                                   EU countries. Germany, headed by a
refused. Russia’s objections to the                                                           jointly    managed by                                               ing weather ma-
                                                   lady who holds the same academic
draft statement are many. It wants                                                            the US Air Force and                                                nipulation to en-
                                                   degree as does Dr. Solana, Angela
a provision deleted that mentions                                                             the US Navy, is part of                                             slave the nations.
                                                   Merkel, who has a Ph.D. in physics,
“peace and security,” fearing it could                                                        a new generation of                                                 Our so-called
                                                   has announced it would like to lead
lead to a resolution that requires                                                            sophisticated weaponry                                              “drought” in
                                                   the way. Elections are coming up
mandatory action and could lead                                                               under the US Strategic                                              Queensland
                                                   in the Congo. Peacekeepers would
to sanctions, China reported. And it                                                          Defense Initiative (SDI).                                           is highly suspi-
                                                   probably appear helpful by now.
wants individual points, mentioned                                                                     Operated by                                                cious!
                                                   Maybe there might be a greater spirit
in IAEA board resolutions, only re-                                                           the Air Force Research                                                    The Omega
                                                   of reconciliation among the Congo-
ferred to by document numbers. “I                                                             Laboratory’s Space Vehi-                                            Times,
                                                   lese if they read the writings of those
believe that the Russian concern has                                                          cles Directorate, HAARP                                                   Vo l . 1 : 0 5
                                                   advising their would-be European
its logic,” said China’s U.N. Ambas-                                                          constitutes a system of                                             Feb. 2005
                                                   protectors. If I were in their posi-
sador Wang Guangya when asked if                                                              powerful antennas capable of cre-                               p.5 NZ
                                                   tion, I would certainly read Robert
he agreed.                                                                                    ating ‘controlled local modifications          Brian Hay comments:
                                                   Cooper’s works, potentially as they
                                                                                              of the ionosphere.’ Scientists Dr.
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14                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  63
                                                                                            on a more routine basis,” he said.             Southeast Asia.
“I suggest you do a research via                       CHEMTRAILS                           “We’re also looking at making adjust-                  Yesterday, Mr. Thomas said
the internet and check the various                                                          ments in our naval posture globally,           the Pentagon is strengthening alli-
                                                 Dear Jon,
historical and documented websites                                                          shifting to six carrier battle groups in       ances in Asia as part of the strategy.
                                                 Here is a photo I took of Chem-
relating to the HAARP project and                                                           the Pacific region, given the shift in         [To many watching Australians this
                                                 trails in Devon, near Plymouth on
then cross reference it with what                                                           global transport and trade, as well as         news brings into sharper focus the
                                                 December 26th 2004. The sky was
happened in the western Australian                                                          over the next several years shifting           reasoning on which the current visit
                                                 clear blue all over except where the
desert above Adelaide several years                                                         approximately 60 percent of our at-            by US Secretary of State is predi-
                                                 Chemtrails were being laid. It was
ago when they experimented with                                                             tack submarine fleet to the Pacific.”          cated. Remember, every time Bush
                                                 approximately 8.30a.m. The weird
the Nikolai Tesla technology using                                                                    The public term for the              releases a National Security Strategy
                                                 thing is that no aircraft was visible
particle beams and the harnessed                                                            strategy is “hedge,” but in internal           Report [as he did this week] it has
                                                 and no noise of aircraft. I got my hosts
power of electrical charges in na-                                                          Pentagon discussions the term is “ef-          been a prelude to war. Time span
                                                 to come out and have a look and
ture.                                                                                       fective preparations to swiftly defeat         between the 2002 NSS and the
                                                 they said they were just aircraft trails
          Here, along with top scien-                                                       Chinese aggression,” one defense               invasion of Iraq was four months.]
                                                 and there was nothing unusual about                                                                     Part of Israel Report 17.0306
tists, the CIA, and no doubt the Aus-                                                       official said.
                                                 them, and went inside and gave them                                                                                from Mike Claydon.
tralian Government secret military                                                                    The comments about a
                                                 not another thought. I did not push it,                                                             http://iIsraelreport.blogspot.com/
establishment, they set off a charge                                                        conflict contrast with statements by
                                                 but just quietly got my camera and
using Tesla’s coils and HAARP tech-                                                         Pentagon officials that have sought
                                                 clicked away. Whew!! I have since
nology that created a crater in the                                                         to minimize the emerging threat from
                                                 found out that it may not necessarily
desert and melted the silica in the                                                         China. The plan calls for frequent
                                                 be aircraft as we know it.
sand, turning it to glass.                                                                  rotations of B-2 strategic bombers to
                                                          I also saw them crisscrossing
          Subsequently it set off a jolt
                                                 the sky as I travelled from Devon to
                                                                                            Guam, part of what the Air Force calls                 RUSSIA, CHINA
that was recorded as an earthquake
                                                 London by coach, on both my trips
                                                                                            its global strike mission to reach crisis                TALKING...
and registered on the Richter scale as                                                      areas quickly. Special hangars and             An alternative to a statement would
                                                 to England, the previous one be-
an earthquake on the other side of the                                                      other deployment and maintenance               be a Security Council resolution,
                                                 ing the year before in 2003. I drew
world in California. The experiment                                                         facilities are being built on Guam,            which carries more weight, and
                                                 some passengers’ attention to them
turned the midnight sky into broad                                                          a U.S. territory about 1,800 miles             would dare Russia and China to use
                                                 and they were just disinterested, and
momentary daylight. In the 90’s, I                                                          from the Chinese coast. Three attack           their veto power. A statement needs
                                                 didn’t even ask a single question. No
personally read the article published                                                       submarines are based in Guam, and              agreement from all 15 members
                                                 curiosity, no questions, no interest. It
in the New Zealand Herald regarding                                                         arms storage there includes long-              while a resolution needs nine votes
                                                 is hard to believe people can dismiss
the entire experiment. Not surpris-                                                         range air-launched cruise missiles             in favour and no veto from any of the
                                                 something so unusual, and yet why
ingly though, it was swept under the                                                        and Joint Direct Attack Munitions.             five permanent members. Both Jones
                                                 should I expect them to, most people
carpet and never surfaced again.”                                                                     Adm. William J. Fallon, com-         Parry and French Ambassador Jean-
                                                 hardly look up to the sky these days.
                   (End of quote)                                                           mander of the Pacific Command, has             Marc de la Sabliere said a resolution
                                                 Maybe they have grown accustomed
                                                                                            visited Guam and told reporters that           was not ruled out but they still hoped
                                                 to seeing them and think they are
.                                                                                           the island will become a pivot point           for agreement on a statement. In
                                                 aircraft on “exercise training”, or
                                                                                            for U.S. forces in the Pacific because         Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman
                                                 whatever their minds rationalise.
                                                                                            of the relatively short distances to           Qin Gang emphasised that “China
                                                 One other thing, whenever I watch
                                                                                            the Taiwan Strait, South Korea and             and Russia have
                                                 a film that is shot outdoors I always
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62                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  15

   PENTAGON ‘HEDGE’                                                                              WCC-INTER-FAITH                                A SPIRITUAL DECLARATION
                                                                                             ‘SPIRITUAL DECLARATION                                 ON CLIMATE CHANGE
      STRATEGY                                                                                                                              “Made by Faith Community Par-
    TARGETS CHINA                                                                              ON CLIMATE CHANGE’                           ticipants during the United Nations
                                                                                                UN Climate Change                           Climate Change Conference
     US Prepares For Attack on                                                                    Conference                                 St. Joseph’s Oratory, Montreal De-
        China If It Counters                                                                 The World Council of Churches has                          cember e, 2005.
         US/Israel Assault                                                                   issued the following statement:                    We hear the call of the Earth.
              On Iran                                                                        “As representatives of a global                  We believe that caring for life on
By Bill Gertz                                                                                community - young and old female                 Earth is a spiritual commitment.
THE WASHINGTON TIMES                                                                         and male, black and white, south and           People and other species have the
March 17, 2006                                                                               north - we invite you to join us in            right to life unthreatened by human
         The Pentagon is moving                                                              affirming a `Spiritual Declaration on          greed and destructiveness.
strategic bombers to Guam and air-                                                           Climate Change’ that was issued by                       Pollution, particularly from
craft carriers and submarines to the                                                         almost 2,000 faith community par-              the energy-intensive wealthy indus-
Pacific as part of a new “hedge” strat-                                                      ticipants at an inter-religious event          trialised countries, is warming the
egy aimed at preparing for conflict                                                          on Sunday December 4th. here in                atmosphere. A warmer atmosphere
with China, Pentagon officials said                                                          Montreal:                                      is leading to major climate changes.
yesterday.                                        Mr. Rodman said. The placement of                                                         The poor and vulnerable in the
         Peter Rodman, assistant                  about 700 Chinese missiles opposite                    Cont’d from p.14                   world and future generations will
defence secretary for international               Taiwan has changed the status quo          look at the sky, and many, many times          suffer the most.
security affairs, told a congressional            between the non-communist island           I see the Chemtrails being laid.                         We commit ourselves to
commission that the response to                   and the communist mainland, he             Kind regards, Angela                           help reduce the threat of climate
the emerging military threat from                 said. The Pentagon policy calls for        Extract: “UNCENSORED” MAG. p.5,                change through actions in our own
China is part of the White House na-              watching China’s military and “being       Issue 2: Jan-Mar 2006                          lives, pressure on governments and
tional security strategy made public              ready to deal with it, if the worst case                                                  industries and standing in solidarity
yesterday. Although U.S. relations                should happen,” Mr. Rodman said.                                                          with those most affected by climate
with China are good, “both sides                           James Thomas, deputy as-                                                         change.
understand very well that there is a              sistant defence secretary for plans,                                                           We pray for spiritual support
potential for a conflict, particularly in         said key elements of the “hedging”                                                               in responding to the call
the Taiwan Strait,” Mr. Rodman said               policy are aimed at nations with un-                                                                   of the Earth.”
during a hearing of the U.S.-China                certain futures, including China and                                                                The 9th. Assembly of the
Economic and Security Review Com-                 Russia. Cooperation is preferred, but                                                     World Council of Churches will be
mission.                                          the Pentagon must prepare “for the                                                        held at the Catholic Pontifical Uni-
         China’s arms buildup in re-              possibility that others could choose a                                                    versity in Brazil February 14th - 23rd.
cent years altered the U.S. “strategic            more hostile path,” Mr. Thomas said.                                                      Theme is “God in your grace, trans-
calculus” for defending Taiwan from               “In [the China] part of the hedging                                                       form the world” Expected attendance
a mainland attack and shows that “a               strategy, we’re looking at the deploy-                                                    is 3000. Extract: “Faith and Freedom”, No.
prudent hedging policy is essential,”             ments of bomber elements to Guam                                                          JM476-Feb. 2006

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16                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  61

                                      SNIPPETS workers at City
                                               Watcher.com is                                       WHY WAS
                                                                        believed to be the
                                                first use of the technology in living hu-         CONDI VISITING
         Geoff Gallop, the premier of
                                                mans in the US. Chief executive Sean
                                                Darks also had one of the embedded
                                                                                                   AUSTRALIA ?
W.A., resigned in a shock move at the           chips used to access secure vaults. The                  U.S., KEY ALLIES
beginning of 2006.                              chips were the size of a grain of rice
Gallop had just returned from “holi-            and a doctor embedded them in the                      REVIEW CHINA ROLE
days” in London. He is well in with             forearm          just under the surface of
Tony Blair’s family, he is a God-father         the skin,      Mr. Darks said.”                 SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- For-
of one of Blair’s children. Alan Car-                                                           eign ministers from the United States,        Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, left,
                                                                                                Japan and Australia have completed            with Australian counterpart Alexander
penter, the new Premier, was on hols                                       ISLAM                                                              Downer and U.S. Secretary of State Con-
with his family in London when Gal-                                                             talks on Saturday aimed at bringing
                                                                           Rising:                                                            doleezza Rice.
lop resigned. The background news                                                               the three countries closer on issues
from various insider sources seems
                                                                          The never             such as China and how to tackle its
                                                                         ending Jihad                                                          and constructive” relationship his
to be that Gallop resigned because of                                                           growing military strength.
                                                                                                                                               government had with Beijing but
disagreement with what is happening                                        Against                       U.S. Secretary of State Con-
                                                                                                                                               has played down any possible dif-
internationally, and what is to happen                                    Christians            doleezza Rice, in Australia for
                                                                                                                                               ferences in approach to China by
soon and the effects it will bring to                                         Dr. James Murk    a three-day visit, has expressed
                                                                                                                                               Australia and the United States.
Australia and WA particularly. Evi-                                        Suicide bombers,     concern that China will become a
dently the resignation was triggered as                                                                                                                 “We have had a very good
                                                                           terrorism, and       “negative force” unless the emerging
result of what John Howard told the                                                                                                            chat about China. I think -- to use
                                                                           Holy Jihad are all   superpower is more open about its
Premiers to get his legislation passed                                                                                                         an Americanism -- we absolutely
                                                  tactics of radical Islam. In Islam Rising     military build-up.
to enable people to be held under ter-            Dr. Murk gives a biblical evaluation
                                                                                                                                               read from the same page, even if we
                                                                                                         “We want conditions in
rorism laws. Many of Australia’s State            of Islamism and shows how, just like                                                         don’t use the same words,” Downer
                                                                                                which China’s rise is a positive force
leaders are astounded at what is now              Nazism and Communism, Islam’s                                                                told Australian radio on Friday.
                                                                                                in the region,” Rice said on Friday at
ahead, reported our source.                       goal for the last 1300 years has been                                                                 Downer said he did not be-
                                                                                                a news conference with Australian
                                                  to control the world. His book does                                                          lieve the United States was alarmed
   MICROCHIPPING NEWS.                            an outstanding job of explaining the
                                                                                                Prime Minister John Howard.
                                                                                                                                               by the rise of China, just “very fo-
The Courier Mail, Feb.15, 2006.                                                                          While denying that the Unit-
                                                  roots and progression of Islam and its                                                       cused”, because historically the rise
         “Cincinnati: Tiny silicon chips core teachings. Every Christian family                 ed States has a “containment policy”
                                                                                                                                               of new powers had created a lot of
were imbedded into two workers who in America and the world should have                         towards China, Rice’s language un-
volunteered to help test the tagging this book!                                                 derscored differences with close ally
                                                                                                                                                   Some analysts disagreed.
technology at a surveillance equip- NOTE: Although Dr. Murk is a personal                       Australia which views Beijing more
                                                                                                                                                        “Australians are concerned
ment company, an official said yester- friend and man of deep integrity, I do                   as an economic opportunity than a
                                                                                                                                               that the United States is looking at
day. The Mexican Attorney-General’s not necessarily agree with his view that                    military threat.
                                                                                                                                               this as another cold war,” said Dana
office implanted the RFIDs (radio fre- Islam is the Antichrist system fore-told                          Australian Foreign Minister
quency identification chips) in some
                                                                                                                                               Dillon, an Asia expert with the Her-
                                                  in Revelation. It may simply be the ve-       Alexander Downer, who also at-
employees in 2004 to restrict access to hicle that Satan uses to set the stage for                                                             itage Foundation in Washington.
                                                                                                tended Saturday’s Trilateral Strategic
secure areas. Implanting them in the                                                                                                           http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/
                                                  the ultimate acceptance of Antichrist         Dialogue, spoke of the “very good              asiapcf/03/17/australia.japanus.rice.reut/
                                                  and his world system.
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60                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                   17

BUSH SELECTS SKULL & BONES MAN                                                                                               SNIPPET
FOR NEW AUSTRALIAN AMBASSADOR                                                                  LOOK AT THE 6.6.6. IN THIS PHOTO.
.                                                                                            Left to right ...
                                                                                                                             European Commissioner Benita Ferrere-Waldner, UK Foreign
                                                                                                                                     Jack Straw, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov,
                                                                                             UN Secretary

                                                  ment, has bee engulfed in a political
                                                  row over the prosecution of         to-
                                                  bacco companies for misleading
                                                  American smokers.
                                                           He may not be a career
                                                  diplomat, but McCallum will       cer-
         ROBERT MCCALLUM JR.                      tainly have the ear of President Bush
     ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL,                  when he arrives in Canberra. The
             CIVIL DIVISION                       two men studied together in        the
                                                  1960s at Yale University, and were
                                                  members of the elite but very secre-
Tony Eastley: 13.03.06
                                                  tive Skull and Bones Society.              Quote:
         Robert McCallum is the new                                                                                                          The 6’s actually belong to “60.” It’s
                                                           Bush has already tapped a         “... met today to discuss the Israeli
US Ambassador to Australia and he                                                                                                            the UN’s 60th. anniversary and the
                                                  number of so-called “Bones men”            withdrawal and the prospects for
brings a diverse background to a                                                                                                             “world UN symbol” is inside the
                                                  for senior administration positions.       Movement towards peace in the Mid-
job that’s stood vacant for more than                                                                                                        O’s.
12 months.                                                                                   dle East ... welcomed the successful            But ya know ... why did they have to
                                                  Melbourne Age: 17.03.06                    conclusion of the withdrawal and
         The Federal Government                                                                                                              place it up there 3 times?! .... Karen
                                                  “...What I find disturbing about Skull     the opportunity it brings to renew
has welcomed the appointment, but
                                                  and Bones is that it’s basically the       efforts on the roadmap ... paid trib-
before he can pack his bags, Mr.                                                                                                             What is especially amazing is that
                                                  most powerful elite alumni network         ute to the political courage of Prime
McCallum first has to survive what                                                                                                           this photo is an official photo from
                                                  in the US. It’s essentially a form of      Minister Sharon and         expressed
could be a rocky Senate confirmation                                                                                                         the American government!
                                                  nepotism that keeps the same peo-          its appreciation for the responsible
hearing.                                                                                                                                             (Thus, it was not manipulated
                                                  ple in power, over and over and over       behaviour of the        Palestinians.”                         to get this effect)
         Mr. McCallum, the number
                                                  again. ..”
three man at the US Justice Depart-
         Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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18                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  59

     SNIPPETS                                                                              ings of Rabbi Philip Shraga Berg,
                                                                                           drew international attention. Thanks
                                                                                                                                          Tel Aviv, become a thriving con-
                                                                                                                                          glomerate that attracts hundreds of
A shocking DVD has been circulat-                                                          to her, there is endless discussion            thousands of activists worldwide,
ing on Internet that denounces and                                                         of the concealed dimension of the              including musicians, movie stars,
challenges everything Biblical and                                                         Torah, known as the kabbala. In the            designers, and athletes?
Godly. The author of this disgrace                                                         United States, kabbala even made it            • Why do pop icons ... wear a red
Brian Fleming, has now created a                                                           to the Jay Leno show, which featured           string around their wrists to ward
fictional movie called `THE BEAST’,                                                        a scene from the popular sitcom                off the evil eye, and donate funds to
due to be released on: 6-6-06.                                                             “Will and Grace,” poking fun at kab-           support the Center’s goals?
         The DVD “The God Who                                                              bala study.
Wasn’t There”, was a very ignorant              principal could not or would not give      • Why is studying the hidden princi-
attempt to denigrate Christ. But the            him concise, definitive answers on         ples of Jewish mysticism so popular                    For some of the answers listen
pathetic side of it was that the DVD            camera to these questions, that surely     now?                                                    to “Kabbalah” by Chuck
closed with an interview with the               would have led this young man to           • How did the Kabbalah Centre,                          Missler. Send to S.E.C.W.
principal of a Christian College,               seek salvation. He was sincerely           which started as a small branch in                      for    the very informative
which the author had previously at-             wanting answers to his          ques-
tended.                                         tions. He was treated as a trouble
         The young smart `aleck’                maker, not as a human being.                     SEE BELOW THIS HORRIFIC WEBSITE ADVERTISING
asked the principal the same chal-              We have this DVD if anyone needs                  TO ALL HOW TO BE INVOLVED WITH KABBALAH
leng-     ing questions that he had             to see it. $5 posted in Aust.
raised throughout the DVD. The                                                                                 http://www.kabbalah.com/index.html

                   The Arnichrist Project
                                   An           DVD that exposes the background of
                             ongoing,           his Nazism and some of the suspect
                               online           statements and atti- tudes he has
                            investiga-          made over time. The antichrist sce-
                               tion of          nario is suspect but it is definite pos-
          crimes against humanity...
TIMELINE - Arnold Schwarzeneg-
for President or Antichrist?
The massive background info on
Arnie, can be accessed online via the
above web address. We also have a
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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58                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  19

      MADONNA EYES                               SNIPPET                                               LIGHTEN                                                       CANBERRA
     HOUSE IN ISRAEL                                                                                  UP & HAVE                  SNIPPETS                            AUSTRALIA.
        TO AWAIT                                         observes the Jewish Sabbath,                 A LAUGH !                                                     MARCH 1.2006
                                                          although she has not con-
        MESSIAH.                                           verted to Judaism.
                                                                                                 From America comes this hilarious                    Complex Governance
                                                                                                 collection of CHURCH NOTICE
                                                            One of her recent dance              BLOOPERS:                                              & Reshaping of
         US pop diva Madonna                                 tracks is called “Isaac’, the       1...Scouts are saving aluminium cans,                 Diplomacy Series.
wants to buy a house in the Is-                               name of the famous Kab-            bottles, and other items to be re- cy-
raeli town of Rosh Pina, where                                balah Rabbi Isaac Louria           cled. Proceeds will be used to cripple         Starting at CANBERRA, the Centre for
ancient Jewish Kabbalah tradi-                                who lived and worked               children.                                      International Governance (a softer
tion expects the Messiah to ap-                               in the now northern Is-            2...The outreach committee has en-             sounding word for government) In-
pear at the end of the world.                             raeli town of Safed during the         listed 25 visitors to make calls on            novation– a Canadian-based group
         Yediot Aharonot said                             16th century.                          people who are not afflicted with any          focusing on global political and
the owner of a 100-year-old,                                      Mike Claydon - Israel Report   church.                                        financial governance - is hosting a
ramshackle five-bedroom villa                             FILM STARS ABOUND who                  3...The Pastor would appreciate it if          multi-city series of events on global
overlooking the Sea of the Galilee               are now trapped in the Satanic Jewish           ladies of the congregation would lend          governance and diplomacy. Tying
had been recently contacted sev-                 cult KABBALAH.                                  him their electric girdles for the pan-        in the work of non-governmental or-
eral times by representatives of the             These include: (along with others)              cake breakfast next Sunday morning.            ganizations (global lobbying groups),
superstar with a view to selling his                                                             4...The audience is asked to remain            traditional government structures,
                                                 • Donna Karan, • Brittney Spears,               seated until the end of the recession.
property.                                                                                                                                       economic players and the United
                                                 • Demi Moore, • David & Victoria                5...Low Self-Esteem Support Group
         According to the same                                                                                                                  Nations, the aim of this conference
                                                 Beckham, • Mick Jagger, & • Jerry               will meet Thursday at 7 to 8-30. Please
source, Madonna wants to renovate                                                                                                               series is to help foster a new interna-
                                                 Hall: see quote below from ...                  use the back door.
the building into a centre of study of                                                                                                          tional diplomacy based on a multi-
                                                  www.rickross.com/reference/kabbalah/           6...The third verse of Blessed Assur-
mystical Jewish texts pored over by                                                                                                             layered global governance (world
                                                           kabbalah103.html                      ance will be sung without musical
the Kabbalah.                                                                                                                                   government, NWO).
                                                     Eitan Yardeni, Madonna’s first              accomplishment.
         The self-proclaimed Material                                                            7...For those of you who have children         Other cities in the “Re-Shaping of
                                                 kabbala teacher, says that working
Girl, a keen aficionado of the ancient                                                           and don’t know it, we have a nursery           Diplomacy” series include West Sus-
                                                 in Hollywood helped him to under-
Jewish mystical tradition, last visited                                                          downstairs.                                    sex, UK (July, exact date not yet known)
                                                 stand the illusion - `what everyone is
Israel in 2004.                                                                                  8...The pastor will preach his farewell        and Waterloo, Canada (September,
                                                 looking for outside that leaves them
         She turned to Kabbalah in                                                               message, after which the choir will            exact date not yet known). The trademark
1997 through the Los Angeles based                                                               sing, “Break Forth into Joy.”                  motto of the Centre for International
                                                         Anyone in the vicinity of
Kabbalah Centre which proclaims to                                                               9...During the absence of our pastor,          Governance Innovation is:
                                                 Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv on a
offer a path to spiritual enlightenment                                                          we enjoyed the rare privilege of hear-              “Building Ideas
                                                 Friday night or a Saturday can see
through an eclectic mix of Orthodox                                                              ing a good sermon when J.F. Stubbs                            for Global Change.”
                                                 them - happy people, dressed in
Jewish tradition, visualization and                                                              supplied our pulpit.
                                                 white, celebrating. And this month,                                                                             (Hope for the World Up-
positive thinking.                                                                               10...Next Sunday Mrs. Vinson will
                                                 because of Madonna’s visit to Israel,                                                                            date, Winter 2006, p.7)
         Two years ago, she took the                                                             be soloist for the morning service. The
                                                 the Tel Aviv branch of the Kabbalah             pastor will speak on “It’s a Terrible                                  Gary Kah.
Hebrew name Esther and reportedly                Centre, which promotes the teach-               Experience.”
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]          Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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20                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                      57
                                                                                             far more dangerous than the boldface
                                    WIRING UP FOR A                                          lies blaring away down at the Bijou
                                                                                             because they come camouflaged as
                                     POLICE STATE?                                           “Christian” and are therefore more
                                                                                             believable to the biblically ignorant
                            Australia             volunteers in Worthing since 1997,
          is steady going towards a               brings together a frightening array        and spiritually blind, particularity
police state. We are not alone; the               of recent developments in its latest       in a church setting where gullible
nations of the entire world are be-               issue, which hit the streets just as ID    participants go along to get along
ing       brought under the control               cards and yet more “anti-terrorist”        for the love and acceptance of a
of the global government and its                  laws were passed by MPs.                   compromised collective.
repress-ive and frightening edicts.               Meanwhile, civil rights campaigners                 So, with that in mind, if
                                                                                             you’re heart is set on seeing The Da                  PLEASE WRITE & REQUEST
On       February 20, we received a               down the road in Brighton are hold-
report from the U.K., written up by               ing a public meeting on civil rights.      Vinci Code, just put your money                       the very short & astonishingly
the Porkbolter newsletter, produced               This event is on Thursday February         away and be patient. I’m sure it will                     brave TV broadcast of
by volunteers since 1997. It shows                23, at the Friends Meeting House in        end up on the big screen down at                            ARAB-AMERICAN
a terrifying array of recent develop-                                                        your friendly neighborhood mega                         PSYCHOLOGIST, WAFA
                                                                                             church. I have no doubt that many
ments over there, which hit as the ID                                                                                                                   SULTAN, 21-2-06.
cards and “anti-terrorism” laws were                                                         of them will start using it to draw                  This woman needs your prayer, she is de-
passed by MPs.                                                                               crowds for more dialogue.                            manding that the Muslims do something
          Australians should take note;                                                               Sin, you see, has become an                 constructive for humankind, and that
this is the pattern for ourselves, the                                                       evangelical tool for the postmodern                  the stop burning churches and killing
Aussie population will be burdened                                                           church.                                              people. As a non-religious Arab woman
                                                                                             “And for this cause God shall send                   she is defying convention, and is stand-
with the same horrors.
                                                                                  Defy-ID    them strong delusion, that they                      ing up for the Jews and calling upon the
Email sent to us...19.02.2006                                                                                                                     Muslims to recognise the Jews’ right to
Hi, Great Britain and the US are                                                             should believe a lie: That they all
leading in this development and                   Ship Street from 7pm.                      might be damned who believed                         Pray for her soul, if it is not too late by the
the rest of the World will soon fol-              Here is the text of the Porkbolter         not the truth, but had pleasure in                   time this magazine goes to print.
low after.                                        article: ‘Wiring up                        unrighteousness.”                                           The DVD of the broadcast is
      Regards, Martin Lauchenauer                                                                        – II Thessalonians 2:12                         electric! Cost $5 posted in Aust.
                                                         for a police state’                 Related Articles:
                                                                                             A Pulpit Online for Critics of ‘The Da Vinci Code’           If you do not understand
                                                                                             Film http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/movies/article.
                                                                                                                                                           the Dialectic references
                                                     TONY Blair has put the                  adp?id=20060209071209990001
       WIRING UP FOR A                                                                       Evangelical Uses Controversial Tool To Teach                  in this article, send for the
                                                   entire population of the UK               http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/edito-                DVDs by Dean Gotcher
        POLICE STATE?                                                                        rial/13905867.htm
        A TIMELY warning of the                     on trial, without telling us,            Diaprax and The End of The Ages
                                                                                                                                                  (Education), Phil Worts (Police),
                                                                                                                                                  Robert Klenck (church) each one is
current rush towards what looks                    has found us all extremely                http://www.professionalserve.com/doublespeak/
                                                                                             index96IAR.html                                      $5. Steve Goss (Workplace) & John
like becoming a police state has                                guilty                                                                            Loeffler (Media) 1xCD $5.
been sounded by a Sussex newslet-
ter. The Porkbolter, produced by                        and has placed us                                                                         All post costs included within
         Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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56                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  21
rather reprove them.” - Eph. 5:11               about its own? Why is it acceptable
                                                                                            in permanent incarceration                    confirmed that it would not just be
         The Bible does not encour-             for church growth leaders to twist                                                        the Boys in Blue that would be using
age us to dialogue with devils; we              and theorize their way around the              on a    hi-tech prison                     the technology, but also the likes of
are instead commanded to resist.                eternal truths of scripture for the sake   island. Although this doesn’t                  MI5: “The security services will use it
That is accomplished by proclaiming             of a better attendance and offering                                                       for purposes that I frankly don’t have
                                                                                           seem to have been reported
the Word of God in the face of evil             and not acceptable for Tom Hanks                                                          access to,” he admitted.
like Jesus did Satan in the wilder-             and Ron Howard? I don’t know about            on the news, we reckon                               And it’s not just cars. The
ness, not by conversing with those              you, but I’d say The Da Vinci Code             this must be what has                      Guardian reported on January 24:
who hate the God’s Word to try and              is looking more and more like poetic                                                      “The police are being given access
                                                                                              happened. How else can
build a relationship FIRST in hopes of          justice for the postmodern church;                                                        to advanced travel details on more
persuading                                                  returning to it a gener-       you explain the great tide of                  than 40 million passengers a year
them into                                                          ous portion of the      freedom-stealing measures                      who travel on domestic flights and
cooperating                                                              same dialec-                                                     ferries within Britain.”
                                                                                            currently being imposed on
L AT E R . I f                                                           tic poison it’s                                                  So far it seems that the only way to
you do not                                                               been serving                   us?                               avoid the prying eyes of the police
resist evil, it                                                          seekers for                                                      state is to stay at home. But you’re
will not flee                                                            years.            Let’s begin with the chilling news that        not even safe there. The Independ-
from you;                                                                “Be not de-       “Britain is to become the first country        ent on Sunday revealed on January 1
it will only                                                             ceived; God       in the world where the movements               (Happy New Year, folks!) that “John
befriend                                                                is not mocked:     of all vehicles on the roads are re-           Prescott has told tax inspectors to use
you and dis-                                                                               corded”                                        satellites to snoop on householders’
                                                                     for whatsoever
tract you by your own                                                                            (Independent, December 22).              attempts to improve their homes.”
                                                                     a      m a n
willingness to engage in                                                                   Said the report:                               It added:
                                                                    soweth, that shall
faithless chitchat.                                                                        “Using a network of cameras that               “Even minor improvements, invis-
                                                he also reap. For he that soweth           can automatically read every passing
“O Timothy, keep that which is                  to his flesh shall of the flesh reap                                                      ible from the road, will be caught by
committed to thy trust, avoiding                                                           number plate, the plan is to build a           ‘spy in the sky’ technology that uses
                                                corruption; but he that soweth to          huge database of vehicle movements
profane and vain babblings, and                                                                                                           a mix of aerial and satellite images
                                                the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap        so that the police and security serv-
oppositions of science falsely so                                                                                                         taken over time to spot changes. The
                                                life everlasting.” - Galatians 6:7-8       ices can analyse any journey a driver
called: Which some professing                                                                                                             Government is planning to compile
                                                         The Da Vinci Code’s blas-         has made over several years.
have erred concerning the faith.”                                                                                                         a database of every home in Britain,
                                                phemy is nothing new. It’s just            “The network will incorporate thou-
                  - 1st Timothy 6:20-                                                                                                     which will include details of how
                                                another highly promoted, celebrity-        sands of existing CCTV cameras
21                                                                                                                                        many bedrooms each house has and
                                                enhanced, big budget effort to dis-        which are being converted to read
         While I share the indigna-                                                                                                       what kind of roof it has. Inspectors
                                                credit Jesus Christ and His Word.          number plates automatically night
tion of my brethren over this made-                                                                                                       will look at whether garden sheds
                                                There can be no one-world religion         and day to provide 24/7 coverage
for-profit monstrosity that peddles                                                                                                       have been converted into offices
                                                until this happens.                        of all motorways and main roads,
yet another flesh-friendly Jesus for                                                                                                      or studios and whether kitchens or
                                                      THAT is the agenda.                  as well as towns, cities, ports and
the Antichrist, I have to ask: Why is                                                                                                     porches have been extended.”
                                                         Even so, I believe the half-      petrol-station forecourts.”
the church so indignant over Hol-                                                                                                                  Now let’s turn to communi-
                                                truths and heart-felt heresies being                Frank Whiteley of the As-
lywood’s heresy and yet so passive                                                                                                        cations where, reported The Guard-
                                                sold to seekers at church today are        sociation of Chief Police Officers
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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22                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  55
ian on January 12, a new EU directive            face fines of up to £2,500.”                        Just for the record, I do not         stir the passions and tickle the ears of
“requires every telephone company                         Then on January 28, the           believe The Da Vinci Code is going to          willing participants until the credits
and internet service provider (ISP)              Daily Telegraph reported:                  convert Christians into occultists any-        roll and moviegoers are forced to
to save call records and internet                “Anti-ID cards campaigners accused         more than The Passion of The Christ            return to the real world in the same
logs up to two years”, supposedly                the Home Office yesterday of mis-          converted occultists into Christians.          spiritual condition they arrived in at
in order to “aid law enforcement”.               leading parliament and the public          Movies do not have the capabil-                the ticket counter. Does this make it
The information that will be stored              over plans to include radio tracking       ity of regenerating or degenerating            OK to watch films about a fabricated
includes details of numbers dialled,             devices in ID cards.                       hearts; they can only accentuate or            Jesus? Absolutely not! Only the faith-
call duration and location, websites             “Only last month, Andy Burnham,            aggravate what is already there. The           less and undiscerning are enchanted
visited and header information on                the Home Office minister, said in a        power that transforms the lost from            by lies.
emails.                                          parliamentary written answer that          death to life comes from the Spirit-                     The danger that The Da Vinci
         Then the Independent on                 there were ‘no plans to use radio          filled preaching of God’s Word, not            Code presents is the same danger Eve
Sunday reported on January 15 that               frequency identification (RFID) tags       from the theater.                              faced in the Garden of Eden. Like
Tony Blair was set to allow MI5 to               in ID cards’. However, a leaked let-       “For after that in the wisdom of               the Tree of The Knowledge of Good
bug MPs’ phones. Hang on, aren’t                 ter from Mr. Burnham indicates that        God the world by wisdom knew                   and Evil, it is not the presence of this
MI5 supposed to be “civil servants”              the chips will use radio frequencies       not God, it pleased God by the                 movie that is a threat; but rather our
working for MPs and Parliament?                  to allow “contactless” reading of the      foolishness of preaching to save               disobedient dialoguing with devils
And if the politicians aren’t safe               card by special scanners.”                 them that believe.”                            ABOUT IT; taking our hearts, minds
from the police state, where does that           Phil Booth, co-ordinator of the No2                            – 1st Corinthians          and attention away from God’s Word
leave the rest of us?                            ID campaign, said this would al-           1:21                                           and redirecting our focus toward
         We haven’t even mentioned               low anyone carrying the card to be                  Like modern day church                doubts, desires and delusions until
ID cards yet. The Daily Telegraph                tracked in the street or entering a        growth dramas and productions, mo-             they become stronger within us than
revealed on January 8 that all those             building.                                  tion pictures just manipulate feelings         our fear of the Lord.
government promises about the cards                       If all this makes you want to     and emotions through a perceived               “And have no fellowship with the
being “voluntary” are a load of hog-             go up to London and tell Mr. Blair         reality using actors and scripts that          unfruitful works of darkness, but
wash. The revelation, no surprise                what you think of his Big Brother
to cynics like us lot, came from a               state, watch out! Milan Rai, a Sussex
trawl through “an obscure White-                 peace campaigner, was on January
hall consultation paper”, the report             19 formally charged with organising
explained. The small print revealed              a protest outside Downing Street.
that town hall officials will be asked           Never mind that this amounted to
to police the scheme by using the                just him and one other person - quite
Electoral Register to identify homes             a feat of “organisation”! And never
and individuals without cards. “The              mind that all        they did was ring a
register will be cross-checked against           handbell and read out the names of
the proposed Identity Card Database.             victims of the Iraq war. None of that
Those who fail to register for a card or         is allowed any more, under the new
to keep their details up to date when,           Serious Organised Crime and Police
for example, they change address,                Act which bans “unauthorised” free

        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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54                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  23

of the church growth movement,                            It seems it’s not enough             speech within a one-mile radius of               ability, then think again. Last week’s
meaning they are well versed in the              anymore to merely proclaim the                Westminster. The maximum penalty                 successful launch of Europe’s Galileo
dialectic process.                               Word of God to the lost as Jesus com-         for this heinous crime is a week short           global satellite navigation system will
         One such writer is the presi-           manded. According to Dr. Mouw we              of a year in prison.                             take surveillance into a whole new
                                                 must reward the writers, producers,           (To support Milan go to www.j-n-v.org or write   era. When it is fully operational in
dent of Fuller Theological Seminary,                                                           to Justice Not Vengeance, 29 Gensing Road, St
the birthplace of the Church Growth              publishers and promoters for their            Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN38 0HE).          2010 it will be able to locate people,
Movement (CGM):                                  blasphemous books and movies with                                                              cars, mobile phones, planes, trains,
         “Dr. Mouw, who contributed              our purpose driven patronage so we                     And it doesn’t end there.               goods in transit, front door keys and
an essay on, ‘Why Christians Ought               can artfully engage the damned in                Did you know that more than five              maybe even footballs, to within a
to See the Movie,’ said: ‘It’s going             dialogue and field their foolish and          per cent of the UK population are                metre of where they are.”
to be water cooler conversation, so              distracting questions.                        now registered on the DNA data-base                        With the “threat of terror-
Christians need to take a deep breath,           “But avoid foolish questions, and             - just by being arrested, though not             ism” now being used as a cover-all
buy the book and shell out the money             genealogies, and contentions, and             necessarily charged, let alone found             excuse to strip away the last vestiges
for the movie. Then we need to                   strivings about the law; for they             guilty? This figure will now shoot up            of English freedom, it is essential as
educate Chris-                                                            are unprof-          as the good old Serious Organised                many of us as possible stand up and
tians about what                                                          itable and           Crime and Police Act also means                  make our opposition known.
all this means.                                                           vain.”               you can be arrested for any minor                We can’t pretend we don’t know
We need to help                                                                                alleged offence, even something like             what’s happening.
them answer                                                                      – Titus 3:9   dropping litter.                                 As Henry Porter wrote in
someone who                                                                                       Did you also know that a fifth of                 The Observer on January 23:
says, So how do                                                            Christians          the world’s CCTV cameras are in the
you know Jesus                                                             are called          UK and the average person is caught
didn’t get mar-
                                                                                                                                                     “Make no mistake -
                                                                           to proclaim         on film 300 times a day?
ried?’”                                          God’s Word, not indulge the ab-                  Or that the NHS is building a data-                we are wiring up for
                – Laurie Goodstein               stract and obstinate. When we set             base of everyone’s medical history to                  the police state”.
See how the dialectic works?                     aside the power and simplicity of             which, it is believed, MI5 will have
Hypothetical questions like the one              the scriptures to try and artificially        access?                                          Poketov
Dr. Mouw posed, shrewdly steer                   accomplish from without what only                Or that body scanners are being
Christians away from faithfully                  the Holy Spirit can do from within,           installed at mainline stations, which
proclaiming a positive to instead,               we become sidelined by our own                will probably include Brighton, using
foolishly trying to prove a negative,            self-confidence, yielding nothing of          mobile phone technology to cre-
something that is extremely difficult,           eternal value and bringing no glory           ate a virtual image of people minus
if not impossible to do; thereby                 to God.                                       their clothing.
abandoning the presentation of the               “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be               Things are not looking too good in
Gospel and the call to repentance                the man that trusteth in man, and             the future.
and faith in Jesus Christ in order to            maketh flesh his arm, and whose               Victor Keegan wrote in
participate in conjecture and con-               heart departeth from the LORD.”                    The Guardian (January 5):
troversy that only results in diversion                                   – Jeremiah           “If you think surveillance in Britain
and confusion.                                   17:5                                          has reached the limits of accept-
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24                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  53

  WARNINGS ABOUT HEALTH ISSUES.                                                                                 DIALOGUING DA VINCI
                                                                                                                     By Paul Proctor
The news about medications, vac-                 from Hitler and his Nazis, they were
cines, hospitals, and relative health            naive and foolish. Believe what is                     Apparently, the new                         tion is      offered by trained
matters grows “sicker” and more                  happening in our day, and be wise.           feature film starring Tom Hanks,                      “Christian” facilitators waiting
“grave” every day. Despatch does                 These internationalists want the             called The Da Vinci Code,                             in the wings to help dispel our
not want to be alarmist but       we             world’s population down perhaps as           will start rolling in theaters on                      divisive differences and unite
need to face facts and trust God, as             much as by 80%. This means direct            May 19th. Articles written by                          the
we have perhaps never done before                slaughter.                                   alarmed Christians, challeng-                               “brotherhood of man.”
with our health. The bare bones of                         The POLLUTANTS in our              ing its heretical content, are
what is happening can only be at-                food, water and the atmosphere
tempted here.                                    around us are so horrendous now
                                                                                              already appearing on various news                       Their solution?
                                                                                              and opinion sites across the Net; and
                                                 that it is becoming obvious to eve-          I suspect will dramatically increase                     DIALOGUE
           Write for the S.E.C.W. DVDs           ryone, except the blind, deaf, and           in number over the next several                What I believe we are witnessing is
          (i) homicidal medications and          dumb, that we are being poisoned             weeks. It is, of course, a highly con-         the beginning of rather a large-scale
          the dangers of vaccination enti-       off, (so it appears to us.)                  troversial film based on a                             exercise in the HEGELIAN
          tled “Populations” – Dr. Stanley                                                                                                           DIALECTIC, orchestrated
                                                           Add to it all this the fact that   best-selling book
Monteith (ii) “We become Silent” about the
                                                 Australia’s hospital system is in a          by      Dan                                                        by the-powers-
Codex Alimentarius threat. Taking away
our   Vitamins etc.                              calamitous condition!                        Brown that                                                                that-be
                                                                                              is sure to                                                                to ignite
The facts are that many medications              The Last Trumpet,                            whet the ap-                                                              hostilities
on your pharmacist’s shelves are                 December 2005, reports:                      petites of con-                                                          between the
deadly dangerous to health.                      “Common sense should tell us that            spiracy buffs                                                           religious and
         The vaccines that are being             there is a potential danger when             worldwide,                                                             the secular
used worldwide to “combat” disease               anyone injects a vaccine into your           not to mention,                                                       for purposes
are in actuality killing people. Be-             body.                                        fuel the already                                                     of uniting them
ware: influenza vaccines, especially             You really do not know what is in that       present doubts and misconceptions                    on the com-    mon ground
bird-flu vaccination. We cannot tell             syringe, and you can be sure that the        of those who do not know or believe            of a convoluted Christ through Di-
you to refuse injections/ vaccina-               doctor has not done a personal quali-        the Word of God.                               aprax. Already Sony Pictures has
tion, we can only share the facts with           tative nor quantitative analysis either.               In my estimation, it’s not           established a website         they call
you.                                             We should also remember that many            really a quest for truth that will draw        “The Da Vinci Dialogue,” where,
         Genuinely helpful medica-               of the vaccines contain a preservative       the mainstream to this         movie but       according to Laurie Good-stein of
tions and products like vitamin tab-             called thimerosal, which introduces          rather the marketing           of excite-      The New York Times, they “will post
lets are steadily being removed from             mercury into the bloodstream. With           ment, adventure, crisis and rebellion,         essays by about 45 Christian writers,
chemists and health shops. Get that              that in mind, we should also know            resulting in a greatly intensified po-         scholars and leaders of evangelical
DVD and understand what is hap-                  that over thirty percent of paediatri-       larity and outrage between Christians          organizations who will pick apart
pening, globally. This is genocide,              cians nation-wide said they would            and the world, until a call for peace          the book’s theological and histori-
friends. Citizens in Germany did                 fire families and refuse to treat them       and unity goes out from the pulpits            cal claims about Christianity,” many
not believe that they were in danger             at all if they refused one or more           of America and a synthesized solu-             of whom come from the very heart
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52                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  25
Seth and SATAN. In the Ma-                                                                 childhood vaccinations. (USA).                 heated, especially at high tempera-
sonic Quiz Book the question                                                               Another question that comes to                 tures. When I consider all of this, I
is asked “Who was NIMROD?”                                                                 mind is:                                       am made to remember Amos 7:17
The answer includes, “…one of                                                              If the Illuminists are determined to           which says,
the founders of Masonry.”                                                                  reduce the population of the world,            “Therefore thus saith the lord; Thy
Dolphin pendants?                                                                          would they purposely sabotage the              wife shall be an harlot in the city,
The Dolphin was known as a                                                                 health of people by cleverly in-               and thy sons and daughters shall fall
goddess, she was supposed to be                                                            troducing harmful substances into              by the sword, and thy land shall be
the consort of the Goat of Mendes                                                          the food and water supplies?                   divided by line; and thou shalt died
(or Satan).                                                                                We know that research laboratories             in a polluted land…..”
                                                                                           have long used a substance called              (Close of The Last Trumpet quote).
 “Uncensored” magazine has                                                                 insulin.                                               Previously Despatch has
 more info re Egyptian Hiero-                                                              Why is this same substance used to             dealt with the ghastly reality that
                                   glphics                                                 help bleach white flour and make               BIRD-FLU is a manufactured disease,
              found in Australia. pp.50-51. Is2. Jan - Mar. 2006                           it whiter?                                     a killed of populations. In the UK,
These photographs depict                                                                   Why is there such an epidemic of               some nurses there call flu vaccina-
various strange stone stat-                                                                diabetes in America?                           tions ELDERLY PEOPLE KILLERS.
ues that were found near                                                                   How many people are consuming                  AIDS is busy killing off unwanted
or at the Gympie Pyramid                                                                   large amounts of bleached white                food-eaters and ozone-users for the
site between 1900-1960. It                                                                 flour and shutting down the beta               Illuminati masters, this is happening
is understood all five were                                                                cells of their pancreases?                     mainly in the black nations, Africa
removed for examination by                                                                           Alloxin is not the only prob-        and India.
appropriate “authorities” in                                                               lem. Recent reports by the Environ-
Queensland. The first four                                                                 mental Working Group revealed                  ADDITIVES.
have since disappeared and                                                                 that there is so much pollution in             Surely, we realise that something hor-
their present whereabouts                                                                  the United States that babies are              rid is happening to young      people
are unknown – only the fifth                                                               being born polluted. Researchers               and children.
(after community deputations) was                                                          have found an average of over two                       Prevalent amongst children
returned to Gympie. It was                                                                 hundred contaminants in the blood              and youth today are ADHD, de-
first displayed at the Gympie                                                              of babies according to New York                pression, heart disease, and obesity.
Civic Centre for many years.                                                               Democratic Representative Louise               They are being fed huge amounts of
It is now on display at the                                                                Slaughter. The report says that Ameri-         food additives that are causing all
Gympie Historical Museum.                                                                  can babies in the womb are sleeping            these health problems, plus many
                     There is a CD available                                               in a cocktail of                               more. Just take a serious look at the
    “The Gympie Pyramid Mysteries” by Brett J. Green                                       • Teflon,                                      labels on food packages – there the
                                                                                           • mercury,         • fire retard-              dramatic details are listed. Artificial
                      VISA/paypal                                                                             ants,
                                                                                           As a student of chemistry, I know that         additives, flavours and colours, all
               email: info@gympiepyram
 The Dhamurian Society, Secretary, 72 Stephen Rd., Goom-                                   Teflon is polytetraflouroethene or             part of commercial food process-
                    boorian Q. 4570.                                                       PTFE and is highly dangerous when              ing. In Australia there are over 300
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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26                                           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006           Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  51
known, permitted additives – at least             the water-front at Scarborough), •            came in and destroyed it                                into the pyramid, when an
30 of these are known or suspected                are investigating foods that contain          all long ago.                                           opening was still accessible,
carcinogens.                                      natural vitamins, • we use a vegeta-                   The ruins were ta-                             and never coming out. No
          Carcinogens, mutagens and               ble and fruit juicer, • use a water           boo to them. Settlers took                              reports or findings are avail-
artificial colours are proved to pro-             filter, • we are getting more fresh air       the stones of the pyramids                              able.
mote hyperactivity and are linked to              and exercise etc. • We are aiming at          and other buildings and                                          In recent years, ac-
asthma. Not all additive are harmful,             good health through prevention, not           used them as foundation                                 cording to locals, the owner
however. A book to help you to work               at dosing ourselves up on drugs when          stones for the main street of                           has attempted to destroy
with all this is Additive Alert: Your                                                           Gympie and the construc-                                the pyramid in the hopes
                                                  things go wrong. • Get healthy,
Guide to Safer Shopping, by Julie                                                               tion of buildings, including                              of discouraging visitors
Eady. This is not a Christian book,                                                             the local church, which                                   to the site. Artifacts have
                                                            God has promised some
but could be useful for your family.                                                            still stands. There were                                  survived including the
                                                  most amazing things, we have to
See Additive Alert Pty. Ltd,                                                                    stone statues like the Easter                             ‘Gympie Ape’, which was
                                                  investigate these and trust Him with
     http://www.additivealert.com.au                                                            Island statues and also                                   dug up in 1966 and is
                                                  our health. He has opened up some
         Nasty additives to watch for                                                           animal statues. These have                                thought to be a statue of
                                                  important health issues as well in
on labels are                                                                                   since been destroyed or                                   the Egyptian God Thoth,
                                                  the Book of books. God wants us to
• MSG,                                                                                          are hidden, but photos and                                who was often portrayed
                                                  be healthy and sensible eaters. He
• nitrates,                                                                                     sketches of them remain                                   as an ape, and another re-
                                                  needs His people on earth “out there”
                                                                                                                                                            sembling Ganesha from
• benzoates, • aspartame,                         witnessing to Christ, not dying away          from the first white man
                  & all the forms                                                               to come to the area. Even                                   Indian mythology. Egyp-
• BHTs                                            on their beds KAPUT! Let’s look at
                                                                                                                                                            tian God Thoth is clutch-
                  of sweetener sold               just a few of these promises:                 the tunnels under Gym-
Seek to take on low-additive eating,                                                                                                                        ing the Tau of the Cross
                • many more. foods                          The Bible instructed the            pie were dynamited.
and a diet of fresh, natural                                                                                                                                of Life. This statuette is
                                                  people of Israel (and we will benefit                  All but one of
– health is very important in these                                                                                                                         badly weathered with
                                                  as well) that animal fats are not to be       the Pyramids was bull-
days of medical mayhem.                                                                                                                                     age. Thoth was the God
                                                  eaten. This was the instruction over          dozed into the ocean by
                                                                                                the army in the 1950s                                       of writing and wisdom,
                                                  thirty-five hundred years ago:
       WHAT CAN                                                                                 and the lone survivor                                       depicted as an ape by
                                                                  “And the LORD spake
        WE DO?                                                    unto Moses, saying,           remains on private land                                     the Egyptians until about
We have personally com-                                                                         with a strict “no trespass-                                 1000 BC when he be-
                                                                  Speak unto the chil-
pletely changed out dietary                                                                     ing” policy.                                                came an Ibis-headed hu-
                                                                  dren of Israel, saying,
habits (formerly junky and                                                                               The Pyramid is                                     man bodied deity who
                                                                  Ye shall eat no manner
indulgent.)                                                                                     100 foot high and de-                                       recorded the judgement
                                                                  of fat, of ox, or of sheep,
                                                                                                signed with a series of                                     of the souls of Amenti,
We now have • loads of                                            or of goat. And the fat
                                                                                                terraces up to 4 feet                                       the after world.
vegetables and fruits, • have                                     of the beast…, and the                                    Photos taken on glass plates                 Thoth is an-
                                                                  fat of that which is torn     tall and 8 feet wide. The
cut out all white flour prod-                                                                                                in the Gympie area... about
                                                                                                                                                            other name for Hermes,
                                                                  with beasts, may be           army sealed the       en-     1890 depict 4 statues ap-
ucts and Macca-style food,
                                                                  used in any other use:        trance in the 1930s af- prox. 1 metre high . What he is known as an an-
• toned down on meat, •                                                                         ter investigating reports was an Easter Island head cient founder of Ma-
added fresh fish more often                                       but ye shall in no wise                                         doing in Gympie?
                                                                                                of cattle wanderings                                        sonry. Also called Tat,
(straight from Morgans on                                         eat of it.”
         Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]        Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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50                                         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                 27
                                                                                                Leviticus 7: 22-24.
derness, and were so important, that
they were required to be used to
                                             SNIPPET                                            The killer toxins
                                                                                               reside in the fat.
cover and protect the “holy things”
by the priests when the tabernacle
                                                PYRAMIDS AT GYMPIE.                            The Bible shows us
                                                          The town of Gympie, at Tin           that proper obedi-
was being transported.                                                                         ence to God will
                                                Can Bay, north of Brisbane, Queens-
(Exodus 25:5, 26:14, 35:7, 35:23,                                                              bring down all sin-
                                                land, is the unlikely site of a pyramid
36:19, 39:34, Numbers 4:6, 4:8,                                                                ful stress, and stress
4:10, 4:11, 4:12, 4:14).                                                                       causes so many
                                                          The first Europeans to come
         Second to the Lamb of God,                                                            diseases it is not
                                                into the area in the 1830s learned
the badger is the most important ani-                                                          funny!
                                                of them from the now extinct Kabi
mal in the Bible. The Eurasian Badg-                                                           “None of These
                                                speaking people of Gympie, known
er, which is the one that lives in the                                                         Diseases” page 83.
                                                then as the Dhamuri. According
Middle East, is a miraculous animal                                                            This chart above
                                                to the Aboriginals, brown skinned,
to say the least. Every one is marked                                                          appeared in New
                                                blue eyed, blond haired beings with
and sealed with the Hebrew letter                                                              York State Health
                                                Dolphin pendants came from the star
“SHIN” [like “W”] on its forehead.                                                             News, February, 1955 – more
                                                Orion and built the pyra-
The fame of the Hebrew letter “Shin”                                                           than half a century ago. Have
                                                mids and temple sites,        but water
as a sacred symbol is evident from                                                             we learnt much since then?
Jewish custom of having this letter                                                            “None of These Diseases”, by
on the top of the phylactery (a slip                                                           S.I. McMillen M.D., Page 66
of parchment with certain passages                                                             the chart right shows the awful
of Scripture, worn on the left arm or                                                          affects of unconfessed sin, sin
forehead) and a visible reminder as                                                            that is not abandoned:
a door-post sign, the Mezuzah....”

                                                                                                SOME THRILLING
                                                                                               Just examine the Bible for the
                                                                                               highly structured promises on
                                                                                               health that the Lord gives to
                                                                                               those who will trust and obey
                                                                                               Him. Firstly to Israel, but also
                                                                                               to ourselves as well. Should
                                                                                               we fear Aids, Bird-flu, Sars,
                                                           Write for this FREE BOOK on         Smallpox, Ebola and the like
                                                           CD in pdf format, ready for         – in epidemic forms? Not if
                                                           printing at Officeworks, or view-   God is to be believed, and He
                                                ing on your own computer. Cost to send: $5
                                                in stamps only. An absolute eye opener on
                                                                                               must be believed.                              of the promises the Lord gives to
                                                the background of the NWO & Alpha.             Here are just portions of the wonders          those who are
       Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]         Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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28                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                 49
       “Under the Shadow                         “And said, If thou wilt diligently
         of the Almighty.”                       hearken to the voice of the LORD
          (“Under the Shadow of the              thy God, and wilt do that which is
Almighty” means that we walk in                  right in his sight, and wilt give ear
submission to Him, we are saved                  to his commandments, and keep
people under the Blood who are not               all his statutes, I WILL PUT NONE
rebellious and self-willed. We walk              OF THESE DISEASES UPON THEE,
so close that we are always “in His              which I have brought upon the Egyp-
shadow.” Like a toddler who is in his            tians: for I am the LORD that healeth
Dad’s shadow as he clings        to his          thee.” Exodus 15:26.
trouser leg, turning when he turns,              “And the LORD will take away from
doing everything Dad says).                      thee all sickness, and will put none
           Psalm 91: 1-10:                       of the evil diseases of Egypt, which
“He that dwelleth in the secret place            thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay
of the most High shall abide under               them upon all them that hate thee.”
the shadow of the Almighty. I will               Deuteronomy 7:15.
say of the LORD, He is my refuge
and my fortress: my God; in him will
I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee
from the snare of the fowler, and from
the noisome pestilence [disease]. He
shall cover thee with his feathers, and                                                                   been persecuted with                      An interesting point is that
under his wings shalt thou trust: his                                                                     badgers, immediately            the countdown to the proposed gas-
truth shall be thy shield and buckler.                                                                     there has followed an          sing and mass culling of badgers, in
Thou shalt not be afraid for the ter-                                                                       exponential rise in           late 2006, is being ‘synchronized’
ror by night; nor for the arrow that                                                                        the number and se-            to the worldwide completion of
flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence                                                                     riousness of ‘plagues           the Alpha course program, Alpha
that walketh in darkness; nor for the                                                                    of Egypt’ type events.           International Space Station, final
destruction that wasteth at noonday.                                                                    During the time of Mo-            ratification of the EU Constitution,
A thousand shall fall at thy side, and                                                                 ses, the culmination of            and many other important events as
ten thousand at thy right hand; but it         Get the DVD Diaprax Series by Dean                                the ‘plagues of          well. Christians need to be vigilant.
shall not come nigh thee.                                Gotcher’s Team & understand                               Egypt’ con-            ...”
Only with thine eyes shalt thou                          how & why the breaking of                                 cluded with
behold and see the reward of the                         God’s Laws are done deliber-                              God’s judg-            BADGERS’
wicked. Because thou hast made the                       ately by NWO iniatives such                         ment on the wicked,
                                               as Purpose Driven Life, Ecumenism,                                                          “MARK OF JESUS CHRIST”
LORD, which is my refuge, even the                                                                          which led to the de-
                                               Syncretism, Outcome Based Education                                                        p. 273
most High, thy habitation;                                                                  struction of Pharaoh (a type of Anti-
                                               et al. Each DVD $5          or set $15                                                     “...According to the King James
There shall no evil befall thee, nei-          posted in Australia.                         christ) and the ultimate salvation of
                                                                                                                                          Bible, badgers’ skins covered the
ther shall any plague come nigh thy                Use only Stamps/Money Orders.            Israel.
                                                                                                                                          tabernacle of the LORD in the wil-
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]    Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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48                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  29
there is a corresponding dramatic                artificially bred. They live a life so
increase in the ‘plagues of Egypt.’              unnatural, and their immune system              IS BIRD-FLU MAKING
This is because all the animals in the
plagues of Egypt leading up to Passo-
                                                 is continually undermined through
                                                 poor diet, antibiotics and vaccina-
                                                                                                        ANYONE BIG MONEY?
ver comprise the badger’s diet.                  tions, it is a wonder any of them          Yes, is the answer to                                                   Science’s Re-
         Through the sympathy of                 survive at all. This is why cattle get     the question above.                                                     search chair-
Christian people in Britain, and                 TB. Bovine TB does not come from           The US placed an                                                        man from
after an eternity of persecution, the            badgers!                                   order for 20 million,                                                   1997 until
BADGERS ACT was finally passed                             In 1998, Israel’s tuberculosis   yes 20 million, doses                                                   he joined the
in 1973. As the result of this act               rate rose almost 50%. Drug resistant       of what is a worth-                                                     Bush admin-
there followed a big increase in the             forms of the disease are spreading         less and dangerous                                                      istration in
number of badgers while they were                quickly, and perhaps this has a direct     drug – Bird-flu vac-                                                    2001, and
given a short reprieve for a season.             significance to Israel’s relationship      cine. That comes to                                                     he still holds
However, as the British people turn              to their God as well. TB is called the     an astonishing US $                                                     Gilead stakes
away from God, a mass cull of badg-              ‘disease of poverty.’ The first time the   2 billion.                                                              to the value of
ers is now imminent. This is because             word ‘poverty’ is used in the Bible is              In Australia,                                                  $5 million to
the majority of Britain’s ignorant,              in the account of the 7-year famine        the Federal Govern-                                                     $25 million.
heathen farmers erroneously claim                in Egypt.                                  ment has stocked                                                          New Dawn,
that badgers are responsible for                           On Tuesday, 17 February          up about FOUR                                                           Jan-Feb.2006
spreading TB. Bovine TB is not and               2004, The Times newspaper in               MILLION doses of                                                          reports on
has never been a natural occurrence              Britain reported, “Countdown to the        TAMIFLU, the vac-                                                          page 17:
at all in badgers. Contrary to what              Culling” (of badgers). It said, “The       cine, at gigantic cost to the taxpayers.       “Jayati Ghosh observes in his article
vested agricultural interests and their          government may gas badgers in a            There is big money in the Bird-flu             “Bird flu: The panic and the profits”
experts may say, cattle do not catch             mass cull after an emotive plea by         epidemic.                                      for The Asian Age:
TB off badgers. Rather, the reverse              farmers to stamp out bovine TB and             Who has patented Tamiflu?                  The joke is that Tamiflu is seen to be
is to be true, and if badgers ever               save British cattle… New laws will         It is owned by Gilead Sciences, “a             currently the most effective chemical
contract TB, they get it from cattle.            be required to allow emergency             California-based biotech company               preventative treatment, but it is nei-
         In Britain, unlike the case in          gassing because badgers have been          which has so far jealously guarded             ther foolproof nor even particularly
the Middle East, badgers’ diet and               a protected species since 1973.            its patent.” (New Dawn).                       effective, since it is only known to
favorite food is earthworms. They                The official bovine TB trials started      Tamiflu has shot up enormously on              work against one particular strain
generally seek these at night in farm-           in 1999 but the results have been          the stock market, and it will grow             of a virus that is known to mutate
ing areas usually under cow-pads                 delayed until 2006.” Will this date        even more as governments world-                very rapidly and combine with
in open fields, where they furrow                inaugurate the mass persecution of         wide announce plans to spend vast              other strains. So in the event of a real
under them with their noses to get at            genuine Christians in Britain? – or        amounts to buy and stockpile the               outbreak, even if not of pandemic
worms. This is how they contract TB              even worldwide?                            worthless and diabolic vaccine.                proportions, its efficacy is likely to
from cattle. Cattle, on the other hand,                    Historically, the persecution             Who turns out to be the larg-         be limited at best and maybe even
contract and develop TB through the              of badgers has always been accom-          est shareholder in Gilead Sciences?            non-existent ….But the really curious
evil machinations of man.                        panied by the persecution of God’s         US Defence Secretary Donald Rums-              thing is not that we do so [panic], but
         Cattle are now, to begin with,          people. Whenever God’s people have         feld. Rumsfeld served as Gilead                that somehow, out of each such scare
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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30                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006            Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  47
                                                                   drugs or medical
                                                                   technologies. A
                                                                   secondary pur-
                                                                   pose is the una-
                                                                   shamed reduction
                                                                   in the number of
                                                                   the world’s `use-
                                                                   less eaters’ ...
                                                                   You have never
                                                                   been told this in-
                                                                   formation by the
                                                                   American Medi-
                                                                   cal Assoc., nor
                                                                   drug companies,
                                                                   nor the evening
                                                                   news. You were
                                                                   never taught the
or actual incident, somewhere some               truth about AIDS in public school,
company’s profits shoot up and some              or even at any university. But this is
very rich people get even richer. It is          what is happening today....
hard not to feel that we are all being           (No room for articles here, but request this
taken to many different rides on these           and the following $2.50 in stamps only.)
counts…” (End of quote).                         Extract:
                                                 “Early Hepatitis B. Vaccines and
Email: Martin Lauchenauer                        the “Man-Made” Origin of HIV/
15.03.06                                         AIDS.”
Just in case you have any doubt that             by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A. M.P.H.
bird flu is another experimentally                       This article regards a matter
engineered pandemic, here’s a short              of global urgency transcending bet-
article about the AIDS. By the end               ter know AIDS threats. It describes
you will understand the Center for               a universal challenge posed by ever
Disease Control’s (CDC’s) role in                increasing numbers of plagues pre-
creating pandemics, including the                dicted to depopulate at least halve
latest: bird flu.                                the world’s current human inhabit-
There is a dark side to western medi-            ants within two generations. This
cine that few want to acknowledge:               documented science virtually proves,                                                          Christians. With the increase in the
                                                                                                When God’s Word is not allowed
Most experiments are conducted and               through the process of elimination                                                            persecution of badgers comes an
                                                                                                to flourish, there is an immediate
diseases created as part of an effort            and a review of the most undated                                                              immediate decline in their number.
                                                                                                corresponding sharp increase in the
to seek profits from newly approved              evidence, the origin of HIV/AIDS                                                              When numbers of badgers decline,
                                                                                                persecution of badgers, Jews and
                                                 as an iatrogenic (i.e., man-made)
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]         Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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46                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  31
                                                                                             outcome of specific vaccination                “Take control of the world ... to re-
     THE BADGERS                                                                             experiments.                                   duce ... the world to a safe level by

       – BIZARRE                                                                             Considered reflection on this AIDS
                                                                                             science, along with the sociopoliti-
                                                                                                                                            a process of benevolent slavery and
                                                                                                                                            genocide ... The only alternative left
      SLAUGHTER                                                                              cal correlates and antecedents of
                                                                                             this current catastrophe, reveals the
                                                                                                                                            to the world’s ruling elite was to in-
                                                                                                                                            crease the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio
         IN UK.                                                                              likelihood that myriad other immune            Peccei of the Club of Rome ... ad-
John Christian of New Zealand, in his                                                        dysfunctions, auto-immune diseases,            vocated that a plague be introduced
book Hidden Secrets of the Alpha                                                             and cancers, including leukemias,              that would have the same effect as
Course, outlined a strange scenario.                                                         lymphomas, sarcomas, and other ail-            the Black Death of history.”
John aligned the Antichrist’s pro-                                                           ments linked to viral infections, have         (Bill Cooper, “Behold a Pale Horse, p.49, 167)
jected global mass persecution and                                                           resulted from previously engineered                     This issue of Tamiflu be-
slaughter of the Jews and the Chris-                                                         lymphomas, sarcomas, and other ail-            ing developed by Gilead Sci-
tians with the slaughter of Badgers.                                                         ments linked to viral infections, have         ences,      apparently before Avian
          The February 5, 2006, The                                                          resulted from previously engineered            Bird Flu genetically mutated so
Mail on Sunday, from the U.K., has                                                           microbes that have by accident or              humans could catch it from other
news of the vendetta Prince Charles                                                          intent found their way from cancer             humans raises an interesting ques-
is waging against the badgers in the                                                         virus laboratories into humanity’s             tion,                            does
U.K. The article gets top billing and              New laws will be required to allow        bloodstream by way of the most                 it not?
is entitled Why Does Prince Charles                emergency gassing because badgers         trusted public health preventative             Did the Illuminati hold off releasing
Want to Slaughter all our Badgers?                 have been a protected species 1973.       -- vaccinations ... beyond extensive           this genetically created disease until
                                                   The official TB bovine trials started      depopulation, humanity’s very sur-             it had the antidote in hand?
SOME OF JOHN’S COMMENTS                            in 1999 but the results have been         vival may hinge on this recognition,           Dr. Horowitz believes this was the
                                                   delayed to 2006
ARE BELOW:                                                                                   its implications, and our considered           case regarding the AIDS virus; he
  “PERSECUTION OF BADGERS                                                                    response...”                                   believes that scientists working for
                                                 perstition, hatred and torture. They’ve
      & GOD’S PEOPLE “                                                                       ………………………………………                                the Illuminati created a preventative
                                                 been rounded up, tortured and killed
pp.148-149                                                                                   ………………………………………                                antidote before they released the vac-
                                                 for fun at major pagan feasts. They’ve
        “Badgers are the most perse-                                                         ………..                                          cination tainted with the AIDS virus
                                                 been mocked, hounded, baited, cas-
cuted animals on earth. Hence the                                                             South East Christian Witness,                 to the African Continent
                                                 tigated and blamed for everything                                                                                      (Dr. Len Horowitz,
term, “don’t badger me.” From time               imaginable under the sun – perse-                          Aust. Issue 2, 2006, reports:
immemorial, badgers have                                                                                                                             “Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola”)
                                                 cuted perpetually without a cause.           Avian Bird Flu is simply                      The world is certainly now in the
been the subject of much evil    su-                      Badgers are the ‘barometer’          SARS Virus renamed!                          mature stages of a manufactured
           Cont’d from p.40                      of the climate in which the Word of         “There will be... pestilences (plagues:        propaganda campaign designed to
work to rebuild the Temple, by                   God proliferates.          In particular,   malignant and contagious or infec-             thoroughly and completely panic the
Christian affiliates, Messianic Jews or          this applies to the free promulgation       tious epidemic diseases which are              peoples of the world.
Freemasons; to date many Christians              of the Traditional Text of the Bible.       deadly and devastating)” - [Luke                       Most of the countries infected
have been foolishly involved with                         When God’s Word is al-             21:11;]                                        with Avian Bird Flu seemed to either
various projects.                                lowed to proliferate, so do badg-                   Illuminati Plan For                    be Oriental or to have large popula-
                                                 ers, Jews and genuine Christians.              Global Population Reduction:                tions of Oriental workers. Consider
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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32                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  45
the nations affected, as      reported devise certain types of pathogens that
in the Daily News:                       would be ethnic-specific so          that                 THE FREEMASONS’ PLAN TO
China; Vietnam; Thailand; Indonesia; they could just eliminate certain
Malaysia; Singapore; Saudi Arabia ethnic groups and races.”                                      REBUILD TEMPLE OF SOLOMON.
- has a large Oriental working force           [AIDS was ethnic and lifestyle               The photograph pre-                                                   Degree that
within her country. Even Eastern Eu-                targetted. Despatch]                    sented here proves that                                               British Israel
ropean nations reporting Avian Bird               Therefore, the question                   Freemasonry intends to                                                World Free-
Flu cases have Orientals working and that must remain unanswered as of                      bring a COUNTERFEIT                                                   masonry’s
living within their borders.             this moment because of a lack of                   of Christ’s Millennium                                                conspiracy is
          Already, Illuminist officials evidence is this:                                   temple plan, as shown in                                              most evident.
around the world are using the threat         if Orientals are specifically                 Ezekiel chapters 40-48.                                               Thus reveal-
of this Avian Bird Flu to enhance                  targeted by SARS,                                  There are many                                              ing their hid
their plans to suspend the Constitu-       how susceptible would someone                    groups extremely inter-                                               den plan to
tion of their government, instituting         be who is of a mixed race?                    ested today in the temple                                             counter-feit/
Martial Law, and forcing people Much more about the Bird Flu origins &                      site in Jerusalem.                                                    rediscover
to go to places predetermined by                                                            The Muslims want con-                                                 the old Ark of
the government - a dictatorship, in                                                         trol of the site and Jeru-                                            the Covenant
other words. Entire countries may                                                           salem itself; this tiny area                                          (not accept-
need to be shut down to fight this                                                          is so     important to many religions          ing that Christ eliminated the old
epidemic.                                                                                   and cults.                                     covenant with new testament of His
    “Is this current Avian Bird Flu                                                         The Freemasons have a PLAN for                 blood). They intend to rebuild the
        a renaming of SARS?                                                                 the temple site, one that could                Temple of Solomon (or its equivalent)
SARS was identified as a “GENETIC                                                           well come to pass complete with a              on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,
MARKER” disease aimed specifically                                                          counterfeit “Messiah” installed – the          and consecrate the lot to the wor-
at Orientals. And, this Avian Bird                                                          Antichrist.                                    ship of Antichrist. Antichrist is their
Flu seems to be striking primarily                                                                    The photograph shows the             Supreme “Grand Master” and leader
Orientals.                                                                                  reproduced Jewish Ark of the Cov-              of the One World Church and Luci-
If any of you doubt that science can                                                        enant and seven-branched            Can-       ferian religion.
produce a genetically engineered                                                            delabrum etc. which reside inside              JOHN CHRISTIAN, of New Zealand,
disease which would attack only                                                             the Royal Arch Room of the George              sent Despatch an article from the
people of a specific race, consider                                                         Washington Masonic              National       N.Z. Herald, December 30, 2005.
the words from William Cohen,                                                               Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia,                which shows that many Ethiopians
Defense Secretary under President                                                           U.S.U., and illustrate        Masonry’s        believe they have the authentic
William Clinton:                                                                            preoccupation and obsession with               Jewish Ark of the Covenant in the
                                        (Photo of two rats from the Russian study,
Defense Secretary William Cohen: showing stunted growth-the larger rat, 19                  Solomon’s Temple.                              town of AXUM. Will the Freemasons
“Address 4/28 at a Conference on Terror-        days old, is from the control group: the              Both the Scottish and York           “rediscover” this “Ark”; could it have
ism”, April 28, 1997, at Atlanta, Georgia       smaller rat, is 20 days old, is from the    Rites are sub-branches of the Grand            anything to do with their rebuilding
         “Alvin Toeffler has written            “G M SOY” group.) SOY of any kind is a      Masonic Lodge of England. The high-            the Temple at some time in the fu-
about this in terms of some scientists          killer ask for any articles you need!       est Degree of the York        Rite is the      ture? Maybe it will!
                                                “Uncensored”, p.17, Is.2, Jan-Mar., 2006
in their laboratories trying        to                                                      Knight’s Templar. It is in this demonic        Christian’s MUST not support any
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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44                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  33

                                          Is this a fanciful suggestion? No, it
                                                                                               CHILDREN     SNIPPET Famous same-sexers
     JARGON HIDING                        appears this could well be the case,
                                                                                              LEARN GAY HISTORY (clockwise from top left)
                                          as Jessica reports the jargon from
   TRUE MEANINGS? government is “‘sucking the mean-                                                          By STEVE DOUGHTY
                                                                                                                                                  Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury,
                                                                                                                                                 James Dean, Martina Navratilova;
Sunday Mail, Feb. 19, 2006.                                                                          CHILDREN as young as
                                          ing out of words’ and providing a                                                                         (centre) Leonardo da Vinci
                                          smokescreen for governments.”                     seven could be taught homosexual
An article appeared Sorry, it’s lost in                                                     history as part of a new campaign.
                                          “Author of an anti-jargon book
the translation, complained that the                                                                 The organisers in Britain
                                          Weasel Words Don Wilson described
invading MUMBO-JUMBO from our                                                               also want historical figures labelled
                                          management-speak as ‘hollowed-
government is making it almost im-                                                          homosexual — even if there is no
                                          out language.’” “It’s a virus and
possible to decipher what is actually                                                       evidence they were gay.
                                          it’s infecting the whole country,”
meant. Reporter Jessica Lawrence                                                                     The Lesbian, Gay. Bisexual
                                          he said.
complains that in many instances the                “CAN YOU PUT                            and Transgender History Month is
public almost needs a translator.                THAT IN ENGLISH?”                          backed by police and government
Despatch agrees, but we would                                                               departments. It aims to “celebrate”
                                          # Press release from Australia Coun-
suggest that this could be a good                                                           gays and their lifestyles and end an
                                          cil outlining the Art Nexus         Inc
ploy to keep Mr. and Mrs. Average in                                                        alleged “silence” about homosexual
                                          $80,000 grant.
the dark about what is happening in                                                         issues in schools.
                                          Will provide leadership and fa-
our cities, towns, and rural areas.                                                                  London metropolitan police
                                          cilitation infrastructure for strategic,
       Is it a deliberate ploy?                                                             chief Sir Tan Blair approved the
                                          sustainable development across the
                                          developmental, cultural and creative              use of a police headquarters for a
              Cont’d from p.43            industries in far north Queensland.               reception for LGBT History Month
                                                                                            campaigners in November.
(ii) ... Al Qaeda has issued a new Translation: Come up with a plan to                                                                     THE RECOMMENDED LESSONS...
video in which Ayman al-Zawahiri create and help run art projects.                                   The history month also has
                                                                                            the support of Education Minister                   Famous gays and lesbians:
calls for Hamas, with its new political # Advertisement for a Technical
                                                                                            Ruth Kelly, with her department                *Have this list of names written on the
majority in the Palestinian territories, Officer — Investigations and Mainte-                                                              blackboard: James Dean, Martina Navrati-
to continue its struggle against Israel nance with Redcliffe City Council.                  contributing £550.000 towards it.
                                                                                                                                           lova, Freddie Mercury, Leonardo da Vinci,
and work toward           establishing an The Technical Officer fulfils a techni-                    The Metropolitan Police               Ian McKellen, Oscar Wilde, Yves Saint
Islamic state.                                                                              Authority has donated funds to                 Laurent, Hans Christian Andersen, and
                                          cal role in the Department of Infra-
In the video, al-Zawahiri notes that                                                        the campaign, as has the Department            KD Lang. For older pupils: Rock Hudson,
                                          structure & Works which primarily
                                                                                            of Health.                                     Tennessee Williams. *Ask students what all
    “power is not an end in involves the investigation of com-                                       Schools do not have to                these people have in common. They are all
       itself; real power is              plaints or problems associated with
                                                                                            adopt the recommendations, but                 gay or lesbian!
           application of                 Council infrastructure to determine
                                                                                            support from the Department for
                                                                                                                                                     Who is your favourite
        SHARIA on earth.”                 and arrange maintenance, survey,
                                                                                            Edu-      cation and the police pro-
                                                                                                                                                   LGBT person from history?
                                          design or scoping for future capital                                                             Listed entries for the competition include
                                                                                            vides     respectability.                      Michelangelo, Joe Orton, Roman Emperor
                                          works consideration as       appropri-
                                                                                            Author Lynette Burrows accused                 Hadrian, mathematician Alan Turing, co-
                                          ate to resolve the issue. Translation:                                                           median Larry Grayson, and Hayley Crop-
                                                                                            organisers of “peddling poison” and
                                          Organise to have people’s houses                                                                 per, who is not a historical figure but a
                                                                                            distorting history.         Cont’d p.34
                                          fixed.                                                                                           character from Coronation Street.
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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34                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006             Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  43
From The New American,
December 12, 2005:             SNIPPETS                                                          attention rather than
                                                                                                                            placating           After a few months following an at-
                                                                                                                                                tack, it is back to business as usual,
                                                                                                           If Saudi Wahabbi theology            a potentially fatal flaw.
     “THE UN’S DESIRE                            by the                                          is preached in Australian mosques,               But not in Australia. Three cheers
       TO CONTROL                                UN’s In-                                        it will likely be shut down.                       for our friends “down under.
                                                                                                  Western world, are you listening?
      THE INTERNET.                              ternational
                                                                                                      Would you adopt this kind                 Quotes from other Israel
At the helm of the World Summit on               Telecommu-
                                                                                                     of surveillance and courage?                     Reports... Mike Claydon
the Information Society in Tunis, UN             nication Union,                   the sum-
                                                                                                                                                (i) ... Just a short word about    De-
Secretary-General Kofi Annan ad-                 mit ran                                            Or will you continue to turn                mocracy and Islam, for example, if
dresses attendees during the opening             November 16-18….                                     a blind eye and deaf ear                  democracy says everyone should be
session. Organized                                Do you treasure the freedom to                    to the danger in our midst?                 able to vote even Hamas, Islamic Ji-
                                                 wade into the vast sea of informa-                                                             had and al-Qaida for that is what de-
           Cont’d from p.33                      tion that is the Internet and surf the                    The West, and particularly           mocracy is all about. That only goes
         Mrs. Burrows, from Cam-                 World Wide Web?                                 America, lets Muslims run for high             to show that the west has little to no
bridge, was warned by a metro-                            Then look out for what is              office, shape parts of American                understanding what happens to the
politan police officer last month of             coming over the horizon: a fleet of             government policy, and assigns                 minds of those raised in an Islamic
                                                 ships is bearing down on you and                students Muslim names in pub-                  environment, they are completely
being involved in a “homophobic
                                                                                                 lic schools. Muslims now partici-              brained washed and have no way
incident” after criticising gay adop-            your little surf (key) board, and they
                                                                                                 pate       in ecumenical activities in         to see things as you and I see them.
tion on a BBC program.                           are flying the blue Jolly Roger of the          the Western world. What we should              They only see our “Democracy” as
“The police have no business get-                United Nations….                                be      doing is following the pattern         a way to destroy us.
ting involved,” she said.                                 In Tunis, appeasement was              of Australia.                                             We are talking about a peo-
         Days after she was warned,              the order of the day. As the Associ-                      In 1994 Steve Emerson made           ple who live on fear and hate, Jihad
it was revealed a Christian couple in            ated Press reported on November                 a brilliant film called “Jihad in Amer-        is a way of life for them, and when
Lancashire were told by police they              16, the United States reached a                 ica.” He was able to capture footage           you say Hamas can vote in East Jeru-
were “walking on eggshells” after                consensus – at a price – with the               of radical Muslims in closed-door              salem you have completely given up
complaining to their council about               delegates from more than 100 other              gatherings shouting, “Death to                 the battle and from that point there is
                                                 countries ‘to leave the United States           America” (and Israel). There seemed            no way for you to win. It’s like say-
its gay rights policies.
                                                 with oversight of the computers that            to be no U.S.            security agents       ing that true Democracy in Iraq will
         The LGBT History Month is                                                               present unless they were disguised.            take hold, when it is already written
next month. It recommends primary                act as the Internet’s master direc-
                                                                                                 These gatherings were in America,              into their law that ISLAMIC SHARIA
school lessons that include asking               tories.’ The negotiated price was an            not Saudi Arabia! They were in the             LAW will be the law of the land, that
children to repeat sexual and swear              agreement to ‘create an open-ended              heartland. His film was later classi-          no other law can supersede Sharia
words and write them on a black-                 international        forum for raising          fied as      “politically incorrect.”          Law.
board. They then discuss the real                important Internet issues.’                               The Islamic threat is not                       Which means as soon as the
meaning of the word. — Daily Mail                The new group will address ’any is-             something that is suddenly going               US and Britain pulls out so goes any
         The Courier Mail Jan., 06.2006          sue, such as spam or cybercrime, not            to       vanish because reason has             resemblance of Democracy, and the
New UK Law: Restaurants Must Per-                currently covered by ICANN                      taken over their soul and heart. Just          US knows that and they are now in
mit Gays to Publicly Exhibit Affection.          [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and    yesterday suspicious men were seen             the process of trying to figure out a
Bed & Breakfasts Must Admit Homo-                Numbers, non-profit, private-sector].           photographing the Sears Tower.                 way to leave without looking like
sexual Couples. Mar.15.2006                       ’ As if the group’s purpose                    Americans and likely even the Brits            they have been defeated.
(www.LifeSiteNews.com)                           were not clear enough already,             it   and Spanish have a short memory.
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]          Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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42                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  35

to understand it - you cannot simply              The Land ‘Down Under’                     will be called the INTERNET GOV-
read it from beginning to end and                                                           ERNANCE FORUM.
expect to learn anything at all.                    Rises To The Top!                                It is claimed, for now, the                    CENSORSHIP:
         “That is one reason why it
                                                                 Mike Claydon               forum ‘would have no binding                            NO LONGER A
takes so long to be able to read and                                                        authority.’ But with such a vague
understand the Koran: the meaning                                  Jan Markell - Olive
                                                                                            mandate to address ‘any issue…not
                                                              Tree Ministries
of any part of it depends on a knowl-                                                                                                         By Wayne Madsen 9 December 2005
                                                                                            currently covered by ICANN,’ this
edge of its context - a context that is                                                                                                    The Warning Signs
not in the Koran itself.”                                                                   forum gives the UN one foot on
                                                                                            the command deck of the Internet.              Were Not Hidden
         The Prime Minister’s ig-
                                                                                            If it were not so, then why did EU                      “... The warning signs for
norance of Islam, Dr. Sookhdeo
contends, is of a piece with his                                                            spokesman Martin Selmayr exult:                the crackdown on the web have
unsuccessful attempts to conciliate                                                         ‘                 what we see here             been with us for over a decade. The
it. And it does indeed seem as if the                                                       is a clear indication that what [the           Clipper chip controversy of the 90s,
Government’s policy towards radi-                Muslims who want to live under Is-                                                        John Poindexter’s Total Information
                                                 lamic Law (SHARIA LAW) were told           U.S.] said…is not the last word and
cal Islam is based on the hope that if                                                      that we are back on track towards              Awareness (TIA) system pushed in the
it makes concessions to its leaders,             this week to leave Australia as the
                                                                                            internationalization.’…                        aftermath of 9-11, backroom deals
they will reciprocate and relations              government targeted radicals in a bid
                                                 to head off potential terror attacks. A             Though Captain Kofi [Annan]           between the Federal government and
between fundamentalist Muslims and                                                                                                         the Internet service industry, and the
Tony Blair’s Government will then                day after a group of mainstream Mus-       claimed at the summit that the UN
                                                 lim leaders met with Prime Minister        ‘does not want to take over, police            Patriot Act have ushered in a new
turn into something resembling an
                                                 Howard, he made it clear that ex-          or otherwise control the Internet,’            era of Internet censorship, something
ecumenical prayer meeting....”
         Its confirmation of what                tremists would face a crackdown.           he is expected to ‘open the forum’s            just half a decade ago computer
they believe to be a familiar pattern:                     Australia basically said that    first meeting perhaps as early as next         programmers averred was impossible
if spokesmen for British Muslims                 if Australian values do not suit their                                                    given the nature of the web. They
                                                                                            year in Athens.’ With this old sea-dog
threaten what they call ‘adverse con-            Muslim residents, would you kindly                                                        were wrong, dead wrong.
                                                 find the nearest exit door and hight-      at the helm, the Internet Govern-
sequences’ - violence to the rest of                                                        ance Forum is sure to navigate the                      Take for example of what re-
us - then the British Government will            ail it out of the “land down under.”
                                                                                            UN into a position of ever-increasing          cently occurred when two journalists
cave in. I think it is a very dangerous          Move to a country that accepts Is-
                                                 lamic Law. Prime Minister Howard           cyberspace dominance.”                         were taking on the phone about a
precedent.”                                                                                          (End of quote, emphasis added         story that appeared on Google News.
         Dr. Sookhdeo adds that he               said that Australian spies would also
                                                 be monitoring Australian mosques.              on “Internet Governance Forum.”)           The story was about a Christian fun-
believes that “in a decade, you will                                                                 These are serious objec-              damentalist move          in Congress
see parts of English cities which are                      This is leadership with cour-
                                                 age, that doesn’t call Islam a “noble      tives for those who expose the New             to use U.S. Military force in Sudan to
controlled by Muslim clerics and
which follow, not the common law,                religion,” and is just plain no non-       World Order and other related mat-             end genocide in Darfur. The story ap-
but aspects of Muslim sharia law.                sense. It doesn’t welcome them to          ters over Internet. Will it soon be a          peared on the English Google News
         “It is already starting to              attend to their ports, rise to high po-    “cybercrime” to critique negatively            site in Qatar. But      the very same
happen - and unless the Govern-                  litical office, and likely doesn’t bow     the UN and the N.W.O.?                         Google News site when accessed
ment changes the way it treats the               to an American-based organization,             (Send for whole article if required.       simultaneously         in Washington.
so-called leaders of the Islamic com-            the Council on American-Islamic                Ask for The UN’s Desire to Control
                                                 Relations (CAIR). Perhaps they have                       the Internet.)                  DC failed to show the article. This
munity, it will continue.”                                                                                                                 censorship is       accomplished by
                                                 no such deceitful organization in
                                                 Australia and if so, pay them little                                                      geolocation filtering: the restriction
Israel Report 18.03.06                                                                                                                     or modifying          of web content
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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36                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  41
based on the geographical region of
the user. In addition to countries,
                                                 security checks.
                                                  “Uncensored”, Is.2, Jan-Mar, 2006, p.24
                                                                                                                   THE COMING ISLAMIC
such filtering can now be imple-                       (Send for whole article if required)
                                                                                                                  REPUBLIC OF ENGLAND?
mented for states, cities, and even
                                                    RUPERT MURDOCH/                                                                          of radical Islam in Britain would
individual IP      addresses.                                                                                  The Day is coming             involve suicide bombings in this
         With reports in the Swedish                  TROJAN HORSE                                      when British Muslims                 country. His prediction was depress-
newspaper Svensa Dagbladet today                           “ . . . M y S p a c e : w w w.           form a state within a state.             ingly confirmed on 7/7 last year.
that the United States has transmitted                                                        by Alaisdair Palmer (19.02.06)
                                                            myspace.com isn’t cool,                                                                    So his claim that, in the next
a Homeland Security Department                                                                “...Several years ago, Dr. Sookhdeo            decade, the Muslim community in
                                                               it isn’t hip and it isn’t      insisted that the next wave
“no fly” list of 80,000 suspected                                  trendy. It represents a                                                   Britain will not be integrated into
terrorists to airport authorities                                   cyber trojan horse and                 Cont’d from p.30                  mainstream British society, but will
around the world, it is not                                                                   about the schemes and conspiracies             isolate itself to a much greater extent,
                                                                    the media elite’s last
unreasonable that a “no [or                                                                                                                  carries weight behind it. Dr. Sookh-
                                                                   gasp effort to reclaim     of the sinister N.W.O. the Bilderberg
restricted] surfing/emailing”                                                                                                                deo has proved his prescience.
                                                                  control of the Internet     Group, do no make mistakes.                    “The Government, and Tony Blair,
list has been transmitted to In-                                  and sink it with a stran-   3...From an overseas correspondent             the Prime Minister, are fundamentally
ternet Service Providers around                                  glehold of regulation,       Despatch received this warning:                deluded about the nature of Islam,”
the world. The systematic dis-                                             control and        “Remember that history books record            he insists. “Tony Blair unintention-
ruptions of web sites and                                                  censorship.        the start of WW1 as being triggered            ally revealed his ignorance when
emails strongly suggests                                                      Since Rupert    when Archduke Francis Ferdinand                he said, in an effort to conciliate
that such a list exists.                                                   Murdoch’s          of Austria was assassinated by a               Muslims, that he had ‘read through
         News reports on                                                   $580 Million       Serbian student. Many historians               the Koran twice’ and that he kept it
CIA prisoner flights and                                                   acquisition of     consider this to be the spark that             by his bedside.
secret prisons are disap-                                                                                                                    “He thought he was saying some-
                                                                           MySpace in         started WW1.
pearing from Google and other                                                                                                                thing which showed how seriously
                                                 July 2005, it has come from total            Could it be that history books will            he took Islam. But most Muslims
search engines like Alltheweb as                 obscurity to now being the 8th most          record the publishing of the Moham-            thought it was a joke, if not an insult.
fast as they appear. Here now, gone              visited website in             the world,    med cartoons as being the spark to             Because, of course, every Muslim
tomorrow is the name of the game.                receiving half as many page hits as          ignite WW3?”                                   knows that you cannot read the Ko-
         Google is systematically                Google, despite the          fact that on             The cartoons caused a great           ran through from cover to cover and
failing to list and link to articles that        first appearance it looks like a 5-          deal of fury and hatred, killings oc-          understand it.
contain explosive information about              year-old’s picture scrap and scribble        curred over them.                                        The chapters are not written
the Bush administration, the war in              book.                                                 The public protest seems              to be read in that way. Indeed, after
Iraq, Al Qaeda, and U.S. political                       MySpace is the new mo-               to have calmed down, but Muslim                the first chapter, the chapters of the
scandals. But Google is not alone                                                             minds are clear and they have good             Koran are ordered according to their
                                                 bile phone. If you don’t have a My
in working closely to stifle Internet                                                                                                        length, not according to their content
                                                 Space account then you belong to             memories. Was the cartoon origi-               or chronology: the longest chapters
discourse. America On Line, Micro-               some kind of culturally shunned              nally intended to fan the flames of            are first, the shorter ones are at the
soft, Yahoo and others are slowly                underclass.                                  war? It is not far-fetched to put two-         end.
turning the Internet into an informa-                    What most of the trendy              and-two together.                                        “You need to know which
tion superhighway dominated by                   wendy’s (sic) remain blissfully una-                                                        passage was revealed at what period
barricades, toll booths, off-ramps that          ware of is the fact that MySpace                                                            and in what time in order to be able
lead to dead ends, choke points, and
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]       Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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40                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006        Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  37
that Iraqi oil could once again be                                                          is Rupert Murdoch’s battle axe for             technologies. Murdoch stressed the
purchased with the petrodollar.                     THOSE MUSLIM                            shaping a future Internet environ-             need to regain control of these outlets
                                                                                            ment whereby electronic dissent,
In November 2000, Iraq stopped
accepting U.S. dollars for their oil.
                                                     CARTOONS.                              whether it be against corporations
                                                                                                                                           in order to prevent the establishment
                                                                                                                                           media empire from crumbling.
                                                 Newspapers in Denmark, Norway,             or government, will not tolerated
Counted as a purely political move,                                                                                                                  MySpace is Rupert Murdo-
                                                 France and Germany have published          and freedom of e-speech will cease
Saddam Hussein switched the cur-                                                                                                           ch’s trojan horse for destroying free
                                                 a cartoon of the Prophet Moham-            to exist.
rency required to purchase Iraqi oil                                                                                                       speech on the Internet. It is a founda-
                                                 med wearing a turban in the shape
to the EURO. …                                                                                                                             tional keystone of the first wave of the
                                                 of a bomb with a burning fuse. The
In March 2006, Iran will take Iraq’s                                                                                                       state’s backlash to the damage that
                                                 cartoon was offensive to the Muslims
switch to the petroeuro to new                                                                                                             a free and open Internet has done to
                                                 across the planet, because the Proph-
heights       by launching a third oil                                                                                                     their organs of propaganda. By firstly
                                                 et may not be displayed in public
exchange. The Iranians have devel-                                                                                                         making it cool, trendy and culturally
                                                 places, and certainly cannot be made
oped a petroeuro system for oil trade,                                                                                                     elite for millions to flock to establish-
                                                 a figure of fun in cartoon form.           DESPATCH: Prisonplanet is part
which when enacted, will once again                                                                                                        ment controlled Internet backbones
                                                          We have some of those car-        of Alex Jones network. He ex-
threaten U.S. dollar         supremacy                                                                                                     like MySpace, Murdoch is preparing
                                                 toons but cannot, of course, show                 MySpace a main freedom
                                                                                            poses the NWO; has been caught
far greater than        Iraq’s euro con-                                                                                                   the groundwork for the day when
                                                 our readers the copies, so explosive                Send for some blogs critical
                                                                                                    shutting down of his DVDs,
version. Called the Iran Oil Bourse,                                                                                                       it will stop being voluntary and be-
                                                 are they.                                          of itself
                                                                                                       $5 posted in Aust., use
an exchange that only accepts euro                                                                                                         come mandatory to use government
                                                          There are some very intrigu-                        stamps only.
for oil sales      would mean that the                                                                                                     and corporate monopoly controlled
                                                 ing facts about this incident, given                     articles/january2006/
entire world could begin purchasing                                                                                                        Internet hubs.
                                                 the IMPACT the cartoons made:                        090106Myspace.htm
oil from any oil-producing nation                                                                                                                    The end game is a system
                                                 1...Was it just an accidental happen-       and other Murdoch owned com-
with euros instead of dollars.”                                                                                                            similar to or worse than China,
                                                 ing? Merete Eldrup, Managing Di-           panies. They even had the audacity
  Is there a direct threat to the sta-                                                                                                     whereby no websites even mildly
                                                 rector of JP/Politikens Hus A/S (the       to censor links to completely different
        bility of the U.S. Dollar,                                                                                                         critical of the government will be
                                                 company that published the cartoons in     websites when clicking through for
    the U.S. Economy, and the U.S.               Denmark) is married to Anders Eldrup.
                                                                                            MySpace. When 600 MySpace users
            Standard of living                   He attended the last five Bilderberg                                                                The Pentagon admitted that
                                                                                            complained, MySpace deleted the
       from the Iran Oil Bourse?                 meetings                                                                                  they would engage
                                                                                            blog forum that the complaints were                  www.prisonplanet.com/articles/
It is pretty common news amongst the                   (as reported by Tony Gosling,        posted on. Taking their inspiration                 january2006/280106fightnet.htm
alternative press people that America,             the UK BILDERBERGER REPORTER).           from Communist China, MySpace                  in psychological warfare and cyber
it seems, is being manipulated into              2...Merete is a former Head of Sec-        regularly uses blanket censorship              attacks on ‘enemy’ Internet websites
a collapse of their economy, so big              retariat at the Ministry of      Eco-      to block out words like ‘God’.                 in an attempt to shut them down.
that it will vastly outstrip the Great           nomic and Business Affairs        and              Earlier this week Rupert               The fact that the NSA surveillance
Depression of        the 1930s...”               Deputy Director of the Danish En-          Murdoch sounded the death knell                program spied on 5,000 Americans
        S.E.C.W., P.O.B. 8129                    ergy Authority. Anders is chair-man           http://prisonplanet.com/articles/
      Mt. Gambier East. SA 5291.                 of DONG, the State-owned energy                                                           tells us that the enemy is the alterna-
     woodham@ozemail.com.au                      company (Danish Oil and                                                                   tive media and that it will be targeted
                                                                                Natural     for conventional forms of media in
                                                 Gas), which will soon be privatized.
                                                                                                                                           for elimination. Google has been
                                                                                            stating that the media elite were los-
                                                 People in positions                                                                       ordered to turn over information
                                                                                            ing their monopoly to the rapid and
                                                  of power like this, and who know all                                                     about its users by a judge to the US
                                                                                            free spread of new communication
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]     Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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38                                          Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006         Despatch Magazine ~ Vol. 18:1 Mar., 2006                                                  39

      N. Z.                  SNIPPET                            possible                       ALIENS &                     SNIPPETS
                                                                                                                                                                Behold a Pale Horse,
                                                                                                                                                           3.. Satanists talk
JANUARY 7, 2006
                                                             to head the
                                                                                               THE NWO.                                                    about conjuring up
                                                                                                                                            demons who appear as GREY BE-
                                                                                             From a correspondent in the US:
                                                       UNITED NATIONS.                                                                      INGS ABOUT 4 FOOT HIGH. Al-
                                                                                             1...I recall seeing lots of TV shows
 TOP KIWIS                                                                                   and movies like Stargate-SG-1, where
                                                                                                                                            iester Crowley wrote about calling
                                                        The INTERNA-                                                                        up beings “through the       portal”
ON LIST FOR                                           TIONAL HUMAN
                                                                                             grey aliens are talked to. Movies
                                                                                                                                            – we are conditioned to accept “por-
FIRST FEMALE                                          RIGHTS GROUP EQUAL-
                                                                                             always seem to have 4 foot tall grey
                                                                                                                                            tal” = “alien” when in fact “portal”
                                                                                             aliens – have you ever noticed that?
    U.N. HEAD                                         ITY NOW has included New
                                                                                             2...The NWO plan calls for aliens to
                                                                                                                                            = “summoned       demon appearing
                                                      Zealand’s two highest-ranked                                                          as a grey alien.”
                                                                                             be involved. In Behold a Pale Horse
   ...GOVERNOR-General Dame                           women in a group of 18 can-
                                                                                             by Cooper, he mentions          aliens
Silvia Cartwright &                                   didates to become the first
   ...Prime Minister Helen Clark                      female head of the U.N. when
                                                                                             “It is true that without the popula-
     have been suggested as                           Kofi Annan steps down at the
                                                                                             tion or the bomb problem, the elect
                                                end of the             year.
                                                                                             [elite] would use some other excuses
            Cont’d from p. 37
                                                                                             to bring about the New World Or-
government.                                     “In the 60 years since the United
                                                                                             der. They have plans to bring about
         The second wave of destroy-            Nations was foun-ded, no woman
                                                                                             things like earthquakes, war, the
ing freedom of speech online will               has ever been elected to serve as Sec-
                                                                                             Messiah, extraterrestrial landings,
simply attempt to price people out              retary-General, despite the fact that
                                                                                             and economic collapse. They might
of using the conventional Internet              there are many qualified candidates,”
                                                                                             bring about all of these things just to
and force people over to Internet 2,            the group’s website says.
                                                                                             make…sure that it does work. They
a state regulated hub where permis-                      “Women are under-repre-
                                                                                             will do whatever is necessary to                    See further letters from
sion will need to be obtained directly          sented in the ranks of the organisa-
                                                                                             succeed. The Illuminati has all the
                                                tion, as well as at the top.”                                                                   “Steve Williams” this issue
from an FCC or government bureau                                                             bases covered…Can you imagine
to set up a website.                            The National Business Review re-                                                             on pp. 70-72 re ALIENS/Witch-
                                                                                             what would happen if Los Angeles is
         The original Internet will             ported that “speculation” had been                                                                   raft in Perth WA.
                                                                                             hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City
then be turned into a mass sur-                 swirling for more than a year that
                                                                                             is destroyed by a terrorist-planted
veillance database and marketing                Helen Clark hoped for a top UN
                                                                                             atomic bomb, World War 111 breaks
tool.... www.prisonplanet.com/articles/         post after her stint as Prime Minis-ter
                                                                                             out in the Middle East, the banks
february2006/30206endofinternet.htm             was over.
                                                                                             and the stock markets        collapse,
                                                                                                                                                 IRAN OIL BOURSE
     (Send for whole article if required)              Other EQUALITY NOW
                                                                                             Extraterrestrials land on the White              South East Christian Witness,
                                                         candidates include                                                                     Aust. Issue 2, 2006, reports:
                                                                                             House lawn, food disappears from
                                                   ...Myanmar Nobel laureate                                                                “On November 10 t h , 2005, the
                                                      Aung San Suu Kyi;                      the shelves, some people disappear,
                                                                                             the Messiah presents himself to the            Muckraker Report published an ar-
                                                   ...Gro Harlem Brundtland,
                                                                                             world, and all in a very short period          ticle that described one of       the
                                                      the former Prime Minister of Norway;
                                                   ...Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the President    of time?”                                      unspoken reasons why the United
                                                      of Latvia.                                      William Cooper, p.177                 States had to invade Iraq;     to lib-
                                                                                                                                            erate the U.S. dollar in Iraq       so
        Endtime Ministries...Christian Resource Centre [P.O.B. 1265, Burpengary. Q. 4505]      Email: despatch@mail.cth.com.au Web Site: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/
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