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									                      Resource Newsletter
Vol. 13, No. 1                              C.C. Wells – November 2010                         1st Nine Weeks

                Physical Education
                                                                     During music class, your child will
          Our Elementary Physical Education program        participate in grade level appropriate skill
in Chesterfield County provides an activity class for      development, which is outlined in the county
45 minutes once a week. I (Ms. Carolyn Buletza) am         curriculum guide. Basic music concepts are taught
the full time specialist teaching grades K-5. During       through singing, playing instruments, moving, and
the Physical Education Specialist period, your child       listening. Students gradually develop their singing
will participate in grade level appropriate skill          voices, a repertoire of songs, and a sense of rhythm
development, which is outlined in the county               beginning with the steady beat.             Movement
curriculum guide.                                          experiences are included as a means of demonstrating
          The MAST (gross motor assessment test)           an understanding of concepts such as pitch, rhythm,
was given to all of our kindergarten students. Their       and form. Listening experiences include traditional
teachers will share the results with you. These are        and contemporary classical works, American folk
basic gross motor skills that all kindergarten students    music, and music of other cultures. Through each of
should be able to master during the nine weeks. They       these experiences students will have the opportunity
are balancing, hopping, galloping, walking the length      to apply and demonstrate an understanding of music
of the balance beam, and bouncing a playground size        concepts.
ball several times consecutively. All kindergarten and               On October 19th, the Carver Middle School
first grade students should be working on tying their      music teachers presented a program to our fifth
own sneakers for class. If you want your child to          graders about the music classes offered as electives in
wear other shoes on Physical Education day, please         the middle school.        The students got a very
pack sneakers in their backpack.                           informative overview of the band, orchestra, chorus
          Grades 2-5 have been asked to encourage          and guitar classes as well as the Exploratory
their students to start each recess period by              Program. In February, the students will take a field
walking/jogging a few laps around the bus loop. They       trip to Carver to hear the groups perform and receive
can use this activity as a warm-up for their supervised    more information about signing up for band,
play time. It takes about 8 laps to make a mile. The       orchestra, chorus, or guitar class with the guidance
fourth and fifth grades will take the state required       counselors in the spring.
PACER test by April.                                                 Parents often wonder when they should
          Are you a must win parent? Good coaches          begin music lessons for their child. The answer to
teach respect for the opposition, love of competition,     that is very easy……as soon as possible! The
the value of trying your best, and how to win or lose      benefits of music reach far beyond learning how to
graciously. Some parents, however, never learned           sing or play an instrument.         Belonging to an
these lessons. They expect perfection from their child     organized group enhances a child’s success in
and the child’s team. They make negative comments          society, success in school, and success in life.
before games, after games, and when it hurts most          Studies show that music training profoundly affects
after a child has dropped a fly ball or let the winning    brain development. Music is one of the very few
goal score. Be a model for other parents and kids.         whole brain activities engaging all four parts of the
Emphasize effort over result and progress over             brain! The only other functions that use both
perfection.                                                hemispheres are higher-level mathematics and logic
                                           Ms. Buletza     processing, such as chess. Nothing compares to
                                                           music education in brain stimulation and
                    Music Notes                            development and music education benefits every
                                                           child! It isn’t a coincidence that a higher percentage
          All of the wonderful student musicians at        of band, choir, or orchestra members are top-ranking
C.C. Wells have been very busy reviewing some              students. Regardless of a child’s natural tendencies
skills as well as working on new skills during the first   for the arts, making music instruction a part of every
nine weeks of school. I hope the children have             child’s total development can only enhance their life
shared some of the information and songs they have         skills and mental processing. (Information taken from
learned. Beethoven, the music beaver, has certainly )
helped the kindergarten children sing many new                       The fifth grade students have begun
songs with their “best voices”!                            preparing their special holiday program “December
In Our Town” for the December 14th P.T.A. meeting           room. Their great art work can be seen on display
at 7:00p.m.      This program is a multicultural            throughout the hallways.
celebration of the wonder, joy, and diversity of the                  Kindergarten has worked on developing
month of December. You don’t want to miss this              basic art skills such as cutting, gluing and drawing.
joyous event!                                               They have learned to identify basic shapes, lines and
                                     Mrs. Hampton           colors.
                                                                      First grade has worked on creating a
           World Language – Spanish                         balanced composition, painting and using line
                                                            variations in art work. They are now in the process of
¡Hola!                                                      making a paper collage.
          We’re off to a good start in the Spanish                    Second grade learned to identify secondary
room! We spent some time reviewing greetings and            colors, use complex patterns and practice painting
introductions, colors, numbers, and calendar terms in       skills.
all grade levels. We use these things almost every                    Third grade learned to create movement
single week in class, so they are incredibly important!     though line and repetition, create a landscape that has
          Students in kindergarten, first, and second       perspective and use specific techniques to
grade completed thematic units devoted to their             demonstrate good craftsmanship skills. In addition
school. They learned about things they would find in        they also learned how to use nature as a source for
school, as well as people and places in our school.         inspiration.
We discussed our likes and dislikes about school, as                  Fourth grade learned to identify warm colors
well as school routines and procedures.                     and create art that conveys an emotion. The students
          Third grade students participated in the          also explored the concept of making 3-D art by
Symbolic Migration, a program designed to imitate           making paper bag trees and clay leaves.
the actual migration of the Monarch butterfly. We                     Fifth grade continued to develop their
discussed differences in school life in our school and      painting and drawing skills. They also created
in Mexico, then students collaborated on a class            wonderful fiber weavings that introduced them to the
butterfly that will be sent to Mexico. The butterfly        weaving process. They are now in the process of
will remain there all winter, and in the spring,            learning about clay by making clay masks.
butterflies will return to Wells and we will learn                                                    Ms. Rochelle
where they have traveled. Third graders also briefly
reviewed some school vocabulary as well. We used
it as a chance for us to practice making longer                           * Just A Reminder *
sentences with our Spanish vocabulary.
          Fourth grade students have been practicing                  All children receive grades in Art, Music,
their map skills in Spanish. We used these map skills       Physical Education, and World Language – Spanish.
to talk about various Spanish-speaking countries in         This grade is based on a student’s performance of
the world and some of their geographical                    skills taught during each nine-week grading period.
characteristics. Students loved making a living             Please be aware that your child’s grade reflects a
compass where they got to be the compass needle,            specific piece of the syllabus, not an overall measure
pointing in the right direction.                            of his/her total ability in the specified area.
          Fifth grade students completed a large unit
learning about words and phrases they can use to            E – Excellent progress with independence and
describe themselves. We spent some time practicing          consistency (Student consistently independently
speaking our new sentences before students made             demonstrates concept/skills outlined in county
some “Todo Sobre Mí” (“All About Me”) projects.             guidelines.)
The results are beautiful, and I can’t wait for your
children to share them with you! Students wrote 10          S – Satisfactory progress (Student demonstrates
things about themselves and then added a picture of         concepts/skills outlined in the county guidelines.)
themselves to go alongside their sentences.
          I am proud to say that I’m looking forward        M – Minimal progress           (Student is not yet
to a wonderful year!                                        consistently demonstrating concepts/skills outlined in
          Hasta luego… ¡Adiós!                              county guidelines.
                                   Señora Warren
                                                            N – Not meeting expectations (Student is not
                     Art Gallery                            demonstrating concepts/skills outlined in county
         The students are off to a great start in the art

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