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					November 2009                                          East Valley Adult Resources                                                      Page 1

                                                                                     Vol. 1 No. 11 Nov 1- Dec 15 2009

                                Makes A Change…
          To better accommodate our readers, we will be offering advance information about upcoming events. The November issue
   introduces a new reporting schedule that will run from the 15th to the 15th of each month. The current issue will cover information for a
   45 day period (i.e. November 1st – December 15th) to get us on track for the coming months. The December issue will officially begin
   this new rotation providing event information from December 15th – January 15th . Each month to follow will be on the new rotation.
   Readers will now have timely information that overlaps receipt of the newsletter, so they will NOT miss out on the fantastic events
   planned the first week of the month.

            East Valley Adult Resources Locations
 Red Mountain Active Adult Center                       Mesa Active Adult Center                 Apache Junction Active Adult Center
       7550 E. Adobe St.                                 247 N. Macdonald St.                            1035 N. Idaho Rd.
         480-218-2221                                        480-962-5612                                  480-474-5260

          What’s                                                           East Valley Adult Resources

                                                                           45 West University, Suite A                     US Postage PAID
                                                                           Mesa, Arizona 85201                              Mesa, Arizona
                                                                                                                             Permit 314
 EVSS Foundation ..............................................3
 Community Services ....................................4-7
 News and Happenings from:
 Red Mountain Active Adult Center .............8
 Mesa Active Adult Center ...............................9
 Apache Junction Active Adult Center ....... 10
 Page 2                                                                         East Valley Adult Resources                                                                      November 2009
                                               East Valley Adult Resources, Inc.
                                                    Administrative Offices
                                                 45 West University, Suite A • Mesa, AZ 85201
                                                  Phone: 480-964-9014 • Fax: 480-898-7306                                                                              Dan Taylor, Executive Director
                                                          Affiliated Organizations
                                                             East Valley R.S.V.P.
                                                  247 North Macdonald St. • Mesa, AZ 85201
       2009 Board of Directors                                                                                                        We         a r e         On Tuesday, November 10th we will be
                                                 East Valley Adult Resources Foundation, Inc.                                    changing the             having our Veterans Day Celebration at each
                                                            480-964-9014 ext. 107                                                newsletter a bit this    of the Active Adult Centers. It is critical to
        Douglas Gray-President                          Discovery Point Retirement Apts.                                         month. If you look       our society’s fabric that we remember and
      Marv Turley-President Elect                                   408-924-6474                                                 on the front page        honor our veterans, as well as, those currently
     Howard Rubin-Vice President                 East Valley Adult Resources, Inc. is published on                               you will note that the   serving in our armed forces. We have started
       Karen Stegenga-Secretary                  the first of each month by Miller Media Services.                               dates are November       an individual Veterans Assistance service at
    Joseph O’Reilly, Ph.D.-Treasurer                                                                                             1 – December 15.         our Mesa Center - Mondays from 9:00am
                                                                                                                                 In the future the        -11:00 a.m.
             Board Members                                                                                                       newsletter will get           The annual Thanksgiving Celebrations
              Terry Benelli                                                                                                      to you by the 6th        will be held on Wednesday, November 25th.
            Jeffrey A. Bither                                                                                                    or 7th each month        We will be serving a delicious traditional
            Elton Bordenave                                                                           and will cover a 15th – 15th time frame. We         Thanksgiving meal with festive entertainment
                                                               MEDIA SERVICES
               Bob Dailey                                  PRINTING PUBLISHING PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS   have struggled to get it to your home or office     at each Active Adult Center…proving yet
              Pat Donahue                                                                             by the 1st of each month, however with the          again to be a very memorable event.
               Pat Esparza
                                                      For advertising information:
                                                                                                      printing and mailing process, the time frame             Since this newsletter covers our programs
              Amy Fellner                            call Miller Media Services at                    for receipt is typically beyond the 1st. To         through the middle of December, I would like
              John G. Ford                             (480) 361-4431 or e-mail                       better accommodate your information needs,          to make a special plea this year to support our
           JoAnn K. Freeborn                                     we have adjusted the content to overlap the         Holiday Meal Campaign. Each year we ask
             Jay A. Furness                                                                           1st week of each month. We hope that this           for a $5.00 donation to sponsor a Holiday
             Coiya Kirchner                          The East Valley Adult Resources, Inc. is         will be a definite improvement in providing         Meal for someone who is homebound.
            Barbara Mezinko                        provided to the community by Miller Media          advance event information to you.                   This year we have the Modern Woodman
          Robert “Bob” Phillips                     Services at no cost to the foundation or its
                                                                                                           Our major signature event takes place          of America matching the campaign up to
                                                     associates. Due to the limited amount of
           Donna V. Rodgers                                                                           on Thursday, November 19th. The Expo                $2,500, so we really need your support.
                                                  available space, all submitted material may be
           Arlene Strandberg                      edited or omitted as deemed necessary by the        for Active Adults opens for the 18th year           Additional information about this program
                Ann Weber                           publisher and EVAR, Inc. representatives.         at The Mesa Convention Center. As we                is in the newsletter, and on the Web at www.
                                                                                                      go to print we anticipate close to 100     - click the donation box,
Mission:                                                                                              businesses to participate with entertainment,       select Holiday Meals and your donation will
We value the experience of the generations by providing opportunities to connect,                     demonstrations, free snacks and much more.          immediately be credited to our account. We
contribute, and care for each other.                                                                  The entertainment will be the Come Back             have taken a number of measures to ensure
Values:                                                                                               Buddy trio who features the music of Buddy          the security of the site and to maintain your
• Promote positive aging                                                                              Holly. Did you catch the new name for the           confidentiality.
• Focus on education and preventive health                                                            Expo? The active adult label is now a part               Have a great month and a half and enjoy
• Deliver quality service                                                                             of each center name.                                the wonderful weather.
• Understand, respect and incorporate the diversity of needs
• Engage and honor volunteers
• Provide a caring and safe environment
• Emphasize participatory governance
• Involve all generations of the population

  Great reasons to make
  the citadel your home
                          Peace of Mind
                          Top quality services at reasonable prices with no buy-in

                          Service excellence for more than 30 years

                          Customize your cultural, spiritual, and educational experiences

                          Freedom from home maintenance on an active senior campus

                          Restaurant-Style Dining
                          Enjoy an elegant dining experience with skillfully prepared meals

                          Events, outings, recreation, seminars, and more

                          Live in beautiful, sunny Mesa

   520 South Higley Road
   Mesa, AZ 85206                   A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY
November 2009                                                              East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                     Page 3

Ten Ways to Redefine Yourself - Shifting                                                              East Valley Adult Resources Foundation, Inc.
    Gears to Successful Retirement                                                                                 2009 Board of Directors
By Cynthia Barnett in October ’09 Senior Daily Living Newsletter                                        Officers:	                 Board	members:
    Have doubts about retiring? A bit frustrated because you have no idea what the future                  Jim Best – President                                Jacqueline Hough Frame
entails. Shifting gears from a working professional to a successful retiree can be easy. Ten               Nancy Benhardus – Vice President                    David Weed
ways you can use to transition:                                                                            Douglas Gray – Treasurer                            Nathan A. Skinner
                                                                                                           Nancy Fleming - Secretary
    1.  Partial disengagement from working fulltime - Retirement is new growth.
        Change your image – “What will I become next?”
        Appreciate yourself – Personal worth is far beyond the work you did in the past.
                                                                                                      “We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from our major contributors.”
    4.  Stay connected – Interact with people you have a common interest.
                                                                                                                                      Corporate Trailblazers
    5.   Remain active – Retirement is not just rest and relaxation.                                         East Valley Adult Resources, Inc., Leisure World Foundation of Arizona, Inc.,
    6.  Consider options– Do what you want to do and let no one tell you what you need                        The Arizona Republic/News 12-Season for Sharing, The East Valley Tribune,
        to do while in retirement.                                                                        Banner Baywood Medical Center, Banner Heart Hospital, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives,
    7. Increase your knowledge – Learning is a lifelong process.                                                 Southwest Ambulance, Bashas’, SecureHorizons by UnitedHealthcare
    8. Explore your dreams - Fulfill your dreams.
                                                                                                                                             Business Partners:
    9. Join a cause – Commit yourself to a worthy cause you believe in.                                         Abrazo Advantage Health Plan, Angels Cremation & Burial, Banner Health
    10. Maintain youthful attitude - Don’t act your age – have an attitude.                                           BrightStar Healthcare, Card 4 Life, CareFocus Companion Care,
                                                                                                        Carestone Assisted Living, Cigna Healthcare of Arizona, Comfort Plus – Medical Supplies,
                                                                                                           Fairfield Residential Properties, Family Home Care, Inc., Fleming Financial Services
                                                                                                             Fountain View Village, Hannah’s Ah-Chin Casino Resort, Integrity Chiropractic
                                                                                                        Maricopa Hearing Center, Medical Arts Pharmacy & Home Health, Merrill Gardens at Mesa
                                                                                                              Mi Casa Nursing Center, Moving You Simply, LLC, Novara Clinical Research
                                                                                                             Preferred Care Partners, Sun Villa Apartments, Swagel Wootton Hiatt Eye Center
                                                                                                          The Citadel, The Court at East Mesa, The Manor Village at Downtown Ocotillo Cays
                                                                                                                       Village Oaks, Visiting Angels, Waddell & Reed, Wells Fargo
                                                                                                                                        Government Entities:
                                                                                                         Area Agency on Aging –Region One, Pinal-Gila County for Senior Citizens, City of Mesa
                                                                                                               City of Tempe, City of Apache Junction, City of Chandler, Town of Gilbert
                                                                                                                                        Community Sponsors:
                                                                                                    Discovery Point Retirement Apartments, Mesa United Way, United Way of Pinal County, Desert Club

         November Financial Presentation
                                  Types	of	Annuities
Jason Vos - Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors                                                            December Financial Presentation
      Annuities are probably the most maligned and misunderstood of all safe investment                                     All	about	IRAs:
alternatives. They have been around for centuries and are available in virtually every country
around the world. Americans purchase more than $200 billion in annuities each year and             One	of	the	most	powerful	retirement	savings	tools	available	to	you
trillions of dollars are invested in annuities. Attorneys use annuities in the settlement of      Jason Vos - Waddell & Reed Financial Advisor
personal injury cases that pay lifetime benefits to the injured party. States use them to pay          An individual retirement account (IRA) is a personal savings plan that offers specific
lottery winners. Employers and governments use them to pay pension benefits to retired            tax benefits. In fact, IRAs are one of the most powerful retirement savings tools available to
workers. And don’t forget the average retirement-minded citizen looking for guaranteed            you. Even if you have an old 401(k) or a plan at work, you should also consider investing
lifetime income they can’t outlive.                                                               in an IRA.
      Annuities serve a useful purpose for the right set of circumstances, and no doubt will           December’s presentation will be ‘All about IRAs’. Some of the topics we will be
continue to be an important savings and investment option. Of course, like all savings and        discussing include:
investment options, annuities are not right for everyone. But, neither are mutual funds, bank          • What are the differences between a Traditional IRA and Roth IRA?
CDs, stocks, bonds and other investments. Annuities come in several different types and are            • Can you deduct your IRA contributions on your federal income tax return?
issued by insurance companies. They are the same insurance companies that insure your                  • What happens when you start taking money from your IRA? Are you required to?
house, car, health, life and every other possession you value; so you can stop worrying about          • What portion of your contributions and withdrawals are subject to income tax?
them not paying off.                                                                                   • What types of penalties are associated with IRAs and how do you avoid them?
      This presentation will discuss annuities and provide information to help you determine if        • What is an IRA rollover, and what options do you have when you leave a 401k or
the annuity you own, or are considering, is right for you. If you understand what an annuity      403b at a previous employer?
can and cannot do, it will be hard to fool you into buying something you don’t need or not to          Please join us and find out how to take advantage of a once in a lifetime chance to convert
buy something you really do need. It is just as bad to miss the bus as it is to take the wrong    a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Why would you want to do this – what advantage to you?
bus because either way you won’t get to your destination. At Waddell & Reed, we want you                                          Red Mountain Active Adult Center
on the right bus to a happy retirement where you’ll earn the most from the money you’ve                                                    7550 E. Adobe
saved for your golden years.                                                                                                                 3rd Monday
                                Red Mountain Active Adult Center                                                                       Monday, December 21st
                                          7550 E. Adobe                                                                                 10:00am to 11:00am
                                   3rd Monday, November 16th                                                                            Multi-purpose Room A
                                       10:00am to 11:00am
                                      Multi-purpose Room A

                                                                   Traditional & Roth IRAs
    An individual retirement arrangement (IRA) can help you save for retirement with either tax-deferred or tax-free growth of any earnings. You may also choose to use an IRA to supplement
your 401(k) without increasing your tax burden.
    There are two main types of IRAs – Traditional or Roth. You can choose one or both depending on your tax situation and income. Which one is appropriate for you?
         Comparison                                            Traditional IRA                                                      Roth IRA

         Earnings                                              Earnings are tax-deferred until withdrawn (IRS early                 Earnings are tax-deferred and tax-free upon withdrawal
                                                               withdrawal penalties may apply if you are under age 59 1/2).         if certain requirements are met.
                                                               Contributions may be tax-deductible depending on your                Contributions are not tax-deductible.
                                                               modified adjusted gross income and other factors.

         Contributions                                         You may no longer make contributions for the year in which           You may continue making Roth IRA contributions after
                                                               you reach age 70 1/2; or in later years.                             age 70 1/2 if you have earned income.

         Income requirements                                   No income limit to make contributions; however, you must             Your modified adjusted gross income must be below
                                                               have earned income to contribute.                                    certain limits depending on your tax filing status.
                                                                                                                                    You are not required to take mandatory distributions at
                                                                                                                                    any age during your lifetime.

         Distributions                                         Distributions are required beginning at age 70 1/2.                  Beneficiaries are subject to minimum distributions rules,
                                                                                                                                    but may not have to take a distribution in a specific year.
  Page 4                                                                    East Valley Adult Resources                                                                      November 2009

              Eliminating the Silence...                                                                        New Rehab Programs Increase
            Lets Talk About Incontinence                                                                       Independence & Quality of Life
By Jane Hankenhof Curry, BS, Gerontologist
     Incontinence is a topic not easily                Disposable absorbent products are an              Fountain View Village has recently           protocols developed specifically for the
discussed. The stigma associated with             effective and convenient way to manage            introduced a series of evidence-based clinical    medical complexities of the frail elderly.
incontinence has caused it to remain a            incontinence. Today’s superabsorbent              programs that allow for treatment of a wider      Comprehensive in nature, the protocols
“taboo” condition. Many individuals are           technology eliminates embarrassing odors,         range of prevalent geriatric health conditions.   address key areas of treatment including proper
so embarrassed by this condition they don’t       leakage, and skin breakdown. Identifying the      These specialty treatment programs are            assessment, disease pathology, anatomy,
mention it to their physician. Incontinence       type of incontinence coupled with the amount      focused on achieving the best possible            physiology, and mechanism of action. ACP’s
is “not a normal part of aging” nor is it a       of urine flow and mobility level will assist in   functional gains, improving quality-of-life,      Physical Agent Modalities and proprietary
disease. The loss of bladder control is a         determining which product is right for you.       and extending independence for residents and      clinical protocols are founded in evidence-
medical condition that affects approximately           It is very important to note that not all    others in the community. Safe, non-invasive       based practice using recognized sources
25 million Americans. If left untreated           disposable products are created equal. Low        and medication free, the programs are             such as The Agency for Healthcare Research
incontinence can lead to isolation, loss of       performance products comprised of cotton fluff    reimbursed by Medicare and other insurance        and Quality, The Cochrane Collaboration,
freedom, and unnecessary frustration.             or products manufactured for menstruation         providers. Currently, the programs address        The Ottawa Panel, and The Philadelphia
     There are five common types of               are not effective in the management of            the following conditions: Pain Management,        Panel, along with the results of randomized
incontinence, which can be experienced either     incontinence. Bladder control products            Wound Healing, Joint Replacement, CVA             controlled clinical trials, controlled case
separately or in a variety of combinations.       comprised of superabsorbent polymers offer        Stroke Recovery, Neuromuscular Disease,           studies, and ongoing clinical experience.
Stress incontinence is the leakage of a small     the highest level of performance and will         Urinary Incontinence, Contractures, Fall               Learn more about these new modalities
amount of urine due to sudden pressure on         quickly absorb and neutralize urine. High         Prevention, Arthritis, COPD, Neuromuscular        at one of the upcoming
the bladder experienced when laughing,            performance products retain large volumes         Re-education, and other conditions.                    “Vital Signs” presentations at the Active
coughing, exercising, or lifting a heavy          of urine, prevent leakage, control bacterial           The new rehabilitation programs are          Adult Centers:
object. Urge incontinence is a sudden “urge”      growth, eliminate odor and improve the            implemented by the Therapy Department             December 1st – Red Mountain Center -
to urinate that is so strong that the bathroom    quality of life. In addition, they also offer a   in conjunction with Accelerated Care Plus         (9:00-10:00)
cannot be reached in time. Overflow               cost-saving advantage.                            (ACP), a specialty rehab provider serving         December 9th – Mesa Center -
incontinence occurs when the bladder fills             * Jane Curry is the Education Coordinator    over 2500 skilled nursing facilities throughout   (9:15-10:15)
beyond capacity and urine spills. Individuals     for Principle Business Enterprises, Inc,          the U.S. The programs are built around state-     December 30th - Discovery Point -
may also experience the feeling of never being    Dunbridge, Ohio. Principle Business               of-the-art Physical Agent Modalities – the        (9:30-10:30)
able to empty the bladder. Reflex incontinence    Enterprises is the manufacturer of Tranquility,   same medical devices that have been used          January 7th - Apache Junction -
is an involuntary urination without any           high performance incontinence products and        for 30 years with professional, collegiate        (10:30-11:15)
sensation of a full bladder. It is possible to    can be found at         and Olympic athletes to facilitate recovery
be completely unaware of the need to urinate      or visit our store at 5456 E. McDowell Rd.        and improve performance. The efficacy and         For further questions regarding the new
when this happens. Functional incontinence        Suite 118, Mesa, 480-545-8055.                    safety of ACP’s medical devices, including        rehabilitation program contact:
can result from a surgery, restricted mobility,         * Article provided courtesy of Comfort      Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Shortwave             Fountain View Village
environmental barriers, medications, or           Plus Medical Supplies                             Diathermy, and Infrared Therapy, have been        16455 E Ave of the Fountains
mental disorders.                                                                                   documented in over 100 scientific research        Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
                                                                                                    articles.                                         (480) 836-5000
                   Educational Event at                                                                  Equally significant, these proven
                                                                                                    modalities are supported by clinical
                 Banner Baywood Campus
                                                                                                                ratinig gs
Saturday, Nov. 7

                                                                                                          Celeb ginn n
Free robotic surgery seminar
What’s Up, Doc? An in-depth discussion with Mesa’s top surgeons about robotic-assisted

                                                                                                           ew Be
surgery. Event will include a free light lunch. Choice of two events: 10 a.m. to noon or
1 to 3 p.m.
Banner Heart Hospital
Primrose/Lupine Rooms, Fourth Floor                                                                      N
6750 E. Baywood Ave., Mesa                                                                                Age-Defying Breakthrough Without A Facelift!
Space is limited. Please RSVP to: (480) 854-5091 or
                                                                                                           Destroy the Embarrassing, Frustrating
                   Mollen Flu Shot Clinics                                                                  Enemy Causing You to Look Years
                       	All	clinics	start	at	9:00am                                                          Older. It’s Hidden Behind Those
Wednesday, November 4th                           Thursday, December 10th
Mesa                                              Apache Junction
                                                  Active Adult Center
                                                                                                            Chipped, Stained, or Missing Teeth!
Active Adult Center
247 N Macdonald St - Mesa                         1035 N. Idaho – Apache Junction                                It’s true- your smile is telling the world you look older
480-962-5612                                      480-474-5260                                           than you are. Revolutionary dental advances in Cosmetic
Tuesday, November 17th                                                                                   Dentistry and Dental Implants can now give you the opportunity
Red Mountain
Active Adult Center                                                                                      to turn back the hands of time and get back what was stolen from
7550 E Adobe Street - Mesa                                                                               you — your youthful appearance!
                                                                                                                 Now it‘s possible to replace teeth with 90% of the force
                                                                                                         used to eat and smile with confidence that you had when you
                                                                                                         were 18 years old. Do you know why a lot of people who can
                                                                                                         afford modern dentistry don’t have it done? They feel it will take
                                                                                                         too long to get that “million dollar smile”.
                                                                                                                 We have discovered that the happiest dental patients are
                                                                                                         those that are serious about “looking great, feeling great, and
                                                                                                         they do what it takes to get their dental care done right.”

                                                                                                         “How Do I Find Out What Dental Implants Can Do For Me?”
                                                                                                               To receive a copy of the FREE report entitled: “9 Critical
                                                                                                         Secrets How You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time, Smile
                                                                                                         Confidently and Chew Comfortably While Eating the Foods
                                                                                                         You Love” call our 24 hour toll free recorded message hotline
                                                                                                         number at 877-563-8426 or go to the website at, www.azsmiles.
                                                                                                         com and we’ll send you the report right away!

                                                                                                                           The call is free and so is the report!
November 2009                                                          East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                  Page 5

                     Mesa Life Options
                      November	2009	Schedule
Coffee and Tour Series
                                                                                                     Assistance For Independent Living
Mesa Life Options Center                                                                                                        480-966-9704
165 N Centennial Way Suite 101                                                                       Assistance for Independent Living (AIL) offers a continuum of services tailored
Downtown Mesa Community College                                                                 to each individuals service needs. We provide adults (55 years and over) with
                                                                                                housekeeping, laundry assistance, bathing assistance, respite care, medical and grocery
Free & Open to the Public                                                                       transport, visual paperwork support, friendly visiting, etc. These services are provided
Mesa Fire Department offers Lifesaver Training                                                  by a staff of professionally trained home care aides and volunteers in the East Valley.
Wednesday, November 18th - 9:00-10:30am
                                                                                                5 Reasons to Call us:
A CPR and First Aid overview (This class does not certify you in CPR)                           1. We are a Non-Profit (501 c3)
This course consists of:                                                                        2. We conduct thorough Background Checks & Screenings
1. Familiarization with the 911 system and the fire department.                                 3. 40 hour Curriculum Training Required for Paid Staff
2. How to protect yourself from bodily fluids.                                                  4. Affordable In-Home Services
3. What to do in an emergency.                                                                  5. Vital Volunteer program making a difference in the lives of seniors.
4. Learn First Aid skills for bleeding and shock
5. Hands on CPR with adult and infant mannequins
6. Choking: adults and infants                                                                                           Shop & Give…
7. Automated External Defibrillator use
                                                                                                      East	Valley	Adult	Resources	a	chance	to	receive	$5000
                                                                                                   The Bashas’ annual “Shop & Give” fundraising program is in full swing again. Bashas’ offers
Please call to register 480-461-6252 or email
                                                                                             an opportunity to help nonprofits like East Valley Adult Resources raise more funds. The nonprofit
                                                                                             can raise up to $5000.
Coffee with Johann Zietsman, Director
                                                                                                   So what can you do to help us raise funds for EVAR at no cost from now through April 30,
Mesa’s Arts and Cultural Department
Wednesday, November 25th - 9:00-10:00am
                                                                                               • Ask to link your Bashas’ Thank You Card to EVAR group number –
How can Mesa offer a variety of cultural opportunities to the community while maintaining
                                                                                                  28876. You can make your card link at any Bashas’ checkout or service counters.
its financial and economic sustainability?
                                                                                                  REMEMBER: even if you linked you card last year, you will need to re-link your card to be
How is the Mesa Arts Center positioning itself to become a destination point in downtown
                                                                                                  involved in this year’s fundraising campaign. At that time, all purchases will be automatically
                                                                                                  credited to EVAR. The more you purchase at Bashas’, the greater the opportunity EVAR has to
                                                                                                  receive $5000.
Join us as Johann Zietsman answers questions and discusses available opportunities for you
                                                                                               • You only have to link your Thank You Card to EVAR group number once. The link remains active
to become involved.
                                                                                                  until April 30, 2010.
                                                                                                   REMEMBER: Your Thank You Card is NOT a credit card – no one can purchase anything on
Please call to register 480-461-6252 or email
                                                                                             it. The card is a discount card that gives you savings on in store purchases.
                                                                                                   Remember to link your Thank You Card to EVAR group number…28876
Page 6   East Valley Adult Resources                                                   November 2009

                                                          LEGAL SERVICES
                                                         TAX PREPARATION
                                                           Personal, Farm & Business
                                                            Midwest Farm Background
                                                            All Federal & State  E-File

                                                              Very Reasonable Rates
                                                            File from AZ - Leave Later

                                                     DALE R. THORSON
                                                     Attorney, CPA
                                                          Probate Avoidance
                                                         Living Trusts - Wills
                                                         - Power of Attorney

                                                   AZ Attorney 27 Years  CPA 36 Years
                                                    Evening & Weekend Appointments
                                                               (480) 641-3000
                                                            31 S. 63rd St. #2, Mesa
                                                    (SE Corner of Main & 63rd St. 1/2 mile west of Power Rd.)
                                                            Web Address:

                                       ATTENTION: Denture Sufferers…
                                  FREE Report Reveals The
                                Shocking Truth About How To
                               Stop Being A Victim To Wearing
                               Those Agonizing Dentures Once
                                        And For All!
                             A local doctor’s shocking new FREE report reveals the real
                               truth about ill-fitting, irritating dentures that pop-up, gag
                                      you, fly out or get stuck when you are eating.
                                If you’ve been told that you do not have any options and
                             you are stuck with those dentures and using gobs of adhesive
                             your entire life, then you must find out the 3 dangers that
                             denture wearers face, and the new revolutionary alternatives
                             that are changing peoples lives.
                                  Readers of the recent special report have discovered that
                             they can now have better fitting, stronger, more enjoyable
                             teeth, quickly and easily WITHOUT the frustration and
                             embarrassment that dentures can cause.
                                You don’t have to suffer with those irritating and
                             uncomfortable dentures anymore.
                                To receive a copy of the FREE report entitled: “The
                             REAL Truth About Your Dentures! How To Eliminate
                             The Irritation, Embarrassment, And Frustration
                             Immediately!” call our 24 hour toll free recorded message
                             hotline number at 877-563-8426 or go to the website at,
                    and we’ll get you the report
                             right away!
                             The call is free and so is the report!
November 2009                                                                 East Valley Adult Resources                                                                     Page 7

                                                                                                          A contribution was received for the Home Delivered Meals program from Dr. &
A Day in the Life of Home Delivered Meals.                                                            Mrs. Thomas Jefferson in memory of their dear friend
Lynne Van Gould, Home Delivered Meal Director                                                                                             Joyce Goerner
                                                                                                                                       Laguna Woods, CA
     At Home Delivered Meals we are lucky           group. We are so proud that he has decided
to work with great staff and wonderful              to serve and protect. Our hearts and thoughts         In Memory of
volunteers. Serving 400+ meals a day to             are with him, and we wish him success and                                             Glenn Gross
our exceptional population of homebound             safety… and a heartfelt thank you.
                                                         It is that time of year again, when East                              Date of passing: August 23, 2009
and disabled folk. We provide them with a
meal and a wellness check… and they allow           Valley Adult Resources holds our annual                                       From Ron & Joanie Newth
us into their lives.                                Holiday Meal Campaign and the “Be A Santa
     As I have written in the past, our staff and   To A Senior” program. EVAR teams up with              In Memory of
volunteers are exceptional. Their dedication        Home Instead Senior Care to participate in                                           Ralph Werner
and commitment to this program is something         the “Be A Santa To A Senior” program. It is a                              Date of passing: October 8, 2009
that constantly surprises me. We have staff         wonderful program that enables us to provide
that go far beyond their job description on a       a special Holiday meal and gift to homebound
daily basis. The care that they have for the        older adults during the holiday season. Many
clients is amazing.                                 older adults are alone without families to
     The time has come for one of our               celebrate with. This program allows us to
exceptional staff to move on. Charles had           be a part of brightening the holiday for our
worked with Home Delivered Meals about 5            older adult community. So if you have a few
years ago when he was very young and his            hours that you would like to volunteer, Home
dad worked here. He came back to our team           Delivered Meals would love to hear from you.
this summer, and worked in the department           We welcome your involvement with the “Be A
until October. Last month Charles left the          Santa To A Senior” Program, or for our regular
HDM team to join the National Guard. It has         HDM meal delivery program – please contact
been a pleasure to have him as a part of our        Lynne at 480-962-5612.

     If you by any chance run into Grant                  Beginning December 1, 2009, Jerry
Whitney around town or at Tempe St.                 Spellman will join us as a VISTA member,
Luke’s, shake his hand or pat him on the            assisting with marketing, newsletters and the
back and congratulate him on his recent             website. Bill Stout has been with us since
accomplishments.                                    the end of July and will soon be coming to
     Grant has just completed 9,500 hours           visit your workstation. This is a wonderful
of volunteer service at Tempe St. Luke’s            opportunity for the East Valley RSVP and
and just passed the 4,000 hours mark with           East Valley Adult Resources to have these
RSVP. Grant told us earlier in the year that        two gentlemen help us to meet our goal of
he was retiring, but he just couldn’t stay away.    becoming an even better organization.
Congratulations Grant!                                    Do you Twitter? Use Facebook? My
     It’s getting close to the holidays and         space? Don’t forget RSVP when you do.
opportunities to volunteer are in abundance.        It’s a great way to spread the word about the
Be sure to check with us to find out where you      volunteer things that you do.
can spend some time helping others. Call                  Want to be a part of the planning process
Shirley or Judy at 480-775-1466 for more            for RSVP? Call us to become a member of the
information.                                        RSVP Advisory Committee. We meet once a
     We know that this is the time of year          month and are looking for new members. If
when incredible acts of kindness abound. We         interested please call us at 480-775-1466.
would love to share your stories with others.             Don’t forget to hug a veteran and thank
If you witness an act of kindness, big or small,    them for their service. Veterans it’s not too
please let us know.                                 late to tell your story and mentor a Young
     RSVP has had the opportunity to partner        Marine. Thanksgiving is a great time to
with the Vocational Rehab program at                deliver a holiday meal, serve dinner at a
WEDCO Employment Center. We now have                homeless shelter, spend a few hours sorting
Jim Powell in our office to assist with AHCCS,      food at the local food bank or visiting a
ALTCS, QMB and SLMB applications. Jim               homebound neighbor. Every good deed
will also be assisting Shirley Kosisky with the     comes back to us tenfold. Reap the harvest.
VA Referral Program on Mondays.
  Page 8                                                           East Valley Adult Resources                                                                      November 2009

                                                                                                                                                     November 1ST- December 15th
                                                                                                                                                       1:00pm Conference Room
                                                                                                                                           11/3 Amistad – Anthony Hopkins
                                                                                                                                           A true story of enslaved Africans who overtake
                                                                                                                                           their captor’s ship.
                                                                                                                                           11/10 Good Will Hunting – Robin Williams
                                                                                                                                           A professor helps a young boy genius who has
                                                                                                                                           trouble with the law.
Dedicated Lunchroom Crew                    Join these smiling faces in the Cafe       Dance with the SUNLAND COMBO                        11/17 When Harry Met Sally – Billy Crystal
                                                                                       on Wednesdays!                                      Couple can’t seem to see past their companionship
                                                                                                                                           that they really love each other.
                                                                                       Communication Through                               DECEMBER
                                                                                                                                           12/01 Cast Away – Tom Hanks
             November 1st – December 15th                                                 The Generations!                                 A FedEx engineer has a harrowing plane crash
                                                                                                                                           that leaves him isolated on a remote island.
                    Happenings                                                         Join us for the Anniversary Celebration of          12/8 In Love and War – Sandra Bullock
                             (*Pre-registration required)                              Red Mountain Active Adult Center                    A beautiful nurse and a heroic soldier in search of
NOVEMBER                                                                               & East Valley Adult Resources                       an adventure that changes their lives forever.
Mon. 2nd       9:00 am                   Sign Chi Do                                   Tuesday, November 3, 2009                           12/15 Fools Rush In – Matthew Perry
               10:00 am                  Choral Group                                  9:00 to 11:30                                       A romantic comedy about a casual night of
Tue. 3rd       8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  Red Mountain Active Adult Center                    romance that turns into the love of a lifetime.
               9:00 am-11:30 am          JOIN US for our ANNIVERSARY                                                                          FREE POPCORN FOR MEMBERS
                                         CELEBRATION!                                  7550 E. Adobe Street - Mesa
                                                                                       9:00 am Antique Telephone Exhibit \                  with 2009 - 2010 sticker on card at Café!
Wed. 4th       1:00 pm                   Dance: Sunland Combo Band $2/$3.00                                                                     Movie Committee: Muriel Frolich
               1:00 pm                   Dementia Care Program *                       Partners Meet and Greet
Thur. 5th      8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  9:30 am Refreshments provided by United
               10:00 am
               6:30 pm
               6:45 pm
                                         Carl Nyberg
                                         Acting Lessons
                                         Take Charge of Your Life
                                                                                       Health Care
                                                                                       10:00 am Recognition and history of East               Feature Event
                                                                                       Valley Adult Resources & Red Mountain                           Friday, November 6th
               7:00 pm                   Line Dancing Lessons*                         Active Adult Center
Fri. 6th       9:30 am                   Gramma’s Line Dancing Variety Show!                                                                                 9:30 -11:20
                                                                                       Presented by: Dan Taylor, President/CEO
               9:45 am                   Computer Club Open Topic                      and Jane Eck, Center Director
Mon. 9th       10:15 am                  Red Mountain Chorus Western Songs                                                                  Gramma’s Line Dancing Variety Show!
Tue. 10th      8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  10:30 am “Communication through the                  A Good Time For All!
Wed. 11th      CLOSED                    VETERAN’S DAY!                                Generations”                                         Theme: ‘Here, There, And
Thur. 12th     8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  Want to know how to connect with other               Everywhere!”
               9:00 am                   Tax Overview                                  generations? Join us and our presenter               Wear: Red, Black & White
               10:00 am                  Doc Jordan (Poet & Musician) Entertainment    Linda S. Thompson!
               1:00 pm                   Matter of Balance Graduation*
               6:00 pm
               6:45 pm
                                         Dementia Holiday Party*
                                         Take Charge of Your Life                         Dementia Care                                          Social Services
               7:00 pm                   Line Dancing
Fri. 13th      9:30 am
               10:00 am
                                         Road Map to Survivors & Veterans Benefits *
                                         Sing- a - Long with Sister Cecelia                                                                        Directory
Mon. 16th      9:30 am
               12:45 pm
                                         Money Matters
                                         Volunteer Meeting                                A Program For                                    Individual Services On Site
                                                                                                                                           Individual Peer Counseling Mondays
Tue. 17th      8:00 am
               8:30 am
                                         Walking Club
                                         Senior Sport Fishing! @ Red Mountain
                                                                                         Family Members                                    (By Appointment)
                                                                                                                                           United Healthcare - 2nd Monday
               9:00 am
               10:30 am
                                         Vital Signs – FLU SHOTS!
                                         Senator Kyl’s office
                                                                                           And Friends                                     (10:00 – 11:30)
                                                                                                                                           Attorney General Office - 1st Tuesdays
Wed. 18th      10:45 am                  Just For Fun Bingo prizes provided by:                                                            (9:00 - 11:30)
                                         Discovery Point                                    The Hospice of the Valley Dementia
                                                                                                                                           Blood Pressure Checks - Tuesdays
               1:00 pm                   Wednesday Dance: Sunland Combo Band           Program invites you to attend this multi-
                                                                                                                                           (9:00 - 11:00)
                                         $2/$3.00                                      session program for family members and
                                                                                                                                           Benefits Assistance - Wednesdays
Thur. 19th     8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  friends of loved ones with Alzheimer’s
                                                                                                                                           (8:30 - 11:00 )
               12:30 pm                  AARP Defensive Driving*                       disease or related dementia. Whether your
                                                                                                                                           Legal Assistance - Wednesdays (9:30 – 11:00)
               6:30 pm                   Ladies Beginning Billiards 101*               loved one lives at home, or in a group home,
               6:45 pm                   Take Charge of Your Life                                                                          Tax Assistance - Thursday (9:00 – 11:15)
                                                                                       assisted living or skilled nursing facility, this
Fri. 20th      9:30 am                   A.T Still Craft Project                                                                           Master Gardener on site – Mondays, Thursdays
                                                                                       program is for you! It will offer new insights
               9:45 am                   Computer Club Election Day                                                                        (9:00-11:00)
                                                                                       and ideas on coping with the losses you have
               10:00 am                  Medicare 2010 Q & A’s SecureHorizons          experienced, and it will teach innovative ways
Mon. 23rd      11:00 am                  Birthdays & Anniversaries*                                                                        Group Services On Site
               1:30 pm                   Round Dance                                   to remain connected with your loved one.
                                                                                                                                           Parkinson’s Support Group – Mondays (1:00)
Tue. 24th      8:00 am                   Walking Club                                                                                      Food Plus – 2nd Monday (1:30)
               8:00 am                   Rummage Sale                                  You will walk away with:
                                                                                                                                           Vital Signs – Tuesdays (9:00)
               10:00 am                  Left/Right/Center                             ▪ A better understanding of dementia and how
                                                                                                                                           Parkinson’s Exercise - Tuesdays (1:00)
Wed. 25th      10:00 am                  THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION!                     it progresses from early to advanced stages.
                                                                                                                                           Senator Kyl’s Staff – 3rd Tuesday (10:30)
Thur. 26th     CLOSED                    THANKSGIVING DAY!                             ▪ A greater sense of value about your role as
Fri. 27th      NO COMPUTER CLUB                                                                                                            Deaf Support – Tuesdays (11:30)
                                                                                       a caregiver for your loved one.
Mon. 30th      10:00 am         Joshua Bell & The Blues                                                                                    S.O.S. Coping with Suicide – 1st & 3rd Tuesday
                                                                                       ▪ Strategies for making and maintaining
               1:00 pm          Food Handlers                                                                                              (1:00)
                                                                                       meaningful connections when words no
DECEMBER                                                                                                                                   Recovery Inc. (depression, stress) - Wednesdays
                                                                                       longer work.
Tue. 1st       7:30 am                   VOLUNTEER HOLIDAY BREAKFAST *                                                                     (9:15)
               8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  ▪ Effective ways of dealing with your thoughts
                                                                                                                                           Caregiver Support Group – Thursdays(10:00)
               10:00 am                  Carl Nyberg                                   and feelings as a caregiver.
                                                                                                                                           AARP Defensive Driving - Thursday (12:30)
Thur. 3rd      8:00 am                   HOLIDAY Craft Sale - Crafty Wonderland                                                            (call for schedule 480.654.4040)
               8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  November Session dates:
                                                                                                                                           Grief and Loss Group - Fridays (9:30)
               6:30 pm                   Digital Camera Class *                        Wednesday, November 4th
                                                                                                                                           Alzheimer’s – 1st & 3rd Friday (2:00)
               6:30 pm                   Ladies Beginning Billiards 101*                – (1:00pm - 2:30pm)
               6:30 pm                   Acting Lessons*                               “Community Resources”
Fri. 4th       10:00 am                  SadieKat Stompers with Tony Gardella                                                              Outreach Services
Mon. 7th       0:00 am                   Choral Group                                                                                      Caring Corps/AIL - Monday thru Friday
                                                                                       Thursday November 12       th
Tue. 8th       8:00 am                   Walking Club                                                                                      (480.962.5612)
                                                                                        – (6:30pm – 8:00pm)
               10:00 am                  TowerPoint Concert Band                                                                           Home Visits/Resources - Monday thru Friday
               1:00 pm                   80th Anniversary of B-I-N-G-O!                “Sharing Holiday Time with Persons with
Thur. 10th     8:00 am                   Walking Club                                  Dementia”
                                                                                                                                           Prescription Assistance - Monday thru Friday
               10:00 am                  Keven Moen                                    Sessions held at:
               1:00 pm                   80th Anniversary of B-I-N-G-O!                Red Mountain Active Adult Center
                                                                                                                                           Home Delivered Meals (480.962.5612)
               6:30 pm                   Ladies Beginning Billiards 101*               7550 E. Adobe Street
               6:30 pm                   Acting Lessons*                               Mesa, AZ 85207
Tue. 15th      8:00 am                   Walking Club
               10:00 am                  Kitchen Band Holiday Show
                                                                                       * To register RSVP to 480.218.2221
Stop by the EAST VALLEY ADULT RESOURCE CENTER and pick up an Activity                  Light refreshments will be served and there
Calendar for a entire list of events!                                                  will be a door prize drawing. The program                      the essence of life
                                                                                       is free of charge, but seating is limited.                    See calendar on page 12.
                                                                                       Register today!
November 2009                                                          East Valley Adult Resources                                                                        Page 9

                                                                                                                              For November & December 2009
                                                                                                Nov 2 – Photography Class (9:30)
                                                                                                Nov 2 – Celebrate Day of the Dead (10:00)
                                                                                                Nov 2 – Entertainer Richie Oropeza (10:30)
                                                                                                Nov 2 – Loser’s Bingo - every Monday (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 2 – Big Band Era (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 3 – Case Cracker Sleuths (10:00)
                                                                                                Nov 3 – Finger Style Guitar (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 3 – Burgi Crandall “Let’s Dance Band”- every Tuesday (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 4 – Flu Vaccines (9:00)
                                                                                                Nov 4 – Social Bingo - every Wednesday (1:00)
                                                  What is                                       Nov 4 – Ladies Only Billiards (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 4 – Book Shelf (1:00)

                                                Thanksgiving?                                   Nov 5 – Studio Art Class (10:00)
                                                                                                Nov 6 -– Sing for Joy (10:00)
                                                                                                Nov 6 – Big Game Bingo (1:00)
                                                   A day of turkey and all the trimmings? A     Nov 10 - Case Cracker Sleuths (10:00)
                                             day of feeling “I can’t eat another thing”? A      Nov 10 - Finger Style Guitar (1:00)
                                             day of watching the Macy’s Day Parade? A           Nov 11 – CLOSED IN OBERSERVATION OF VETERANS DAY
                                             day to share with family and friends? Yes, it      Nov 12 – Our Marvelous Brain (10:00)
                                             is all these things and much more. It is the day   Nov 12 – Potpourri Luncheon – reservations needed (11:30)
                                             that is the start of the holidays, which means     Nov 12 - Studio Art Class (10:00)
                                             stress, running around, battling the crowds        Nov 16 - Big Band Era (1:00)
                                             to pick just the right present for someone.        Nov 17 - Case Cracker Sleuths (10:00)
    Coming soon                              Endless lines in the post office getting those
                                             presents out to family. I begin to get out all
                                                                                                Nov 17 - Finger Style Guitar (1:00)
                                                                                                Nov 18 – Triple A Auto Club Workshop - “Keeping the Keys” (10:00)
        to Mesa Active Adult Center          my holiday recipes and start baking. The           Nov 18 – Lesser Known Tourist Attractions in Az. - cost: $5 (10:00)
             Fall Day Classes                worry of how to get everything done, and will      Nov 19 - Our Marvelous Brain (10:00)
                                             I survive! What have I left out? Oh, could         Nov 19 – Active Adult Expo at the Mesa Convention Center (8:00-12:00)
Big Band Era I:                              it be, I have forgotten the most important         Nov 20 – Dancing with Carl Nyberg (10:30)
Dates: Mondays: November 2, 9, 16            thing – to give thanks. That is truly the most     Nov 25 – ALL ACTIVITIES CANCELLED – CARDS, BINGO, BILLIARDS
Times: 1:00-3:00 - Cost: $10.00              important ingredient. We get so caught up in       Nov 25 – Mike Chamberlain Sings
Photography Class: Terry Puehler             the small insignificant things. How blessed        Nov 25 – Thanksgiving Luncheon
Photography Tips and Techniques for Better   we all are to be here to share this time with      Nov 25 – CENTER CLOSES AT 3:00
Pictures                                     each other. Families may be far away, but          Nov 26 – CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING
Dates: November 2, 9                         here at the Mesa Active Adult Center we            Nov 27 – BIG GAME BINGO CANCELLED
Times: 9:30-11:30 - Cost: $5.00              are family to each other. In November, and         Nov 27 – MIMI’S FUNDRAISER – EAT AT MIMI’S BETWEEN 7:30 AM – 10:30 PM
                                             the rest of the season we have many things         AND OUR CENTER WILL RECEIVE 15% OF YOUR BILL! PICK UP YOUR COUPON
Finger Style Guitar: Instructor: Bonnie
                                             to share. Our Fall and Chautauqua classes,         BEFORE GOING….
Lou Coleman
                                             Flu Vaccines on November 4, a wonderful            Dec 4 – Tower Point Concert Orchestra - FREE (10:15)
Dates: November 3, 10, 17                                                                       Dec 7 – Silver Ridge Orchestra Christmas Concert - FREE (1:30)
Time: 1:00-2:00 - Cost: $25.00               Potpourri Luncheon on November 12, the
                                             Triple A workshop, “Keeping the Keys, the          Dec 10 – Gold Canyon Sax Quartet - FREE (10:30)
You need a playable acoustic guitar                                                             Dec 10 – Volunteer Christmas Party (1:00)
(Minimum of five students or the class is    Active Adult Expo on November 19 and our
                                             wonderful Thanksgiving Luncheon with Mike          Dec 11 – Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry Christmas Sale (9:30)
cancelled)                                                                                      Dec 15 – Show of Christmas Shows by Gramma Jones & Friends (10:30)
                                             Chamberlin singing for us on November 25.
Case Cracken’ Sleuths (Murder                Don’t forget our fund raiser at Mimi’s the         Dec 16 – Breakfast $1.99 for members, $3.00 for non-members (7:30–8:30)
Mysteries)                                   day after Thanksgiving. The staff at the Mesa      Dec 17 – Potpourri Luncheon – reservations needed (11:30)
Dates: Tuesdays: November 3, 10, 17          Active Adult Center are MOST THANKFUL              Dec 18 – Dance with Carl Nyberg (10:30)
Time: 10:00-11:30 - Cost: $6.00              for all of you! So to all of you and your          Dec 18 – In Design Fundraiser – The $6.00 Man (9:00)
                                             families, Happy Thanksgiving!                      Dec 23 – Bingo Cancelled
Ladies ONLY Billiards: Nornee Smith                                                             Dec 24 – Entertainer Carol Kepner (10:30)
Dates: Wednesdays: November 4
Time: 1:00-2:00 - Cost: $10.00                       Travel Club                                Dec 24 – Christmas Luncheon - reservations needed (11:30)
                                                                                                Dec 24 – CENTER CLOSING AT 3:00
Arizona Travel and History: Jeff Reed                                                           Dec 25 – CLOSED IN OBERSERVATION OF CHRISTMAS
“Lesser Known Tourist Attractions in         Nov 2   Dreamy Dray & Papago Park - $69
                                             Nov 3   Biosphere & Oracle Inn Steak
                                                                                                               Social Services Directory
Date: Wednesday, November 18                         House - $75
Time: 10:00 - Cost: $5.00                    Nov 7 New Release Festival at the
                                                     Sonoita Winery - $72                       Individual Services On Site
Bookshelf: Instructors: Johnnie              Nov 8 Out of Africa Wildlife Zoo - $85             Attorney General Office – 1st Monday (On hold till further notice)
Godfrey & Jo Ann NereimDates:                Nov 9 Thrift Shops of Sun City with Lyla           Veterans Assistance service – Mondays (9:00-11:00)
Wednesdays: November 4, 18, December                 - $59                                      Benefits Assistance - Fridays (8:30-11:00)
2, 16                                        Nov 12 Touring the Greek Monastery &               Blood Pressure Checks - Wednesday and Friday (9:00-11:00)
Time: 1:00-2:30 - Cost: $2.00 per session            Grounds -$57                               Individual Peer Counseling - Wednesdays (By Appointment)
Our Marvelous Brain: Instructor:             Nov 14 Holy Trinity Monastery & Art Fest           Legal Assistance - Tuesdays (9:00–12:00)
Sharon Cook                                          - $57                                      Senator Kyle’s Staff - 3rd Tuesday (9:00-10:00)
Dates: Thursdays: November 12, 19            Nov 17 Bagdad Mine tour - $59                      Group Services On Site
Time: 10:00-11:30 - Cost: $20.00             Nov 18 Tres Rios Water Park & West                 Caregiver Group - Wednesday (10:00)
                                                     Valley Tour - $59                          Grief and Loss Group - Wednesday (1:00)
Studio Art Class: Instructor: Bonnie                                                            Low Vision Support Group - 1st & 3rd Friday
                                             Nov 19 Scottsdale Community Culinary
Lou Coleman                                                                                     Friendship Group - 1st & 3rd Wednesday
                                                     College Dinner &
Dates: Thursdays: November 5, 12, 19                                                            Outreach Services
                                                     Scottsdale at Night - $85
Time: 1:00-3:00                                                                                 Assistance for Independent Living / Caring Corps – (480) 966-9704
                                             Nov 23 Pima Air & Space Museum - $85
Cost: $30.00 * art supplies required                                                            Home Visits / Resources - Monday thru Friday (8:00-4:00)
                                             Nov 24 Grace’s Museum & Cave Creek -
(Minimum of five students or the class is                                                       Prescription Assistance - Monday thru Friday (480-962-5612)
                                             Nov 26/28 Thanksgiving Together in Palm
Potpourri Lunch: Speaker: Frank                      Springs - $550
Santoro                                                                                                                                     November 26th
                                             Nov 29 Fall Foliage at Boyce Thompson                                                          Happy Thanksgiving
 “ The Beauty of Chicago & the Ugliness              Arboretum - $74                                                                        - Center Closed
of It’s Politics”
Date: Thursday, November 12                  Call 480 497-2478 for information or                       the essence of life                 December 3rd
Time: 11:15 - Cost: $3.00                                                                              Thursday 10:30 am – 11:15 am         The Court at East Mesa
                                             details for upcoming trips.                                                                    Topic: “Brain Games For Brain Gains”
                                                                                                 November 5th
Scottish Dance                                                                                   Gifford Health Institute                   Presenter: Erica Unfug
Dates: Thursdays
Time: 9:00-11:30 - Cost: $2.00 per session              Meetings                                 Topic: “Slowing The Aging Process”
                                                                                                 Presenter: Alan Gifford
                                                                                                                                            December 10th
                                                                                                                                            Flu Vaccinations
Sing For Joy: Bill Mac Fadden                Volunteer Meeting            2nd Monday             November 12th                              Begin at 9:00
Dates: Fridays                               Advisory Board Meeting       3rd Monday             Banner Baywood Heart Hospital              December 17th
Time: 10:00-11:00                            Financial Series             Last Monday            Topic: “Heart Disease in Women”            East Valley Adult Resources
                                             Low Vision                   1st & 3rd Friday       Presenter: Barbara Lambeth, RN             Topic: “EVAR presents…CareNopoly”
Foundation Thinkers of Western                                                                                                              Presenter: Judy Tripp
                                             Sing for Joy                 Every Friday           November 19th
                                             Bingo Volunteer Meeting      1st Friday             18th Annual Active Adult Expo
Dates: Fridays: November 6, 13, 20 -
                                             Friendship Garden            1st & 3rd              8:00-12:00 – Mesa Convention Center
December 4, 11, 18                                                                               * No Presentation
Time: 9:30-11:30 - Cost: $15.00
  Page 10                                                              East Valley Adult Resources                                                             November 2009

          1                                                                                    Hello from Apache Junction,
                                                                                              The holiday’s are fast approaching, and we are gearing up for lot’s of Holiday fun!
                                                                                         November & December always brings special entertainment and Holiday themed events.
                                                                                         There will be special Veterans Day services, Where we will honor our vets, Thanksgiving
                                                                                         celebration With the traditional thanksgiving feast & special entertainment with Keven
                                                                                         Moen. And the return of Happy Holiday Friday’s during December. Every Friday we show
                                                                                         our holiday spirit by dressing in holiday attire, We have holiday entertainment and surprise
                                                                                         guests. Come join us , we’d love to have you here!

                                                                                                     Friday Afternoon Movies
                                                          3                                                              All movies start at 1:00 P.M

                                                                                        Nov. 6th - Last Chance Harvey - 2008 (PG-13)
         2                                                                              In London for his daughter’s wedding, a rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a
                                                                                        new woman in his life.
                                                                                        Nov.13th - The Pink Panther 2 - 2009 (PG)
                                                                                        Inspector Jacques Clouseau tries to stop a globetrotting thief who specializes in stealing
                                                                                        historical artifacts.
                                                                                        Nov. 20 th Coco Chanel - 2008 (PG)
                                                                                        The life story of legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel.( Starring Shirley Mc Claine)
                                                                                        Nov 27th - The Bishop’s Wife - 1947 (NR)
                                                                                        An angel comes to Earth at Christmas to aid an overworked bishop, his neglected family,
                                                                                        and his parishioners.
                                                                                        Dec 4th- Up - 2009 (PG) Animated
                                                                                        By tying thousands of balloon to his home, a senior citizen sets out to fulfill his lifelong
                                                                                        dream of seeing South America.
                                                                                        Dec.11th- Christmas Cottage - 2008 (PG)
                                                                                        Returning home from college one Christmas, young artist Thomas Kinkade is dismayed to
                                                                                        learn that attempts to promote local tourism have failed and his mother is dangerously close
                                                                                        to losing the family cottage to foreclosure. Inspired by his mentor, Glen, a famous artist
                                                                                        who lives next door, Thomas accepts a job painting a mural of his small, idyllic hometown.
                                                                                        With Glen’s help, Thomas not only discovers his calling as the Painter of Light but also
                                                                                        helps the town rediscover the true spirit of Christmas.

              4                                                                                      Triad of Apache Junction
                                                                                            Triad of Apache Junction is a program that was initiated in 1999 by the Pinal County
                                                                                        Sheriff’s Office and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office to bring law enforcement, senior-
                                                                                        helping agencies and senior volunteers together to address the needs of the 55+ population.
                                                                                        The program is coordinated by the Outreach Specialist at the Apache Junction Active Adult
                                                                                        Center. Presently there are four Triad programs available to residents of Apache Junction.
                                                                                        Telephone Reassurance provides a daily morning phone call to a senior living alone. 911
                                                                                        Cell Phones are given free of charge to area seniors. Guardian Angel Pendants provide
                                                                                        emergency assistance for homebound seniors when they can’t get to the telephone. The Senior
                                                                                        Resource and Information Book is filled with valuable contact information for a variety of
                                                                                        services. Call Elaine at (480) 474-5260 for more information.

    1.        September Birthdays
    2.        End-Of-Summer Picnic What a wonderful time.                                                                the essence of life
    3.        Carl Nyberg entertains us and celebrates his birthday.                     November 5th                                   December 3rd
    4.        September 11 Firemen appreciation                                          TBD                                            TBD
                                                                                         Topic:                                         Topic:

 November & December Daily Delights
                                                                                         Presenter:                                     Presenter:

Bikes/Treadmills+                 Wednesdays (10:00)                                     November 12th                                  December 10th
Bridge+                           Wednesdays (1:00)                                      Banner Baywood Heart Hospital                  Flu Vaccinations
Knit Krochet Klinic               Tuesdays (10:00–12:00)                                 Topic: “Heart Disease in Women”                Begin at 9:00
Line Dancing Class*               Thursdays (1:15)                                       Presenter: Barbara Lambeth, RN
Pinochle+                         Wednesdays and Fridays (1:00)                                                                         December 17th
PoKeNo+                           Tuesdays and Thursdays (12:30)                         November 19th                                  TBD
Stretching and Toning+            Tuesdays and Thursdays (10:00)                         18th Annual Active Adult Expo                  Topic:
Tuesday Trivia                    Tuesdays (11:30)                                       8:00-12:00 – Mesa Convention Center            Presenter:
Walking+                          Monday and Friday (10:00)                              * No Presentation
Social Bingo                      Monday (1:00)
Friday Afternoon Movie            Fridays (1:00)                                         November 26th
Memory Loss Support Group         Wednesdays (10:00)                                     Happy Thanksgiving - Center Closed
Crafts W/ Mickey                  Fridays (10:00)
Wee Sports With Justin            Tuesday 6th & 20th
+indicates membership required program                                                                   Social Services Directory
                                Entertainment                                            Individual Services On Site
                                                                                         Benefits Assistance PGCSC - Tuesdays (8:00)
                                    November	2009                                        Blood Pressure Checks - Tuesdays (10:00 -11:00)
                                                                                         Legal Assistance - call to schedule appointment (480-474-5260)
Nov. 6   th
                  Music with Joshua Bell                                                 Apache Junction Ride Choice - Monday thru Friday (480-474-5260)
Nov. 9th          Music with Andy & Friends                                              Banner Health Community Wellness Clinic - 2nd & 4th Monday (9:30 -11:30)
Nov. 13th         Music with Carl Nyberg
Nov. 17th         Music with Keven Moen                                                  Group Services On Site
Nov. 23rd         Music with JB the singing Cowboy                                       T.O.P.S. - Mondays (12:30)
Nov. 25th         Thanksgiving with Keven Moen                                           Grief Support Group – 1st & 3rd Monday (10:00-11:30)
Nov. 30th         Music with Dave Grimes                                                 Diabetes Support Group - 1st Tuesday (10:00)
                                                                                         Dental –Tuesdays (9:00)
                                    December	2009                                        Memory Loss Support Group –Wednesdays (10:00)
Dec. 4th Dance Performance by Gramma Jones dance group
Dec. 7th Music with Andy & Friends                                                       Outreach Services
Dec. 11th John Reed - Gold Canyon Saxophone Quartet                                      Home Visits/Resources - Monday thru Friday (8:00 – 4:30) (480-474-5260)
                                                                                         TRIAD of Apache Junction - Monday thru Friday (8:00 – 4:30) (480-474-5260)
November 2009                                                              East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                 Page 11

                                   November/December 2009 meNu                                                                                                 * Menu Items are subject to
                                                                                                                                                                 availability of food items
   MONDAY                            TUESDAY                                 WEDNESDAY                           THURSDAY                                FRIDAY
   2nd                               3rd                                     4th                                 5th                                     6th
   Sweet & Sour Meatballs            Red Mountain Anniversary                Roast Pork Loin                     Chicken Tetrazzini                      Home Style Meatloaf
   Vegetable Rice Pilaf              Celebration                             Mashed Potatoes                     Roasted Tomato                          Mashed Potatoes
   Broccoli                          Chicken Kiev                            California Blended Vegetables       Spinach                                 Scandinavian Blended Vegetables
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Au Gratin Potatoes                      Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll
   Peach Halves                      Four Way Blended Vegetables             Cherry Trifle                       Pineapple Tidbits                       Tropical Fruit Salad
   Chef’s Special:                   Whole Wheat Roll                        Soup Du Jour                        Chef’s Special:                         Chef’s Special:
   Baked Ham                         Fresh Apples                                                                Strawberry Patch Spinach Salad          Soup & Salad Bar

   9th                               10th                                    11th                                12th                                    13th
   Swedish Meatballs                 Veteran’s Day Celebration               Veteran’s Day                       Spinach & Mushroom Quiche               Baked Tilapia
   Capri Blended Vegetables          Char Broiled Hamburger Deluxe           Center Closed                       Four Way Vegetables                     Broccoli
   Broccoli                          Steak Fries                                                                 Brussels Sprouts                        Peas & Carrots
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Sliced Carrots                                                              Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll
   Fresh Fruit                       Whole Wheat Bun                                                             Apricots                                Pineapple Upside Down Cake
   Chef’s Special:                   Chocolate Sundae Cup                                                        Chef’s Special:                         Chef’s Special:
   Lemon Pepper Chicken              Chef’s Special:                                                             Seafood Plate                           Oven Roasted Chicken Leg & Thigh
                                     All Beef Hot Dogs

   16th                              17th                                    18th                                19th                                    20th
   Chicken & Bowtie Pasta Alfredo    Baked Ham                               Salisbury Steak                     Expo                                    Pork Chopette
   Spinach                           Scalloped Potatoes                      O’Brian Potatoes w/ Red Peppers     Chicken Salad Sandwich with             Sweet Potato Mash
   Italian Blended Vegetables        Garden Salad                            Baby Carrots                        Lettuce & Tomato                        Peas & Pearl Onions
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll                    Country Potato Salad                    Whole Wheat Roll
   Sliced Pears                      Fresh Fruit                             Cherry Cobbler                      Pea Salad                               Fresh Fruit
   Chef’s Special:                   Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Petite Kaiser Roll                      Chef’s Special:
   Lasagna                           Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                Fruit Cocktail                          Baked Chicken

   23rd                              24th                                    25th                                26th                                    27th
   Birthday Celebration              Chef’s Salad Plate                      Thanksgiving Celebration            Thanksgiving Day                        Bratwurst
   Country Fried Steak               Pickled Beets                           Roast Turkey & Dressing             Center Closed                           Sauerkraut
   Mashed Potatoes                   Potato Salad                            Mashed Potatoes                                                             Sliced Carrots
   California Blended Vegetables     Whole Wheat Roll                        Green Beans & Mushrooms                                                     Whole Wheat Bun
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Apricots                                Cranberry Sauce                                                             Fresh Fruit
   Birthday Cake                     Chef’s Special:                         Dinner Roll
                                     Chef’s Choice with Cookies              Pumpkin Pie
   30th                              DECEMBER 1st                            2nd                                 3rd                                     4th
   Swiss Steak                       Lemon Pepper Chicken                    Veal Marsala                        Oven Roasted Open Faced Turkey          Sloppy Joes
   Vegetable Rice Pilaf              Malibu Blended Vegetables               Mashed Potatoes                     Sweet Potato Mash                       Baked Beans
   Oriental Blended Vegetables       Garden Salad                            Sliced Carrots                      Mixed Vegetables                        Peas & Carrots
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Bread                       Whole Wheat Bun
   Sliced Pears                      Ambrosia                                Peach Cobbler                       Apple Sauce                             Fresh Fruit
   Chef’s Special:                   Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Chef’s Special:                         Chef’s Special:
   Chicken Cordon Bleu               Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                Ham & Egg Salad Plate                   Polish Sausage & Sauerkraut

   7th                               8th                                     9th                                 10th                                    11th
   BBQ Ribette Sandwich              Baked Mostaccioli                       Chicken Salad Sandwich              Shepherd’s Pie                          Crab Cake
   Sweet Corn                        Italian Blended Vegetables              Tri Colored Bean Salad              Mashed Potatoes                         Vegetable Rice Pilaf
   California Blended Vegetables     Garden Salad                            Potato Salad                        Sliced Carrots                          Oriental Blended Vegetables
   Whole Wheat Bun                   Whole Wheat Roll                        Petite Bun                          Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll
   Fresh Fruit                       Pear Halves                             Apple Oatmeal Crisp                 Tropical Fruit Salad                    Orange Sherbet
   Chef’s Special:                   Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Chef’s Special:                         Chef’s Special:
   Fajita Chicken Sandwich           Chef’s Choice with Cookies                                                  Tuna Salad Plate                        Pasta & Salad Bar

   14th                              15th                                    16th                                17th                                    18th
   Sweet & Sour Meatballs            Fish Sandwich                           Roast Pork Loin                     Chicken Tetrazzini                      Char Broiled Hamburger Deluxe
   Vegetable Rice Pilaf              Tater Tots                              Mashed Potatoes                     Roasted Tomato                          Steak Fries
   Broccoli                          Four Way Blended Vegetables             California Blended Vegetables       Spinach                                 Sliced Carrots
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Whole Wheat Bun                         Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Bun
   Peach Halves                      Fresh Apples                            Cherry Trifle                       Pineapple Tidbits                       Fresh Oranges
   Chef’s Special:                   Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Chef’s Special:                         Chef’s Special:
   Lemon Pepper Chicken              Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                Strawberry Patch Spinach Salad          All Beef Hot Dog

   21st                              22nd                                    23rd                                24th                                    25th
   Swedish Meatballs                 Pork Chopette                           Spinach & Mushroom Quiche           Christmas Celebration                   Merry Christmas
   Capri Blended Vegetables          Scalloped Potatoes                      Four Way Vegetables                 Honey Cured Baked Ham                   Center Closed
   Broccoli                          Baby Carrots                            Brussels Sprouts                    Candied Sweet Potato
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Dinner Roll                             Whole Wheat Roll                    Green Beans
   Fresh Fruit                       Fruit Cocktail                          Apricots                            Dinner Roll
   Chef’s Special:                   Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Raspberry Sherbet
   Pork Chopette                     Chef’s Choice with Cookies

   28th                              29th                                    30th                                31st
   Birthday Celebration              Country Fried Steak                     Salisbury Steak                     New Year’s Eve Brunch
   Chicken Cordon Bleu               Mashed Potatoes                         O’Brian Potatoes w/ Red Peppers     Scramble Eggs
   Wild Rice Pilaf                   Santa Fe Blended Vegetables             Baby Carrots                        Sausage Links
   Island Blended Vegetables         Whole Wheat Roll                        Whole Wheat Roll                    Home Fried Potatoes
   Whole Wheat Roll                  Fresh Fruit                             Cherry Cobbler                      Biscuits & Gravy
   Birthday Cake                     Chef’s Special:                         Soup Du Jour                        Fruit Cup
                                     Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream

         East Valley Senior Services, Inc. is funded in part by Area Agency on Aging Region One and Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens

       Fruit	Pizza
                                            Kitchen Corner
    2         cups all purpose flour
                                                     ½            cup sugar
                                                                                                                  Frozen Fridays Menu
              cup confectioner’s sugar
              cup cold butter
                                                                  tablespoons cornstarch
                                                                  cup unsweetened pineapple juice
                                                                                                                         November/December	2009
    1         8oz package cream cheese softened      1            teaspoon lemon juice
    1/3       cup sugar                                                                                                                           Dec 4th
                                                                                                               Nov 6th
    1         teaspoon vanilla                                                                                                                    Roast Pork Loin
                                                                                                               Chicken & Bowtie Pasta
    2         cups halved strawberries                                                                                                            Home Style Meatloaf
                                                                                                               Salisbury Steak
    1         11oz can mandarin oranges
    2         kiwi peeled and thinly sliced                                                                                                       Dec 11th
                                                                                                               Nov 13th
    1         cup fresh blueberries                                                                                                               Swedish Meatballs
                                                                                                               Ground Beef Goulash
                                                                                                               Baked Chicken Breast               Spinach & Mushroom Quiche
  1. In a large bowl, combine flour and confectioner’s sugar. Cut in the butter until crumbly.                 Nov 20t                            Dec 18th
       Press onto ungreased 12 inch pizza pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 – 15 minutes or until                Lemon Pepper Chicken               Chicken & Bowtie Pasta
       golden brown and then cool.                                                                             Swiss Steak                        Salisbury Steak
  2. In a small mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. Spread over
       the crust. Arrange the fruit in rings onto the crust.                                                   Nov 27th                           Dec 25th
  3. For the glaze, combine sugar and cornstarch in a small sauce pan. Stir in the pineapple juice             Bbq Ribette                        Pork Chopette
       and lemon juice until smooth. Bring to a boil and cook for 2 minutes or until thickened.                Shepherd’s Pie                     Country Fried Steak
       Cool slightly and drizzle over the fruit. Refrigerate until chilled.

  This recipe was brought to you by Mishelle Wharton. Mishelle is the new Food Service Manager at
  the Mesa Active Adult Center. Come join us for lunch and enjoy many of her delicious treats.
 Page 12                                                                      East Valley Adult Resources                                                                          November 2009

Red Mountain Active Adult Center                    Mesa Active Adult Center                            Discovery Point                                     Apache Junction Active Adult Center
7550 E. Adobe                                       247 N. Macdonald                                    6210 E Arbor Ave                                    1035 N. Idaho
Mesa, Arizona 85207                                 Mesa, Arizona 85201                                 Mesa, AZ 85206                                      Apache Junction, AZ 85219
Tuesday- 9:00-10:00am                               Wednesday- 9:15-10:15am                             Wednesday- 9:30- 10:30am                            Thursday- 10:30- 11:15am
Camille Keeler-480-218-2221                         Anne Magee-480-962-5612                             Mickey Maynard-480-924-5951                         Lora Keller-480-474-5260
November 3rd                                        November 4th                                        November 4th                                        November 5th
                                                                                                        Gifford Health Institute                            Gifford Health Institute
                                                                                                        Topic: “Slowing The Aging Process”                  Topic: “Slowing the Aging Process”
30th Anniversary Celebration                        Flu Vaccinations                                    Speaker: Alan Gifford                               Speaker: Alan Gifford
9:00-11:30                                                Begin at 9:00
                                                                                                        * Exercise Physiologist educates about the          * Exercise Physiologist educates about the
*No Vital Signs Presentation                                                                            neurological processes that occur in our bodies     neurological processes that occur in our
                                                                                                        as we age. Learn how remaining active can help      bodies as we age. Learn how remaining active
                                                                                                        slow this process.                                  can help slow this process.
November 10th                                       November 11th                                       November 11th                                       November 12th
East Valley Ride Choice                                                                                                                                     Banner Baywood Heart Hospital
Topic: “Getting From Here To There…                                                                                                                         Topic: “Heart Disease in Women”
Transportation Assistance”                          Veterans Day                                        Veterans Day                                        Speaker: Barbara Lambeth, RN
Speaker: Rose Smith                                 - Center Closed                                     * No Vital Signs Presentation
                                                                                                                                                            * Learn risk factors, treatment, and
* Learn about various transportation programs                                                                                                                 prevention related to heart disease. What
– mileage reimbursement, Coupons for Cabs, &                                                                                                                  women can do to maintain a heart healthy
Dial A Ride, and new Dialysis Program                                                                                                                         lifestyle.
November 17th                                       November 18th                                       November 18th                                       November 19th
                                                    AAA Resources for Senior Drivers
                                                    Topic: “Keeping Your Keys” Workshop Speaker:                                                            18th Annual
Flu Vaccinations                                    AAA Representative                                  Resident Council Meeting                            Active Adult Expo
      Begin at 9:00                                                                                     * No Vital Signs Presentation                       8:00-12:00
                                                    * What can you do to remain safe while driving?
                                                    This free workshop will provide information &                                                           * No Vital Signs Presentation
                                                    resources essential for safe driving.
November 24th                                       November 25th                                       November 25th                                       November 26th
Family Home Care                                                                                        East Valley Adult Resources
Topic: “Don’t Tip Toe Around Your Foot Care                                                             Topic: “EVAR presents…CareNopoly”
Needs…Get Happy Healthy Feet”                       Thanksgiving Luncheon                               Speaker: Judy Tripp                                 Happy Thanksgiving
Speaker: Linda Simmons                              * No Vital Signs Presentation                                                                           - Center Closed
                                                                                                        * Join us for this fun and interactive program as
* Podiatrist discusses tips for gaining and                                                             we discover resources & solutions to “real life”
maintaining healthy feet. Learn about the factors                                                       health care issues.
contributing to health, discomfort, problem areas
– and what you can do to meet these needs.
December 1st                                        December 2nd                                        December 2nd                                        December 3rd
Fountain View Village                               Family Home Care                                    Hospice of the Valley                               The Court at East Mesa
Topic: “Advances in Rehab”                          Topic: “Don’t Tip Toe Around Your Foot Care         Topic: Dispelling the Myths of Hospice              Topic: Brain Games For Brain Gains
Speaker: John Coury                                 Needs…Get Happy Healthy Feet”                       Speaker: Carolyn Richel                             Speaker: Erica Unfug
                                                    Speaker: Linda Simmons
* Learn about new specialty treatment programs                                                          * Learn the broad range of services that Hospice    * Interactive program – learn ways you can
for: Pain Management, Wound Care, Joint             * Podiatrist discusses tips for gaining and         offers, eligibility, and available programs.        stimulate your mind and build brain health.
Replacement, Stroke Recovery, Arthritis, COPD,      maintaining healthy feet. Learn about the factors
and more…                                           contributing to health, discomfort, problem areas
                                                    – and what you can do to meet these needs.
December 8th                                        December 9th                                        December 9th                                        December 10th
Hospice of the Valley                               Fountain View Village                               Family Home Care
Topic: Dispelling the Myths of Hospice              Topic: “Advances in Rehab”                          Topic: “Don’t Tip Toe Around Your Foot Care
Speaker: Carolyn Richel                             Speaker: John Coury                                 Needs…Get Happy Healthy Feet”                       Flu Vaccinations
                                                                                                        Speaker: Linda Simmons                              Begin at 9:00
* Learn the broad range of services that Hospice    * Learn about new specialty treatment programs
offers, eligibility, and available programs.        for: Pain Management, Wound Care, Joint             * Podiatrist discusses tips for gaining and
                                                    Replacement, Stroke Recovery, Arthritis, COPD,      maintaining healthy feet. Learn about the factors
                                                    and more…                                           contributing to health, discomfort, problem areas
                                                                                                        – and what you can do to meet these needs.
December 15th                                       December 16th                                       December 16th                                       East Valley Adult Resources

Swagel Wootton Hiatt Eye Center                                                                                                                             Topic: “EVAR presents…CareNopoly”

Topic: “Eye Care Bingo”                             Holiday Meal Campaign Delivery                      Resident Council Meeting                            Speaker: Judy Tripp

Speaker: Linda Castro                               * No Vital Signs Presentation                       * No Vital Signs Presentation                       * Join us for this fun and interactive program
                                                                                                                                                            as we discover resources & solutions to “real
* Learn about conditions that affect vision, and                                                                                                            life” health care issues.
how to maintain good eye health.
November 2009                                              East Valley Adult Resources   Page 13

                                   HWY 202

                                   UNIVERSITY DR.
                VAL VISTA DR.

                                GREENFIELD RD.



                                   HWY 60
 Page 14                                                                    East Valley Adult Resources                                                                            November 2009

                                                                                                      Ludwig Handyman                    Dan the Handyman For all
                                   Appliance Services                   Health Services                                                                                             Landscaping
	Ads	are	paid	in	advance:	                                                                            Old-Fashioned German               your home or business repair
                                                                                                      Craftsmanship. Over 20 years       needs call Dan the Handyman.
    $15	for	30	words,	                                            Need a Break? When you just         experience-Carpentry, Plumbing,    Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall,
  20¢	per	word	over	30.		       Semi-Retired Appliance
                                                                  need time away from caring for a    Dry Wall, Roofing, General         Paint, Ceramic Tile, Room           Designing Arizona Landscape
                                Repairman. Over 35 years                                                                                                                     Sprinkler repair, complete
   Add	a	border	for	$3.         experience. Repairs on all
                                                                  loved one, I’m                      Repairs. Swimming Pool             Additions, Remodeling and
                                                                                                                                                                             desert landscaping, trimming,
Deadline	is	15th	of	month	                                        just a phone call away. I’m         Maintenance, Cleaning and          Cabinet Refinishing. 25 years
                                brands. Call 480-982-6394. Ask                                        Repair, Welding, Ironwork. 480-                                        blowing, removals, Low Prices
                                                                  available by the hour, daily and                                       experience. 480-832-6262.
for	the	following	month’s	      for Walt
                                                                  weekends.                           288-1685; cell 480-225-8793.                                           for Seniors, Free Estimates.
       publication.                                               In-home services include                                                                                   Arizona license #243110 bonded
                                                                                                                                         Steve’s Handy Company A             & insured. 480-380-9966
                                Northern Appliance L.L.C
  Send	ad	and	check	to	         “Honest, Reliable, Worry Free
                                                                  companionship, meal                 Home Remodeling and Rain           Company You Can Rely On
                                                                  preparations, laundry, grocery      Gutter Specialist                  With over 30 Years Experience.
  Miller	Media	Services,	       Service.” Same Day Service.       shopping, light housekeeping,       AZ Rooms, Dual Pane,               Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry,    Brothers Landscaping Yard
     P.O	Box	31533,		           Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Ranges,   medication reminder,                Replacement Windows,               Painting: Inside & Outside.         and Lawn Maintenance.
     Mesa,	AZ	85275,	           Dishwashers, Disposals. Fully     transportation to/from              Aluminum & Vinyl Siding &                                              Trimming and Mowing Service.
                                                                                                                                         Miscellaneous Maintenance
                                Insured. Free Service Call w/     appointments so you don’t lose      Trim, Seamless Raingutters-                                            Lot Cleaning and Hauling.
 or	call	480-361-4431;		        Repairs. 480-212-6039. Senior     time from work. CPR, First-aid,
                                                                                                                                         & Repairs. Not a licensed
                                                                                                                                                                             Customized Service for your
                                                                                                      30colors. Very Reliable-Licensed   contractor. Free Estimates 480-
 Fax	to	480-361-4293.           & Military Discounts. “Since      TB tested. I                        & Bonded. LIC #114475 George       924-6858                            needs. Free Estimates. Quality
                                1980”                             am a non-smoker, have               – 820-8711 We love small jobs.                                         Work. Call Greg 480-215-0249.
                                                                  reliable insured transportation.                                                                           Not a licensed contractor.
                                                                                                                                         Masonry Company for all
                                                                           Carpenter-Electrician-             expectations and ideas you
         Plumbing                   Cleaning Services             480-457-9360                        Plumber (Semi-Retired-No           have! MJM Masonry, INC. is               Sprinkler Repair
        Repairs &                                                 In pain and need relief? Massage    longer licensed). Experienced      family owned since 1995. We
                                                                  Therapy can help. Five years        in all phases of construction,     are licensed with Registrar of
                                Amazing Carpet & Tile
          Service               Cleaning. Truck Mounted Steam     experience helping residents        including all remodeling needs &   Contractors with an excellent       Designing Arizona Landscape
                                                                  in active-adult communities.        all electrical & troubleshooting   record. We are bonded and
Save Money with Us!             Cleaning. Licensed-Insured-BBB                                                                                                               Specializing in all phases of
                                                                  Injury/surgery rehabilitation.      problems. Plus, all plumbing       have several referrals in your
                                Member. Family Owned and                                                                                                                     Sprinkler Repair, PVC, Drip
                                                                  Neck, shoulder and back pain        needs & repairs. No job too        area from satisfied customers.
                                Operated. Rick 602-434-2525.                                                                                                                 Systems, Trouble Shooting.
                                                                                                      small. Please call 480-370-4760
FREE Estimates                  Amazing Service, Amazing
                                Results. Sunland Springs
                                                                  specialist. Stress reduction
                                                                  treatments. Rehabilitative          anytime.
                                                                                                                                         Please give us a call. We respond
                                                                                                                                         the same day! We are MJM
                                                                                                                                                                             Low prices for Seniors. Free
                                                                                                                                                                             Estimates. Arizona License
   No Trip Charge               Resident.                         exercise programs. Please call                                         Masonry, INC. At the office 480-    #243110. Bonded & Insured.
                                                                  today for relief! References        Orion Services                     984-8174 or cell 602-702-7391.      480-380-9966.
  Priced by the Job             CARPET CLEANING-Much              available! Bret Stilson, Licensed   We do it all! Roof repairs and     Ask for Ginny or Mike. We look
                                                                  Massage Therapist. 480-332-         coatings (30 years experience),    forward to your call.
 24 Years Experience            better than Steam! Fast Drying/
                                                                  0180.                               cooler repairs, plumbing,                                                    Miscellaneous
                                Deep Cleaning. OwnerOp 30+
                                                                                                      electrical, painting, deck         MCCARTY PAINTING
   Senior Discount              years does the work! Open areas
                                                                                                      coatings, any handyman project.    SERVICES. Professional
                                of 3 Rooms Only $45 complete!
  Guaranteed Work               Listed with BBB since 1988.             Home Services                 Senior discounts. 480-650-6671.    quality work with outstanding       A+ Computer Services. PC/
                                                                                                      Mike                               customer satisfaction since 1984.   Wireless Network Setup,
                                Dennis Coats 480-354-0866
         10   .00
                    OFF                                           Eliminate and Destroy Odors         Free Estimates-Specializing in
                                                                                                                                         Trust your interior or exterior
                                                                                                                                         painting needs to someone who
                                                                                                                                                                             Troubleshooting/Fix, Software
                                                                                                                                                                             installs, PC Optimization, Virus
Labor with this ad              Windows Squeegee Clean:                                                                                  cares. Free Estimates and Color
                                                                  In Cars, RV’s, mobile homes,        bath remodels                                                          and Spyware Removal, Tutoring.
                                No puddles-no mess-24 hr                                                                                 Consultation. Call Loren, owner
                                                                  etc. Our system will destroy:       Do it all large or small.                                              Very Reasonable Rates. A+
  Trusted in your community     service. You will be delighted-                                                                          at 480-985-2754 or 602-397-
                                                                  Tobacco smoke, fire smoke,          Specializing in kitchen and                                            Certified PC Technician. Call
     (ask your neighbor)        guaranteed. We clean sun                                                                                 0158. Licensed-Bonded-Insured.
                                                                  musty stale air, mildew, mold,      bath remodels. Carpentry,                                              Marc 480-277-1313.
     References Available       screens, rain gutters, ceiling                                                                           Your satisfaction begins with our
                                                                  human odors, pet odors.             drywall, plumbing, electrical,
                                fans, light fixtures & more. We                                                                          integrity.
 Fountain of the Sun Resident                                     Contact—Jim 480-326-8414            decks, fences. 20% off summer                                          Room for Rent-Mesa. Lovely
                                repair/replace sun screens and
                                                                                                      discount. References. Gary                                             home, A/C $115/week. $115
                                do power washing. Call Rich
                                                                  Firewood Depot-Specializing in      480-330-3131. Not a licensed                                           deposit. Utilities, cable, pool
Heaven Bound Plumbing           480-205-2082.
                                                                  Hardwoods, Mesquite and Pecan       contractor.                                                            included. NE of Stapley and
Michael • Owner Operated                                          for all of your needs. Fireplace,                                                                          Main St. 402-770-3535 or 480-
                                                                  Cooking, Smokers and Camping.                                                                              560-1222.
  480-325-5847                                                    Sold by the bag and by cords.
                                                                  Prompt FREE Delivery and
                                                                  Stacking. 520-414-6861.
November 2009                                                               East Valley Adult Resources                                                                               Page 15
                                                                   a costume contest and won prizes, and voted for their favorite                                        Dottie Freeman
                                                                   decorated pumpkin with entries from our fabulous food and                                             celebrates with her
                                                                   beverage department.                                                                                  family, the fun and
                                                                             October was also Fire Safety Awareness month                                                active lifestyle at
                                                                   and residents participated in training sessions that were                                             Discovery Point.
                                                                   informative and fun!
                                                                             This month Discovery Pointers will proudly show
                                                                   their patriotism by decorating our Lincoln Town Car, our bus,
                                                                   and a really cool Mustang convertible to participate in Mesa’s
     September was carnival and fair time….and Discovery           Veterans Day Parade Wednesday, November 11. Come to the
Pointers get in the swing with the fun fall Family and Friends     parade and show your appreciation as we salute our American
Carnival. Residents invite their friends and family to visit for   Veterans.
a fun and delicious outing! The festivities kicked off with a           This month we are also hosting a formal dinner to thank
delicious biscuits and gravy breakfast, complimentary for          the many Discovery Point residents who volunteer their time
all DP guests, followed by carnival games, prizes, treats          to help make our community extra special! If you lived at
and everyone’s favorite the petting zoo! Everyone had their        Discovery Point, Thanksgiving dinner would be a delicious
pictures taken to commemorate this seasonal sensation.             breeze…invite your guests, eats lots of turkey and pie…and
          October was “spooktacular”! Discovery Point hosted       we do all the dishes!                                                                                     Discovery Pointer,
Trick or Treat on Halloween, October 31. Scary ghost and                     The holidays are a hoot at Discovery Point and                                                  Alwilda Metzger, gets
goblins, fairy princesses and pirates came to Trick or Treat       residents are gearing up for an exciting December, filled with   Lew and Rose Campbell are                a kiss a miniature
from table to table in our dining room. We provided the            concerts, holiday music, special entertainment, light tours,     surrounded by family and friends         horse during the Fun,
delicious treats! The main dining room opened early and            and much, much more.                                             during Discovery Points Family and       Fall Family & Friends
everyone had a great time. Discovery Pointers dressed up for                                                                        Friends Carnival.                        carnival.

       Give Thanks for Our FREEDOM!
                Thank a Vet!
                             Look for Discovery Point in the Mesa Veterans Day Parade, November 11

       VETS eat FREE every Wednesday in November at Discovery Point – RSVP 480-924-6474
                        Tour and visit this month and receive a FREE t-shirt* – Discovery Point ♥s VETS!

                                                                      6210 E. Arbor Avenue in MESA
                                                     (East of Recker Road, between Broadway and Main Street)

                                                                   For information call 480-924-6474
      * While supplies last. Discovery Point is an income-qualified community; residency requires application acceptance and age restrictions apply. Call for details.

                                                       Summer Jobs With
                                                  Yellowstone General Stores
                                                                        Live The Adventure
                                                                   In Yellowstone National Park!!
      Yellowstone National Park                                                 Yellowstone General Stores operates twelve stores
      is one of the world’s largest                                             throughout Yellowstone, providing visitors a full array
      playgrounds. An angler’s paradise,                                        of gifts, apparel, groceries, sundries, camping supplies,
      the park offers lakes, rivers and                                         jewelry, and photo supplies, as well as food services.
      streams full of a wide range of                                           We bring together enthusiastic people from all over
      fish species. From serene lakes                                            the world to work in our attractive stores and provide
      to explosive geysers, the calming                                         exceptional guest service and unforgettable memories to
      song of a bird to the bugle                                               3 million park visitors each year. You will enjoy first-
      of an elk, there are thousands                                            hand the amazing wonders of living in Yellowstone while
      of sights worth seeing in                                                 making new life-long friends and greeting park visitors
      Yellowstone National Park. Hiking                                         from around the globe.
      here means more than 1,100
      miles of hiking trails, perfect
      for day hikes to extended
      backcountry excursions.
                                                                                                                             For an application and more details, call
      Our stores have a variety of operating dates, starting as early as
      mid-April and ending as late as early November. Tell us when                                                              Human Resources at 406-586-7593
      you’re available (longer is better!) & we’ll do our best to find a
      perfect fit for you. Wages start at $7.40/hr. Associates are paid                                                            or check out our web site at
      for all hours worked; 32-40 hours/week is typical but may vary
      depending on business levels. Subsidized associate housing (RV
      sites and dormitories) and meals are available.                                                                         or e-mail us at
Page 16                            East Valley Adult Resources                          November 2009

                             GRAND OPENING
          OF MESA
            7524 E. Southern Ave, Suite 105, Mesa (Southern & Sossaman)

              Over 47 years experience in Internal Medicine
           & Pain Management. We Specialize in the following:
                Thyroid                        Shingles                Bursitis
                Diabetes                      Knee Pain               Headaches
               Headaches                      Cholesterol             Tendonitis
               Pelvic Pain                   Joint Disease          Fibromyalgia
              Osteoporosis                   Heart Disease         Chronic Fatigue
             Allergies/Sinus                 Tennis Elbow         Chronic Back Pain
           Women’s Health Issues            Hip & Leg Pain       Neck & Shoulder Pain
                  No Appointment Necessary. Walk-ins Welcome.
          Pain Management by Appointment Only. So Call or Stop in Today.

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