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       2006                         Tallahassee Chassee
                                                                                                                           Next Meeting
 Traveling in                                                                                                               June 13, 2006
   the Past                                                                                                           Tallahassee Auto Museum
                                                                                                                           Dinner 6:00 pm
 and Present                                                                                                          General Meeting 7:00 pm

                                    The Tallahassee Region                                                           Club Officers
                              Antique Automobile Club of America                                                     President
                                                                                                                     Gary Edwards
                                                                                                                     343 Milestone Drive

                                      18th Annual                                                                    Tallahassee, FL 32312
                            Great Southern Antique Car Rally                                                         Vice President
                                                                                                                     Norm Madsen
                                      was easy to see why this is             The rally on Saturday                  3233 Cranleigh Drive
                                      such an enjoyable event. You       began with breakfast at the                 Tallahassee, FL 32309
                                      get to participate as well as      Community Center and 102
                                      see the whole parade as it         vehicles pulled out for a 50
                                      doubles back on itself, not        mile pleasure cruise through                Secretary
                                      once, but twice. And a lot of      the local area. Our mid-way                 John Schanbacher
                                      Grady County, GA seemed to         stop was at the Calvary, GA                 517 Collinsford Rd.
                                      be lining the streets to see all   site of the Annual Mule Day                 Tallahassee, FL 32301
                                      the wonderful vehicles repre-      Festival. Here we were served
 Rumors of his demise were false!
                                      senting everything from vin-       with cake and ice cream and a
     For someone who was              tage antiques to state-of-the-     cool drink.                                 Treasurer
given up for dead last year,          art late model street ma-                                                      J. Andy Mohney
Mike was again his old lively,        chines. The pair leading the                                                   7000 Foxglove Lane
talkative self, and we all wel-       parade were antique farm
                                                                                                                     Tallahassee, FL 32312
comed him back. The Great             tractors.
Southern Antique Car Rally
would not have been the                                                                                              Newsletter/Web Editor
same without his lively pres-                                                                                        Bob Love
ence. Thanks for making our
                                                                                                                     169 Mulberry Circle
Friday evening and Saturday
awards fun again, Mike.                                                                                              Crawfordville, FL 32327
     The Tallahassee Region
                                                                          Calvary stop for refreshments.             850-926-2820
was once again the reigning                                                    The whole cruise was
champs for participating                                                 very uneventful and all made
clubs. More than 100 vehicles          Early McCormick Deering           it back to Cairo and the city                      June  
were registered this year and                                            park where we again had a
our club once again showed                 Next came the prime           complimentary meal of ham-                      Birthdays 
it’s mettle by bringing 20 of         movers of this event each          burgers and drinks for all par-              9 — Pat Baxter
them.                                 year and fellow TRAACA mem-        ticipants. We then just sat
                                      bers, Wayne and Rosa Ann           around and visited or walked                10 — Jean O’Neal
    Friday evening’s dinner of        Hadden in his beautiful 1911       around and looked at all the
barbeque and fixing's at the
                                                                                                                     12 — Nancy Thompson
                                      Ford Model T Torpedo Road-         nice vehicles parked under the
Regional Community Center             ster.                              tall pines and shade trees.
                                                                                                                     17 — Merry Ann Johnson
was superb as usual. The                                                                                             22 — Paul O’Neal
motto of the rally is “Eat &                                                 Not only was the club the
Drive & Eat & Drive & Eat &                                              best represented, but we also               22 — Judy O’Steen
Drive & Eat and Show” and as                                             walked away with most of the                23 — Pam Pumphry
usual, we really lived up to it.                                         trophies awarded for vehicles.
                                                                                                                     25 — Richard Snow
     After dinner we were                                                     All in all a great way to
                                                                         spend a beautiful spring
                                                                                                                     27 — Richard Duncan
joined by many other non-
registered but welcomed vin-                                             weekend in southern Georgia.                29 — Mac McLendon
tage/show/street vehicles for                                            Can’t wait for next year’s invi-
the annual Gas Light Parade                                              tation to come in the mail.                         Happy  
through downtown Cairo.
Once the line got rolling, it
                                       Wayne & Rosa Ann’s 1911 Ford T                   Pictures and more on pg. 8        Birthday 
                     Page 2      Tallahassee Chassee                                             May 2006
                                          TALLAHASSEE REGION, AACA
                                                MEETING MINUTES
                                                REGULAR MEETING
                                                  May 09, 2006
                                          Forest Heights Baptist Church

Present were approximately 45 members and two guests.

Opening Prayer - Jack Herzog

Welcome Guests & New Members - Gary Edwards
Peter Zulinke introduced his two guests; Jack Gaskins and Tom Wyatt.

Opening Remarks - Gary Edwards
Gary told another joke and so did Dan Rainey!

50/50 Drawing -
Alexis Rainey was the lucky winner. She's Dan Rainey's granddaughter.

Committee Reports

       Treasurer - Andy Mohney
       Details are available from Andy.

       Sunshine - Shirley Moore/Sharon Palmer
       The following were reported to have considerations:
       Bob Spiegel                     Lynn Koelliker
       The Grahams                     Jon Thomas
       Tom Moody and Pat Baxter both had deaths in their families.

       Short Tours - Ed Shuler
       Ed reported that they are working on perhaps a progressive dinner activity.

       Long Tours - Dan Rainey
       As reported, the planned tour to the Americus and Andersonville, Georgia area has been postponed probably
       until fall.

       2007 National Tour - Bill Thompson
       No report this month.

Announcements & Reports
1. Neal Davis reported on the continuing Soap Box Derby preparations. Race day will be Saturday,
June 3, 2006 with about 40 cars registered so far. Alexis Rainey will drive the club car this year.
     Tallahassee Chassee                                              May2006                            Page 3

Neal needs folks to help at the Derby. We will meet Neal on Friday, June 2nd between 5 and 9 PM (not all that time,
just to talk to Neal about what he needs). He will be outside (at the South end) of the Southwood Village Publix
Market, 3551 Blair Stone Rd. (Blair Stone & Capital Circle SE). Everyone who can help is encouraged to see Neal on
2. Bob Love brought hard copies of the 2006 roster for distribution. It is also available on the web site.
3. Norm Madsen told of the "Cruisin the Night Away" held at the North Florida Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 29,
2006. We only had four cars participating. Music of the 50's and 60's were performed.
4. Bill Thompson reported on the "Quincy Fest" held on May 6th. Another small turn out.

Old Business
Peter Zulinke and Nell Hollingsworth suggested the club hold a "Cruise In" such as the ones held at the What-A-
Burger almost every Saturday night. After some discussion, the club voted to begin this activity beginning on Satur-
day, May 20, 2006 at the What-A-Burger 2586 North Monroe. We will gather at around 5:00 PM and have a 50/50
drawing at 7:00 PM. Depending on how successful the gathering is, we will have this every third Saturday at the
same location.

New Business
1. We have been invited to relocate our meeting place to the Tallahassee Antique Automobile Museum at 3550
Mahan Drive. We will have a contract insuring the availability of the space on the second Tuesday of each month
except for the November (chili/auction) meeting. Cost to the club will be minimal to cover utility costs. It was de-
termined that the cost will be roughly equivalent to what we have been donating to the Church.
The club voted to accept the offer overwhelmingly. It will be a suitable venue for our club and give us more visibil-
ity. We will begin meeting there on June 13, 2006.
The club also voted to make another donation to the Forest Heights Baptist Church for the use of their facility for
this portion of the year. They have been very generous in letting us use the hall.
2. We have been invited to participate in the Monticello Watermelon Festival on June 17, 2006. Details will be
available at the next meeting.

Coming Events
1. Street Rodders 21st annual car show at Lee Vause Park on May 20, 2006.
2. Great Southern Antique Car Rally, May 12-13, 2006, Cairo, Georgia.
3. University Chevrolet Car Show, Saturday, May 27, 2006 at the North Florida Fair Grounds.
4. See our website calendar for more events. Click on “Club Calendar” www.local.aaca.org/traaca       Also, visit the
National website for National AACA activities www.aaca.org.

The program this week was presented by Gene Densmore. He was introduced by Norm Madsen. Gene described his
adventures in having the headlights refinished for his 1930 Studebaker Roadster. He told of the many options avail-
able for re-chroming depending on the base metal condition/preparation and what quality needed for the restora-
tion. He also told of the rigors he went through in shipping and replacing parts lost by the refinisher! It turned out
to be a very expensive proposition.

Next Meeting & Location

The meeting will be held on June 13, 2006 at the Tallahassee Antique Automobile Museum at 3550 Mahan Drive.
Dinner at 6:00 PM, the meeting will be at 7:00. Please spread the word about this new meeting place.

Respectively submitted - John Schanbacher, Secretary
                      Page 4         Tallahassee Chassee                                                      May 2006
                                                                 ‘Wonder Touch’, and such!
                                                                    By Club President: Gary Edwards

                                                            Back in the day, auto makers would entice buyers with new features
                                                   offered on the new models. In the 1966 Pontiac/Tempest Owner’s Guide,
                                                   the new owner could read about exciting new features. Who could resist
                                                   “Wonder Touch” power steering and “Wonder Touch” power brakes. Other
                                                   available features were “Safe-T-Track” differential, GM’s term for limited slip
differential; and “Verba-Phonic” speaker system for the ultimate in sound. Even the paint was special, with “Magic-Mirror” fin-
ish. Marketing new cars was the art of putting some “sizzle” in selling the “steak”.
            My Dad told me that when
he sold Chrysler automobiles in the
1930’s, they featured “Floating
Power” which was simply the first
effort to isolate the engine torque
(considerable vibration on a four
cylinder engine) from the chassis by
using rubber motor mounts. He
often told a story of when he was
selling a car to a woman who asked
him to “activate the floating power”          Excerpt from the 1966 Pontiac or Tempest Owner’s Guide
she had heard about, not realizing that
this was built into the design and therefore “always on!” My Dad was also proud of the advanced features (for its time) of our
1940 Chrysler, which included such selling features as “two speed electric wipers” (when others had vacuum wipers which
would stop going up a grade), a full “X frame” under the body, “chair height seats” for more comfortable driving position, and a
“rifle drilled crankshaft” with full pressure oiling (most other cars had babbited rods and a splash oil system).

          When Desoto moved the manual shifter from the floor to the steering column in 1939, it was sold as “Handy Shift” and
promised easier shifting, especially for women drivers. Think of how cars marketed the “new” automatic transmissions. They
were given sexy sounding names like “Dynaflow” (Buick), “Powerglide” (Chevrolet), “Ultramatic” (Packard), Torque-
flite” (Chrysler) etc. Even engines got exciting names to market them. There was the “Rocket V-8” (Oldsmobile),
“Firepower” (Chrysler Hemi V-8, Desoto was dubbed “Firedome” and Dodge was dubbed “Red Ram”), “Stratostreak” (Pontiac’s
first V-8).

          People bought a particular car because it offered something new
and exciting, not the “same ol’, same ol’”. Whether it was a “Wide-Track
Pontiac”, a “Super-Sport Chevrolet”, or a well built Buick (“When Better Cars
are Built, Buick Will Build Them”), or a Ford because “Ford Has A Better
Idea” people wanted something new and different and offered something
special or different than the competition.

           Since my business involves investments that include stocks, I am
keenly aware of Ford’s and General Motors’ financial problems. GM, which
had a 55 % market share in the mid-60’s, now has only about 24% of the
U.S. market. I can’t help but think that part of the problem is that they
have lost their “sizzle” when it comes to marketing their cars. There’s little
to distinguish one brand from the other, except for the name, if you happen
to get close enough to see the badge or emblem on the car! Maybe Chrysler
(now Daimler Chrysler) is doing better due to its “Hemi” marketing and dis-
tinctive styling. Even though not all Chrysler products have hemi engines,
still, they all benefit from the hemi marketing, much like all Pontiacs bene-
fited from the “GTO Tiger” marketing in the 60’s. Maybe in this new millen-
nium, terms like “Ram Air” and “Power Pack” won’t be the rage, but there is
no reason Detroit can’t make cars and market them so Americans will want
cars that are new, different, and exciting to own and drive and not the
“same ol’, same ol’”.

         Come on GM and Ford, find some new variations of “Wonder
Touch” and such, backed by fine machinery and the public will come
running to buy!
                                                                                          1966 Pontiac GTO advertisement.
      Tallahassee Chassee                                                           May2006                                      Page 5

                                  From your reporters in the field:
                                        Ramblings and Rovings of
                                         Junkyard Dog & Fluffy
     Here we go again. Junkyard Dog and Fluffy are on a hot trail to the east this time. After only one wrong turn, we doubled back and
found our trail again. This time we entered the big gate with pineapples on top. They were not ripe yet; hard as concrete. We entered C &
B’s plantation, nose to the ground. We found this to be a fowl place. (please note spelling) that’s right! Chicken’s as in roosters, hens,
geese and ducks, but this was great. We were met by "C" at the first garage. Inside we found a 1970 Jaguar 2+2 . This is not a car. It’s an
automobile! From there we went to the next garage. There we saw a very nice 1956 Jaguar XK140MC roadster . This is about where "B"
came in. "C" built this car in about three years; all the while storing the parts in the living room of their home. Happy days, huh! Also we
find a 1973 Mercedes Benz 450 SL, a 1967 Chevy Camaro convertible, a 1965 Austin Healey 3000, and a 1966 Yamaha 100cc Twin Jet mo-
torcycle. From there we went to a car hauler and to our surprise, inside was a 1955 Chevy 4-door Belair. Then we saw it ----- a 1947
Farmall which belonged to "B". One day maybe she will tell you about her first ride. Wow!!!!! This was a great day for Junkyard and
Fluffy. When it was over and we started to leave we were each handed a dozen eggs. These were very good. We did enjoy. Thanks for the
tour and all. "C" and "B", see you soon.

   That’s it for this time. Forever,

                                                            1970 Jaguar XKE 2+2

                  1956 Jaguar XK140MC

                                                                                                 1965 Austin Healey 3000

                                                      Neal will be back next month, as he is really tied up with preparation for the
                                                      upcoming Annual Soap Box Derby. He’s asking everyone to come out and show
                                                      your support for the kids.
                     Page 6    Tallahassee Chassee                                           May 2006
                                “Getting To Know You”
AACA Member Profile:
Jay & Kathy Mottice
Interviewed by Gary Edwards

What is your occupation?
Jay: Retired (FSU Professor & recently real estate investor)
Kathy: Homemaker (Former teacher, realtor)
How did you become interested in the
antique car hobby?
Jay & Kathy (As told by Kathy): Our 1930 Model A Ford be-
longed to my great aunt in Allendale, South Carolina. When
she died, my dad inherited the car and kept it in his barn in Richmond, Virginia. No one in my family
was interested in the car, so my dad approached Jay and me, and that’s how it all started. Jay and I re-
stored the car together.
How did you become charter members of the Tallahassee
Region of AACA?
Jay & Kathy (as told by Jay): In 1967, Charles Smith, who was
our Allstate insurance agent, organized a Sunday afternoon
jaunt to St. Marks with several Model A owners and their cars.
Also on the excursion were John Wells, Richard Boutin, Fred and
Bill Taylor (all who became charter members). This was the in-
augural event for the formation of the Model A Club which later
became a regional chapter of the AACA.                                             Jay & Kathy’s 1930 Model A
What was one of your favorite cars when you were growing up?
Jay: We had a 1940 Dodge four door growing up and I especially liked the 1940 Ford convertibles.
Kathy: The first car Jay and I bought together was a
1956 Chevrolet, and that is the reason for the recent
acquisition of the 1956 Chevrolet we have now
(currently undergoing a complete rotisserie restora-
What is your favorite antique car?
Jay & Kathy: Our 1931 Chrysler roadster is the fa-
vorite but 1930 Ford Model A is right up there too.
                                                                                   Jay & Kathy’s 1956 Chevrolet
Share a story about one of your cars that is a special memory.
Kathy: We made a trip from Ohio, where we lived, to California in a 1952 Chevrolet. At the time, Jay
was an undergrad at Ohio State and had an internship in California at the Haskins CPA firm. It was a
great touring trip! We did a lot of sightseeing, including the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, as well
as other state parks.
Jay: While still living in Ohio, when I was applying to different colleges to see which one I would attend,
I made a trip Ball State College about 400 miles away. The Dodge consumed 40 quarts of oil in 400
miles! (editor’s note: 100 miles a quart is great gas mileage but nothing to brag about for oil mileage!)
Is there another car you do not currently own that you’d like to have?
Jay: Maybe a Dusenberg.
Kathy: None that I can think of.
    Tallahassee Chassee                                        May2006                                Page 7

What do you like most about the antique car hobby?
Jay & Kathy: The people we meet during various antique car activities are really special. We have
great memories of the various events we participated in, including the Great Race (five times) and the
Glidden Tours (twice).

What AACA National Tours and Shows have you participated in?
Jay & Kathy: We attended several Model A shows in the 70’s and won several first place trophies. We
participated in the Great Race (a cross country road rally of antique cars over 2500 miles in length) five
times and the first time we won first place in the Rookie Class! In 2002 we drove the 1931 Chrysler
roadster in the Daytona, Florida Glidden Tour; and in 2005 we drove the 1930 Ford Model A in the Al-
toona, Pennsylvania Glidden Tour.
Kathy: When we went to an Ormond Beach car show in the 70’s, it was our son John’s fourteenth birth-
day. We were towing the Model A behind us and John was riding in the Model A behind the steering
wheel and fell asleep. It looked as is a Model A was following us with the driver asleep at the wheel!

What other hobbies and interests do you participate in?
Kathy: I enjoy gardening, watercolor painting, needlework and crafts.
Jay: I enjoy tennis and model trains (HO scale).

                                                                                              Jay & Kathy

                    The Mottice Family

                                                                             Jay & daughter Kristie

                  Jay & grand-daughter Kathryn
                             Page 8            Tallahassee Chassee                                                                             May 2006
Award Winners                            Great Southern Antique Car Rally - 2006 - Cairo, GA

John Schanbacher—Best Ford
                                              Friday Night Dinner—Great Barbeque                                   Waiting for the parade to start

Randolph Brock—Best Dodge                  Gaslight Parade through downtown Cairo. Great to be in and observe the rest of the parade at the same time.

                                                        Refreshment stop in Calvary, GA. Home of the Annual Mule Day festivities and parade.
Dan Baxter—Oldest Car

                                                                                                    What better way to spend an afternoon in the park?

                             A really nice park for a Car Show!
     Tallahassee Chassee                                                             May2006                      Page 9

                                                       From the Archives of

                          THE TALLAHASSEE CHASSEE
                              Official Publication of The Tallahassee Region Antique Automobile Club of America

30 Years Ago:
Our monthly meeting for June was held on June 3, 1976, at Maclay Gardens hosted by George and Ruth Moody and
Bill and Nancy Thomson. In spite of heavy rain, we had a good attendance for our family get-together and lots of
delicious food. Approximately thirty (30) members attended along with their families and guests. A brief business
meeting was held after the picnic supper. President Henry Forster mentioned several events coming up in the Talla-
hassee area. June 12th was the date for Old Times Day at Myers Park and our club members were invited to partici-
pate. An event scheduled for June 19th was the Parade of Homes at Killearn Lakes which we were also invited to
attend. The date for the annual Watermelon Festival and Parade in Monticello is June 26th. Dr. John Wells is acting
as chairman for this event, and anyone desiring to participate should contact him.
Respectfully submitted,
C. K. Pope, Secretary

20 Years Ago:
June 7-8 Marianna Tour Report: June 7 dawned bright and early for the group meeting in Tallahassee: Claude &
Frankie Allen - 1930 Ford Model A Town Car, Charles & Mary Smith - 1929 Ford Cabriolet, Lee Yawn - 1954 Chevro-
let, Dan, Carol and Danny Rainey - 1954 Plymouth, Pete and Bev Kerwin - 1969 BMW motorcycle, George & Ruth
Moody - Modern Car support, Lynn and Phil Koelliker - modern van support and Ridge Canaday, our fearless Tour
Committee Chairman. What a neat surprise to see the Allens, Koellikers, Ridge and the Raineys dressed according to
the period of their cars. True to his word, Claude Allen headed up the group as we left Capital Outlet Center at 7:45
a.m. As we tooled along the highway we passed a drive shaft laying smack in the middle of Hwy 90. Figured it
dropped off one of the new fangled machines ; they just don’t make cars like they used to!! At the breakfast stop at
Chandler’s in Quincy, we picked up another group for the tour: Wayne & Amanda Lynn Hadden - 1922 Nash, Milford
& Ruth Barker (also in period dress) - 1931 Plymouth, Randolph & Janie Brock - 1970 Karmann Ghia, John, Ada Alice
& Wendy Wells - 1965 Ford Mustang, Raymond & Mary Margaret Cook - 1937 Rolls-Royce, Russ and Nancy Haines
and children - 1929 Chevrolet, Bill Tyler - 1931 Ford Model A Pickup, Phil and Brandon Reichert - 1969 AMC Javelin,
Elliott & Mary Brown and children - 1929 Ford Woody Wagon, John Allen - 1963 Ford Falcon, and Edward & Helen
Eikman in modern car support. At this point we had 15 antique cars and 3 modern support vehicles. Outstanding is
the only word for the planning and carrying through our Tour Committee did on this project!
Good-bye until next month,
Diane McCarthy

10 Years Ago:
Tallahassee Region AACA members met on June 8, 1996, at 4 p.m. for a covered dish dinner at Carol and Dan
Rainey’s home. President Ken Hart chaired the meeting which he convened with 21 members present. Ken read from
a letter from National AACA headquarters soliciting funds for the AACA Museum to be built in Hershey, PA. Orders
were taken for Founders Tour "T" shirts. The meeting adjourned so members could visit the Simpler Solar Systems
and N & E Machine shops. The first stop was at Simpler Solar Systems where members saw a solar powered electric
race car in operation. Several members were invited to take a ride in the car which looks like an old Porsche Speed-
ster. The prototype was entered in the "Tour del Sol" twice and is one of few southern cars to be in tour competition.
The car is capable of going 130 mph. Following the visit at Simpler, members drove to N & E Machine Shop where
Neil Davis gave a detailed tour of the facility and equipment.
Larry Benson,
                   Tallahassee Region
           Antique Automobile Club of America

     169 Mulberry Circle
      Crawfordville, FL

             Phone: 850-926-2820
          Email: boblove@comcast.net

   Traveling in the
   Past and Present

          We’re on the Web!

                               Calendar of Upcoming Events
Next Meeting                    June 13th 6:00p.m.: Regular monthly meeting at Tallahassee Antique Car Museum
                                Program: Dan Baxter will be giving a presentation on a recent trip.
                                Dinner Menu: Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, butter beans, salad, cornbread, pie

Local / Area
June 3           Tallahassee Annual Soap Box Derby
June 17          Watermelon Festival Parade and Open Car Show, Monticello, FL
July 10-14       International Ford Retractable Club 35th Annual National Convention, Car Show & Swap
                 Meet, Tallahassee (Ramada Inn)

                      Monthly Antique Cruise-In at the No. Monroe What-A-Burger Drive-In
                                       3rd Sat (Sponsored by TRAACA)

                       Monthly Cruise-Ins at the Thomasville Road What-A-Burger Drive-In
1st Sat—Capital City Cruzers           2nd Sat—Ford & Chevy Clubs   3rd Sat—Corvette Club   Last Sat—Street Rod Club

National Southeast
June 3           St. Augustine, FL, AACA Ancient City Region Car Show.
Jul 13-15        AACA Southeastern Spring Meet, Asheville, NC.
                 Hosted by AACA Great Smoky Mountains Region

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