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Near Tufnell Park Station, 144 Huddleston Road,
London N7 0EG (UK)
Cell:   079.0106.5470                                               My Portfolio
E-mail: fparpia@gmail.com                                           http://webtoseo.com/web-designer-uk-london/farhan-parpia/
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◊ Objective
       To obtain a position in the New Media Industry where I can be creative and contribute to a team in a modern
       environment. To do work that I can be proud of and be excited about doing.

◊ Professional Summary
       Work as User Interface Designer / Flash Developer with over 10 years of experience, includes:

       Accomplished senior User Interface Designer and interactive web designer with a strong portfolio of successful
       contributions to business objectives. Experience includes B2B and B2C web sites, applica tions, online tutorials and
       presentations for leading organizations, such as Ford Motor Company’s Silk Road Project, Resolutions Document
       Management Solutions, Systems Limited, Visionet Systems, Lender First Choice and Apollo Medical Solutions.

       » UI/Web Designing
          Analysis, design, development, enhancements and maintenance of web applications.
          I have been involved in identifying customer needs; monitor customer usage patterns; determine order processes
            and service after sales also involved in all sta ges of the development of web sites - right from then planning,
            design, quality control, launching to online promotion and monitoring.
          Development web 2.0 websites, UI, Graphic Design, Web Site Cross -Browser Creation, Logos & Icons.
          Making changes and new enhancements in web site pages.
          Hand-code all XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JS & JavaScript. View Recent XHTML/CSS Project
          Hands on experience on different JavaScript frameworks. (Jquery, Mootools, Prototype)
          Experience of working very near with QA team for ensuring the quality of the web site before displaying it on the
          Innovative mind and Interest in learning new concepts and languages.
          Efficient organizational work ethics, value based effective decision -making, team based cooperation and
            communication skills.
          Well aware of various SDLCs and engagement models of offshore development including Agile Development Cycle,
            Waterfall Model, Iterative and Spiral Model.
          Collaborated with User Testing Groups on what works a nd what doesn’t from the mockups that I designed.
          Analysis all aspects of UI design during the build of each design and provide ongoing UI design
          Design and develop User Interface for Content Management Systems.

       » Flash Dynamic Application (R.I.A)
          Developed an application in Flash MX to display latest forex rates which retrieves latest rates from the sever side
            Java Servlet. Flash Application make an http request to specific servlet’s URL and servlet generates the response
            with latest rates and send it back to flash application using http Response.
          Having sound knowledge of Flash Action Scripting, Component Designing and Database Interfacing through
            XML/ASP and web services.
          Worked on http://www.mosessupposes.com/Fuse/ ActionScript 2.0 animation & filter management tools.
            project sample : http://www.webtoseo.com/webprofile/FlashProjects/Phreesia/Demo1.html (80% animation is
            done by ActionScripting)
          Another application in Flash MX is the online tutorial. This application has three main sections. 1) XML base Tree,
            2) Content Pane where XML content is display and 3) XML base Vocabulary section.
            Project Sample: http://www.webtoseo.com/webprofile/FlashProjects/onlinetutorial/onlineTutorial.html

          AddGas presentation is a good example of dynamic content in flash. All the text images and navigation are acc ess
            from XML file.
            project Sample : http://www.webtoseo.com/webprofile/FlashProjects/adGas/

          Developed a web application in Flash MX to display list of products from the XML file. F lash Application make a
            request to specific XML file and sort out the data as by Category (PRODUCT CATALOGUE)
          Developed a Presentation in Flash. This presentation has messages from different Scholars and interviews form
            Students in Video format and. Duration of this Presentation is around 50 mints . (HRE Convocation Presentation)

          Developed a Desktop application in Flash. This application was responsible for displaying Questions along with it
            options to a player. The questions and options were read fro m a file so that anybody can customize the questions
            according to their needs. This application is similar to the one used in the popular television program " Master
            Mind" and "Kon banay gaa Karrorr Patee". (WHO WANTS TO BECOME A MASTER MIND )
       » SEO
          Search Engine Optimization (page ranking, back -links, and click through rates).
          Keyword Optimization and analysis, Article submissions, Strategic link building development, Search engine and
            directory submissions. On-page & Off-page optimization techniques.

       » CMMI Level III Process Training
          Work on the project appraised with CMMI Level 3. Complete training of Configuration Management, Verification and
            Validation, Technical Solution, Requirement Development & Management, Process & Product Quality Assurance a nd
            Decision Analysis & Resolution.

◊ Technology Skill Set

       » Web Designing Standards, Techniques and Tools:
          Web 2.0, Style Sheet based (DIV based) Web Designing, aggregation, webblog, blogroll, Wiki, W3C standard.

       » Programming & UI Designed Languages & Tools:
          Dreamweaver, ActionScript, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript

       » Graphics Designing Tools:
          Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Swift 3D, Premium, After Effect.

       » Search Engine Optimization Tools:
          Web CEO

◊ Experience
       » Max Distro LLC (Currently working as offshore resource)                      July 2008 - Present
       Web design / UI Development / Flash Development Consultancy

       I am fully responsible for the layout, visual appearance and usability of the client’s websites, ensuring that brand
       continuity is maintained.

       Role and Responsibilities
       •    Working on a number projects designing and developing compelling, attractive digital design solutions for websites.
       •    Creating design prototypes, including graphic design, site navigation and layout of content, for a variety of client
            web sites.
       •    Elegantly implement page designs in standards-compliant dynamic XHTML and CSS
       •    Create rapid prototypes of interfaces to be used as a blueprint for content and technical development
       •    Working closely with back-end developers to find ways to push the limits of existing Web technology in service of
            creating the best possible user experience
       •    Creating Flash Animations and Flash Application (XML based) for their clients.
       •    Doing SEO for their website.

       Using Technologies:
       Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript.

       Previous Experience
       » Systems Limited (CMMI Level 3 based organization with ISO 9001-2000)       Jan 2006 – July 2008
       Advisory Web Designer / Flash Developer (Team Lead)

       Systems Limited was founded in 1977 as the first software house and computer services bureau in Pakistan. The
       company now counts among its customers numerous Fortune 500 corporations in the United States. Intera ct closely
       with business analyst, team leads and system architect to interpret and develop client’s business needs. Write design
briefs by gathering information that clarifies design issues and defining strategies that meet the client’s cost and time
constraints. Multitask with more than one design brief at a time using a wide range of media, including photography,
artwork and computer-aided design. Create web content, graphics and multimedia. Prepare user interface mockups
using DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Create and administrate all graphics. Assist new and junior developers with interface
design issues. Provide post-implementation and ongoing production support.

•    Playing key role in designing User Interfaces for most of Visionet Systems Products ( VisiRelease, VisiRetention,
•    Lenders First Choice (Victors) has been awarded the 2007 Customer Innovation Award from Software AG.
     Specifically honored for its use of the webMethods product suite in developing its new title and settlement servi ces
     platform, I perform Leading part in Designing User Interface for their web Base Application called Victors
•    Human Resource Management System: Storyboarding of HRM System for EOBI.
•    Indimac Banking System: Storyboarding & Visual structure of Indimac Banking System.
•    Order Fulfillment System: A system for Simply Wireless Call Center agents, Client management, Order
     generation, Zip code management, direct order & other functionalities.
•    Security Management System: A system for Simply Wireless Call Center agents, Client management, Order
     generation, Zip code management, direct order and other functionalities.
•    Offer Management System: A system for generating offers and defining rules for these offers for the Simply
     Wireless website.
   Interaction with Business Analyst, Team Leads and System Architect to interpret and develop client’s business
   Work on User Interface Mock-Ups using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
   Create web content, web graphics, multimedia and creative writing content for web pages
   Develop design briefs by gathering information and data to clarify design issues
   Use innovation to redefine a design brief and meet the constraints of cost, time and client
   Multi-tasking: Often work on more than one design brief at a time using a wi de range of media, including
     photography and computer aided design
   Contribute ideas and design artwork to the overall brief
   Assist new/junior Developers with interface design issues
   Provide post implementation and on-going production support
   Create Dynamic Interactive PDF Forms in LiveCycle Desginer

» Quality check Inc                                                           Oct 2003 - Dec 2005
Senior Web Designer / Flash Developer

   Completely revamped the UI for their main products – Apollo Medical Solution
   Working on User Interface Mock-Ups using DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
   Creator & Administrator for all graphics.
   Collaborated with User Testing Groups on what works and what doesn’t from the mockups that I designed.
   Analysis all aspects of UI design during the build of each design and provide ongoing UI design

» Connect2Web Pvt. Ltd                                                        Aug 2001- Sep 2003
Senior Web Designer / Flash Developer

   Responsible for layout, graphics & ideas for corporate web sit es.
   Created the concepts and layout of the web sites.
   Created UI for e-commerce web sites
   Developed little Applications having graphics, icons and UI to fetching data from the database using ASP & SQL.
   Responsible for 100% cross-browser compliance of IE 4+, Netscape 4 & 6 on PC.
   Created all custom icons & logos utilizing both PhotoShop & Fireworks.
   Optimized & sliced up web graphics for different web sites using PhotoShop.

» SamwOnline Pvt. Ltd                                                            Aug 2000 – 2001
User Interface Developer

   Designed Mock-Up UI icons & graphics in PhotoShop.
   Designing and maintenance of News Portal Websites, Layout designing for the fashion shots of samwonline.com.
   I had also Design the complete layout of SAMWOnline Greeting card and job site.
   Responsible for 100% cross-browser compliance of IE 4+, Netscape 4 & 6 on PC.
            Created all custom icons & logos utilizing both PhotoShop & Fireworks.

◊ Skills Set

    SNo.                  Skill              Skill Level                                                 Description
     1        Adobe products              Expert               Adobe Photoshop,

     2        HTML Editors                Expert               Dreamweaver, Visual InterDev, UltraDev , FrontPage

     3        2D Animation                Expert               Macromedia Flash, Live Motion , Premier

     4        Giving 3D Touch!            Intermediate         Swift 3D, Plasma 3D

     5        Scripting                   Expert               Action Script, DHTML, JavaScript, XHML/CSS, HTML, XHTML, XSL

     6        Server Side Script          Beginner             ASP, PHP

◊ Some of my works are listed below                                                                        My Portfolio

         Visit my portfolio for DESIGN and FLASH work

         » Recent XHTML/CSS Work
            http://webtoseo.com/projects/film24/page-1.html
              (you can navigate page from the top link “View Next page” and “View Previous Page”)

         » Application Prototype: (these are just prototypes and best view on IE)

             http://webtoseo.com/SB/HRM        (Blank Id Password)
             http://webtoseo.com/SB/LossMitigation

◊ Education

                 Master In Computer Science
                   PIMST (2005)

◊ Reference

         Name: Mohsin Ali (Mr.)
         Designation: Technical Architect - eCommerce
         Phone : +44 (0)1344 476 556
         Email: mohsin.ali@eu.panasonic.com

         Name: Salman Ahsan
         Designation: Project Manager
         Email: salman@connect2web.com
         Contact # 07977 419 460

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