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]Every thought that provides you with an identity,
be it positive or negative, is a fragment of the ego
or mind-made sense of self. Most are under the
impression that if enough thoughts are accumulated,
these can be pieced together resulting is self-
knowledge. This approach is purely psychological.
Just as gathering enough leaves can never produce a
tree, gathering thoughts will never produce anything
more than a self-aware ego.
  The mind merely becoming aware of its fragments
does not constitute Enlightenment. Enlightenment,
Self-Realization, Awakening, occurs when the source
of thought is discovered and a Consciousness beyond
the mind emerges. When that occurs, one is released
from the compulsion to understand one’s thoughts
in order to construct a sense of identity.


]Before you awaken, telling the truth is not
admitting that you are depressed, that you are
anxious, or that you are lonely. It is admitting that
you are depression that you are anxiety that you are
loneliness. As you presently know yourself, you and
misery are inseparable. But who or what knows that?
Something or someone is aware of the whole drama.
That Awareness is the Truth.


]There is no sense of self without the mind.
Mind creates and re-creates it. Endlessly, the mind
is accumulating and compiling. It would seem that
through this ceaseless process of accumulating, the
self would become even richer, even vaster. The
opposite is the case. It would seem that the more
facts one is able to gather about oneself, the greater
the self-knowledge, but it is the reverse.
  The more that is added, the more Truth is obscured.
The more that is compiled, the more boundaries and
limitations are imposed. Paradoxically, the more one
builds, the smaller one becomes. When free of the
mind, all limitations, boundaries, and definitions
cease. Something is felt; nothing is felt. Something is
known; nothing is known. This has to be experienced.
It is inconceivable.


]Awareness is total. It takes in the whole of
Reality, manifest and unmanifest. It is aware of the
breath and the source of the breath. It is aware of
thought and the origin of thought. It is aware of the
circumference and the center, objects as well as the
Subject that perceives them.
   The conscious mind is another story. Its awareness
is always partial. Never is it aware of Awareness itself.
When Awareness falls back upon itself and becomes
aware of what it is, this is its greatest victory and the
conscious mind’s greatest defeat.

            DROPPING IT

]It is not by stopping the mind but by dropping it
that Truth is recognized to be omnipresent.


]You cannot be the Seer and the seen, the Subject
and the object. This is duality, and to live in duality is
to live split. It is to be a divided house.
  Upon awakening, one becomes aware of the outer
world. He takes notice of the trees and flowers,
the soil and stones. All of it comes alive. Next, he
becomes aware of an inner world of thoughts and
feelings, likes and dislikes, labels and interpretations.
But when fully awake, all of it ceases.
  This is the true inside. From here, the entire
psychology and personality is seen as something
wholly “outer,” as no more a part of you than
clothing. Without this clothing, there is only the
naked Spirit together with the feeling realization that
you are. What you are, you cannot say.


]A religious experiences God and remains sepa-
rate. He or she goes beyond the mind but remains
identified with it. It is this difference alone that dis-
tinguishes a contemplative from a Buddha. It is this
difference alone that determines if one is awake or


]Transcendence is not rising above others but
rising to equality.

           AS A BUDDHA

]Thinking is an ability. Mind is an identity. If you
could simply be aware with no mind, you would live
as a Buddha. Instead, you have collected all of your
thoughts together and said, “That’s me; That’s what
I am.” Even with contradictory thoughts, you have
done this. This identification with thinking is what
creates mind.


]The paradox of         spirituality is that you have
to begin as somebody (some-body) to realize your
nobodiness (no-body-ness). Once this is realized,
this nobodiness is embodied, and that is known as
enlightenment. In other words, it is through awareness
of the body that you are able to transcend it. It is
through awareness of the mind that you transcend


]The body and the mind are not two separate
realities; they are one. Using the hyphenated word
body-mind will get you closer to the truth. When you
transcend one, both are transcended.


]The real mastermind is not the genius but
the mystic. He alone has known the source of the
mind, and knowing the source, he is able to cease its

               BEYOND IT

]Sometimes it happens that we succeed at quieting
the mind. Whether it is through some technique or
effort, we are able to momentarily silence the interior
noise. This brings relief but not enlightenment. In
fact, it would be better if the noise was constant
instead of constantly changing. Perhaps then, you
would leave the mind as it is and go beyond it.


]The mind is never content with uncertainty.
This is why faith and deep realization happen only
beyond the mind. The mind is never let in on the big
secret. It endlessly searches for something to affirm
or deny. It cannot remain long in unknowing. That is
why it can never be at peace. There is no such thing
as peace of mind.


]What is unique about a mystic is that he lives
from a different center; he has a different home. He
visits the mind, but he doesn’t live there. It is not a
permanent residence. He can move.

                THE EGO

]The ego is the same always and everywhere.
When you’ve known it in yourself, you know it in
everyone. Ego is ego. It is a sense of separateness
from existence and the cause of all disturbance. The
mind puts the ego on display. Were it not for the
mind, the ego would be undetectable. But since you
can observe thinking, you can recognize it; you can
know its deceptions.
  Everything the mind creates is a deception. Simply
by virtue that it is created, it is not the uncreated,
eternal Truth. It is the mind’s projection, a mental
movie. Through a process of elimination, by knowing
the ego in its totality, you are not so easily hooked
or taken in. Instead, you arrive at the source of the
mind, which is Consciousness, and once there, find


]Your body is part of the world, and the world is
part of your body.


]The mind is filled with everything you’ve read,
studied, and lived. Often these are contradictory. Due
to these contradictions, division results, and from
there, problems arise.
   When you no longer derive your sense of self from
the contents of your mind, you no longer live within
its confines. This expanded sense of living reveals
that there is no conflict. The conflict has come
because of conflicting thoughts. When you no longer
energize the mind by believing in it, you are free. You
are out of the prison. Do it this moment, and you
are free.
   This is being awake. It doesn’t change your circum-
stances; it changes you. This is all there is to teach.
This is everything. You don’t need to know more.
Just live this simple truth.

         HERE AND NOW

]The true Self abides always here and now, never
there and then. Whereas memory and fantasy need
a past and future, Eternal life is this moment. What
often is referred to as Awakening or Self-remembering
is not remembering in the usual sense. It is not going
to the past but coming into the present. It is simply
abiding here-now.


]If anyone can push your buttons, you are pro-
tecting something false. That something is always the

             THE SECRET

]You          say that you are imperfect. How
do you know? You go into memory and say,
“I did such and such, or such and such happened.”
For you there is no discontinuity. How can all things
be made new if you cling to yesterday or fantasize
about tomorrow?
   Your physical body is always in this moment. Your
mind is always in the past, and Awareness is always
in the present. As a result, you live split. But this
moment you are perfect. In this moment you can
perfectly be. You can break with the past. Where is
your imperfection then? What is lacking for you this
moment? And remember, it is always this moment.
  All the awakened ones have hinted that there is
a secret, and the secret is: if you can be free this
moment, you can be free. You are free now and
  You can read all you want. You can gain all types
of knowledge, all types of strategies, all types of how
to’s, but if you are not where your physical being is,
which is to say here and now, then even you are not.

   Presence is perfection, not personality: Presence.
The ego, the mind, the personality, doesn’t get en-
lightened, and you are already enlightened. So where
is the problem?


]Enlightenment does not exercise conscience but
consciousness. Whether you have missed the mark or
whether you are on it is irrelevant. It is consciousness
not conscience. It is wakefulness not character. The
criterion for being awake is not whether you can
take responsibility for personal failures or cultivate
personal successes. The real criterion, the essence, is
can you change the quality of your consciousness by
being aware?

                 TO BE

]The surest way to realize the truth of Being is
to be.


]When thinking stops, there is space. Abiding
in that space is not Enlightenment. Abiding as that
space is Enlightenment.


]To manufacture or produce a silence through
methods is to miss the Silence which is uncontrived.
Such a silence would not be eternal and would not be
worth much.
  All methods are a means to discover what already is.
The Silence, which is Freedom itself, is not controlled
by any method. It is here and now. Methods recreate
you; they don’t create Silence.


]Every “how to” is ego driven. It cannot be
otherwise. How to make money, how to improve
relationships, how to meditate, how to be more
spiritual, it all amounts to one thing: how to manifest
your desires. The very presence of desire gives the
ego away.
   Surrender is the complete opposite. It is a let go. It
does not try to steer thoughts, feelings, or life in any
direction. In fact, it does not try at all. It simply allows
life to flow, without manipulating or managing.
   It is not your presence but your absence that is
needed. This is why Enlightenment or Awakening is
liberating. It frees you from self and the tangle of its
desires. Due to the desires of the ego, no one is happy;
no one is truly at peace. They are never-ending.
   People seem to miss the whole point of Awakening
and why it is liberating. Realizing the Truth of what
you are cuts you free from all concepts, demands,
and agendas. The startling realization that you are not
leaves you wanting for nothing.


]Many people do not come to a place where they
own their perfection. The reason for this is simple.
Being honest to a fault, they commit a grievous
error. They declare absolute wholeness, harmony, or
freedom, to be not part of their experience, and they
are right. It is not part of their experience. It is part
of their existence.
  Enlightenment is not concerned with experience. Its
concern is the Experiencer. It’s concern is Existence.
Even in language there is a clear distinction between
experience and experiencer. You say “my” thoughts,
“my” body, “my” experience. The experience is the
experience. The one having the experience is You.

          NIGHT AND DAY

 ]     The Truth is not an idea or an ideal to be
thought about or meditated on. To entertain a concept
however exalted is not transcendence. The difference
between mental and spiritual is the difference between
night and day.
  The Truth must become your own realization. It is
realization that takes Truth out of the mental, out of
the conceptual, and makes it experiential. It becomes an
exercise not in belief but in being. You spontaneously
awaken. No longer a believer, you are an existentialist.


]There is no great mystery regarding negative
emotions such as: fear, guilt, anger, regret, or feeling
bad. They are merely the result of laziness. Unfamiliar
with any other recourse, the reactive mind, again and
again, chooses the same sleepy responses. Were you
alert, this would be known to you. Then, by simply
doing nothing, it would cease.


 ]      Regardless of what is happening in your life
personally, you are never bound; you are always
free. This may not be your experience, but it is your
existence. It is what is meant by “the Truth.”
   The Truth is here and now in its fullness. You need
not manifest it. Neither your hopes nor dreams are
of any use. To have hopes and dreams, you need a
future to fulfill them. This means that presently you
are discontent, frustrated with the only moment that
actually is.
   A happiness that depends on a future is itself
a dream. In truth, there has never been a moment
when you were not Free. You are always the same,
   It is beautiful now, not in the end. There is no
end; tomorrows don’t exist. Don’t look forward;
don’t look ahead, look now. Freedom is now, and it
is unconditional. It does not depend. Real Freedom,
real Silence is not an experience, however soulful.
It is the soul itself, which is neither emotional, nor
intellectual, nor a time bound reality. It is Existence

This is so profound and yet so quiet a phenomenon
that few ever really see it.
  Your life situation is one thing. Life is another. Your
experience is one thing, the Experiencer is another.
Your dream is one thing, the Dreamer is another.
Don’t get lost in your life situation, your experience,
or your dream. The invitation is to be lost in Life,
in the Experiencer, in the Dreamer itself. This is the
greatest disappearing act.
  To do it sounds complex. It sounds abstract, even
impossible or contradictory, and in a sense it is. How
can you lose yourself ? The harder you try the more
it proves impossible. You cannot consciously lose
  This is not what is meant, nor is it the method of
going about it. You cannot intentionally lose yourself,
but you can inquire. You can inquire, “Who am I?”
You can inquire, “Who is the Experiencer?” You can
inquire, “Who is the Dreamer of the dream?” That is
waking up, that is the beginning of the end, the end
of all imaginary bondage.


]The scope of Enlightenment is not improve-
ment but cessation.


]It is your work ethic, your multitasking, your
unwillingness to remain unoccupied that postpones
your own awakening. To awaken, you must first of all
be. What is primary, what is of utmost importance, is
that you actually be here, not planning to be here, not
promising to be here some day, not halfheartedly be
here, as you are at the office, as you are in your car,
busy with one task while absorbed with another.
  You must make the effort to be here totally, to be
present with your whole being, present in every cell
of your body, feeling the immediacy, aliveness, and
nowness of it all. If you could do this one thing, you
would awaken this instant.

           TEACHER AND
             A MASTER

]A teacher imparts knowledge. A Master imparts
Being. A teacher embodies whatsoever he has
learned. His approach is cerebral. A Master embodies
unknowing. His approach is metaphysical. The mind
of a teacher searches out facts and certainties. The
mind of a Master has stopped searching altogether.
A teacher’s mind lands on thoughts and seizes them.
A Master’s mind lands nowhere, Silence.


]When the veil is removed, everything is brighter.
It’s like walking out of a dark cave for the first time.
The eyes are not accustomed to so much light. The
natural light of the sun and everything that is seen
by its light is much more intense. Colors though
unchanged are more vibrant. Everything is more
alive. What has happened? To what do I attribute
all of this? It is the discovery of the Seer, the silent
Watcher who is seeing it all. The Eternal Guest is
looking through these eyes, and it is marvelous. It is
the perspective of Emptiness itself.


]The alertness of Enlightenment does not depend
on any object. It does not require a bird singing, a
flower blooming, or even a sun shining. If nothing
remained that drew your attention to it that attention
would still remain. The same Alertness, Awareness or
Presence would be there. It is always so.
  When you hear a bird sing and you say “ah,” when
see a flower bloom and you say “ah,” when you see
the sun rising or the tree dancing in the wind and
you say “ah,” look deeply into it, the bliss that you
encounter in that moment is discovered to be always
there. It does not depend on anything whatsoever.


]The reality in which you live is mental; it has the
quality of a dream. Drop the mind and a whole new
world arises. How to drop it seems to be the question.
If you try to drop it, it will not drop. You must go
through the back door inquiring into the mind itself.
With your total energy, you must seek the mind until
it is irretrievably lost.

            THE PRICE

]The price of the Unknown is the loss of the

          THE QUESTION

]You cannot become what you already are. You
are already That. The question is not whether you
can become That but whether it is possible to know
it. I’m not saying that it is possible. I’m just saying
that is the question. Can you know the Truth of your
being? Can you know what you really are? Or, is it
unknowable, and finding this out first hand is what is
known as Realization?

                THE ROOT

]Many think they are asking the big questions
when they ask: “Is there life after death? What is
the purpose of life? Why are we here?” But these
are not the big questions. These have to do with
vocation, self-actualization, or finding your place in
the world.
  Questions exist that are even more primary, more
fundamental. They are: “What am I? Where am I?
Who am I?” These questions, like an axe, cut to the
quick all theories and philosophies however elaborate.
It is like cutting the tree at the root. To question the
very foundation, to question the questioner himself,
puts an end to all further questioning.


]Nothing avoided is ever transcended. Even
unpleasantness, conflict, or suffering should not be
avoided. To seek the perfect environment cannot
be done without great cost. Something is needed to
cause a reaction within you. How else will you know
the reactive mind? Without that trigger, you will not
know the waves nor will you discover that the source
of the waves is the ocean.


]Nothing is true but your own discovery.


]To break out of the dream, the pace of life must
be interrupted by pauses. Since it is the nature of the
mind to make assumptions, to jump to conclusions,
stopping is the only way to separate yourself from its
ceaseless movement.

            MANY PATHS

]There are as many paths to egolessness as there
are egos.


]You have been told that identification with
thought creates the ego, that awareness keeps
thought from arising. If awareness is, mind is not.
If mind is, awareness is not. But it is not the whole
truth. Consciousness, Awareness, Emptiness are not
bothered or diminished by thoughts in any way.
  A void cannot be diminished. It is empty already.
If you are truly resting, thoughts can be there, but
You have no association with them. There is total
indifference. This indifference, contrary to how it
sounds, is not insensitivity. It is sensitivity. You have
become sensitive that Emptiness and thinking can

             WHERE AM I

]When you feel the slightest disturbance, it is
helpful to ask not only “Who am I?” or “What am
I?” but “Where am I.” The reason is: you can leave
this moment only in your mind; in truth, you cannot
leave this moment. This departure into the mind is,
itself, the disturbance. When you return there is none
to be found. There is no mind and no disturbance.

                GIVEN UP

]Realization is not a piecing together of accumu-
lated truths. It is an instantaneous discovery. Neither
is it a gradual understanding of spiritual concepts. It
is when all concepts cease.
   It cannot be understood. To understand it is like
trying to gather all your insights into one unified
whole. Whatever is pieced together, whatever is
gathered together can also fall apart. That’s not it. It
is knowledge; that is all. It is understanding; that is
all. You understand what you know, and you know
what you understand. You are in a circle with no
way out. Your questions lead to insights, and your
insights lead to more questions. What does this have
to do with the Unknown? What does this have to do
with the Unknowable? It is like traveling on a road
that never intersects with any other. You will never
reach by knowledge. Everything accumulated has to
be given up.


]When you awaken, you realize that you were
never really asleep. You were only thinking you were.
Everything has changed. Nothing has changed. It
really always was.

                NO DROP

]There is no drop to enter the ocean. The
obstacle is that you think there is. The problem then
arises: how to make the drop become the ocean, how
to make the ego disappear.
  The ego is just a thought. To be cleared of doubts
is to be cleared of this one thought from which all
thoughts spring.


]Why do some say there is no self that there is
only Awareness, only Consciousness? It is because at
your core, you are just an oblivion, but that Emptiness
is not oblivious. It is aware.

          THIS WORD IN

]One moment you say that you are in God, in
Emptiness, in Spirit, in Awareness, and the next you
are not. This means that you have not known the
real Truth. How to realize it? You ask? Wait for the
moment to come again then, remove this word “in.”


]That       which knows the mind isn’t quiet is
already quiet. It is Silence itself. That which knows
the imperfections of the ego is already perfect. It is
Fullness itself. That which knows that all is changing
is already changeless. It is the Eternal itself. That
which knows, knows without thinking. It is Being


]When you meditate or sit, don’t pay attention
to what could happen or what might happen. Pay
attention to what is happening. That is the starting
point. It is the middle point and the end.


]When you realize that things are happening to
you, and you are not those happenings, a different
perspective is achieved. And yet, in reality, nothing
has been achieved. The perspective always was. It is
what you are. You are that perspective. When you
see yourself, not as a person, but as a perspective,
Enlightenment is.


]When something becomes a means to an end,
something is missed. There is a perversion. When
meditation becomes a means to Nirvana, when
living becomes a means to an afterlife, when a career
becomes a means to retirement. When this moment is
sacrificed for future fulfillment, something is missed.
That something is NOW, the only moment there ever

           CHALLENGE OF

]The challenge of awakening is always expression,
always communication. It is how to say “I know,” when
what you know is that there is no “I,” and you know
this without knowing, in the sense of thinking, and you
know this without you. It is strange to experience and
then realize that this is not an experience.
  What can one say? If you say “I know,” there is the
“I” that is not, if you say “I am,” there is the “I” that is
not. If you say “I am That,” there again, is the “I” that is
not. If you say “I am not,” even then there is a presence.
It may not be something; it may be just an awareness,
just consciousness, and yet you are absolutely certain
that you are not, that there is no “I.”
  The problem then arises how to express it? It is
so rarefied a truth, so esoteric, and yet so obvious
that when it occurs to you, you say, “how could I
not see it?” It could be known only in your absence.
It could be realized only when there was no “I.”

And yet, when it happens, to say “I am enlightened”
is equally untrue. So what to do? You cannot express
it. It is expressed perfectly only by Silence.

          WHAT REMAINS

]To stop your thoughts is not the invitation. To
allow thoughts to stop is also not the invitation. It is
not that thinking stops which is the important thing.
It is just an occasion. What remains is the important
thing, the Awareness that has noticed, “Thinking
has stopped.” That Awareness is Realization. That
Awareness is what has been called the Self.


]It is not surprising that hardly anyone is in the
moment. Since the time you were a child, you have
been taught to chew your food so that you won’t
choke. Already, you are chewing your food, and
you’ve not even tasted it. You were told to clean your
plate or leave room for desert. You are eating your
meal and already you are thinking of desert. Your
attention has gone to the next course.
   This is how it is even now. You have a full plate,
but your attention has gone to the next course. You
shower, but you don’t shower just to shower, you do
it to get clean. Even the smell of the soap, you may
not notice. There isn’t time. You walk, but you don’t
walk just to walk. You have to get somewhere. You
have to reach somewhere,. Always, the next course is


]Ego is not an entity but an event, which hap-
pened the moment you associated your sense of self
with thinking.

           NO BECOMING

]Confusion is there because you have become so
many things. You have become a Christian, a Moslem,
a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew. You have become a
Democrat, a Republican, a Communist, a Socialist,
an Anarchist. You have become a teacher, a scholar,
a philosopher, a scientist, a psychologist. You say “I
am so and so and such and such.” But Being knows
none of this. In Being, there is no becoming.


]True Silence, true Emptiness does not need to
be protected. It cannot be disturbed. The Silence
of the mind can be interrupted. True Silence, true
Emptiness cannot. It is uncaused. Nothing created it,
so nothing can destroy it.


]Ego happens when you identify with thinking.
Sin happens when you identify with ego. It is a kind
of domino effect. If the first doesn’t happen, the
second won’t happen either.


]It is not accurate to say that the ego is killed,
or that mind is killed. They are simply dissolved.
The discovery is this: mind is not. Ego is not. Only
thinking is.


]What you think is accidental to you. Only what
you are is essential.


]Whether consciously or unconsciously, most
people have a playbook or rule book for life. How
to live without such a resource is a question that can
be answered only when you are thrown to your own
resources, when you are put in touch with your own
center. It is sensitivity to the truth that “I am That”
which enables you to spontaneously be.
  To live spontaneously as Truth, as Emptiness, as
Silence, as Awareness is the invitation that you are
given, not to rely on any outside agency, accumulated
knowledge, or mediator but to live moment to
moment as Being itself.


]Every learned thing must be forgotten, covered
with a thick cloud of forgetting. Otherwise, you
cannot be fresh; you cannot be new. The past is
always preventing.


]When your attention is on nothing, you are
everything. When your attention is nowhere, you are
everywhere. When your attention is on everything,
you are nothing. When your attention is everywhere,
you are nowhere.


]As you are now, you are many. You do not have
one mind but many. You have a religious mind, a
political mind, a sexual mind etc. How can you be
one? That is the question.
  The journey is from oneness to twoness then to
a different quality of oneness. The first oneness is
the state of complete and total identification with
thought. You believe that you are your mind. Thinking
has become your sole source of self-knowledge.
  Then, meditation begins, Awareness begins to
flower, and you are no longer one but two. Something
that wasn’t there has come in. That something is
Awareness. You can now watch the mind and attend
to the body. This is new. It could not be done as long
as you believed that you were the body-mind.
  You have woken up, but not quite. A third thing
must happen. Through Awareness, you have become
aware of both mind and body, but you are not yet
aware of Awareness. You are aware of the mind and
body through Awareness, but the Awareness itself is

Not until you inquire who or what is aware and
follow it back to its source will you realize what
Awareness is itself. This is known as Self-realization.
  You have gone beyond thinking that you are
to feeling it. But you are not yet finished. A final
discrimination is needed. In a sense, you are still two.
You are the old and the new. You are the ego and
Awareness both. If you live like this, you can never
be single. Something has to be dissolved, otherwise
you will remain divided.
  You cannot dissolve Awareness because it is
Eternal. It is always there. Even when thought is
not, it is. So what’s left? The ego. But what is it? This
takes understanding. You know that ego arises only
sometimes. Other times it is not. For example, it is
not when you are in deep sleep. It is not when you are
not thinking. It is not in the space between breaths.
This can and must be observed. Still, it is not enough.
Discarding what is not real is also needed. What you
have assumed, what you take for granted, what is not
real must be dissolved. How to do it?
  Start with thinking. Is thinking real? Yes, thinking
can be observed.Thinking is real. Next, the emotions.
Are emotions real? Yes, emotions can be observed.
They are also real. Move to the body. Is the body real?.

   The body can also be observed. The body is
real. What about the ego? Where is it? Is it real? Can it
be observed? The “I” of the ego is not real. It comes
about through identification with thinking.
   Here’s where everybody goes wrong. You cannot
go to your mind to know who you are. The invitation
you are given is to transcend, to cross to the other
shore, to realize that ultimate Truth is not in the head
but in the heart, not in knowledge but in Being. But
don’t misunderstand; the heart is not emotion. This
is not what is meant. The heart is everywhere and
nowhere. Emotions are just as transitory as thoughts.
Neither are your original being.
   In the silence of the heart, you are. You are
undivided. You may say that you are found there.
You may say nothing is there; both mean the same.
When the heart is discovered, when one transcends
body and mind, the ego is dissolved by seeing that it
is a phenomenon not a thing.
   In reality, it is a combination of things. Thinking
and identification come together to create the ego.
The moment you lost the sense of who you were
and identified with thinking, it was born. Your mind-
made sense of self came into being.

   Identification created it and so disidentification will
dissolve it. It is often put like so: Thinking creates the
separation; no mind removes it, or head builds the
bridge; heart crosses it.
  When you know, absolutely, that you cannot arrive at
any true Self-knowledge through thought, surrender
happens. It becomes firm that what you are is
transcendent of knowledge. Once you discover this,
you have moved to a different quality of oneness.

               NO EFFORT

]To leave the mind be and go to the source of
the mind is not an effort to quiet the mind. It requires
absolutely no effort.


]Whatever project, whatever person, whatever
place, whatever presence is the most immediate, the
most near, from there, you must enter Eternity.


]Struggle appeals to and strengthens the ego.
Surrender appeals to and strengthens the heart. When
you have become a heart and are no more a head, you
have surrendered.

         BEING NO ONE

]If you search for Enlightenment so that you
can claim you are enlightened, know that, as you
are, it cannot happen. Enlightenment is: possessing
nothing, desiring nothing, and being no one. Any
wish to become somebody blocks every possibility.

               ONE FAULT

]To       remove one fault will not bring about
perfection unless the one fault is your self. This is the
only path to absolute perfection, absolute freedom,
and absolute harmony. Whereas, many will work
to uproot their bad habits one by one, rarely does
someone go to the root cause, himself.


]The mind is society internalized. It is where
you and the marketplace meet. To realize Innocence,
Purity, God, you cannot believe even your own mind.
Even your own mind is worldly


]Animals         are very alert, whether it is a cat
planning to pounce, a dog preparing to chase, or a
frog on a lily pad waiting for just the right moment
to jump. But this is a different kind of alertness. It
is completely unselfaware. For this reason, only a
human being can become enlightened. Only a human
being can introspect.
   Not only can you be alert, but you can be aware
that you are alert. You can reach to the source of
alertness itself. This is what it means to introspect.
It is not to consider your thoughts but to look into
your being. It is to inquire into the nature of the Seer


]Disturbance is the result of taking refuge in
everything but your own Self. It is the result of taking
refuge in Mohammed, in Jesus, in Buddha, in God,
but never taking refuge in your own Self.
  This is the deeper meaning of the Scriptures. It is
not to take refuge in the person but in the Essence,
not to take refuge in Jesus, but in Christ, not to take
refuge in Buddha but in Buddha Nature, not to take
refuge in God but in Existence Itself. But this, by one
who has not known who or what he is, will be always


]Become aware of the tone of your voice, your
facial expressions, your bodily gestures, your inner
trembling. These reflect back to you the presence of
the mind. To become aware of thoughts, speech, and
gestures is the only means you’ve been given to be
liberated from yourself and freed from the both the
conscious and subconscious mind.


]Only when you are alone are you truly natural.
If the society is there, if God is there, if the mind is
there, there will be anxiety. So whether you are in the
company of others or in the company of thoughts,
if you are relaxed, you are alone.

                  TO YOU

]Whatever happens, happens to you. Finding
out who or what that is, is the whole of the spiritual

                THE PATH

]What is the path? Where is the path, and who is
on it? Your answers to these questions will determine
everything. They will create your entire world, whether
there is a world or not, whether there is a self or not,
whether there is a path or not.

             THE BRIDGE

]By saying that there is one reality, that Awareness
is the only Reality, mystics have tried to deconstruct
the bridge that you have built between you and
your thoughts. If that bridge is no more, then, the
connection with them is no more.
  The whole effort of witnessing is to dissolve this
bridge, to detach, to create a distance. Once the
distance is there, you will not cross so inattentively,
if at all.


]When you think that Enlightenment, Emptiness,
Consciousness, God is something that can leave you,
something that moves away, you suffer loss, and who
knows whether it will return. When you think it is
something that you leave, you also suffer loss but can
return at will; the gap is minimal. But when you realize
that Enlightenment, Emptiness, Consciousness, God
is the only Reality, that there is no other, there is no
duality, nothing moves.


]Hold nothing and you will not be held. Then,
you are free; you are limitless. But hold to any concept,
to any idea, to any definition, hold to anything at all,
and you are stuck forever.

                 THE FALL

]Many believe that to move from thinking to
silence is regression, and to move from silence to
thinking is an evolutionary leap. It is not. It is a fall.
Not that thinking isn’t of value; it is. But the leap
is into Silence. Silence alone knows the Whole as a
unity. Thinking understands just in part.

           ETERNAL REST

]You can neither jump into your self nor jump
out of your self. It is the same with this moment. It
is impossible to enter or exit. Seeing this is a recipe
for eternal rest.

             ALL HAPPENS
              WITHIN IT

]Compared to the heart, the mind is a shallow
thing, a mere drop in the ocean. It is infinitesimal
against the backdrop of Emptiness. When the
mind is objectified, this is the discovery. This is the
   What is able to look at the mind is far greater
than the mind. This cannot be learned. It has to be
   The heart swallows everything, even the mind itself.
Its vastness cannot be measured. All happens within
it; nothing exists beyond it.

            TRUE SILENCE

]The restlessness of the mind has no end. It is
content only when its desires are met. Even then, it
is just a short while before another desire arises, and
the mind, again, begins its frantic search to fulfill the
unfulfilled wish.
  This is the mind’s trick. One which, until now, has
kept you endlessly preoccupied, protecting what you
have and acqiring what you don’t.
  Restlessness itself is never dealt with. When it is
known that restlessness is energy that has forgotten
how to return to its source, only then can there be
true Silence, only then is there rest.


]Awakening does not solve problems; it dissolves


]The nervousness of         the body begins in the
mind. Shaking in the body has its source in the mind.
When the mind is not, a deep at-home-ness is felt
in the body. All quaking stops. Even in movement,
there is perfect stillness.


]The greatest accomplishment is to be incapable.
To be incapable of jealousy, incapable of greed,
incapable of anger, incapable of egotism, incapable
of hatred, incapable of judgment, to be incapable of
the least act of unkindness is the greatest achievement
of all.


]No jail, no hell, no primal fear, can imprison
Awareness. Awareness is Freedom itself.


]O f       all life’s experiences, death is the most
beautiful, the most sublime. Everything is lost: your
reputation, your wealth, your possessions, your
relationships, your body and your thoughts. You are
entirely free of “I” and “my.”


]Liberation Freedom, Enlightenment is not an
achievement, in the usual sense. It is not go go go; it is
coming to a full stop. It is not try try try; it is effortless.
It does not happen in time; it is the discovery of the
Timeless. Because this is true and undeniably so,
the invitation is not to self-actualization, but to self-
realization, not to integration but oneness.
  When you realize, you will see that there is nothing
to actualize, integrate, or cultivate. Realize your Self.
That is all. Realize health. Don’t balance health with
  You are not the Doer so why bother with details
of what you should do, how you should behave.
Perfection is not within your power. Perfection,
Enlightenment, Love, Awareness is there only when
you as an ego are not. Then a sort of vacuum is
created. There is infinite Space allowing all things to
be. That Vastness, that oceanic Fullness is Love.
  Realize and be. There is nothing to do. Doing will
follow as a consequence. You cannot push the tide or
flow of water nor do you have to.


]Somewhere        along the way, religion became
respectable and lost all its juice. It became nice.
No longer a total upheaval, no longer a revolution,
it became business as usual, just another means of
maintaining the status quo.


]If you accept that you are free, then, you are. If
you accept that you are bound, then, you are.

               REAL LOVE

]Real Love is not based on anything at all. It is
not based on physical attraction. It is not based on
having things in common. It is not based on shared
beliefs, blood ties, past history, or preferences. It is
not anything personal. Real Love is the Self recogniz-
ing itself in all beings.


]Become aware of everything that moves. Who
or what is aware? Is That not unmoving?

             NO OPPOSITE

]What is eternal does not turn into its opposite.
If it is Consciousness, it does not become uncon-
sciousness. If it is Awareness, it does not become
unawareness. If it is Freedom is does not become
slavery. If it is Love, it does not become hatred. If it
is Silent, it is never not Silent, If it is Pure, it is never
not Pure. If it is Empty, it is never not Empty. If it
is Full, it is never not Full. If it is your real Nature, it
truly has no opposite.


]Society         is based on control. Even religious
society, even society’s ideas about the spiritual, are
based on control.
   But society’s ideas about the spiritual are not the
spiritual. They are ideas, and ordinarily they are
ideas of controling behavior, controling experience,
controling anger, controling relationships, controling
life. The ego is implicit in all of it, even within the
context of the ethical and moral. The solution of
every society, although well meaning, is egotism.
   This does not mean that society is selfish. It means
that society is controling. It cannot be otherwise. If
you have not realized that you are not the Doer, you
automatically spring into action. That is your undoing.
That is ego in full swing.
   It is often said, “When you don’t know what to do,
do nothing.” Because whatever you do will be done
by you, not by the Supreme Being. This is the way of
society. It is also the way of the ego. That is what ego
is. It is not selfishness; it is self-assertion.


]Whereas         society extols the virtues of self-
esteem, self-reliance, self-confidence and self-control,
enlightenment removes the entire house of cards and
replaces it with Nothing.


]It is incorrect to say that an egotist is self-
centered. When you are truly Self-centered, when
you are truly centered within yourself, egotism is
an impossibility. The bottom drops out; the center
falls away. This may or may not seem to others to
be altruism, but it is Perfection. It is being totally


]The ego is always calculating and assessing.
Always, it is trying to get a foothold so that it can
maintain a position. For the ego, establishing a
position is an advantage. Not having one is certain
  Emptiness, for the ego, is an enormous disad-
vantage. In Emptiness, there is nowhere to stand,
nowhere from which to take a position. To have a
position and therefore an advantage over another is
impossible when there is no solid ground upon which
to stand. The mind then has no choice but to land
nowhere. Thoughts have no choice but to disappear.


]Freedom is not free within society. It is free
from society. Not that you become antisocial, you
become meta-social. You become metaphysical.
When Freedom is realized, you are beyond the
physical. Even the physical laws of the universe are
not binding.
  This is not because you have become supranatural.
You have not become anything. You simply are as
you have always been with one difference. Your sense
of self is no longer tied to your physical form. Your
identity has shifted to the metaphysical.


]No one is free unless he is free from self.


]Insight comes when you stop looking for causes
outside of you.


]The real Silence is not just an absence, or if it
is, it is a very palpable absence; a very full absence,
a perfect absence. Nothing is lacking in it. It is pure
Vastness, pure Emptiness, pure Being. It is what has
been called God. It is not a quiet mind. A quiet mind
helps to be receptive to it, helps to awaken to it. But it
is there always, whether there is thinking or not.
   Also, it is not an object. It is not something you
can observe. You simply are it. You know it by being
it. This is the only way to express it. You are that
very palpable absence. Not thinking allows you to
experience that there is more to you than thoughts,
far more to you than physicality. Thinking is just a
very small part of the Consciousness that you are.
When thinking is not, you look deeper, and Eternity
is there. Infinite space is there, and this Space has the
feeling of well-being. It is Love. Also, this well-being
is attributed to the fact that you are no more. You feel
as though you are not, and because you are not, you
most fully are. It is a paradox.

   The realization is: when thinking is not, I am not.
When you realize this, when you awaken, nothing
changes. Even while thinking, both are there, thinking
and Silence, Aloneness and the crowd. It sounds
contradictory, but it is the reality. It is the ultimate
   True Silence is not dependent on whether thoughts
are present or absent. It is omnipresent. It has nothing
to do with your effort to bring it about. The effort
may make you more attuned, more receptive, it may
remove your ignorance, or it may be the block, but
the Silence always is. Once you know it for what it
is, that it is not an experience, not a quiet mind, but
that It/You are beyond the mind, it never departs,
it never moves. Everything proves to be changing
but That. It is, always. It is there as the substratum,
as Presence, as Awareness. It never moves. This has
only been your perception, your delusion. What is
eternal is unchanging, but you have to discover what
that is to know it.
   It is like a shadow that follows wherever you go.
Only it is not the shadow; the ego is. It is the Reality,
The One, and you are That. It is only a shallow
observation to say that you become aware of it, or that
you realize it. There is no it. You are the Awareness.

            EMPTINESS IS

]You cannot commune with Emptiness. You are
It. Neither can you have more or less of it. Emptiness
is Emptiness. It cannot be increased or misplaced,
just overlooked.
  Once this is known, every spiritual practice aimed
at Self-realization takes on a different meaning. They
are not so serious, not so dire. If they are done at all,
they are done as enjoyment. If they are not, there is
no need.


]Evolution has opened our eyes to a changing
world. Creation is ever evolving, the universe is
forever expanding, and being is in a constant state
of becoming. All this happens in a space time
  Enlightenment can be likened to taking a backward
step instead of a forward one, when there was no
when, no where, and no how.

          WHAT REMAINS

]Nothing needs to be established. Nothing needs
be changed. You don’t even need to know who or
what you are.
  If you know what you are not, this is enough. What
remains will be the Truth. But does anything remain?
This is what you have to discover for yourself.


]Are the avatars pretending to be God, or are
you pretending not to be? That is the question.
Every enlightened being throughout history had just
one truth to tell. Some spoke it outright, some gave
methods, some used parables, some were silent.
  No matter how they came, they came to awaken
you from your ancient sleep. They came that you
might know the Truth, that you might believe the
unbelievable. And still, you pretend not to be the

             FROM WHERE

]From where did you get this concept that you
are not enlightened that you are not the Unborn.
Finding this out is Enlightenment. It is also what is
meant by being born again.
   It is not that you are born again, but that you realize
you were never born. You have always been the
Eternal. You have always been the One. This is what
it means to be born from above.
   Just like the wind are your thoughts. Just like the
wind are your ideas of who you are. You don’t know
where they come from or where they go. Finding this
out is realization. It is awakening from sleep.

          OUTSIDE OF IT

]Almost         everyone lives within the narrow
confines of their own mind. Hardly anyone lives
outside of it. Hardly anyone escapes its entanglement.
Hardly anyone discovers an identity that is not based
on thought, name, or form. For the few who have,
the mind assumes its proper place. For those who
haven’t, thought is their sole self-reference.
   This is why “no mind” is so threatening. It threatens
everything you know. Your entire reality is called into
question. What will take the place of thinking, which
until now has provided your entire sense of self, is the
ego’s greatest concern. You will certainly die without
it. Breaking free from thought is absolutely radical.
It is a real death and a true rebirth. It is a profound
transformation of consciousness

            THAT SIMPLE

]There is no difference between the teacher and
the student, between the master and the disciple,
between enlightened and unenlightened. There is no
difference between samsara and nirvana, between
perfect and imperfect, between awake and asleep.
The difference is only one of self-reference. Either
you identify with name and form, or you do not.
Either you have left the mind, or you have not. It
really is that simple.


]At first glance, it seems that a Buddha is full
of knowledge, but it is quite the contrary. The exact
opposite of the Buddha is the know-it-all.
  It is not from knowledge but from space that the
insightfulness comes. This space comes from being
without a center, from being without any reliance on


]When there is no thought, there is no possi-
bility of thought separating or going off to form a
separate identity, or ego.
  When there is thought but no withdrawl, no retreat
into security or privacy of any kind, there also is no
sense of separateness.
  So long as there is resistence to what is felt, what is
seen, or what is heard, so long as there is a fight there
will be separateness and, therefore, conflict.


]When there is complete and total identification
with thought, it is the same as having no identifica-
tion with thought. Whether the emphasis is on being
alone or a unity the effect is the same. It is oneness.


]The question is not whether you can acheive
some higher perspective or exalted state, but wheth-
er, moment to moment, can you observe thought
without choosing it.


]Only without knowledge, and therefore the
knower, can you meet the truth of life.


]Opposition requires two. Without two there is
no opposition.


]If you are stuck with yourself, what happens to
the possibility of transcendence of enlightenment?
The possibility vanishes together with the division
of higher and lower and the dichotomy of true and

            THE VICTORY

]The victory does not come from winning the
internal argument but disolving the split, disolving
the relationship between me and myself.
  There is then a quiet or silence out of which only
order is possible.


]Immediately following the rising of thought, or
the first voice, there is a second. Whereas the first
is a response pure and simple, the second voice is
a response to a response. It is a judgement of a
judgement, appropriate or inappropriate, approval or
disapproval, acceptable or unacceptable.
   The first voice alone is not the problem. It is the
second that creates the duality. The addition of a
second, which is a reaction to the first, causes the
conflict, prefering one thought over another, fighting
to the death.
   When it is seen that all this is happening within
the mind, that the mind is merely revolting against
itself, when we become sensitive to the whole activity
of mind, there is neither the will to dominate nor a
preference for one thought to win over another.
   By simply substituting one voice for another, you
will remain within the realm of thought. You will
not, even for a brief moment, exit the mind.

            THE EVIDENT

]Ultimately, the idea that there is a Watcher, a
center, a Self is also within the mind. It is infered.
That there is watching or being, however, is not. It
is evident.
   It is from there, from the evident, that one begins
and ends. That is what is meant by letting go of
opinions instead of seeking the truth.


]To live according to an ideal, to measure yourself
according to some outside standard, is to make the
unrealized more important than the realized, the
future more important than the present, striving
more important than being, and attainment more
important than your own Nature.


]As easily as a tall building can be toppled,
every positive identity can be attacked or threatened,
whether by another or by oneself in the form of
  When you are no longer asserting anything, when
you are no longer claiming this or that, there is a
sense of perminance and perfect freedom.


]If you believe the first thought “I,” then naturally
you believe all the rest.

                THE FACT

]When it is fully understood and accepted that
the mind cannot access the Unknown that it cannot
know the Eternal, the Timeless, God, and the like,
when it realizes the fact: that one has never been able
to bring about perfect peace, harmony, freedom or
fearlessness, the mind sees its own limitation, and in
that moment, it is possible to go beyond the mind
and, therefore, the known.

             NO IMAGES

]Whether poor or grandiose, a self-concept or
self-image, comes about through chrystalization of
thought. If there were no thoughts, there would
be no image. This is true not only of you but of

            NOT ISOLATED

]It is possible to have a chrystalized image that
you are the Watcher, that you are Emptiness, that you
are the Self which is just another product of thought.
As a result, there is no Freedom.
  Unlike the image, the real thing has no limitations,
no borders. It is not isolated or insulated in any way.


]Thought is movement within Consciousness.
Intelligence is stillness within Consciousness. Seen in
this light, everything happens within Consciousness,
within Emptiness, within Being. There is no
separate entity above, beneath, behind or beyond.
The Observer, the Witness, the Watcher, the Self, is
simply Consciousness without thinking.
  When Consciousness becomes aware of this
simple and yet obscured and undiscovered dimension
of itself, this is known as Realization. Until that
happens, your entire sense of self will be the product
of thinking and therefore limited.


]Try as you might, the old cannot give you the


]After awakening, you are no longer tied to
concepts. You are free. All notions and opinions,
which before provided you with a sense of self are
now seen as thoughts dancing in the immeasurable
space that you are.


]If you must choose, choose everything equally.
Then, you are thought and immeasurable space both.
If you must reject, reject everything equally. Then,
thinking is, the body is, but you are not.
  But why should you choose at all? If you don’t
know, why choose? Perhaps, both are you. Perhaps,
none are you. You truly don’t know. This is the most
honest answer.


]When you have not reached, what do you do?
When you have reached, what do you not do? The
answer is seek. Since it is seeking which keeps the
seeker going, and not the presence of any entity, self,
or seeker, the moment seeking stops, you are home.

         WHAT CAN YOU
         REALLY KNOW

]Aside from what is evident, what can you really
know? To entertain this question, seriously, is the
beginning of the end. It is the end of all attachment
and clinging, the end of all intellectualizing and
speculating, the end of all analysis and theories.
  When you realize that all you can do is offer an
opinion, a theory, a belief, or a thought, you see
how vastly superior witnessing is to thinking. You
see how vastly superior awareness is to analysis.
You understand; that you do something is far more
important than why you do it. That you do something
is certain; as for why, you can only suppose; you can
only offer theories.


]In the final analysis, the Unknown is not just
a consciousness, not just an awareness, not just
an emptiness. It is the Unknown. Nothing can be
known of it. It cannot be reduced in such a way to
be known. Every expression takes you further away.
Every word and concept are a detour. Every glimpse,
a withholding. By the very nature of what it is, It
is inaccessible. By virtue of what it is, it is forever
beyond the reaches of mind, cloaked in utter mystery
and uncertainty. To articulate it is to cut it up. Even to
say it is known perfectly in silence is untrue.
   Its silence does not translate as an absence but as
Fullness. Its stillness is not something dead but alive.
It is Life and all its varied expression. It is not personal,
not impersonal. It is not love, not goodness. These
belong to the category of the known. Whatever it is,
it is inconceivable.
   It cannot be known by way of knowledge. Science,
psychology, and philosophy are impotent before it.
What is learned, studied, forgotten, or remembered is
not it. The scholar can only deceive. At best the finger

can only point to it. The Master can only bid you,
“come and see.” And yet it cannot be seen. It cannot
be approached. It is too near.
   Being it is the only way to come in contact with
it, not by being somebody, with your agendas, your
viewpoints, your thoughts etc., not by being nobody,
clinging to your concept of emptiness, but simply
being, existing, simultaneously as the part and the
Whole, the Whole and the part, existing as Existence


  After a series of   profound spiritual awakenings,
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Everything that happens, happens in
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