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                                   SUSPENSE NOVELS

Agent of Influence by David Aaron                                    [F/AAR]
 Jayson Lyman, a mergers and acquisitions specialist, begins to believe that
 Marcel Bresson, a shadowy Frenchman trying to take over a huge media
 conglomerate, is really a Soviet agent.

Panic by Jeff Abbott                                                   [F/ABB]
 Rushing to his family home in Austin after an urgent call from his mother,
 documentary filmmaker Evan Casher is horrified to find his mother murdered, an
 event that is complicated by the discovery that every aspect of his life has been
 fabricated and that he is being targeted by a ruthless organization of killers.

The Burying Field by Kenneth Abel                                 [LP/M/ABE]
 After four white teenagers desecrate an old slave burial ground and racial
 tensions erupt in violence, Danny Chaisson finds himself on the wrong side of a
 vicious war over land, power and memory in a small Louisiana town.

The Architect by Keith Ablow                        [NB/LP/F/ABL][F/ABL]
 Discovering a link between a series of killings among the families of rich clients
 and a handsome architect who was hired to design their homes, forensic
 psychiatrist Frank Clevenger embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Projection by Keith Ablow                                             [F/ABL]
 Led by Trevor Lucas, a plastic surgeon accused of a series of grisly crimes,
 eighteen murderers and rapists have seized control of a unit in a hospital for the
 criminally insane and forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger must risk his life and
 his soul to help rescue hostages before it is too late.

The Fan by Peter Abrahams                                           [F/ABR]
 This book is about two men – one is a baseball star who has a wife that was a
 cheerleader and a girl in every big-league town. Bobby Rayburn isn’t just a
 ballplayer - he’s a god. The other man has a wife who has left him. His bank
 balance slides toward zero while his child support and car payments soar past the
 roof. Gail Renard isn’t just a knife salesman, he’s “The Fan.”

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -2-

Clutching At Straws by J.L. Abramo                                [LP/M/ABR]
 Participating in what seems to be a simple and profitable burglary, Lefty Wright
 finds himself charged with first-degree murder when he stumbles on the body of
 a San Francisco judge, which prompts him to hire private investigator Jake

Hot Ice by Cherry Adair                                            [NB/F/ADA]
 Jewel thief Taylor Kincaid is caught between violent terrorists and an elite team
 of global operatives when she inadvertently pockets valuable security codes
 along with a cache of diamonds during a theft at a South American terrorist

All or Nothing by Elizabeth Adler                                   [F/ADL]
 Attorney and law professor Marla Cwitowitz teams up with her boyfriend,
 private detective Al Giraud, when they investigate Steve Mallard, a husband and
 father who has become the prime suspect in the disappearance and perhaps
 murder, of real-estate agent Laurie Martin.

River of Darkness by Rennie Airth                          [LP/M/AIR][M/AIR]
 Tormented by his harrowing wartime experiences and the loss of the family,
 Inspector John Madden is sent by Scotland Yard to investigate when a small
 Surrey village is torn apart by five horrific murders and joins forces with a
 beautiful doctor to capture the killer, a demented veteran of World War I.

Meg: a novel of deep terror by Steve Alten                            [F/ALT]
 Jonas Taylor, a paleontologist and ex-undersea submersible pilot, becomes a
 reluctant participant in a deep-water mission an expedition that brings him face
 to face with the Megalodon, a prehistoric, massive predator and ancestor of the
 great white shark.

Deception by John Altman                                               [F/ALT]
 Hannah Gray is on the run. Unwittingly involved in an insurance fraud, she took
 an Adriatic cruise just to clear her head and figure things out. On the ship she
 meets Renee Epstein and that’s when her life changes.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -3-

Scent of Murder by Cynthia G. Alwyn                                 [M/ALW]
 The founder of a volunteer canine search and rescue team in Sacramento, Brenna
 Scott and her group find themselves up against a diabolical adversary as they
 embark on a search for a number of missing children.

Doubloon by Jay Amberg                                                   [F/AMB]
 The Spanish ship Santa Maria Magdalena was caught in a hurricane and sank off
 the southern Florida coast, its vast treasure lost in the depths of the sea. More
 than three hundred years later, the treasure has become Nick Gallagher’s

Superstition by David Ambrose                                            [F/AMB]
 An intensely terrifying story of a ghost literally created by the power of the
 human mind. When all attempts to terminate the ghost fail, a desperate struggle
 for survival escalates as those who created the spirit fall victim to the heinous
 forces of the unknown.

Shadow Dance by Susan Andersen                                       [F/AND]
 Amanda Charles is a glamorous showgirl and her sparkle on stage has made her
 a target of a serial killer. Detective Tristan MacLaughlin has drawn the case that
 is pulling him deep into a world of pageantry and dazzle. What lurks in the dark
 shadows of the heart?

Artifact                                                               [F/AND]
        by Kevin J. Anderson, Janet Berliner, Matthew J. Costello, F. Paul Wilson
 Deep in a trouble cavern along the ocean floor lies a secret that has remained
 hidden from humanity. An oil star-drilling rig off the coast of Venezuela in the
 Dragon’s Mouth channel pierces an underwater cavern and brings to the surface
 four stones unlike anything on this earth. The divers refuse to dive in search of a
 fifth stone. Frik realizes that when the four stones reconnected they hint that a
 power source could revolutionize the world’s energy production.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -4-

The Last Goodbye by Reed Arvin                                         [F/ARV]
 This book is a riveting thriller with a thunderously beating heart, a masterful
 page-turner that probes the meaning of love and the burdens of the past. It is a
 volatile tale of love, betrayal and murder shot through with tenderness and
 poignant humanity.

Remains Silent by Michael Baden & Linda Kenney [CAS/M/BAD][F/BAD]
 When a body is discovered near a construction site in upstate New York,
 attorney Philomena “Manny” Manfreda and medical examiner Jake Rosen join
 forces in an investigation that takes them to the highest levels of American

Saving Faith by David Baldacci               [CAS/F/BAL][LP/F/BAL][F/BAL]
 Not far from Washington, D.C., in a wooded area of Northern Virginia, a small
 house at the end of a gravel road serves a secret purpose. One man, a local
 private investigator named Lee Adams, has come to the house on the orders of
 his client. Another man, a hired killer, stakes out the house on orders from his
 powerful paymasters.

Split Second by David Baldacci                                         [F/BAL]
 Two Secret Service Agents, one of them retired, have each had similar
 experiences losing presidential candidates while assigned to protect them. As the
 two discredited agents enter a maze of lies, secrets and deadly coincidences, they
 uncover a shocking truth: that the separate acts of violence that shattered their
 lives were really a long time in the making and are a long way from over.

Reflections by Jo Bannister                                           [M/BAN]
 Brodie Farrell’s Detective Agency specializes in tracking down weird and
 wonderful things for clients who have exhausted the usual options. Despite her
 resolve to refuse all commissions to look for people, Brodie finds it hard to
 ignore a referral from her trusted friend, Superintendent Jack Deacon.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -5-

The Masters of the House by Robert Barnard                              [M/BAR]
 When Ellen Heenan dies tragically during childbirth, leaving behind four
 children and an out-of-work husband, concerned friends and neighbors expect
 that the family will endure great hardship. What they don’t know is that the two
 older children will take control of their house, their siblings and their father.

A Cry From the Dark by Robert Barnard                             [F/BAR]
 Bettina Whitelaw has come a long way from her childhood in the little outback
 town of Bundaroo, Australia. How could she forget what happened when
 overheated and exhilarated by the music and the moment, she wandered off
 alone into a secluded wooded area?

The Fifth Victim by Beverly Barton                                   [F/BAR]
 Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee, deep in the Smoky Mountains, the victim lies,
 sacrificed on a makeshift altar, the gruesome work of a killer who has evaded the
 authorities in state after state.

In the Night Season by Richard Bausch                               [F/BAU]
 When Nora Michaelson is left a widow with her eleven-year-old son, she
 discovers that her late husband, unbeknownst to her, had forged an alliance with
 some dangerous men, which places her life and her son’s life in jeopardy.

Isolation by Christopher Belton                                      [F/BEL]
 Peter Bruant is an American working at the Tokyo based pharmaceutical
 company that developed the deadly bacterium. As the disease ravages the
 population and panicking nations around the globe frantically isolate Japan to try
 to stop contamination, Bryant becomes caught between two governments.

The Facts of Death by Raymond Benson                                  [F/BEN]
 The murder of Britain’s “Goodwill Ambassador to the World” leads James Bond
 on a desperate search for the Number Killer, a mysterious assassin, a quest that
 leads him to a fanatical cult and its mad leader, who uses the theories of ancient
 Greek philosopher Pythagoras to promote his ruthless plan for the world.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -6-

The Amber Room by Steve Berry                          [LP/F/BER][F/BER]
 The Amber Room is one of the greatest treasures ever made by man. In 1941,
 German troops invaded the Soviet Union, looting everything in their wake and
 seizing the Amber Room. Now, two powerful men have set their best operatives
 loose in pursuit and the hunt has begun once more.

Foamers by Jon Berson                                                 [F/BER]
 Foamers is page turning entertainment packed with unique and memorable train
 lore. A train crashes in the bayou. A woman lies injured in the mud. A rescuer
 reaches to help, and then pushes her face deeper into the slime, recording her
 gasps on his portable cassette player. He’s a foamer, a train fanatic who tapes
 the sounds of dying.

All the Dead Were Strangers by Ethan Black             [LP/F/BLA][F/B LA]
 When his friend disappears, leaving behind a cryptic list of names, New York
 Police detective Conrad Voort is plunged into a world of danger when two
 enemies prepare to confront each other, forcing Conrad into the middle of their
 psychotic game.

Darkness Peering by Alice Blanchard                       [CAS/F/BLA][F/BLA]
 When a girl is found murdered in Flowering Dogwood, Maine, the police chief’s
 son is a suspect. Eighteen years later, the case is still unsolved and the police
 chief’s daughter, now herself a policewoman, reopens the case and begins
 unearthing secrets that span decades and present her with a staggering personal

Small Town by Lawrence Block                                         [F/BLO]
 In the shadows of a city reeling from tragedy, an unlikely killing machine wages
 a one-man war against them all. Infused with the raw cadence, stark beauty and
 relentless pace of New York City, Small Town is a tour de force Block fans old
 and new will celebrate.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -7-

To Die in Provence by Norman Bogner                                 [F/BOG]
 Jennifer Bowen, a young art history professor, agrees to chaperone the spoiled
 daughter of a successful TV producer during a trip to Provence and finds a young
 woman with a depraved ex-con boyfriend who will do anything to control the
 wealthy heiress.

Day of Wrath by Larry Bond                              [LP/F/BON][F/BON]
 This novel presents the harrowing tale of the world’s wealthiest man, a member
 of the Saudi royal family, who also happens to be an international terrorist
 hunted by two American agents.

The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockman                       [LP/F/BRO][F/BRO]
 When her loved ones are kidnapped by a deadly terrorist group called the
 Extremists, Meg Moore, an American translator for the embassy in Europe, risks
 everything to free them, a decision that brings her on a collision course with her
 former lover, Navy SEAL John Nilsson.

The Crush by Sandra Brown                                             [F/BRO]
 Dr. Rennie Newton, surgeon, is summoned to jury duty and brings to the
 courtroom the same level of competence and composure that she displays in the
 operating room. This compels her to deliver a not guilty verdict in the murder
 case against notorious contract killer Ricky Lozada. It will be the most
 regrettable decision of her life.

The Syndrome by John Case                                            [F/CAS]
 Dr. Jeff Duran suffers from severe panic attacks when he ventures too far outside
 his home office. After a patient commits suicide, Duran’s life spirals out of

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -8-

Blindside by J.R. Carroll                                               [F/CAR]
 Shaun McCreadie, a young police detective finds himself on the wrong side of
 the law and implicated in a brutal home invasion. When he is release from jail
 11 years later he is determined to discover the nature of the crime that put him
 away. Armed with $2.8 million in ill-gotten gains and his police street smarts,
 he grapples with murderous former accomplices; corrupt old cop buddies and the
 seductive wife of a prominent lawyer in his quest to find answers.

Persuader by Lee Child                                 [LP/M/CHI][M/CHI]
 Jack Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business. When a key investigation
 went sour ten years ago and someone got away with murder, Reacher sees his
 one last shot to get justice.

Daddy’s Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark [CAS/F/CLA][LP/F/CLA][F/CLA]
 Ellie Cavanaugh was only seven years old when her fifteen-year-old sister was
 murdered near their home. It was Ellie who led her parents to a hideout in which
 Andrea’s body was found – a secret hideaway in which she met her friends.

We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgins Clark                    [CAS/F/CLA][F/CLA]
 Gary Lasch was a successful young doctor and hospital and HMO head. He was
 found dead at his desk at home, his skull crushed by a blow with a bronze
 sculpture. Lasch’s wife, Molly was arrested for her husband’s murder.

Bad Men by John Connolly                                                [F/CON]
 In 1963, the settlers on the small Maine island of Sanctuary were betrayed to
 their enemies and slaughtered. A group of men descended on Sanctuary with the
 intent to kill the wife of their leader and retrieve the money that she stole from
 him. Joe Dupree knows that Sanctuary has been steeped in blood once and it
 will tolerate the shedding of innocent blood no longer.

Peril by Thomas H. Cook                                               [F/COO]
 The author of this book probes the myriad threats that envelop us – physical,
 psychological, moral – to craft an enthralling and utterly suspenseful portrait of a
 brutal crime and the intricacies of a woman’s soul.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               -9-

America by Stephen Coonts                                [CAS/F/SIL][F/SIL]
 When the U.S.S. America, the latest and most intricate nuclear submarine, is
 stolen, Admiral Jake Grafton investigates and soon learns that whoever is
 masterminding this operation means business when missiles are launched.

Done For a Dime by David Corbett                                     [F/COR]
 Raymond Carlisle made his mark as an ace sideman blowing baritone sax
 alongside all the biggest names in R&B. Now he lies in the grass outside his
 home, shot dead from behind. Detective Dennis Murchison has two possible
 perps: Arlie Thigpen, a teenage lieutenant in the crack-and-smack army of a
 local dealer; Toby Marchand, a straight-arrow, old-school, jazz horn player with
 some big shoes to fill and Arlie, but a two-time loser who tangles with Carlisle
 the day he dies, is the shooter, but is he?

Blindside: an FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter          [LP/F/COU][F/COU]
 When six-year-old Sam Kettering is kidnapped and then manages to save
 himself, Savich and Sherlock join his father, former FBI agent Miles Kettering to
 determine why Sam would be abducted and brought to eastern Tennessee.

Eleventh Hour: an FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter                 [F/COU]
 The murder of a priest leads FBI agents Sherlock and Savich to their most
 baffling case yet.

Against All Enemies by Harold Coyle                                    [F/COY]
 When one man decides to send a message to the government by bombing a
 federal building, the explosion is felt all across the country. The chain reaction
 that follows resonates most powerfully with members of a rebel band in Idaho
 who call themselves “Patriots.”

Desert Places by Blake Crouch                                         [F/CRO]
 This book is one of the most chilling debuts of the year as the author tells a tale
 that shatters the boundaries of fear. Caution: You’ve been warned – read at your
 own risk.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 10 -

Fire Ice by Clive Cussler                   [CAS/F/CUS][LP/F/CUS][F/CUS]
 In the heart of the old Soviet Union, a mining tycoon has proclaimed himself
 czar of Russia, claiming Romanov ancestry and back by billions of dollars, he is
 determined to overthrow the already shaky Russian government, and U.S.
 opposition doesn’t bother him one bit. A little crisis of their own should distract
 the Americans for a while.

City of Shadows by James Dalton                                    [F/DAL]
 In Washington D.C., police officer John Quinn investigates a burglary that
 involves the White House. Marine officer Nathan Holloway spies on the White
 House and Senate aide Vaughn Conner questions his political ideals in the midst
 of intrigues in the nation’s capitol.

A Slow Walk to Hell by Patrick A. Davis                               [F/DAV]
 When Martin Collins is called on to investigate the torture-style slaying of Major
 Franklin Talbot, Collins is embroiled in the most controversial case of his career.
 Evidence suggests that the deadly act was a hate crime and Talbot was hiding a
 shocking secret that may have sealed his fate.

The Devil’s Teardrop: A novel of the last night of the century [F/DEA]
                  By Jeffery Deaver
 An emotionless assassin programmed to wreak havoc on Washington, D.C. at
 four-hour intervals until midnight on New Year’s Eve, 1999, is pursued by
 retired FBI agent and top forensic document examiner in the country, Parker

Nightbird by Ed Dee                                                   [M/DEE]
 When a young actress plummets to her death, Detectives Anthony Ryan and Joe
 Gregory investigate the Broadway star’s “suicide” and uncover a deadly tangle
 of dark family secrets, tarnished reputations, and suspects, including a big-time
 producer with a shady past and a mysterious figure known as the “Juggler.”

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 11 -

Cyclops One by Jim DeFelice                                       [F/DEF]
 Cyclops One is America’s most advanced airborne laser system, capable of
 taking out a dozen missiles and warplanes from three hundred miles away. The
 plane carrying it vanishes in a storm over the Canadian Rockies.

Hunting Season by P.T. Deutermann                                      [F/DEU]
 When three college students hiking in the Appalachians mysteriously vanish, the
 FBI is called in to investigate. Finding no immediate leads and no indications of
 a criminal act, the authorities at the Bureau put the case on the back burner. But
 the father of one of the missing isn’t willing to just let it drop.

Night On Fire by Diana Deverell                                      [F/DEV]
 U.S. Foreign Service officer Casey Collins journeys to Copenhagen to locate
 some missing Stinger missiles, only to become caught in the middle of a turf war
 between rival motorcycle gangs, a battle that leads to two brutal murders and that
 may hide a link to the stolen weapons.

The Daughter In-Law by Diana Diamond                      [LP/F/DIA][F/DIA]
 The oldest son of the rich and powerful Donner family, Jonathan saves the life of
 a radiant young woman, Nicole Pierce, and he was determined to marry her.
 Returning to the Donner estate, tragedy strikes when Jonathan is killed in an
 accident, leaving Nicole to return to the families compound a young widow. But
 Nicole’s mother-in-law thinks her son’s death was no accident. Was he
 murdered? Could Nicole be behind the mishap?

The Stingray Shuffle by Tim Dorsey                        [LP/F/DOR][F/DOR]
 Serge takes on all comers: the Russian mob, the Jamaican mob, the cocaine
 cartels and spoiled frat boys. But there must also be time for hobbies and
 Serge’s newest “interest” is trains – how they developed Florida, where the old
 historic cars are on display, when to book a trip on Amtrak and share his
 enthusiasm with the other passengers. How did Serge end up with amnesia?
 Can he meet the increasingly difficult challenge of maintaining his spot atop the
 wacko pile that is Florida?

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 12 -

At The Edge by David Dun                                                [F/DUN]
 In a dark bar, two opposing lawyers meet to arrange a clandestine deal. A half a
 million dollars and the fate of a redwood forest are at steak. But when the deal
 goes bad, these natural enemies suddenly find themselves on the same side.
 Suddenly caught in an environmental conspiracy, targeted by a ruthless assassin,
 the pair must use all of their wits to stay one step ahead of their enemies and stay

Rain Fall by Barry Eisler                                              [F/EIS]
 John Rain kills people for a living. He may not be a good man but he’s good at
 what he does. Reliably discreet, coldly efficient, Rain is the best hit man money
 can buy until he falls for the beautiful daughter of his last kill.

Loot by Aaron Elkins                                                   [F/ELK]
 In April 1945, reeling and near defeat, frantically work to hide the huge store of
 art treasures that Hitler looted from Europe. Half a century later, in a seedy
 Boston pawnshop, ex-curator Ben Revere makes a stunning discovery among the
 piles of junk.

Into the Inferno by Earl Emerson                           [LP/F/EME][F/EME]
 In the freezing heart of the Pacific Northwest winter, a group of firefighters
 respond to a freeway accident. Two trucks collided on the icy pavement. One of
 the trucks was transporting livestock; the other carried within its cargo an
 unmarked, innocuous looking container. The repercussions of the crash are
 enormous because six months later, the firefighters who were at the scene begin
 to mysteriously succumb to unexplained accidents and ailments.

Whispers and Lies by Joy Fielding                                    [F/FIE]
 Terry Painter lives a quiet in DeLray, Florida. Life takes a turn when Alison
 Simms rents the cottage behind her home. Together they dine out, shop in the
 village square and indulge in luxurious at-home makeovers. Terry soon finds
 that the friendship that once brightened her life has now crashed down upon her,
 leaving her trapped in Alison’s mysterious world and the whispers and lies that
 fuel it.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
      Suspense                               - 13 -

Lost by Joy Fielding                                                  [F/FIE]
 Julia Carver is a twenty-four-year-old model and aspiring actress and has always
 had a difficult relationship with her mother, Cindy. After her parents divorced,
 Julia chose to live with her father and returned when home when he remarried.
 Julia’s return is a huge adjustment for her mother. Julia disappears during the
 Toronto International Film Festival and her mother is forced to acknowledge the
 disturbing truth about the young woman she realizes she never knew.

The Third Option by Vince Flynn                                     [F/FLY]
 Mitch Rapp, the CIA’s top counterterrorism operative is sent out on his final
 mission. His target: a well-known German industrialist who has been selling
 highly sensitive equipment to one of the world’s most notorious sponsors of

Code To Zero by Ken Follett                                          [F/FOL]
 A man wakes up shaki ng with fear on the cold rest room floor in Union Station,
 Washington, D.C. He doesn’t know how he got there or even his own name.
 His ragged, dirty clothes imply that he’s a bum, probably getting over a bender.
 But something seems terribly wrong and shadowy figures follow his every move.
 Searching for answers, the man uncovers a shocking truth that threatens to derail
 America’s space program, even while Cape Canaveral counts down to liftoff.

The Veteran by Frederick Forsyth                         [LPF/FOR][F/FOR]
 This book presents a collection of five stories ranging from international
 espionage to a Customs drug bust and the Second World War to the Battle of
 Little Big Horn.

Primal Shadows by Alan Dean Foster                                    [F/FOS]
 When his wallet is lifted after a one-night stand with an exotic young woman,
 Bohannon pursues the thief up-country into the darkest jungles of Papua New

      Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 14 -

Enquiry by Dick Francis                                [LP/M/FRA][M/FRA]
 A charge of throwing a race for personal profit leaves jockey Kelly Hughes and
 trainer Dexter Cranfield barred from racing. When Hughes refuses to take the
 charge lying down, his personal enquiry may leave him lying down.

The Twenty-Seventh City by Jonathan Franzen                             [F/FRA]
 This novel is a riveting work of suspense, an eerie fable of political life and a
 love story. In the 1980s in St. Louis, Missouri, the only current claim to national
 attention is that it has chosen a woman from Bombay, India – a young,
 charismatic émigré named S. Jammu, to be its new police chief. No sooner has
 Jammu been installed, than the city becomes embroiled in a bizarre and all
 pervasive political conspiracy.

Silent Partner by Stephen Frey                              [LP/F/FRE][F/FRE]
 Angela Day has survived a hardscrabble childhood scarred by the tragic deaths
 of her father and best friend, to losing custody of her only child to her adulterous
 ex-husband and his powerful family. At thirty-one she carved out a good career
 with Sumter Bank and was summoned under mysterious circumstances to meet
 one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs. Angela risks everything when enemies
 everywhere have marked him for death and anyone close to him are fair game.

The Seventh Moon by Marius Gabriel                                    [F/GAB]
 With Japanese planes bombing Singapore early in WWII, Francine Lawrence
 and her small daughter, Ruth, wait in the Raffles Hotel for her British husband to
 return. When he is delayed, the hotel demands that Francine, half-Chinese and
 unwelcome there, leave at once.

Vertical Run by Joseph R. Garber                                      [F/GAR]
 Enjoying a satisfactory career and life, David Elliot is astounded when his boss
 tries to shoot him one morning, an event that triggers an inexplicable series of
 attempts on his life throughout the following twenty-four hours.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 15 -

The Ripple Effect by Paul Garrison                                     [F/GAR]
 Aiden Page wanted only to escape. The CFO of a bank deep in debt and under
 investigation by the Department of Justice, Aiden saw his chance and took it,
 leaving behind his family, his creditors and his persecutors by convincing them
 of his death. He succeeds in his deception until one night when, tortured by guilt
 and loneliness, he places a call to his teenage daughter. Uttering a single word is
 enough to convince his daughter that her father is still alive.

Killjoy by Julie Garwood                                 [LP/F/GAR][F/GAR]
 Avery Delaney has tried hard to put her past behind her. Abandoned by her
 mother as an infant, she was raised by her grandmother and her aunt. At age ten,
 she witnessed her grandmother’s murder before she herself was shot and left for
 dead. Now working as an FBI agent, she is forced to work on the case of her
 missing Aunt Carolyn who was sent to a posh spa in the mountains of Colorado
 by her soon-to-be ex-husband. Carolyn never made it to the spa.

Raising Abel by Kathleen O’Neal Gear                                 [F/GEA]
 When Veronica Tremain’s brother is brutally murdered, both she and the FBI try
 to make sense of a bizarre conspiracy that seems to be targeting genetics
 professors and one unusual child.

The Silent Bride by Leslie Glass                                        [F/GLA]
 A beautiful bride’s glorious trip down the aisle is cut short by a sniper’s bullet.
 Under the magnificent steeples of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a posh society
 wedding ends in the same horror. What links the startling crimes? Who’s next
 to die?

I’ll Be Watching You by Victoria Gotti                            [F/GOT]
  This is a story about a glamorous woman with an unglamorous past; a stalker
  who is no stranger threatens the wife of a wealthy politician.

A King’s Ransom by James Grippando                                 [F/GRI]
 An inexperienced lawyer struggles to save his father from the Colombian bandits
 who have kidnapped him.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 16 -

The King of Torts by John Grisham              [CAS/F/GRI][CD/F/GRI][F/GRI]
 This is a story whose hero and villain are the same – a young man with a tragic
 flaw of greed. It is a story whose suspense arises not from physical threat but
 moral turmoil.

Eden’s Gate by David Hagberg                                             [F/HAG]
 German authorities enlist the aid of the U.S. to locate ex-Stasi Captain Helmut
 Speyer before he can find the infamous Nazi bunker Reichsamt 17, which house
 Nazi Germany’s most horrific experiments, including a deadly weapon of mass

Gone Wild by James W. Hall                                [LP/F/HAL][F/HAL]
 Vowing to save the endangered orangutan species while attempting to uncover
 the truth about her daughter’s murder by a poacher’s bullet, Allison Farliegh
 teams up with Thorn to expose an international conspiracy.

Fruit of a Poisonous Tree by Norm Harris                         [NB/F/HAR]
 One of America’s top-secret fighter jets crashed mysteriously in North Korean
 provincial waters. North Koreans sank the American Frigate USS Jonathon Carr
 before US sailors could recover technical secrets. The world was looking at a
 potentially incendiary international incident.

The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris                  [VID/SIL][F/HAR]
 FBI Academy trainee Clarice Starling hopes that Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a
 criminally insane psychiatrist imprisoned in a Boston hospital, can lead her to the
 serial killer known only as Buffalo Bill.

The Truth About Fire by Betsy Hartmann                                 [F/HAR]
 Surveillance becomes a dangerous two-way street for the women at the scent of
 this powerful literary debut probing the underworld of neo-Nazism in America’s
 heartland. At stake is the outcome of a biological terror plot that the Sons of the
 Shepherd are preparing to launch.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 17 -

Hard Landing by Lynne Heitman                                        [F/HEI]
 At Boston’s bustling Logan International Airport, Alex Shanahan, the new
 manager of Majestic Airlines operations, confronts unexpected challenges as he
 investigates the mysterious suicide of his predecessor and the mystery
 surrounding a fatal plane crash that took many lives and could destroy Majestic

At End Of Day by George V. Higgins                                   [F/HIG]
 For thirty years, Arthur McKeach and Nick Cistaro have masterminded a
 criminal empire in the Boston area, eluding capture at every turn but now their
 secret is about to be revealed.

Edge of Danger by Jack Higgins                              LP/F/HIG][F/HIG]
 The Rashid family, half British, half Arab, is directing its rage against the United
 States, whose president they hold responsible for a series of attacks against their
 power and honor. From opposite ends of the world, hints are picked up by Blake
 Johnson, head of the clandestine White House operation known as the Basement
 and his Irish colleague, Sean Dillon, but hints to what and by whom?

Killer Body by Bonnie Hearn Hill                                     [F/HIL]
 Julie Larimore has been the spokesperson for Killer Body Weight Loss for
 almost seven years when she suddenly she vanishes. While fighting off the
 media frenzy that surrounds Julie’s disappearance, Bobby Warren starts his
 search for a new spokes model for Killer Body and finds the field is wide open.

The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman                  [NB/LP/F/HOF][F/HOF]
 This book presents an intriguing cast of characters who confront a haunting past
 and a very current murder against the evocative backdrop of small town New

Haunting Rachel by Kay Hooper                                     [F/HOO]
 Ten years after losing her fiancé Tom Sheridan in a supposed plane accident,
 Rachel is stunned when she encounters an enigmatic stranger, bearing a startling
 resemblance to Tom, during a trip to Richmond, Virginia, and the mystery
 deepens as a series of odd “accidents” threaten her life.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 18 -

Hiding in the Shadows by Kay Hooper                       [LP/F/HOO][F/HOO]
 Accident victim Faith Parker has awakened from the coma that held her prisoner
 for weeks, but she has no memory of the crash that nearly killed her. She also
 doesn’t remember journalist Dinah Leighton, the steadfast friend who visited her
 in the hospital – until she disappeared without a trace.

Sense of Evil by Kay Hooper                                        [F/HOO]
 The victims are always the same: beautiful, successful and blond. Their
 shocking murders have terrified the inhabitants of a small peaceful town where
 such heinous crimes are simply not supposed to happen. Special Agent Isabel
 Adams is tough, fearless, determined and every bit Police Chief Sullivan’s equal.
 She’s also psychic and blond.

Candyland by Evan Hunter and Ed McBain                           [F/HUN]
 Benjamin Thorpe is married, a father, successful Los Angeles architect and a
 man obsessed. Alone in New York City on business, he spends the empty hours
 of the night in a compulsive search for female companionship. Three detectives
 discuss a homicide. The victim is a young prostitute whose path crossed
 Benjamin Thorpe’s the night before.

The Moment She Was Gone by Evan Hunter                                [F/HUN]
 The discovery of a mutilated corpse points the way to a major counterfeiting
 operation and Steve Carella, Arthur Brown, Meyer and Fat Ollie Weeks are all
 on the case, as they confront a host of bizarre clues and intense media scrutiny.

The Shadows of Power by James W. Huston                                 [F/HUS]
 Kent Rathman works in the shadows of several government branches. When his
 Annapolis roommate, an F/A-18 pilot, is attacked in midair by an Algerian
 fighter, he downs the jet, setting off an international incident that will leave him,
 the Navy’s Blue Angels, and America itself the targets of a diabolical plan. To
 save his country and his friend, Rathman must devise a brilliant counterstrike, a
 mission for which failure means death.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
      Suspense                               - 19 -

24 Hours by Greg Iles                       [CAS/F/ILE][LP/F/ILE][F/ILE]
 When a psychopathic con man kidnaps Will and Karen Jennings five-year-old
 daughter, the couple decide to fight back to save their daughter.

False Accusations by Alan Jacobson                                [F/JAC]
 Dr. Phillip Madison’s privileged life is turned upside down when he is charged
 with double homicide in a brutal hit and run that takes the lives of a young
 couple, a crime that is linked to him by forensic evidence and eyewitness
 testimony and for which he has no alibi.

Fatal Tide by Iris Johansen                                       [F/JOH]
 Melis Nemid is treading in dangerous waters and she’s about to be dragged
 under. As a marine researcher, she knows all too well the dangers that can lurk
 under even the calmest surfaces. Only one oceanographer ever came close to
 discovering the deadly mystery that lies beneath the sea and he’s disappeared
 from the face of the earth. Now Melis is the last one who knows the truth and
 someone is determined that the truth will die with her.

Final Target by Iris Johansen                                         [F/JOH]
 Melissa Riley arrives at her sister’s isolated Virginia country home to find
 herself plunged into a deadly drama. Dr. Jessica Riley is attempting to draw the
 daughter of the President of the United States out of a severe catatonic trauma.

Tango by Alan Judd                                                    [F/JUD]
 Thirty-five-year-old William Wooding is over weight, and bored with his life,
 his job and his wife. He falls in love with a beautiful prostitute names Theresa,
 who is also the favorite of the newly elected president of the country.

True Crime by Andrew Klavan                             [LP/F/KLA][F/KLA]
 Frank Beachum has only hours to live. He’s about to be executed for a murder
 he says he didn’t commit unless a hard-bitten reporter can find the evidence to
 stop it.

      Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 20 -

The Face by Dean Koontz                                  [CD/F/KOO][F/KOO]
 Boxes arrived mysteriously, one by one, at Channing Manheim’s fortified
 compound. The threat implicit in their bizarre, disturbing contents seems to
 escalate with each new delivery. Manheim’s security chief, ex-cop Ethan
 Truman, is used to looking beneath the surface of things, but until he entered the
 orbit of a Hollywood icon, he had no idea just how slippery reality could be.

From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz                [CAS/F/KOO][F/KOO]
 Remarkable events accompany the birth of Bartholomew Lampion and everyone
 agrees that his unusual eyes are the most beautiful they have ever seen. On the
 same day, a thousand miles away, a ruthless man learns that he has a mortal
 enemy named Bartholomew. He doesn’t know who he is but if he finds the right
 Bartholomew he will deal mercilessly with him.

Hideaway by Dean Koontz                                 [LP/F/KOO][F/KOO]
 After Hatch Harrison is brought back to life in an ambulance, his second chance
 turns into a nightmarish quest to squelch the evil he brought back from the

The Omega Game by Steven Krane                                   [F/KRA]
 Quaid Loman is on an isolated island resort with nineteen total strangers and
 they have no idea what is going on. There is no means of communicating with
 the outside world and no boat or plane to escape. Although they have no
 memory of it they seem to have signed a game contract.

Chaos Theory by Gary Krist                                        [F/KRI]
 A journey into a rundown Washington, D.C., neighborhood to buy marijuana
 turns deadly for two middle class teenagers, one black and one white, when an
 undercover cop turns up dead and the two boys realize that they have stumbled
 into a conspiracy of mammoth proportions.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 21 -

The Devil’s Bed by William Kent Krueger                              [M/KRU]
 Locked in a tight battle for reelection, President Clay Dixon knows his best
 chance for victory is the popularity of his wife Kate and she is about to desert
 him. When an orchard accident seriously injures Kate’s father, she returns to the
 family farm in Minnesota to be at his side. Secret Service agent Bo Thorsen is
 assigned to protect her but he suspects that the accident is part of a trap to lure
 the First Lady home.

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead by Michael Ledwidge               [F/LED]
 This book is highly entertaining and a super fast thriller that takes you on a
 cutthroat ride into an urban realm where criminal intent collides head-on with the
 vagaries of fate and the inscrutabilities of the human heart.

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane                                     [F/LEH]
 US Marshal Teddy Daniels has come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe
 Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Along with his partner he sets out to find an
 escaped patient, a murderess, as a hurricane bears down upon them. Is he there
 to find a missing patient? Or is there another, more personal reason why he has
 come there? How has a barefoot woman escaped the island from a locked room?

The Reaper by Peter Lovesey                             [LP/M/LOV][M/LOV]
 Otis Joy is the rector of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Foxford, Wiltshire,
 England. Soon after a pastoral visit to him by the bishop, the bishop’s body is
 found lying at the bottom of a quarry. In the bishop’s car are a suicide note, a
 copy of a racy men’s magazine and a Bible with an underlined text reading:
 “hath devoured thy living with harlots.” His last phone cal was to Madame
 Swish. Did the bishop take his own life?

The Prometheus Deception by Robert Ludlum               [LP/F/LUD][F/LUD]
 For fifteen years Nicholas Bryson was a top deep cover operative for the
 Directorate, a clandestine branch of U.S. intelligence. Bryson retired and has
 been a college professor. Now, five years later, the CIA has contacted Bryson to
 tell him that his former employer was in fact using him against his own country’s
 interests. The CIA wants Bryson’s knowledge and expertise to help shut down
 the Directorate for good.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 22 -

Art Kills by Eric Van Lustbader                                      [F/LUS]
 Tess Chase, a no-nonsense woman with a taste for martial as well as fine arts, is
 in pursuit of a long lost painting by Renaissance master Raphael. She soon finds
 herself also entangled in a case of deadly sibling rivalry between the heirs to the
 empire of the East Coast crime boss Rocco Bravanno.

Windfall by James Magnuson                                              [F/MAG]
 Money is a problem for Ben Lindberg. As a college professor, he’s fought long
 and hard to keep his intellectual life and his family life safe and secure. He can’t
 afford to replace his broken-down car, can’t even afford to fix it, and can’t afford
 to move his family into a better part of Austin. Then, one night, things change.
 Searching for the stray family cat, Ben finds in the basement of an abandoned
 feed store eight coolers filled with fifty-dollar bills.

Dead Line by Brian McGrory                                            [F/MCG]
 For his entire career, Jack Flynn has been like a heat-seeking missile in pursuit of
 news. But now he comes across a story that might be the hardest and maybe the
 last of his life.

Twice Dying by Neil McMahon                                      [F/MCM]
 A thriller delves deeply into a world populated by sociopaths, revealing their
 terrifying actions using startling forensic detail.

About Face by Fern Michaels                                          [F/MIC]
 When Dr. Blake Hunter discovers Casey Edwards wandering along a
 Sweetwater, Georgia road, she’s a woman without a past, her memory stripped
 of the terrifying events that shattered her innocence a decade ago. Casey is more
 determined to untangle the web of secrets that threaten her future. Someone
 wants Casey out of the way before she remembers too much.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 23 -

Picture Perfect by Fern Michaels                                       [F/MIC]
 Lorrie Ryan looks forward to taking her young nephew Davey on a camping trip,
 even though it’s been arranged for the sole purpose of keeping him out of harm’s
 way while his father testifies for the prosecution in a big drugs trial. But events
 take a turn when, on their first morning at the campsite, Davey vanishes during a
 fishing expedition.

While I Was Gone by Sue Miller                                     [F/MIL]
 Having moved on with her life after a friend was brutally murdered, Jo Becker is
 now married with a grown family but when an old housemate moves into the
 neighborhood, Jo rekindles a relationship that takes her back to the past and
 threatens her future.

Smoke Screen by Kyle Mills                               [LPF/MIL][F/MIL]
 Trevor Barnett has become the lead spokesman for the tobacco industry just as
 it’s on the verge of extinction. Trevor is charged with the task of going on
 national television and making the announcement: Not another cigarette will be
 manufactured or sold until the industry is given ironclad protection from the
 courts. As the economy falters, Trevor becomes the target of enraged smokers.

Basilica by William D. Montalbano                                  [F/MON]
 When a priest is fatally pushed down the stairs of St. Peter’s Basilica, the first
 Latin American Pope, nicknamed Tredi and Brother Paul, a former Miami
 homicide cop, unleash a maelstrom of Vatican politics and revenge as they
 search for a killer.

Turbulence by John J. Nance                                         [F/NAN]
 Jance’s latest high-speed drama begins with an airline in crisis because of poor
 customer service. When Captain Phil Knight makes a forced emergency landing
 in a small war torn country, abandoning his copilot to certain death, violence
 erupts inside the cabin, as enraged passengers attempt the unthinkable mutiny,
 but what they don’t know could kill them.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 24 -

That’s Not My Name by Yvonne Navarro                               [F/NAV]
 One snowy night, in a suburban parking lot, a man finds the quarry he’s been
 stalking for months. Nola Elidad finds herself imprisoned by a strangely caring
 kidnapper who insists she is his lost wife. Across town, Nola’s husband of three
 months must admit to Detective Lucas Conroy that he knows nothing of his
 bride’s former life. Who is Nola Elidad?

Amnesia by Andrew Neiderman                                   [F/NEI]
 What would you do if you couldn’t remember who you were, where you lived or
 what you might have done? The clues come slowly as he learns more than he
 ever knew before.

Hush by Mark Nykanen                                                 [F/NYK]
 Disturbed by seven-year-old Davy Boyce’s dark drawings and violent behavior,
 art therapist Celia Griswold shares her concerns with his stepfather Chet, only to
 find herself being stalked because she may know too much.

The Devil’s Cure by Kenneth Oppel                                    [F/OPP]
 Oncologist Laura Donaldson and FBI agent Kevin Sheldrake embark on a
 manhunt to find David Haines, a murderer who has escaped from death row,
 when it is discovered that Haines’ blood could hold the key to curing cancer.

Writ of Execution by Perri O’Shaughnessy                    [LP/F/OSH][F/OSH]
 In South Lake Tahoe, Nina Reilly’s latest case begins when she is called to meet
 with a frightened young Washoe Indian woman who gives her name as Jessie
 Potter. Jessie has just hit one of the biggest jackpots in Nevada history. She also
 has a secret and needs that money for a very good reason. Nina helps her client
 devise a plan to collect the money while keeping her true identity a secret but
 she’s got her hands full as powerful interests line up to grab the money. By the
 time Nina discovers that Jessie is withholding vital information, it might be too
 late for her client and for Nina herself.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 25 -

The Society by Michael Palmer                             [LP/F/PAL][F/PAL]
 Working diligently at a trauma center, surgeon Will Grant, a member of a group
 that works against insurance companies to prevent unjust cost-cutting practices,
 is accused by detective Patty Moriarity of killing managed-care executives.

The Beach House by James Patterson          [CAS/F/PAT][LP/F/PAT][F/PAT]
 Jack Mullen is in law school in New York City when the news comes that his
 brother, Peter, has drowned in the ocean off East Hampton. Jack knows his
 brother practically grew up in the water and that this couldn’t be an accident.
 Someone must have wanted his brother dead. Jack finds out that his brother was
 involved with some of the richest women and men in America.

Cradle and All by James Patterson                                      [F/PAT]
 This book probes our most deeply held fears and hopes in a sizzling fast paced
 and chilling story. It is written with all the extraordinary drama and
 overwhelming emotion.

Parallel Lies by Ridley Pearson                          [LP/F/PEA][F/PEA]
 Though the rail company provides reasons behind the numerous accidents, they
 are hiding the truth. Suspected terrorist Umberto Alvarez blames the railroad for
 the collision that killed his wife and twins.

Dead Aim by Thomas Perry                                  [LP/F/PER][F/PER]
 Robert Mallon has lived for ten quiet years in affluent Santa Barbara, California,
 when an encounter on a beach with a mysterious young woman shatters his
 peaceful, carefully constructed life. Despite desperate attempts, he loses her and
 he becomes obsessed with discovering why. He hires a detective to uncover the
 secrets of this stranger’s life and what they learn propels them into a terrifying
 underworld of sinister secrets and deadly hatreds.

Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry                                    [F/PER]
 Jan Whitefield is a Native American guide who leads solitary outcasts through
 hostile territory to escape the vengeance of their enemies. She knows all the
 tricks in fact she has invented several of them herself.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 26 -

Fall From Grace by Clyde Phillips                                 [F/PHI]
 When Homicide Inspector Jane Candiotti is assigned to the brutal killing of
 Jenna Perry, she finds that the investigation demands more than just her
 formidable detective skills. In a final plot twist worthy of Alfred Hitchcock,
 Inspector Candiotti finds herself clinging to life high atop one of the most
 famous landmarks in the world.

Cottonwood by Scott Phillips                                          [F/PHI]
 In 1872, Cottonwood, Kansas, is a one-horse speck on the map, dusty roads and
 two-bit crooks. Bill Ogden looks on his adopted town with an eye to making a
 profit or getting out. Civilizing the Great Plains was never that simple.

The Trade Mission: A Novel of Psychological Terror                    [F/PYP]
        By Andrew Pyper
 On the eve of the new millennium, Marcus Wallace and Jonathon Bates, two
 twenty-four-year-old overnight dot-com millionaires, are on a trade mission in
 Brazil. In the dead of night, their boat is boarded by paramilitaries who kill the
 Brazilian crew and kidnap Wallace and Bates, their two older colleagues and
 their interpreter. Blindfolded and thrown into a pit for a prison, they must fight
 to find the will to survive.

Step To the Graveyard Easy by Bill Pronzini                      [LP/F/PRO]
 Desperate to change his life and make a fresh start, Matthew Cape is enjoying his
 new Corvette, skydiving and gambling, until he meets grifters Boone and Tanya
 Judson, who try to cheat him in a crooked San Francisco poker game.

The First Billion by Christopher Reich                      [LP/F/REI][F/REI]
 John “Jett” Gavallan is a former fighter pilot, now the high-flying CEO of Black
 Jet Securities, an investment firm that earned its first billion before the techno
 dream crashed and burned. This book has breakneck plotting, stunning realism
 and a sense of danger that keeps the heart racing and will linger long after the
 final shocking twist is revealed.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 27 -

Total Eclipse by Liz Rigbey                               [LP/F/RIG][F/RIG]
 Trying to clear his lover’s name after she is charged with murdering her family
 members, Lomax, an astronomer, uncovers a web of cruelty, deceit and desire
 that comes to a shocking conclusion at Julia’s trial.

Critical Space by Greg Rucka                                 [LP/M/RUC]
 Bodyguard Atticus Kodiak could find himself in over his head when he is
 approached by a woman in desperate need of his services and who could just be
 the most dangerous woman in the world.

Out of the Dark by Sharon Sala                                        [F/SAL]
 Street artist Jade remembers little of her childhood except for the time she spent
 under the ruthless control of a cult leader, a time marked by terrible abuse and
 suffering. For the fifteen years since she escaped his grasp, she has survived by
 living on the streets and never putting down roots. Ex-cop Luke Kelly knows his
 friend Sam Cochrane wants nothing more than to find his daughter, Jade who
 was taken from him as a child. Luke uses all his connections to make that
 happen, not knowing that by reuniting Jade with her father he is exposing her to
 a deadly peril.

The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul                     [LP/F/SAU][F/SAU]
 The promising future of a New York City college student Jeff Converse has
 suddenly been shattered by a nightmarish turn of events. Falsely convicted of a
 brutal crime, Jeff sees his life vanishing before his eyes. He finds himself
 beneath the streets of Manhattan, in a hidden landscape of twisting tunnels and
 forgotten subterranean chambers. Here, an invisible population of the homeless,
 the desperate and the mad has carved out its own shadow society.

Midnight Voices by John Saul                               [LP/SAU][F/SAU]
 A widow marries a handsome, successful man and her fears for the future give
 way to a sense of abundant happiness. Soon, however, new terrors come home
 to roost. Midnight voices in their exclusive building whisper of a cruel and
 hungry presence sharing their home.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 28 -

Derailed by James Siegel                                            [F/SIE]
 Every day Charles Schine rides the 8:43 to do the job he has done for over a
 decade in a New York advertising agency. With a wife and an ill child who
 depend on him, Charles is not a man who likes changes or takes risks, until he is
 late for his regular train and sits down across from the woman of his dreams. In
 a matter of days, a flirtation turns to a passion and Charles and Lucinda are
 drawn into the dark side of the American Dream.

The English Assassin by Daniel Silva                     [CAS/F/SIL][F/SIL]
 Sent to Zurich, Switzerland, to restore a painting owned by a reclusive
 millionaire banker, art expert and sometime Israeli agent Gabriel Allon discovers
 his would be employer murdered and finds himself back in the espionage game.

Eleven Hours by Paulina Simons                                       [F/SIM]
 On the eve of giving birth to her third child, Didi Wood goes to the mall to
 escape the Dallas heat and do a little shopping. She is supposed to meet her
 husband for lunch in an hour, but a chance encounter with a stranger changes
 everything. When Didi does not show up, Richard first gets, worried, then
 anxious, then frantic. As the FBI joins Richard in a desperate search for his wife
 and unborn child, Didi’s terrifying eleven-hour ride takes her to the brink of all
 endurance and puts her on a collision course with fate itself.

The Hancock Boys by Thomas William Simpson                           [F/SIM]
 What if two identical twin brothers decided to share a career, a family, a wife and
 a life? They took turns playing the role of the perfect husband, father and best
 selling novelist while the other lived out his wildest fantasies. It seemed the
 perfect setup. But what if one of them pushed the game too far?

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 29 -

She Loves Me Not by Wendy Corsi Staub                              [F/STA]
 Life goes on. That’s what young widow Rose Larrabee tells herself each as she
 has to be both mother and father to her two young children, a task that leaves
 little time for new romance. That’s why she is surprised to find the simple
 homemade valentine in her mailbox with no signature. Now, as the phone rings
 in the night, playing a song that sends chills down Rose’s spine and more heart
 shaped gifts arrive mysteriously, the young mother is determined to protect her
 family from a threat she cannot see but knows is out there.

Grift Sense by James Swain                                          [M/SWA]
 Tony Valentine, former cop, lifelong misanthrope and sixty something freelance
 grifter-hunter is called in to find swindler Frank Fontaine, who vanished leaving
 Nola Briggs, a blackjack dealer caught on camera helping him cheat, to take all
 the heat.

Resolved by Robert K. Tanenbaum                                       [F/TAN]
 This book is a complex, suspenseful tale of justice in the Big Apple, as a
 vengeful and sadistic killer sets his sights on the man who put him away.

Terminal Event by James Thayer                        [LP/F/THA][F/THA]
 Joe Durant, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board,
 becomes obsessed in his search for clues about the plane crash that killed his
 wife, convinced that a bomber destroyed the plane and that he will soon strike

The Codicil by Tom Topor                                      [LP/F/TOP][F/TOP]
 Telecommunications magnate Matthew Marshall is dead. He suffered a stroke at
 his secluded mountain cabin in upstate New York. His wife and three children
 are stunned to learn that half of his estate of $105 million has been bequeathed in
 a codicil to his will to a child they never knew existed, the product of an affair
 years before during Marshall’s service in Vietnam.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 30 -

The Bad Witness by Laura Van Wormer                               [F/VAN]
 Sally Harrington is called to testify in the “Mafia Boss Murder” trial. The
 defendant, Jonathan Small has been accused of shooting mobster Nick Arlenetta
 in cold blood and Sally knows more than she’d like to about Nick – after all, he
 once tried to have her killed.

Trouble Becomes Her by Laura Van Wormer                             [F/VAN]
 Things seem to be going well for Sally Harrington until her life is about to get
 complicated very fast. Sally’s the star witness in a sensational Hollywood
 murder trial and her new boss is pressuring her to use her “in” to produce a
 special news series on the case for the network during sweeps week. Complete
 chaos ensues when the news assignment throws Sally back into contact with out-
 of-control actress Lilliana Martin and Sally’s oversexed ex, Spencer.

The Echo by Minette Walters                          [CAS/M/WAL][M/WAL]
 A tale of psychological suspense involving a tangled web of secrets and
 betrayals, love and guilt that entangles everyone who touches it.

Dancing with the Dragon by Joe Weber                              [F/WEB]
 During routine night operations off Southern California, an F/A-18 from the
 U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln is inexplicably blown from the sky. The Pentagon
 wants to throw a blanket over the incident, but another navy fighter jet is
 mysteriously destroyed in midair. The president orders an investigation to find
 out who is responsible for the attacks and why. This book is a page turning
 thriller from start to cliff hanging finish.

A Suggestion of Death by Marianne Wesson                          [F/WES]
 Attorney Cinda Hayes’ new client has accused her father, a prominent university
 professor, of terrible things and now she has take refuge in a Colorado militia

Harm’s Way by Stephen Walsh White                                    [F/WHI]
 Psychologist-sleuth Dr. Alan Gregory investigates the brutal murder of his long-
 time friend and neighbor Peter Arvin, only to discover that Arvin had been
 hiding dark secrets that neither Gregory nor the victim’s wife had ever suspected.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
       Suspense                               - 31 -

Skeletons by Kate Wilhelm                                              [F/WIL]
 Lee Donne’s family is gifted. Her mother has three doctorates, her father is an
 economics genius and her grandfather is a world-renowned Shakespearean
 scholar. Lee’s own gift, if you could call it that, is an eidetic memory that seems
 to maintain a visual representation of everything she’s ever seen. Without a job
 or prospects, Lee is relieved to be house sitting her grandfather’s isolated Oregon
 home. She is tormented by strange and menacing noises at night. Lee finds that
 the source of these sounds is an all too human force, a young and well-respected
 man. He knew that Lee’s grandfather would be away, but what could he have
 been looking for?

Heartland by David Wiltse                                                [F/WIL]
 Former Secret Service agent Billy Tree returns to his hometown of Falls City,
 Nebraska, to recover from the physical and psychological scars from a shootout
 that left his partner dead but the town’s tranquility hides a terrifying conspiracy.

Cold Paradise by Stuart Woods                             [LP/F/WOO][F/WOO]
 Former cop-turned private investigator Stone Barrington finds himself on the
 trail of an elusive stalker who is targeting Allison Manning, a woman Stone had
 thought dead, before he can clear her of a charge of insurance fraud.

       Compiled by Lansing Public Library Adult Services Reader’s Advisory
      Suspense                               - 32 -

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