Semester 1 Exam Review

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					                                   Semester 2 Exam Review
                                   Texas Discoveries - David

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            Directions: Using your textbook, please answer the following questions, define terms,
           and describe people. Use this packet to study for your semester exam. Your exam
review will count as a grade and will be due on the day of your exam. You MUST turn this in
completed on the day of your exam.

    1. What are the responsibilities of the Speaker of the House and Lieutenant Governor of the

        State of Texas?

    2. What are the branches of government and what are the responsibilities of each?

    3. Under which part of government do public schools, police and fire departments and

        telephone services fall?

    4. What are the main elements of the Constitution of 1836, 1861, 1866 and 1876?

    5. What is the system of Check and Balances?

    6. Any powers not assigned to the federal government are left to whom?

    7. Describe the Texas court system (highest to lowest).

    8. How does Texas earn the majority of its revenue?

    9. What are the duties of the City Manager?

    10. Why is a constitution written?

    11. Compare the Constitution of 1836 and 1845
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    12. What were the 13, 14, 15, 16 , 17 , 18 and 19 amendments?

    13. What is James Hogg most noted for?

    14. The Populist Party represented whom? Which current political party adopted their ideas?

    15. What is progressivism?

    16. Who were Columbus Joiner, Anthony Lucas, Pattillo Higgins, Amon Carter

    17. What is the Texas Railroad Commission responsible for?

    18. What were the reform movements between 1880- 1920?

    19. What created a demand for oil?

    20. What does Corsicana, Spindletop, Houston and Nacogdoches have to do with the oil

        industry in Texas?

    21. Between 1900-1940 where was the most oil found in Texas?
22. What was the result of the time commitment to the cotton industry?

23. Review the cattle trails, when they were developed and where they went.

24. Define commercial farming, subsistence farming, tenant farming and sharecropping.

    Why were each practiced?

25. What was the main cotton-growing region?

26. Who were Satanta and Quanah Parker?

27. How were cattle introduced to Texas?

28. Who Joseph McCoy?

29. What were the various cowboy positions on the cattle drives? What was each responsible


30. What did Reconstruction mean to Radical Republicans?

31. How did Reconstruction end in Texas?

32. How did President Grant view the Native Americans? What was his solution to the


33. How were Native Americans forced onto reservations?

34. Who were the Buffalo Soldiers?

35. Why was the Republican Party formed?

36. How did Sam Houston feel about Texas’s decision to secede from the Union?

37. What was President Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction?

38. How did the southern states respond to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation?

39. What was the Reconstruction Act of 1867?

40. What were the reasons the southern states seceded from the Union?

41. Where were most of the Civil War battles fought in Texas and why?

42. What was Unionism and where were most of the Union supporters found in Texas?

43. What were the “wedges of separation”?

44. What were the Treaties of Valesco and why did Mexico refuse to accept them?

45. What was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

46. What was the Compromise of 1850?

47. What was Mexico’s reaction to the new republic of Texas?

48. During the first presidential election in Texas, Texans also voted to do what?

49. Compare Lamar and Houston in terms of their presidential policies and actions.
50. Why was Texas denied annexation?

51. What is the significance of the years 1836, 1845 and 1861?

52. What are the five themes of geography?

53. equator/prime meridian

54. longitude/latitude

55. meridians/parallels

56. William B. Travis

57. Battle of San Jacinto

58. Mexican Cession

59. Francis R. Lubbock

60. “Ma” Ferguson

61. “Pa” James Ferguson

62. Anson Jones

63. Charles Goodnight

64. What are cow towns and stock yards

65. Obnoxious acts

66. Lawrie Tatum

67. council-manager government

68. Manifest Destiny

69. What does a well written thesis statement have?

70. What are SOAPSTone, APPARTS used for?

71. Civil War battles in Texas

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