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					Common Herb Goldenseal
I love to read and study about herbs. I even grow a few in my home to use in cooking.
I would love to grow lots outside, but I have a tiny yard and a dog. I was able to take a
class about Herbs several years ago and I learned a lot from our Native American
Teacher us all about them in the classroom and outdoors at her home. The uses are
many in her culture. It was so interesting. Here are some easy ways to use your own
herb plants at home. I wanted to share this on ehow in case someone out there is
looking for a way to make their own herbal remedies at home. Read through
everything first before beginning any processes. Have fun!

The Common Herb Goldenseal is nature’s antibiotic. It can be over harvested and it is
getting to be rare. It can grow to about 18 inches high. The stem and leaves are hairy
and deep green. It needs a moist, humid, shady patch to grow. It takes a long time to
get established.

Use the root of the plant. Use Goldenseal as an antibiotic when you have an infection,
or when you have a cold or flu. (Don’t take it when you’re pregnant or for more than
5 days.) It shows promise in fighting cancer and other diseases. It can be used in
salves for skin infections. See my article in Bukisa on making salves, oils, and
tinctures. Goldenseal is also used to stop bleeding.

The smashed root can be used to repel insects. It can be used with St. John’s Wort.

Be sure to check out my many other herb articles in Bukisa.

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