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Over 60 ANU alumni and guests attended a
cocktail reception at the Renaissance Harbourview
Hotel in Hong Kong on Friday 3 March.
Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Alex Clarke
opened the event, welcoming guests and providing
an update on recent advancements.
The cocktail reception was attended by alumni who
had graduated from ANU in the 970s through to
The evening was a valuable networking
opportunity and considered a great success by all
who attended in establishing new connections
and strengthening existing ties to our Hong Kong
alumni and friends.                                            Attendees at the ANU Alumni and Friends Cocktail Reception

                   prOFESSOr MIkE kEppELL
                      Date: Wednesday 5 April                professor keith Houghton
                      Time: 9.30am-2:00 noon (Session )     dean, ANU College of Business & Economics
                             2:00noon-:00pm (Lunch)         Requests the pleasure of your company for the ANU College
                             :00-3.30pm (Session 2)             of Business & Economics Prizes & Scholarship Ceremony
                      Venue: Faculty Suite, Level ,          Date: Monday 4 May
                               H.W. Arndt Building (25a)      Time: 6:00-7:00pm (ceremony)
                      Registration: Through HORUS                    7:00-8:00pm (refreshments to be served at the
Professor Keppell, Professor of Higher Education and                 conclusion of the ceremony)
Director, The Flexible Learning Institute, Charles Sturt      Venue: The Hall, University House
University. The Flexible Learning Institute aims to promote          Balmain Cres, The Australian National University
and foster excellence in flexible learning and teaching
                                                              RSVP by Wednesday 29 April 2009
through pedagogical scholarship, promotion of exemplary
                                                              to Bronwyn Schmidt E:
practice and policy advice.
He has a background in teaching and learning, curriculum,
evaluation and more specifically instructional design. His    ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
expertise lies in his ability to combine the operational
and development tasks of educational technology with
the academic study of curriculum, instructional design        UpCOMING EvENtS
and evaluation. His research focuses on blended learning,
learning oriented assessment, authentic learning and          ANU GrAdUAtE StUdIES INFOrMAtION EvENING
transformative learning using design based research.          Date: Tuesday 5 May
Professor Mike Keppell’s Seminar includes:                    Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Session 1: Transforming Higher Education through              Venue: The Hall, University House
Learning-oriented Assessment                                         Balmain Cres, The Australian National University
Session 2: Blended Learning: The Future of Higher             Information: 050PP_
Education                                                                  Graduate_Coursework/Events/may308

                           ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
                                                                                                                           Staff Newsletter

Australian Computer Society Conference
The School of Accounting and Business Information Systems
was a sponsor at the ACT Branch Conference of the Australian
Computer Society on 9 March at the Canberra Convention Centre.
A number of staff attended the conference and helped out at the
ANU display. There was a good deal of interest in our programs,
particularly the postgraduate degrees in Information Systems
that deal with the management of Information Technology
                                        and combine technical and
                                        organisational knowledge.               Mr Ahmed Imran, Dr Sumit Lodhia, Ms Fleur Hamilton, Professor Shirley
                                        The applied research being done at Gregor AO and Ms Kyung Cha attending the ACS Conference.
                                        the National Centre of Information Systems Research also attracted attention, including the
                                        AusAID Public Sector Linkage Program, with Mr Ahmed Imran present with materials used
                                        in training senior government officials in Bangladesh. Other highlights of the Conference
                                        included PhD student Ms Kyung Cha’s presentation on “Organisational Transformation
                                        with IT”. Further, in the opening session Professor Shirley Gregor AO was presented with an
                                        award from ACS Canberra Branch Chair, Mr David Bryant. The award was to mark her work
Professor Shirley Gregor AO being       in documenting the ACS Core Body of Knowledge over the last two years while she was
presented her award by Mr David Bryant. Director of the Professional Standards Board.

New research Associates
The Macroeconometric Models and Methods program welcomes Dr Leon Berkelmans of the Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System.
The Finance and the Macroeconomy program welcomes Dr Gerald Dwyer, Jr of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Dr
Susan Thorp of the University of Technology, Sydney.

2009                           UpCOMING CONFErENCES
Working                        Conference on “Inflation Challenges in an Era of relative price Shocks”
paper Series                   CAMA, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) and Westfälische-
Three new                      Wilhelms Universität (Germany), will host two conferences on Inflation Challenges in an Era of
additions to                   Relative Price Shocks. The conferences will be held in Munster, Germany on 6–7 June, and in
the 2009 CAMA                  Sydney on 7–8 August.
Working Papers                 For more information:
Series can be                  Econometric Society Australasian Meetings 2009
viewed at:                     The Econometric Society Australasian Meeting in 2009 (ESAM09) will be held in Canberra, from
http://cama.                   7-0 July. ESAM09 will be hosted by the College, and the program committee will be co-chaired                    by Professor Heather Anderson and Dr Maria Racionero. The program includes plenary, invited and
publications.asp               contributed sessions in all fields of economics.
                               Registrations are now open at

                              ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
                                                                                                       Staff Newsletter

team ANUMBA to represent Australia in portugal
On the 28 March, team ANUMBA of ANU, represented by MBA students Mr Sam Underdown, Mr Oner Aktas and Mr John
Gordon won the national final of the Global Management Challenge (GMC) and will now represent Australia for the world
title which will be held in Portugal in April. ANUMBA were the group winners in the initial round and beat five other group
winners from AGSM, Melbourne University, Bond University, and Sydney University to win the national title.
GMC is one of the biggest strategy and management competitions in the world with more than 375,000 university students
                                                                 and company managers from over 30 countries participating.
                                                                 GMC consists of a management simulation in which each
                                                                 team runs a company, with the objective of getting the
                                                                 highest company share price on the simulated stock exchange,
                                                                 managing a company, without running real-world risks, and
                                                                 making top management decisions.
                                                                 Mr Underdown, Mr Aktas and Mr Gordon, from the corporate
                                                                 strategy class previously won a world title in the GlO BUS
                                                                 strategy game in 2007 which involved over 200 teams from
ANUMBA Team, national winners of the Global Management Challenge 8 universities worldwide.

Senior HrM Science Agencies Meeting
                                                                        FIA International Conference
On 23 March, MMIB hosted a meeting for Senior Human Resource
Managers from Federal Government science agencies. This meeting         Professor Ujwal Kayande gave an invited talk
involved HR leaders from Australia’s leading public sector research     on “Funding Fundraising: Maximising Return
organisations. Included at the meeting were CSIRO, Defence              on Investment,” at the Fundraising Institute of
Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Nuclear Science         Australia’s 32nd International Conference, held in
Technology Organisation, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australian           the Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.
Institute of Marine Science, Bureau of Meteorology, Department of
Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, and Therapeutic Goods
Administration, as well as ANU and University of Melbourne.             Good MMIB relations in Japan
The meeting is the second science agencies meeting to be held at                                 Dr Pierre van der Eng (left)
the ANU, and is part of an on-going relationship between internal                                presented three papers in
and external staff members. The maintenance of this relationship                                 one week on his current
through regular meetings allows MMIB’s HRM staff to keep in                                      research topics. He took
step with the latest practices and thinking, as well as providing                                up an invitation from
insight and access into these significant public organisations. ANU’s                            Professor Chitoshi Koga at
HR managers are also granted access to knowledge of what is                                      the University of Kobe, who
happening in other leading public sector research organisations.                                 visited CBE in September
Issues discussed at the recent science agencies meeting included                                 2007 with a delegation of
strategies used to build research capability, changes in industrial     MBA students. Dr van der Eng presented a paper on
relations and performance appraisal systems. These topics were          expatriation strategies of Japanese companies in
not only important to practitioners, but were of specific value to      East Asia in Professor Koga’s seminar for graduate
attending academics who are conducting research projects around         students on 6 February. He also presented a paper
research capability and performance management.                         on labour-intensive industrialisation in Indonesia
                                                                        on 7 February at the Center of Southeast Asian
                                                                        Studies at the University of Kyoto. During the Asia-
                                                                        Pacific Economic and Business History conference
                                                                        at Gakushuin University in Tokyo on 8-20 February,
                                                                        Dr van der Eng presented a paper on the host
                                                                        country policies and parent company strategies that
                                                                        contributed to the rise of the Philips company in
Attendees of the Science Agencies Meeting

                        ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
                                                                                                                Staff Newsletter

research publications
Author: Dr Jose Alvaro Rodrigues-Neto                              Author: Dr Timothy Kam, Kirdan Lees and Mr Philip Liu
Journal: Journal of Economic Theory (CBE Tier )                   Journal: Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (ABDC A*)
title: From posteriors to priors via cycles                        title: Uncovering the Hit List for Small Inflation Targeters: A
                                                                   Bayesian Structural Analysis

For further information and abstracts:

It Infrastructure Changes
There have been significant changes to the IT infrastructure within the College. The printers have now been moved to a new
server and several server-based applications have been moved to another server. This has allowed IT to decommission four
old servers giving the College a more reliable network. As the infrastructure renewal continues, staff should start noticing
speed and space improvements.
The College IT Team are trying to be as non-intrusive as possible while carrying out these improvements but sometimes this
is not possible so please bear with them if a few minutes of down time is required.
The IT Team are also investigating a new help desk system which a number of staff are trialling. If these trials prove to be as
positive as anticipated, IT are planning on rolling it out in a few months. This should provide staff with better feedback and
job tracking and ensure no jobs get lost in the systems.
                                                                                  For all IT enquiries please contact:

travel Allowance Calculator
The College Finance Office has developed a new Travel Allowance (per diem) Calculator that allows staff to calculate the
exact amount of their own per diem.
The Travel Allowance Calculator has been designed so that it is simple to use the only thing to remember is to select the
tick box in the top left-hand corner that relates to your salary classification (eg, Level A, B etc). Also, don’t forget to include
the amount for these items in the Summary of Anticipated Expenses on your Approval to Travel Form (
To assist with prompt processing of such payments staff are asked to complete and attached both the TA Calculator and Pay
Code 29-294 Form to all Approval to Travel Forms where a Travel Allowance is requested.
The Travel Allowance Calculator is located at:

                                                                          For all Finance enquiries please contact:

                        ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
                                                                                                       Staff Newsletter

New publication for CBE
A new College Undergraduate publication
(right) is now available for use by CBE staff.
The “Tier ” publication is a small, pocket-
sized guide to promote undergraduate
programs within the College.
For copies of the guide contact
Garmisch P S. Aguilar at


            do you know a first year student who is…             the mitchell scholarship is offered thanks
              • doing a Bachelor degree offered in               to the generosity of mr John mitchell (Bec
                the AnU college of Business and                  1980) and provides $1,000 for a first
                economics?                                       year student of academic merit from a rural
              • An Australian citizen or permanent
                                                                 background who demonstrates academic
                                                                 ability and evidence of financial need.
              • new to tertiary education?
              • From a regional area?                            How To Apply
              • looking for financial assistance?                Download the application form at:
            if they meet all of the criteria above get           Hand it in at the college reception
            them to apply for the mitchell scholarship           (copland Building 24 room 1120)
            today!                                               or Fax it to 6125 0744

           ApplicAtions close 5:00 pm mondAy 20 April 2009
            W: | e:

                           ANU COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
                                                                                                                            Staff Newsletter

Changes to Annual Leave for Academic Staff
All Academic Staff on continuing or fixed-term appointments are entitled to 20 working days per year (pro-rata) of annual
leave for each completed 2-month period of service.
As a member of the University’s Academic staff, you will normally be required to take your full yearly annual leave
entitlement during December to January each year, unless another period is approved by your Head of School and the period
is recorded in the University’s HRMS system prior to  December in each year.
If a date has not been entered and approved in HORUS and the ANU HRMS system prior to  December each year, you will
be rostered on leave for the balance of your current full year’s leave entitlement – this will take effect from the first working
day in the following January until your annual leave balance for that year has been reduced accordingly.
Annual leave accrual of more than two year’s entitlement will be regarded as excess leave. When this has occurred and an
application for leave to eliminate the excess leave has not been approved and entered into HORUS, the supervisor will notify
you that your leave must be taken at a mutually agreed time within the next 6 months. The amount of leave to be taken will
need to be sufficient to reduce your excess leave to below the two year’s annual leave entitlement.
All unused leave entitlements will be paid out on termination.
The College HR Office will be attending School meetings throughout the year to provide information on the Policy and
Procedures for Academic Annual Leave.

2009 Academic promotions                                                               Staff development training
The Academic Promotions for the 2009 round is about to                                 Talking About Careers for Academic Staff
commence. The dates for applications and sessions are:
 • Applicant and Supervisor Information Session                                        The program is designed to assist academic
     Dates: Tuesday 23 June 0:00-.30am                                              supervisors to have useful discussions with staff
             Wednesday  July 2.00-3.30pm                                              about work issues and career planning. Topics
     Venue: Law Link Theatre                                                           include:
• Nominations for Promotions Close on 3 July                                          • Explanation of expectations of supervisors
Staff members considering on making an application for                                      under the formal performance management
Promotion should discuss this with their Head of School after                               system at the ANU (Supporting Our Staff)
reading some of the information available on the University’s                          • How to prepare for, and conduct, a formal
Web Page.                                                                                   performance discussion, as well as how to
Academic Promotions Policy                                                                  assist staff to prepare for these discussions.                          • The role of the supervisor in participating in
Frequently Asked Questions                                                                  informal discussions about work and career.                       The workshops will help you develop practical skills
Info/Academic_Promotions/PDF/FAQs2008_v2.pdf                                           to use in the areas of giving and receiving feedback
please remember that the timelines currently available on the web are for              and having potentially difficult discussions with
2008, not 2009.                                                                        staff/colleagues. The program has a significant
                                                                                       practical component.
StAFF CHANGES                                                                          Course: HRSD2 - Talking About Careers (supervisor)
                                                                                       Dates: 3 x 2 hour lunch time sessions
New Staff Members
                                                                                               , 7, 9 July OR 7, 2, 24 September
• Dr Christine Jubb, Research Fellow, ANCAAR, ABIS
                                                                                       Time: 2:00noon
Staff Movements                                                                        Venue: John Curtin School of Medical Research
• Ms Antoinette Bosman returned to ABIS from maternity leave                           Information:
• Ms Grace Shao left the School Office in ABIS to take up a                            Contact: Staff Development on
  position as a Student Administrator in the College Student                           E: T: 62 56600
  Administration Team and is currently located in the
  Sir Roland Wilson Building.
                                                                                     For all HR enquiries please contact:
Please forward your news items to Garmisch P S. Aguilar ( for inclusion in the College’s next newsletter.


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