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					AUGUST                                   Web:                                                        2008


                                                                                                    Inside this Issue:
                                                                                                   EAA Flight Advisor            2
                             by Don
                             Thompson                                                              The Eagle’s Nest             2
                                                            by Scott Walton, Ch 7 VP
Greetings Chapter 7 Members,                     Hi Again Folks,                                   AirVenture First-Timer       3
  Our chapter hat hit the mid-year mark in          Program: The program for this month            Classified Section           5
full stride. Can you believe Oshkosh is          will be reports from our scholarship recipi-
here?! Before you know it, we will be en-        ents and Oshkosh attendees. Please con-           Bluegrass Flyer               5
joying our potluck Christmas dinner.             tact me if you want to do a presentation.
                                                                                                   Calendar of Events           5
   But whoa – we still have more Young            PROGRAM — Aug 14, 2008
Eagles to fly at Wings, Wheels & Rotors/                                                           EPIC Behind the Lines         7
Los Alamitos, and Wings Over Long                   Since all this political news is being flung
Beach, introducing our chapter to the pub-       about, I felt the need to make my own con-        Secretary’s Notepad          7
lic on a large scale. These two events will      tribution. Currently, my KR-2 only has a
involve lots of chapter members showing          left wing. Yes, I know many will find this        Chapter Application       9
their commitment to excellence!                  disappointing, and many of you have sus-          Pass It On - Bring A Friend
                                                 pected it all along. At this pint, as a home      Chapter Officers            10
   As most of you know, our world of avia-
                                                 builder, I can only claim to be a “left            Meeting Information
tion continues to evolve. Fuel prices dic-
                                                 winger.” Hopefully, soon I will also have a       Cover / Mailing Info        10
tate, loudly, the search for efficiency. The
                                                 right wing, but for now I am grateful to have
new crop of airplanes surging to the fore-
                                                 any wing at all!
front in today’s market all speak of in-                                                           Wanted:          Roving
creased MPG. As I attend Oshkosh this               I flew my family to the famous Catalina        reporters.        Been to a fly-
year, I will be comparing numerous new           “Airport in the Sky” today and we head a          in lately, taken a trip, been to
aircraft to my trusty C-150. We shall see        great time. All four of us took the shuttle       another chapter meeting.
where the money goes.                            van into Avalon. I would like to make one         Take your camera, we’ll do
                                                 correction to the Avalon website. The             the rest.
   Mark your calendars for the August
                                                 shuttle van to Avalon is $25.00 per person,        Aircraft of the Month
meeting to see the pictures and hear the
                                                 not $17.00 per person. That’s OK though.
stories.                                                                                              Well, there is no picture
 See you there,              Don T.              After the $20.00 landing fee, all four of us
                                                 got into Avalon for a mere $120.00. Even
                                                 with gas it was under $200. Cheaper than
                                                                                                   to view this month but there
                                                                                                   is a new exciting aircraft to
                                                                                                   be introduced at AirVenture
                                                 Disneyland! I think it was also cheaper           2008. Developed by Kirk
 New Av-Fuel Could Save                          than four boat tickets, but I really don’t        Hawkins at ICON Aircraft
 General Aviation Engines                        want to know. It seems they are having            in Tehachapi, CA.         The
                                                 barbeques at the airport there from 6-9 PM        LSA category will be trailer-
   Jon Ziulkowski is in Berlin, Germany,         every other Saturday until the end of sum-        able with electric wing fold
this week touting a new, renewable fuel          mer. Sounds like a fun way to stay at the         mechanism. You can view
that could turn the general aviation world                                                         the pictures at the following
                                                 airport. Anyone interested can call Cata-
on its heels.                                    lina Airport at 310-510-0143 for details.         Experience-
   Ziulkowski, 23, is a 2003 graduate of            I bought a neat book there on the history      ICON.html#id=album-
Portage High School and 2007 graduate of         of aviation on Catalina. I always thought         1&num=1
Purdue University in aviation technology.        Catalina Airport was built during and for the        This prototype will be
He has been working for Swift Enterprises        WW-II war effort. Truth is, it was not quite      introduced at Oshkosh on
Ltd. of West Lafayette as its chief corpo-       finished prior to WW-II and was disabled          July 28th, opening day.
rate pilot and aviation fuels principal inves-   during the war so the Japanese invaders           Bring back pictures for our
tigator on the SwiftFuels ( Cont’d on Pg 4 )                                                       August program.
                                                 could not make use of it. The Catalina Air-

 Third floor lobby                    AirFlite Executive Aviation Terminal                            Long Beach Airport
 Meeting at 7:30 p.m.                      3250 AirFlite Way, Long Beach, CA 90807            Second Thursday of Each Month
                                                              this relatively short to get it to Mike, and have more to tell
                               ( Cont’d from Pg 1 )           you next month.
port opened in 1946.                                             Linda Abrams and I finally managed to get both of our
                                                              busy schedules in synch, and we finally got to fly in her
   Speaking of history, I am trying to make a history of      Ercoupe, late yesterday afternoon. It turns out that her
homebuilding aviation in Long Beach. I recently found         BFR was due in July. Due to a snafu with the FAA’s
out one of the first homebuilts in Long Beach, The Polson     Wings Program, some of the activities she had com-
Special, was built in 1915 in a garage at the Los Cerritos    pleted, for credit, in the Wings program, got lost when the
Rancho less than one mile from my house. Also, the            FAA made the change in its’ computer system, over to
original Daugherty Field was at American (Long Beach          the new FAASTeam program. She could not get the
Bl) and Willow St. I got a great book from Tom Dell           proper credit. So, back to square one. She was in need of
(which I stole from my Son, Nick) that has several great      a flight review. I had time in my schedule late yesterday,
stories and good information. I would appreciate any          so we met at Torrance and I conducted a flight review
information, articles, photos, etc. anyone would be willing   with her. I finally got a chance to fly the Ercoupe! I have
to share with me concerning the history of aviation in        to tell you that it is a very nice flying airplane, though
Long Beach.                                                   without rudder pedals, it is different. I am so used to add-
   Program: The program for this month will be reports        ing rudder….it is really strange to not have to! And the
from our scholarship recipients and Oshkosh attendees.        ball stays centered. Amazing! Steering on the ground
Please contact me if you want to do a presentation. Call      with the yoke is strange, also. I do hope to get another
me at (562) 989-1523                                          chance to fly with her in the Ercoupe. She did a really
  Fly Safe,                              Scott                nice job, and I signed her off.
                                                                 I hope to have some pictures for you next month. Run-
                                                              ning out of time right now.
                                         by John Mahany          By the way, I did ask for your input, in July, for subjects
                                         Chptr Flt Advisor    to address in future Flight Advisor columns. Well, to date,
                                         2007 Master CFI      I have NOT heard from anyone! Hmm. Did any of you
                                                              read that in the July issue? Perhaps you are too busy to
                                                              reply right now. I am simply looking for some input….in
Greetings Chapter 7 Members,                                  an attempt to serve you, the chapter members, better.
                                                              Nothing so far. I will give it some more time.
  Just back from AirVenture, and what a blast, again!! As

usual, there was so much to see and do, and not nearly          Fly safely, and keep
enough time.                                                  the blue side up!

    Let’s see…I arrived late on Wednesday evening, so I
was there on Thursday. Not sure what all I missed on the
first three days. But on Thursday, I saw the F-22 Raptor,                            The Eagles’ Nest
the Osprey (Tilt-Rotor) made a few passes, John Travolta
was there with his Boeing 707 in Qantas Colors, the                                                    by
ICON A-5 LSA, which is the new single-engine pusher-                                          Holly Richards
prop, an amphibian, which was recently unveiled here in                                      EAA Chapter 7
Los Angeles, the Cirrus single-engine jet, a gathering of                                Young Eagles Coordinator
women pilots….the flight line…the exhibit halls, and the
list goes on. Lots of new technology….which I am trying       Hello Chapter Seven Family,
to keep up with. There was so much more to see….                 We would like to take the opportunity to share some
   With all the talk of the economy slowing down, which       awesome information with you, regarding our last Young
we are all seeing, there was not much evidence of that at     Eagles program, held July 12, 2008 at ESCAP. First, we
AirVenture, from what I could see. I stopped by EAA           would like to thank the following people for their loving
Chapter Headquarters on Thursday afternoon, and chat-         support and diligent work: Ground Volunteers: Suzanne
ted briefly with Brenda Anderson, who just happened to        Parnham, Nathan Parnham, Hunter McDaniel, Richard
be there. She told me that so far, for the week at that       Brian, Roger Nehas, John Mahany, Steve Gonzales,
point, the attendance numbers were not down too much          Ernest Kavoian, Tom Dell, and Matt Shope, Our Fear-
from last year. Things were generally looking ok at that      less Pilots: Mike Stearns, Tom Griffith, Scott Walton,
point. I hope that turns out to be the case. By the way,      Stephan Steinberg, George Mc Daniel and Don Thomp-
while I was at the chapter headquarters, I did sign the       son, whom all should be commended for successfully
register, and I saw Don Thompson’s name there, as well.       and safely flying 31 Young Eagles! With Suzanne Parn-
Was his the first name in the book? Possibly. I think he      ham at the desk handling intake, Nathan, Hunter, Rich-
was there on Sunday.                                          ard, Rogerm Ernest, Tom and Matt escorting the Young
                                                              Eagles to and from the planes and mentoring the Young
  I have a deadline to meet as I write this so I will keep    Eagles with their knowledge of flying; ( Cont’d on Pg 4 )

John Mahany handling our ground school, Steve flippin            project. Federal Aviation Administration approval of the
burgers and dogs at the grill, and our fearless pilots put-      project is pending.
ting smiles on all 31 faces, we had a GREAT time!!!!!
                                                                    The new fuel, which Ziulkowski described as contain-
  We are proud to announce that this event turned out to         ing no petroleum and is 100 percent bio-derived, will be
be our second BIGGEST fund raiser event of the year, as          unveiled at the Berlin International Air Show.
we sold tees, hats and took in donations together totaling
                                                                   The new fuel, if approved, could replace today's gen-
over $500 in that rally! We and the Young Eagles all en-
                                                                 eral aviation fuel for small aircraft, said Ziulkowski.
joyed the barbeque we had after flights, and our weather
could not have been anything more than perfect!                     When Ziulkowski, who also is studying for his master's
                                                                 degree in aviation technology/alternative fuels, was hired
            GOOD JOB TEAM . . .
                                                                 as a corporate pilot by Swift more than three years ago,
                                                                 officials told him he needed to take on a project.
  Please make note of the second Saturday in Septem-
                                                                   "I said it would be nice to come up with an alternative
ber, the 13th, for our next YE Rally. We hope that we will
                                                                 fuel," he said.
see you all there! Also, please take note of Sunday, Oc-
tober 26, 2008 of the Wings, Wheels and Rotor show at               Today's general aviation fuel is a lead-based petro-
Los Alamitos Joint Forces Base (our largest YE event for         leum product. The FAA has continuously extended dead-
the year, flying over 100 YE for our chapter in one day).        lines for replacing the fuel with the next expiring in 2010.
We will be holding a few meetings soon, for those who            Without developing a new fuel, said Ziulkowski, small
would like to help with the Wings show in October, and           aircraft could be grounded.
hope to see you all there! If you have any questions re-
                                                                    Ziulkowski said the Swift team worked trial and error
garding the upcoming shows, feel free to contact me.
                                                                 coming up with a new formula until it got to what it be-
 In closing, we look forward to hearing from Zach Lam-           lieves is the perfect blend of components. The new fuel is
mers about his experience at the Air Academy very soon!          not ethanol based, he said, but can use a variety of bio-
Hope you all continue to enjoy a SAFE and FUN sum-               mass products - from sugar to corn to sawdust - in its
mer!                                                             production depending on where it is produced. The fin-
  Blessings,                              Holly                  ished product meets nearly all criteria for general aviation
                                                                 fuel, is more efficient and less costly to produce. It also
                                                                 cuts emissions.
                                                                   The company, which works from the Purdue Research
                                                                 Park, is in the process of constructing a pilot plant in Del-
                                                                 phi which could produce 2,000 gallons per day of the new
               Stephan Steinberg, Ch 7 Member                    fuel.
   Bob, a very old friend of mine, who owns a beautifully
equipped vintage Mooney M20J which cruises at 160 kts               The SwiftFuels formula will be tested by the FAA Wil-
burning 10 gallons per hour, invited me to go to Oshkosh         liam J. Hughes Technical Center in New Jersey and two
with him this year for four days. We took off Sunday at 7 am     engine and two small plane manufacturers before it re-
from El Monte Airport.                                           ceives approval. Ziulkowski said the approval could come
                                                                 quickly as there are no other proposed fuel alternatives
   Ten hours flying time later, going to 13,500 to clear the
                                                                 "waiting in line for testing."
bumpy Rockies and a lunch stop in Greeley, Colorado, just
north of Denver, we arrived on a quiet Green Bay Airport at         The significance of the development, said Ziulkowski,
sunset. Bob likes staying there and renting a car for the trip   is multifold. Initially, if approved, he said it could "save
to AirVenture each morning.                                      general aviation and aviation in general."
                                                                   Without the development of a new fuel before the FAA
                                                                 deadline, light aircraft could be forced to stop flying, he
                                                                   There also can be long-term significance to the project.
                                                                 By altering some of the components, the new fuel could
                                                                 be extended for use in jet airplanes as well as diesel-
                                                                 powered vehicles. Ziulkowski said researchers also can
   My problems started when I downloaded the schedules           make an 87 octane fuel suitable for cars.
for our four days from the internet and found 24 things to       Northwest Indiana Times       05/31/2008
choose from at 10 am Monday and 30 choices after lunch at        Author: Joyce Russell
1 pm. I was in overload from then on. Unable to make a
decision, I roamed the first day to see how big AirVenture
really was. It’s very big. There are ( Cont’d on page 5 )        “Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” —
                                                                    Sophia Loren

      Classified Section
   Nuts, Bolts, Engines, Planes & Things
                                                                We will soon be in the airshow season so if you hear of an
                                                                event, don’t just assume I will post it here. Send me an e-
                                                                mail and I will be sure that it does get on the list for ALL the
                                                                members to be aware. Let’s see if we can get some fly-outs
                                                                going this year and let the wind blow the dust off those
                                                                wings. Due to limited space in this column, I strongly urge
                                                                anyone planning to attend one of these events to go to the
                                                                website for more complete details such as times, schedules,
                                                                NOTAMS, frequencies, accommodations, pricing, etc.
  1958 Tri-Champ model, Champion Aircraft Co                    Aug 16-17: Camarillo, CA. EAA Chapter 723 Fly-In and
White with two-tone blue trim. Always hangared. Stits           Airshow. Excellent display of all categories. Top airshow per-
Cover. Tandem seating. C-90 engine 594 hrs SMOH                 formers, and fly-bys of the local CAF chapter. Large display of
TTAF 2490, Cruise 100, stall 38. Not SLA qualified.             old farm equipment. Chapter flea-market, great bargains.
    Price Reduced. True showmanship quality.                    Aug 23: Grand Canyon Valle Airport, AZ. EAA Chap-
 This will be an instant attraction wherever you travel         ter 856. Chili cook-off, car show, vintage tractors, Ford Tri-
 $29,000.       Contact Dwight at: 714 / 828-7027               Motor. Sat. banquet. Optional: tours of Grand Canyon, IMAX
                                                                movie, scenic flight over Canyon, Colorado River float trip, or
                                                                trip on Grand Canyon railway from Williams to Grand Canyon
For Sale: Mazda 13-B mid 80's era. Was going to con-            Village. Ctc: Norm Gobell, 928 / 635-5280,
vert using belt redrive from ‘87 contact magazine. I have
a Lycoming.) One engine complete, one in a "basket"
plus a pile of Mazda underhood and a points type dis-           Sep 26-27: Chico, CA. Airfest 2008 featuring the Cana-
                                                                dian Snowbirds. Ctc 530 / 891-5556 x-316.
tributor. See photo. (engine in the shade at the top.)
                                                                Sep 27: Riverside, CA. EAA Chapter ONE Fly-In and
                                                                Open House. Excellent display of all categories. Military dis-
                                                                plays, antique & classic automobiles. Afternoon speaker will be
                                                                Tom Poberezny. Sat. nite banquet, guest speaker—BURT RU-
                                                                TAN. Added to the list of speakers is Jon Sharp who piloted
                                                                Nemesis NXT to a new world record of 356 mph at AirVenture
                                                                ‘08. See details in Chapter One newsletter. Tickets go on sale
                                                                June 7th. For reservation ctc Kathy Rohm 1-951-683-2309 Ext
                                                                104, or e-mail

                                                                Sep 26-27: Salinas, CA. 28th Calif. Int’l Airshow. Thun-
                                                                derbirds, top civilian acts, 100+ satatics & more. Ctc: 831 / 754-
                                                                1983 or 888 / 845-SHOW.

                                                                Oct 18: Riverside, CA. Bi-plane Fly-In Starduster Home-
                                                                coming, Flabob Airport. For reservation ctc Kathy Rohm 1-951-
                                                                683-2309 Ext 104, or e-mail
I need the space. it's moving outside to become junk
                                                                Oct 26: Los Alamitos, CA. 7th Annual Wings, Wheels &
soon. make friendly offer or will swap for?? You haul.          Rotors. Los Alamitos Army Airfield. Free admission. Vendors
Louis Bigelow            Tel: 562 /      see
                                                                Nov 1: Thermal, CA. Jacqueline Cochran Airport, airshow,
                                                                night aerobatics.

                                                                Nov 1: Riverside, CA. Flabob Veterans’ Day celebration.
                                                                Nov 6-8: San Jose, CA. AOPA Annual Convention. Reg-
   My stint in the hospital really threw off my schedule
                                                                ister at or call 1-888-462-3976.
and some of the items that I received for the monthly
newsletter. Rick Thomas sent these photos on his pro-           If you are aware of any upcoming shows or chapter
gress which is well beyond this stage. He has found a           events not listed here, please forward information to me
plastic pipe which he may be able to use as a fuel tank         at
but is currently looking in “how” he will be able to seal the
pipe and attach fittings. There is thought of selling the       Chapter member Hal Gosling is looking for someone to
Grumman Cheetah as this project takes shape. There is           share cost gong up to the EAA Chapter 723 Camarillo
only room for one in the hangar as this one starts to           Open House and Fly-In on Sat. Aug. 16th. Contact him
sprout wings. ( Cont’d on page 7 )                              at or 562 / 596-2421.

AirVenture First-Timer                                          N707JT, in to display. I wonder what his gas bill was. The
                                                                DC-10 tanker, the Boeing DreamLifter and new 100 seat Jet
thousands of airplanes to look at and every one is interest-    Blue Embraer 190 was also there.
ing. I found the plane I get my license in, a beautifully re-
stored J-3 Cub, and several Aeronca Champs I used to build

time in in the vintage section. There was even a Champion
Tri-Traveler I checked out in once.

                                                                    What’s great is finding a plane you were really fascinated
                                                                with a long time years ago. When I came across a beautiful,
                                                                three place, yellow Dyke Delta built in 1972, I had to look at
                                                                it for a long time and talk to the man who built it, Dave Wil-
                                                                liams from Florida.
  The homebuilt and Warbirds area along the runway took a
few hours to wonder through and then lunch at one of the
many cafés. If you want to make a friend during lunch, just

                                                                   The second day I started attending forums. I picked the
                                                                NASA Administrator, Michael Griffin then, first, then Burt
                                                                Rutan and Sir Richard Branson speaking about tourist travel
                                                                to the edge of space in their White Knight Two and Space-
                                                                ShipTwo. Then Dick Rutan spoke about his secret interdic-
                                                                tion missions, code named Misty, into North Vietnam in an
                                                                F-100 Super Sabre and the pilots he flew with. Dick was
                                                                shot down twice and very highly decorated.
                                                                    The fourth day I spent the morning in the EAA museum,
                                                                first listening to Jim Bede, who is starting to look a little like
                                                                Santa Claus with his white beard, discuss the future of
look at the person eating across from you and ask, “What
did you fly here in?” It worked every day.                                                                  homebuilts      and
                                                                                                            how small turbines
                                                                                                            would soon       be
                                                                                                            used. He is pro-
                                                                                                            moting one weigh-
                                                                                                            ing 46 pounds, with
                                                                                                            225 lbs thrust for
                                                                                                            $60,000. Jim tells
                                                                                                            a joke about every
                                                                                                            8 minutes to keep
                                                                                                            everyone alert –
                                                                                                            “It’s not my mother-
                                                                                                            in-law I have a
                                                                                                            problem with. It’s
                                                                                                            her daughter who
                                                                                                            drives me crazy.”
  Then off to AeroShell Plaza where the big planes tied down.                                               He grows on you.
Even John Travolta flew his Boeing 707 in Quantas colors,

AirVenture First-Timer                                               I know there is more, but I will save that for another time
                                                                   as well as the actually flights to and from Oshkosh and some
   Burt Rutan spoke on the main museum floor under his             moderate turbulance. It only rained once at night and it was
Voyager aircraft about his around the world flight, including      never too hot. Isn’t Oshkosh always like that?
videos and hair raising stories about how he barely escaped

death several times on the journey, with dual engine failures,        I leave you with a few other
fuel transfer pumps burning out, aircraft instability problems,    pictures of my over 1,000 taken. I
etc, etc. He barely mentioned his copilot Jeana Yeager, that       will share more with you next month.
cute girl, instrument pilot, engineer, etc., he shared the cock-
pit with for 9 days. And it was a really small cockpit, the
mockup was right there.
   The wonderful exhibition and aerobatic flying went on
from morning until late afternoon. The huge Boeing Dream-
Lifter landed and taxied right up to the edge of the crowd at
AeroShell Square before shutting the four big engines down.
Every day there was a new plane to inspect. I especially
wanted to see the F-22 Raptor on Thursday, our last day. It
was super! With its vectored thrust engine it was capable of
really noisy high speed passes with two afterburners blazing
as well as a slow flight of 85 knots straight and level in front    Girl sitting under Stagger-Wing
of the crowd. Impressive!
  Forty five knots is the minimum, but not allowed here for
safety purposes. The loudest airplane, as usual, was the
Harrier; the Osprey was one of the quietest.

                                                                                                          Heritage Fly-By

  On a budget? The Sonex is still around and advertising to
build and fly for $25,600 including 42 miles per gallon. The
new V-tail version looks cute. The new electric plane looks

                                                                   The new Rocket
                                                                   Racing plane
                                                                   demo was loud                      and FAST ! ! !

like it would be fairly inexpensive, too. The ultralights had a
nice size area with an ultralight barn and a special grass
runway mostly used by small helicopters.
   I thought the new flight simulators in the large exhibi-
tion buildings held definite promise. The visuals seemed
much better with wrap around screens of multiple dis-
plays giving a real airplane feel.

 Bluegrass Flyer                                            EPIC Elite Caught Behind the Lines
                                                           EPIC Aircraft moved it only flying model of the Elite to Georgia
                                                           (not in the USA) for demonstration and marketing purposes.
                                                           Russian aircraft have bombed the runway at TAM-Air and they
                                                           are unable to leave. Seems they should have concentrated
                                                           more on the short-field capabilities of the aircraft’s design and

  Just spoke to Rick again two nights ago and he will              by Merv Meyer, Chapter 7 Secretary
have more details soon. The white tube, I believe is his
fuel tank which sits just about on the C/G.                BOARD MEETING — July 10, 2008
                                                             Present were Don Thompson, Chapter President, Scott
                                                           Walton, Vice President, George McDaniel, Treasurer, Mike
                                                           Sawicki, Newsletter Editor, Merv Meyer, Secretary, Holly Rich-
                                                           ards, Young Eagles Coordinator, Tom Griffith, Membership Co-
                                                           ordinator and Don Myhra.
                                                             Don Thompson has sent the re-calculated checks for reve-
                                                           nue from the B17 visit to Chapters 92 and 96 and to CAP
                                                           Squadron 153.
 Air temp 160 deg F inside the plastic, 90 deg F outside     Tom Griffith is reluctant to remove old-timer chapter mem-
                                                           bers from the membership roster if they are unable to pay their
                                                           dues. Don asked Tom to segregate the old timers to a separate
                                                             The new order for the blue billed baseball caps with the em-
                                                           broidered Chapter 7 logo has arrived. Mike Sawicki brought the
                                                           caps to the meeting.
                                                              Holly Richards said that there is enough money in the Young
                                                           Eagles treasury to cover food costs at the barbecue following
                                                           the Young Eagles flights on Saturday, July 12. Donations have
                                                           been received at past Young Eagles events. Tom Griffith is con-
                                                           cerned that the weather on Saturday will be marginal VFR,
                                                           making the Young Eagles event questionable. Don will deter-
                                                           mine whether or not the event should proceed on Saturday after
                                                           seeing the LGB terminal weather forecast on Friday at 5:00
                                                           PM. After this weather forecast he will notify Holly.
                                                              Don will be going to Air Venture 2008. Next month’s program
                                                           will be about Air Venture 2008
                                                           GENERAL MEETING — July 10, 2008
                                  Weather this year has    Attendance: 32
                               been better with cooler
                               temps overall and less      Don Thompson, Chapter President, led members in the Pledge of
                                                           Allegiance to the Flag.
                               humidity. Rains are help-
                               ing the crops.              OLD BUSINESS
                                  Hope to make good           George McDaniel, Chapter Treasurer, gave his report. He
                               progress in the next cou-   told the members that he had sent checks to Chapters 92 and
                               ple of months. Going to     96, and to CAP Squadron 153 for their share of the revenue
                                                           from the visit of the EAA B17.
                               try and make some local
                               fly-ins before the season      DVD’s, videotapes and manuals are available for check-out
                               comes to a close.           on a table near the officers’ table. Louis Bigelow has donated
                                                           data discs of the AC43 13 1-B manual to the chapter. There
                                  Best to you all,         are still two discs available. Four new DVD’s are available. One
                                                           is about the Flying Samaritans and the other three are about the

                                             Rick          Zenith Air Company, Cozy Mark IV and Stolp Starduster kit-built

NEW BUSINESS                                                          PROGRAM
   Members congratulated Don Myhra on his getting his FAA               Driving south of San Jose on US 101 Don saw the Wings of
twin-engine pilot rating four days before the meeting.                History Air Museum located on San Martin Airport. There is no
                                                                      entrance fee to the museum; the museum solicits donations.
  Tom Griffith, Membership Coordinator told members there
                                                                         No. 1 Hangar is the restoration hangar. A Convair airliner
were membership badges at the officers’ table. Tom said that
                                                                      cockpit is undergoing restoration There is a 1934 Kinner Sport-
Chapter 7 now has 69 members.
                                                                      ster low wing monoplane. Hanging from the rafters is the Peel
                                                                      Glider Boat. It is a biplane glider designed to be towed off the
   Holly Richards, Young Eagles Coordinator, told members
                                                                      water. There is a flying boat designed by Dan Diehl. The hull is
that there will be a Young Eagles event, followed by a barbecue
                                                                      a flat bottom fishing boat made out of light gage aluminum.
on Saturday, July 12, weather permitting. Stefan Steinberg got
                                                                      Diehl attached biplane wings, an engine and a tail group. He
his FAA medical certificate back 10 days ago. He said that he
                                                                      flew it around Oklahoma. He was unable to sell it in kit form
is available as a Young Eagles pilot.
                                                                      because the manufacturers of the fishing boat would not give
                                                                      him permission to use their fishing boats as flying boat hulls. A
   Mike Sawicki told members that the Chapter 7 baseball caps
                                                                      machine shop is located in Hangar No. 1. A Link trainer is be-
with the embroidered logo and the blue bills have arrived and
                                                                      ing restored.
are available at the officers’ table. Price to members is $10.
                                                                         In Hangar No.2 there is a Taylor Titch for sale. It has a fabric
   Don Thompson told members that the AOPA has more politi-           covered wooden frame. Don said that the woodwork was im-
cal clout than the EAA, and is on the leading edge of aviation        maculate. There were many models of airplanes going back to
organizations keeping the government and the FAA in check,            the early years of aviation. There is a motorized glider with
protecting private aircraft flying. Don said that there are now       retractable landing gear suspended from the ceiling. There are
fewer than 600,000 pilots in the United States. In the entire         ultralight airplane suspended from the ceiling. There is a Haw-
world there are about 1,000,000 pilots. Soon aircraft will be         ley Bowlus glider on display. There is a home built helicopter
banned from flying outside the United States without an ELT           called the Simcopter, built around a small Simca sedan. The
installed. Mexico will allow some aircraft without ELT’s. An          Stan Hall Safari has a Volkswagen engine and folding wings. It
ELT now costs $1,000.                                                 is a single seater with folding wings. Maximum rate of climb is
                                                                      400 fpm and cruising speed is 80 mph. There is a propeller
   Don will be going to Air Venture but he will be flying commer-     shop next to this hangar. The sign reads OLE FAHLIN CERTI-
cial. He has the NOTAM for any member who will be flying into         FIED PROP BUILDER. Propellers are scratch built here. Don
Oshkosh in his own airplane.                                          said that wooden props are better for engines than metal props.
                                                                      Member Mike Hanson agrees. Replacing a metal prop with a
   Mike Sawicki, Newsletter Editor, told members that the Chap-       wooden prop on one of his airplanes he got a 15% increase in
ter 1 open house at Flabob Airport will be the second weekend         cruising speed.
in September. Paul Poberezny, EAA President, will give a talk
on 3:00PM Saturday in the Chapter 1 hangar. Burt Rutan will              Engines are on display. There is a nine cylinder Packard
be the speaker at the Saturday night dinner. Tickets to the din-      diesel radial engine built in 1928. Dry weight is 650 lb. Maxi-
ner are $20 each. Tickets are still available through Mike.           mum hp, at 2100 rpm, is 310. Don said that the torque on a
There should be 10 LSA designs on display; nine manufactur-           radial engine is greater than on an engine with horizontally op-
ers have committed to showing their prototypes.                       posed cylinders. A radial engine operates at lower rpm. Don
                                                                      saw 7 or 8 Curtiss OX5 engines. Four are on airplanes ready to
   Chapter member Dwight Carrithers built his first airplane in       fly. On a display stand is a cutaway of a large radial engine.
1964. He said that in 1965 AOPA refused to insure his airplane        There is a Rutan Quickie on display. There is a non-flying train-
because it was in the experimental category. Don Thompson             ing plane called the Penguin. There are outrigger wheels at the
said that AOPA now supports insuring kit built aircraft. Don said     wing tips and a single wheel under the fuselage. There is an
that Avemco is the stand alone insurer for EAA members.               exact replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer.
Avemco started writing its own policies three years ago.                 Hangar No.3 has a diorama of World War II. There is a tail-
                                                                      less glider here. It is called the Deaf Hawk. The builder Bernie
   Don Thompson said that Hal Rasch, Fullerton Airport man-           Gross was deaf. The museum has a clubhouse for meetings.
ager, invited Chapter 7 to set up a booth at Fullerton Airport
during the open house the second or third weekend in August.              Scott Walton showed slides and a movie about the Daisy
The booth can be used for providing information about the EAA         Mae II, built by Marv Reese of Wichita, Kansas. In Wichita he
and signing up Young Eagles. Tom Griffith asked if antique            flew large radio controlled model airplanes. He learned a lot
airplane owners can display at Fullerton Airport. Antique air-        about aerodynamics from Cessna and Beech engineers who
planes must be at least 30 years old. Don said that Fullerton         flew radio controlled model airplanes with him. He sold the
Airport is set up for the display of antique airplanes. An owner      family business and moved to Shell Knob, Missouri, in the
of an antique airplane could fly in for breakfast and leave the       Ozarks. The original Daisy Mae was a successful radio con-
airplane for display. The public enters by a gate near the dis-       trolled biplane. He scaled up the Daisy Mae 320% to hold a
play ramp. After breakfast whoever is in charge of antique            pilot. Weight loaded of the Daisy Mae II is 1320 lb. He built it
airplane display will sign off the airplane. Mike Sawicki said        before getting a pilot’s license. He now has a pilot’s license and
that an antique airplane must be on display for at least two          flies the Daisy Mae II.
hours. In order to avoid the state property tax on an antique           Don introduced the newest Chapter 7 member, DAVID
airplane, it must be placed on display 12 times a year. Don           CLAY. David is building an Aeronca.
said that at Brackett Field the man in charge of signing off an-
tique aircraft will not sign off antique airplanes on display until   REFRESHMENTS
after 1:00PM.
                                                                      August . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Merv Meyers

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       Year 2008 Officers                                                                                            EAA Chapter 7
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        Tubawalton @                                                                         25R    is located on the west side of the
Treasurer - George McDaniel
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        (949) 951-0957                                                                                      east on Wardlow Road from Cherry
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Secretary - Merv Meyer                                                                                      right, go to the large parking lot at
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        memjam @                                                                           third floor with the large open area.
Newsletter Editor - Mike Sawicki                                                               34R
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        (714) 343-4547 (cell)                                                                               Board meetings are open to all mem-
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