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									           Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
 Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is implementing various
 environmental legislations in the Maharashtra, mainly including Water
 (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and
 Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, Water (Prevention and Control of
 Pollution), Cess Act, 1977 and some of the provisions under Environmental
 (Protection Act) 1986 and the rules framed there under like, Biomedical
 Waste (M&H) Rules, 1998, Hazardous Waste (M&H) (Rules,
 2000),amended Rules, 2003, Municipal Solid Waste (M & H) Rules, 2000
 amended 2003 . MPCB is functioning under the administrative control of
 Environment Department Govt. of Maharashtra. Some of the important
 functions of MPCB are:

   To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement
                     of pollution and secure therefore.

   To collect and disseminate information relating to pollution and the
   prevention, control or abatement.
   To inspect sewage or trade effluent treatment and disposal facilities, and
   air pollution control system review plans, specification or any other data
   relating to the treatment plants, disposal systems and a control systems in
   connection with the consent granted.
   Supporting and encouraging the developments in the fields of pollution
   control, waste recycle reuse friendly practices etc.

   To educate and guide the entrepreneurs in improving environment by
   suggesting appropriate pollution technologies and techniques.

   Creation of public awareness about the clean and healthy environment
   and attending the public regarding pollution.

                           Constitution of MPCB

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board was established on 7th September, 1970
under the provisions of Maharashtra Prevention of Water Pollution Act,
1969. The Water (P&CP) Act, 1974, a central legislation was adopted by
Maharashra on 01.06.1981 and accordingly Maharashtra Pollution Control
Board was formed under the provision of section 4 of Water (P&CP) Act,
1974. The Air (P&CP) Act 1981 was by the state in 1983. Initially, some areas
were declared as Air Pollution Control Area on 02/05/1983. The entire state
of Maharashtra had been declared as Air Pollution Control Area since
06/11/1996. The Board is also functioning as the State Board under section 5
of the Air (P&CP) Act, 1981.

                      Present Constitution of Board

Mrs. Valasa R. Nair Singh,         The Principal Secretary,
Chairman,                          Water Supply and Sanitation
M.P.C Board, Mumbai                Department
Phone – 24020248                   Government of Maharashtra
Fax - 24024068                     5th Floor, Mantralalya
                                   Mumbai – 400 032

Mrs. Valasa R. Nair Singh,         Principal Secretary,
Secretary,                         Urban Development Department
Environment Department,            Government of Maharashtra,
Government of Maharashtra,         Room No – 423 (Main)
Mumbai - 400 032                   Mumbai – 400 032
Phone – 22026767                   Phone - 22021444
Fax - 22029388                     Fax - 22854573

Principal Secretary,               Principal Secretary
Home (Transport) Department,       Public Health Department
Government of Maharashtra,         Government of Maharashtra
Mumbai – 400 032                   Room No – 108, Mantralaya
Phone - 22024009                   Mumbai – 400 032
Fax - 22026070                     Phone - 22873848
                                   Fax - 22045150

Chief Executive Officer            Member Secretary (Technical)
M.I.D.C, Mahakali Caves Road       Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
Andheri (E)                        Express Towers, 4th Floor,
Mumbai – 400 093                   Nariman Point,
Phone - 22616547                   Mumbai – 400 021
Fax - 28221587                     Phone -
                                   Fax -
Shri. Radhyeshyam Moppalwaar,
Member Secretary,
M.P.C Board, Mumbai
Phone – 24010706

   1.   Functions

The broad functions of the Board are as below
a) Board issues Consents/Authorizations to industries, Local bodies and Health
   Care Establishments putting certain conditions for prevention and control of
b) Board monitors water quality, Air quality, Noise levels (ambient & source)
c) Board initiates legal action for violation of environmental norms under
   appropriate section of the environmental Legislation.

Legal Section:

• To act, appear and plead on behalf of MPCB before various judicial/Quasijudicial
• Drafting of notices, affidavits, complaints, applications, written statements, petition
  and other legal documents.
• To give legal opinion.
• Board Meeting and other committee Meetings.
• To Brief senior counsels in important matters.
• Provide assistance to technical officers while adducing evidence before courts.
• Examine establishment / service matters.

WPAE ( Water Pollution Abatement Engineer)Section:
• Consent/authorization/CREP management of industries in Agro based industries
  section (PCI-3).
• Co-Ordination of works in Mumbai region.
• Enforcement of Water Act and rules made there under.
• Development, implementation and views of water quality improvement action plan
  an issued related to it.
• CETP, STP matters
• Assembly/parliament works.

APAE (Air Pollution Abatement Engineer) section: The work allocated to APAE
division is as under;
• Consent/authorization/ CREP management of industries in minerals and metals
    industries section (PCI-2).
• Co-ordination of works of Nagpur and Chandrapur regions.
• Enforcement of Air Act and rules made thereunder and Noise rules.
• Development, implementation and reviews of air quality Improvement action plans
    and issues related o it.

   Assistant Secretary (Technical) / Regional Officer (P&P):

   •   Board committee meeting of Technical Branch (CAC/CC)
   •   Co-ordination and complaint redressal.
   •   Co-ordination of works of Amravati and Aurangabad regions.
   •   Consent management of all new industries (C TO E and first operate ) which
       requires EC.

   Regional Officer(HQ):
   • Implementation of EIA notification of MOEF.
   • Consent management of Building / Infrastructure Projects including C to E and C
      to O.
   • Consent and Authorizations under HW, HC, MSW, e-Waste, Plastic, Battery and
      other regulations under EP Act, not specifically mentioned above.
   • Co-ordination of Kalyan and Thane regions.

 PSO :

   • Laboratory management.
   • Co-ordination of Navi Mumbai and Raigad Region.
   • Evaluate the proposals received from Regional Officers in respect of
     Regional Laboratories.
   • Zoning Atlas.

   Zonal Officer (PAMS)
      • PAMS division (OO E-6/2008 vide MPCB/PAMS/B-597 Dt. 25.01.2008)
      • EIC division including computerization.
      • Consent/authorization / CREP management of industries in chemicals and
         Petrochemicals industries section (PCI-1)
      • Critically polluted area action plan.
      • Training.
      • Enforcements of BMW rules 1998.
      • Co-Ordination of Pune, Kolhapur and Nashik Regions.

.Pollution Assessment, Monitoring and Surveillance ( PAMS) Section:
     • Planning and co-ordination for water and Air quality monitoring programs.
     • Environmental data compilation and dissemination through MPCB website and
     • Coordinating Special surveys like noise monitoring and VOC monitoring etc.
   Operation and calibration of Continuous air quality monitoring stations

Statistical Division –

   1) Preparation of Quarterly Statistical report on performance of Regional
      offices & Laboratories.
   2) Preparation of annual report.
   3) Preparation of performance budget.
   4) Preparation of Statistical report
   5) To compile information to support LAQ, & as required by various Govt.
   6) Preparation of return under RTI ACT, updating information u/s 4 of the
      RTI ACT & co-ordination.
   7) Board Meetings (charge of Assistant Secretary).

Environment Information Centre (EIC) SECTION

            The EIC is assigned the job of Website Management, Consent Management
      and Computerization.

   1. Website Management: - MPCB’s Website is daily updated and maintained by EIC.
      MPCB. Website's onsite maintenance and development of various Web based
      software is taken care.
   2. Consent Management: - All the Consent applications are inwarded at respective
      Regional / Sub Regional Offices with the help of specially designed web based
      software. EIC updates daily consent applications clearance from Member Secretary.
      This facilitates easy web-based access to the detailed list of Consent granted, consent
      pending and consent refusal displayed daily on MPCB' Website.

   3. Computerization: - All sorts of Software management and LAN networking
      implementation and maintenance is taken care by EIC.

Establishment Section:
      • Overall administration of the Board. Application of recruitment rules,
         Maharashtra Civil Service Rules. Transfers and Promotion of the Board
         employees etc.
Accounts Section:
     • Financial accounts, Budget, Cess assessment and collection, employee’s
         salary and other related function.

2. The Powers and Duties of its Officers and Employees

       The Board functions as per the Provisions of the Water (P&CP)Act, 1974 Air
(P&CP) Act, 1981, Water (P&CP) Cess Act 1977 & Rules under Environment
(Protections) Act, 1986.

              In the Technical Division cases are, generally, processed at the Field Officer level
      and the files are submitted to Sub Regional Officer/ Regional Officer / Abatement
      Engineer / M.S Chairman as per the requirement of each case.
              In the Law Division the cases are generally processed at the A.L.O and the files
      are submitted to L.O/Sr.L.O./Member Secretary/Chairman, as per the requirement of
      each case.
              In Establishment and Accounts section cases are processed at the section level
      and files are submitted to Asst. AO/AO/CAO/MS and Chairman as per the
      requirement of each case.
          In the Laboratory samples are analyzed by JSA/SSA/and the results are submitted
    to SO/SSO and then to the concerned.

    3. Delegation of Powers to Grant Consent

    In order to bring simplification and speedy disposal of consent application, Board has
    delegated powers to Officers, Member Secretary and Consent Appraisal Committee.
                   These have been enclosed in Annexure – I (A)

    The Authorization in respect of Health care establishments having bed strength above 50
    is dealt by HQ office and the Authorization having bed strength 50 and below is dealt by
    respective Regional Offices.
    Under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control ) Rules,2000 as amended in 2009
    Member Secretary and any officer of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board not below the
    rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police are declared as designated Authority.

    4. Norms Set by Board For the Discharge of Its Functions:

             Norms set for Consent Clearance is enclosed as Annexure – I(B)
             Inspection / sampling norms for industries are as under

              Sr.No.   Type of Industry       Category                Sampling frequency
              1        Large                  Red                     Monthly
              2        Medium                 Red                     Monthly
              3        Small                  Red                     Once in 6 months
              4        Large                  Orange                  Once in 3 months
              5        Medium                 Orange                  Once in 6 months
              6        Small                  Orange                  Once in 1 a year

             Norms for sample collection: 40 samples/Field officer/Month

      5. Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records, Held by Board or under
its control or used by its employees for discharge of its Functions.

Presently, following Legislations / Regulations / Notifications are being applied by the
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board with functions (in some cases partly.). These are
as under.

   1)  Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974
   2)  Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977
   3)  Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
   4)  Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (Partly implemented)
   5)  Hazardous Waste ( Tran boundary Management and Transport ) Rules, 2008
   6)  Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989 (Partly
   7) Manufacture, Storage, Import, Export and Storage of Hazardous
       Microorganisms Genetically Engineered Organisms or Cells Rules, 1989 (Partly
   8) Environmental Audit Report
   9) Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 (Partly implemented)
   10) Environment Impact Assessment Notification dtd. 14/09/2006. (As amended
       from time to time) (Partly implemented)
   11) The Chemical Accidents (Emergency, Planning, Preparedness and Response)
       Rules, 1996 (Partly implemented)
   12) The Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 (Partly
   13) The Recycled Plastics Manufacture and Usage Rules, 1999 and          Maharashtra
       Bio-Degradable Garbage (Control) Ordinance, 2006.
   14) The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 (Partly
       implemented) as amended in 2009
   15) The Ozone Depleting Substances (Regulation) Rules, 2000
   16) The Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000 (Partly
   17) The Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001 (Partly implemented)
   18) Maharashtra Contingencies expenditure Rules, 1965
   19) Maharashtra Treasury Rules , 1968
   20) Manual of financial powers 1978 (as amended from time to time)
   21) Maharshtra civil service Rules, 1981
   Under the provisions of Water and Air Acts, an entrepreneur running or
   establishing any industry or process, a effluent / emitting pollutants into any water
   resources or on land / air and polluting thereby the environment is required to
   obtain consent, which needs to obtained in two phases;
   • Consent to Establish: This consent is to be obtained prior to establishing any
       industry or process.
   • Consent to Operate: Once the industry or process plant is established along the
       required pollution system, the entrepreneur is required to obtain consent to

           operate the unit. This consent is given period, which needs to be renewed

   The entrepreneurs need to pay the consent fees to the Board as per the statement given
   below. The term of consent for Red, Orange and Green category industry is one, two
   and three years respectively. The industries can also obtain the consent for extent 5
   terms by paying proportionate fees.
   The fees have been revised vide Government of Maharashtra, GR dt 8/6/04 and are as
   Fees for combined consent for one term under Water and Air Acts:

   Sr.     Capital Investment of industry Consent to Establish           Consent to Operate
   No      (including     land,     building,
           machinery without depreciation)
   1       More than Rs. 100 crores           0.01%     of capital       0.01% of       capital
                                              Investment                 investment
   2       Between Rs. 50 crs.to100 crs       Rs. 75,000/-               Rs. 75000/-
   3       Between Rs. 10 crs. To 50 crs      Rs. 50,000/-               Rs. 50,000/-
   4       Between Rs. 5 crs. To 10 crs       Rs. 20,000/-               20,000/-
   5       Between Rs. 1 crs. To 5 crs        Rs. 10,000/-               10,000/-
   6       Between Rs. 60 lacs. To 1 crs      Rs. 3,000/-                3,000/-
   7       Between Rs. 10 lacs. To 60 lacs    Rs. 1,500/-                1,500/-
   8       Below Rs. 1o lacs.                 Rs. 500/-                  Rs. 500/-

   These fees are payable in the from of Demand Draft on any Nationalized Bank at the
   Respective Sub-Regional or Regional Office or at Head office along with completely
   filled prescribed application forms.
                          Fees for Authorization under
         Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998
As per Environment Department Government of Maharashtra Government Resolution No.

   a)       Bed Capacity                                        Fees to be paid (p.a)
            Between 01—05                                       No fees
            Between 06-25                                       Rs.1,250/-
            Between 26—50                                       Rs.2,500/-
            Between51-200                                       Rs.5,000/-
            Between2 01—05                                      Rs.10,000/-
            Above 501                                           Rs.15,000/-
   b)       Treatment Facility provider for bio-medical waste   Rs.10,000/-per year

c)       Transporter of Bio-Medical waste                         Rs.07,500/- per years
d)       All other bio-medical waste generating and handling      Rs.02,500/-per year
         agencies (Except a,b,c above)
         These fees are payable in the form of Demand Draft
         on Nationalized Bank at the Respective Sub-Regional
         office or at Head Quarter along with completely filled
         prescribed application forms.
6. Statement of the Categories of Documents that are held by Board or under
its Control:

     1) Consent applications received in Board. These files are kept for one year from
        validity of consent and are available for view after the date of decision in Matter.
     2) The order files including directions are returned to concerned Regional Office.

     3) Pending High Court petition files, pending Supreme Court petition files,
        pending appeal u. Water, Air and Environment files, pending appeals u RTI
        Rules, 05; Judgments and orders in respect of disposed off cases from the High
        Courts and Supreme Court for last 3 years from the date of decision in the
        matter, available with the legal department. The judgments and orders of Lower
        Courts in respect of cases filed by the Regional Officers and Sub –Regional
        Officers will be available with the respective Regional Officers and Sub-Regional
        Officers for last 3 years from the date of decision in the matter, Minutes of the
        Board Meeting for last 3 years. Besides that some of the files regarding the
        matters pertaining to Head Quarter legal issues including pending matters
        before various Forums like Appellate Authorities under Environmental Laws,
        State Consumer Forum, Labour Court, State Information Commission, Human
        Rights Commission, High Court and Supreme Court matters of the Board may
        be available provided those cases are referred to the legal department.
        The matter related to regulations of following Acts and Rules

   1) Water (P&CP) Act, 1974, Air (P&CP) Act, 1981.
   2) H.W (TM & T) Rules,2008
   3) MSW (M&H) Rules, 2000.
   4) BMB (M&H) Rules, 1998 as amended.
   5) Maharshtra non-biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 2006.
   6) Maharashtra Plastic Carry Bags (Manufacture and Usage), Rules, 2006.
   7) The Noise pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules 2000, amendment in 2009
   8) Lead Acid Battery (M&H) Rules, 2001.
   9) The copies of above acts.
   10) Statistical Reports, Annual Reports and Performance Budget.
7. Particulars of Any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or
  Representation by the members of the Public in Relation to the Formulation of
  Board’s Policy or implementation There of; and Statement of the Boards,

  Councils, Committees and other Bodies Consisting of two or more persons
  constituted as Board’s part or for the Purpose of its advice.
              The Board holds consultation with experts in the field of environment,
       NGO’s, institutions on important environment related issues. The Board also
       holds public Hearings for environmental Clearances of the projects. Members
       of the public have free access for filing complaints in respect of pollution. For
       this purpose a separate complaint grievance and redressal section is established
       in the Board.
8. Statement of the Committee etc.
       With a view to have smooth functioning of the Board as provided under
section 9 of the water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974 and section 11
of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 the Board has constituted
various committees for efficient and effective implementation of the Acts and Rules.
       During the year under report, the following committees constituted to conduct
specific work.
         1 Committee for Computerization of the Board’s Activities
         2 Experts Group for E-Waste Management
         3 Consents Appraisal Committee
9. Directory of Board’s Officers and Employees:
              Enclosed as Annexure – II

10. Monthly Remuneration received by each of its Officers and Employees,
including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations:

            Enclosed as Annexure – III
11. The Budget allocated to Board for the financial year 2010-2011

              Enclosed as Annexure –IV
12. The Manner of execution of subsidy programmers, including the amounts
allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such:
              There is no set programme for subsidy. Generally 5% of the total
       project cost is given by the Board as subsidy. Beneficiaries include industries,
       hospitals, Local bodies, NGOs and Academic institutions.
13. Particulars of Concession, Permits or authorizations granted by it:
              Industries, Hospitals and local bodies are required to obtained
       consent/authorization as provided under the Acts/Rules
14. Details in respect of the information, available to or held by Board Reduced
in an electronic form:
    • Consent issued month wise.
    • Daily status of consent application.
    • Legislation / Notifications
    • Treaties / Conventions / Declarations
    • Compiled Rules
    • CRZ Notification
    • EIA Notification

       • Construction of second liquid chemical / specialized grades of POL product
          berth off Pirpau by M/s Mumbai Port Trust
       • Gazette issued by Government of Maharashtra
       • Gazette issued by Urban Development and Public Health Department
       • Government of Maharashtra regarding Reconstitution of Board actions
       • Maharashtra Prevention of Water Pollution Board
       • Implementation of Water (P&CP) Act, 1974 and Air (P&CP) Act, 1981
       • Implementation of Hazardous Waste (T M &T) Rule, 2008
       • Lower Court Matters.
       • Information in respect of Abattoirs / Slaughter Houses
       • Important Judicial Decisions
       • Other Important Judicial Decisions (MPCB is not a Party)
       • Appeals Under Environmental Law
       • Achievements
       • Legal action status year 2007 ( as on 30 June, 2007)
       • Authorized registered transporters of HW
       • Authorized/registered recycler, preprocessors of HW
       • Details of CHWTSDF
       • Details of common bio-medical incineration facilities etc.
       • Inventory of HW generating units
       • Online filing of returns
       • Consents/NOC/Authorization granted to industries
       • Guidelines for HW transportation, incineration
       • Action taken report
       • Water Quality data, Air Quality data, statistical information & Annual reports
    15. Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information,
        including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for
        public use:
                  The Board has its 12 Regional Offices and 44 Sub Regional Offices and
       7 Laboratories established across the State. (Please refer Annexure-II)

    16. The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information

                 Enclosed as Annexure - V


                              Delegations of Powers to Grant Consent:

In order to bring simplification and speedy disposal of consent applications, Board has delegated
powers to Board Offices, Member Secretary and Consent Appraisal Committee.

                                                                                    Consent and          Projects such
                                                                                   authorization to      as townships,
                                                                                    Urban Local          IT Parks, SEZ,
                                                   Orange          Green          Bodies including         Highways
Sr.No.      Authority        Red Category
                                                  Category        Category           cantonment             irrigation
                                                                                  Boards and other           Projects,
                                                                                       planning           Building and
                                                                                      authorities         construction

1              SRO                  -                  -          Up to 50 cr              -                     -

                            Up to Rs. 05 Cr                                      B & C - Class
                                Excluding     Up to Rs.50       Up to Rs.100     Municipal Councils
2              RO                                                                                       Up to Rs.20 Cr
                            industries listed Cr                Cr               and cantonment
                             in annexure A                                       Boards
                              Above Rs.05       Above Rs. 50      Above Rs.                               Above Rs.20
3              HOD           Crs upto Rs.10       Crs upto       100 Crs upto              -             Crs upto Rs.50
                                  Crs            Rs.100 Crs       Rs.500 Crs                                  Crs
                              Above Rs.10      Above Rs.100                       A-Class Municipal    Above Rs.50
                                                             Rs.500 Crs
4              MS            Crs upto Rs.25      Crs upto                          Councils, other    Crs. upto Rs.100
                                                            upto Rs.1000
                                  Crs           Rs.200Crs                        planning authorities        Crs
            Consent                                         Above
                        Above Rs.25            Above Rs.200                                             Above Rs.100
           Committee                                        Rs.1000 Crs
5                       Crs upto Rs.50           Crs upto                                  -            Crs upto Rs.200
         under Chairman                                     upto Rs.1500
                        Crs                     Rs.300Crs                                               Crs
           ship of MS                                       Crs
                            Above Rs.50        Above Rs.300                                             Above Rs.200
                                                            Rs.1500 Crs
6           Chairman        Crs upto Rs.100      Crs upto                                  -            Crs upto Rs.500
                                                            upto Rs.2000
                            Crs                 Rs.500 Crs                                              Crs
                            More than Rs       More than Rs. More than           All Municipal          More than
7           Appraisal
                            100 Cr                500 Cr     Rs. 2000 Cr         Corporations           Rs.500 cr

    •    Where Stringent legal action like prosecution /Final Closure direction have been given in the past one year,
         the cases of grant of renewal will be referred to next higher authority for all category of industry for grant or
         refusal of Consent.

    •    All figures mentioned above are pertaining to Capital investment. The capital investment including land,
         building, plant and machinery, without depreciation shall be considered as per C.A. Certificate/Annual report.

    •    the applications under the delegated power of RO should be processed by respective are SRO and
         submitted to RO for decision. similarly, the applications under the preview of SRO delegated powers shall be
         processed by FO.

•   The cases involved in any court case, in ecological fragile areas like Dahanu, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar,
    Panchgani, Murud Jangira etc; RRZ; Bhatsa area; cases of Registration of recyclers & reprocessors be
    dealth with approval of Member Secretary.

                                               Annexure A
                                  REGIONAL OFFICERS
        o   Consent to establish and consent to first operate for all projects requiring Environmental
            Clearances from GOI or GoM.

        o   All applications in RRZ, CRZ or other restricted areas or EC category where expansion, change in
            product, process etc is sought on the grounds that the overall pollution load is reduced or not

        o   Thermal power plant

        o   Sponge iron plants

        o   Fertilizer excluding organic bio fertilizer and formulations.

        o   Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) / Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage
            Disposal Facility (CHWTSDF)/Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Storage Disposal Facility
            (CBMWTSDF)/ Common MSW TSD Facility

        o   Industries having Electroplating, Electrical arc, induction, cupola and blast furnances

        o   Distillery (molasses based)

        o   Coke oven

        o   Bulk drug

        o   Pesticide Technical

        o   Cement

        o   Tanneries

        o   Slaughterhouse

        o   Dye and dye intermediate

        o   Pigment and paint manufacturing

        o   Petrochemical Refinery and petrochemicals


Consent under Water & Air Act

Sr.                                                     Concern        Remarks
                                Time to complete
No            Details                                   Officer &
                                   the work
1. Applications for consent
                              Office Working
   under Water, Air &
                            Days 11:00 A.M. to Sub-Regional
   Hazardous Waste will
                             1:00 P.M. & 2:00 Officers Office
   be available on Rs.50/-
                             P.M. to 4:00 P.M.                 Application
   in Sub-Regional Offices
                                                                forms are
2. Acceptance of                               Sub-Regional        also
                                 Same Day
   application & Receipt                       Officers Office available in
3. Time to Communicate                                          Regional
                                               Sub-Regional     Office &
   the discrepancies to         Three days
                                               Officers Office    Head
4. Time for Verification of                     Field Officer
   site & other Technical                       Of Concern
                                Fifteen days
   details after Completion                    Sub-Regional
   of discrepancies                                Office
      Time for Grant of Consent after verification (Based on Capital Investment)

                                Three days (After
a                                completion of      Sub-Regional
  Consent(Pollution free
                                Descripancies &       Officer
                               Verification Report)
b Green Consent- Investment
      Rs.3 Crores                      Six days
      Rs.3 Crores to 10                                  Regional
                               * One   & Half Month
      Crores                                              Officer
      Rs.10 Crores to 500                               Secretary,
                                  * Two   Months
      Crores                                           M.P.C.Board,
                                                         * Consent
      Above Rs.500 Crores                               Committee
                                                       M.P.C. Board,

    c Orange Consent-Investment
                                                                        * One Month
                                                                        After receipt
                                                           Regional     of minutes
        Upto Rs.5 Crores          * One   & Half Month
                                                            Officer     of Consent
        Rs.5 Crores to 100                                Secretary,
                                     * Two   Months
        Crores                                           M.P.C.Board,
                                   * One Month After      * Consent
                                   receipt of minutes     Appraisal
        Above Rs.100 Crores           of Consent          Committee
                                       Appraisal         M.P.C.Board,
                                      Committee            Mumbai
    d Red Consent-Investment
        Upto Rs.15 Crores            * Two   Months
                                                          * Consent
        Above Rs.15 Crores                                Committee
After application received to Office
Note- Above time limit is valid for complete applications without discrepancies

                                                      Intercom       Direct
Secretary (Env.) GOM &   Shri Valsa R. Nair Singh ,                 22873845
       Chairman                     IAS                           22813947-Fax
   P.S. to Chairman          S.M. Waghulikar               347     24020284

    M.S. Section
                             Shri Radheshyam
  Member Secretary           Mopalwaar , IAS          302 / 348     24010706
      P.A. to MS.            Mrs. Lidwin Pais              344      24010706
                                Harshad                    300

        P.S.O.                Dr.A.R.Supate                306     24012659
       Sci.Offr.           A.V. Mandavkar, JSO             316
                           Devanand Jadhav
                                JSA                        333

      W.P.A.E.                  A. D. Saraf                303     24024022

        S.R.O.                   S.Bhosle                  307

        APAE                 V.M. Motghare                 304     24010682
                           Kum. Viju Sirsat , FO           313

                                R.Dafhade                  341

 Zonal officer (PAMS)       Dr.A.A.Deshpande               305     24044533
                             N Toke I/C SRO                318
                            A. V. Rathod, F O              336

     R.O.(H.Q.)              Dr.Y.B. Sontakke              309     24044532

                             Sharad Pawar, FO              321
                                 Tare JSO

        P.R.O.               Sanjay Bhuskute               311

         S.O.                   S.C. Kollur                312
        J.S.A.                   Salil Save                318
    S.L.O.(P&L-I)               D.T. Devale                201     24044531
        L.O.                    H.L. Bhure                 203

       A.L.O.               Sadhale/Chaphekar              224

                                        Nilam              225
                                        Smita              226

         C.A.O.                    K.T.Shinde              204       24040612
         A.A.O.                   Mrs. Bhorade             213
         A.A.O.                   V.H. Chavan              222

        A.S.I/C                   A.A.Mokashi              211
        Sr.A.O.                   S.R. Banate              210       24092006
         O.S.                      Mrs. Rne                230
          A.O.                    Ms.S.K.Sawe              403

      Head Acctt.                Mrs. Narvekar           407
      Head Acctt.               Sarita Deshmukh          424
       Exe.Engr.                   B.R. Jagtap           410
            S.S.                      Lembe              405
       Tele Optr.                    Amruta            90 / 350
   Statistical Division
    Statistical Officer           A.A. Mokashi             308

  Asstt. Systems Officer        Dinesh Sonavane            418
                 Board's Laboratories

Head-Zoning Atlas / SSO         T.V. Gude, SSO                       67195001
I/c. Central Lab., Mahape
                                         SO                         67195012
  Regional Lab - Pune            R.B.Sorte, SO                    (9520) 25811698
  Regional Lab-Nagpur            B.S. Fule, SO                    (0712) 2530308
  Regional Lab - A'bad          V.R. Thakur, SO                   (0240) 2473463
  Regional Lab - Thane           Mrs. Pillai , SO                    25829582
 Regional Lab-Chiplun            Kolhe           SO               (02355) 261970
 Regional Lab - Nashik                  Bhosle                    (95253) 2563248

     Regional / Sub-Regional Offices
   I/c. RO Mumbai                 B. D. Wadde                      22640346
                                                                  22640345 (F)
   SRO Mumbai (I)                A.F. Deshmane
   SRO Mumbai (II)             A.N. Harshwardhan
   SRO Mumbai(III)                B. D. Wadde
   SRO Mumbai(IV)                    S. Said
      RO Thane                 D. M. Chaukhande                     25802272

                                                            25805398 (F)
    SRO Thane (I)         N.N.Gurav                          25829582
    SRO Thane (II)       S. Waghmare
   SRO Tarapur (I)       S. S. Kotwal            952525-261581/ 277515
   SRO Tarapur (II)       D.B.Patil

 RO Navi Mumbai         B.R. Nimbarte                     27572739 / 1127
                                                            27571586 (F)
SRO Navi Mumbai (I)     V. B. Kshirsagar                     27572740
                                                          27572740 / 1127
SRO Navi Mumbai (II)     J.B. Sangewar                          (F)
    SRO Taloja          S.A. Deshpande

     RO Kalyan             S.K.More             95251-2310167 / 212 / 196
                                                            2310192 (F)
    SRO Kalyan (I)                                         95251-2310212
   SRO Kalyan (II)        V. N. Patil
   SRO Kalyan (III)     S.R. Deshmukh
  I/c.SRO Bhivandi

     RO Raigad             S.S. Doke                      27562132 (Telefax)
   SRO Raigad (I)           M. Lad                            27576034
   SRO Raigad (II)        B. Aradwad                          27572620
    SRO Mahad                                              952145-232372

   RO Kolhapur          P K Mirashe I/C                    95231-2652952
                                                          95231-2660448 (F)
    SRO Kolhapur                                           95231-2652952
    SRO Ratnagiri                                          952352-220813
     SRO Sangli         P.P. Dhaygude                      95233-2672032
    SRO Chiplun              Kude                          952355-261570

 I/c. RO Amravati         P.D.Kame                         95721-2662965
                                                          95721-2662672 (F)
I/c. SRO Amravati (I)                                      95721-2662964
  SRO Amravati (II)        B.j.Kale                        95721-2666977
      SRO Akola                                 952724-2452344 / 2459992
   I/c RO Nashik          . A.V.Fulse            95253-2365150 (Telefax)

   SRO Nashik            J. H. Patil                       95253-2365161
 SRO Ahmednagar         D.K.Khedkar                        95241-2470852
  SRO Jalgaon (I)          A Kare               95257-2221288 / 2210408
   SRO Jalgaon (II)        Rajput                          95257-2221288

     RO Pune            P. K. Mirashe                      9520-25811627
                                                          9520-25811029 (F)
     SRO Pune-I            Shirure                         9520-25816451
     SRO Pune-II           Shivangi                        9520-25816451

SRO Pimpri-Chinchwad     P. B. Barbole                   9520-25816451
    SRO Satara          N.B. Chaudhari                   952162-220888
   SRO Solapur           V. K. Kadale                    95217-2319850
                                                          2310268 (F)

   RO Nagpur             Shri Phulmali                   95712-2565308
                                                        95712-2560851 (F)
   SRO Bhandara          U B Bhadule                   95712-2560139 / 52
  SRO Nagpur (II)        S.S. Gadhave                    95712-2560139
 I/c. SRO Nagpur(I)        R.U.Patil                     957184-260629

  RO Chandrapur        Shri Phulmali I/C                 957172-251965

 SRO Chandrapur          Pravin Joshi

 RO Aurangabad             Mohekar                        95240-2473461
                                                95240-2473462 (Telefax)
  SRO Aurangabad            Biradar
   SRO A'bad (I)                                       95240-2473461 / 62
   SRO A'bad (II)                                      95240-2473461 / 62
    SRO Latur                                            952382-252672
 I/c.SRO Parbhani      M D Deshmukh                      952452-226687
                                                           225191 (F)
   SRO Nanded            R.B.Andhale                     952462-242492

Sr.No       Designation              Scale of Pay Rs.
  1              Chairman            *16,400-450-20000
  2        Member Secretary           15600-400-39100
  3         Water Pollution          12,000-375-16,500
          Abatement Engineer
  4     Air Pollution Abatement      12,000-375-16,500
  5        Principal Scientific      12,000-375-16,500
  6      Chief Accounts Officer      12,000-375-16,500
  7         Regional Officer         10,000-375-15,200
  8             Law Officer          10,000-375-15,200
  9       Sr. Scientific Officer     10,000-375-15,200
 10       Sub-Regional Officer        8,000-275-13,500
 11         Statistical Officer       7,450-225-11,500
 12      Administrative Officer      7,450-225-11,500
 13        Assistant Secretary        7,450-225-11,500
 14         Scientific Officer        7,450-225-11,500
 15         Accounts Officer          7,450-225-11,500
 16       Jr. Scientific Officer      6,500-200-10,500
 17        Assistant Accounts         6,500-200-10,500
 18         Asst. Law Officer         6,500-200-10,500
 19           Dy. Engineer            6,500-200-10,500
 20         Sr. Stenographer          6,500-200-10,500
 21         Jr. Stenographer           5,500-175-9,000
 22            Field Officer           5,500-175-9,000
 23         Head Accountant            5,500-175-9,000
 24      Jr. Scientific Assistant      5,000-150-8,000
 25          Legal Assistant           5,500-175-9,000
 26          Draughstsman              4,500-125-7,000
 27              Fist Clerk            5,000-150-8,000
 28          Field Inspector           4,500-125-7,000
 29            Store Keeper            4,500-125-7,000
 30        Statistical Assistant       5,000-150-7,000
 31              Sr. Clerk             4,000-100-6,000
 32      Assistant Draughtsman         4,000-100-6,000
 33           Field Assistant           3,200-85-4,900
 34               Tracer                3,200-85-4,900
 35              Lab. Asst.             3,200-85-4,900

36           Cashier             3,050-75-3950-80-4590
37   Jr. Clerk/Cum-Typist        3,050-75-3950-80-4590
38           Driver              3,050-75-3950-80-4590
39         Electrician           3,050-75-3950-80-4590
40        Store Clerk            3,050-75-3950-80-4590
41     Instruments Fiter         3,050-75-3950-80-4590
42           Daftari             3,050-75-3950-80-4590
43          Sweeper             2,550-55-2,660-60-3,200
44         Chowkidar            2,550-55-2,660-60-3,200
45            Peon              2,550-55-2,660-60-3,200
46            Naik          2,610-60-2,910-65-3,300-70-4,000
47      Roneo Operator      2,610-60-2,910-65-3,300-70-4,000

                                                   Annexure - IV
                                                Budget Estimate For 2010-2011
                                       Major Head : 3435 - Ecology & Environment Summery
                                                                                                   (Figures in Lacs)
Sr.No   Particulars                      Proposed expenditure                   Proposed    (-) Saving     Remarks
                                                                                 receipt   (+) Exvess
                        Capital Exp.    Revenue      Exp. On           Total
                                          Exp.     other project
   1            2               3          4               5          3 + 4+5       7       8=(6-7)           9

   1        Water              0.00     5106.00           0.00        5106.00    3941.00    1165.00     Proposed to
        Pollution Non                                                                                       make
             Plan                                                                                          excess
                                                                                                        Rs 1165..00
                                                                                                         Lacs form
                                                                                                          saving of
                                                                                                          APNP &
   2    Watter                 0.00      51.00            0.00         51.00      0.00       51.00      Proposed to
        Pollution                                                                                       make
        Plan                                                                                            excess
                                                                                                        Lacs from
                                                                                                        saving     of
   3    Air Pollution          0.00      356.00           0.00        356.00     2110.00      ( -)      Rs.1754.00
        Non Plan                                                                            1754.00

   4    Cess                   0.00     3440.00           0.00        3440.00    2325.00    1115.00

        Total           0.00           8953.00     0.00            8953.00      8376.00    577.00


 Name of
  Office                                                    Assistant
 Technical         Jurisdiction                            Information      Appellate Officer
    and                                                      Officer
                 Mumbai/ Thane/
                                                            Shri Arjun
Head Office,      Kalyan/ Navi        Shri.S.C.Kolur                         Shri. A.R.Supate
 Mumbai          Mumbai/ Raigad/           JSO                                     PSO
                                                           Field Officer
               Pune/ Kolhapur/                              Miss Viju
Head Office,                            Shri.Sanjay                         Shri.V.M.Motghare,
             Aurangabad/ Nagpur/                             Shirsath
 Mumbai                                  Bhosale                            A.P.A.E.
             Amravati/Chandrapur                           Field Officer
             All Regional Offices,
                 Sub Regional                        Smt. Vaishali
Head Office,                       Shri. H.L. Bhure,                        Shri. D. T. Devale,
              Offices, Central &                     Sadhale, Asst.
 Mumbai                              Law Officer                            Sr. Law Officer
             Regional Laboratory                     Law Officer
                   of Board

                                      Information      Assistant Information
Name of Office     Jurisdiction                                              Appellate Officer
                                         officer              Officer
RegionalOffice, Regional Office,    Shri.Anant           Shri N.N.Lomate             Shri.
   Mumbai        Mumbai, SRO      Harshavardhan,           Field Officer         B.D.Wadde,
                  Mumbai 1         Sub Regional                                  I/c Regional
                    ,2,3&4,      Officer-Mumbai -                                   Officer

   Regional      Regional Office,      Shri             Shri Gajanan Pwar        Shri Bharat
    Office,       Navi Mumbai - J.B.Sangewar Sub          Field Officer          Nimbarte,
                 1,2 Sub Regional Regional officer
Navi Mumbai       Office - Taloja                                              Regional Officer
  Regional     Regional Office,    Shri B G      Shri Manohar Wakale Shri S.S.Doke
Office, Raigad   Raigad , Sub    Aradwad, Sub                        Regional Officer
               Regional Office- Regional Officer      Field Officer
                Raigad - 1 & 2
  Regional       Regional Office,   Shri.N.N Gurav.      Shri Nitin Wagh           Shri
Office, Thane     Thane, R.Lab       Sub Regioan                              D.M.Chaukhande
                  Thane, SRO             Officer          ,Field Officer      Regional Officer
                  Thane 1 & 2

  Regional     Regional Officer, Shri V.V.Shinde Shri Upendra Kulkarni Shri S.K.More
Office, Kalyan  Kalyan, SRO        Sub-Regional                        Regional Officer
               Kalyan 1 & 2 &         Officer         Field Officer
                 3, Bhivandi
  Regional      Regional Office         Shri.          Shri Sanjay More        Shri. P. K.
 Office, Pune    Pune, R.Lab        N.H.Shivangi         Field Officer          Mirashe,
                Pune SRO Pune       Sub-Regional                             Regional Officer
                  1 & 2, SRO           Officer
 Regional       Regional Office,     Shri J.H.Patil    ShriP.N.Dhumal,        Shri A.S.Fulse
Office, Nasik    Nasik, R.Lab        Sub-Regional        Field Officer         I/c Regional
                 Nasik , SRO            Officer                                   Officer
  Regional      Regional Office, Shri.Raju Vasav       Shri.S.M.Kurmude           Shri
   Office,       Aurangabad,      Sub Regional           Field Officer        A.N.Mahakar
 Aurangabad          R.Lab            Officer                                Regional Officer
                Aurangabad 1 &
  Regional      Regional Office,    Shri.A.Durgule     Shri Pramod Mane            Shri
   Office,      Kolhapur, SRO        Sub-Regional                              P.K.Mirashe,
  Kolhapur         kolhapur             Officer           Field Officer        I/c Regional
  Regional      Regional Office,    Shri B.J.Kale      Miss Shital Bijave,    Shri P.D.Kame
   Office,       Amravati, Sub      Sub-Regional
  Amravati      Regional Office,       Officer            Field Officer        I/c Regional
                Amravati 1& 2                                                     Officer
  Regional     Regional Officer,    Shri R.U.Patil,    Shri A.P.Satphale,    Shri A.T.Fulmali,
Office, Nagpur Nagpur, R.Lab        Sub-Regional         Field Officer         I/c Regional
                Nagpur, SRO            Officer                                    Officer
                Nagpur 1& 2
  Regional      Regional Office, Shri. P.M.Joshi            Shri.            Shri A.T.Fulmali,
   Office,          R Lab        Sub Field Officer     M.D.Bhivapurkar,        I/c Regional
 Chandrapur      Chandrapur,                                                      Officer
                    SRO                                   Field Officer
   Central         Central         Shri. A.S.Kingani         Shri             Shri T.V.Gude
 Laboratory,      Laboratory                         K.V.Gavhankar,Senior          SSO
   Mhape                           Senior Scientific    Scientic Officer

Sub Regional      Sub-Regional      Shri J.S.Solunkhe      Shri K.B.Patil       Shri S.S.Doke
Office, Mahad     Officer, Mahad      Sub Regional                             Regional Officer
                                          Officer          Field Officer

 Sub Regional    Sub Regional        Shri D.B.Patil,    Shri M.G.Igave, Field      Shri
Office, Tarapur Office, Tarapur 1    Sub Regional              Officer        D.M.Chaukhande
                       &2               Officer
                                                                               Regional Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional Shri H.D.Gandhe,                               Shri.P.K.Mirashe
   Office,        Office, Ratnagiri I/c Sub Regional                           Regional Officer
  Ratnagiri                              Officer
 Sub Regional    Sub Regional         ShriA.J.Kude        Shri Jayprakash      Shri.P.K.Mirashe
Office, Chiplun Office, Chiplun       Sub Regional            Bhusar           Regional Officer
                                         Officer           Field Officer
Sub Regional      Sub Regional      ShriB.M.Kukade, Shri Deepak Bansod, Shri.P.K.Mirashe
Office, Sangali   Office, Sangali     Sub Regional      Field Officer   Regional Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional          Shri             Shri S.H.Padwal        Shri. P. K.
Office, Satara     Office, Satara   N.B.Chowdhari,          Field Officer         Mirashe,
                                     Sub Regional                              Regional Officer
 Sub Regional    Sub Regional     Shri V.K Kardle.      Shri C.Shinde, Field     Shri. P. K.
Office, Solapur Office, Solapur -  Sub Regional               Officer             Mirashe,
                                       Officer                                 Regional Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional       ShriS.D.Patil     Shri N.D.Chaudhari     Shri. P.D.Kame
Office, Akola      Office, Akola                           Field Officer        I/c Regional
                                      Sub Regional                                 Officer
 Sub Regional      Sub Regional     Shri R.B.Andhle,       Shri L.S.Bhad            Shri.
Office, Nanded    Office, Nanded     Sub Regional          Field Officer        A.D.Mohekar
                                         Officer                               Regional Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional     Shri V.P.Shelake,    Shrimati Suvarna           Shri.
Office, Latur      Office, Latur      Sub Regional           Gaikwad            A.D.Mohekar
                                         Officer           Field Officer       Regional Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional     Shri.D.K.Khedkar Shri Surykant Shinde       Shri.A.S.Fulse
   Office,            Office,         Sub-Regional       Field Officer           I/c Regional
Ahmednagar         Ahmednagar            Officer                                    Officer
Sub Regional      Sub Regional      Shri R.A.Rajput      Shri Ishwar Thakre     Shri. A.S.Fulse
Office, Jalgaon   Office, Jalgaon    Sub-Regional           Field Officer        I/c Regional
      1/2               1/2              Officer                                    Officer
Sub Regional       Sub Regional       Mrs. Hema           Shri .J.H.Purate,    Shri A.T.Fulmali,
   Office,            Office,        Deshpande I/c          Store Clerk           I/c Regonal
 Bhandara           Bhandara-        Sub-Regional                                    Officer


Sub Regional    Sub Regional      Shri. M.D.       Shri. V.D.Shukla        Shri.
   Office,     Office, Parbhani Deshmukha Sub        Field Officer     A.D.Mohekar,
  Parbhani                      Regional Officer                      Regional Officer


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