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									Michael Carroll

2345 Old Joppa Road, Joppa

Maryland, USA


Date: May 4, 2010

Dear Mr. Michael,

I am writing this cover letter in response to your advertisement in daily news. The
accompanying resume is presented for your review and consideration for the position of
Human Resource Manager. I feel my broader HR knowledge and my dedicated
personality to make me a best suited candidate for this position.

I am MBA in Human Resource Management as well as in Marketing. I have work
experience as HR Coordinator in XYZ Association and got promoted to position of HR
Manager. I have earned experience of 8 years in this filed. Throughout my career, I
recruited 5000 employees for the organization. I assigned projects and tasks to employees
and conducted several training and orientation programs for new candidates.

My enclosed resume will provide all details of my skills, expertise and accomplishments.
I assure you that our meeting would reveal my qualifications and possible contributions
more accurately that I can make for future success of your organization. Thanks for your
time and consideration.


Johnson Mercy

876 Bank Street, Jacksonville

Florida, USA


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