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					M Jeans is now shipping, worldwide. Exclusively for tall men.

Singapore, Singapore (March 31, 2011) – M Jeans® today announced that their M Jeans
collection, exclusively designed for tall men – men 6′ 2″ (188cm) and taller, are shipping
worldwide, in limited quantities.

All orders are delivered globally, at no shipping cost.


M Jeans is a new jeans brand that caters to tall men who fall outside the standard size
distribution that commodity brands market to.  This new brand focuses on tall & lean, tall &
heavy, and those in between [waist sizes 30 to 48 inches].  M Jeans combines design and
fashion along with the fit and quality of custom tailoring.  The niche that M Jeans fills is to
provide expertly fitted jeans to those people that are not currently catered to because they
are simply too tall.

M Jeans was inspired by the word of mouth success of the hand-sewn jeans of M Jeans
founder, Mr. Mark Seeger.

Born from a lifetime of frustration and disappointment with not being able to buy jeans that
fit, Seeger, 6′ 6″ (198cm), began sewing jeans for himself over 3 years ago.  It was not
long before tall friends learned of his hobby and queued up.

“Itʼs all about the fit.”  said Mr. Mark Seeger, M Jeanʼs founder.  “Tall men want what
everybody else has:  to look great in jeans, whatever the occasion.  Tall men simply canʼt
walk into any retail store and pick out a pair of jeans; the jeans are either too short or they
fit like a potato sack.  Shopping for jeans has always been frustrating.”

Because this one desire is so essential, that is solely what M Jeans focuses on:  Making
tall men look and feel great in jeans that fit better than any other pair they have ever worn.

“Itʼs taken years of measurements, and many many experiments, before arriving at the
precise fits for the varying body sizes of tall men.  And, weʼve combined the perfect fit with
style:  Jeans we can wear to the office, a work function, or smartly dress down for a club
with a hipster tee.  Jeans that are versatile, look great, and that fit better than anything
weʼve ever bought before.”  explained Seeger.  “To us guys that are above average height,
such jeans are a dream come true.”

M Jeans uses only select raw denim; no washes, rips, or tears.  The unique 5-pocket
design exudes modest confidence and subtlety, embodied by hidden features such as
suede pockets and vintage stitching.  The unique cuts are flattering and understated. 
“Suitable for the relaxed business-casual workplace.  No longer do tall men have to put up
with limited and inferior choices when it comes to jeans fashion.”  added Seeger.  “We
want to give tall guys the confidence to be stylish and the ability to experiment with fashion
like everybody else.”

Because the world of denim has largely ignored the tall person despite their successes, M
Jeans is a brand that is solely devoted to those who are truly above and beyond the rest.

Pricing & Availability

The primary M Jeans collection is classic straight cut, fabricated from raw select denim,
with muted thread tones, suede pockets, and a unique 5-pocket design.  Retail price: 

M Jeans will initially sell exclusively through the internet, via a direct-to-consumer
distribution model, “because shopping at big & tall stores, and traditional retail, is awful.” 
comments Seeger.  M Jeans are available now from the M Jeans Store® (www.m-
jeans.com/shop/), and are delivered globally free of all shipping charges.

Press Contact

1 Hooper Road, Singapore  229182


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