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a proposal for “fair housing” in Seattle                                                                                                               Fighting stigma,
Ordinance would revise                                                                                                                                 finding a solution
city’s anti-discrimination                                                                                                                             Mental health symposium
law to include those with                                                                                                                              addresses obstacles faced by
arrest, conviction records                                                                                                                             those with mental illness
By Tyler roush                                                                                                                                         By Brenda Kay neTh
The Voice editor                                                                                                                                       University House resident

   To what extent are those with criminal                                                                                                                 The numbers are unsettling.
and arrest records entitled to equal access to                                                                                                            In one survey, 60 percent of respondents
housing and employment? And how much                                                                                                                   believed the mentally ill commit violent
discretion should prospective landlords and                                                                                                            crimes. In another, 60 percent said they did
employers have in making tenancy and hir-                                                                                                              not want to work with the mentally ill. And
ing decisions?                                                                                                                                         in a third, 86 percent said they did not want
   The Seattle Office for Civil Rights                                                                                                                 someone with depression marrying into
(SOCR) and the Seattle Human Rights                                                                                                                    their family.
                                                                                                                                PhoTo By Tyler roush
Commission (SHRC) have been exploring                                                                                                                     These are just three indicators of the de-
                                                 Mike Peters of the Seattle Human Rights Commission (center) speaks during the                         gree of social stigma endured by those who
revisions to the city’s anti-discrimination
                                                 community forum to address access to housing and employment for those with arrest                     are living with a mental illness.
laws that would prohibit landlords and
                                                 and conviction records. Seattle City Councilmember (left) and panelist Merf Ehman                        On March 4 and 5, the Thomas C. Whalen
employers from refusing housing or em-
                                                 of Columbia Legal Services (right) look on.                                                           Foundation Symposium on Mental Health
ployment to individuals based solely on
criminal and arrest records.                     face significant barriers to finding hous-      rates of recidivism among ex-offenders.               in our Community convened at Kane Hall
   Last month the SOCR and SHRC joined           ing and a job.                                     “When people have housing and mean-                and Mary Gates Hall on the University
Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell            She added that in the past two decades,      ingful employment, it changes things for              of Washington campus. There, 25 mental
in sponsoring a second community forum to        the Internet has fortified those obstacles      them,” Page said.                                     health advocates formed four panels and two
address questions related to the proposal.       — today, landlords and employers can ac-           Statistics seem to bear that out. The              workshops to discuss the agenda of commu-
   “We’re trying to find where we are on         cess a person’s arrest and criminal record      Office of Civil Rights cited a New York               nity mental health care and anti-stigma and
this issue,” said Harrell, who said the city     almost instantaneously.                         study that concluded a person released                recovery campaigns now on the forefront of
was still in the “beginning of the discus-          And panelist John Page of Seattle            from prison without access to stable                  mental health.
sion.”                                           nonprofit Village of Hope noted that,           housing was seven times more likely to                   The consensus among presenters was that
   Panelist Merf Ehman, an attorney with         “For some people, it isn’t that hard to get     re-offend. And about half of offenders                mental illness is stigmatized in the media,
Columbia Legal Services, said that case          convicted, whether you did it or not.”          entering Washington’s prison system were              which generally portrays the mentally ill
workers have told her repeatedly that their         On the other hand, access to housing                                                               as potentially dangerous, even violent. Ad-
clients with criminal and arrest records         and a job are both significant factors in the          Please see “Housing” on Page 5                 vocates appealed for greater effort to show
                                                                                                                                                       that those with mental illness in their true
                                                                                                                                                       light—as persons with a treatable and man-
School board fires superintendent in wake of finance scandal                                                                                           ageable health issue, and not as the “crazy
                                                                                                                                                       ones” that are depicted on television and in
By reBecca snow landa                            they had been far too willing to grant          by Potter’s “unfettered discretion toward             sensationalized newspaper articles.
Scattered Sites resident                         funding to poorly-managed projects during       personal contracts,” added Maier.                        Declan Wynne, director of Sound Mental
                                                 the past three years. Director Peter Maier         Several board members claimed they                 Health Recovery and Integrated Services,
   “...with liberty and justice for all.”        agreed, admitting that “service contracts       were only recently made aware of the                  presented the survey information outlin-
   On March 2 the Seattle School Board           weren’t monitored and there were no             corrupt contractors and leadership, but the           ing the social stigma faced by those with
meeting opened as usual with the Pledge          spending limits.” Maier said that the board     crowd erupted into wild applause for both             mental illness. Wynne said the stigma
of Allegiance, made all the more poignant        also hired an independent investigator,         Dan Dempsey and Ricky Malone, board                   creates the “you’re crazy, I am normal”
this time by the standing-room-only              who told them Potter lied to the board and      meeting regulars, who testified that they             phenomenon that separates the mentally ill
crowd of Seattleites demanding that dis-         the community.                                  had heard countless examples of corrup-               from society.
trict employees responsible for the recent          Parent Chris Stewart said the audit re-      tion reported to the board at meeting after              “By removing them from society, we re-
fraud scandal be brought to justice.             vealed not only fraud but a failure of man-     meeting over the past three-and-a-half                move them from ourselves,” Wynne said.
   A recent audit revealed that Silas Pot-       agement. Teacher Anastasia Samuelson            years.                                                   He remarked that stigma is created in the
ter misappropriated nearly $2 million            and parent Dora Taylor pointed out that            Others said the cover-ups continued                same way that classism and institutional-
of district money, while Superintendent          Goodloe-Johnson was on the board of             because the district offers no protection             ism are created — through the silence of
Maria Goodloe-Johnson and CFO Don                the MAP and NWEA teacher evaluating             for whistle blowers. Taylor complained                the majority.
Kennedy looked away.                             services, while at the same time trying         that too many staff were fired, rehired, and             Wynne mentioned the website stigma-
   David Edelman, a Humanities teacher           to sell these products to the district. This
at Ingraham High School told the board           blatant conflict of interest was mirrored               Please see “School” on Page 4                     Please see “Symposium” on Page 4

Neighborhood House                                                      Nonprofit org.                         In this issue                                        Quotable
Jesse epstein Building                                                  U.S. postage PAID
905 Spruce Street                                                       Seattle, Wa                Health Notes                             Page 2     “If you can read, you can help a child.
Seattle, Wa 98104                                                       Permit #8887                  syphilis cases spike                             Working with you, we will help all our
                                                                                                   Disaster in Japan                        Page 3     children succeed.”
                                                                                                      what you can do to help                          — Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn delivered
                                                                                                   a talk with the drug czar                Page 4     his State of the City address in late-Feb-
                                                                                                      kerlikowske plots a course                       ruary, encouraging the city to “win the
                                                                                                      for drug prevention                              future.” See the related story on Page 3.
                                                                                                   Translations                             Page 8
                                                                                                      use safe cleaning products
                                                                                                      in your spring cleaning
2 – locAl AND NAtIoNAl NewS                                                                                                                                                               aPrIl 2011

               Health Notes
               A column devoted to your well-being                                                       Be safe
                                                                                                                                                           Loitering and access to
                                                                                                                                                           the front door of your
                                                                                                                                                           building: a Q&A
Sharp rise in syphilis cases among gay/bi men
                                                                                                         By Kelly McKinney                                  that jeopardizes your safety. Some people
By PuBlic healTh – seaTTle & King                   an ulcer on the genitals, anus or mouth.             Seattle Neighborhood Group                         are comfortable confronting loiterers and
counTy                                              However, the ulcers often go unnoticed                                                                  some people are not. You must determine
                                                    because they are painless or in areas of the            In February, I presented several work-          for yourself what your own comfort level
   Syphilis cases in King County reached            body that aren’t easily seen. After the sore         shops on personal safety in Seattle Housing        is. Some building managers have their own
a 30-year high in 2010, prompting public            heals, syphilis causes a body rash that can          Authority communities. One issue that              preferences about how this matter should
health officials to call for increased testing      include the palms of the hands and soles             repeatedly came up during those presenta-          be handled.
and education for high-risk populations,            of the feet. This, too, can go unnoticed by          tions were concerns about front door access.          Q. Several residents expressed concerns
especially men who have sex with men. In            men and their medical providers.                     Here is a list of questions and answers            about the automatic door opener available
2010, 283 cases of syphilis were reported,             Once the rash resolves, men have no               about this issue that I addressed during the       for people with disabilities. However,
an 82 percent increase from 2009. Syphilis          symptoms but are still infected and are              personal safety workshops.                         residents who are carrying many packages
had been virtually eliminated in King               still at risk for severe medical consequenc-            Q. Is it ok to allow someone you know           also use the automatic door opener. The
County in the early-1990s.                          es, including vision loss, loss of hearing           into my building even if he/she isn’t my           problem is that the front door stays open
   Public health officials do not fully             and stroke. Among recent cases, at least             personal guest?                                    for a long time. While the door is open it
understand what is causing the upswing              six persons have suffered some loss of                  A. No. The resident that the visitor is         is very easy for someone to come into the
in cases, but are actively working to               vision, though most affected persons’                coming to see may not be home. The resi-           building. What strategies can be used to
investigate possible causes, increase               symptoms improved with treatment.                    dent may not wish to see that visitor. Resi-       reduce the chances of someone entering the
syphilis testing, speed-up treatment, and              Condoms can prevent the spread of                 dents should allow their own guests in.            building in this case?
improve partner notification. Rates of              syphilis. However, many men are unaware                 Q. What should a resident do if a non-             A. Residents should only use the auto-
syphilis among gay and bisexual men also            that syphilis can be spread through oral             resident is waiting at the front of the door to    matic door opener when it is necessary. If
appear to be increasing in other areas of           sex. The Public Health HIV/STD Program               get into the building when a resident exits        residents feel comfortable they can block
the U.S.                                            advises that all sexually active men who             or enters the building?                            the doorway while the door remains open.
   Gay and bisexual men — especially                have sex with men should be routinely                   A. If possible, do not let them in. If you      The automatic door stays open for a long
those who are HIV-positive — have the               tested for STDs, including syphilis,                 feel uncomfortable about confronting some-         time because people who need it do not
highest rates of syphilis. Ninety percent of        gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV. All men                one who is loitering at the front door trying      always move quickly.
cases diagnosed in 2010 were in men who             who have sex with men should be tested               to get into the building, contact your build-
have sex with men, with HIV-positive gay            annually, and men with higher risk should            ing manager or call the police. Tell them             Kelly McKinney (206-323-7084) and Al-
and bisexual men making up 58 percent               be tested once every three months. Since             that there are people loitering around the         lan Davis (206-323-7094) are Community
of those cases.                                     syphilis increases the risk of acquiring             front that do not belong in the building. One      Education Coordinators for Seattle Neigh-
   Public Health urges men who have sex             and transmitting HIV infection, anyone               strategy that residents use is to quickly open     borhood Group. Call Allan or Kelly for
with men to use condoms, to test for STDs           diagnosed with syphilis should be tested             the door, slide into the building and close        crime prevention information or help with
often, and to immediately seek medical              for HIV.                                             the door behind them. Do not do anything           your safety and security concerns.
attention if they develop a sore on their              STD testing is available in primary
genitals or any kind of new rash.                   care medical providers’ offices, Gay City
   Syphilis causes a broad range of symp-           Wellness Center, the King County STD                   Urban Nature Day at Magnuson Park
toms that can make it hard to diagnose,             Clinic, and other public health clinics. For              10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 9 at the Magnuson Community Center, 7110
particularly for providers who don’t see a          more information, please visit the Public              62nd Ave. N.E.
lot of patients with syphilis. Importantly,         Health – Seattle & King County HIV/STD                    Events include a children’s concert by singer/songwriter Eric Ode; presentations
syphilis is caused by a bacterial infection         Program website at www.kingcounty.                     by Knox Cellars Bees, Bats Northwest, Roving Reptiles; interactive booths and
and is curable with antibiotics.                    gov/health/std.                                        displays; and an exhibition of art made from recycled materials.
   Shortly after infection, syphilis causes

Safe at home: Use safe, earth-friendly products in your spring cleaning
  Editor’s Note: This article originally              ing products that you can make yourself                All-purpose spray cleaner — What you
appeared in the March 2008 edition of                 using these ingredients:                           need: baking soda, vinegar, water, spray             To learn more
The Voice.                                               Bathroom cleanser — What you need:              bottle                                                 Here are some websites that provide
                                                      baking soda, soap, sponge                              To a quart (four cups) of water, add four        more information about inexpensive
   There are several commonplace natu-                   Use baking soda in place of scouring            teaspoons of baking soda and a half cup of           and natural cleaning products:
ral substances that work really well for              powder. Sprinkle it on sinks or other por-         vinegar. Put this into a spray bottle and use          www.bakingsodabook.co.uk/
housecleaning. As an added bonus, these               celain fixtures and rub with a wet sponge.         it to clean counter tops, floors, etc. (This is        www.familyshoppingbag.com/
materials are very inexpensive.                       Add a little soap to the sponge for more           also a great way to recycle spray bottles pur-       natural_cleaning.htm
   Baking soda and vinegar work extremely             cleaning power. Rinse well to avoid leaving        chased originally for those more expensive             www.versatilevinegar.org/
well for many household uses, are better for          a hazy film.                                       cleaning products.)                                  usesandtips.html
the environment than many commercial                     Window cleaner — What you need:                     Odor remover — What you need: bak-                 www.vinegartips.com/cleaning/
cleaning products, and are much less expen-           vinegar, liquid soap, water                        ing soda                                               www.epa.gov/kidshometour/
sive than most commercial products.                      Mix a half cup of vinegar with a few                By itself, baking soda is a great odor
   Baking soda is, chemically speaking, a             drops of ingredients in a spray bottle and         remover. Sprinkle it on carpets, and rub it
weak alkaline. As such, it acts to neutralize         use on glass surfaces. Rub with a lint-free        in with a broom, then sweep or vacuum.                A large box of baking soda can be
acids and break down proteins. This quality           cloth.                                             Sprinkle it on pet bedding. Keep an open           purchased for less than $2. A gallon of
accounts for its usefulness in cutting grease            Oven Cleaner — What you need: baking            box in your refrigerator to absorb odors           vinegar (simple white vinegar is best) sells
and dissolving dirt and stains.                       soda, water, copper scouring pad                   there. Put it in the bottom of your dresser        for about $3.
   Vinegar, the other superstar of natural               Make a thick paste of baking soda and           drawers, put a paper liner over it, and it will       Another inexpensive product that is also
cleaning products, is slightly acidic. This           water, apply it to oven surfaces, then let it      absorb clothing odors.                             useful is chlorine bleach (also known as
chemical property also helps vinegar to               stand a little while. Scrub with the copper            Drain cleaner — What you need: baking          Clorox). It can make a great disinfectant
dissolve grease and clean dirt off windows            scouring pad. A single-edged razor blade           soda, vinegar, kettle of boiling water             when mixed with water and put in a spray
and other surfaces.                                   can be useful to get under large food de-              This combination will free minor clogs         bottle. (About a half cup to a quart or more
   Here are some simple recipes for clean-            posits.                                            and is a great preventative measure. Pour a        of water is plenty.)
                                                                                                         half cup of baking soda into the drain first.         Chlorine bleach is not as safe as either
                                             The Voice                                                   Then add a half cup of vinegar. Let it bubble      vinegar or baking soda, but it is a powerful
                                                                                                         for a few minutes, then carefully pour down        germ killer and is good to use to keep away
                        editor                                        reporters
                     Tyler Roush                                  Rebecca Snow Landa
                                                                                                         a kettle full of boiling water. (Be careful        mold and mildew. Just be careful to store it
               206-461-8430, ext. 227                              Brenda Kay Neth                       carrying the water!)                               away from children.
                  tylerr@nhwa.org                                  Kristin O’Donnell
                                                                      Lisa Wood
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                                                                                                   THe VoIce
aPrIl 2011                                                                                                                                             locAl AND NAtIoNAl NewS – 3

Mayor McGinn’s State of the City                                                                  Youth art takes center stage
Address: ‘Win the Future’
By lisa wood                                     McGinn said. He added that by leveraging
                                                                                                  in Greenbridge
University House resident                        federal grants, the city intends to deliver
                                                 more than $48 million in financing to me-
   Stressing that the city must “win the         dium-sized businesses in 2011.
future,” Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn deliv-           McGinn also detailed the work of Got
ered his second State of the City Address to     Green, a local nonprofit that provides
the City Council in late February.               training in green construction skills for
   McGinn’s key points echoed those of           individuals from low-income communities
President Obama’s State of the Union             of color.
address in Janu-                                    The second area to winning the future
ary. The mayor                                   is to help prepare the next generation, our
quoted President                                 children and young adults to succeed, ac-
Obama as saying                                  cording to McGinn.
“America’s been                                     Seattle’s neighborhood-based schooling
the story of ordi-                               system, which the School Board adopted
nary people who                                  in December of 2009 and began to phase
dare to dream,                                   in last fall, has reduced choices for parents,
and that’s how                                   he said.
we win the fu-                                      “If you live in a neighborhood with a
                                                                                                                                                                 PhoTo courTesy of neighBorhood house
ture.”                                           bad school, you’re out of luck. Parents don’t
   McGinn then mayor mike mcGinn                 have a choice,” McGinn said.                     Neighborhood House staff and youth in the White Center Tutoring Program at
proceeded to say                                    To improve schools throughout the dis-        Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge.
“Here is what we’re going to do in 2011 and      trict, the city has proposed doubling the           What’s it like being a kid these days       in Community Service Initiative grant
beyond to win the future, prepare for the        Families and Education Levy, which in 2011       — the joys, challenges, pressures and          from the East Shore Unitarian Church of
new global economy, to make sure everyone        would be $231 million.                           ambitions that come with being a young         Bellevue to help fund the project. Tutor-
in the city is included in prosperity, and to       McGinn also encouraged volunteerism           person?                                        ing students collaborated in determining
protect and renew our quality of life.”          as a means to improve the lives of young            Youth in Neighborhood House’s White         which photos best represented each story
   Those areas that President Obama said         people.                                          Center Tutoring Program gathered to tell       in the series.
are essential to winning the future are in-         “If you can read, you can help a child,”      a part of that story with a written and vi-       The youth first presented their work at a
novation, education and infrastructure.          he said. “Working with you, we will help         sual storytelling project. Students in the     tutoring program family night in Decem-
   “We know what it is to compete for jobs       all our children succeed.”                       program recorded their stories of schools,     ber. Afterward, they had the opportunity
and industries of our time. We need to out-         As to the tunnel and viaduct replace-         friends and family — each one capturing        to showcase their photographs and draw-
innovate, out-educate and out-build the          ment, McGinn maintained his stance that          an element of the youth experience.            ings at Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge, a
rest of the world,” McGinn said. “President      the project is “too expensive and risky.” He        “The collection of images and writ-         public-housing community where many
Obama is right. That’s what we need to do        added that he believes the public needs to       ing in this artistic installation created an   of the students live.
in Seattle in 2011 and beyond. We can out-       decide, and encouraged the council to do         amazing snapshot of the lives of our young        “The youth and their families were
innovate, educate and build!”                    the same.                                        people for others in their community to see    excited and proud to see their work dis-
   He highlighted the Seattle Jobs Plan             McGinn concluded his address by ap-           and learn from,” said Community Learn-         played,” Sexton said. “It is the kind of ex-
as one area in which the city was making         pealing for government to be more respon-        ing Manager Colin Sexton.                      perience we want all of our young people
strides to promote prosperity among all its      sive to its constituents.                           Neighborhood House received a People        to have as they picture their future.”
residents.                                          “You’ll see me at Town Halls and other
   The Seattle Jobs Plan has delivered more
than $32.5 million new financing to 79 new
                                                 places. I’m gonna be out there in public,”
                                                 he said. “It’s really important to get this      Want a free cell phone? You have two
businesses, retaining or creating 630 jobs,      right.”
                                                                                                  choices — but weigh your options carefully

Disaster in Japan: What
                                                                                                  By Voice sTaff                                    If you exceed your allotted 250 minutes,
                                                                                                                                                 each additional minute is 10 cents. Assur-
                                                                                                     Assurance Wireless and SafeLink             ance also offers two options for purchasing

you can do to help                                                                                Wireless both offer free prepaid cell
                                                                                                  phones to low-income individuals through
                                                                                                  the federal Lifeline program.
                                                                                                                                                 a block of extra minutes. An additional
                                                                                                                                                 block of 250 minutes can be purchased for
                                                                                                                                                 $5, for a total of 500 monthly minutes. For
By lisa wood                                     $10 donation (which is automatically added          The free cell phone program is available    $20, you receive 750 additional minutes,
University House Resident                        to your phone bill).                             to individuals and families who participate    for a total of 1,000 monthly minutes, and
                                                                                                  in one or more federal assistance pro-         1,000 text messages. For $5, you can pur-
    On Friday, March 11 a massive 9.0 mag-          • International Medical Corps                 grams, including Temporary Assistance          chase 200 text messages. Otherwise, text
nitude earthquake hit Japan, and following          Call: 1-800 481-4462                          for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental        messages cost 10 cents each.
it a tsunami that slammed into the nation’s         Text MED to 80888 to make a $10 dona-         Security Income (SSI), Disability Lifeline,       International calls cost an additional
East Coast, leaving widespread devastation       tion (which is automatically added to your       Refugee Assistance and the federal food        fee. Unused minutes do not rollover.
in its wake. As of March 21, the estimated       phone bill).                                     stamp program (SNAP), or by meeting
death toll approached 20,000.                                                                     certain income guidelines.                     Safelink Wireless
    According to the nonprofit World Vision,       • Salvation Army                                  One person per household may be en-            SafeLink offers three options for its
which is contributing to relief efforts, the       Call: 1-800-SAL-ARMY and say you               rolled in the program at any one time. If      basic monthly plan. At no cost, SafeLink
estimated damage is likely to exceed $180        want to “Give to Japan Earthquake and/or         someone in your household already uses         will provide a cell phone with either: 250
billion.                                         Tsunami” (This statement is awkward, as it       the Lifeline program, or if you use the        free anytime minutes; 125 free anytime
    For more information about relief efforts    says to literally give to the earthquake.)       Lifeline program to get free or reduced-       minutes that carry over each month; or
or to make a donation, this is a list of local     Text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to                cost phone service for your landline           68 free international minutes that carry
agencies that are actively supporting and        make a $10 donation.                             telephone, you will not be eligible for a      over each month.
sending one-hundred percent of the dona-           Donate online at https://donate.salvation-     free cellphone.                                   Additional minutes are provided
tions collected directly to Japan.               armyusa.org                                         Assurance and SafeLink offer different      through the purchase of TracFone Air-
    There is an organization in Seattle called                                                    plan options that may work better depend-      time cards. Those cards may be purchased
SeattleJapanRelief. They encourage the             • AmeriCares: www.americares.org               ing on your needs. Read on to compare          through a link on the SafeLink website. A
support of relief efforts and hope you will        • World Vision: donate.worldvision.org         your options.                                  100-minute card costs $19.99, a 125-min-
consider a donation to one of the follow-          • Mercy Corps: www.mercycorps.org/                                                            ute card costs $24.99 and a 150-minute
ing organizations: Peace Winds America,          donate/japan                                     assurance Wireless                             card costs $29.99, or about 20 cents per
American Red Cross or YMCA of Greater                                                                The basic plan through Assurance pro-       minute.
Seattle. For more information or to donate,         Google has set up a webpage that in-          vides a cell phone with 250 free anytime          Text messages use one minute per
visit seattlejapanrelief.org.                    cludes information on the ongoing crisis.        minutes. There are no night and weekend        text (or 1/3 minute with the international
    Other organizations you can donate to        While the page is primarily directed to          minutes — you use minutes whenever you         plan).
include:                                         those currently in Japan, it does include a      use your phone.
                                                 “person finder” that may enable U.S. resi-                                                      It’s “free,” but how much does it
  • The local Seattle chapter of the Red         dents to locate friends and family who are in                                                   cost?
Cross                                            Japan. The page is located at www.google.                       “One to grow on”                   The following examples show what an
                                                                                                                                                 individual would pay using the Assurance
  Call: 1-800 Red Cross (1-800-733-              com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html.                         will return next
2767)                                            In the meantime, rescue and relief work is                      month.
  Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a               continuing to be done.                                                                                Please see “Wireless” on Page 5

                                                                                           THe VoIce
4 – locAl AND NAtIoNAl NewS                                                                                                                                                       aPrIl 2011

Neighborhood House joins roundtable with national
drug czar and Drug Free Communities grantees
By Voice sTaff                                   anti-drug efforts, Kerlikowske said.
                                                    Enforcement is not enough.
   Last month, Neighborhood House joined            “The answer isn’t just in arresting peo-
with more than a dozen agencies in the           ple,” Kerlikowske said. “We can’t arrest our
state’s Drug Free Communities coalition          way out of the problem.”
in a roundtable with national drug czar Gil         Kerlikowske was likewise unequivocal
Kerlikowske, director of the Office of Na-       in his opposition to legalization of mari-
tional Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).              juana or other drugs. He pointed to how the
   Speaking in the city where he served          deregulation of alcohol encourages the use
as Chief of Police for nearly eight years,       — and abuse — of it.
Kerlikowske ruminated on the direction of           He also refuted the argument that by
national drug policy and also heard from         legalizing marijuana, states will benefit
numerous coalitions members on their             from increased revenue through new taxes.
own methods to promote drug-free com-            He again citied alcohol and tobacco as
munities.                                        examples.
   Neighborhood House, in the seventh year          “We don’t collect near enough revenue
of the 10-year federal Drug Free Communi-        to cover the costs of alcohol and nicotine
ties grant program, is participating in the      abuse,” Kerlikowske said.
Let’s Draw the Line campaign to curb un-            Acknowledging that there is no “simple
derage drinking. Its TADA (Teens Against         answer to a complex problem,” he reinforced
Drugs and Alcohol) program empowers              the ONDCP’s multi-tiered approach to drug
youth to make healthy choices.                   prevention in his closing remarks. The keys,
   And this month, the agency will par-          Kerlikowske said, are quality prevention
ticipate in a second drug take-back day, in      programs such as those created through
which community members can dispose              DFC, treatment and early intervention, a
of unused prescription drugs. Last year’s        focus on youth and anti-legalization.
effort netted some 150 pounds of unwanted           “We don’t have a great bumper sticker
meds.                                            right now,” he said.
   Support for prevention and early inter-          For more information on the national                                                                                        PhoTo By Tyler roush

vention programs, such as those provided         Drug Free Communities program, visit            Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, listens as a
under the Drug Free Communities um-              www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/dfc.               Drug Free Communities coalition member describes measures her group is taking to
brella, are critical to the United States’ own                                                   curb drug use among young people.

                                                 was bipolar, she said, “I just thought you         His honesty proved successful for him
Symposium                                        were crazy!”                                    during his campaign as King County Ex-             learn more
continued from Page 1                                                                                                                                  For more information on this sym-
                                                    Jesse’s son Calin was diagnosed as           ecutive, when he received 700 responses to
buster.com as one way to find out how to         schizoaffective at the age of 19, and it was    his disclosure of his mental illness, all of       posium and other available resources,
take action.                                     Jesse who asked Glenn to work with her          which were positive. Revelle is Senior Vice        read the blog at www.fightingstigma.
   Dr. Delaney Ruston, M.D. is the film-         to help fight the stigma of mental illness.     President for Policy and Advocacy of the           blogspot.com.
maker behind “Unlisted, A Story of Schizo-       Through their efforts, BringChange2mind         Washington State Hospital Association.
phrenia,” a documentary about her father’s       was created.                                       In his keynote speech on Saturday, March
schizophrenia, and how she interacted with          Through this organization, the Close         5, Congressman Jim McDermott discussed              “Sometimes we are afraid just to say
him.                                             family created a public service announce-       how in the military, regardless of whether       ‘Hello.’ It’s not easy being responsible,”
   Ruston said that in the media, 50 percent     ment that was directed by Ron Howard. The       one is a volunteer or in the draft, that the     he said. McDermott helped develop the
of the stories on mental illness involve vio-    public service announcement takes place         stigma toward mental illness is very deep.       Washington Basic Health Plan, the first
lence, 25 percent legislation, and 25 percent    in Grand Central Station and demonstrates          He said soldiers would rather not talk        state program in the nation to provide low-
treatment. She added that it is rare to find     the principle that people with mental illness   about their mental health issues because         cost insurance for the working poor and
stories in the media that depict stories like    need support, and that there is no certain      they didn’t want to seek treatment while on      unemployed.
that of her father.                              “look” about them.                              deployment and often avoided or ignored              McDermott stressed the need to talk
   She said that mental illness “is not a           Jesse and Glenn have also done televi-       mental health issues altogether. He also said    about mental illness in order to stop the
predicator for violence.”                        sion interviews, worked with print media,       he had felt the strain of diagnosis and stigma   stigma from continuing in the military, and
   Jesse Close, sister of actress Glenn Close,   won awards from the JED Foundation,             when, in 1968 as a military psychiatrist, he     that we needed better preventative care for
shared her story as a person who is bipolar.     Karla Smith Foundation, and McLean hos-         had seen an individual for about 20 visits       our veterans. He mentioned that many end
Jesse, 47, said she was diagnosed at 19, but     pital. For more information, contact www.       and never officially recorded the visits be-     up in jail for drug abuse, but do not receive
at the time she had nothing to help her, and     BringChange2Mind.com.                           cause of his fear of stigma for the man.         any type of treatment, and so eventually end
was sent off to live with her sister.               Randy Revelle, a former Seattle City            Forty years later, the veteran contacted      up back in jail.
   In 2004, she went to McLean hospital          Councilman and King County Executive,           him because he was still having nightmares          That cycle of incarceration is one of the
where she was treated for the psychotic and      reinforced the notion that mental illness not   and needed verification for his own records      many obstacles to treatment and recovery
mixed episodes she was having. Jesse said        be a source of shame.                           in hopes of receiving veterans’ benefits.        for the mentally ill. In an article next month,
she had gone through “barrels of homes,             “No one should be ashamed about having          McDermott said it is sometimes difficult      The Voice will explore how panelists at the
husbands, and cars” and had a reputation as      a mental illness. The best way to overcome      to feel responsible for others, and that one     symposium suggest better care for those
being “wild” prior to her proper diagnosis.      (the shame) is to tell the truth to everyone    might fear getting enmeshed in another’s         with a mental illness.
   “When I told my sister (Glenn) that I         who asks,” Revelle said.                        care.

                                                                                                    The board agreed to fire Goodloe-John-
School                                              The crowd applauded when Betty Patu,
                                                 the most recently elected board member,         son and CFO Kennedy, neither of whom
                                                                                                                                                  cause,” a choice made by the board due to
                                                                                                                                                  technicalities in her contract. The document
continued from Page 1
                                                 blamed the increase in youth violence on        were at the meeting, and appointed Susan         funding the small business program was
shuffled around without good cause under         the streets of Southeast Seattle on funding     Enfield, formerly the Chief Academic Of-         repealed at the meeting. Board members
Goodloe-Johnson, and yet Potter was al-          inequity, and said she believes Goodloe-        ficer, as Interim Superintendent. Enfield        said they plan to implement new transpar-
lowed to hire staff during a district-wide       Johnson “didn’t have any intention of           agreed that the board needs to “restore          ency, oversight, internal audits, manage-
hiring freeze.                                   equity” during her tenure. Community            the trust of community, parents and staff.”      ment, structural and leadership changes
   While Potter was diverting funds, real        member James Cordell agreed: “We want           Seattle teachers recently gave the board a       — indeed to change the entire culture of
needs such as an enormous back-log of            quality education for all children. You have    vote of no confidence.                           how the district conducts business.
needed building repairs were going un-           the power to do it but you can’t do it with        Board members expressed their regret,            Interim Superintendent Enflield says that
funded, reported maintenance employee            crooks and thieves.”                            outrage, and apologies, but meeting regular      to restore trust the board “needs to answer
Stanley Hoffman. Additionally, guidance             Noam Gundel roused the audience into         Dempsey and Director Maier suggested             questions about what went wrong in the
counselor Jennifer Greenstein passionately       wild applause when he called for “greater       that the district go one step further and        small business contract department.”
complained that many counseling staff have       transparency” and declared, “We cannot be       prosecute Potter and his associates for the         Parent Taylor suggested, “Let’s make this
been laid-off because the board has repeat-      content with top-down authority!” Parent        class C felony of forgery. Theresa Whipple,      a new day for our community of parents,
edly claimed there is “no money.”                Taylor urged the board, “Listen to us, not      spokesperson for Seattle Schools, told me        educators and concerned citizens.”
   Special Education Counselor Caroline          corporate or business interests.” Gundel        that the district is looking into it, but has       The next meeting of the School Board
Hewitt lamented, “If our kids are not            and others said the board needs more input      not yet pressed charges.                         will be at 6 p.m. April 6 in the auditorium
supported emotionally, how can they be           from parents and staff, rather than highly         Many at the meeting were outraged             of the John Stanford Center at 2445 3rd
expected to learn?”                              paid outside consultants.                       that Goodloe-Johnson was let go “without         Avenue South.

                                                                                        THe VoIce
aPrIl 2011                                                                                                                                              locAl AND NAtIoNAl NewS – 5

Safely dispose of unwanted and expired prescription drugs during National
Drug Take-Back Day April 30
By MiKe grahaM-squire                               This is the safest way to dispose of your    heroin and are extremely addictive. Doctors
Neighborhood House                               unwanted medications. Don’t flush them          advise that you should never share prescrip-      Drug take-back locations
                                                 down the toilet, which is bad for the envi-     tion drugs with others or save them to use           Auburn Police Department, 340 E.
   Prescription drug abuse is fast becom-        ronment and harms fish. Don’t put them in       again for a different problem.                    Main St., Auburn
ing the biggest drug problem in the United       the garbage, either — drugs discarded in the       Former Seattle Police Chief Gil Ker-              Seattle Police East Precinct, 1519
States. More Americans currently abuse           trash can be found and abused by someone        likowkse, who now heads the federal Office        12th Ave., Seattle
prescription drugs and pain pills than the       else and also harms the environment.            of National Drug Control Policy, encour-             Seattle Police Southwest Precinct,
number of those using cocaine, hallucino-           Prescription drug abuse is a problem         ages everyone to “take advantage of this          2300 S.W. Webster St., Seattle
gens, and heroin combined.                       that affects adults as well as youth. Last      opportunity to safely dispose of unused              Seattle Police South Precinct, 3001
   To help fight the problem of prescrip-        September, nine middle school students in       or expired prescription drugs. Preventing         S. Myrtle St., Seattle
tion drug abuse, the federal government is       Bremerton were hospitalized after overdos-      these readily available and potentially              Seattle Police North Precinct, 10049
organizing a National Prescription Drug          ing on prescription pain pills they had found   deadly drugs from being diverted and mis-         College Way N., Seattle
Take-Back Day. To dispose of your un-            at home. Studies show that most abused          used is something each and every one of              SeaTac City Hall, 4800 S. 188th
wanted and expired medications, visit any        prescription drugs are obtained from family     us can do to help reduce the epidemic of          St., SeaTac
Seattle police station from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.    and friends, often from the home medicine       prescription drug abuse that is harming so           A full list is available at www.dea.
Saturday, April 30.                              cabinet, so make sure you lock up your          many Americans.”                                  gov (click the “Got Drugs?” link) or
   The service is free and anonymous             prescription drugs at home.                        Washington State legislators have pro-         by calling 1-800-882-9539.
— no questions asked. To locate a collec-           Prescription drugs are extremely power-      posed a new law to create a state-wide drug
tion site near you, call 1-800-882-9539 or       ful and can be deadly if mixed with alcohol,    take back program. If you would like to
visit www.dea.gov and click on the “Got          mixed with other drugs or if not taken as       have a permanent safe drug disposal pro-        officials at 1-800-562-6000 and let them
Drugs?” icon.                                    directed. Some pain pills are very similar to   gram close to your home, call your elected      know your concerns.

DSHS Community Service Offices                                       Northwest Kidney centers hosting Ninth annual                   One in seven American adults has kidney disease. In
to operate on modified hours                                         Kidney Health Fest                                           the African American community, the number increases
                                                                        Northwest Kidney Centers will hold its Ninth Annual       four-fold. Although African Americans make up 12
By Voice sTaff                                                       Kidney Health Fest for African American Families,            percent of the U.S. population, 35 percent of individuals
                                                                     featuring free health screenings, entertainment and          with kidney failure are African American. In addition,
    Citing an increase in caseloads over the past two years,         healthy food samples made by local celebrity chefs,          African American men are 10 to 14 times more likely to
the implementation of mandatory furlough days for state em-          from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. May 7.                                  develop kidney failure due to high blood pressure than
ployees and a statewide hiring freeze, DSHS has announced               With the theme of “Back to Our Roots: Healthy Eat-        Caucasian men in the same age group.
that its Community Service Offices (CSO) and Customer                ing, Healthy Cooking,” this event features free health          All are welcome to attend this free event, which will
Service Call Centers (CSC) will operate under modified               screenings and private consultations with a doctor,          be held at Van Asselt Elementary (formerly the African
service hours.                                                       healthy food made by local celebrity chefs, and an           American Academy), 8311 Beacon Ave. S., in Seattle.
    Offices will operate full-service hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.    educational program emceed by Angela Russell, KIRO              For more information about the event, visit www.
Monday through Friday. Clients will be able to apply for cash,       7 Eyewitness News anchor.                                    nwkidney.org/fest.
food, medical and child care benefits, complete interviews and
appointments, obtain an EBT card, talk to call center staff,
ask questions and drop off and pick up documents. Anyone              Wireless                                                     unused text messages do not carry over.
                                                                                                                                      With SafeLink, his minutes and texts are covered
checking in or calling before 2 p.m. will be served.                  continued from Page 3
    From 2 to 5 p.m., the CSO and CSC services will be limited                                                                     under the basic 250-minute plan, and he pays nothing.
to applying for services online, asking questions, dropping           and SafeLink plans.                                             • Person C uses 800 minutes and 500 texts in a single
off and picking up documents and administrative hearing                                                                            month.
appointments. Office lobbies will remain open. Phone service             • Person A uses 275 minutes and no text messages in          With Assurance, she purchases the plan that includes
will also be reduced.                                                 a single month.                                              1,000 minutes and 1,000 texts for $20, plus taxes. Her
    There will be no change for specialized services, such as            With Assurance, she chooses not to purchase an ad-        200 unused minutes and 500 unused texts do not carry
Long-Term Care and WASHCAP/WTAP.                                      ditional block of 250 minutes, and pays $2.50, plus tax      over.
    The service reductions began March 14, and DSHS em-               (25 additional minutes at 10 cents per minute).                 With SafeLink, she purchases seven 150-minute cards
phasized that they will be temporary.                                    With SafeLink, she buys a 100-minute phone card for       for $209.93, plus tax. The 1,050 additional minutes plus
    The reductions are necessary to allow DSHS to better              $19.99, plus tax. The 75 minutes remaining on her phone      her 250 free minutes cover her usage for the month.
manage case loads, continue to provide services to its clients        card carry over to next month.
and prevent program degradation.                                         • Person B uses 200 minutes and 50 text messages in       To learn more
    The limited service hours will give DSHS “protected” time         a single month.                                                For more information, visit www.assurancewireless.
to focus on case management and determining eligibility for              With Assurance, he purchases the 200-text package,        com and www.safelinkwireless.com.
its programs, according to the agency.                                and pays $5, plus tax. His 50 unused minutes and 150

Housing                                          lawsuits.
                                                    Whether successful or not, such lawsuits
                                                                                                 someone with a prior conviction for em-
                                                                                                 bezzlement could still be refused a job in
                                                                                                                                                 won’t be living next to someone who will
                                                                                                                                                 harm you,” she said.
continued from Page 1
                                                 could potentially cost thousands in legal       accounting. And a person with a history of         The majority of those in attendance
unemployed at the time they committed            expenses, Austin said.                          DUI convictions could still be disqualified     favored the reforms in their comments and
the crime.                                          He also noted that anti-discrimination       for a job as a driver.                          in their applause, but a vocal minority —
   Representing the Washington Landlord          laws have traditionally protected innate           In those cases, employers would be asked     many identifying themselves as landlords
Association, panelist Tim Seth argued that       qualities, such as race, age and gender.        to consider a number of additional factors,     — offered comment in opposition.
the ordinance could have the adverse affect         “In most cases, a person cannot choose       including the amount of time passed since          Patricia Layden was one exception. She
of establishing Seattle as a haven for crimi-    their status,” Austin said. “A person is an     the conviction occurred, the age of the per-    identified herself as a landlady who counts
nals: the only place in the state where it is    ex-offender because of a choice to engage       son at the time of conviction, and evidence     three ex-offenders among her tenants.
not necessary to pass a background check         in criminal activity. Bad choices have con-     that the person has been rehabilitated.            “I say ex-offenders because they are ex-
to obtain housing or a job.                      sequences.”                                        The forum attracted a large crowd, with      offenders,” she said, adding that the three
   “If there is to be such a law it should be       But Harrell clarified that the proposal      few empty seats to be seen in the Bertha        have all worked hard to succeed following
statewide, not one city,” he said.               would not create a protected class for of-      Knight Landes Room at Seattle City Hall.        their incarceration and have given her “no
   He also said that the problems of escalat-    fenders. Rather, it would prohibit landlords       Several ex-offenders voiced their support    trouble.”
ing crime rates and strains on law enforce-      and employers from a blanket “no felons”        for the ordinance.                                 She also urged audience members to dis-
ment were being dumped on landlords and          policy — applicants would have to be con-          Peter Duncan asked for consideration for     pense with any “us and them” mentality.
employers — “making social workers out of        sidered on a case-by-case basis.                not only his own rights, but also for those        “We are all community,” she said.
landlords and employers,” as he put it.             The proposal would likewise not protect      of his 8-year-old, of whom he has custody.         In his closing remarks, Mike Peters of the
   And panelist Bill Austin, representing        those who have been convicted of serious           “If I am discriminated against, he will be   SHRC was unequivocal in his support for
EPIC Asset Management and the Washing-           offenses, including first- and second-degree    discriminated against,” Duncan said.            the proposal. Human rights laws protect the
ton Multi-family Housing Association, said       murder, assault and arson and all counts           Nicole Scott, whose husband is currently     inherent dignity of the individual, he said.
that landlords have an obligation to provide     of rape.                                        incarcerated, said she fears that her family    Furthermore, ensuring rights to housing
safe housing to their tenants, Austin said.         There would be other exceptions to the       will lose its housing when her husband is       and employment also protects one’s inher-
   He expressed another common concern           ordinance, said Julie Nelson, of the Seattle    released.                                       ent dignity.
among landlords who spoke at the meeting         Office of Civil Rights. A job applicant could      She also said that criminal background          “It seems that exile from housing and
— that revising anti-discrimination law to       be refused if there is a direct relationship    checks do not guarantee safety.                 employment is unacceptable and unten-
include criminal and arrest records could        between a criminal conviction and the              “No matter how many background               able,” he concluded.
expose landlords and employers to frivolous      type of employment sought. For instance,        checks you do, you’ll never ensure you

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             South Seattle Community College, 6000 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106 • (206) 764-5300 • www.southseattle.edu
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8 – locAl AND NAtIoNAl NewS                                                                                                              aPrIl 2011

                              TranslaTions  tRANSlAteD ARtIcleS FRoM tHe VoIce

ቀላል የሆኑ ለማፅዳት የሚረዱ ነገሮች በጣም       መስታውት ላይ በመርጨት በለስላሳ ጨርቅ                      CÓ NHỮNG SẢN PHẨM ĐƠN GIẢN DÙNG ĐỂ LAU CHÙI RẤT
ጥሩና ጤናማም ናቸው፡፡                    መወልወል፡፡                                       TỐT
በቀላሉ በአካባቢያችን የሚገኙ ተፈጥሯዊ          ሁለገብ በመርጨት የሚያፀዱ- ቤኪንግ ሶዳ፣                    (và) CÓ LỢI CHO CẢ SỨC KHỎE HƠN
ቁሳቁሶች ለቤት ጉዳዮች በጣም የሚጠቅሙ          ቬነገር፣ ውሃ እና መርጨት የሚችል ጠርሙስ                    Có một vài chỗ thường dùng trong nhà mà khi cần làm sạch thì các
አሉ፡፡ ለቤት ፅዳት የምንጠቀምባቸው            አራት የሻሂ ማንኪያ ቤኪንግ ሶዳ፣ ግማሽ                     phụ chất thiên nhiên dùng có nhiều hiệu quả hơn. Thêm vào đó,
በተጨማሪ ብዙ አይነት አገልግሎት የሚሰጡ         ካፕ ቬነገር እና አራት ካፕ ውሃ መርጨት                     những vật liệu này rất rẻ tiền.
ሲሆኑ ከሌሎች በማስታወቂያ ከምንሰማቸው          በሚያስችል ጠርሙስ ውስጥ መጨመር ከዛ
                                                                                Bột nổi -baking soda và dấm trằng dùng để tẩy sạch nhà rất hiệu quả,
የተለያዩ የፅዳት መገልገያዎች ለአካባቢያችን       የኪችን ካውንተር ላዩን ወለሎችን እነዚህን
ሆነ በዋጋቸው በጣም የተመረጡ ናቸው፡፡          የመሳሰሉትን ነገሮች ለማጽዳት ይጠቅማል፡፡
                                                                                tốt cho môi sinh hơn cả các sản phẩm thương mại , và lại rẻ hơn.
የዛጉ እቃዎችን ወይም ቅባት ያበላሻቸውንም        መጥፎ ሽታዎችን ለማስወገድ-የሚያስፈልገን                     Bột nổi- baking soda dùng chùi sạch dầu mở, bụi đất và các vết bẩn
ሆነ በጣም የቆሸሹትን ለማፅዳት ቤኪንግ ሶዳ       ቬኪንግ ሶዳ ነው፡፡                                  Dấm trắng được dùng đề làm tan chất mở dầu, bụi đất ở cữa sổ và các
ይጠቅማል፡፡                           ሽታ ለማጥፋት ቤኪንግ ሶዳ የተመረጠ ነው፡፡                   nơi khác.
ቤኒገር ደግሞ ቅባት ያበላሻቸውን ያስለቅቃል፡፡     ካርፔት ላይ መነስነስ ከዛ በመጥረጊያ ማሸት                   Sau đây là những phương thức đơn giản qúi vị có thể tự làm ra sản
በተጨማሪ የቆሸሹ መስኮቶችም ሆኑ የተለያዩ        በመጨረሻ ቫኪውም ማረግ፡፡ ለማንኛውም                       phẩm để chùi rữa dựa vào các vật liệu sau đây:
ቦታዎችን ለማፅዳት ይጠቅማል፡፡ እነዚህ          የቤት እንሰሳ (ፔትስ) መኝታ ላይ መነስነስ                   Để làm nước rữa kiếng: dấm trắng, nước xà bông, nước lã
በቀላሉ ራሳችሁ ለክታችሁ የምትጠቀሙበት          አንድ ቦክስ ቬኪንግ ሶዳ ከፍቶ ፊሪጅ ውስጥ                   Hòa tan nữa ly dấm trắng với vài giọt xà bông nước, cho nước lã vào
የማጽጃ ዘዴዎች ናቸው፡                    ማረግ እዛ የሚገኘውን ሽታ ያጠፋዋል፡፡                      bình xịt để chùi rữa kiếng. Lau khô với lọai vải không đổ lông.
ለመስኮት ማፅጃ፡- ቪኒገር፣ ፈሳሽ ሳሙና እና      ትለቅ ያለውን ቦክስ የቤኪንግ ሶዳ ከ$2
                                                                                Để làm nước chùi rữa các thứ khác: cần có bột nổi baking soda, dấm
ውሃ                                ባነሰ መግዛት ይቻላል፡፡ አንድ ጋሎን ቬኒገር
ግማሽ ካፕ ቬኒገር፣ ከትንሽ ጠብታ ሳሙና         (ነጩ ቬኒገር በጣም ጥሩ ነው) በ$3 መግዛት
                                                                                trắng, nước lã và bình xịt
እና ውሃ ከሚረጭ ጠርሙስ አድርጎ የመስኮት        ይቻላል፡፡                                        Cho vào 4 thìa bột nổi baking soda, nửa ly dấm trắng và 4 ly nước lã.
                                                                                Cho vào bình xịt dùng để chùi rữa kệ trong bếp, sàn nhà và các thứ
                                                                                Để khử mùi hôi – thứ mà bạn cần là : bột nổi-baking soda
                                                                                Bột nổi –baking soda là chất dùng để khử mùi hôi rất tốt. Rải đều lên
                                                                                thảm, và dùng chổi quét chúng đi, sau đó dùng máy hút bụi hút đi.
                                                                                Hãy dùng nó để rải vào nệm dùng cho thú vật nằm. Hãy mở hộp-bột
                                                                                nổi –baking soda để trong tủ lạnh để khử mùi hôi.
                                                                                Một gói bột nổi baking soda to, có thể mua dưới giá $2. Một galông
                                                                                dấm (dấm trắng) chỉ giá khỏang $3.

                                                                               ሕሱር ዝዋግኦም ናይ ጽሬት ነገራት ዝበለጹን ጥዕና ዝከላኸሉን
                                                                               ንናይ ገዛ ኣቕሑት መጽረዬ ናይ ተፈጥሮ ንጥረ ነገራት ብዝበለጸ
                                                                               ንግዛ ንምጽራይ ዝሕግዙ ኣለዉ ካልእ ጠቕሞምም ድማ ብጣዕሚ
                                                                               ሕሱራት እዮም።
                                                                               በኪንግ ሶዳ መባኹዕቲን ቨነጋር ኣቸቶን ንናይ ገዛ ኣቕሑት
                                                                               ንምጽራይ ብጣዕሚ ጠቐምቲ እዮም ናይ ኣከባቢ ኣየር ኣይብክሉን
                                                                               እዮም ከምቶም ክቡራት ንመጽርዬ ኣቕሑት ንጥቀመሎም።
                                                                               በኪንግ ሶዳ ግሮሶ መራት ርስሓትን ብምሕቃቕ ጽቡቕ ገይሩ የጽሪ
                                                                               ኣቸቶ ቨነጋር ድማ ግሮሶ ብምሕቃቕ ኣብ ምሳኹቲ ዘሎ ግሮሶ
                                                                               ብዝለዓለ የጽሪ
                                                                               ንናይ ግዛ ጽሬት ክሕግዙ ዝኽእሉ ቀለልቲ ነገራት ምድላው ባዕልኻ
                                                                               ኣዳሊኻ ክትጥቀመሎም እትኽእል ነገራት ።
                                                                               መስኮት መጽረዬ ቨንጋር ፈሳሲ ሳሙናን ማይን ተዳሉ
                                                                                ሓደ ፍርቂ ኩባያ ቨነጋር ምስ ቁሩብ ንጣብ ሳሙናን ማይን
                                                                               ኣብ ስፕረይ ቦትል ምድላው ኣብ መስትያት ምጽራይ ምጥቃም
                                                                               ድሕሪኡ ብጽሩይ ዓለባ ትዉልዉሎ
                                                                               ንኹሉ ዝጠቕም መጽርዬ ስፕረይ ቦትል ምጥቃም ምድላው ‘
                                                                               በኪንግ ሶዳ ቨነጋር ማይ ስፕረይ ቦትል ምድላው ኣርባዕተ
                                                                               ማንካ በኪንግ ሶዳ ፍርቂ ኩባያ ቨነጋር ኣርባዕተ ኩባያ ማይ ኣብ
                                                                               ወሽጢ ስፕረይ ቦትል ትሕዉሶ ጣዉላ ምድሪ ቤት ፍሎር ወዘተ
                                                                               መእለዬ ሽታ - በኪንግ ሶዳ ትጥቀም።
                                                                               በኪንግ ሶዳ ሕማቕ ሽታ ንምእላይ ይጠቅም ኣብ ካርፐት ነስንሶ
                                                                               ኣብ መኾስተር ነስንሶ ድሕሪኡ ትኹስትር ወይድማ ቫኩም ትገብር
                                                                               ኣብ ዓራት ኣንሶላን ድማ ነስንሶ ክፉት ባኮ በኪንግ ሶዳ ኣብ ፍሪጅ
                                                                               ኣቐምጥ ሕማቕ ሽታ መታን ክስሕብ ።
                                                                               ዓቢ ባኮ በኪንግ ሶዳ ብክልተ ቕርሺ ክትገዝእ ትኽእል ሓደ ጋሎን
                                                                               ቨነጋር(ሕሱር ጻዕዳ ቨነጋር) ዝበልጸ እዩ) ዋግኡ 3 ቕርሺ ኣዩ።

                                Simple cleaning products work best,     Vinegar xitaa waxay nadiifisaa wa-     nus Koob ah vinegar afar koob ah biyo
                              are healthier                           sakhda , daaqadaha iyo meelo kaleba.     kuna shub ku buufi si nadaafad ahaan
                                                                        Waxaa jira xoogaa nadaafadda oo        u isticmaal dhulka.
                                 Waxaa jira dhowr dawooyinka caa-     aad samaysan kartid adigoo u istic-         Ur bi’iye maxaad ugu baahan tahay
                              diga ha oo aad qaali aan ahayn..        maalaya                                  : baking soda
                                 Baking soda iyo vinegar waxay u        Daaqadaha nadaafaddooda vinegar,          Baking soda way fiican tahay waxay
                              sheaqeyaan si la yaab leh guryo badan   oo ah dareere saabuun ah                 bi’isaa wax yaabaha yar yarka oo dhan
                              isticmaalkeeda iyo wanaageeda oo          Isku dar Koob nuskiisa oo ka mid       oo Karbet ah kuna buufi jiiftahada ku
                              mujtamaca in badan oo ganacsi ah oo     ah vinegar oo xoogaa saabuun ah iyo      hay kuna ilaali daboolkeeda kuna haay
                              nadaafadda ah iyo kuwo badan oo aan     xoogaa biyo ah dabadeedna dhalo ku       qaboojiyaha
                              qiimo bafnayn kuwa inta badan ganac-    shub kuna buufi .                           Books weyn oo baking soda waxaad
                              siga ku jira. .                           Dhammaan ku buufi nadaafad ahaan       ku iibsan kartaa wax ka yar $2. gallon
                                 Baking soda waxay naddifisaa wax     baking soda, vinegar, biyo , dhalo ku    vinegar (tusaale caddaanka vinegar
                              yaahabaha aan nadiif ka ahayn oo        buufi ,                                  qiimaha iibkiisa ugu fiican waa $3.
                              dhan                                      Ku dar afar qaado ah baking soda iyo

                                                              THe VoIce
 The mission of the Seattle Housing Authority is to enhance                                              community entertainment
 the Seattle community by creating and sustaining decent,
 safe and affordable living environments that foster stability                                                youTH dAnce AT HeAlTH fAir
 and self-sufficiency for people with low incomes.                                                                            See Page 5

                                           SHA NEWS News and information about Seattle’s neighborhoods

Seattle Housing one of six finalists for HUD’s                                                                                                         New subsidy
Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants                                                                                                             planned for
$23.9 million grant would
fund Phase I redevelopment
                                                                                                                                                       Senior Housing
at Yesler Terrace                                                                                                                                      Low-income housing program will
By Seattle HouSing autHority StaFF                                                                                                                     provide operating, capital funds

   U.S. Housing and Urban Development                                                                                                                  By Virginia Felton
(HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan an-                                                                                                                      Seattle Housing Authority
nounced on March 18 that Seattle Housing
Authority is one of six finalists selected                                                                                                                 The Seattle Housing Authority is working
to compete for approximately $61 million                                                                                                               with the US Department of Housing and Ur-
in Choice Neighborhood Implementation                                                                                                                  ban Development (HUD) to bring traditional
Grants.                                                                                                                                                public housing subsidy to the Seattle Senior
   Last November, the agency submitted a                                                                                                               Housing Program (SSHP). This will make
grant application through HUD’s Choice                                                                                                                 it possible to keep rents affordable and pay
Neighborhood Initiative requesting $23.9                                                                                                               for needed building repairs.
million for the first phase of redevelopment                                                                                                               This administrative change will bring
at Yesler Terrace.                                                                                                                                     federal funding into the SSHP program. At
   Initial redevelopment would be focused                                                                                                              the same time, it will continue to be operated
                                                                                                                              PHoto By tyler rouSH
on a broad area that includes Yesler Terrace                                                                                                           as a separate program targeted to Seattle
                                                 Smith Tower and Elliott Bay are seen from the west side of Yesler Terrace. The
and extends eastward toward 14th Avenue                                                                                                                seniors. Current rent policy for SSHP will
                                                 Seattle Housing neighborhood is in the midst of a proposed redevelopment.
and southward toward Little Saigon. The                                                                                                                remain in effect and most administrative
grant, should it be awarded to the agency,       as well as streetscape improvements along        Initiative was established to transform              practices will remain the same.
would help transform the community               12th Avenue and support for small-scale          distressed neighborhoods into viable and                 The buildings were originally built in
through comprehensive education and em-          local retail. The agency would also work         sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods               the 1980s with $50 million generated from
ployment programs, housing opportunities         with nonprofit Historic Seattle to direct        by linking housing improvements with ap-             a city bond issue. While there have been
and support for economic development.            some of the funds toward rehabilitation of       propriate services, schools, public assets,          about 150 SSHP residents who have used
   Specific improvements in Seattle Hous-        the historic Washington Hall performing          transportation and access to jobs.                   Section 8 vouchers to help pay the rent,
ing’s proposal includes new housing on the       arts building.                                      HUD expects to announce grant awards              there has been no dedicated subsidy for the
12th Avenue and Yesler Block, renovation            Building on the successes of the HOPE         by the end of September.
of the Baldwin Apartments on 14th Avenue,        VI Program, HUD’s Choice Neighborhood                                                                            Please see “SSHP” on Page 3

RAC eyes expansion of executive committee                                                             Judge issues preliminary injunction
By Voice StaFF                                   to as many as 15 members. The existing               in grievance hearings lawsuit
                                                 positions of president, vice president, secre-
   The Resident Action Council’s executive       tary, treasurer and ombudsperson would be            RAC, Seattle Housing                              … the decision from the grievance hear-
committee could triple in size, in revisions     joined by up to 10 at-large positions.                                                                 ing is going to depend on legal rules and
that the resident advocacy group is planning        Executive committee membership would
                                                                                                      tenants challenge legality                        provisions,” Dunn said.
to make to its bylaws.                           be limited to no more than two members               of LIPH grievance process                             But Seattle Housing Authority has
   RAC members discussed the proposed re-        from any one Seattle Housing Authority                                                                 maintained that LIPH hearings are only
visions at the council’s meeting March 9.        community. In the event that three or more           By tyler rouSH                                    meant to determine the facts upon which
   While many of the revisions clarify           people from one community receive the                The Voice editor                                  it is basing its decision. Legal arguments
existing portions of the RAC bylaws, the         votes necessary for election, only the highest                                                         follow if and when a case goes to trial,
Executive Committee would be a significant       two vote-getters will be elected.                       A federal judge has granted a prelimi-         Fearn said.
change — RAC’s current executive commit-            Terms for executive committee mem-                nary injunction in a lawsuit filed against the        “We think the purpose of the grievance
tee, consisting of five officers, would expand   bers would be cut in half, from the current          Seattle Housing Authority challenging its         hearings is to review the factual basis upon
                                                 two-year terms for RAC officers to one-              LIPH grievance hearing process.                   which Seattle Housing Authority has made
           in this section                       year terms for all executive committee                  The Resident Action Council (RAC)              its determination to take action,” Seattle
                                                 members.                                             and several LIPH tenants filed the law-           Housing’s General Counsel James Fearn
                                                    Voting on the bylaws revisions are ex-            suit against Seattle Housing and Weldon           said. “We think the current grievance hear-
  SHA News                        Page 2         pected to take place at RAC’s next regular           Mediation Services, the contractor that           ings procedure does that adequately.”
     scholarship night coming soon               meeting, scheduled for 1:30 p.m. April               oversees the Housing Authority’s LIPH                 In the preliminary injunction, U.S.
  Point of View                   Page 3         13 at Center Park, 2121 26th Ave. S., at             grievance hearings. The suit contends             District Court Judge Richard Jones ruled
     denny renovations fully underway            the northwest corner of MLK Way and S.               that the Housing Authority’s LIPH griev-          that the plaintiffs would likely succeed in
  High Point Herald               Page 4         Walker St.                                           ance hearings do not meet due process             multiple counts in their lawsuit: that the
     get your taxes done for free                   On the #4 or #8 bus, get off on MLK               standards or allow for a tenant to mount a        Housing Authority’s current LIPH hearing
  Rainier Vista News              Page 5         Way at South Walker. On the #7, #9, #34,             legal defense.                                    process violates the law by not considering
     a former resident returns                   #42 or #48, get off on Rainier Avenue South             Representing RAC and the tenants, at-          a tenant’s legal arguments; that the current
  NewHolly Notes                  Page 6         at South Walker and walk east two blocks             torney Eric Dunn of the Northwest Justice         hearing officer is not qualified to hear legal
      upcoming community events                  on Walker.                                           Project said that LIPH tenants are entitled       arguments; and that the Housing Authority
  Yesler Happenings               Page 7            RAC has some funding to issue taxi                to due process in a grievance hearing.            does not comply with HUD regulations re-
      plans for the first hill streetcar         scrips in certain cases. Call 206-322-1297              “No matter what particular issue the           garding the selection of hearing officers.
  Translations                    Page 8         for more details.                                    grievance hearing is about, whether it’s an
                                                                                                      eviction, a plumbing bill, an extra bedroom              Please see “Lawsuit” on Page 6
2 – SHA newS                                                                                                                                                                       APril 2011

Sign up soon for the                                                                              Two new MTW activities proposed in
College Bound Scholarship                                                                         plan amendment
                                                                                                  By Seattle HouSing autHority StaFF                   • a simplified utility allowance struc-
   Seattle Housing encourages all seventh-        Community College and North Seattle
                                                                                                                                                    ture for the Housing Choice Voucher
and eighth-graders to enroll in the College       Community College are all included in the
                                                                                                     Through an agreement with the US De-           program
Bound Scholarship Program, a state program        College Bound Scholarship Program.
                                                                                                  partment of Housing and Urban Develop-               Seattle Housing Authority will hold a
that will help pay tuition and up to $500 for        More information on the College Bound
                                                                                                  ment (HUD), Seattle Housing Authority             public hearing on the proposed amend-
books for students at any state-funded col-       Scholarship, including a list of institutions
                                                                                                  is able to use Moving to Work (MTW)               ment on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 3:30
lege or university in Washington.                 qualified in the program, is available online
                                                                                                  flexibility to replace selected federal           pm in the community room at PorchLight,
   To be eligible, low-income seventh- and        at www.hecb.wa.gov. Click the “College
                                                                                                  regulations with policies that better meet        907 NW Ballard Way, Seattle.
eighth-graders must sign a pledge by June 30      Bound Scholarship” link.
                                                                                                  local needs.                                         Seattle Housing participants and the
of their eighth-grade year. Students pledge
                                                                                                     Each year, a plan is submitted to HUD          public are encouraged to attend and share
to graduate from high school, demonstrate         Haven’t signed up yet?
                                                                                                  outlining its MTW activities for the year.        their ideas.
good citizenship and seek admission to a             Come to Seattle Housing’s 2011 regis-
                                                                                                  Seattle Housing is planning to amend its             The proposed amendment will be
college or university.                            tration event from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Thursday,
                                                                                                  2011 Annual MTW Plan to propose the               available on www.seattlehousing.org on
   This year’s deadline for enrollment is         April 21 at the Porchlight office, 907 N.W.
                                                                                                  following two new activities:                     April 8 and available for public comment
June 30, 2011.                                    Ballard Way, Suite 200.
                                                                                                     • applying MTW flexibility to Seattle          through May 9.
   The scholarship can be applied to dozens          A representative from the College Suc-
                                                                                                  Senior Housing Program (SSHP) units                  For more information, disability ac-
of 2- and 4-year colleges and universities in     cess Foundation will be on hand to help with
                                                                                                  to allow them to receive public hous-             commodations, or to arrange an inter-
Washington state. Locally, four-year schools      the application and to answer questions.
                                                                                                  ing funding while continuing to operate           preter for the public hearing, call Beka
such as the University of Washington,                For more information call Karmin Hall-
                                                                                                  similarly to how they operate today (see          Smith at 206-615-3576 by April 25.
Seattle University and Seattle Pacific Uni-       berg, housing counselor, at 206-239-1572,
                                                                                                  related article on Page 1).
versity and two-year schools such as North        or e-mail khallberg@seattlehousing.org.
Seattle Community College, Seattle Central

  Mai Lan Riggle named to new post                compliance and property management
                                                                                                  Daytripper: Beyond the locks, a
     In February, Seattle Housing Authority
                                                  skills and experience.
                                                     “She has been with Seattle Housing           heron-watcher’s wonderland
  named Mai Lan Rig-                              for five years as Compliance Auditor for        By KriStin o’Donnell                               the overpass and listen — there will be loud
  gle senior property                             the HOPE VI communities,” Sribhibhadh           Yesler Terrace resident                            clicking sounds, and a bird call that sounds
  manager for Rainier                             added.                                                                                             like a giant duck with a sore throat.
  Vista and for the new                              Prior to coming to Seattle Housing,             Bird watching can be challenging. Most             Look toward the noise. There will be
  Lake City Village.                              Riggle’s experience included managing           birds are little and sort of grayish brown.        a big messy nest near the tree tops, with
  Cindy Sribhibhadh,                              tax credit properties and a portfolio that      They hide in the bushes, and when you              heron chicks, usually two but sometimes
  property management                             combined residential and commercial             finally see them, they fly away before you         three, impatiently waiting for their lunch.
  administrator, in an-
                           Mai lan riggle
                                                  spaces.                                         can figure out if they have yellow legs or         It takes two heron parents to keep the
  nouncing Riggle’s                                  Riggle’s office is at Rainier Vista, in      black legs — a very important difference           chicks fed.
  promotion, said, “Mai Lan has both strong       the new Tamarack building.                      to the serious birdwatcher. This month’s              Within a short time, you will see a big
                                                                                                  trip makes bird watching easy.                     bird gliding in from its fishing trip. The
                                                                                                     Just above the Ballard Locks in Mag-            noise from the nest gets louder, as the
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods grows “bumper crop”                                           nolia, Kiwanis Ravine Park has one of the          chicks push each other aside, clacking their
of new P-Patch community gardens                                                                  largest great blue heron nesting colonies          beaks together to be first to be fed. The
By city oF Seattle                                opportunities for Seattle residents. New        near Puget Sound. Early this month, before         adult heron flies away toward the water
                                                  projects are strategically selected to serve    the trees leaf out is the best time to see them    to catch more fish for dinner. If you look
   Seattle Department of Neighborhoods            neighborhoods and communities previously        feeding their always hungry chicks.                further into the treetops, you will probably
has released an update on the progress of         underserved by the P-Patch Community               The great blue heron is a big bird — four       see other nests.
new P-Patch community garden develop-             Gardening Program. Staff is working with        feet tall, with a wingspan of nearly six feet.        Continue down the trail. The trail ends
ment funded by the 2008 Parks and Green           interpreters and multi-cultural outreach        (A very big bird.)                                 at 33rd Avenue West on the south side of
Spaces Levy.                                      teams to engage a broad diversity of Seattle       It flies slowly, gliding, folding its long      the Ballard Locks. From there you can
   The 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy           residents in these neighborhood projects. In    neck back against its body, its long legs          either loop back up the trail to the West
set aside $2 million for development of four      turn, the community update report has been      trailing behind. They can’t be mistaken for        Government Way bus stop, or go down a
or more community gardens on city-owned           translated into eight languages to support      anything else that flies around here.              steep quarter block on 33rd West to Com-
property. Not only have four projects been        outreach efforts.                                  The herons aren’t really blue, but gray,        modore Way.
completed, but there are 11 additional               The P-Patch Community Gardening              darker on the back and head than under-               Cross Commodore Way and go down
projects underway. This success is due to         Program, in conjunction with the P-Patch        neath. (The bird books say that adult birds        the switch-back and not-too-steep downhill
the P-Patch Program’s focus on engaging           Trust, a nonprofit organization, oversees       have a blue plume — maybe they do, but             sidewalk to the fish ladder and the Ballard
neighbors, collaborating with other city          73 P-Patches located throughout the city.       you’ll need binoculars to see it.)                 Locks. There are several benches along the
departments and leveraging partnerships           These gardens are gathering places where           Walk quietly on the trail that goes             way, good places to sit and watch the boats
with community organizations. Together,           Seattle neighbors strengthen community          gently downhill through the Kiwanis Ra-            go through the locks.
these 15 gardens are adding space for 225         connections and steward a piece of open         vine woods —notice the ferns and spring               Cross to the other side of the locks and
new households to garden.                         space for everyone to enjoy. The community      flowers. Stop in the middle of the railroad        continue north through the lovely Carl
   The goal of the levy-funded work is to         update can be found at www.seattle.gov/         overpass.                                          English Garden, where there are lots of
increase access to community gardening            neighborhoods/ppatch/levy.htm.                     Most days in early spring, there will           those fast-flying little grayish-brown birds,
                                                                                                  be some herons resting on the roof of the
                                                                                                  house on the far side of the bridge. Stand on          Please see “Daytripper” on Page 6

                            to the
             lettersVoice speak out editor
             Readers of The
                                                                                                                                   About The voice
                                                                                                      The Voice is a monthly newspaper published by Neighborhood House with
                                                                                                  financial support from Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Au-
A fond farewell                                   through the Sharehouse, and seemingly a
                                                  million other things.
                                                                                                      The Voice is developed and edited by Neighborhood House with help from SHA
   Dear Seattle Housing tenants:                     There were some tough days and some
                                                                                                  residents and staff. It strives to provide a forum for objective news and informa-
   As some of you may already know, my            really fun days, and through it all I thor-
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position as your mental health case man-          oughly enjoyed meeting so many of you
                                                                                                      The Voice welcomes articles, letters to the editor and columns from readers.
ager for the downtown high-rises ended on         and working at improving our lives. I know
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March 10. I can’t believe it was six years ago    I learned a lot more from all of you than
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— it feels just like yesterday. I thought I was   portunity to thank you. I hope to see you
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Housing Authority tenants, like looking
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away, dealing with the stress of homeWorks         Seattle Housing Authority Housing Case
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construction, getting furniture for tenants       Manager

                                                                                         THe voice
APril 2011                                                                                                                                                                                  SHA newS – 3

                                                  PoiNt of ViEW
                           NewS About tHe SeAttLe SeNioR HouSiNg PRogRAM AND SeAttLe’S HigH-RiSe coMMuNitieS

More work to come after new windows installed at Denny Terrace
By SVen KoeHler                                      “We all tend to be nervous about change,
Seattle Housing Authority                         but the new windows are wonderful. The
                                                  sound from the outside is more dampened,
   If you want to catch a glimpse of what         they don’t leak, and when I touch the frames
Denny Terrace apartments looked like for          they actually feel warm rather than cold like
the first 40 years of its existence, you’d bet-   the old ones,” she said.
ter hurry. The building’s facade is more than        Another nice touch is the fact that the
half hidden from view with scaffolding.           new window design includes sills, while
   The homeWorks project is about to trans-       the old windows had none. Residents have
form it from a monotonous brick exterior to       commented that this seems to lend a more
a more colorful, smooth stucco finish that        home-like feel to the apartments.
should make the building the most modern             As unglamorous as it sounds, the pow-
addition to the skyline of Capitol Hill.          erful new high-pressure toilets that were
   In fact, if you want a feel for the old ver-   installed in each apartment also made a posi-
sion of Denny Terrace, you’re almost too          tive impact. Resident Tara Guggenmos ex-
late. The first part of the transformation is     claimed, “They’re awesome! They just flush
nearly over. About $20,000 worth of interior      really well compared to the old ones.”
renovations in each apartment were just              It is good news that they function bet-
completed.                                        ter and use less water than the previous
   The work stared this past December.            version.                                                                                                                                     PHoto By Wg clarK
Now, each resident’s apartment has brand-            These extensive changes to each apart-                  A bird’s eye view of construction in progress at Denny Terrace. The building is being
new windows, remodeled showers and                ment were accomplished during an intense                   wrapped in phases for the installation of new exterior insulation. The old brick will
plumbing fixtures, new lights, heaters and        three-week process. So much work was                       be covered by a new exterior color scheme, which could make the building a landmark
electrical systems and other updates.             going into each apartment that each resident               visible from much of South Lake Union and I-5.
   The new windows are a big hit. While           was offered a free hotel reservation for a
many residents were anxious about the             week or more during a pre-scheduled con-                   monumental task for everyone. There were          Seattle Housing and Pioneer Human Ser-
switch from sliding windows to casement           struction period.                                          six to 10 people leaving or coming back to        vices visited each apartment several times
windows that open inwards, the change                Leading up to the unit work, residents                  the building practically every day as part of     before the scheduled construction period to
has been positive, noted resident Katherine       got help packing and moving items out                      the well-planned construction schedule.
Anderson.                                         of the work zone, but nonetheless it was a                    To make this work, a dedicated crew from       Please see “denny Terrace” on Page 7

                                                                                                             Respite construction kicks off
                                                                                                             By SVen KoeHler                                      Jefferson Terrace Apartments was built in
                                                                                                             Seattle Housing Authority                         1964 to significant acclaim in the architec-
                                                                                                                                                               tural community due to its modern, exposed
                                                                                                                Thanks to a discreet construction fence,       concrete design. Many residents remark that
                                                                                                             the work site next to Jefferson Terrace’s         they love their building because of the sense
                                                                                                             front door isn’t much to look at. But for three   of solidity that the material provides, despite
                                                                                                             days in late March, the distinct sounds of a      being 17-stories high.
                                                                                                             concrete saw at work heralded the start of           Of course, it is this very concrete that
                                                                                                             construction of a new Respite Care facility.      makes modifications a challenge. A con-
                                                                                                             Anyone in earshot knew that the project to        crete-cutting saw with blades almost 3 feet
                                                                                                             modify the seventh floor of the apartment         in diameter was used to slice openings in in-
                                                                                                             building had begun.                               terior walls between units to create an office
                                                                                                                Since 2009, momentum has gathered to           and community space for the Respite facility
                                                                                                             locate a medical respite facility at the build-   out of the vacant studio apartments.
                                                                                                             ing, where homeless people can have a safe           The same tool was used to chop out the
                                                                                                             place to heal after release from hospital care.   concrete rail of the seventh floor elevator
                                                                                                             In 2010, the seventh floor of the building        lobby balcony. This will serve as the direct
                                                                                                             was leased to Public Health – Seattle & King      entrance to the Respite facility via a new,
                                                               PHoto courteSy oF Seattle HouSing autHority   County for this purpose, after the program        dedicated, controlled-access exterior el-
Work is underway to create a new entrance to the seventh floor of Jefferson Terrace for                      received an economic stimulus plan award
                                                                                                             to help fund construction.                                Please see “Respite” on Page 5
the Respite Care program.

SSHP                                              HUD and about $1.1 million per year in
                                                  additional capital funding. The program’s
                                                                                                             program has been discussed for about a year
                                                                                                             with the SSHP Rent Advisory Committee               SSHP JPAc meets this month
continued from Page 1                                                                                                                                               There will be an SSHP JPAC meet-
                                                  total yearly operating expenses are about                  and with SSHP residents in the program’s
program. As a result, it has been difficult to    $4.8 million.                                              Joint Policy Advisory Committee (JPAC).             ing from 1 – 3 p.m. Wednesday, April
set aside enough reserve funding to pay for          Senior Property Manager Judy Anderson                   The alternative to this solution is to raise        6 in the Community Room at Porch-
the needed repairs.                               noted that the rents charged in the program                rents in the program, a move which neither          light, located at 907 N.W. Ballard Way,
   The Housing Authority began looking            are not enough to fund these repairs. “We                  residents nor management wants to adopt.            Suite 200.
at the possibility of bringing Low Income         want to keep rent levels about where they                     In order to provide more information                The agenda will include a sum-
Public Housing (LIPH) subsidy to SSHP             are now in order to fulfill the goals of this              about the transition, Anderson will visit each      mary of the policy changes relating to
when testing in the last few years revealed       program,” said Anderson, “but we couldn’t                  building for an information session during          the proposal to bring Public Housing
serious water intrusion problems in a major-      do that without a new funding source.”                     the month of May. Details of these meet-            subsidy to SSHP.
ity of the buildings. An assessment of capital       Anderson noted that adjusting the pro-                  ings will be posted on the Seattle Housing             For more information, contact Com-
improvements needed over the next years           gram to fit within LIPH will make a few                    Authority website and in the buildings. All         munity Builders Marcia Johnson (239-
revealed that about $48 million was needed        changes necessary. “We will have to review                 Senior Housing buildings will be included           1530) or Ellen Ziontz (239-1625).
to make important repairs to window, siding       residents’ income information every three                  in this administrative transition except for
and elevators. Some of this work has already      years instead of just at move-in, and there                South Park and Leschi House.
been funded, bringing the remaining total         will be a few more inspections. Residents                     The transition process requires the Hous-      will also need to be adopted and will be
to about $33 million, but existing resources      will have to verify their citizenship. Other               ing Authority to amend its annual MTW plan        available in each building in early May.
have largely been used up. Making the units       than that, there should be very few changes.               and receive approval from HUD. This will          For more information on these changes,
in SSHP eligible for public housing subsidy       Our hope is that residents will hardly notice              also involve a public meeting in May. See         see the article about MTW amendments
will result in a net increase of about $1.9       the transition.”                                           the May issue of The Voice for details.           on Page 2.
million per year in operating subsidy from           The idea of applying LIPH subsidy to the                   Formal policy changes for the program

                                                                                                     THe voice
4 – SHA newS                                                                                                                                                                      APril 2011

                            HigH PoiNt HErAld                  newS ABouT THe HiGH PoinT coMMuniTy

Artwork created by High Point teens                                                                 Free tax preparation available at High
dedicated in West Seattle Junction                                                                  Point Center through United Way
                                                                                                    By tyler rouSH                                  receive the earned income tax credit, an
                                                                                                    The Voice editor                                IRS program designed to put money back
                                                                                                                                                    into the pockets of working families.
                                                                                                       Tax time can be stressful.                      For example, a single parent with three
                                                                                                       Fortunately for low-income individu-         children earning $43,352 in 2010 (or a
                                                                                                    als and families, there’s a way for them to     married couple earning $48,362) may be
                                                                                                    receive free tax preparation from someone       eligible to receive a $5,666 tax credit.
                                                                                                    who can make sense of the W-2s and                 That’s money saved for many families.
                                                                                                    1040s.                                          And when the credit exceeds their taxes
                                                                                                       The Neighborhood House High Point            due, the difference is paid out in a tax
                                                                                                    Center is hosting one of 18 sites in the        refund — critical savings for low-income
                                                                                                    United Way of King County’s Free Tax            families.
                                                                                                    Preparation campaign.                              “A penny saved is a penny earned for
                                                                                                       Individuals and couples earning less         someone on a fixed income,” Siegel said.
                                                                                                    than $50,000 in 2010 are eligible to have
                                                                                                    their taxes done by a trained and IRS-certi-    tax center open thursdays, Sundays
                                                                                                    fied tax preparer.                                 Mike Davis, who manages the High
                                                                                                       On a recent Sunday afternoon, volun-         Point Center site, said during a recent
                                                                                                    teer Chris Siegel paused during a lull to       afternoon in March that the High Point
                                                                                                    talk about his involvement with the free        tax center had already helped more than
                                                                                                    tax preparation program.                        75 individuals and families file tax returns
                                                                                                       “It’s a good way to pay it forward,”         — a number that will certainly rise as the
                                                                            PHoto By laura gentry   he said.                                        tax deadline nears.
This mural in the breezeway in the West Seattle was one of three created by High Point                 Siegel said the program helps low-in-           Davis said its particularly important
youth through a High Point Community Center program that was funded by Seattle                      come people “unspend their money” that          for low-income people to take advantage
Housing Authority.                                                                                  they might otherwise have to invest in          of the United Way’s free tax preparation
                                                                                                    professional tax preparation.                   campaign because it’s an easy way to learn
By Seattle HouSing autHority                    bers got together to dedicate the artwork              Hiring a tax preparer can cost $100 on       about the Earned Income Tax Credit, a
                                                by putting up a plaque letting passersby            average, Siegel said, so the United Way’s       federal tax program that can save eligible
   The West Seattle Junction breezeway is       know who to thank for the artwork. The              Tax Preparation campaign essentially puts       individuals and families hundreds and
getting a breath of fresh air with newly ac-    plaque states:                                      $100 back into the pockets of low-income        even thousands of dollars.
quired artwork created by High Point teens.        “As youth, we envision a diverse world           individuals and families.                          The center is open from 5 – 9 p.m.
Last summer, Seattle Housing Authority          that accepts everyone without judgment                 And that’s before accounting for any         Thursdays and noon – 4 p.m. Sundays at
provided funding to the High Point Com-         and allows us to explore our options. Our           refund they might receive.                      the High Point Center, 6400 Sylvan Way
munity Center to start a youth recreation and   work is open to interpretation and we hope             Many families who are eligible for free      S.W.
leadership program. As part of that program,    to inspire and open your eyes to the diver-         tax preparation services are also eligible to
approximately 40 youths took part creat-        sity and aspirations of the youth living in
ing three mural artwork pieces that were        the West Seattle community. – High Point
installed in the breezeway last August.         Youth – Summer 2010”
   The breezeway is a walkway near the
corner of Southwest Alaskan Street and
                                                   Each of the murals were created with the
                                                theme “Past, Present, and Future” in mind,
                                                                                                    High Point Center solar panel
California Avenue Southwest in West Seattle
that connects junction-area shops, restau-
                                                and many of the youth who worked on the
                                                pieces left their mark by writing down what
                                                                                                    metering goes online
rants and parking lots.                         they wanted to be in the future.
   This February, a few community mem-

High Point Neighborhood
Association trustees needed
By MiranDa taylor                               Authority Community Builder Shukri Olow,
HPNA Trustee                                    and many Neighborhood House staff, able,
                                                organized, and willing to take the time to
   Everyone who lives in High Point is a        help you follow through with street safety,
member of the High Point Neighborhood           park and playground improvements, garden-
Association. High Point Neighborhood            ing, self defense classes, exercise classes
Association is having elections for Trustees    and more.
June 3rd at the Community Potluck, and             Chris Smithco is currently our Treasurer,
nominations are already being accepted.         and he keeps us up to date on our funds. I          By Voice StaFF                                  as well as graphs charting daily, weekly,
   You might be wondering what it means         am the Secretary and take notes to make                                                             monthly and even annual production.
to be a neighborhood association Trustee.       sure everyone remembers what we decided                Just how much power are those huge               The application also features links to
The responsibility of an HPNA Trustee is        in meetings. Jennifer Cobb is our tireless          solar panel arrays atop the High Point          local weather information, for comparing
to represent your neighbors by attending        President, who oversees all our work.               Center generating, anyway?                      current output with weather conditions.
monthly evening meetings where we discuss          A few of us are able to attend daytime              By visiting the Neighborhood House               The tool also converts the building’s
neighborhood issues as a small group.           meetings with our partners, like the High           website, you can now know precisely             lifetime energy production to a handful of
   We also attend quarterly (every three        Point Resources Coalition, keeping them             how many kilowatts are being produced           common appliances and devices, making
months) all-neighborhood meetings, which        informed of our changing needs. Some                by the High Point Center’s solar arrays         it easier to quantify just how much energy
hold us accountable to all our neighbors.       attend the SW Police Precinct or Delridge           at any given moment.                            the array has captured.
If you have a particular interest, you may      Neighborhood Council meetings.                         The solar metering application is avail-         For example, according to the appli-
choose to head a committee and find neigh-         Building relationships with people will          able online at www.nhwa.org/high-point.         cation, the center’s solar panels have al-
bors to help, as I am doing to secure an        find you more resources to make our world a         From the main page, select “What’s up           ready generated enough energy to power
exercise space.                                 better place. We welcome you to do the best         with the solar panels?” link, under the         196 computers for an entire year!
   Everyone — more specifically all High        you can, and we invite you to join us!              “Going Green” tab.                                  Fat Spaniel Technologies set up the
Point Neighbors — can improve their lives          Nominations are now being accepted.                 The metering app displays the current        metering application.
by participating in community events.           Nominate a neighbor or yourself!                    power output for the center’s solar array,
   We have employees like Seattle Housing

                                                                                            THe voice
APril 2011                                                                                                                                                                     SHA newS – 5

                          rAiNiEr ViStA NEWS                   newS ABouT THe rAinier viSTA coMMuniTy

Linda Hardin, originally from Rainier Vista,
returns to her old (changed) neighborhood
                                                                                                  Spring health fair in
By Scott Freutel
Seattle Housing Authority
                                                                                                  Rainier Vista draws 200
   When Linda Hardin moved into her
brand-new apartment in Tamarack Place
last November, technically speaking she
was returning to a community she’d left
years before. But the community along
Martin Luther King, Jr. Way has changed
so much that Hardin is still getting her
   Nine years ago, when redevelopment
of Rainier Vista was just getting off the
ground, Seattle Housing Authority relo-
cated Hardin from an apartment in Rainier      linda Hardin
Vista to one in Holly Court. She didn’t care      “Most of the people here are friendly,
for the Holly Court place at all. Her apart-   and I enjoy meeting them,” she said re-
ment there was dark and cramped, she said      cently.
recently, and the building was noisy. For         Hardin’s first-floor apartment looks
quite a while she and the residents of 30      out over a playfield used by the Boys &
other apartments shared just one washing       Girls Club. She says she’s getting used to
machine and one dryer among them.              hearing the always energetic, sometimes
   Now she’s moved back to Rainier Vista,      noisy kids who use the field.
into a spacious, east-facing one-bedroom          Close by is a big parking lot owned by
apartment that’s full of light. She has a      the Boys & Girls Club visitors, and Hardin
dishwasher and a big new refrigerator, plus    wishes that it was available for parking the
a washing machine and dryer she doesn’t        cars of residents of Tamarack Place. She
                                                                                                                                                                                PHoto By tyler rouSH
have to share with anyone. As a resident       knew when she moved in that Tamarack
of Rainier Vista when redevelopment            Place had been designed without tenant             Members of the Rainier Vista Cambodian Youth Dance Group (from left) Malena,
began, she was entitled to come back to        parking on the assumption that tenants             Prenz, Rosalynda, Stephan, Selena and Sovannarith perform a traditional coconut
the original neighborhood once there was       would make use of the Metro buses and              dance. Run by volunteers, the Cambodian youth dance program has existed in Rainier
a place for her.                               Sound Transit trains that run right by the         Vista since 1994.
   Although she likes Tamarack Place a         building. However, the task of finding             The group was part of the entertainment at the Rainier Vista Health Fair, which drew
lot, she says, she does miss seeing famil-     street parking on a daily basis is not one         more than 200 people out to the Rainier Valley Boys & Girls Club. In addition to
iar faces among her former Rainier Vista       she enjoys.                                        the entertainment, guests were able to browse information from numerous health-
neighbors. Apart from a sister, Kathleen          “I spend a lot of time trying to find           and safety-related service providers, receive complimentary dental screenings and
Hardin, who has also moved into the            places to park, and moving my car,” Har-           blood pressure checks, receive free, confidential HIV testing, and enjoy dinner and
building, her neighbors are all new to her.    din says. “But don’t get me wrong – I              refreshments. Event sponsors included Neighborhood House, Seattle Housing Authority,
Many are recent immigrants, and that’s         really like it here. All these changes have        Neighborcare Health, Seattle University, Community Health Plan of Washington, the
fine by Hardin.                                turned out for the better.”                        Washington Oral Health Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.

                                                                                                  Respite                                          the facility is completed by this summer.
                                                                                                                                                   This limits the impact on the everyday life
                                                                                                  continued from Page 3
                                                                                                                                                   of the building, especially once the demo-
                                                                                                  evator. This ensures that respite clients and    lition is done in early April and concrete
                                                                                                  the building’s 280 residents won’t have to       work for the elevator enclosure is done by
                                                                                                  compete for use of the building’s existing       mid-May, according to project manager
                                                                                                  two elevators.                                   Brent Palmason.
                                                                                                      The fact that admission to the Respite           Besides the obvious physical work on
                                                                                                  facility is only by doctor’s referral means      site, there has been action behind the scenes
                                                                                                  that there will be no walk-up traffic by the     in moving the project forward. With resourc-
                                                                                                  general public. This is reflected in the way     es from its existing Pioneer Square Clinic,
                                                                                                  the new elevator is designed to tuck out of      Harborview Medical Center was chosen as
                                                                                                  the way of the main public entrance to Jef-      the operator of the Respite Care program.
                                                                                                  ferson Terrace. It will be a discrete, slender   Jefferson Terrace resident Art Himmelman
                                                                                                  tower about 30 feet high, just to the west of    learned many details of the requirements
                                                                                                  the main entry vestibule.                        for successfully operating the program,
                                                                                                      At community meetings about the con-         as he took park in the public Request for
                                                                                                  struction project on March 18 and 24, resi-      Proposal process to select the operator.
                                                                                                  dents of Jefferson Terrace were introduced       He commented at the Feb. 3 Respite Care
                                                                                                  to the contractor for the remodel work, CDK      Advisory Group meeting that they clearly
                                                                                                  Construction Services. This contractor has       possessed the strong qualifications required
                                                                                                  proved itself successful at working consid-      for the job.
                                                                                                  erately in an occupied building with seniors         The operator will soon join the meetings
                                                                                                  and disabled residents during a Seattle          of the Respite Care Advisory Group, which
                                                                                                  Housing Authority project in 2010, as well       presents a forum for residents of the build-
                                                                                                  as in recent work in sensitive environments      ing, property management and Public Health
                                                                                                  like neighboring Harborview hospital.            to discuss and monitor the project. The next
                                                                                                      The crew size will only be about half a      meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. April 14 at
                                                                                                  dozen workers, and the duration of construc-     Jefferson Terrace.
                                                                                                  tion will be about five months due to ensure

                                                                                              THe voice
6 – SHA newS                                                                                                                                                                          APril 2011

                                     NEWHollY NotES                newS ABouT THe newHolly coMMuniTy

                                                                                                                                       Block Watch teams forming
                                                                                                                                       at NewHolly, next community
                                                                                                                                       meeting to be held April 19
                                                                                                                                         As the result of several successful community meetings
                                                                                                                                      at NewHolly, Block Watch groups are being formed to
                                                                                                                                      increase safety throughout the community.
                                                                                                                                         The most recent community meeting, held on March
                                                                                                                                      22, had a very impressive turnout, double the attendance
                                                                                                                                      from February’s meeting. There was resident representation
                                                                                                                                      from all three phases of NewHolly and several community
                                                                                                                                      members have stepped up to take the lead in encouraging
                                                                                                                                      their neighbors to form these Block Watch groups in the
                                                                                                                                         All residents of NewHolly are encouraged to get in-
                                                                                                                                      volved in the process of making NewHolly a safer place
                                                                                                                                      to live.
                                                                                                                                         The next community meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,
                                                                                                                                      April 19th from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Gathering Hall. Pizza,
                                                                                                                                      salad and cookies will be provided for all in attendance.
                                                                                                                                         For more information about the Block Watch groups
                                                                                                                                      being formed, residents can contact Community Builder
                                                                                                                                      Joy Bryngelson at 723-1725 or by email at jbryngelson@

                                                                                                                                      continued from Page 2
                                                                                                                                      to Northwest Market Street, where there is a bus stop and
                                                                                                                                      several option for fish-and-chips lunch.
                                                                                                                                         Getting there and back: #33 Magnolia bus leaves down-
                                                                                                                                      town on Fourth Avenue approximately every 30 minutes.
                                                                                                                                      Ask the driver to let you off at the stop before Discovery
                                                                                                                                      Park, 33rd and West Government Way.
                                                                                                                                         Walk back to 32nd West and turn left — in a little over a
                                                                                                                                      block, the street dead-ends and the trail through the ravine
                                                                                                                                         From the bus stop on Market Street, bus #44 goes to
                                                                                                                                      central Ballard and the University District and bus # 17
                                                                                                                                      goes to central Ballard and downtown.
                                                                                                                                         Access: A mostly easy stroller and wheelchair downhill
                                                                                                                                      on a hard-surfaced trail as far as 33rd West, where the half-
                                                                                                                                      block to Commodore Way is quite steep, has no sidewalks
                                                                                                                                      and has rough pavement — it is possible, but challenging.
                                                                                                                                      Returning to West Government Way from the ravine on the
                                                                                                                                      trail is not steep, but it is uphill all the way.

                                                  officer for LIPH grievance hearings. Both
Lawsuit                                           Dunn and Fearn agree that Weldon does not
                                                                                                    bill that he believes he wrongfully received.
                                                                                                    Another is contesting a change in rent.
                                                                                                                                                          Seattle Housing has already increased its
                                                                                                                                                       budget for Section 8 hearings from $50,000
continued from Page 1
                                                  have the requisite legal training to hear legal      Those cases are not likely to go to trial,      to $85,000. To alleviate costs, the Housing
   However, the Judge Jones determined            arguments in an LIPH grievance hearing.           and Dunn argued that those tenants also            Authority is also focusing on counseling
that the plaintiffs would likely not succeed in      But due process isn’t necessary in an          deserve due process in resolving a grievance       and other measures prior to terminating a
arguing that the hearing officer is biased.       LIPH grievance hearing, Fearn said, because       with the Housing Authority.                        participant’s voucher.
   The injunction prohibits the Housing Au-       the standard is met if and when an eviction          While due process is necessary before a            The average hourly rate for a lawyer on
thority from employing its current hearing        proceeds to trial.                                person is removed of a right or benefit, such      the Section 8 hearing panel is $92 per hour,
officer, Lawrence Weldon, until the lawsuit          “Residents have the full opportunity           as his housing, Fearn said that it is not neces-   according to Fearn. Weldon had billed $50
is resolved. A panel of lawyers have been         to assert any legal defenses they have in         sarily extended to less serious disputes.          per hour for his work as hearing officer.
contracted to conduct LIPH hearings in the        court, before they’re evicted,” Fearn said.          “The question is, do we want to have               “There’s no question the cost will be
interim, according to Fearn.                      “It serves no purpose to make a grievance         a trial in a grievance hearing over a $200         significantly greater,” Fearn said.
   The lawsuit has something of a precedent       hearing serve judgment on legal issues            plumbing bill?” Fearn said.                           While the preliminary injunction ruled in
in the 2007 legal challenge of the Housing        that would be determined a second time               But Dunn said that no matter the dispute,       favor of the plaintiffs, both sides may still
Authority’s Section 8 grievance hearings          in court.”                                        tenants are entitled to a fair hearing.            argue their cases in court.
process.                                             That’s a key difference between LIPH              “The regulation that gives you a right to          “Clearly, the judge currently believes that
   In Hendrix v. SHA, a federal judge ruled       grievance hearings and Section 8 hearings,        a grievance hearing to contest an eviction         participants in grievance hearings should
that Section 8 voucher holders are entitled       the latter of which was successfully chal-        applies in any individual dispute that the ten-    be able to present any legal arguments they
to present a legal defense in a grievance         lenged in Hendrix v. SHA.                         ant would have with the housing authority,”        have, and should have someone present
hearing.                                             The Housing Authority must invariably          Dunn said. “If there’s anything at stake, you      who can make a judgment on those argu-
   Following the litigation, the Housing Au-      take an LIPH tenant to court to proceed with      have the right to a grievance hearing.”            ments,” Fearn acknowledged. “Our job is
thority subsequently replaced Weldon, who         an eviction, at which point the tenant can           Changes to the Section 8 grievance pro-         to have the judge understand that the level
at that time was also the Section 8 hearing       mount a legal defense.                            cess cost the Housing Authority money, and         of formality that he currently believes is
officer, with a panel of attorneys.                  On the other hand, a Section 8 voucher         Fearn said he expects reforms to the LIPH          required is not.”
   Dunn said the reforms have been very           holder may contest the loss of his or her         process would have the same effect.
successful.                                       voucher, but the onus is on the participant
   “(Seattle Housing’s) hearings program          to hire a lawyer and take the Housing Au-
for the Section 8 program is about as good
as you’ll find anywhere,” said Dunn of the
                                                  thority to court.
                                                     But Dunn countered that not all LIPH
                                                  grievance hearings go as far as eviction. One
                                                                                                                    Please recycle me
   But Weldon was retained as hearing             party in the lawsuit is contesting a plumbing

                                                                                             THe voice
APril 2011                                                                                                                                                                       SHA newS – 7

                         YESlEr HAPPENiNgS                    newS ABouT THe yeSler TerrAce coMMuniTy

Planned streetcar to provide a new transportation link to Yesler
By nate cole-DauM
Special to The Voice

   Starting in 2013, residents of Seattle Housing Authority’s
Yesler Terrace neighborhood will have a new option for
getting around. Construction for the First Hill Streetcar is
on schedule to begin later this year.
   When it is complete, this new rail transit line will connect
Yesler Terrace to Qwest Field, Pioneer Square, the Inter-
national District, Little Saigon, First Hill and Capitol Hill.
The streetcar will be part of the ORCA smart card system
and will be a free transfer from Sound Transit Link Light
Rail or Metro buses.
   Station locations under consideration near Yesler Ter-
race include the intersections of 12th and Jackson, 14th and
Washington and Broadway and Yesler. The project is funded
by Sound Transit.
   The inaugural line of Seattle’s modern streetcar network,
the South Lake Union line, opened in December 2007 to a
bustling crowd of thousands. The line’s ridership continues
to grow to a current total of more than 2,000 per day.
   As the second line in the City of Seattle’s growing street-
car network, the First Hill Streetcar will create a new con-
nection for transit riders via Sounder commuter rail and Link
light rail, as well as enhance connections to public transit
systems including Metro buses and Sound Transit buses.
   Modern streetcars feature low floors and wide double-
doors for easy, accessible boarding; air conditioning; large
windows; smooth rides; automated passenger information
                                                                                                                                                                      iMage courteSy oF tHe Fearey grouP
systems; and quiet, zero-emission electric traction power.
                                                                  A digital rendering shows what a streetcar station and public plaza at Broadway and Marion Street might look like.
Modern streetcars are very durable, which makes them
well-suited to dense neighborhoods that may benefit from          less than one week of street demolition followed by track       tion to Yesler Terrace residents on a daily basis and to manage
frequent service throughout the day and evening.                  placement, involving smaller crews and equipment, and one       construction activities to minimize impacts. More detailed
   The duration of streetcar construction is estimated at two     day to pour concrete.                                           construction schedules will be developed and reviewed with
years, but activity in any given three-block section of track        During construction, the city and its contractor will have   the community prior to the start of construction.
is typically completed in four weeks (per direction), with        community outreach personnel available to provide informa-

  Notes from the manager                                                        Final environmental impact statement for Yesler
  By JuDi carter
                                                                                redevelopment to be issued this month
  Seattle Housing Authority                                                        Residents will learn about the Development Plan      Development plan over the next month and a half.
                                                                                for Yesler Terrace and actions that the City will be    The Board will hold its monthly meeting at the
     There seems to be some confusion about reporting changes in                taking in the next year at a resident meeting on        Yesler Community Center on May 17. At that meet-
  income to the housing authority. Lately, I have noticed that some             Saturday, April 2 in the Multi-purpose room of the      ing the Board will vote to adopt a Development Plan
  households have failed to report increases in income, but when                Yesler Community Center.                                for Yesler Terrace.
  they had decreases in income, the unreported increase was found                  The Final Environmental Impact Statement                The Development Plan will include information
  and instead of having a rent decrease, the rent actually went up.             for Yesler Terrace will be issued on April 12, and      about the number and uses on the site, phasing con-
     It is important that all income that is new to the household               will be available as a link on the Seattle Housing      siderations, an approach to relocation, a community
  be reported when the income is received. This includes newly                  Authority’s website homepage.                           participation plan, information on social infra-
  received Unemployment payments, child support payments, new                      The Seattle Housing Authority Board of Com-          structure programming, sustainable infrastructure
  SSI payments, new or changed jobs, TANF payments, etc.                        missioners will be studying the Final EIS and the       opportunities and funding partnership goals.
     All income received for all individuals in the household is
  included. When it is discovered that income was received by a
                                                                                                                                           The first section of the building has been coated
  household but not reported, the back rent is charged retroactively.         Denny Terrace                                             with a waterproof layer that will prevent leaks through
  This can be a hardship on families and also could be considered as          continued from Page 3
                                                                                                                                        the walls and roof. Next, a one-inch layer of foam
  fraud, if it is discovered that the household had income that they
                                                                              help residents get their apartments ready for the work.   provides a higher level of insulation for the building.
  purposely failed to report. All of the information about income
                                                                              There was also assistance for residents requiring more    On top of that, a stucco-like product provides another
  reporting requirements is included in your dwelling lease.
                                                                              extensive help, provided by ElderHealth Northwest         layer of protection and serves as a vehicle for the
     As most individuals know, decreases in income could be used
                                                                              (now known as Full Life).                                 future color coats.
  to lower rent, but need to be reported to the management office
                                                                                 “It took a lot of coordination and communication          Guggenmos says she is looking forward to the end
  in the first seven days of the month following the decrease. Pay
                                                                              between the building staff, the construction crew and     of April when the scaffolding and protective wrap
  check stubs and bank statements (if you have a bank account)
                                                                              residents. But with great cooperation from residents,     around her section of the building is removed.
  need to be presented along with a change of circumstance form
                                                                              the whole thing started and ended right on schedule.         She will be able to make full use of the new win-
  available at the front desk in the management office.
                                                                              This is something we can all be proud of,” commented      dows again, but also see the new color scheme as it
     Also, if a family member leaves the household, or you have
                                                                              project manager Juan Medina.                              is unveiled for the first time. Then, every six to eight
  a new family member you wish to add to your lease, this form
                                                                                 With the interior work now 99 percent complete,        weeks thereafter, another section of the new exterior
  must be completed. If you are in doubt, please ask your Assistant
                                                                              the next changes on the horizon for Denny Terrace         will be revealed, until the transformation is complete
  Property Manager.
                                                                              are on the exterior.                                      this summer.
  emergency preparedness
     Earthquakes are on most people’s minds, because of the recent
  ones that have occurred in Japan. Information on how to prepare
  for such a disaster is available in the management office. If you
                                                                                 Read The Voice online:
  can, stop by between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the
  normal work week to pick up flyers about what to do to get ready
  for the unexpected.
                                                                                                 www.nhwa.org or www.seattlehousing.org

                                                                                           THe voice
8 – SHA newS                                                                                                                                                             APril 2011

                                    trANSlAtioNS   TrAnSlATed ArTicleS froM THe voice

  Board of Health approves electronic cigarette          የኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ ማጨስ በህግ የተከለከለ                                   አከፋፋዮቹ በየሰፈሩ ባሉ ሱቆች በትንንሽ ኪዎስኮች
regulations                                              ነው፡፡                                                          ሳይቀር ወጣቶችን በሚስብ ሁናቴ አቅርበውታል፡፡
  የጤና ቦርድ በኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ ላይ ህግ አወጣ፡፡                  ይህ ኢ- ሲጃራ በባትሪ ወይም በኤሌክትሪክ                                         ለምሳሌ ቀለማቸው ደማቅ በማረግ፣ ጣዕማቸው
  በኪንግ ካውንቲ ውስጥ የሚገኙትን ወጣቶች                       የሚሠራ ሲሆን ኒኮቲን የሚያደርስ ነው፡፡ የተሠራው                                      የተለያየ በማረግና እንደ ቸኮላት፣ቫኒላ የተለያዩ
በኤሌክትሮኒክ ከሚሰራ የሲጃራ መጨሻ ለመከላከል                     የድሮውን ሲጃራ ተመስሎ አጠቃቀሙም እንደድሮው                                         ወጣቶችን የሚማርኩ ጣዕሞችን በመጠቀም ይህ
በቅርብ ጊዜ የከተማው የጤና ኮሚቴ ከዚህ በታች                     ሲጃራ ነው፡፡ በተደጋጋሚ ማስታወቂያ የሚሠራው                                         የኤሌክትሪክ ሲጃራ ወጣቶችን በኒኮቲን ሱሰኞች
በሚከተሉት ህጎች ላይ ድምፅ በመስጠት አሳልፏል፡፡                   የድሮውን ሲጃራ የሚተካ ወይም የነበረው የማጨስ                                        እንደሚያረግና ከዚህም አልፈው ሲጃራውን ለመሞከር
ቦርዱ ድምፅ የሰጠባቸው ነጥቦች :                             ልምድ ለማቆም የሚረዳ መሣሪያ ተደርጎ ነው፡፡                                         ወደኋላ እንደማይሉ FDA አስጠንቅቋል፡፡
            •	 በኤሌክትሮኒክ የሚሠሩ ሲጃራዎች                ይህ የኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ-ካርትሪጅስ በመጠቀም                                           ይህ የኢ-ሲጃራ በስፋት በየቦታው ከተገኘ በጣም
         በዕድሜአቸው ብቁ ላልሆኑ መሸጥ በህግ                  የሚተነውን ኒከቲን አንድ አይነት ሃይል ያለው ሱስ                                      ታዋቂ ይሆንና የተጠቃሚውም ብዛት ይጨምራል፡፡
         የተከለከለ ነው፡፡                              የሚያሲዝ ድራግ ልክ ቶባኮ (ሲጃራ) ውስጥ እንዳለው                                       የሁለቱም አጠቃቀም ስለሚመሳሰል ሲጃራ
            •	 በነፃ ማደል ወይም በታላቅ ቅናሽ               አይነት ነው፡፡                                                            አጫሾች ኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ በማስመሰል ማጨስ
         ይህን የኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ መሸጥ በህግ                   የኪንግ ካውንቲው የጤና ኮሚቴ እነዚህን ህጎች                                       በተከለከለባቸው የህዝብ ቦታዎች ሲጃራቸውን
         የተከለከለ ነው፡፡                              ያሳለፈው ወጣቶችን ከዚህ አይነት መጥፎ ፕሮጄክት                                       አውጥተው በመለኮስ ሊያጨሱ ይችሉ ይሆናል፡፡ ይህ
            •	 በህዝብ መገልገያ ቦታዎች ወይም                ለመጠበቅ ሲሆን ኤሌክትሮኒክ ሲጃራ ወጣቶችን በጣም                                      ደግሞ ለማያጨሰው ሰው ለጤናም አስጊ ይሆናል፡፡
         ማጨስ ክልክል በሆነባቸው ቦታዎች ይህን                 እንዲስቡ ተደርገው ነው የተዘጋጀው፡፡ አምራቹም ሆነ

                                                      Board of Health approves electronic cigarette regulations        постановление для того, чтобы уберечь молодёжь от
                                                      Отдел здравоохранения утвердил постановление об                  этого изделия. Э-сигареты очень привлекательны для
                                                   электронных сигаретах                                               молодёжи. Производители и распространители продают
                                                      Отдел здравоохранения округа Кинг недавно принял                 их в продовольственных магазинах и в рыночных киосках,
                                                   резолюцию о предохранении молодёжи округа Кинг от                   используя рекламу, направленную на молодёжь, включая
                                                   электронных приспособлений для курения, так называемых              использование ярких цветов и привлекательных запахов,
                                                   электронных сигарет. Члены управления проголосовали за              таких, как шоколад, ваниль и мята.
                                                   то, чтобы                                                              FDA – Food and Drug Administration (Управление по
                                                      • запретить продажу э-сигарет несовершеннолетним;                контролю над продуктами и лекарствами) предостерегает,
                                                      • запретить бесплатную рекламную раздачу или распродажу          что э-сигареты могут усилить никотиновую зависимость
                                                   по низким ценам э- сигарет;                                         среди молодых людей и вызвать у них желание попробовать
                                                      • запретить использование э-сигарет в публичных                  обычные табачные изделия. С тех пор, как эти устройства
                                                   местах.                                                             стали широко доступными и завоевали популярность, их
                                                      Электронные сигареты – это электронные устройства на             использование увеличилось.
                                                   батарейках, которые испускают никотин. Они созданы по                  Так как их использование почти такое же, как и обычных
                                                   образу и подобию обычных сигарет и зачастую рекламируются           табачных изделий в общественных местах, это может
                                                   как альтернатива курению или как вспомогательное средство           привести в замешательство и к тому же побуждает людей к
                                                   для тех, кто хочет бросить курить. Э-сигареты доставляют            использованию традиционных табачных изделий. Это может
                                                   из патрона никотиновые испарения, такой же вызывающий               поспособствовать повышенному пристрастию к никотину и
                                                   привыкание никотин, что и в табаке.                                 влиянию дыма на окружающих.
                                                      Отдел здравоохранения округа Кинг провёл это

                                                       Guudika cafiimadka waxiogoladni amarkaa sigaarka.               kanka staamala wa daliyaradha.
                                                       Gudigaa king kauntiga oo cafimadhaka maradow wax-                   Soosaridha iyo qeebiyee gadida dukkaamaha yar iyo oo
                                                   iskuraaye inn caruntaa king kauntinga eye sigaar abin am e-si-      fiiriya dhalinyarada lagu darey buundada kalarka iyo farxada
                                                   garka wa sigari usub ,gudiga caafimadka oo doratey                  dhandhanka sida chocoleedka vanilla iyo FDA heesto degniin
                                                       • waididne inn sigaaraka daliyaradha lagaibin                   e cigarettes wuu ku dari karaa nagatiinka dadka dhalin yarada
                                                       • waidhidne bilashi lasiyo ama raqisi lagaibiyo                 waxey isku deyaan tobakada sheyga oo noqdo diyaar kuwa
                                                       • waidhidne in E- sigarka laguaboo melaha dadka joogaan         magaalada ku darsamo
                                                       E-sigaarka waa batirika uisimaleya and shee koronta usi-            Sidii isticmaalka tobaakada isku egyihiin sheyga tobaakoo-
                                                   maloo. Waalasameye in uekadho ama lastamalo sidii sigaarakaa        nyinka dhaqanka gudiga shicibka u isticmaalaan. Kan dadka
                                                   . baadhanka waastamala dadkaa oo rabaan in sigarka jooji yaan ,     wuxuu u keenaa wareernimo iyo wuxuu jecleesiiya inay shitaan
                                                   E-sigaaraka uhoostimaala qiika iyoo shega sigaarka kujiro           tobaakada sheyga ku dadajiyo nicotine cabitaankeeda gacmaha
                                                       Guudiga aciimaadka oo king kaauntiga waiogoladhen sharqiga      labaad
                                                   inn lababadiyo daliyaradha inn E-sigarka. E-sigaarka waabag-

                                                      UỶ BAN SỨC KHOẺ THÔNG QUA LUẬT XỬ DỤNG                           điện tử có sức thu hút giới trẻ. Các nhà sản xuất và các đaị lý
                                                   THUỐC LÁ ĐIỆN TỬ                                                    phân phôí bán ra ở các cửa hàng tiện ích, và các quầy nơi các
                                                      Ủy Ban Sức Khoẻ của quận King vừa mới thông qua các qui          khu thương xá lớn cùng với những kỷ thuật quảng cáo nhắm vào
                                                   luật về việc dùng thuốc lá điện tử nhằm bảo vệ thanh thiếu niên     những giới trẻ, kể cả việc dùng màu sắc tươi sáng, các vị dễ thích
                                                   trong quận King. Ủy Ban Sức Khoẻ đã bỏ phiếu để:                    như chocolate, vanilla hay vị the the.
                                                      • cấm không đuợc bán thuốc lá điện tử cho trẻ vị thành niên          Bộ Thực Phẩm và Duợc Phẩm Liên Bang đã cảnh cáo rằng
                                                      • cấm không được cho, hay bán giá rẻ loại thuốc lá điện tử       các loại thuốc lá điện tử có thể làm gia tăng sự nghiện nghập
                                                      • cấm xử dụng thuốc lá điện tử ở các chỗ công cộng.              chất nicôtin trong giới trẻ để dẫn chúng đến việc hút thuốc lá
                                                      Thuốc lá điện tử chạy bằng pin làm cho dụng cụ điện tử phát ra   loại thông thường.
                                                   chất nicôtin. Được chế tạo ra trông rất giống thuốc lá thường, xử       Khi những sản phẩm này có bán khắp nơi và được công chúng
                                                   dụng cũng tương tự như vậy. Thường đuợc quảng cáo là phương         chiếu cố, thì số đông xử dụng càng tăng thêm.
                                                   cách hút thuốc lá khác biệt, hay phương cách để cai thuốc lá.           Khi mà việc xử dụng chúng thì gần giống như việc hút thuốc
                                                   Thuốc lá điện tử dùng ống nhỏ phóng ra hơi nicôtin, cũng là chất    lá thường nơi chốn công cộng, dẫn đến việc nhầm lẫn và khuyến
                                                   gây nghiện chứa trong thuốc lá.                                     khích người ta mồi lữa và hút các loại thuốc lá thông thường.
                                                      Ủy Ban Sức Khoẻ quận King bỏ phiếu thông qua luật này            Điều này khiến gia tăng sự nghiện ngập chất nicôtin và việc ngửi
                                                   để bảo vệ những người trẻ tránh không dùng thứ này. Thuốc lá        phải khói thuốc lá.

                                                   ናይ ሓለዋ ጥዕና ቦርድ ናይ ኤለክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ መምርሒ                                  ናይ ኪንግ ካዉንቲ ቦርድ ጥዕና ንዚ መምርሒ ዘፅደቆም
                                                   ኣጽዲቑ።                                                               ምኽንያት መንእስያት ትሕቲ ዕድመ ግዙኣት ወልፊ
                                                   ናይ ኪንግ ካዉንቲ ናይ ሓለዋ ጥዕና ቦርድ መንእስያት                                   ሽጋራ ንከይኮኑ ብማለት እዩ። እዚ ሓዲስ ዓይነት ሽጋራ
                                                   ካብዚ ናይ ኤለክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ ምትካኽ መንእስያት                                      ንመንእስያት ብጣዕሚ ስሓቢ እዩ። እቶም እቕረብትን
                                                   ንምድሓን መምርሒ ኣጽዲቑ እቲ ቦርድ ኣብዞም ዝስዕቡ                                    እዳለዉትን እብ ንእሹት ድኳናትን ሾፒንግ ሞል ዝተፈላልዩ
                                                   መምርሕታት ድምጺ ኣፅዲቑ                                                     ታክቲካትን ስሓቢ ምህዞታትን ብምዝዉታር ንመናእስያት
                                                         •	 ሽጋራ ንትሕቲ ዕድመ ዝኾኑ መንእስያት                                    ተፈላዩ ሕብርታት መቐረት ችኮላታ ቫኒላ መንታ ብምግባር
                                                            ዘይምሻጥ                                                      ክስሕቡ ይርአዩ።
                                                         •	  ብ ሕሱር ወይ ብነጻ ሽጋራ ንመንእስያት                                  ኤፍዲኤ ኤልክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ እብ ጥሕቲ ዕድመ መንእስያት
                                                            ምቕራብ                                                       ናይ ኒኮቲን ወልፊ ከምዘኸትል የጠንቅቑ እብ ቲ ልሙድ
                                                         •	 ኤለክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ ኣብ ህዝባዊ ቦታታት                                   ሽጋራ ምትኻኽ ልምዲ ንክኣትዉ ድማ የምርሕ ።
                                                            ምትካኽ ምኽልካል                                                 እዞም ዝተጠቕሱ ዓይነት ሽጋራ ህቡብነት ረኺቦም
                                                   ኤሎክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ ብባትሪ ዝሰርሕ ኒኮቲን ዘቕርብ ሽጋራ                                 ኣለዉ ብዙሕ ሰብ ከዘውትሮም ድማይ ይርከብ ኣሎ።
                                                   እዩ ልክዕ ከምቲ ዝዉትር ዓይነት ሽጋራ መልክዕ ዝሓዘ                                   ኣጠቓቕምኦም ልክዕ ክምቲ ዝዉቱር ዓይነ ሽጋራ ኮይኑ
                                                   ኮይኑ መተካእታ ልሙድ ሽጋራ መተካእታ ሽጋራ ካብ                                      ኣብ ሕዝባዊ ቦታ ዘድናግር ኮይኑ ስባት ንከትኽኹ
                                                   ምትካኽ ይሕግዝ ብዝብል ምስምስ ዝዝርጋሕ እዩ። እዚ                                    ይደፋፍእ። እዚ ድማ ምትብባዕ ሽጋራን ኒኮቲን ምህላኽ
                                                   ኤልክትሮኒክ ሽጋራ ካርቲለጅ እናተጠቕመ ሃፋ ዘለዎ                                     ብምትብባዕ ሽጋራ ንዘየትክኹ ሰኮንድ ሃንድ ስሞኪንግ
                                                   ኒኮቲን ዘቕርብ እዩ ልክዕ ከምቲ ዝዉቱር ዓይነት ሽጋራ                                  ድማ የኸትል።
                                                   ወለፍ ዘትሕዝ ዓይነት ትንባኾ ትሕዝቶ ዘለዎ እዪ።

                                                                            THe voice

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