Established 1854 by gdf57j


									Anderson Kilts
          Established 1854
Graeme Anderson
Douglas Anderson

                          Established in 1854 as a family business, the Anderson
                          name has consistently been synonymous with exceptional
                          personal service and top quality merchandise. As the sixth
                          generation to run the business, Graeme Anderson strives to
Sandy & Archie Anderson

                          maintain that tradition.
                          The outfits we produce bear the hallmarks of quality using
                          traditional Scottish skills to achieve a unique blend of
                          elegance and individual appeal.
                          The brochure gives a guideline to the selection of styles
                          and accessories available in mens’ kilt outfits together with
                          details of the ‘in stock’ kilt hire service we operate from our
                          Dumfries store.
William L Anderson

                              1 David Coulthard
                            2-5 Outfits to Buy
                              6 The Saltire Collection
                              7 Sgian Dubhs, Belts & Buckles
                            8-9 Sporrans
Jonathan Anderson

                             10 Kilt Pins and Other Accessories
                             11 Shirts, Waistcoats and Other Garments
                             12 Kiltmaster Kilt Carrier
                          13-15 Kilt Hire
                             16 Dinner Suit & Morning Suit
                             17 In Stock Tartans for Hire
William Dalgleish

                             18 Contact Details

                          Cover shot taken at Comlongon Castle, Clarencefield.
Be the best on the grid
Choose Andersons ~
David did!


Ex-Formula One star
David Coulthard proudly
sports his Prince Charlie
outfit, worn with the
Coulthard Tartan Kilt.
    Outfits to Buy


                 Prince Charlie outfit           Black Prince Charlie with high button waistcoat.
            with Solway Spirit tartan kilt.       Victorian collar shirt and grey satin ruche tie.
           For further details see price list.     Worn with Dark Isle kilt and toning sporran.
                                                         For further details see price list.
Outfits to Buy


     Navy Ghillie jacket and waistcoat      Argyll jacket with Isle of Skye kilt.
       with Heirloom Alba Dark kilt.        For further details see price list.
      For further details see price list.
    Outfits to Buy


            Sheriffmuir jacket and waistcoat          Grey tweed frontier waistcoat
       worn with Auld Lang Syne Burns tartan kilt.      worn with Capercaille kilt.
            For further details see price list.      For further details see price list.
Outfits to Buy

     Black Argyll jacket worn with        Lovat green tweed jacket and waistcoat
  Scotlands National tartan trousers.            with Ancient Kennedy kilt.         5
    For further details see price list.       For further details see price list.

  Brown ghillie jacket and waistcoat         Scotland rugby shirt worn with
  with Weathered Farquharson kilt.                   Scozia tartan kilt.
   For further details see price list.       For further details see price list.
    The Saltire Collection includes:
      Mens & Boys Kilts
      Sporrans Belt Buckles
      Sgian Dubhs Cufflinks
      Kilt Pins Kilt Socks
      Gift Sets (see below)
    All of these items incorporate
    the saltire crest into their design.
    For further details please
    see our price list.


                                           White jacobite shirt worn          Rear view of saltire kilt
                                           with saltire kilt and semi        with embroidered saltire
                                                dress sporran.                    jacobite shirt.

                                                       1                    Saltire Gift Sets
                                                                        See price list for further details.

                                     Navy Prince
                                     Charlie worn
                                      with saltire
                                    kilt and saltire
                                    dress sporran.


                                Saltire Kilt now available to hire.
Sgian Dubhs                                                   Belts & Buckles


     1                 2                    3                                                         13

                                                                                                      14   7

     4             5            6            7

                                        Sgian Dubh is Gaelic for
                                        black dagger. Traditionally
                                        worn with the top part
                                        showing above the kilt
                                        hose they range from 6-7                                      16

                                        inches long, and come in
                                        a variety of styles. Clan
                                        crest family badges can
                                        be incorporated and
                                        countersunk into the centre
                                        of the handle if required.
 8             9           10           All come in a presentation                                    17
(clan crest)                                                                           (clan crest)
                           See price list for further details of Sgian Dubhs, Belts & Buckles.
    Day sporrans are
    traditionally made in
                                                                                           The Sp
    plain leather and are      The modern sporran is an integral part of the kilt outfit. Apart from b
    ideal for casual daytime   portrayed. They vary in style and design providing the wearer with t
    wear.                                                  Most sporrans are made up of either seals

                                                                          Dress sporrans are usual
                                                                      matching either the Prince Cha
                                                                              Argyll jacket when wo



8                                   9




                                         Available with
                                        matching buckle.

                                           Please note this is a small sample of the range of spor
porran                                                                    Semi dress sporrans can
                                                                          be worn either in the day
being used as a purse, it adds a distinctive feature to the image being     or evening usually with
 the opportunity to add their own individual touch to the outfit.                  an Argyll jacket.
skin or plain leather with matching tassels.                                     (clan crest)

lly worn for evening wear,
arlie or can be worn with black
orn with a waistcoat.







                                    (Range of colour tops available.)
                                    Available with matching buckle.

      (Available with range of
         clan crest inserts.)

 rans available. Please ask for details of other designs.

       1                  2                3             4               5                    6

        (clan crest)

     Kilt Pins & Cufflinks                                                         7
     Kilt pins and cufflinks add a finishing touch to any kilt outfit.
     Available in pewter or sterling silver, with a variety of designs
     including family clan crests. All come in a presentation box.

10            8



     Plaid Brooches Gift Sets                                                 17



                                                   (pocket watch)                      (clan crest)

                       Further details on these items can be found on the price list.
Sporran Flasks                                20


 Shirts, Waistcoats & Other Garments

  cream                 white               black                  dark green   navy
 Jacobite shirt available in five different colours (see above).


           black                  navy                         green
 Frontier waistcoat available in three different colours (see above).

                                             25                                        27




                   Further details on these items can be found on the price list.
     Kiltmaster Kilt Carrier

     is the most
     compact and attractive
     carrier on the market.
     Designed in conjunction with luxury
     luggage manufacturer ANTLER it
     provides specialised accommodation
     for transporting your full kilt outfit.

12                                 Features:
                                   •	 Individual	hanging	system	for	both	
                                      kilt and jacket.
                                   •	 Internal	and	external	zip	pockets	for	
                                      sporran, shoes, belt, socks, shirt and
                                   •	 Hook	attachment	allowing	carrier	
                                      containing full outfit to be hung in
                                   •	 Made	from	high	performance	
                                   •	 Easy	to	carry	handle	with	additional	
                                      shoulder strap.

     Now available: Kilt rolls available in a range of plain colours or tartan fabrics.
Kilt Hire
                                                                             Grey tweed jacket
                                                                             and waistcoat with
                                                                             Hebridean Grey
                                                                             tartan kilt.


Black Prince
Charlie with
Western Isles
tartan kilt.

 The traditional Prince Charlie outfit             The Grey Tweed outfit provides a
 features a 3 button waistcoat, wing collar        contemporary look with toning shirt,
 shirt and bow tie, but can be adapted to          sporran and socks enhancing the
 feature a 5 button waistcoat, Victorian           impression.
 collar shirt and ruche tie (see page 2).

                Further details of these outfits can be found on the price list.
     Kilt Hire


     Argyll Jacket                                 Argyll Jacket
     with Flower                                   and 5 button
     of Scotland                                   waistcoat with
     tartan kilt.                                  Royal Stewart
                                                   tartan kilt.

     The Argyll outfit is adaptable to all occasions and is usually worn with a standard collar
     shirt,	tie	and	semi-dress	sporran.	However,	the	hire	outfit	can	be	upgraded	to	incorporate	
     a 5 button waistcoat, Victorian collar shirt, ruche and dress sporran. Plaid and brooch
     are an optional extra.

                     Further details of these outfits can be found on the price list.
Kilt Hire

                                                     Junior Kilt
                                                     Outfit -
                                                     now available
                                                     to buy


                                                     Boys Prince
Jacobite outfit                                      Charlie with
with Scotland’s                                      Modern
National                                             Douglas
tartan kilt.                                         tartan kilt.

The Jacobite outfit presents a more casual             There are 2 Boys outfits available
alternative to the more formal outfits. The            to hire or buy.
outfit is also available with the black frontier       The formal Prince Charlie outfit
waistcoat (see page 11). The shirt can be              worn with a wing collar shirt or the
hired separately for evening use and can also          more informal Jacobite outfit.
be worn with tartan trousers.                          Both outfits are available to hire
                                                       with 5 tartans (see page 17) and
                                                       start from age 2.

                  Further details of these outfits can be found on the price list.
     Formal Dress Hire

          Mayfair                                        Churchill
          Dinner                                         Morning
          Suit                                           Suit


     The Mayfair is a fine satin faced dinner        The Churchill’s tailcoat is made in the
     suit for all evening functions.                 finest herringbone worsted and is worn
     Options: Standard or wing collar shirt,         with striped trousers and a grey waistcoat.
     bow tie (choice of colours), cummerbund,        Options: Plain or wing collar shirt, grey tie
     black shoes.                                    or cravat.
     Sizes: 36 - 52 chest                            Sizes: 38 - 50 chest
     Fittings: short, regular or long                Fittings: short, regular or long

                    Further details of these outfits can be found on the price list.
                   Hire Tartans

Dark Isle (Shadow Black)          Western Isles                Hebridean Grey
 Boy’s and Men’s Kilts         Boy’s and Men’s Kilts             Men’s Kilts

  Scotland’s National           Flower of Scotland              Scozia Tartan
      Men’s Kilts                   Men’s Kilts                  Men’s Kilts

    Royal Stewart               Queen of the South               Saltire Kilt
 Boy’s and Men’s Kilts         Boy’s and Men’s Kilts             Men’s Kilts

                           For a sample of any of the hire tartans
                           please contact the shop.
                           Mens Kilt Sizes: 28 - 52 waist
                           Mens Jacket Sizes: 34 - 56 chest
                           Boys Kilt Sizes: from 18” waist
                           Boys Jacket Sizes: from 19” chest
   Modern Douglas
 Boy’s and Men’s Kilts
The Highland Wear Specialists

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