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Welcome to the 2011 Season at St Marys Old Girls _SMOG_ Netball_ by fdh56iuoui


									                         Welcome to the 2011 Season at
                     St Mary’s Old Girls’ (SMOG) Netball!
SMOG is one of Wellington's oldest netball clubs, with the mission of being the best! We are proud to be
an all-inclusive club, bringing netball to everyone – from the highest Premier 1 level, right through to the
                                             Senior social grades.

  Whether you are a returning ‘Smoggie’ or are new to the club (or indeed the city), we welcome you to
              netball in 2011. We all look forward to a successful and fun-filled season!!

          We are excited to announce that The Greenman is our sponsor for the 2011 season.

   This sheet aims to provide you with some basic introduction information for the 2011 trials and the
    upcoming season. For more, check out the club’s website, email us at
          or chat to a board or committee member.

                                          TRIALS INFORMATION

All players who wish to trial for SMOG in the 2011 season, must register via the on-line registration form.
Please get your registration done at least 3 days prior to the first day of the trials that you will be
attending. This will ensure we have all your information, resulting in a smoother trials process for
everyone. You will receive a message on screen when your registration has been successfully completed
and received. If you have any trouble with the on-line registration process, please email
PLEASE NOTE: By registering, you are committing to pay a $20 trialling fee, which must be paid in full
via internet banking before trials. This fee will be deducted from your subs, but will not be refunded if you
are named in a team and then withdraw. See the 'SUBS & UNIFORMS' page for how to pay the trials fee.
ALSO NOTE: You are expected to attend at least two out of the three trial days which must include the
final day of the trials that you wish to partake in, unless you have made an arrangement with the Trials
Co-ordinator prior to trials beginning.
All aspects of a player will be looked at to determine which team they are selected for e.g. warm up,
fitness, player combinations, skill, coachability, attitude, leadership and team dynamics. Players will be
selected based on their performance at trials. All teams will be selected by a panel of independent
selectors, in conjunction with team coaches. Teams will be named either on the last day of each trial, or
as soon as possible in the day or two following, and will be available on the website. Where possible, a
meet and greet session for each team will follow, which gives you a chance to be introduced to your
team, your coach and go over details about training etc
All trials will be held at the Wellington Netball Centre, Ruahine Street, Hataitai and will go ahead, rain or
shine. If extreme weather conditions mean a trial needs to be cancelled, you will be notified by email.
You can also check our website, or call Toni (021 989 310) or Emma (027 313 2549) to check.
We are committed to ensuring that every player has an enjoyable trialling experience and gets to play in
each of their preferred positions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the
committee members who will be on the sidelines.
Please make sure you are well prepared for all conditions when attending trials - with water, sunscreen,
layers of clothing etc. If required, please make sure you are properly strapped ready to go at the trial
start time. If you are carrying a prior injury, make sure you let the selectors know. And if you sustain an
injury during trials, please look after yourself by stopping immediately.       There will be a first aid kit
available if required.

     Premier 1 & 2 Trial Details:
     Dates/Times:      Saturday 19th February              9:30am – 11.30am
                       Thursday 24th February              6:30pm – 9:00pm
                       Saturday 26th February              9:30am – 11.30am
     Selectors:        Ann Hay, Charmaine Meredith and Neil Hargreaves
     Coaches:          SMOG 1 – TBC
                       SMOG 2 – TBC

     Premier 3 & Premier Reserve Trial Details:
     Dates/Times:      Saturday 26th February              2pm – 4.30pm
                       Wednesday 2nd March                 6pm – 9:00pm
                       Saturday 5th March                  9am – 11.30am
     Selectors:        Neil Hargreaves and Lauren Cournane
     Coaches:          SMOG 3   –   Erica Bradshaw
                       SMOG 4   –   Lindsay Murdoch
                       SMOG 5   –   TBC
                       SMOG 6   –   TBC

     Senior Trial Details:
     Dates/Times:      Saturday 5th March                  2pm – 4.30pm
                       Thursday 10th March                 6pm – 9:00pm
                       Saturday 12th March                 9am – 11.30am
     Selectors:        Leona Thompson, Kaahuia Peihana, Lindsay Murdoch and Toni Wood
     Coaches:          SMOG 7 – Jenna Do and Tiana Rakete
                       SMOG 8 – Emma Lloyd and Megan McInnes
                       SMOG 9 – Kate Mora
                       SMOG 10+ – TBC (if required)

                                          SELF ENTERED TEAMS

We occasionally have queries about self-entered teams (i.e. a full team that is already formed, playing
under the SMOG banner) however we do not allow this. We believe that it is more beneficial for all
players to trial and be placed in teams that are suited to their level of ability and fitness etc. This should
ideally result in a successful season for everyone.

Upon request at the Senior Grade (particularly Senior 2) trials, the selectors will attempt to keep small
groups of friends together where possible. However, you should consider that the group will be placed in
a team relevant to the player in your group with the lowest skill & fitness levels.


This season SMOG 1 and 2 will have two trainings a week – one indoors at Wellington East Girls’ College
and one outdoors at the NWC Hataitai Netball Courts. SMOG 3 – 12 will be training outdoors at NWC
Hataitai Netball Courts. Training days will either be Tuesday or Thursday - times for individual teams will
be confirmed shortly.

To ensure everyone enjoys the season and teams can be competitive, it is important that you are able to
commit to a full season of netball and training. If you are going to be away for a significant part of the
season, it is essential that you discuss this with your coach and manager at the start of the season.

                                             SEASON FORMAT

Please find attached the 2011 Club Competition information sheet from the Netball Wellington Centre.
Make sure you read it – it contains valuable information about dates/competition format/tentative grades
for the 2011 season and other general information.
                                  SOCIAL EVENTS & THE GREENMAN

We are excited to announce that the Greenman are our main sponsor bar for the 2011 season. You will be
issued with a “Greenman” card. We will not be given discount as such, but 10% of everything that you
spend at the Greenman will be put into our SMOG netball account held with them. We will be able to use
this account for SMOG functions throughout the year.

Players from all teams can attend, whether it’s just you and a friend or all ten players from your team
celebrating a big win (or commiserating a loss)!

The date of the first SMOG Club Night - and AGM - is still to be finalised, but will be held either towards
the end of March or the beginning of April. We will be starting from 6pm, so you can come and meet your
fellow Smoggies, Board and Committee! By attending you’ll go into the draw to have your subs waived
for the season!

More information in relation to our special sponsorship deals with The Greenman will be provided soon! In
the meantime, check out their website for more information – and don’t
forget to mention that you play for SMOG!


We are still on the look out for Coaches to help our teams progress in the 2011 season – whether you are
willing to coach a team by yourself, or if you are willing to co-coach.

There are benefits which include:-
- No fees payable if you are coaching by yourself, or if you co-coach you only pay half of the fees for the
- SMOG will offer and pay for coaching courses (if you are willing to attend);
- A free meal (at some stage) - so you can meet other coaches etc;
- Support from the Board and Committee;
AND hopefully next season we will have more resources available at the Courts for your use;

It is very rewarding - you get to know more people in SMOG and watch your team develop because of the
work that you have put in - it is very satisfying. We are willing to work with you to ensure that the
Training nights fit in with you - some people don't mind having netball twice a week on different days, but
others prefer to do netball one night a week. Also, we won't expect you to coach at a level that you aren't
confident about. It really is up to you!

You won't be left stranded either - if there is something that you are struggling on, you will have support
from the other coaches. Flick us an email at if you are interested.

                                      BECOME A TEAM MANAGER

Are you organised, friendly and a good communicator? If so, you’re the exact type of person we’d like to
recruit as a team manager. The Team Manager role was first introduced in 2004 and proved to be a huge

The Manager works in partnership with the coach to ensure smooth running of the team and that the
team is up to date with all news and updates from both SMOG and Netball Wellington. Some tasks that a
Team Manager might typically do are:

•   Maintenance of team and coach contact details
•   Promotion of social activities to the team
•   Keeping track of the netball bag and equipment
•   Organise your team’s umpiring roster and office duty
•   Ensuring all team members are registered and subs are paid

Being a team manager is a great opportunity and we are looking for a volunteer from each team.

Contact Phillippa Bedford at or on 027 437 7288, if you are interested
or would like further information.

Subs this year will be $175 per player, and can be paid at the AGM, via the club’s bank account or at the
Skirts and Subs nights.

All subs are due by 1 May 2010. If you would like to pay this off in instalments, we do offer a payment

For more details, please contact Mel McIntosh, Assistant Treasurer at or
on 027 461 7520.


This year uniforms will be able to be purchased at our Skirts and Subs nights which will be held on the
15th and 17th March, 22nd and 24th March at the Greenman. New uniforms will cost $80, and second hand
uniforms will cost $50 (limited number of these).

This season we will be supplying training t-shirts to all SMOG players.

It is important that all players have the correct uniform for their first game.

SMOG tracksuits are also available to hire for the season, or alternatively you can purchase your own.

For more details please contact us at, or speak to a Committee member.


This is an excellent opportunity to have a bit of fun before your season begins! The tournament will be
held in Taita, Lower Hutt on Saturday 26 March, starting at 9:30am. The entry fee is only $30 per team,
and is a great way to get to know your team-mates and get some combinations going.

Further information and tournament rules will be made available to your coaches.

                                              IMPORTANT DATES

Tues 15, Thurs 17 March            -   Skirts & Subs Night – The Greenman
Tues 22, Thurs 24 March            -   Skirts & Subs Night – The Greenman
Saturday 26 March                  -   Hutt Valley Pre Season Netball Tournament - Taita
  Date TBC                         -   First Club Night & AGM – The Greenman
Saturday 9 April                   -   Senior Grading Tournament – Hataitai Courts
Saturday 16 April                       - First day of competition – Hataitai Courts

                                            BOARD & COMMITTEE

To achieve our aims, we have a lot of amazing people working behind the scenes, both at a Board
(strategic) and Committee (operational) level. This season the board and committee are made up of the
following fabulous volunteers:

                                           Lindsay Murdoch – Chair
                                        Charmaine Meredith - Secretary
                                           Nic Smith - Administrator
                                                  Emily Hobbs
                                               Leona Thompson
                                                Kaahuia Peihana


                                         Loren O’Sullivan – Club Captain
                                       Toni Wood – Assistant Club Captain
    Becs Barclay – Secretary
        TBA – Treasurer
Mel McIntosh– Assistant Treasurer
          Emma Lloyd
            Kate Mora
        Phillippa Bedford


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