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									                                                  812.335.3847 SOCC Weekday Preschool
weekday preschool

The SOCC Weekday Preschool
is an outreach designed to foster:




Your Registration
A completed registration card accompanied by
a non-refundable registration /activity fee of
$100.00 is required to begin the registration
process. You will then receive a packet from
the director which includes our Policy
Statement, School Year Calendar, Fee Schedule
and forms for your completion. Returned and
completed paperwork confirms your child’s
enrollment in preschool. A registration form is
enclosed in this brochure.

Registration begins February 1 for returning
families and March 1 for new students for an
upcoming year. Students who must withdraw
before July 1 will be refunded half of the fee

have questions?
Contact the Weekday Preschool
Director for more information:
             Marie Robertson
       812.335.3847 SOCC Preschool
    For the most up-to-date information
    on events, programs and other news
             visit www.socc.org.
our students                                           our school year                                              a typical day
 The minimum age for enrollment is 3 years old         Our School Year                                               What do we do?
 by August 1. Before entering preschool, children      We operate from September until late May. The
 must be potty-trained. Children will be placed in     preschool follows the MCCSC calendar in regard to
 classes according to age.                                                                                           Curriculum
                                                       school closings, seasonal breaks and holidays. In the
                                                                                                                     We are excited to offer a brand new Christian
 Location                                              event of a two-hour delay preschool will be closed.
                                                                                                                     curriculum that revolves around Christian
 The preschool is located on the lower floor of        Our Tuition                                                   concepts. All activities relate directly to each
 Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. We occupy the         2-day classes                        $100                     day’s Bible lesson. A typical day has the following
 preschool suite and the adjoining classrooms.                                                                       components:
                                                       3-day classes                        $150                     Circle Time
 Accessibility to the preschool is provided through
 Door 15.                                              4-day class                          $200                     This group time includes Bible stories, pledges,
                                                                                                                     action songs, memory verses, the date, and
 Daily Schedule                                        5-day class                          $250                     weather of the day. Once a month during this
                                                       Lunch Bunch (per day)                $   5                    time, we have chapel with guest speakers. All
 Classes begin at 9:00 and end at 11:55. From                                                                        families are encouraged to join us.
 12:00-1:00 Monday-Thursday only, we offer our         Tuition discounts are available when a year’s tuition         Learning Stations
 very popular Lunch Bunch on a space available         is paid in advance. See director for details. There is        Readiness lessons lead to the development of
 basis. We encourage families to buy passes for a      a one-time non-refundable registration/activity fee           academic growth while creative play strengthens
 discount and to ensure availability. Children bring   of $100. This helps to defray the costs of children’s         social skills. Craft activities foster creativity and
 a sack lunch and have extended activity time.         crafts, film development for individual scrapbooks,           target both large and small motor skills.
                                                       copying fees, t-shirts, educational materials, field          Transition and Snack Time
 Class Details
                                                       trips and other activities throughout the year. This          Children learn responsibility and cooperation by
                                                       is not a supply fee. Your child’s teacher will have a         participating in the clean up of learning stations
 Classes do not exceed 16 children. Our classes
                                                       small list of supplies for you to purchase in                 and preparing for the next rotation of children.
 operate with a 1:8 teacher/student ratio in a full
 class.                                                September.                                                    A nutritious mid-morning snack is offered just
                                                                                                                     before or after station time.
                                                       Our Weekday Preschool Staff
 Regular preschool is offered to 3-year-old and                                                                      Physical Fitness
 young 4-year-old children.                            The preschool staff has a wide range of experience            We have a wonderful gymnasium and new
                                                       working with and educating children. All lead                 equipment for large group games.
 Kindergarten readiness is designed for 4 and 5        teachers have degrees and/or extensive college
 year old children and will have a stronger            course work in Early Childhood education. Our
                                                       excellent assistants may have degrees as well as
 emphasis on kindergarten readiness skills.                                                                          Parties and Field Trips
                                                       years of experience in Sunday School and Christian
 The following class options are available:            education classes. All have hearts for children and         Field trips are a regular event for the preschool
                     2-Day Classes                     the ability to inspire children to learn. Also, all staff   and families are welcome. Whenever possible,
                  Tuesday and Thursday
                                                       members have First Aid Training and Infant and              we will schedule special visitors to come to us and
                 Monday and Wednesday                  Child CPR training. With your child’s safety in mind,       avoid time spent traveling. To participate in your
                    3-Day Classes                      we require screening of all staff through an Indiana        child’s class for parties and special events, please
               Monday, Wednesday, Friday               State Police background check.                              schedule a week in advance with your child’s
                                                                                                                   teacher. A monthly calendar will be sent home to
                    4-Day Classes                      We heartily encourage parental volunteers and
                   Monday—Thursday                                                                                 outline special events throughout the year.
                                                       have many activities that you will enjoy along side
                    5-Day Classes                      your child when so many discoveries are being
                                                       made about themselves and God’s world.                                            brochure last updated on March 2, 2010

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