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									Membership Websites in Full swing!

Membership websites seem to be in full swing. They have become very
popular and seem to be well liked by members. There are actually many
reasons why you should consider starting a membership site, especially if
you are an entrepreneur and love the experience of making your income
online. First it produces a residual income, secondly it targets a
specific market, and thirdly you are selling information or products in
which you are the expert.
The most obvious advantage is that membership websites tend to produce a
steady income. There is nothing better that a site that charges a
subscription fee and makes a steady income from repeat clients or
members. The membership fees are usually set up for a specified amount
of time and that could be monthly, quarterly or even yearly.
What do You Sell in a Membership Site?
Basically there are all kinds of membership sites. There are membership
sites that sell products like music, movies, programs, information, etc.
There are membership sites that are network sites, or places to meet
people, but the most productive membership sites are those that are
selling online content. These password-protected websites are becoming
the new “in” thing.
People are Willing to Pay for Information
In fact, studies made by the “Online Publishers Association” show that
online content is the new way to make money, along with matchmaking,
personals and entertainment.
It has been found that even small marketing areas are growing because of
such membership sites. Businesses like coaching, dieting and
international living are making a profit by marketing themselves through
membership sites. It is estimated that Internet users spend upwards of
$800 million a year on membership sites.
Membership Fees
Membership fees will vary depending on the site, what they sell, and what
they want to charge. Some can be as little as $15 every couple of months.
Others charges as much as $20 a month, and others may even charge as much
as $200 a month. It really depends on the industry and what the customer
receives for their money.
Subscription Renewals
It is a known fact that once a member has signed up he will generally
continue to be a member. Most sites hold above a 70% renewal rate, which
means that the owner receives a residual income over a long period of
Growth Rate of Membership Sites
Over the last few years’ membership rates have more than quadrupled, and
that is close to a 600% growth rate per year. We are talking about a
huge growth rate and this is for any site in any country.
How to Start a Membership Site?
There are a few things you should pay attention to when you start a
subscription based membership site.   First you need to seriously analyze
your target market and you need to find a market that is really
passionate about the product they are looking for.
Finding what people are looking for can be a little tricky, but you can
start by conducting a keyword search. This will give you the words that
are most looked for online. By doing a keyword search you will also be
able to tell if there is really a big enough market for the product you
are thinking of marketing to.
Your product needs to be unique and there should be little or no
information on your product on the Internet for free. That way you can
focus on really searching online and off for quality information related
to that product. This information or product may be as simple as
“specialized expert opinions” on a certain topic.
Finding Your Subscribers
If you have done your research correctly and found the market you want to
target for finding your traffic and subscribers, then this is not going
to be that difficult. The best way to market your site is through
affiliate programs, online newsletters, pay per click advertising, and
once you have all these other marketing techniques in place, you will
create viral marketing (marketing from other members or sites).
In reviewing everything related to membership site ownership we can say
that it is a growing industry, with residual income potential and the
potential to earn well, if you target the right market and you do your
homework prior to setting it up.


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