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       Unit 3,
29 Logan River Road,
     QLD 4207
     (07) 3804 5066
                         Cricut is the latest development in Paper Cutting. It is like having your
          FAX:           own Mini Laser Paper Cutting Machine. With the cartridge (one comes
     (07) 3807 4320      with the machine) you can cut out words and phrases to accent your
                         Cards or Scrapbook Pages. Your cut outs can be sized 2.5cm – 14cm
      EMAIL:             wide. Type in the phrase, choose what size and start cutting.

     Articles:           Take a look at the web page. It shows the machine and all the available
                         cartridges. There is even some video demonstrations to watch.
     • Cricut
                         Pricing as per Order Form
     • Time
       Management        I have seen this machine demonstrated at a show in Brisbane I am sure it
                         will be a great seller, even though it is quite expensive. It is such a great
                         new innovation that I am sure your customers will love it!!! Be sure to let
                         them know about it, and to assist in getting the ball rolling, I will offer some
                         special pricing for October 2006 only.
                         Cricut will be arriving in Australia, November – December 2006

                            Preorder your Cricut and Cartridges this month only to take
 1    Cricut                advantage of special pricing, never to be repeated again.

 2    Specials
                                                          Sale Prices
 2    Product Changes                       Product Description       Wholesale       Retail
                             PC290001       Cricut™ Machine              $375.00      $500.00
 3    Tip of the Month
                             PC290          Cartridges                   $112.50      $150.00

 4      Staff Profile                                 After Sale Prices
 4      Yahoo Group
                                            Product Description       Wholesale       Retail
                             PC290001       Cricut™ Machine              $412.50      $550.00
                             PC290          Cartridges                   $120.00      $160.00
Candice and I found some discontinued unmounted stamps and others that have been left
over from orders etc. We have packaged them up and will be selling them as Unmounted
Grab Bags. We have 9 Grab Bags and are offering them at the fantastic price of $15.00
Retail. All stamps are perfect quality, there are approximately 15 unmounted stamps in
each bag and they range in size from UAA to Unmounted Stamp Sets. Look for them on
Sellout Page of Order Form.
GrabBag Grab Bag of Unmounted Stamps Wholesale $18.75 Retial $25.00

Radiant Pearls. I still have a quantity of Radiant Pearls to sell out. Please help me get clear
them from the shelves. Radiant Pearls are just the most beautiful pots of gorgeous paints
you could ever imagine. These are on sell out as they are no longer available wholesale in
Australia. Your customers may choose colours but I will substitute if a colour is not
10 Radiant Pearls Wholesale $60.00 Retail $80.00
November only.

 Discontinued by Supplier Desktop Papers
       Large Square Base Cards with a Square window. I did not realise that I did not have
       these on the orderform. I have added the ones I have left to the sellout page. When
       they are all gone I will not be able to get anymore.

        Quick Cards Layer Pack Large, No longer available, none left in stock

 Discontinued by Supplier Fiskars
 Fiskars Scissors only 8 types available now. I have left these on the order form. I have
 moved all the discontinued ones to the Sellout Pages. 14 different types I have
 approximately 50 pairs of scissors in stock so if you want any of these get in quick as once
 they are gone they are gone.

 6x6 K and Co Script has been discontinued. I have none in stock.

 All the prices of our Quick Cards have changed mostly increased but a couple of prices
 went down. Candice has been updating the order form over the last week. So look for that
 on the web.
The following tips may help you budget your valuable time more wisely:

1) Make only one "to do" list. Keep track of what you must do, those things that you
feel like you should do, and things that would be nice to do.

2) Review those activities that you feel you SHOULD do and ask yourself, "Why?
What is the pay-off?"

3) Ask yourself these four questions: -are these activities truly necessary? -should
you do it now? -is there someone else who could do it better than I? - or should I
schedule it for another time?

4) Prioritise your list. Don't try to complete everything at once. Assign a date and/or
time to each of the tasks. Spread them out and don't try to jam them into unrealistic
time periods. Delete each item as it is completed.

5) Identify people or events that "steal or waste your time". Once you identify the
time-stealers you can take control of these uninvited interruptions.

6) It's OK not to be a perfectionist all the time. There is a difference between quality
and perfection. Striving for perfection on projects or details that do not require
perfection can waste time and create stress. Be a perfectionist with activities that

7) Learn to ask yourself this very simple question: "What's The Worst That Can
Happen? Learning to manage your time is a process. The more you do it, the easier
it becomes. In any given situation, always ask yourself:

   •   "What is the worst that can happen if I decline this person's invitation?"
   •   "What is the worst that can happen if I don't do this task?"
   •    “What is the worst that can happen if I don’t complete this project on time?
   •   “What is the worst that can happen if I choose not to attend this meeting or
   •   “What is the worst that can happen if I just say NO?

Managing your time is more about asking yourself the right questions, not about
cutting corners.
Name, Date of Birth/Age:                                                             Favourite stamping style/technique:
                                                                                     5            '&

Spouse/Children/Other:                                                               Favourite stamping tool/stamp: 6
                                                                                          $7           '$         89
                                                                  !" #
    $                   %&               ' &#                 (          &
                                                                                     Other hobbies:
     $                                    $              )
                                                                                     " : ; ++!< = >         ' '                 &$   '

Location in Australia:
        *                   +       &,                                               Best thing about being an ISA employee:
When I started working at ISA:                                                                                     '
!                            !" #        -         .                                                                       )!        '
                                             '                                                               $
                        "                         ' )                                     '                            '                 )!
                                    '                   / /                                   '
                '       #$      )                                                                                               )

Future Ambitions:
!                       !                    '                                   '
                                                                    )!       $                                         If you would
                                                                                                                       like to share
                        '                                                                                              your info with
    0                           0                       ! 1      )#                                                    other
    1                               !2       '       3. !                                                              Demonstrators
                    '       #                '     '      , 4( 4                                                       please email
                                                                                                                       Candice or
            $                                    0            )
                                                                                                                       Berni. We give
                                                                                                                       a free UD
                                                                                                                       Stamp for
                                                                                                                       every Profile

    Have you joined the Yahoo web group for ISA demonstrators yet?

    Feel free to add images to the site, share your ideas, ask questions and meet new friends.

Bye for now,

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