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					                                               EAA CHAPTER 673

                        The Marlboro Antiquer
Volume 13 Issue 5                            Experimental Aircraft Association                 September/October 2007

    Meeting dates:
    Sept. 11, 2007
  Program: Bob Keith on
                                               Sentimental Journey 2007
        airships                               by Doug Stone
      Oct. 9, 2007                This was my 19th consecutive year attending Sentimental Journey, and if you
                                haven’t already heard, we had a great time at Lock Haven, PA! We met at 9B1 at
         Agenda:                7 AM on Tuesday, June 19th and at 7:25 AM headed out on the “northern route”
Open meeting – 7:00 PM          with Jim Noone and Bob Cooper (both with GPS) leading the way in their PA-11
l Secretary’s minutes           and J-3, respectively.
l Treasurer’s report
                                  The trip began with 30 miles visibility and went down to 8 miles in NY over the
l New members and guests

l Young Eagles report
                                Hudson and 4 miles in PA. I think I’ll have to get a basic GPS as the thick haze is
l Mail/info for the chapter     getting old! Cooper tipped me off to the Batteries Plus store around the corner from
l News from around 9B1          9B1 that rebuilds NiCads, as after 15 years my two CMG packs weren’t holding
l I learned about flying...      a charge for very long. I dropped one pack off when I came back and it should be
Old Business                    ready any day now for $29.95 instead of buying a new pack for $100-plus.
                                  Fred Cygan flew his C-150 down Tuesday and met us there, as the three of us
New Business
l 50/50 raffle
                                had arrived just before 1 PM. After tying down, we could hear echoes of thunder
l Sunday breakfast flyout        in the distance, which wouldn’t reach us until evening. (That’s why it is good to
                                get an early start on these summer trips.)
Close meeting
                                                                                                  (continued on page 4)

  Inside this issue:

Chapter Information        2
                                                  Tech Talk: Best Glide Speed
                                                  by Jim Noone
Letter from President      2
                                   It is a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon as you head toward Jaffrey for that
Chapter and 9B1 News       3    double scoop of mocha-almond ice cream. You are at 3500 feet without a care in the
                                world until your trusty O-200 engine decides to call it a day. The sound of silence
Share Your Story           6
                                is a wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song but a terrible thing for a powered plane
Meet the Editor            7    pilot. The good news: The odds are with you. Statistics indicate that only 5.2% of
                                emergency landings result in a fatality. In fact, over 69% of all emergency landings
Photos                   9-11   result in no injuries at all. These statistics include night and IFR emergencies so in
                                your present situation, the odds of a safe landing are extremely high.
Meeting Minutes         12-13      As a practical matter, the most important initial action is to fly the airplane. It
Calendar                   14
                                typically takes 3 to 5 seconds for a pilot to recognize the nature of the emergency
                                and to begin to take action. During that time, you will have lost airspeed so you
                                will need to push forward on the yoke and trim to establish the best glide speed

                                                                                                  (continued on page 6)
PAGE 2                                     THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                         SEPT/OCT 2007

             August 21, 2007
             From President Lieberman

Hello Chapter 673 members,
  This month, please remember our Labor Day Impromptu Cookout. As summer comes to an end, we encourage
you to spend Labor Day with us. I’d like to ask everyone to make an effort to attend. Bob Stetson would like
to address the chapter so please do your best to attend.
  EAA members: your help is needed to assist in defeating the user fees bill. The time is critical to let your
congressional leaders know that the creation of user fees on general aviation operations will directly affect the
national economy and the operations of all general aviation aircraft. Yes, this will affect you. We want to send
a message to our elected leaders when they return to Washington on September 7th. EAA supports House Bill
2881 (NO USER FEES) and objects to the user fee sections of Senate Bill 1300. I urge each and every one of
you to participate in this campaign. The number of voices speaking out against user fees will largely determine
our success. I’m asking for your support – please write your congressional leaders NOW.
  Sample letters are available online at
  Remember our meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month – hope to see you there.
  On behalf of EAA Chapter 673 Officers and Board of Directors – Happy and Safe Flying.

  The Marlboro Antiquer                    EAA Chapter 673 – Marlboro Airport (9B1), Marlborough, MA 01752
         Volume 13, Issue 5
                                       Monthly meeting: Second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the airport
          Sept./Oct. 2007
                                       Dues: $15.00 per year, payable November 1 to EAA Chapter 673
             Editor                    Officers – FY 2007/08
        Christine Pulliam              President: Beverly Lieberman, (508) 393-1460
                                       Vice President: Deb Cahill,, (508) 366-3720
      750 Farm Road, #120              Secretary: Maurizio Izzi,, (508) 634-6865
     Marlborough, MA 01752             Treasurer: Rich Olsen, (508) 877-7054
                                       Young Eagles Coordinator: Bob Hanlon, (508) 509-2296
          (508) 481-1063
                                       Webmaster: Ken Sherman, (508) 839-5277            Board of Directors: All officers, plus Bob Cooper, Fred Cygan, Dudley Darling,
                                                           Jim Grenier, and John Weigel
 EAA National HQ: Experimental Aircraft Association, P.O. Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI, 54903 l (920) 426-4800 l
SEPT/OCT 2007                                  THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                            PAGE 3

                      Chapter 673 and 9B1 News
August Speaker Bio: Our August speaker will be Bob Keith of Dartmouth: an aviation artist, author, and
private pilot. He will display several of his airship paintings and discuss the historical finer points of lighter-
than-air travel. Emphasis will be on the Goodyear blimp N1A (Enterprise) in which he and his wife Nancy, a
retired FAA-licensed aeronaut, had the good fortune to log flight time. Bob is the author of Blue-Collar Wings,
in which he relates his thirty years of flying recreational aircraft around New England...and slightly beyond.
Pilot/Student Progress: On Thursday, August 9, Chapter secretary Maurizio Izzi passed his private pilot
checkride in Cessna 150, N18634. Kevin Norby was the instructor recommending him for the checkride. Ray
Collins was the DPE. Congratulations, Maurizio!
Aircraft Partnership: Chapter member Bill Greenberg is looking for non-equity partners to fly his blue and
white, 1979 Grumman Tiger, which is based at Minute Man Air Field. The IFR-equipped Tiger has a new leather
interior, Garmin 430W, autopilot, and recently-overhauled engine. Contact Bill at
or 508-251-1153 to discuss.
In The Press: The August 16, 2007 issue of the Metrowest Daily News had an article about the condominium
development planned across from Marlboro Airport. City officials want to ensure that buyers are aware of the
airport’s presence and associated aircraft operations. The August 19 issue of the same paper featured a long
article on personal transportation of the future, namely the possibility of flying cars. The author quoted 9B1
airport manager Bob Stetson.
Cancelled: Due to an inability to get an air traffic control tower for the 2007 event, the ACONE Basin Harbor
Fly-in for 2007 has been cancelled. There will not be a fly-in at Basin Harbor this year. Due to advanced
publicity about the event, ACONE has asked us to help spread the word.

   Ray Collins and Maurizio Izzi after Maurizio passed his   Bill Greenberg’s Grumman Tiger. Bill is looking for a non-
      checkride on August 9th. (Photo by Bob Stetson)             equity partner (see above). Photo courtesy of Bill.

 Access national weather info:                                                    Report suspicious activity to:
     1-877-ANY-AWOS                                                                  1-866-GA-SECURE
       (1-877-269-2967)                                                                (1-866-427-3287)
PAGE 4                                      THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                       SEPT/OCT 2007

Sentimental Journey
              (continued from page 1)

   A couple of downpours struck         was recently expanded to 2500’. It         museum in Hammondsport, NY
Cal Arter’s party just after most       was a newer sod strip cleared out by       (about 90 miles north near the Finger
of us had filled our plates, but        this family that has a collection of       Lakes). There is an arrangement
weather cleared Tuesday night and       every model Caterpillar tractor built!     for ground transportation to the
we had solid CAVU right through         They built the strip with some of the      museum from a private strip nearby
the return home on Saturday! It         bulldozers from their collection.          and it was the 2nd year for this
was a bit windy and cool instead           After the 11 planes on this “fly-out     fly-out. Back at LHV, spot-landing
of the more common haze and             from the fly-in” had landed, we were        entry fees were waived for the first
thunderstorms, but that was a real      greeted with an unexpected buffet.         time with the airport donating a
treat for those of us who have          Following that, we were given a            fuel top-off to the winner.
suffered in past years.                 hayride-style John Deere tractor-pull         Friday was the “bomb drop,”
   On Wednesday, Fred and I went        along a dirt road in the woods to view     which I had been recruited to run
exploring for other sod fields          the private tractor collection. Despite    by LHV in May, allowing them to
near University Park, but that one      taking full advantage of the sunny         subsequently obtain the necessary
didn’t look good and the one near       skies and next-to-the-longest day          FAA clearance. Each pilot had to
Clearfield didn’t either, so after       of the year, the machine shop tour         sign the waiver and the contest
an hour we landed at Clearfield          would have to wait until next year.        went fine. I made most of the
for a fuel topoff. We were finding       On the way back we viewed their 23         25 bombs used, as I needed to
that it is just tough to beat the       husky dogs (the wife’s hobby). We          share my low technology for this
beautiful sod strip at Jersey Shore!    all departed by 8 PM with arrival          endeavor complete with streamers
At Clearfield they were conducting       back at LHV by 8:30, well before           for maximum crowd appreciation.
training for Medevac copters but        sunset.                                    These “FAA-approved” bombs
the one operating copter took off as       Thursday began with a                   were sold for $5 each with a
we pulled in. In spite of some wind,    “trainwreck”—err, that is a type           maximum of three.
the visibility was tremendous!          of omelet served at the Trainstop             In the interests of safety for
   Wednesday night at 5 PM was          restaurant (which incidentally may         anyone inadvertently near the
an organized fly-out, so Fred and I      be closing due to space needed by          target, radio clearance was given
flew my PA-11 up to a private strip      a neighboring gunpowder firm).             “for the drop” on final approach.
on a mountaintop 10 miles north of      Following that we drove to the             (I suggested we avoid saying
Williamsport called Logue that is       Woolrich store for some shopping,          “bomb” on the radio.) The object
marked as 1400’ on the chart but        which was my very first visit. (I had       was to fly at a height of 100 feet
                                                            been focusing on       over the barrel. I even included a
                                                            planes all of these    free coaching after the first drop to
                                                            years.)                make subsequent drops both more
                                                               Afternoon           accurate and more exciting. During
                                                            brought us the         the pre-flight briefing, I explained
                                                            spot-landing           that since bombs would carry
                                                            contest, which I       forward (not blow backward),
                                                            signed up to run       the best strategy was to toss the
                                                            and so I regrettably   partially lime-filled lunchbag out
                                                            couldn’t attend        about 50 feet prior to the target.
                                                            the CAVU fly-          Despite that tip, many drops still
                                                            out to the Curtiss
            Lock Haven (photo by Doug Stone)                                                     (continued on next page)
SEPT/OCT 2007                                THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                               PAGE 5

Sentimental Journey
        (continued from previous page)

landed “long,” so it is a good thing        The chow line
the civilian fleet wasn’t going to be     was about 200 feet
called upon for bombing duty!            long and we finally
  One of the pilots hit the blue         filled our plates
barrel that we had set up in the         just before 7:30.
midst of 15’ and 30’ diameter            Several Amish
lime rings between the paved and         families were
sod runways. He was declared             all dressed up in
the winner, and that Ercoupe             their trademark
pilot looked like he had done this       dresses or, for the
before! Winnings were split 50/50        men, straw hats
with the winner receiving $63 and        and dark shirts.         Part of the Caterpillar collection (photo by Doug Stone)

Sentimental Journey $62.                 There was some
                                         question whether this year’s annual dropped off Bryan at the Museum
  Friday night’s social group
                                         event would be held as the owner, entrance where his J-3 was located,
included Fred, Bryan Douros, Bill
                                         Dan Schrack, was rather suddenly in having been a Thursday arrival.
Belmore and friends on a drive to
                                         bad health, having apparently been Then Fred dropped off our rental
the Schrack dairy farm, which is
                                         discharged from the hospital just for vehicle to the FBO side of the field
just a couple of ridges to the south.    the event. Next year it may be back since he was in a slightly faster
There, we enjoyed a nice barbecue        to the stock car races if this recently aircraft. We all met in Sussex,
buffet complete with ice cream           discovered event doesn’t continue, NJ with Fred arriving last due to
homemade by the Amish using              although if we attend early maybe waiting for a ride back to the SJ side
antique gas-powered motors. We           we can combine the two.                     of the field. Bryan was first to arrive
arrived at 6 PM and already there           On the way home Saturday, Bryan, to Sussex, as he was to Robertson
were 35 planes on the ground! Last       Fred and I rode to the airport together in Plainville, CT with Fred waiting
year due to the weather there were       in one of our nicer rentals ever: for us back in Marlboro. Another
just five aircraft!                       a 7-passenger Pontiac SUV. We successful trip! Q

“You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to
come down again, so why bother in the first place? Just
this: what is above knows what is below, but what is
below does not know what is above. One climbs, one
sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has
seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower
regions by the memory of what one saw higher up.
When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.”
                                                                                             — René Daumal
PAGE 6                                          THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                           SEPT/OCT 2007

               Share Your Story
               by Jim Grenier
   Once upon a time in my life, I could       Sound confusing? It isn’t. Just stay           Safety seminars are often helpful,
and would recount any number of            with it long enough and it will all make       sometimes boring, but each one
stories about real events and factual      sense.                                         has something you never knew or
encounters on a moment’s notice.              Enter longevity. Aviationally               somehow forgot.
   The aging process seems to have         speaking, of course. The stories we               About forgetting things: Do you
dwindled the number of interested          tell are the future of aviation. Our           remember the anxious feeling you
listeners. The prolific recollections       imaginations are what bring us to the          may have had on a first date? Sort
have lost their spontaneity and become     future. Young or old, until we’re gone,        of excited, a little anxious, nervous
somewhat embellished to keep even          there is a future. Stories that help           even?
my interest.                               prepare us for the future contribute              Today, I planned a date with my
   The best part of recounting any         to our longevity in aviation. This IS          new plane and it was the same feeling
event or situation is the learning         important. You have a story, tell it!          I had 22 years ago when I flew it the
curve. It’s amazing how many times         You may surprise yourself and learn as         first time.
you can tell a story before you            much as others. That’s why I like our “I          I love to fly!!
actually realize how much you could        learned about flying from that” segment            Share a story; we’re the future of
have learned from it.                      at our meetings.                               aviation. Q

Tech Talk
                (continued from page 1)
for your airplane. The second most         ratio somewhere between 6:1 and 9:1.           gliding distance. Each speed has its
important action is to look outside and    This means that for every thousand feet        advantages and its disadvantages.
select the location for your landing.      of altitude, you can glide 6,000 to 9,000         As you make progress towards
Entire books have been written on          feet laterally. You should know both           your landing site and complete your
this subject but a quick and dirty         your best glide speed and your glide           emergency procedures, take note of
suggestion is to look for a site that is   ratio. In most cases, they are published       the wind. If you have a significant
within a radius equal to twice your        in your Owners Manual or POH. Even             headwind and can estimate the speed,
altitude and within 60 degrees of          if they are, it is still a wise idea to test   then consider increasing your Vbg or
your current heading. In other words,      fly your own airplane at the weights you        Vmp speeds approximately 30% of
at 3500 feet, look for a landing site      normally fly and calculate your real best       the headwind speed. In a tailwind,
within about one mile (7000 ft). This      glide speed and glide ratio.                   consider reducing your speed by
is extremely conservative, but it is a        If distance to your landing site is         30% of the velocity of the tailwind.
good, safe starting point that allows      not a problem but having the time to           Even though changing your airspeed
room for maneuvering. I look at this       complete your emergency procedures             to account for wind will affect your
as a back-up plan and will use it if I     and to calm down a bit would be helpful,       descent rate, these changes get you
can’t find anything better. Now if you      you may want to consider slowing to            out of the headwind faster and keep
find yourself directly overhead a hard      minimum power speed, Vmp. This                 you in the tailwind longer. The result
surfaced 10,000-foot runway, then go       speed is approximately 80% of your             is greater distance over the ground.
no further: Just land the airplane and     best glide (Vbg) speed. Although called           Once safely on the ground, go
be done with it.                           something else, this is the speed used         ahead and use that cell phone to call
   Most likely this will not be the        by glider pilots when they maneuver            for some help. If you are really cocky,
case and you will have to pick the         in thermals. This speed gives you the          you can ask them to bring along that
best landing site within a distance        greatest amount of time in the air before      dish of mocha-almond ice cream. Q
that you can confidently reach. In         you touch down. The best glide speed
reality, most airplanes have a glide       on the other hand, gives you the greatest
SEPT/OCT 2007                                    THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                                  PAGE 7

               Meet the Editor
               by Deb Cahill
   Several months ago, I volunteered        list, she also enjoys reading, hiking and She had the unique and rare experience
to fill out and submit EAA’s 2007           cooking. Her favorite reading material of being able to visit and spend time
Newsletter Editor Award entry form,         is non-fiction, primarily aviation and at the summit of Mauna Kea, which is
which includes a section titled: Reason     science. She enjoys writing small the premier location for astronomical
for Nomination. As I began to think         fiction pieces herself just for fun, but observations in the world.
about reasons for nominating our            has never had any published. In the            Christine’s grandfather and father
editor, Christine Pulliam, I realized       non-fiction realm, she is co-author with were the major influencers when it
just how little I really knew about her.    her boss, David Aguilar, on the National comes to her love of aviation. Her
My dilemma prompted me to begin             Geographic book “Planets, Stars, and grandfather was a B-17 pilot in WWII
my research by asking Christine a           Galaxies,” which will be published later and flew 42 missions from Africa and
variety of interview questions, which       this fall.                                  England. As a civilian, he owned and
revealed that she is not only an aviatrix      One of her favorite places to hike is flew a Taylorcraft and worked as a
with 150 logged flying hours, but also       the Middlesex Fells. She also admits that flight service briefer in Austin. He
a very interesting and knowledgeable        her most challenging hiking hasn’t gone was an EAA charter member for both
person.                                     much beyond Mt. Monadnock, and then Austin and Kingsland, Tex., and was
   I asked Christine if she would           smiles while admitting she never quite responsible for getting Christine her
allow me to continue the interview          made the summit.                            very first EAA membership.
so that I could share a little bit more        For as long as Christine can remember       Christine’s father was a private pilot
about who she is with the rest of our       she has always loved science and nature. as well, and she describes herself as
chapter members. She agreed, saying,        She received her Bachelor’s degree your typical kid watching airplanes
“This is a surprise, but if you think       in physics and her Master’s degree in with her father at the local airport.
they’d be interested, I’d be happy to       astronomy at the University of Texas, When she was a senior in high school,
cooperate.”                                 Austin.                                     she received a Lion’s Club scholarship,
   Christine moved to Marlborough,             Much of Christine’s time is taken which gave her the resources to start
Mass. in 2001, when she accepted            up with her work as a public relations training for a private pilot’s certificate.
a job offer at Harvard University in        specialist, writing publicity materials She earned her certificate when she
Cambridge. She basically lives right        and organizing events. She writes was a college freshman in a Cessna
next to Marlboro Airport and at the end     about three dozen press releases a year,                    (continued on next page)
of the day she comes home from work         covering a range of topics from
to two anxiously awaiting roommates,        the birth of the universe to the
Sorsha and Pixie, who are 14- and 12-       search for Earth-like planets
year-old felines, respectively.             orbiting distant stars. Events
   Christine was born and raised in         feature speakers who inform
Austin, Texas and still refers to Texas     and educate the public about
as home. Although she does enjoy            the latest research, or historical
New England, she admits to preferring       topics (such as the upcoming
the warmer climate. Her most recent         50th anniversary of Sputnik),
purchase from her last trip home            or even spacecraft missions.
hangs proudly on her wall and says:         She says she is most proud of
“You may all go to Hell and I will          her work when she sees her
go to Texas.” – Davy Crockett. (And         organization’s scientists featured
you thought she was just a shy, quiet       in publications such as USA
Southern Belle.)                            Today or the New York Times.
   Christine has a variety of hobbies          Just recently, she was selected     Christine with DPE Kenneth Fossler after
and interests. With aviation topping the    to attend a conference in Hawaii.        passing her checkride: Nov. 14, 1990
PAGE 8                                        THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                       SEPT/OCT 2007

Meet the Editor
             (continued from last page)

152 at Austin Executive Airpark           the hotel through a branch
(which no longer exists).                 in Austin, allowing her to
   She tells me that her most             spend her limited cash on a
memorable (and most embarrassing)         hot meal!
flying experience was her long, solo          When I asked Christine
cross-country. Apparently she had a       who her favorite aviator
variety of mishaps, beginning at her      was, she said Bob Hoover,
first stop in Waco where she struggled     because of his perfectionism
through turbulence to land and, right     and because he has done
after shutdown, was told to contact the   things that no other pilot
tower. Apparently Christine’s mike        could ever do. I also asked A top-three travel destination: Mauna Kea, Hawaii
was stuck, and because she was at a       her about her favorite and
towered airport, this meant that all      most memorable travel destinations. appreciate the close-knit community
the other aircraft in the area couldn’t   Oshkosh, Wisc., (surprise, surprise) of Chapter 673. Our chapter is
communicate with the tower and were       made the top three list. 2005 marked like family. Chapter members help
not able to land. “Guess what,” she       her very first trip to Oshkosh, and she each other and a large percentage
says to me, “I’ll never do that again!”   admits that her main regret is that she contribute to chapter activities. They
I don’t think there’s a pilot around      didn’t stay longer. She knows her next welcome new people with open arms.
who hasn’t said those very same           trip will definitely be longer, and she’ll As a woman pilot, I also enjoy the
words for that very same reason.          be sure to plan her days better so that she relatively high percentage of women
   On the same trip, she was grounded     can make the most of her experience.        in the chapter.”
overnight at her last stop in College        Christine has been a major contributor      Christine’s goals, dreams, and
Station because of a storm. Here she      to EAA Chapter 673. In her role as aspirations are no different than a lot
was, 18 years of age, alone, without      editor, she spends approximately 14-18 of aviation enthusiasts. She wants to
enough money to pay for both a hotel      hours editing and publishing each of continue to advance in her career, pay
room and a bite of dinner. Fortunately,   our chapter’s bi-monthly newsletters. off her debts, buy a home, and build
her parents were able to pay for          She told me that her main goal for her own plane that she’ll hangar at an
                                          the newsletter is to provide a balance airpark where she plans to retire.
                                          between entertainment, education, and          My final question for Christine
                                          motivation, and also offer something was to ask her what it is that excites
                                          different for long-time members while her about aviation, and this was her
                                          enticing new members who may pick up response: “In the big picture, aviation
                                          a free copy from the airport office.         is about freedom – the opportunity to
                                             I asked her what motivated her to take go where you want when you want
                                          on the responsibility of publishing and and get away from it all. It also offers
                                          editing the newsletter and she said, “I a different perspective, literally and
                                          view the chapter newsletter as a critical figuratively – a perspective that most
                                          communication path among chapter people on this planet will never get
                                          members and between the chapter and to enjoy.”
                                          headquarters. Also, this was an area           So…if you ever have the privilege
                                          where my skills could be of greatest        of running into this special and
                                          benefit to the chapter.”                     interesting woman, be sure to say
                                             She continues making valuable “hello,” introduce yourself, and if you
                                          contributions to the chapter as an active happen to be a pilot, offer to take her
                                          board member and often volunteers to for a ride. Q
  Christine’s grandfather, John Yokie,    assist with the Young Eagles program.
  after catching a ride with the newly       When asked how she feels about being
          minted private pilot.           a member of Chapter 673, she says, “I
SEPT/OCT 2007                               THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                               PAGE 9

                       Impromptu Memorial Day Cookout

  Bob Hanlon, Ken Sherman, Deb Cahill, and Bill Belmore              Ken Sherman and his lovely wife, Toby Sherman

 (All photos courtesy of
      Bob Hanlon)
                                  Anita Stetson with baby Tessa Schae Kinney, Bob Stetson’s
                                                 most recent granddaughter

                  Doug Stone and Adrian                                   Toby & Ken Sherman, and Deb Cahill
PAGE 10                                      THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                     SEPT/OCT 2007

                            June Young Eagles Photos

               Richard Dupée & Navion                                         Doug Stone & Piper Cub
          (All photos courtesy Bob Hanlon)

                                        Rich Olsen with happy Young Eagles!

            Bryan Douros & Piper Cub                                          Ken Sherman & Cessna
SEPT/OCT 2007                                THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                      PAGE 11

                                July Young Eagles Photos

Ground crew: Fred Cygan, Deb Cahill, Sherry Grobstein, and                   The whole crew!
      Steve Mayer (All photos courtesy Bob Hanlon)

Fred Cygan, Bryan Douros, and Young Eagle Drew Hannigan        Jim Grenier and Young Eagle Casey Hannigan

  Richard Dupée with Young Eagle Alexandra Grasso and        Bart Bartelsman with Young Eagle Claire Hannigan
                    Alexandra’s mom                                            and her mom
PAGE 12                                    THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                     SEPT/OCT 2007

Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2007
Meeting was called to order by         be published in the coming issues.        l Flying expedition is set for
Deb Cahill at 7:04 pm.                 Richard will write one for the May        August 25. Parlin Field in Newport
                                       2008 issue.                               NH (2B3).
l   Secretary minutes – Motion         l Professional pilot series – No
to approve the minutes for the                                                   New Business
                                       meeting this month.                       l Air Day is August 18th.
month of June as published in the
                                       News Around 9B1                           l Toys for Tots – Beverly requested
latest issue of the newsletter was
approved.                              l Bob Stetson reported the sad news       Dec. 2nd as first date. Dec 9th if
l Treasurer ’s report – The            of the passing of both Steve Miller’s     2nd not available. Nov 25th as
treasurer’s report was also accepted   father-in-law and charter member          third choice.
                                       Bob Savageau and of Steve’s mother,       l Yard Sale – No decision yet.
as published in the newsletter.
                                       Anna Miller. Motion to donate $50 in      l Several pieces of stainless steel
l Upcoming speakers – Nick
                                       his name to the charity of their choice   (17x33) are needed to add a plaque
Monopoli, aircraft model maker,
                                       (the Brewster Animal Society) was         to the Peter Christo Memorial for
is tonight’s speaker.
                                       approved.                                 Pete Kallander and Bob Savageau.
l Membership report – No
                                                                                 The names will be plated for Air
update.                                Old Business
                                                                                 Day. Motion to set aside necessary
l Young Eagles report – 8 to 10        l Jim purchased the new generator
                                                                                 funds (up to $100) for the plates
Young Eagles signed up to fly this      for the trailer and the generator is
                                                                                 was approved.
Saturday. Got commitment to help       already hooked up. The chapter
                                                                                 l Motion to donate the proceeds
from 6 pilots. Ground helpers are      reimbursed Jim.
                                                                                 of tonight’s 50/50 raffle ($9.50)
needed.                                l No news on the new Plexiglas
                                                                                 to Bob Stetson to contribute to the
l Newsletter report – The next issue   windows to be installed on the
                                                                                 expenses for the air conditioning
will be published in September. It     trailer.                                  of the Quonset hut was approved.
will feature another technical         l Chapter members, please report
                                                                                 l 50/50 Raffle: April Izzi won and
article submitted by Jim Noone.        changes in your address/e-mail info       donated her $9.50 to the chapter.
The board members will each            to Richard Dupée so the list is kept
continue to provide one article to     up to date.                               Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.

“He moves not through distance, but through the ranges
of satisfaction that come from hauling himself up into
the air with complete and utter control; from knowing
himself and knowing his airplane so well that he can
come somewhere close to touching, in his own special
and solitary way, that thing that is called perfection.”
                                                                                         — Richard Bach
SEPT/OCT 2007                                  THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                              PAGE 13

Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2007
Meeting was called to order by Mail-in Information                                     the chapter decided to postpone
Beverly Lieberman at 6:58 pm.  l Beverly shared an e-mail about                        the event to the first weekend in
                                           the 2007 Simsbury Fly In: the date          October. Sandy will confirm with
l Bob Stetson addressed the chapter.       is September 23 and “8 to 10,000”           Bob Stetson whether it should be held
The airport will close at 1700 hours       spectators are expected.                    on Saturday or Sunday. The logistics
on Friday, Sept. 7 because Bob             l From EAA Chapter 166 (Hartford,           will be discussed during next month’s
and Sandy are traveling to Ohio to         CT) – Invitation to attend an “Evening      chapter meeting. Ken Sherman will
attend a nephew’s wedding. Bruce           with Tuskegee Airman Connie Nappier         send out an e-mail notification of
Prentiss will be in charge Saturday        Jr.” to celebrate his Congressional gold    the postponement to all the chapter
and Sunday. Volunteers are needed to       medal for his service during WWII.          members as soon as the new date
assist Bruce.                              l From EAA headquarters – Grassroots        is confirmed. Ken will also attach
l The airport also will close at 1700      action in support of House Bill 2881        the fly-out information. (Deb Cahill
hours on Sunday, August 26 for             and opposing the user fee sections of       will provide the attachment with the
personal business. Bob Stetson will        Senate Bill 1300. Flyers were distributed   info.)
reopen it the following morning.           among chapter members.                      l No date has been set for the Air
l Secretary minutes – One correction       News From Around 9B1                        Rally.
to July minutes: “Bob Stetson reported     l Maurizio Izzi got his private pilot       l Toys for Tots: Beverly submitted a
the sad news of the passing of both        certification this past Thursday.            request via the website to hold it on
Steve Miller’s father-in-law and                                                       Dec. 2. No response yet.
charter member, Bob Savageau and of        I Learned About Flying From That            l The yard sale is postponed to next
                                           l Ken Sherman finally sold his C150          year (either Spring or Fall).
Steve’s mother, Anna Miller.” Minutes
                                           two weeks after he put it up on eBay.       l Check out the mazes in our area.
approved with that correction.
                                           l Jim Grenier purchased a used Garmin       There is one near Sterling, east of
l Treasurer’s report – None.
                                           296 and is willing to sell it to anybody    the Wachusett Reservoir, one in
l Upcoming speakers – September’s
                                           who is interested for the same price he     Sunderland, CT, and another one near
speaker is Bob Keith from Dartmouth,
                                           paid.                                       Newport, RI.
with a “potpourri” of interesting flying
stories.                                   Old Business                                l EAA106 hosts EAA’s B-17 at
l Membership report: no update.            l The Plexiglas windows will be             Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM)
l Young Eagles report – 12 Young           installed on the trailer in September.      on Aug 17-19. Check out the EAA
Eagles will fly on Wednesday, Aug. 15.      l The Flying Expedition to Parlin           website for more info.
None scheduled for this Saturday.          Field, NH is confirmed for August 25.        l 50/50 Raffle: Steve Mayer won and
l Newsletter report – Next issue in        Participants are welcome to fly in and       donated his win to the chapter.
September. There was a question of         stay overnight. The 99’s club will also     l Sunday breakfast fly-out destination
when board member contributions            meet there, and there will be a spot-       – Just show up.
will print. Agreed to stick with current   landing contest. More info is posted in
                                           the FBO.                                    Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.
deadlines for submissions. Articles
will not necessarily be printed in that    New Business
issue if space is tight, but if delayed,   l Make an effort to contact your
will definitely appear in the following     representatives in support of House Bill
issue. Time-critical articles will be      2881. Letters should be sent out instead
printed immediately.                       of e-mails since they are much more
l Trailer education program – Next         effective.
meeting will be on September 8 at          l Air Day was originally scheduled
9:30. The topic will be winds and take-    for this coming Saturday, Aug. 18th.
off & landing performance at 9B1.          Because many will not be able to attend,
PAGE 14                              THE MARLBORO ANTIQUER                                 SEPT/OCT 2007

           Calendar of Events: Sept/Oct 2007
 Mon 3     Impromptu Labor Day cookout, 1:00 pm, Chapter trailer, Marlboro Airport.
 Sat 8     Professional pilot series, 9:30 – 11:30 am, Chapter trailer, Marlboro Airport. Topic: winds
           and take-off & landing performance at 9B1. Taught by Jim Noone.
 Sat 8     EAA Chapter 701 fly-in, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Mansfield Municipal Airport (1B9),
           Mansfield, MA. Food, aircraft displays, military vehicles. Aircraft judging in the categories
           of Contemporary, Vintage, and “Feature.” This year’s featured aircraft is the Cessna
           120/140/170 Series. More information will be posted online at
 Tues 11   Chapter 673 meeting, 7:00 pm, Quonset hut, Marlboro Airport. Speaker: Bob Keith on
           airships. See page 3 for speaker background.
 Sat 15    Young Eagles rally, 9:00 am, Marlboro Airport (weather permitting). Pilots and ground crew
           volunteers are always welcome. Call Bob Hanlon for more information: (508) 509-2296.
 Sat 15    EAA Chapter 1310 pancake breakfast, 8:30 – 11:00 am, Skylark Airpark (7B6), East
           Windsor, CT. $5 for all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice & coffee. More
           information is online at
 Sun 16    Chapter 673 breakfast flight, 9:00 am, Marlboro Airport
 Sun 16    EAA Chapter 279 pancake breakfast, 8:00 – 11:00 am, Cranland Airport (28M), Hanson,
           MA. All you can eat for $5, children 12 and under half-price. See for
 Sun 23    Simsbury fly-in, 7:30 am – 3:00 pm, Simsbury Airport (4B9), Simsbury, CT. (Rain date Sept.
           30th) Pancake breakfast, aircraft judging. This event offers “about 100 airplanes, over 200
           autos, judging & trophies, manufacturer displays (especially light-sport aircraft), live music,
           and good food.” More information is online at

 4-6       AOPA national convention, Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT. 500 exhibits, 60
           aircraft, 60 hours of seminars. Lots of information is online at
 Sat 6     Professional pilot series, 9:30 – 11:30 am, Chapter trailer, Marlboro Airport.
 Sun 7     Air Day/Impromptu Columbus Day cookout, 1:00 pm, Chapter trailer, Marlboro Airport.
           Bring sides/desserts!
 Sun 7     17th annual “Leaf-peepers” fly-in breakfast, 8:00 am – 12:00 noon, Rutland State Airport
           (RUT), Rutland, VT. More information is online at
 Sun 7     Fly-in pancake breakfast, 7:00 am – 12:00 noon, Westerly State Airport (WST), Westerly,
           RI. $6 (12 and under $4) for all-you-can-eat pancakes, bacon, sausage, coffee, juice, and
           real maple syrup. Sponsored by the Westerly Airport Association. Proceeds benefit the WAA
           Scholarship Fund. More information is online at
 Tues 9    Chapter 673 meeting, 7:00 pm, Quonset hut, Marlboro Airport
 Sat 13    Young Eagles rally, 9:00 am, Marlboro Airport (weather permitting). Pilots and ground crew
           volunteers are always welcome. Call Bob Hanlon for more information: (508) 509-2296.
 Sun 14    Chapter 673 breakfast flight, 9:00 am, Marlboro Airport

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