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   We l c o m e      Dear Friends,
                                                                                               Worship In September
                                                                                               In September, Senior Pastor Clive
                                                                                               Calver and other speakers will
                                                                                               begin a four-week series called
                     I trust that your summer went well – particularly in the warmer           “Reasons for Joy.”       Working
                     days at the end of August.
                                                                                               through the book of 2 Timothy,
                     Now we start the journey towards the fall. It’s great to have us          they will explore “God in Faith,”
                     all together again anticipating what the Lord may bring us. So I          “God in Family,” “God in Future,”
                     wanted to use this column of Acts 29 to remind us all of those last       and “God in Friends.”
                     three messages in August.
                                                                                               At Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Assistant
                      It really is time to “break camp.” We’ve been poised too long on the
                                                                                               Pastor Brian Mowrey and others
   edge of all that God has promised us. I sensed that the day we had more than 100
   flowers in our vases – testimony to the fact that 100-plus people had met Jesus for the     will work through the same theme
   first time this year; the Lord was simply emphasizing that He has begun a whole new         and topics, but with different
   work among us.                                                                              sermons, different perspectives –
                                                                                               and different sermons!
   We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the way that the Lord has dealt with us as a
   church over the years. Being excited about the future is never to decry a sense of
                                                                                               Don’t miss our monthly “refresh”
   gratitude for the blessings of the past. It simply means that if we are to follow the
   example of Caleb, the spy who believed that God could deliver the land into Israel’s        gathering on September 6 – “where
   hands, we – like him – have to serve God ‘wholeheartedly’ (Deut. 1:36).                     the only attraction is God.”.

   That then means we walk, together, into a new day of serving God in this place where
   He has put us. For the challenge to break camp always means that God would have
   us venture out from the safety of seclusion in a building to invade a community with
   the message and demonstration of His love.
                                                                                               Service Times
                                                                                               Saturday 5:00 p.m.
   It really is time to let God speak. I’m always amused by the challenge offered us in the    Walnut Hill Kids
   illustration of ‘Balaam’s ass’. It’s too big a temptation not to draw the analogy that if   (Nursery through Kindergarten)
   God could speak through a donkey, there is hope for you and me!

   So many of us assume that the way to reach people for Jesus is to draw them into the        Sunday 8:10, 9:30 & 11:10 a.m.
   orbit of a professional clergyman or woman. My Jesus rarely worked that way; instead
   He trained a motley crew of ordinary business men and women and transformed them            Walnut Hill Kids
   into an army of everyday people who His Spirit would use to turn their world up-            5th & 6th Graders (all services)
   side down. Whether we are being used to piqué someone’s interest, open up their             9:30 Middle & High School
   understanding for the first time, or actually lead them to surrender their life to Jesus
   – or any other step on the way - God wants to use us ‘for His glory’.
                                                                                               Youth Service
                                                                                               11:10 Middle School students
   The desire to let God speak must never be limited to a passion for Him speaking to us,      meet in Upper Room; High
   but a longing that He might speak in and through us to a watching world.                    School students attend service
   It really is time to lean upon our hope for the future. God is so encouraging. We can       in Woship Center
   erect our 12 rocks in acknowledgement of how He has lead us thus far, and then He
   wants us to engage strength and courage, to dismiss fear or anxiety, embrace chance
   and progress and move into the land of all that He has promised for us.
                                                                                               Sunday at 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Walnut Hill Kids
   That will involve us all in embracing the gentle breath of personal intimacy with His       Coffeehouse
   Holy Spirit and active engagement with receiving the operation of His work through
   us. This is our hope for the future, not that we will serve God with our gifts and
   energies, but that He will work through us by His power.                                    Sunday 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Brazilian Worship Service
   Then we will not see the giants in the land, but the grapes of His provision for us
                                                                                               (in Portuguese)

   Exciting stuff!

   May God energize and encourage us to live and work together as a people, not                Walnut Hill
   missing out on anything that He has for us, to embrace in this corner of Western
   Connecticut.                                                                                Office Hours
   May the Lord go with you in every way.
                                                                                               Monday – Friday
                                                                                               9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
   With love and peace in Christ Jesus,
                                                                                               PHONE 203.796.7373
   Clive                                                                                       FAX 203.796.7377

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NBA          All-Star
Allan Houston                                                                               to Speak on
                          “Making Right Choices”

                          eciding to go to the Quarterly   “Allan Houston is a really solid Christian who loves Jesus
                          Men’s Breakfast should be as     and lives his life according to what he believes,” Walt said.
                          sure as a slam-dunk.             “This event will give men who know him as a celebrity an
                                                           opportunity to realize he’s sold out to Christ.”
                          After all, where else can you
                          get the powerful combination     Allan’s dream life included a stellar pro basketball career.
                          of a former NBA star who also    His impressive basketball resume includes two-time NBA
                          happens to be a Christ-follow-   All-Star, a Team USA Olympic gold medal (in 2000), and
                          er and motivational speaker,     NY Knicks co-captain. He retired in 2005 as one of the
                          along with hot food and great    NBA’s all-time greatest long-range shooters and leading
                          fellowship?                      scorers in Knicks history.

Allan Houston, touted as one of the “purest shooters” in   But Allan hasn’t retired from helping others both on and
the NBA, will be sharing about the theme of “Making        off the court. Case in point: The Allan Houston Founda-
the Right Choices” at the Saturday, September 19 Men’s     tion, featuring initiatives like the “Father Knows Best”
Breakfast, taking place 7:30 to 10:00 a.m.                 Basketball Retreat, designed to strengthen father/son
                                                           and mentor/mentee relationships through a combination
“From a guy’s perspective, Allan Houston lived a dream     of high-powered basketball and life skill lessons.
life, and his message is a product of his experience in
making the right choices,” said Jim Anastasia. “His life   Through this same non-profit entity, he empowers young
shows you can have that dream life (such as money and      adults aspiring to become entrepreneurs via the Business
fame) and still make the right choices.”                   Education and Development Program. The Foundation
                                                           also aims to restore a strong family unit and to enhance
Walt Jamroga, coordinator of this Men’s Breakfast and a    personal spiritual growth. Allan is married to Tamara
personal friend of Allan’s, agrees.                        and has five children. - Story continued on page 23
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   “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food
   and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.” Matthew 5:6 (The Message)

   Hungry for God?                   Matt 5:6 msg              How?
   Here at Walnut Hill, we want everyone to meet               Like dinner at a five-star restaurant, we suggest
   and know the One who satisfies - Jesus.                     a four-course meal of your choosing…

   first course
   Gather together to worship
   Pick a service/congregation:
   o5:00 p.m. o 8:10 a.m. o 9:30 a.m.
   o 11:10 a.m. o 6:00 p.m.

                                                                     Second Course
                                                                               Get your Fill of PLGL
                                                      Select a Community Group….where do you live?
                                                           o Bethel o Brookfield o Danbury o New Fairfield
                                                                    o New Milford o Newtown o Ridgefield
                                                                     o Sandy Hook o Brewster o Southbury

   Third Course
   Learn from One Another…
   Man to Man, Woman to Woman
   Choose various events, classes or groups -
   as many as you’d like! (hint: select your own gender)

   Fourth Course
   Pick and enjoy a few “sides”
   (see Acts 29, stop in the Connector, or visit the Get Connected and Prayer tables to find out more)
   Many other Care Opportunities | Many other Church in Action Opportunities
   Many other Discipleship Opportunities – Study Groups | Many other Prayer Opportunities
   Many other Worship & the Arts Opportunities | Now, how do I place my order?

   Sign up for Community Groups this month….stop in the Fellowship Mall or
   contact Melena Sorena at 796.7373 ext 180. For the rest, simply dig in!
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What ’s With the Menu?
                                                    In April, Carrie and I were at a restaurant when I felt God grab my attention. What I
                Adam DePasquale                     saw was so simple – but I believe God spoke to me with an answer to something I had
                Pastor of Discipleship Ministries   been thinking about for some time.

                796.7373 ext. 118      For months, I’d been wondering how effective our church was in connecting people to
                                       places where they could 1) grow in their relationship with Jesus, 2) become part of a
loving family, 3) see real transformation in their life, and 4) become empowered to change their world.

It’s wasn’t that people weren’t being connected – it’s just that it wasn’t simple. Walking into Walnut Hill was like walking
into the Danbury Fair Mall and not knowing what you were shopping for. Where should you start?

That night, over dinner, I saw a very simple menu. I quickly understood where to start my meal and what my choices were.
Soon after, an appetizer appeared, followed by salad, then a main course, and finally dessert. Each course was significant
and – amazingly - the portions were such that I had room for it all!

Not to take the analogy too far, but in a similar way, we know that there are choices at Walnut Hill - and we want to help
you make them so that your faith journey is accelerated. The “menu” on the previous page is one way of looking at it. We
hope that this, the introduction of Community Groups, and our commitment to offering excellence in many other ministries
enables you to become fully alive in Christ.

       where there is something for everyone...
The “2:7 Series”
Mondays, September 22
through November 24
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

This group will use the Navigator’s 2:7 Se-                                     see page 10         see page 11          see page 17
ries to grow in personal discipleship. The
class is designed for people who:

• have recently become Christ-followers                   I’m created for God’s glory?! Me?!
to learn how to walk with God
                                                          You’ve got to be kidding?                              1 Corinthians 10:31

• have been believers for a period of
time but have never been taught how to                    ….what does this mean? - The 2:7 will help you find the answer
walk as Christ’s disciple

• are disciples, well versed in spiritual dis-
ciplines, but who would like to have tools
                                                          Love my neighbor?!                      Matthew 19:17
to share their faith with seekers around                  …you don’t know my neighbor!

• would like to learn how to help other
                                                          - The 2:7 puts feet on God’s command
Christ-followers grow in their own person-

                                                          I’m supposed to read the BIBLE?! Joshua 1:8
al discipleship.

Bob & Carol Pious will lead this in-depth
approach to transformation, using the
                                                          …I keep getting bogged down in Leviticus
book “Growing Strong in God’s Family.”
Sign up at the Get Connected table.                       - The 2:7: tools for reading God’s Word

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   Study Groups Fall 2009                                                  Study Groups Fall 2009
   September 20 – November 8                                               September 20 – November 8

   9:30 a.m.                                                               11:10 a.m.
   Financial Freedom                                                       Peacemaking for Families
   This eight-session course will equip those struggling with ex-          A biblical guide to managing conflict in your home. We long
   cessive debt, mounting expenses and other financial pres-               for a home that is a haven from a world riddled with conflict,
   sures to develop a God-honoring lifestyle.                              but the reality for too many families – even Christian families –
                                                                           is different. Using Scripture and stories, the authors show that

   WORD by Word Bible Study: Mark                                          conflict is inevitable, yet offer hope & help.
   The Bible is one of God’s great gifts to us and understanding it
   is essential to growing in relationship with Him. Each week we          Catching Fire
   dig into scripture, studying context, translation considerations        We believe that Christ has called us to reach out, reshape,
   etc., to see how God is calling us to apply His word to our lives       and impact our entire community and wider world by model-
   today.                                                                  ing what it really means when the Kingdom of God impacts
                                                                           the hearts and lives of ordinary individuals. Aimed to equip

   The Book Of Proverbs: 7 Photos of a Fool -                              and release you to become fully alive in Christ, come explore
                                                                           and catch fire!
   Tragic Tales of Love & Life, a study of Proverbs.
   Confused and mixed up about life? How different are the wise;
   they are clear-headed, focused & discerning. We have much               Fall One - Hour Workshops:
   to learn from the wisdom of Solomon about life’s choices.
                                                                           9/20: Making Prayer a Natural Part of Life – How to Get Started

   Experiencing God                                                        9/27: Getting Out of Debt and Living Lighter
   Experiencing God challenges Christians to experience the
                                                                           10/4: Learning How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth
   fullness of a life lived in a fellowship with a loving personal
   God. This study will show you how to deepen your own per-               10/11: Finding My Child’s Bent – Becoming a Student of Your Child
   sonal relationship with God and discover your special place
   in His Kingdom.                                                         10/18: Building a Marriage for All Seasons

   Faith Seekers
                                                                           10/25: Being an Influence for Christ at Work and in the Community

   This eight-session Study Group was created specifically for             11/1: What is a Crucified Life and How to Live It
   those on the front end of their faith journey. Each session has
   been designed to equip newer Christ-followers for their life-           11/8: The Freedom of a Budget: Learning How to Build One
   long journey of pursuing Jesus.

   HIGH SCHOOLERS : 11:10 a.m. NEW 12:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
   NEW IN THE UPPER ROOM                                                   Learning Sign Language
   Every Young Women’s Battle: This class will help guide you              This class is designed to equip you to enter a ministry to serve
   through the temptations and pressures you face as a high                the deaf. We are praying that Walnut Hill becomes a place
   school girl, help you live your life without regrets, and invite you    where those who are deaf feel welcome to worship and find
   into a deeper and more satisfying level of intimacy with God.           community. YOU can be a part of this ministry! An expert in
   Christianity 101: Learning to think biblically: This course will help   sign language, John Goodwin (who has been signing in our
   you think about life through a biblical world-view. This is called      services), is teaching this class. Here is your chance to learn
   theology; but while some think it’s only for professors, actually we    sign language as well be part of our growing ministry.
   are all theologians. Explore common questions Christians ask.

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                                       Our Community
                                              Gateway to New England
                                                                              Our Church
                                                                              i n Yo u r To wn
                                                                              This month, beginning the week of September 13, we launch
               New                                                            Community Groups! The vision is simple – to live out and
               Fairfield        Brookfield             Southbury                experience the life-giving message of Christ in our towns.
                                           Newtown                Community Groups are multi-generational, geographically
    Brewster                                                      based communities of Walnut Hill that formally meet twice a
                                                                  month in towns to live and share life together- caring for one
                                                                  another, growing in Jesus, and challenging and encouraging
            Ridgefield                                             one another to make a difference in our communities by
                                                                  living full of Jesus in daily life. Community Groups are “PLGL”
communities – communities that pray, love, give, and live. Members are encouraged to meet together naturally throughout the
                                                                 Lets Pray!
month for further growth, support, service, and fun and are intended to be “open” for friends who may not know Jesus yet!

Excitement for Community Groups has enabled us to launch thirteen starter groups this month, with the need to launch
new ones each month. First groups are starting in Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Newtown, Sandy Hook, Southbury, Ridgefield,
New Milford, New Fairfield, and Brewster. One of our Southbury groups is acting as a regional group, reaching to as far as
Waterbury. The Brewster group is open to surrounding New York towns.

Throughout September, we will have an area in the Fellowship Mall where you can meet group leaders, sign up, and discover
more about Community Groups. Although we anticipate that groups will fill up quickly, it is our goal to continually launch new
groups throughout the fall. Contact Melena Sorena in the church office for more information.

                                                                                           203.796.7373 | | 7
   If you’re new to Walnut Hill, it’s pretty easy to get connected. The following events are great places to
   start. You can sign up for them any weekend at the Get Connected table in the Fellowship Mall.

   Newcomers Lunch                                                Starting Line
   There will be a Newcomers Lunch Sunday, September 6,           Learn how to connect to the life and ministry of Walnut
   from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Be our guests for lunch and come        Hill. Learn: our history, our vision, our beliefs, how to get
   explore what Walnut Hill is all about. Childcare (through      involved, and even become a member. The next class takes
   age 6) is available.                                           place Sunday, September 20, 11:10 a.m. to 12:25 p.m.
                                                                  AND yes, for the men’s page, Rise Up AM is 6:30 to 8:00 a.m.

   Will and
   Hometown: Monroe
   Been attending Walnut Hill since 2008

                     LTHOUGH we’ve both been church               help train Young Life leaders at Fairfield University; and
                     regulars for many years, about a year        even in the midst of all that we can rarely find an excuse
                     ago realized we were bored with our          to miss a week!
                     spiritual and church life. We knew that
                     some friends that we hadn’t seen in ages     We’ve been attending regularly for several months now
                     attended Walnut Hill, so we killed two       and a number of our friends and neighbors are starting to
                     birds with one stone and checked it out      join us. This is one of the greatest things about our switch
   while we visited them. We really enjoyed the worship           here. Everyone says how welcome and comfortable they
   and the message, and it was just simply a relaxing and         feel at Walnut Hill, and most of our friends that come
   enjoyable time. We found that Walnut Hill is a church          once, come back a second time. It’s so easy to minister to
   that shares our attitude of never apologizing for the          our peers without having reservations about inviting them
   gospel, giving generously to our missionaries at home and      to worship with us. We’ve been blessed to make new and
   abroad, and being strategic and creative with resources,       deeper connections with people in our community because
   both human and financial. Not to mention that there are        of this. We’ve made some great new friends at Walnut Hill
   so many options for services that no matter what shift I get   too, and we’re always eager to make more. We’re looking
   stuck with as a new police officer, we can count on being      forward to growing together as a family, and being a part
   able to worship as a family every week. We both work full      of the great things that God is doing at this church.
   time - Stephanie is a volunteer EMT in Monroe - and I

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                AJ Picard
                Interim Prayer Coordinator
                796.7373 ext. 120

24/7 Prayer
Prayer, or communicating with God, is important to us at Walnut Hill. In fact, we are committed to meeting with our Creator continually
- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly hearing amazing stories of men and women going deeper with God, being
transformed, and seeing real answers to prayer both in the lives of those they love and those around the world. Join us and help us
pray 24/7 by signing up for a weekly prayer slot. We are now running 24/7 both in the Prayer Room and “Wherever You May Be.”
Visit our website or the Prayer Room to view open slots and sign up. We have 30-minute opportunities as well. Come and join
us anytime: Whether or not you have a weekly prayer time, stop by our Prayer Room anytime to find a few minutes of quiet
with the Lord or to intercede for all that God is doing. (10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. by registered sign-up only.)

Pre-Service Prayer
Come gather with others in prayer before our services. Gatherings take place on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. in Room 24,
Sundays from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the Prayer Room, or from 5:25 to 5:50 p.m. in the Guest Room as we seek the Lord and lift up
all who will be attending the services, and the ministry taking place throughout the church.

En Christo - Private Restorative Prayer Sessions
Call for a private session with our Prayer Servants. Sessions are confidential and are usually scheduled for Friday evenings. For
more information or to schedule a time of prayer, call Vicki Nowicki at 426.6955.

Restoration Prayer Gathering
Will be cancelled for September due to the launch of Community Groups. Next session will take place October 12.

Prayer Requests & Emails
There are many ways to submit prayer requests - by emailing, visiting our website, or calling the
church. Please let us know whether a request is “Public” and can be shared in the Prayer Room and with others via email/
web, or “Private” and should only be shared with our staff and elders.

A Staff Retreat to Remember                                              change is something that must be done with sensitivity, but with a
                                                                         firm grasp of the notion that any change be led by the Holy Spirit
                                                                         – because the church belongs to the Lord, not the people who lead
Walnut Hill’s pastors and directors took a break from the daily busy-    or attend it.
ness of church activities for a two-day spiritual retreat in mid Au-
gust… and came away recharged, renewed and ready to “break camp          The pastors and directors envisioned the hallmarks of a church com-
and move forward” into whatever future the Lord has in store.            munity about to spring into a period of accelerated spiritual growth –
                                                                         and formulated a list of hallmarks for our own church. Some highlights
But it didn’t happen without some looking back.                          from the list:
The team paid homage to the legacy of its recent past, and spent         Walnut Hill needs to be a community that:
time praying for former Pastor Joel & Sharon Eidsness, thanking          • HUNGERS AFTER GOD by being stretched in faith, and bring-
God for the way He used them to prepare our church for its current       ing prayer to everything.
season.                                                                  • MOVES FORWARD IN THE HOLY SPIRIT, submitting to His
                                                                         leading, greedily seeking His power, and encouraging others to do
They also reflected on the amazing calling of Clive & Ruth Calver here   the same.
and affirmed their support of Clive’s leadership as the church moves     • RECOGNIZES GOD’S OWNERSHIP of His church, and there-
forward in response to his call-to-action sermon of August 15 & 16.      fore is open to change, corporately and individually.
                                                                         • ENCOURAGES EXTRAVAGANT GIVING by sacrificing fi-
In a separate session, the team gave personal testimonies of how they    nances, time and lives to the service of Jesus, here and worldwide,
have seen God work in and through them, shared ways they have            addressing the biblical command to care for widows, orphans and
struggled and ways they have grown spiritually. And they prayed,         the poor.
encouraging one another and lifting up each other’s burdens.             • SHARES JESUS NATURALLY in everyday life, as people fully
                                                                         surrendered and guided by the Holy Spirit.
It’s no secret that change is happening with rapidity at Walnut Hill,
so it was within that context that the team discussed “Who Stole         Now, as we are “Called Together, Being Transformed Changing our
My Church?,” by Gordon McDonald – a book assigned by Clive.              World,” let us all move forward together, in Jesus!
The team agreed that shepherding a growing congregation through

                                                                                          203.796.7373 | | 9
   Men’s Fall Events 2009                                                                        Pastoral News...
   September 22 - November 24, 2009                                                                             Neil Tan
   Rise Up AM - 6:30 - 8:00 a.m. Choose your study                                                              Executive Pastor
                                                                                                                796.7373 ext. 146

   Dying To Live: Senior Pastor Clive Calvers latest book “Dying To Live” explores the
   implications that a crucified life has on your life and your ministry to others. This is an       was very encouraged to see our
   excellent study for those who want to further experience this Christ-like surrender.
                                                                                                     men continue to meet through
                                                                                                     the summer to pray, fellowship
   Search For Significance: It has been said, knowing who you are in Christ will trans-          and study. After months of plan-
   form your life like nothing else. Join this adventure of finding true significance.
                                                                                                 ning, we are really looking forward
                                                                                                 to our next Quarterly Breakfast on
   The Revelation Of Jesus Christ: This cornerstone book of the Bible is presented
   from a unique perspective guaranteed to unpack timeless truths that will expand your
                                                                                                 Saturday, September 19, featuring
   horizons and take your “walk” to new heights! So much more than a study of end–time           former New York Knicks basket-
   events, we will cover the sweep of God’s purpose and plan through the whole Bible             ball star Allan Houston. The plan-
   as it culminates in the New Heaven & Earth. Gain a deeper understanding of Christ,            ning team for this event is very
   the Church, the Bible and your pivotal role in the Kingdom. NIV version of the Bible          much looking forward to what God
   requested.                                                                                    will do, so please save this date and
                                                                                                 begin to plan to invite your friends
   Experiencing God: ‘Experiencing God’ challenges Christians to experience the full-            and family.
   ness of a life lived in a fellowship with a loving personal God. This study shows you how
   to deepen your own personal relationship with God and discover your special place             The passion of our men’s ministry
   in His kingdom. This book, by Henry Blackaby, has profoundly changed lives around
                                                                                                 is to see men who are sold out to
   the world.
                                                                                                 Jesus. If you have not been to one
                                                                                                 of our Rise Up meetings or to a
   M2M - Man 2 Man: An ongoing group of men who walk side by side with each
   other - pursuing God and supporting each other with understanding, brotherly love
                                                                                                 Study Group, I invite you to join
   and prayer, in an environment of trust and safety while seeking the Holy Spirit.              us. I’m sure you will be encour-
                                                                                                 aged and uplifted. A warm wel-

   Rise Up PM - 7:15 - 8:30 p.m. Choose your study                                               come is and has always been one
                                                                                                 of our hallmarks.

   Twelve Ordinary Men: When you take a look at the disciples, you’re faced with a
   stunning fact: the men the Savior chose were ordinary & hopelessly human - remarkably          More Rise Up PM
   unremarkable. Learn how the Master shapes His disciples for greatness and what He
   wants to do with you.
                                                                                                 A Study On Prayer: Prayer can
                                                                                                 be powerful and effective for men
   Twelve Steps With Christ Jesus: All men are invited to come and share and                     in crisis. Crises come in several forms:
   encourage one another on our individual recovery faith journeys. This new group               emotional, financial, physical, re-
   provides hope, fellowship and the power that God gives when we seek Him to                    lational, spiritual… What does the
   transform our lives. Tuesdays, 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.                                              Bible have to say about praying
                                                                                                 through crisis? This study will help us
   TEN: Capture the heart of your wife. If King David was known for being a man after            apply its truth to our lives and cir-
   God’s own heart what would it look like if a husband became a man after his wife’s            cumstances.
   heart? Join the exciting adventure of making your marriage all it was meant to be. This
   simple step-by-step approach will help you have the best relationship you can imagine
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Oasis - Women’s Evening Ministry                                                                 Pastoral News...
Oasis Fall 2009 Session | Tuesday, September 15 – November 17
Oasis, Walnut Hill’s Tuesday night women’s ministry, will begin on Tuesday, September
15 with two new classes to choose from. Sign up at the Get Connected table Septem-                             Ruth Calver
ber 5/ 6 or online at Questions, please contact Raiza Arnone                             Pastor of Women
775.5423 or
“Know Why You Believe” by Paul Little — What does Christianity have to do with
                                                                                                               796.7373 ext. 129

anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?
Together we will grapple with some of the basics of our faith. Cost for book is $13.
“Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks” by Priscilla Shirer                      ne day recently, while Clive
Studying the Word of God heightens our spiritual senses to hear the still small voice of                 and I were on our study
God and helps us recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit. $16 for book.                              vacation in the Dominican
                                                                                                 Republic, I checked my email, and,
AM/FM                                                                                            in a moment, discovered my family
“A Morning For Me” AM/FM meets at Walnut Hill Thursday mornings from 9:00 to                     is forever changed. Several weeks
11:00 a.m., giving women of all ages an opportunity to grow. The Fall Session begins             ago, my sister-in-law Evelyn was
September 17. Classes: “Love Talk”, “God is Closer Than You Think”, “Having a Mary               diagnosed with cancer. In such a
Spirit: Allowing God to Change Us from the Inside Out”, “Victory Through Suffering”,             short time, she and my brother
Study of the Book of Philippians and Beth Moore’s “Believing God.” Children’s pro-
                                                                                                 have had their world turned up-
gram available for infants through kindergarten. Register yourself and your child early!
Registration brochures are available in the Fellowship Mall or you may register online.          side down. In mid August, Evelyn
Sign-ups will take place in the Fellowship Mall on September 6 &13.                              died. My brother now faces a very
                                                                                                 lonely and uncertain future.
This international ministry provides a time for moms with children from birth through K          In a moment, our lives can be
to relax, renew, and refresh their spirits. There is a full childcare program for infants thru   changed. We make plans, but an un-
kindergarten. Walnut Hill has two identical MOPS groups. Group A meets on the 1st                expected job termination, difficult
Tuesdays of each month, September through May, while Group B meets on the 2nd                    physical diagnosis, or family crisis
Tuesday. Registration forms are available at the Get Connected table, or online at
                                                                                                 can come like a bolt from the blue. Contact MOPS Coordinator, Sandi Miller, at smiller@wal-, for more information. **Please note that for September only, due to Labor
day, we will be holding MOPS on the second and third Tuesdays.**                                 I am so grateful to my “family”
                                                                                                 here at Walnut Hill. It’s a blessing
IRON SHARPENS IRON                                                                               to be part of God’s family. When
“Iron Sharpens Iron” is bringing its first women’s retreat to the The First Cathedral in         tough things happen, we need the
Bloomfield, CT on October 17. There are workshops to choose from as well as the key-             prayers, practical love and sup-
note speakers. With our group rate, the cost will be $47, including lunch. Sign-ups will         port from one another, and that is
take place in the Fellowship Mall September 13 & 20. For further information contact             so much easier when we are inte-
Mary Tanenbaum at 860 354 5029 or or visit the web-                    grated into the life of the church.
                                                                                                 As we go in to this new season, can
‘Tis The Season                                                                                  I encourage you to get involved in
                                                                                                 a Community Group or some other
Walnut Hill is pleased to welcome back ‘Tis the Season Holiday Extravaganza!
This year ‘Tis the Season will be on Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13.              group here? Together, we can then
For this amazing evangelistic outreach to happen though, we need a large number of               move on into all that God longs to
volunteers to do a variety of things. If you can cook, decorate, organize, make crafts,          do among us.
think creatively, plan, etc - you’re our woman! For more information please contact
Denise Loeber at 205.0118 or email

More Women’s information found on page 23.

                                                                                     203.796.7373 | | 11
   Sharing Jesus Through Project Serve Pastoral News...
   They shared Him in Boston and the Bahamas. They shared Him in Kosovo, New
   Hampshire and Danbury. They shared Him with lawnmowers and shovels, with blankets
   and food. They shared Him with English lessons and conversation over sweet, hot tea.
                                                                                                                   Vicky Calver
                                                   They shared Him with hammers and                                Pastor of Evangelism & Outreach
                                                   brooms, and with compassion and                       
                                                                                                                   796.7373 ext. 123

                                                        This summer 77 Walnut Hill members
                                                        - students in middle school through              t the start of this year, I pur-
                                                        college and their leaders - went near            chased 101 yellow flowers as
                                                        and far to share Jesus, and collect
                                                        a life-transforming experience in the            a statement of faith that God
                                                        process. No site-seeing pleasure trips,   might continue to draw many to Him-
                                                        these journeys involved long hours of     self this year. We were praying that
                                                        often back-breaking work, infrequent      we’d actually get to use them all. To-
                                                        showers and few creature comforts.        day, as I write this, we reached 102
                                                 On the Boston trip, for example, 21              flowers for the vase – and I need to go
                                                 high schoolers rose at 6:45 a.m., then           shopping!!!
   headed out for a long day of manual labor in the downscale suburb of Dorchester.
   They mowed lawns, they dug trenches. They headed into the city to share food,                  The danger here, though, is that we
   clothing, blankets, worship and discussions about faith with homeless people on                get caught up with numbers. This is
   Boston Common.
                                                                                                  not about us, God is at work! And so I
   “The most memorable experience I had was when we went and fed the homeless                     share this as a testimony to God’s good-
   and got to interact with them and really got to hear their stories,” said Charlie Eden, an     ness to us and so that we can rejoice in
   incoming junior. “It was really sad to see what these people have been through. God            the God who does so much more than
   really humbled me and showed me how blessed I am. I learned to place others before             we ask or imagine.
   myself and how much satisfaction you can get out of helping others.”

   In Kosovo, five college students helped Walnut Hill mission partners Geni and Soni Begu        “Now to him who is able to do immea-
   administer English language proficiency tests for local residents. They also visited local     surably more than all we ask or imag-
   homes to talk about Christian faith.                                                           ine, according to his power that is at
                                                                                                  work within us, to him be glory in the
   In Danbury, the students worked with our partners at the Jericho Project on various
   local programs. In the Bahamas, they helped with a building project. And some went             church and in Christ Jesus through-
   to the Joni and Friends camp in New Hampshire,                                                 out all generations, for ever and ever!
   where they were buddies for children with special                                              Amen.” (Eph 3:20-21)
   needs and their families.
                                                                                                  Please continue to pray that God will
   Danielle Hale, who graduated this June, said of her trip
   to the Bahamas: “The kids there seemed to change                                               draw many more to Himself. Many of
   my life, when I heard that more than most of them had                                          those who have come to faith in the last
   AIDS. It was so sad to see, because most of them looked                                        few weeks have been through the VBS
   to be under age 12. But just seeing their smiling faces                                        and the Vertigo Skate Park. Please
   each day, to let them know we were there for                                         pray for Bryn Gillette and those who
   something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.”
                                                                                                  work at Vertigo, and for all those who
   “From going on the trip to the Bahamas, I took home a                                          serve in the Children’s Ministry here
   new profound awe and amazement for God,” said Kaley                                            at Walnut Hill as they disciple and
   Kruger, an incoming senior. “It’s so awesome when you                                          encourage these children and young
   have those moments where you know without a doubt                                              people. Please also continue to pray for
   He is right there with you, and the trip was full of them.”
                                                                                                  those who lead our Faith Seekers class
   Charlie’s, Kaley’s and Danielle’s stories are not atypical.                                    to disciple the adults, and for Ministry
                                                                                                  Team Coordinator Melena Sorena who
   “Project Serve trips are often pinnacle moments in a youth’s faith journey in their years      keeps track of all of this.
   as a student,” said Middle School Youth Pastor Gene Sun. “It’s so great to see God
   transform our students through these trips.”                                                   It is a day for rejoicing!

12 | 203.796.7373 |
This month’s theme - Sharing Jesus
Habitat’s ReStore is Open
In August, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore opened. ReStore is
a home improvement resale store that recycles usable goods
to new consumers, and uses the money raised to support the
work of the Housatonic Habitat for Humanity. For more infor-
mation, click on

                         Where’s Taylor?
                         Taylor Shockley is now back at Endi-
                         cott College for her senior year. She
                         had a great time serving the Church
                         in Rwanda through World Relief this

                                                                 SEPTEMBER 18
                         summer and enjoyed living with Phil
                         and Becca Smith (who serve as WR                                  - Housatonic Habitat
                         Country Directors there). To find out   for Humanity’s 13th Annual Friendship Breakfast
                         how it went, take a look at www.        This breakfast is a time to learn more about and celebrate
                If   what is happening through our local Habitat. Tickets are $20
                         you want to catch up with Taylor in     per person. Checks are payable to the ‘Housatonic Habitat
                         person, she plans to be back at Wal-    for Humanity.’ Mail your check to Housatonic Habitat for Hu-
                         nut Hill to hear Becca share at the     manity, 90 Shelter Rock Road, Danbury, CT 06810 by 5 Sep-
                         Advent Breakfast on December 5.         tember. If you want to sit with other people from Walnut Hill,
                                                                 please tell Habitat that you are from Walnut Hill. For more
Lee and Anne Have a Baby Girl                                    information, call Habitat at 744.1340.
We want to wish congratulations to Lee and Anne P., part of
our family serving overseas, who gave birth to a baby girl in
                                                                 OCTOBER 3 - Hopeline’s Walk for Life
                                                                 In Danbury, the Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center is part
July. We also want to join them in celebrating the fact that     of the Jericho Partnership. This October 3 is their sponsored
another couple arrived recently to serve alongside them.         walk event at Harry Brooke Park in New Milford. If you would
                                                                 like to walk to raise money, pick up a sponsorship form in the
ONGOING - Volunteer in Our Community OCTOBER 31 - Habitat Workday
Check out the large hand in the Connector for various volun-     This is a great way to serve our community, from 8:30 a.m. to
teer opportunities in our community.                             3:30 p.m. If you can only serve during the morning or afternoon,
                                                                 please talk with David Kulp about volunteering for part of the
For more opportunities, go to the Church in Action section of    day. For more information contact David at dkulp2@charter.
the Walnut Hill website.                                         net or call 270.0379. Sign up sheets will be at the Get Connected
                                                                 table or in the Connector on October 17/18 and 24/25.

                                                                               203.796.7373 | | 13
   Hospital Visits                               Chariots of Fire                                 Pastoral News...
   Mike Bos loves to visit any member of the
   Walnut Hill family when they are in the
                                                 Used Car Donations
                                                 Looking at buying a new car soon? You
   hospital. Please call the church office, so
                                                 can maximize the value of your current                          Mike Bos
   Mike can come and offer support and en-
                                                 car by donating it to Walnut Hill. If your ve-                  Pastor of Care
   couragement. Because of stricter privacy
                                                 hicle still has useable mileage left, Chari-          
   laws, you have to BOTH identify Walnut Hill
                                                 ots of Fire will make basic repairs and then
   as your church and say ‘YES’ to receiving                                                                     796.7373 ext. 171
                                                 give it to a needy new owner. You can
   a visit from clergy before the hospital can
                                                 use the ‘actual resale value’ as a deduc-
   release notice of your hospitalization.                                                        Fall at Walnut Hill
                                                 tion on your taxes. Contact Pastor Mike

   Between Jobs Lunch                            Bos, or call Frank Amendola at 431.9205.
                                                                                                         he fall season has evolved over
                                                 FAMILY LIFE MINISTRIES
   Have you or someone you know recent-
   ly lost a job? The Between Jobs Lunch                                                                 the years into the beginning
   takes place at Walnut Hill the first and      The Family Life Ministries group includes               of our “New Year.” School re-
   third Wednesdays each month, noon to          Marriage Builders, DivorceCare, and              starts, our ministries ramp back up
   1:00 p.m. Simply bring a bag lunch, and       Singles Fellowship. These three ministries       after a summer hiatus, and the fall
                                                 coordinate their efforts to provide oppor-
   the church will provide beverages. It is                                                       season brings many opportunities
   planned to be a time of encouragement,        tunities for service, spiritual growth, and
                                                                                                  to explore new venues to both grow
   support, and prayer.                          fellowship within the body of Walnut Hill.
                                                                                                  and serve within our church com-
   Good $ense Ministry                           DivorceCare                                      munity.
   The Good $ense Ministry at Walnut Hill ex-    DivorceCare is a healing and support min-
   ists to teach, strengthen and encourage       istry that seeks to meet the needs of those      One of those opportunities for
                                                 at any stage of separation or divorce.
   one another to improve our stewardship                                                         growth is The Marriage Course -
   of the resources that God has placed          This Christ-centered program resumes this
                                                                                                  “How to build a healthy marriage
   in our care. Counselors are available to      month and meets Sundays at 11:00 a.m.
                                                 in our Discipleship Wing. For more informa-      that lasts a lifetime.” This fall the
   help you honor God with your finances.
   Contact the church office if you would        tion on DivorceCare, go to www.Divorce-          course will be offered on Saturdays,
   like to meet with a counselor.       for more information.                   September 12 through October 24.
                                                                                                  Each of the seven sessions begins
   12-Steps with Christ Jesus Marriage Restoration                                                with a meal served in a semi-
   12-Steps with Christ Jesus meets Sundays      Specially trained couples are available to       private yet intimate setting, and
   from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. All are invited to     come alongside and support those who             then continues with DVD teaching
                                                 are experiencing unusual stress in their
   come, share, and encourage one an-                                                             and guided study. Topics including
   other in our individual recovery journey      marriage. Contact Pastor Mike Bos at the
                                                                                                  “The Art of Communication,” “Re-
   toward wholeness. Contact Gary or Anne        church or Neil & Eva Tan at 431.2486 to
                                                 learn more.                                      solving Conflict,” and “The Power
   D. at 778.2570 for more information.
                                                                                                  of Forgiveness,” to name a few.
   Grey Sheet                                    Become a Mentor Couple
   Weight Loss Support/                          The Marriage Builders Team is looking for        There is a nominal cost of $95 per
                                                 married couples with solid relationships         couple for the course. The din-
   Eating Disorder Recovery                      that have been married more than 10              ners alone are a bargain at that
   Almost anyone can lose weight, but            years to be trained to mentor engaged
   keeping it off is another story. This group
                                                                                                  expense. Couples can sign up at
                                                 couples. Contact Pastor Mike Bos to
   is experiencing great success. We meet                                                or at the Get
                                                 learn more.
   Wednesdays 7:15 to 8:30 p.m.. Questions?                                                       Connected table September 5/6.
   Call Karen 431.6979 or Jill 798.8098.
                                                                                                  Why not make this coming fall sea-
                                                                                                  son at Walnut Hill one of the memo-
                                                                                                  rable experiences of your married life
                                                                                                  by attending The Marriage Course?

14 | 203.796.7373 |
Worship & the Arts                                                                            September News...
E x p l o r a t o r y Te a m U p d a t e                                                                     Brian Mowrey
After spending six months in dialogue with      and plans are underway to make each rec-                     Assistant Pastor
the worship community, the general congre-      ommendation a reality.
gation, the elders and Senior Pastor Clive
Calver, the Worship & the Arts Exploratory      Brian Donofree will serve as chairman of                     796.7373 ext. 106
Committee has put forth a number of spe-        the Worship & the Arts Search Committee.
cific recommendations it believes will move     Members of the team include Brian Mow-
the Walnut Hill Worship & the Arts minis-
try forward and bring glory to God.
                                                rey, Charles Galda, Jenn Brittin, Terry Os-
                                                born, Christine Vitarello and possibly oth-     Heads Up Guys!
                                                ers. The search team is scheduled to meet
The most significant of these recommenda-       for preliminary conversations in September

                                                                                              Technical Team
tions is to hire a pastor to oversee the wor-   and then the search will begin.
ship and arts community. The Exploratory

                                                                                              Members Needed
Team is planning to have a meeting in the       “Finding the right person is an important
near future with the orship community to        task,” Brian Donofree said. “But if we take
share all the recommendations with them.        our leadings from the Holy Spirit, God will
                                                reveal the right person for the job in His    Are you looking for a place to serve
Clive and the Elder Board have enthusias-       time.”                                        at Walnut Hill?
tically accepted all the recommendations,
                                                                                              Prayerfully consider joining one of
                                                                                              the Technical Teams. We are always

                                  “Now What?!”
                                                                                              looking for people interested in
                                                                                              learning lights, sound, and media to

                                  Walnut Hill Theatre Production
                                                                                              help at our weekend services. No
                                                                                              previous experience is required. If this
                                                                                              interests you, please contact Pete
                                  Save the date! “Now What?!” is a theatre production         Briggs at
                                  that will feature several actors (no vocalists), and it’s

                                                                                              Choirs at
                                  scheduled to take place October 23 and 24 at 7:00
                                  p.m. and October 25 at 3:00 p.m. The performance

                                                                                              Walnut Hill
                                  will feature a series of comedic sketches taken from
                                  Bible stories given a contemporary twist.

                                  Rejoice with Voice Concert
                                                                                              If you love to sing the Lord’s praises,
                                                                                              then choir at Walnut Hill is the place
                                                                                              for you! No auditions or experience
                                  Save the date! Walnut Hill Community Church is              required. For more information about
                                  hosting the Rejoice with Voice concert Saturday,            the Kairos Choir (the Sunday morning
                                  November 21 at 5:00 p.m. The concert will featured          choir) and Choir at Five (the Saturday
                                  the Kairos Choir and other area vocalists lifting their     choir) contact Brian Donofree at
                                  voices in joyful praise.                          

Graham Kendrick’s Coming Back!
World-renowned worship leader and composer Graham Kendrick is traveling from the
UK to do three concerts with the Kairos Choir at Walnut Hill December 17, 18, and 19 -
all starting at 7:00 pm.

                                                                                  203.796.7373 | | 15
   Looking for Some Fun?                                                                         Pastoral News...
   Kids and parents…get pumped to Go Fish! And
   we’re not talking about that classic card game                                                               Craig Mowrey
   or going out to the lake with rod and reel. We’re                                                            Pastor of Emerging Generations
   talking about a high-energy, colorful concert
   with the group “Go Fish,” coming to Walnut Hill
   Friday, October 16, at 7:00 p.m. “We’re already                                                              796.7373 ext. 129

   getting calls from all over asking when tickets are
   going on sale. It’s a nationally renowned group,”                                                 thought I was out of the woods! I
   said Janice Anastasia, Elementary Coordinator.                                                    was so excited to have found our
                                                                                                     new High School Youth Pastor,
   “People who have seen them and know about them are                                            Ryan Ventura, and Emerging
   really excited about it.” That’s because the three guys comprising Go Fish                    Generations Coordinator, Chelsea
                                                                                                 Kingston. They were starting in mid-
   – Jamie Statema, Jason Folkmann and Andy Selness - are billed as “one of the                  August and, as far as I knew, our team
   most unique groups in the music industry” who sing but also create                            was complete. Then the news came
   sounds with only their voices and percussion. Their concerts feature lights, backdrops        that Lora Morrow would be leaving
   and fog machines. The songs – most written by Jamie – communicate biblical values.            for Sacramento. For many reasons,
   Janice saw the group perform during a children’s pastors’ conference in Florida. She          this was really hard news to hear,
   was impressed with their energy (there was a lot of “bouncing around”) and the range
                                                                                                 but God spoke to me in the midst of
                                                                                                 lamenting the loss of Lora. I heard
   of music. “It’s   going to be a fun, big family event. People of all                          Him say, “celebrate Lora’s decision
                                          ages will love it.” The event is                       because it honors Me. Her choice to
                                                    sure to be just as entertaining as the big
                                                                                                 join her husband on the west coast is
                                                    family event called Kidz Blitz that took
                                                                                                 good and right.” I also heard Him say,
                                                                                                 “do not worry about the Children’s
                                                    place at Walnut Hill last October. The
                                                                                                 Pastor position, I have someone in
                                                    Go Fish guys have their own Facebook
                                                                                                 mind who will take Walnut Hill’s
                                                    page and website www.gofishguys.
                                                                                                 children even further than Lora has
                                                    com, where you can get free music            brought them.” So, I can sincerely tell
                                                    downloads and more information about         you that I have been at peace – God is
                                                    them. Their Facebook page boldly             good and I am thrilled to see how He
   states their interest is “Saving   the world from lame kids                       provides for us.
   family at a time!!!”          Tickets, $12.50 per person, with a $50 family max, will be      In the meantime, our team of
   available via the Walnut Hill website starting September 4. They’ll also be available in      coordinators,     Denise      Loeber
   the Fellowship Mall September 26/27 and October 3/4.                                          (Nursery      Coordinator),    Karen
                                                                                                 Petersen (Preschool Coordinator)
   Special Forces                                                                                and Janice Anastasia (Elementary
                                                                                                 Coordinator) are moving “full steam
   The Special Forces Ministry has a two-fold design -to make sure that all children have the    ahead”. Our fall curriculum is set
   opportunity to participate in Walnut Hill Kids and learn about Jesus and to make sure         and we have a really exciting family
   that parents have the opportunity to attend a worship service, knowing that their child is    event coming up in October called
   in loving hands. We have special classes for elementary through high school during the        Go Fish. In addition, a search team
   9:30 a.m. service. Children can also attend regular classes with the help of a “Buddy.”       led by Scott Rupff (one of our elders)
                                                                                                 has made tremendous progress
   Join us on Sunday, September 13 for our first Support Group meeting of the school             towards finding a new Children’s
   year. We will meet during the 11:10 a.m. service to hear from our families and short-         Pastor. Our hope is to have the
   term missionaries that attended Joni and Friends Family Retreat in August. We will also       right person in that role as soon as
   look at the schedule for the upcoming year and discuss involvement in Community               possible. I am looking forward with
   Groups. Childcare is provided. For further information about this event or the Special        great expectation to see who God
   Forces Ministry, contact Sigrid Carpenter, 270.1560 or Melena Sorena, 775.7045.               will provide!
16 | 203.796.7373 |
HIGH SCHOOL WHY GROUPS                                                                        Pastoral News...
In keeping with the new church-wide community group schedule launching                                      Ryan Ventura
this fall, WHY ministries will be slightly altering its high school schedule.                               High School Youth Pastor
September 16: High school students will meet in the Upper Room for fellowship and fun.            
September 23: WHY Groups KICK OFF! - Students meet casually in the host homes.
                                                                                                            796.7373 ext. 105

September 30: WHY Group student leaders will meet at the church for leadership
                                                                                                  can’t tell you how exciting it is
Beginning in October, the following monthly schedule will ensue:
1st week: WHY Groups in homes
                                                                                                  for Jess and me, and our kids, to
2nd week: Student Leader Training at Walnut Hill                                                  be part of this wonderful family.
3rd week: WHY Groups in homes                                                                 So many of you have already reached
4th week: Adult Leader Training (MS and HS) at Walnut Hill                                    out to us with heartfelt welcomes
WHY Groups meet on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m. by town:                                    and we are grateful.
Brookfield: McDonald’s house, 39 Arapaho Road                                                 As this new season begins, I look
Newtown: Thornberg’s house, 16 Birch Rise Drive                                               forward to seeing what God is going
Bethel: Roode’s house, 28 Far Horizons Drive
                                                                                              to do as we look at how a body of
Southbury: Foster’s house, 57 Little Fox Lane
Stay tuned for additional locations!                                                          Christian believers live, worship,
                                                                                              and love together. So make sure you
Middle School Youth Group                                                                     come and see all that is happening
Middle School Youth Group kicks off the fall season on September 8. It meets Tuesdays         with the high school ministry. I look
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the church.                                                              forward to meeting and serving

High School Retreat
                                                                                              with you!
This year’s high school retreat takes place at Spofford Bible Camp in New Hampshire
Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 4. This year’s theme is “Operation
Transformation.” We’ll leave from the church 3:30 p.m. Friday (bring dinner with you to
                                                                                              9:30 Youth Service
                                                                                              Our big youth service for middle
eat on the bus) and return Sunday around 7:30 p.m.                                            and high school students takes
Sign up in the Fellowship Mall or online September 6 through September 20. Early              place every Sunday morning at 9:30
bird price is $110 per student for those who sign up prior to September 20. Beginning         a.m. in the Upper Room. Come join
September 20, cost will be $140 per student. Cost includes lodging, meals, and t-shirt.       your friends for student-led worship,

Middle School Retreat                                                                         some youth-friendly teaching, and
                                                                                              small groups where we explore how
Middle Schoolers - you’ll be going to Spofford Bible Camp in New Hampshire Friday,            the message we hear is relevant in
October 9, through Sunday, October 11. Don’t miss it! This year’s theme is “Where the         our day-to-day lives.
Rubber Meets the Road.” We’ll explore how faith and fact fit together. We’ll leave
from the church at 4:00 p.m. Friday (bring dinner to eat with you on the bus) and return
9:30 p.m. Sunday.                                                                             Parent
Sign up in the Fellowship Mall or online September 6 through September 20. Early
bird price is $110 per student for those who sign up prior to September 20. Beginning         Email Connection
September 20, cost will be $140 per student. Cost includes lodging and meals.                 Parents - if you want to be informed
                                                                                              about all our youth events, please
OPERATION INTEGRATION                                                                         sign up to be on our parents’
                                                                                              email directory. Gene Sun will send
High school students, join us every Sunday as we launch “Operation Integration” during
the 11:10 a.m. service! We will meet as usual in the Upper Room during the 9:30 a.m.          periodic emails of what’s going on
service and then head downstairs (meet at the front left of the sanctuary) to worship         in Youth Ministry. Simply email Gene
with the rest of our church family at 11:10 a.m. It’s a really cool way to “integrate” into   at with your
the larger church body. Middle school students will continue to meet in the Upper             child’s name and grade.
Room at 11:10 a.m.
                                                                                  203.796.7373 | | 17
   Pastoral News...
                                                Who are the
                   Jay Shavor
                   College Pastor               White Street House Guys?
                                                Darren Trelease Pight, 21,

                   796.7373 ext. 176
                                                English Education Major
           he summer flew by and school         Hometown: Naugatuck, CT
           has already begun! With fall
           semester in session, our attention
   shifts back to WestConn. We’re excited       What brought you to WestConn?
   to start another year with a sweet           I didn’t plan on coming here. I was going to do Naugatuck Valley Community
   crew of returning students and some          College for a couple of years then transfer. My junior English teacher “made” me
   good opportunities to meet this year’s       apply to WestConn and I got accepted.
   freshmen.                                    How long have you known Jesus?
                                                I’ve known Jesus for three years and they’ve been the best three years of my life so far.
   This month concludes the first year of
   college ministry at the White Street         What’s something unique He’s done in your life?
   House, so we wanted to spend the next         I can write a whole book on the unique things He’s done in my life. But one thing
   few months introducing you to the            that stands out is how He brought me to my church. After I felt Him telling me I
   White Street guys - students who have        needed to go to church, I started looking. My aunt went to church and I thought I
   lived or are living at 235 White Street.     should go with her one Sunday. It “just so happened” that her church didn’t have
   Each one was brought in for a specific       service that Sunday, so we rode around looking for a church to go to. We drove
   reason and has a unique story. Enjoy!        by Riverbank Christian Worship Center, and my aunt told me she attended one
                                                of their outreaches and they were nice people. We went there and I haven’t left
                                                since! Now I’m a youth leader there. Nothing “just happens” or is coincidental.
    Darren Trelease Pight
                                                Why did you move into the White Street House?
                                                Because Jay told me to! I wanted to at first, but then I had doubts. I really don’t
                                                know what I was expecting God to do when I moved there. But I said ‘yes’ because
                                                I knew He wanted me there for a reason and that it would be a great experience.

                                                How did living at White Street impact your life?
                                                Living at the White Street House brought me closer to God and taught me to stay
                                                put even when things are bad. If God is behind it, it will work out!
                                                Any funny White Street stories?
                                                The funniest story would be inappropriate. But another one would be when I
                                                broke the window or when I was stretching and broke the doorway.

                                                Any ministry plans? How do you want God to use you?
                                                I plan to do whatever God has for me. If that has to do with the youth, music, or
                                                anything else, then so be it. I want God to use me however He pleases.
                                                What’s some stuff you love to do?
                                                I love music, I love to play sports, I love seeing God work in other people’s lives, I
                                                love helping people (when I can), and I’m a family man.

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From the Elders: focusing on Followership
This year the Elders are focusing monthly devotions        Gibbons has these comments about this story:
on the subject of “followership.” What does it mean        Jesus was telling the religious leader that his neighbor,
to follow Christ with everything we have and what is       instead of being someone like him, was someone not
the significance to the community of believers here at     like him at all, someone he would be uncomfortable
Walnut Hill? Below is the second of a series of articles   with or even hate…. The second most important
on this subject.                                           commandment is all about loving people we don’t
                                                           understand, whom maybe even the community we live
Jesus is fully God and fully man. God came to earth, to    in doesn’t like, maybe even hates, or at least disregards
live and dwell among us:                                   or writes off.
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among
us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and       What’s interesting is that the more I reflect on these two
Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.   commandments, the more I realize they are inseparable.
                                            - John 1: 14   They’re two sides of the same coin. To love someone
                                                           who is outside my comfort zone, someone I would not
Jesus came to experience what we feel, the pain, the       naturally be attracted to, is actually loving God.
suffering, and the sorrow:
For we do not have a high priest who is unable to          If any word epitomizes Jesus’ life, it’s discomfort; from
sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who        the beginning – his birth amid poverty, in a bed of
has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet        straw, into a hostile world – to the end, his death, by
without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace      the Via Dolorosa, full of shame, sacrifice, humility, pain,
with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and          betrayal, and rejection. Embracing a life of discomfort
find grace to help us in our time of need.                 means venturing into places we don’t feel like going,
                                       - Hebrews 4:15-16   doing things we don’t wish to do, being with people we
                                                           don’t feel comfortable being with, serving them, loving
God the Father chose and initiated to live among us        them, helping them – of which demonstrates a not-of-
– as Jesus the Son – out of His love, grace, mercy and     this-world brand of love that is irresistible to all people
compassion for us.                                         in all places. (pgs 74, 75, 78)

This shows God’s heart – the Father’s heart of One         As followers of Jesus, God wants us to show and share this
who loves sacrificially and gives and saves and makes      incarnate truth – the love of God – to others in real and
Himself known. No one has ever seen God, but God the       tangible ways. We are to show love for God by loving
One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made        our neighbor. Yet, we need to expand our definition of
him known.                                  - John 1:18    neighbor to include more than the person “next door”
                                                           or those who are similar to us. Like the Good Samaritan
In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, found in Luke        and like Jesus himself, we need to reach out and care
10:25-37, Jesus tells a religious expert about the two     for, and love those who are not “like us” – who may
greatest commandments:                                     even make us feel a little uncomfortable.
‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all
your soul and with all your strength and with all your     Who might that be for you?
mind’; and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

In his new book, The Monkey and the Fish, Pastor Dave
                                                                        203.796.7373 | | 19
   Answers, Over Easy and Saturday 5:00 p.m.
   If you know someone who is exploring Christianity or is interested in attending Walnut Hill (or if you are still “almost persuaded”
   to follow Jesus yourself), please do invite him or her to “Answers, Over Easy,” and come for breakfast. There, Senior Pastor
   Clive Calver and others will be on hand to answer questions about the Christian faith. If you already attend Walnut Hill as a
   Christ-follower and have questions for a pastor, please attend the regular Saturday 5:00 p.m. service, which offers a Q & A
   segment each week.

   The next Answers, Over Easy takes place on Friday, September 25, from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., at My Place Restaurant, Queen
   Street, Newtown.

   Let’s Be Good Neighbors
   This is just a friendly reminder to everyone to always obey the speed limit and traffic signs (especially STOP signs!) in the resi-
   dential neighborhood surrounding our campus. Also, as part of our agreement with the town, we are not to use Weed Road
   as a cut-through to Stony Hill Road. Thanks for doing your part!

   Resource Center Hours
   Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; Wednesdays also from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.; Sundays: 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

   Directory & Mailing List
   If you consider Walnut Hill your church home and would like to be on our directory and mailing lists, please stop at the Get
   Connected table to fill out a cream directory card. Copies of Walnut Hill’s Directory are also available at the Get Connected
   table. An important note: the directory is for the private use of our church family. It is not to be used for any solicitation.

   Simply Giving
   Simply Giving provides a simple way to be consistent with your intended giving, and allows Walnut Hill to receive offerings
   through electronic funds transfer. Pick up your enrollment form at the Get Connected table or download the form at wal-

   Lost & Found

   Lost something lately? Please check out the lost and found cabinet located in D-Wing hallway. Periodically, all unclaimed
   items will be donated to Goodwill.

                                                           his is a most difficult “thank you” to write! How do you thank
                                                           the many people who have been such a huge part of your life and
                                                           ministry for the last dozen or so years? Your love and care of me,
                                                           and my family, has been overwhelming! The heartfelt reception,
                                                           the generous gift certificate, the beautiful Picard print . . . thank
                                                           you. I have enjoyed reading the many cards and letters, especially
                                                           those from the kids! It has been my deepest honor to partner with
                                                           so many of you. Please continue to pray for our family as we settle
   Lora Morrow                                             into Sacramento. A new church, new friends, new schools and new
   Former Children’s Pastor                                ministry opportunities are waiting. Blessing to all! - Lora

20 | 203.796.7373 |
                      Clay Norman

                      Associate Pastor
                      796.7373 ext. 116
                                                                          Spirit of Sickness                        8 in a series of 10

                                    e are about to tread a careful     Lord said to Satan: ‘All right, he is in your power; only preserve
                                    line between understanding         his life’ (Job 2:6).”
                                    what Scripture says about the
                                    cause of sickness and what         Also important is a proper understanding of who we are. Paul
                                    is an unbiblical position. As-     tells the Romans that all creation awaits deliverance from its
                                    signing all sickness to a spiri-   current condition. While creation waits, it groans (Romans
                                    tual cause, as some cults do,      8:22), and we along with it. This groaning is the result of sin
                                    is tempting. However, an ex-       and the brokenness that follows. Sickness would be included in
                                    amination of Scripture shows       the “normal” condition we face today because we are subject to
                                    that there are several causes      a broken world.
                                    for sickness.
                                                                       Without giving too much credit to Satan, we admit he is an
Sometimes sickness did come directly from God. David had               influence in this world and does use sickness as a tool of dis-
committed adultery and murder. The consequences were severe            couragement and destruction. Satan is defeated and knows it,
and were from God: “Then Nathan went to his home. The Lord             but also wants to take as many people to destruction as he can.
struck the child that Uriah’s wife had borne to David, and the         When sickness is a tool of Satan, we need to know how to stand
child became very ill (2 Samuel 12:15).” In another incident in        against it.
the book of Acts, we see God’s direct hand when glory was going
to another person, rather than Himself: “Immediately an angel          How do we identify when Satan is at work through sickness?
of the Lord struck Herod down because he did not give the glory        Again, caution must be exercised so we don’t see all sickness
to God, and he was eaten by worms and died (Acts 12:23).”              as caused by Satan. If sickness is the direct result of a lifestyle
                                                                       that would cause sickness, we know that Satan may have cre-
Sickness can be the result of intemperance: “In the day of our         ated the lifestyle, but may not be directly related to the sickness.
king the princes have made him sick with bottles of wine; he           We need to repent of the sinful choices we make and pray that
stretched out his hand with scorners (Hosea 7:5).”                     God would heal us.

Sickness may also be the result of judgment on sin: “For this          However, if sickness affects the spiritual life of a person, Satan
cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep               is possibly at work. Satan will use any and all “tools” at his
(1 Corinthians 11:30).” The death of David’s child was also the        disposal to turn our eyes away from God. If sickness brings bit-
result of judgment.                                                    terness, anger, hatred and other sinful attitudes, then the sick-
                                                                       ness may be demonic in origin. If there is evidence of spiritual
In addition, sickness can be the result of Satan’s work: “So Sa-       growth and a real sense of peace in the midst of the sickness,
tan went out from the presence of the Lord, and he afflicted Job       then there is spiritual victory, and we can live above the sick-
with a malignant ulcer from the sole of his feet to the top of         ness no matter the cause. Unusual happenings along with sick-
his head (Job 2:7).” We see Satan’s involvement in Jesus’ min-         ness may also indicate that Satan is at work. The young lad
istry as well: “When they came to the crowd, a man came to             in Matthew was falling into fire and water during his seizures.
him, knelt before him, and said, ‘Lord, have mercy on my son,          This type of occurrence would seem to indicate that demonic ac-
because he has seizures and suffers terribly, for he often falls       tivity is present along with sickness.
into the fire and into the water’….Then Jesus rebuked the de-
mon and it came out of him, and the boy was healed from that           “Dear friend, I pray that all may go well with you and that you
moment (Matthew 17:15, 18).” Luke 13:15-16: “Then the Lord             may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul.” The
answered him, ‘You hypocrites! Does not each of you on the Sab-        author of this passage, John, affirms that Gaius is indeed well
bath untie his ox or his donkey from its stall, and lead it to wa-     off spiritually, and he prays that Gaius’ physical health would
ter? Then shouldn’t this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom             match his spiritual health, i.e., that Gaius would be as well off
Satan bound for eighteen long years, be released from this im-         physically as he is spiritually. Spiritual health is to be the stan-
prisonment on the Sabbath day?’”                                       dard by which one’s physical health is measured, not the other
                                                                       way round.
What can we formulate from these scriptural examples, and how
can we apply any principles to the present? The first thing to         How’s your spiritual health? We know that our spiritual lives
note is that God is ultimately in control, and nothing can touch       will live on beyond us. Is yours doing well?
a person without His knowledge. Job is a good example: “So the

                                                                                      203.796.7373 | | 21
   W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G                                                                     Creed of Walnut Hill
                                                                                                    Community Church
   i n P LG L –                                                                                     In Jesus we are called to-
                                                                                                    gether, in Jesus we are
   In the weeks since our last Acts 29, many activities supported our vision                        being transformed, and in
   to bring Praying, Living, Giving and Loving to life at Walnut Hill...                            Jesus we are changing our
                                                                                                    world. We do this through:
   We Turn to Him                                                                                            Praying
   Our complete surrender to the Lord continues to be demonstrated by our congregation’s
   reliance on prayer. Many bring their needs to Him in the Prayer Room, during and after
                                                                                                             without ceasing.
   services, in private Restorative Prayer sessions and in many other ways. We are witnessing       We seek intimate fellowship
   dramatic answers to our prayers.                                                                 with the triune God – listening
   God On the Move                                                                                  to His voice & His Word and
   Pastors Clive Calver and Brian Mowrey continued to deliver stirring, inspired, and relevant      interacting with Him in the
   sermons about the way God still moves today. As our church enters yet another chapter of         everyday experiences of life.
   spiritual growth, these sermons have been pivotal and significant, spurring us on to a closer
   walk with the Lord.

   Living                                                                                                    Living in
   Leadership Summit                                                                                         the world.
   The Willow Creek event, hosted here, was a great success, as 328 people from 50 organiza-        We purpose to demonstrate,
   tions and churches attended to hear excellent and inspiring speakers. By welcoming hun-          in tangible ways, the hope
   dreds from outside our church family, this event allowed Walnut Hill an opportunity to live
                                                                                                    and love of Jesus to society
   out its call to be a regional resource.
                                                                                                    – in our homes, among our
   Hitting the Streets                                                                              neighbors, at work, within our
   • In mid July, many shoppers and passersby at Bethel’s Festival and Sidewalk Days were
                                                                                                    communities, and beyond.
   introduced to Walnut Hill and all it has to offer, as our church hosted a table at the event.
   • Our first VBS in downtown Danbury took place at the Jericho Project; it was great time
   and laid the groundwork for future outreach events in the city.
   • Our youth and college Project Serve teams went to Boston, Bahamas, New Hampshire and
   Kosovo,çerving in many capacities. (see story on Church in Action page)                                   Giving
   • Our Middle School students didn’t have to go far to make a big impact. They served in                   ourselves away.
   various ways at the Jericho Partnership in Danbury. Pastor Vicky Calver observed: “I joined
   the Middle School team for a prayer walk. At one stage, we walked in silence and asked God       We resolve to give away our
   to teach us. Later, one girl shared how, as she walked, she noticed all the chewing gum dis-     time & talents, our possessions
   carded on the sidewalk. She said it got her thinking about all the people we, in effect, walk    & potential, sacrificing and
   over. What an incredible reminder to ask God to give us His eyes for our community.”             emptying ourselves to serve
                                                                                                    Christ and His kingdom.
   Giving Ourselves Away
   Our youth did more than hang out and eat at their summer picnic at Putnam Park in July;
   they also made contributions to two Bethel families who lost their homes in a recent fire.                Loving one
   Against the Odds                                                                                          another.
   God continues to provide for our financial needs, even in the midst of a still-sour economy.     We commit to share life through
   While we are meeting our baseline budget so far, let us pray for that the generosity of giving   relationships – developing,
   would increase to enable us to address the ministry growth planned for this fiscal year.         encouraging, and serving one

   Loving                                                                                           another within the body of
                                                                                                    Christ wherever we find it.
   A Coffee and …Ministry!
   Our newly opened Windows Café has fast become the hub of activity and community that we          In Jesus, Amen
   prayed it could be. Each week, we see youth mixing with our “more mature” congregants. We
   see families spending time together, and others counseling and sharing their lives together,
   all over some tasty food and beverages.
   Still Exploring Multi-Ethnic Ministry
   Pastors Clive Calver, Neil Tan and Multi-Ethnic team leader Nelson Malwitz traveled to
   Brazil in late August to continue conversations with Pastor Walcir DaSilva. Together, the
   group is seeking God’s leading on whether Pastor Walcir might be called to Walnut Hill to
   grow our multi-ethnic ministry.

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Allan Houston                                       - from page 3
                                                                                                   Pastors & Directors
                                                                                               Clive Calver                Senior Pastor
Walt described Allan as a “high caliber” communicator who encourages people to                 Mike Bos                   Pastor of Care
build a strong relationship with Christ and challenges others to have positive goals.
“I’ve heard him speak several times…he will move a lot of people,” Walt said.                  Ruth Calver              Pastor of Women
                                                                                               Vicky Calver        Pastor of Evangelism
 “I hope God will use Allan to bring a message specifically tailored to the men and the
                                                                                                                             & Outreach
boys in that room and that they also see that you can be a famous Christian man and
still maintain your integrity,” Jim said.                                                      Adam DePasquale Pastor of Discipleship
Walnut Hill is “teaming up” with the men of New Hope Baptist Church for this spe-
cial event. There are plenty of opportunities for men to help out. Executive Pastor            Kirsten Gillette       Girl’s Discipleship
Neil Tan thinks that this will probably be the largest event the men’s ministry has                                             Director
organized, and described this breakfast as “a great opportunity to invite friends and
                                                                                               Justin Loeber        Technology Director
family who have a common interest in sports.”
                                                                                               Brian Mowrey             Assistant Pastor

PraiseMoves - continued from Women’s on page 11                                                Craig Mowrey          Pastor of Emerging
Certified instructor Elizabeth Adam is back for this Christ-centered exercise class.
This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and will strengthen not only your body,       Clay Norman              Associate Pastor
but mind and spirit. The 8-week session is September 11 through November 13 (no                Jay Shaver                 College Pastor
classes 9/25 & 10/9). Cost is $60, including childcare. Sign up in the Fellowship Mall
on September 5/6, and 12/13 or contact Melena Sorena in the church office.                     Denise Shockley        Financial Director

Women 2 Women Mentoring Ministry                                                               Lisa Siedlecki          Communications
We want to help women share life through relationships – developing, encourag-
ing and serving one another. Mentors are more experienced women who desire to                  Gene Sun       Middle School Youth Pastor
be godly role models and guides to others, while still on their own spiritual journey.         Neil Tan                 Executive Pastor
Mentees are women who seek a spiritual advisor/friend for a season in their own
spiritual walk. For details, pick up a brochure at the Get Connected table or call             Ryan Ventura           High School Youth
the church office.                                                                                                                Pastor

                                                                                               Andrea White              Events Director
                                                                  Denise Shockley
                                                                  Financial Director

                                                                  796.7373 ext. 109
                                                                                               Bill Beattie                   Chairman
                                                                                               Paul Cathcart             Vice-Chairman
                                                                                               Joel Nickelsen            Vice-Chairman
                                                                                               Steve Angel                     438-0040
                                                                                               Gary Arnone                     775.5423

                                                                                               Tim Blankenship             860.558.6907

Important Financial News                                                                       Nadilson Bomfim
                                                                                               Clive Calver
During a month of vacations, camps and family reunions it is exciting to see a strong          Charles Galda                   775.6763
number attending weekend services. The average attendance for July is up 6% from
prior year to 1,703. And, if we look back to January our attendance has seen an 11%            Marty Heiser                    438.2003
increase over the prior year. It’s a good day when God’s people gather together.               Ted Huizinga                    798.9495
                                                                                               Jim Kennedy                     791.8596
In addition to strong attendance we saw a 12% increase in income to the Operating
Fund over last July. Income for the month was $214,000, or 95% of budget and                   Bob Pious                       267.1684
expenses ran 96% of budget or $219,500. The difference meant we saw only a small               Mike Rudnicki                   431.2943
decrease to the Operating Fund. In the midst of summer, these numbers produce
                                                                                               Scott Rupff                     264.8368
shouts of thanksgiving.
                                                                                               Del Shannon                     264.2298
If you are unfamiliar with our Operating Fund, it is a member-approved budget that             Glenn Vereen                    797.8930
covers the following expenses; salaries, staff-related expenses, ministry costs (Children,
Youth, Family Life, etc.), office expense, facility maintenance and utilities.                 Bill Whamond                    270.2943

Thank you for your continued support of the ministries of Walnut Hill Community
Church. If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Denise
Shockley, Financial Director.
                                                                                       203.796.7373 | | 23
Walnut Hill Community Church | 156 Walnut Hill Road Bethel, CT 06801 | 203.796.7373 |

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