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									                           T HE E AGLE
                Kevin                St Elizabeth Ann Seton
            Delahoussaye               Elementary School                 April 2005
               President               A Publication of the
                                   Home and School Association

I hope all of you had a Happy Easter. I know the kids loved getting all that Easter candy.

Well, the school year is winding down, less than 50 days of school remaining. I know the chil-
dren and their parents are counting the days so they can take off on family vacations.

We have a number of events taking place this month with the most important of all, the school
auction. This year's auction "A SEASide Extravaganza," will be held at the Pontchartrain Cen-
ter on April 8th, with lots of silent auction prizes and some outstanding verbal auction prizes
you will want to bid high on. Brian Brennan, Tim Springmann, Evelyn Lugo and their commit-
tees have done an outstanding job of putting this event together. When you see them, please
thank them for the great job they are doing.
We continue to prove that SEAS’ parents are the best. We had a family night at Skate Country
and there were over 183 skaters which profited the school $540.00. Thanks to all the parents
and kids in attendance.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kincannon and Mrs. Bonura on winning the Sprit trophy.
As the school year is winding down, I want to thank all the volunteers who have given their
time in making what we do possible. You have made my time as President very gratifying.
If you are interested in serving on a committee for the 2005-2006 Home and School Associa-
tion Board, please contact Lisa Mayer at 885-8693.
I hope to see you all at the May 9th General Membership meeting.

                    BUILDING OUR FAITH AND
                     OUR FUTURE TOGETHER
Page 2                                                      B UILDING O UR F AITH AND O UR F UTURE T O G E T H E R

                            A LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL
Dear Parents,
I hope you had a peaceful and blessed Easter.
The month of April will bring many exciting events to our school and our parish. Please keep the April cale n-
dar handy.
At the end of the month our second grade students will receive their First Holy Communion. What a joyous
time for these children and their families! Imagine, in the course of one month’s time, they will have received
two sacraments for the very first time.
Our Home & School Association will sponsor its annual Auction on Friday, April 8, 2005, with doors opening
at 6:30 p.m. I encourage all to attend.
As of April 1, 2005 we have received approximately $13,000.00 in donations for our GAP Fund. I thank all
who donated and encourage others to seriously consider a donation to this Fund. One of the goals targeted for
this Fund is the development and implementation of a Pre-K 3 Program for our school. This program can be
implemented only with cash money. If you have not returned your Intention Card to the office, please do so
All students in grades 3-7 will take the SAT(10) test during the week of April 11 – 15, 2005. Please pray for a
successful testing experience.
May God Bless you and your family.

President                            C.C.S.C.C.                              School Supplies
Kevin Delahoussaye     465-9069      Christine Daigle       466-5891         Deirdre Knobloch         466-2975
President– Elect                     Publicity                               Used Uniform Sale
Lisa Mayer             885-8693      Michelle Hanzo         463-3111         Anne Dupre               469-5034
Vice President                       Michelle Hart          467-8797         Diane Kenedy             467-7620
Missy Rooney           468-1094      Long Range Planning                     Teresa Lanning           464-6515

Immediate Past President             P.J. Hahn              469-2644         Backpacks/Sweatshirts
Lisa Marcello          779-9002      Linda Kavanaugh        469-9806         Betsy Dahlke             466-6951
                                     Social                                  Liz Dean                 467-4884
Recording Secretary
Lisa Brennan           467-2870      Mary D’Aquin           467-2616         Gift Wrap/Entertainment Books
                                     Celeste Roethele       461-5005         Stacey Fassbender     467-1404
Corresponding Secretary                                                      Kelly Marroccoli      469-2841
Angela Hebert           468-6958     Hospitality
                                     Melissa Becnel         466-4063         Auction
Treasurer                            Melissa Lewis          467-5991         Evelynn Lugo             461-9619
Liz Dean               467-4884      Susan Pisciotta        469-1638         Tim Springmann           443-3228
Resource                             Brenda Vallery         466-4092         Brian Brennan            467-2870
Julie Cacamo           469-5718      Volunteers and Room Mothers             City Park Night
Diane Kennedy          467-7620      Carol Mc Grail        464-1805          Robin Delahoussaye       465-9069
Gina Herrera           463-5295      Maureen D’Aquin       443-4950          Joan Kathmann            466-6593
Dawn Zahn              464-0791
                                     Ways and Means                          Internet Consultants
Lunch Program                        Ben Zahn               464-0791         Colin & Roi-Lynne Hulin 466-1334
Michelle Soyez         467-7867
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Elementary School                                             Page 3

                                St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
                                3rd Quarter Honor Roll
                                              Fourth Grade

Gold:     Ahdriana Abuliel, Mitchell Alexander, Tamari Ammari, Matthew Brennan, Bonnie Dupre, Ryley
Giardina, Morganne Lerch, Ryan Maloney, Kacie Pendleton, Marissa Ramsey, Antonio Scelfo

Silver: Devin Bordelon, Ashley Cobb, Kevin Frietas, Hayden Galatas, Alex Giacontiere, Tori Hanzo, Brian
Hebert, Ryan Helm, Mario Jerez, Eric Klein, Nicholas Luquet, Emily Marino, Simone Mayer, Abigail Rami-
rez, Brittany Roberts, Michael Rose, Emily Roth, Kimberly Scanlon, Emily Schexnaydre, Jacob Seward,
Brody Taylor

                                               Fifth Grade

Gold: Sarah Bilbe, Cory Cacamo, Scott Dahlke, Megan Dares, Jeanie Dever, Marianna Hart, Rachel Helm,
Giselle Medina, Victoria Murphy, Mary Pursell

Silver: Jimmy Antin, Dominick Bilich, Nicholas Bohte, Greyson Bordelon, Kacey Breaux, Logan Breaux,
Alex Brennan, Taylor Delahoussaye, Morgan Grosz, Tyler Hannan, Rody Hughes, Brittany Knudsen, Patrick
Lanning, Austin LeBlanc, Paul Marcello, Jamie Owens, Brady Pechon, Catherine Pettus, Jolie Robichaux, Ty-
ler Rooney, Dominic Schiro, Elizabeth Scott, Archit Shukla, Whitney Sprague, Kyle Springman, Christian

                                               Sixth Grade

Gold: Caitlin Bucher, Shelby Jacob, Tyler Johnson, Matthew Martin, Meredith Martina, Kristin Mayer, Ash-
ley Nerin, Rachael Richard, Amanda Stevens, Rebecca Thiberville

Silver: Jeffrey Albaral, Austin Cannon, Gabrielle Corso, Rebecca Dahl, Ryan Duvernay, Christopher Farnet,
Stephanie Gard, Colin Hinds, Junior Hughes, Erin Kavanaugh, Connor Kirkikis, Casey Langteau, Anna Leger,
Brandon Mattio, Shannon Naccari, Christopher Pettus, Ryan Phair, Jordan Ruppert, Jordan Scelfo, Erin Son-
ger, Michelle Vallery

                                              Seventh Grade

Gold: Alyssa Alexander, Kevin Bohte, Angela Collins, David d’Aquin, Greg Dahlke, Alexis Daigle, Joshua
Delcambre, John Dever, Cody Dickerson, Amanda Dupont, Matthew Farnet, Taylor Hart, Taylor Henneman,
Corey LeBlanc, Bryce Luquet, Alexander Masoud, Ashley Meyn, Stephanie Meyn, Kelly Scanlon, Casey Tre-
uting, Tyler Treuting

Silver: Angela Altamirano, Morgan Baroni, Calvin Bouchon, Cory Bruner, Giselle Cloutier, Katherine Co-
stanza, Lauren Hulin, Dara Kennedy, Walker Kirkikis, Gabrielle Lewis, Chelsea Miller, Ryan Miller, Megan
Naccari, Alexis Pechon, Ashely Pisciotta, Jordan Ramirez, Victoria Rein, Amanda Russo, Megan Ryan, Lind-
say Truax
Page 4                                                             BUILDING O UR FAITH AND O UR FUTURE TOGETHER

                    AUCTION SPONSORS
                   BY: ROBIN D ELAHOUSSAYE
                                                                                  BEN ZAHN
                  2005 SPONSOR CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                         FLORALS, PLANTS
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who con-                     AND DECORATING
tributed to this year's auction. Sponsorships totaled $9,425.00.         4303 Williams Blvd. Kenner, LA 70065
                                                                         Phone: 464-0791 Cell Phone: 909-0791
             Paddle Sponsor(Cash Donation of $1000)
                  Diamond Data Systems, Inc.                             “For All Your Floral, Silk & Decorating
The following is a list of "Sand Castle" Sponsors who contributed
$500.00 donations:
                      Clovis & Roche, Inc.                                          Kevin S. Delahoussaye
                    Helm Paint & Supply, Inc.                                               Notary Public
                     Hibernia National Bank                                                    7 Traminer Street
                     Louisiana Trace, L.L.C.                                           Kenner, Louisiana 70065
                           Sam’s Club
The following is a list of "Sea Shell" Sponsors who contributed                          Phone: 504-465-9069
$300.00 donations:                                                                  Cell Phone: 504-669-8031
                                                                                   E- mail:
                  BFM Corporation, L.L.C.
                Bywater Building Service, Inc.
          Charles P. Murphy MD/ Orthopedic Center
                       Danny Martiny
               Dr. Joe Dongieux, Orthodontist
                Dr. Thomas McCoy, III, DDS                              STEVEN B. JOHNSON, CPA, PFS
         McKeough Builders, L.L.C.—Greg McKeough                                2305 N. HULLEN STREET SUITE 10
               Metairie Small Animal Hospital                                         METAIRIE, LA 70001
                     Mid City Automotive                                                 (504) 838-2251
                                                                                      FAX (504) 838-2267
                   Sam & Jackie Sue Scelfo                                       EMAIL : JBUSENLENE @AOL .COM
            Summerville Senior Living of Kenner
                       TMI Demolition
                      Uniforms by Kajan
We would also like to thank our "Sand Dollar" sponsors who contrib-
uted $150.00.
                                                                                     PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS
Please support these businesses and individuals who continue to sup-                   COMPANY APPAREL
port our school.                                                                     JOHN T. CLOUTIER
                                                                       1401 Distributors Row           Tele (504) 734-1121
                                                                       Suite E                         Fax (504) 734-1123
                                                                       Jefferson, LA 70123              Toll (877) 696-8683

                                                                               Colin J. Hulin
                                                                        Personal Computer Tune-Ups and Repairs

                                                                                    (504) 466-1334 (home)
                                                                                     (504) 495-6178 (cell)
                                                                                     (504) 469-3380 (fax)
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Elementary School                                                           Page 5

               If you are                                             If you are interested in
              interested in                                           serving on a committee
               placing an                                            for the 2005-2006 Home
                                                                      and School Association
            advertisement in
                                                                       Board, please contact
               next year’s                                                 Lisa Mayer at
            Newsletter, please                                       885-8693. This is a great
                 contact                                               way to be involved in
            Angela Hebert at                                            your child's school.

                                Your Information Transportation Specialists

V.I. Communications offers a wide variety of network cabling solutions. Specializing in OSP fiber and copper installa-
tions, Category 5E and beyond installations for optimum performance.

                   FIBER OPTICS                                                    COPPER CABLE

   v OSP/AERIAL/UNDERGROUND                                    v VOICE & DATA CABLING
     INSTALLATIONS                                             v VOICE MULTIPAIR INSTALLATIONS/
   v MULTIPLE STRAND FIBER OPTIC                                 SPLICING
     CABLING                                                   v MOVES ADDS CHANGES (MACS)
   v MULTI MODE FIBER OPTICS                                   v RISER MANAGEMENT
   v SINGLE MODE FIBER OPTICS                                  v POINT OF SALES
   v FIBER TO THE DESK TOP                                     v COAXIAL CABLING
   v FIBER OPTIC INTRA BUILDING BACK-                          v AUDIO VISUAL
   v OPTICAL TIME DOMAIN                                       v DESIGN AND ENGINEERING/CAD

                                             Joe and Veronica Blanco
                                                Kenner, LA 70065
Page 6                                                      B UILDING O UR F AITH AND O UR F UTURE T O G E T H E R

               USED UNIFORM S ALE                                                 Please Support
 The Used Uniform Sale is scheduled in the lunchroom for Saturday,                 Ad Sponsors
 June 25 and Sunday, June 26, after all Masses except for the 6 p.m.
 Sunday Mass. We need your used uniforms to make this fundraiser
 for the school a success. Please drop them off at the school office                 MID CITY
                                                                                  AUTOMOTIVE LLC
 from now until the end of the school year or at the church office dur-          REPAIR SPECIALIST
 ing June. Please include your child’s name and phone number on a
 piece of paper with the uniforms as there will be a drawing for a               CHRISTOPHER J. FRAINO
 Blockbuster Video gift certificate at the first Home and School Meet-
                                                                                      2000 Canal Street
 ing next year for all children who donate. You may contact Anne                   New Orleans, LA 70112
 Dupre at 469-5034 with any questions.                                         (504) 566-7886 FAX 581-6888

              HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS
                                                                          1801 Williams Blvd   Office 504-468-7251
Congratulations to Lauren Hulin who was selected for the Chapel-          Kenner, LA 70065      Fax 504-468-7556
lettes Dance Team. The Chapellette Dance Team is the exclusive
auxiliary unit to the Rummel Raider Marching Band.

Congratulations to Stephanie Meyn, Ashley Meyn, and Victoria
Rein, who were selected for the Archbishop Chapelle Hi-Steppers
Dance Team

         S.E.A.S. MEN'S CLUB ANNUAL GOLF                                     D R. SIEGFRIED P. MAYER
                    TOURNAMENT                                              Hospital: 101 Metairie Rd. 835-
                 MONDAY, MAY 2, 2005                                                     4266
      CHATEAU ESTATES GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB                                Clinic: 5040 W. Esplanade 455-2345
                  TEE TIME— 12:30 p.m.                                      Clinic: (Kenner) 4041 Williams
       LUNCH ON THE COURSE------NEW THIS YEAR                                       Blvd. 443-4400
            REFRESHMENTS ON THE COURSE                                            Visit our website at
     FOOD AND DRINK AT THE REWARDS PARTY FROM                            
                    5:00 TO 7:00 p.m.
               HOLE SPONSORSHIP $100.00
                  PLAYER’S FEE $85.00                                                               (504)466-6566
        HOLE IN ONE CONTEST----A NEW VEHICLE                                                   •     Annual Color
                    LONGEST DRIVE                                                              •     Beautifies & Protects
                 CLOSEST TO THE HOLE                                                           •     Saves Edging time
                  MANY DOOR PRIZES                                                             •     Permanent, durable
                   FOR INFORMATION                                                                    concrete
                                                                                               •     Landscaping
          CONTACT: RAY SCULLIN (466-9119)                                                          STEVE BUCHER
                                                                                                     7117 Jefferson Hwy
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Elementary School                                                   Page 7

                                                                                 SUPPORT OUR
                                                                                 AD SPONSORS

                                                                          CHARLES A. RIECKE
       7103 Veterans Blvd.
 Corner of Power Blvd. and Veterans                                           ENROLLED AGENT
                                                                          Accredited in Accounting & Taxation

                                                                            Authorized by IRS to Represent
        Next General Membership                                                       Taxpayers

                Meeting                                                             (504) 467-1513
                                                                                    FAX 466-7770
                Monday,                                                             Email Address:
              May 9, 2005
                              *****                                             900 VINTAGE DRIVE
                                                                                KENNER, LA 70065
    Next Edition of The Eagle                                                 E-mail address changes
           May 3, 2005                                                           should be sent to:
Please send in any information for
 the May issue by April 20, 2005.                                         PHONE 733-1144   FAX 734-9214
                                                                               DESTREHAN 764-0135
           Thank You.
                                                                           TAYLOR PEST CONTROL,
           Woodlake Estates Tennis and Swim Club                          COMPLETE PEST & TERMITE SERVICE
                            82 Sequoia St. Kenner                           LICENSED · BONDED · INSURED
                                (504) 467-5889
                      ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP- $495                             JERRY TAYLOR     6300 Amhurst Street
                      Open House each Sunday in May                       Manager          Metairie, LA 70003
               SUMMER CAMP–Boys and Girls ages 5—12
                   Registration Open Feb. 20 - April 1                         Please send any
                   Camp dates: May 30 – August 12, 2005
                            Hours: 9 AM – 3 PM                                     news or
         Swimming, Tennis, Field Trips, Volleyball, Flag Football,
     Soccer, Water Slide, Dodge ball, Water Polo, Foosball, Air Hockey,          information
            Chess, Water Basketball, Ping Pong, Crafts and more                     for the
           $65/week for members and $75/week for nonmembers
             $18/day for members and $20/day for nonmembers                     newsletter to :
      Registration is $25/child for members, $35/child for nonmembers
                       Before and After Care available            
                   Counselors needed (13 years and older)
Page 8                                                B UILDING O UR F AITH AND O UR F UTURE T O G E T H E R

                                                    APRIL REMINDERS

                                      April 11-15     Standardized Testing, Grades 3-6

                                      April 14        NO PM BUS SERVICE

                                      April 15        Field Day

                                      April 20        Special Treat Day

  487-1655 or 289-2424                April 21        Progress Reports Sent Home
4953 W. Napoleon Metairie, LA 70001

  Inflatables available for:          April 23        First Communion – Miss Deck’s Class
                                                      6:00 p.m.
         Birthday Parties
            Day Cares                 April 24        First Communion – Mrs. Springmann’s
          School Events                               Class and CCD
         Family Reunions                              2:30 p.m.
          Church Events
              Picnics                 April 27        Secretaries’ Day
          All Occasions
                                      May 2           Tuition Due

 The Fair Committee
 is looking for people                                Resource Programs
     to help organize
      The 2005 Fair.                  The Home and School Association Resource commit-
                                      tee would like to thank everyone who participated in
      Please contact
                                      the “Labels for Education,” “Box Tops 4 Education,”
 Janet Delaune or the                 and other resource programs. Please continue to col-
       Parish Office                  lect and send in labels.
  if you are interested
         in helping                   Thank you,
        in any way.                   Julie Cacamo
                                      Diane Kennedy
                                      Gina Herrera
                                      Dawn Zahn
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Elementary School                                                               Page 9

      First Row: Rachel Helm, Gabrielle Corso, Emily Roth, Jordan Ruppert, Morgan Baroni (alternate)
       Second Row: Kimberly Scanlon, Kelly Scanlon, Allison Herrera, Caitlyn Bucher, Dara Kennedy
       Top Row: Lauren Hulin, Victoria Rein, Amanda Russo, Amanda Stevens Missing: Anna Leger

                                            Cheerleading Honors
Congratulations to the SEAS Cheerleaders on their performance in Biloxi. The girls competed Saturday and Sunday to
come up with a combined total score. We came home with a third place trophy which was .5 points from second place.
The girls worked hard all season and improved with every practice.

Congratulations to the girls also for their first place performance at the WSA competition held at the N. O. Convention
Center on March 5. They were awesome!

On March 30, the cheerleaders had their award’s banquet at Trauth’s Restaurant. Every year, awards are given to cheer-
leaders who excelled throughout the year. This year’s awards were given to: Pom-Pom Award – Gabrielle Corso and
Caitlin Bucher; Most-spirited Award – Allison Herrera; Most-improved Award – Emily Roth; and Most-outstanding
cheerleader – Kelly Scanlon and Lauren Hulin. Congratulations to all.

On a different note, I will not be returning to St. Elizabeth next year as the cheerleader moderator. This is Lauren’s, our
last child, last year at St. Elizabeth. I would like to thank the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parents and all the cheerleaders
that I have coached in the past years. I have had wonderful years growing with the girls and watching them improve.
The first group of cheerleaders that I coached graduated from high school last year. I have many friends that I have met
along the way and will always remember the good times we had. Thank you parents, friends, and girls for all the memo-
ries I can look back at. I hope that you will succeed in whatever your endeavor and always remember your cheerleading
days at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

I am a part of all those I have met.

Roi-Lynne Hulin
Page 10                                                     B UILDING O UR F AITH AND O UR F UTURE T O G E T H E R

                              P RE P ACKAGED SCHOOL SUPPLIES
If you would like to pre-order school supplies for the 2005-06 school year, complete the order form below and
return it to school along with a check made payable to SEAS. The deadline to return all order forms is April
20, 2005. It is not mandatory to pre-order school supplies. A supply list will be published in a later issue of
The Eagle.
School supplies will be available for pick up on June 25 and 26. More details will follow regarding pick-up.
If you have any questions, contact Deirdre Knobloch (466-2975).

Parent’s Name                       Address                             Home Phone #

_________________________________                                          ____________________________
Student’s Name/Boy or Girl                                                 Grade Next Year

_________________________________                                          ____________________________
Student’s Name/Boy or Girl                                                 Grade Next Year

_________________________________                                          ____________________________
Student’s Name/Boy or Girl                                                 Grade Next Year

_________________________________                                          ____________________________
Student’s Name/Boy or Girl                                                 Grade Next Year

Grade Level                       Quantity                    Cost Each                    Total Price

Pre-K                                                           $43.00
Kindergarten                                                    $51.00
First                                                           $70.00
Second                                                          $68.00
Third                                                           $61.00
Fourth                                                          $62.00
Fifth                                                           $69.00
Sixth/Seventh                                                   $59.00
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Elementary School                                                        Page 11

 S trategic
 S olutions
                                             Susan S. Adam
 A pplied                                       Owner
                                     “We apply web based solutions
                                                                                       NetSuite offers the Industry’s
                                                                                       first and only:
     (504) 464-1119
                                     to meet your business strategy”                   • Built-in, customizable                                                                          Dashboards                                                                   • CRM and ERP with
                                                                                            integrated ecommerce
   P.O. Box 641581                                                                     • Commissions management
   Kenner, LA 70064                                                                    • Xtreme list editing

                                            PACK 935
                                         CUB SCOUT NEWS

April 22, 2005                       Zephyr’s Game and Camping on Zephyr Field
June 6-10, 2005                      Cub Scout Day Camp— Schneckenburger Elementary School
June 11, 2005                        USS Alabama Sleepover

Please plan to attend the May pack meeting. There will be i formation on all of the summer
activities for the Cub Scouts. Summer events include: tour of Coca Cola plant, bowling,
Woodlake swim party, and a water fun day. Reminder, in order to be eligible for the National
Summertime award the Scout has to participate in three summer activities. Anyone interested
                           in helping out with any of the summer events please contact Allison

                               The May pack meeting will also include the Crossing Over cere-
                               mony. All scouts are asked to attend and bring their new necker-
                               chief for next year. The scouts will remove their old one and re-
                               place it with the new one as they start working towards their new
                               rank badge.

                               WENDY HINYUB

Office        (504) 455-0100                           Selling your home?
Fax           (504) 455-0322                              Let me help.
Cell          (504) 559-4808                      Get a Free Home Warranty
Email                     when you list with me!
Website                Offer good until May 31, 2005.
     4725 Veterans Memorial Blvd                Please check out my new website:
         Metairie, LA 70006                   
                                                EACH OFFICE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED
                     April 2005
     Sun             Mon        Tue           Wed             Thu             Fri            Sat

                                                                        1               2

3               4          5             6               7              8               9

10              11         12            13              14             15              16
                                                                No          Field Day
                                                             P.M. Bus

                           Standardized Testing—Grades 3-6

17              18         19            20              21             22              23
                                         Deadline for     Progress                      Miss Deck’s
                                         ordering pre-   Reports sent                      Class
                                           packaged         home                           First
                                             school                                     Communion
                                            supplies                                      6 p.m.

24              25         26            27              28             29              30
     Mrs.                                 Secretaries                                    May 2nd
 Springmann’s                                Day                                        Tuition Due
Class and CCD
   2:30 p.m.

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