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									       USS LOUISIANA Blue FRG Meeting Minutes – October 2, 2010
Dawn Rodes called the meeting to order at 10:50 a.m.
Business meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.
Location: Keyport Naval Undersea Museum Attendance: 20+            Door Prize Winner: Amanda

Old Business
   - Portable hard drive still unattained

Treasurer’s Report: Pam Stull
Checking Balance as of October 2, 2010: $1665
Savings Balance as of October 2, 2010: $116
Cash Box Balance as of October 2, 2010: $50

Ombudsman’s Report: Christy Kreider
  - Discussed the dependent’s cruise and when and where the meeting will be held.
  - Will go over do’s/ don’ts and procedures
  - Those on the list will be called to confirm if they would still like to attend
  - During the Gold crew’s cruise, the bus left from the inside out café, there was no dealing
     with pass and ID. No cameras, phones, etc. Have ID on person.
  - Mail drop due by 10/9 (was changed to 10/8)

Social Events Committee: Alayana Adams
   - Sept. 19th- Kid’s halfway night: only charged $135
   - Sept. 25th-Ladies halfway night: spent approx. $172
   - Oct. 17th- Kid’s final fling @ Pheasant Fields Farm, 4-6 pm
   - Oct. 30th- Ladies final fling Bunco night @ Faith Fellowship Church (first kiss winner

Sunshine Committee Report: New chairperson- Stephanie Glodeck
   - Voted to continue to use embroidered blankets vs. engraved spoons for boomer babies
   - Voted and approved the purchase of 12 new blankets with embroidery for $240

Fundraising Committee
   - Made $670 from make it/ bake it/ take it auction on Sept. 25 th
   - First kiss tickets still on sale
   - First Kiss basket allotted $150, voted on and approved

New Business
- Nominations for 2011 Board and Committee members due at November meeting

The next meeting will be November 1, 2010 @ 6pm, location at Jackson Park Community Center


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