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									  Pre Conference Workshops, Golf Tournament &
         Exhibitor/Networking Reception

1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Registration                                 Century Ballroom Foyer

MONDAY, MAY 11                                                     Century Ballroom Foyer
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Registration

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Scholarship Golf Tournament                                        Winterstone Golf Course
Enjoy a round of golf with friends and colleagues. The second annual Region VII, 18-hole, 4-
Person Scramble, Shotgun Start golf tournament will begin at 9 a.m. at the Winterstone golf
course at 17101 E. Kentucky Rd., Independence, MO. There will be prizes, giveaways, and
lunch at the conclusion of the tournament. Transportation will be provided, bus leaves Hotel at
7:30 a.m.

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
VPP Application Workshop®                                   Pershing Place North Room
Matt Gaines – OSHA VPP Region VII Program Manager
Mike Murphy – Variform (Kearney, MO), Ernie Nold – International Paper (St. Joseph, MO)

The VPP Application Workshop® provides hands on experience in VPP application
development. You will be guided through the VPP application process. Hear from industry
leaders at VPP worksites on what it takes to develop a complete and successful application. You
will learn step-by-step how to put together the major components of an application and how to
properly write an application by reviewing samples from applications submitted by VPP Star

12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Maintaining Star Quality                                    Pershing Place South Room
Monty Gartin – Cargill (Blair, NE)      Dave Anderson – FLEXcon (Columbus, NE)
Once your site has achieved VPP Star status, where do you go from there? This workshop
focuses on “continuous improvement,” providing information on what OSHA is looking for in
the VPP re-approval; how other VPP worksites are maintaining the level of commitment; how
VPP sites determine the measurable and intrinsic values of VPP; how to make the most of your
annual evaluation; and what evaluation criteria are used to measure management leadership and

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Exhibitor/Networking Reception                              Century Ballroom A&B
Join us in the Ballroom Exhibit Hall for the opening of the Expo. This is a great opportunity to
meet with our exhibitors and network with other conference attendees. Our exhibitors make up
an important part of the overall conference. One free drinks from the bar with served hors
d’oeuvres and food stations. There will be a drawing for 2 - $50 VISA gift cards and 2 – Free
2010 Conference Registrations.
               Conference & Expo
TUESDAY, MAY 12                                  11:25 a.m. – 12:25 p.m.
7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Registration             CONCURRENT SESSION
(Century Ballroom Foyer)
                                                 Effective Training for Adult Learners
8:00 a.m. – Expo Open                            (Liberty Room)
(Century Ballroom A&B)                           This presentation is designed for new and
Visit our exhibitors and have them sign your     experienced trainers who desire creative
exhibitor card. Once you have acquired all       strategies for conducting effective training
exhibitor signatures, drop the card off at the   programs in less time. Upon completion,
registration desk. Your name will go in for      the participant will develop a Personal
the drawing of one of the six VISA Gift          Action Plan to facilitate a fun, interactive
Cards.                                           training program using principles of
                                                 accelerated learning. For example, brain
7:15 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. – Breakfast/Business       dominance theory suggests that when you
Meeting                                          use your whole brain and combine words
(Century Ballroom C)                             with music or pictures, information is easier
Jon Alexander, Region VII Board                  and faster to learn.
Chairperson will welcome everyone to the         Speaker: Christine “Chris” Merli, CSP, CIH,
16th annual business meeting. As a               CHMM – Fenton, MO
membership-based organization, your              Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBasell)
participation and feedback are key to the
success of the Region. Members will hear         Mentoring – Train-the-Trainer
about the newest initiatives of the Region,      (Pershing North/South Room)
vote on pertinent issues, meet the candidates    Come find out what the mentoring process
running for the open Board positions, and        really consist of and what is expected of the
submit nominations from the floor for open       mentor. The information from this session
positions on the Board of Directors. You         will get you started. You will also learn
are encouraged to attend this important          about the resources that are available to
meeting of the membership.                       mentors. The goal of this workshop is to
                                                 better prepare mentors for the process and to
9:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. – Opening General         share best practices and other tricks of the
Session                                          trade.
(Century Ballroom C)                             Speaker: Ken Matveia, International Paper
Presentation of Colors/National Anthem           (Cedar Rapids, IA)
sung by Carrie Christy (Westin Hotel)            Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)
Opening speakers will include Charles
“Chuck” Adkins (Region VII OSHA                  12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Welcome Lunch
Administrator)                                   (Iowa Ballroom)
Key note speaker Gary Zelesky will close         Enjoy a slide show of photos taken during
the session.                                     the conference and golf outing.
                 Conference & Expo
                                                  ensure the workplace best fits people of all
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Region VII Board          ages and capabilities.
Elections (Session 1)                             Speaker: Kent Hatcher,BS, MS, CPE –
(Adjacent to Registration Desk)                   Humantech (Raleigh, NC)
Take this time to make your voice heard.          Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBasell)
Vote for the candidate you would like to see
help move Region VII to greater success.          Common Deficiencies Found on a VPP
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – CONCURRENT                (Shawnee Room)
SESSIONS                                          So, when the OSHA VPP Team shows up at
                                                  your facility for the dreaded audit, what
Reasons….Not Excuses                              exactly are they looking for? Find out from
(Pershing North Room)                             the one person who has been doing VPP
Rushing, frustration, fatigue and                 audits for years. You will learn some of the
complacency are not excuses….they are the         common deficiencies found and how best to
reasons people make mistakes. Accepting           prepare for your first VPP audit or your
these as reasons allows us a great                recertification audit.
opportunity to reduce injuries, not only at       Speaker: Matt Gaines, Region VII VPP
work, but also at home and on the road.           Manager
In this session you’ll learn exactly how          Moderator: Reggie Burke (Monsanto)
prevalent these four states are, but more
importantly, you will learn four critical error   Fall Protection 101
reduction techniques that have been proven         (Mission Room)
to work with over 1,000,000 people                This session will feature a review of the
globally.                                         current fall protection standards, including
Speaker: Shayne Arnaud, SafeStart™, a             OSHA and ANSI. A brief history of the fall
division of Electrolab Limited, (Belleville,      protection industry and the development of
Ontario)                                          the initial innovations will also be discussed.
Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)            How to wear, how to inspect, and how to
                                                  properly tie off will also be included.
Ergonomic Considerations for the Aging            Displayed will be the new products in the
Workforce                                         industry.
(Pershing South Room)                             Speakers: Mark Damon, Process Marketing
Regardless of your industry we all have           Group – (Blair, NE)
something in common, an aging workforce.          Moderator: Greg Dew (Frito Lay)
Today employers are facing an increasing
wave of aging Baby Boomers and asking “Is         Combustible Dust Safety Training
our workplace prepared to best fit the needs      (Liberty Room)
of these people?”, “What are our risk of          Dust explosions are a serious problem in
increased injury?”, and “How can we enable        American industry. During the past 25
these employees to continue to work at their      years, at least 281 major combustible dust
full potential?”. This session addresses          incidents were reported that killed 119 and
myths and facts about changes in our              injured 718 workers, and destroyed many
performance as we age, and ergonomic job          industrial facilities. There were 13 reported
and workplace design considerations to            agricultural dust explosions in the United
                                                  States in 2005 resulting in 2 fatalities and 11
                  Conference & Expo
injured. Approximately 3500 combustible          Speakers: Ray Patterson, Quaker Oats
dust explosions and fires have occurred over     (Columbia, MO)
the past 28 years.                               Eric Brown, Quaker Oats (Columbia, MO)
GOAL: Provide guidance in assessing the          Misty Kennaley, Quaker Oats (Columbia,
workplace for conditions that could lead to      MO)
explosive atmosphere and thee necessary          Moderator: Reggie Burke (Monsanto)
steps to take for preventing such conditions.
This training was developed through an           Haz-Com Compliance – Fact or Fiction
OSHA Harwood 08 grant. This class is a           (Pershing South Room)
shortened version of the 2 ½ hour class.         The Hazard Communication Standard
Speaker: Bob Downs, Master Trainer,              (HCS) remains among the most frequently
Kirkwood Community College (Cedar                cited OSHA violations and is the standard
Rapids, IA)                                      that governs MSDS management. This
Moderator: Mike Wilts (Monsanto)                 presentation will reveal the facts about
                                                 compliance guidelines for MSDS
2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. - Break in Expo            management systems, as well as
Hall Refreshments Available                      demonstrate the benefits of electronic
(Century Ballroom A&B)                           MSDS management as it relates to employee
Drawing for an I-pod, $50 gift card & (1)        safety, cost savings, and reducing the
one free 2010 Conference Registration            risk/liability associated with meeting
MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN                           stringent compliance standards.
Visit our exhibitors and have them sign your     Speakers: Glenn Trout, MSDSonline
exhibitor card. Once you have acquired all       (Chicago, IL)
exhibitor signatures, drop the card off at the   Moderator: Mike Wilts (Monsanto)
registration desk. Your name will go in for
the drawing of one of four VISA Gift Cards.      VPP Mobile Workforce for Construction
                                                 (Shawnee Room)
3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. – CONCURRENT               This program is intended to create greater
SESSIONS                                         opportunity for employers and employees in
                                                 the construction industry to participate in
Predictive Safety                                VPP and, in so doing, to strengthen worker
(Pershing North Room)                            protection significantly. Details will be
This workshop will describe how Quaker in        presented and discussed at this informative
Columbia, MO uses Predictive                     workshop.
Walkthroughs to engage leadership, how           Speaker: Matt Gaines, Region VII VPP
video sharing is used to engage team             Manager
members, how to use Problem Solving              Moderator: Tom Hauber (Rockwell Collins)
Sessions to share, build, implement
solutions, and use Behavior Observations to      Waste Not, Want Not
encourage feedback. You will see how all         (Mission Room)
of these elements come together to help find     Hazardous Waste? What is so difficult
and eliminate unsafe conditions and unsafe       about managing hazardous waste? Although
acts before they become near misses or           you think of it as the “end of the line” for
significant incidents.                           you, it is just the star for us. In a heavily
                                                 regulated industry there are numerous safety
                  Conference & Expo
and health hazards associated with               Tuesday Evening on Your Own
managing your waste. We will show you            Things to see and do in Kansas City:
how the VPP elements were used at several        There are numerous venues in close
EPA-permitted hazardous waste treatment          proximity to the Westin along with
facilities to implement “Best Management         resources to help discover just the right one
Practices” and significantly improve safety      for you.
and health.                                      Resources that you can use to discover these
Speaker: Mark Mason, MS, COHST – Clean           venues include: in-room magazines, hotel
Harbors Environmental Services (Baltimore,       concierge, the front desk, or visit
MD)                                              www.visitkc.com
Thomas Wedryk, OHST – Clean Harbors
Environmental Services (Chicago, IL)             We hope you have a wonderful evening in
Kevin Sherman, Clean Harbors                     whatever venue you may choose. Enjoy the
Environmental Services (Kimball, NE)             Kansas City BBQ, shopping, night life, or
Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBasil)        just network with colleagues and friends.

Successful Recertification: Do’s & Don’t
(Liberty Room)
The goal of this presentation is to better
prepare and motivate attendees for a
successful recertification audit. The
presentation will provide both general and
specific information about the VPP
including the current number of VPP
facilities, a VPP update, and the difference
between the VPP site worksheet (Full
version and Short version). An emphasis is
on what to expect during the recertification
audit and the focus areas of the audit.
Speaker: Elizabeth Morales – OSHA,
Region VII
Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)

4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. - Break in Expo
Hall (Century Ballroom A&B)
Drawing for an I-pod, $50 gift card & (1)
one free 2010 Conference Registration
Visit our exhibitors and have them sign your
exhibitor card. Once you have acquired all
exhibitor signatures, drop the card off at the
registration desk. Your name will go in for
the drawing of one of four VISA Gift Cards.
                  Conference & Expo
WEDNESDAY, MAY 13                                Speaker: Adam Pawlus, Assistant Executive
7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. – Registration             Administrator (Falls Church, VA)
(Century Ballroom Foyer)                         Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)

7:00 a.m. – Expo Hall Open with                  Look Who’s Talking
Continental Breakfast                            (Pershing South Room)
(Century Ballroom A&B)                           VPP Team members discuss “The Good,
This will be your last opportunity to visit      The Bad, and The Ugly” of communication.
with our exhibitors in the expo hall.            From newsletters to podcasts, purchased
Join the Exhibitors for BREAKFAST while          videos to site produced videos. Success and
visiting; have them sign your exhibitor card.    failures of different communication tools
Once you have acquired all exhibitor             along the way to achieving and maintaining
signatures, drop the card off at the             VPP Star Status will be covered. Examples
registration desk. Your name will go in for      of communication tools and how we’ve
the drawing of one of four VISA Gift Cards.      evolved along the way including video clips,
                                                 “porcelain chronicles”, safety spotlight,
8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. - Region VII Board        personalized training, and more! A question
Elections (Session 2) (Adjacent to               and answer session will be held at the end.
Registration Desk)                               Speakers: Felicia Hall, GE Aviation
Take this time to make your voice heard.         Services (Arkansas City, KS)
Vote for the candidate you would like to see     Rebbecca Bergkamp, GE Aviation Services
help move Region VII to greater success.         (Arkansas City, KS)
                                                 Moderator: Reggie Burke (Monsanto)
8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. – CONCURRENT
SESSIONS                                         Answering the Challenge of a Diverse
VPPPA: How the Association Works for             (Shawnee Room)
You                                              One of the challenges in today’s workplace
(Pershing North Room)                            is how to accommodate the increasing
With a mission to be a leader in health and      numbers of diverse workers in the
safety excellence, VPPPA offers benefits to      workforce. Many of the assumptions we
its members that support them in their           make about anthropometry, obesity, and
efforts to improve safety and health             aging are poor estimates of the reality of
management systems and reduce injury and         today’s workforce. Discover the human
illness rates. Members have access to            body’s unique, preferred posture and learn
educational programs, networking and best        how to design products and office spaces for
practices, as well as publications and e-        the future that will help users maximize their
newsletters that keep them informed of the       health and productivity. Consider how basic
latest in safety and health and VPP. Learn       principles and practices affect everything
about the association’s available resources,     from seating and workstation design to
so that your facility can utilize our services   computer and keyboard designs. Dr
to fully benefit from the VPPPA                  Congleton will provide ergonomic insights
membership experience.                           into the latest research and show ways that
                Conference & Expo
ergonomics can impact a diverse workforce,     overview of the Standards. Also, a quick
and aging workforce, and obese workforce.      look at the new ANSI Z359 standards.
Speaker: Dr. Jerome J. Congleton, PhD,         Speaker: Robert Luckey, Miller by Sperian
CPE, PE – Texas A&M (College Station,          (Franklin, PA)
TX)                                            Moderator: Ken Matveia (International
Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBasill)     Paper)

                                               Becoming a Special Government
                                               Employee (SGE) – Discussion/Q&A
                                               (Liberty Room)
                                               Learn what it takes to become an SGE and
                                               participate on OSHA onsite evaluations.
                                               SGE qualifications, application and training
                                               requirements and responsibilities will be
                                               Speakers: Matt Gaines (OSHA VPP
                                               Manager for Region VII)
                                               Elizabeth Morales (OSHA VPP Region VII
                                               Mike Murphy, Variform (Kearney, MO)
                                               Moderator: Ray Magruder (Quaker Oats)

                                               9:40 a.m. – 10:40 a.m. – CONCURRENT

                                               Using Behavioral Based Safety to Change
                                               Safety Culture
                                               (Pershing North Room)
                                               This session will discuss the critical steps
                                               necessary to change the safety culture within
                                               an organization using BBS. Attendees will
                                               learn techniques to demonstrate to
                                               management how their acceptance of BBS
                                               will encourage positive approval by all
                                               employees. Methods to overcome
The Basics of Fall Protection
                                               challenges and barriers as the process
(Mission Room)
                                               becomes part of their organization’s safety
This class will cover the basic components
                                               culture will be discussed as well as changing
of fall protection.
                                               employee’s negative attitudes towards safety
The ABC’s of fall protection.
                                               and how zero incidents is achievable.
A=Anchor Point
                                               Speakers: Larry Schmitz, CHCM – UCI
                                               (Wichita, KS)
C=Connecting Device
                                               Edmundo Armendariz, UCI (Wichita, KS)
The proper inspection of the equipment,
                                               Damien Vanderhoof, UCI (Wichita, KS)
proper wearing of the equipment, and a brief
                                               Moderator: Reggie Burke (Monsanto)
                 Conference & Expo
Safety Performance Assessment and              Reducing Strains, Sprains, and Overuse
Planning                                       Injuries in the Workforce
(Pershing South Room)                          (Mission Room)
The Safety Performance Assessment &            Both manufacturing and white-collar
Planning process (modeled after the VPP        corporations have struggled for decades with
requirements) is a self-assessment tool that   soft tissue MSD’s (strains, sprains, overuse
assists you in determining your current        injuries). These conditions tend to be
safety program’s strengths and areas for       challenging to prevent, costly to care for,
improvement, with action planning              with all-to-often unsatisfactory outcomes.
capabilities, to improve your facility’s       Recently Edwin Folke, Jr., Asst Sec for
overall safety performance. The process        OSHA and the Department of Labor
measures not only the framework of your        released a new interpretation regarding soft
safety program, but also its development and   tissue techniques that may be utilized as a
results. Through this process, key elements    form of first aid and wellness care. This
of an effective safety management system       workshop will educate the safety
may be developed and implemented for your      professional about the background of the
site.                                          interpretation, how to implement such on-
Speaker: Tom Hauber – Rockwell Collins         site preventative programs, and how to
(Decorah, IA)                                  achieve clear goals pertaining to MSD
John Izzolena – Rockwell Collins (Cedar        prevention and care. Multiple corporate
Rapids, IA)                                    case studies will be discussed.
Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)         Speaker: Tulio Pena, ART Corporate
                                               Solutions (Colorado Springs, CO)
OSHA Compliance Update                         Dr. David Black, DC, ART – ART
(Shawnee Room)                                 Corporate Solutions (Independence, MO)
This workshop will provide you the             Moderator: Ken Matveia (International
opportunity to learn what is new in OSHA       Paper)
from a compliance perspective. Learn about
new or revised National Emphasis               Not another Cheesy Safety Mug? Fun
Programs; Region VII Local Emphasis            Safety Promotions with Impact!
Programs; Directives and Standards. The        (Liberty Room)
most current information will be provided to   Tired of the same old boring safety
attendees and opportunities for Q&A will be    promotions? Are you ready for new ideas
available.                                     that emphasize key safety focus areas and
Speaker: Mark Banden – Compliance              that employees actually enjoy? This
Assistant – (OSHA Kansas City Area             workshop will illustrate 20 creative and
Office)                                        proven promotions, engaging the workshop
Moderator: Ray Patterson (Quaker Oats)         participants in several of them. You will be
                                               equipped with tools needed to implement
                                               safety campaigns at your site that increase
                                               employee involvement and educate your site
                                               on strategic safety messages.
                                               Speaker: Susie Hidalgo, PE – Monsanto
                                               (Chesterfield, MO)
                                               Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBasill)
                  Conference & Expo
10:50 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. – CONCURRENT             1 + 1 = 1 (Employee Roles + Company
SESSIONS                                         Roles = 1 Team for Safety)
                                                 (Mission Room)
Motorcycles, Human Errors, and the Zen           This workshop is intended for all employees
of Cause Analysis                                who are working towards VPP
 (Pershing North Room)                           certification/recertification. Emphasis will
You might think riding a motorcycle has          be on employees (union and non-union) and
nothing to do with work but human errors         management roles and responsibilities in
made on the job or on a motorcycle can be        VPP. In addition, the workshop will touch
painful and costly. In either case they can be   on ways to keep employees energized and
analyzed with the same tools. We will            active after VPP certification/recertification.
discuss using the natural team concept as the    At the conclusion of the workshop, a
basis for a good cause analysis program,         question and answer session will be held
how to look at those “human errors” when         with the President from IUE-CWA Local
they show up in the cause chain, and how to      1004 Chapter and management
dig deeper to get better corrective actions.     representatives from GE Aviation Services.
Speaker: Marke Lane – Honeywell FM&T             Speaker: Dale Luce, President – IUE-CWA
Moderator: Judie Petersen (LyondellBisell)       Local 1004 Chapter, GE Aviation
                                                 (Arkansas, KS)
Machine Guarding                                 Moderator: Greg Dew (Frito Lay)
(Pershing South Room)
This presentation will review the regulatory
requirements of machine guarding, practical
application of machine guards, and review
of facilities requiring machine guarding.
Speaker: Mark Banden – Compliance
Assistant – (OSHA Kansas City Area               The Voluntary Protection Programs
Office)                                          Participants’ Association, Inc., invites you
Moderator: Greg Dew (Frito Lay)                  to join 2,500 ES&H professionals, hourly
                                                 workers and managers at the 25th Annual
How to Conduct a Basic IH Survey                 National VPPPA Conference, August 24-
(Shawnee Room)                                   27, 2009, in San Antonio, Texas. Go to
What are the hazards at your facility? Once      www.vpppa.org for more information.
you have identified the hazards, who are the
most likely to be exposed. After these
groups have been identified, what is your        Driving Leadership Accountability
sampling strategy? Lastly, what do you do        (Liberty Room)
with the information for engineering             Management commitment and engagement
controls, Administrative controls, or what       is integral to safety success! Many Leaders
PPE is required?                                 simply need education, ideas, and
Speaker: Mike Wilts, Monsanto                    mechanisms to help increase their safety
(Muscatine, IA)                                  ownership. This workshop will describe
                                                 several approaches that have been
                                                 effectively used in advancing Leadership
                 Conference & Expo
accountability. From broadening base safety     12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Lunch and
knowledge, participation in initiatives,        Closing
motivational approaches, and the use of         Speaker: Tom Jacob, Director of Operations
leading indicators, this workshop will enable   Safety for Frito Lay – North America.
you to assist Management to improve their       All new VPP sites since last conference will
team’s safety.                                  receive a recognition award, drawing for
Speaker: Susie Hidalgo, PE, Monsanto            exhibitor signature cards, door prize
(Chesterfield, MO)                              drawing, election results, evaluations, and
Moderator: Sue Eberle (LyondellBasell)          closing comments.
                                                * You must be present at the Lunch
                                                /Closing Session to win one of the VISA
                                                Gift Cards.

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