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									    THE CHARTER
    B e cc l es                      To w n                 C o u n c il

             B E C C L E S C H R I S T M AS M A R K E T
          F R I D AY 1 8 TH D E C E M B E R 8 A M - 4 P M
                                                                                                      Issue 15
                                                                                                      Dece mber 2009

B     eccles & District Regen-
      eration Ltd are closing
New Market on Friday 18th
                                   John has replaced John Ca-

                                   for many years, who has
                                                                    few weeks, had electricity
                                                                    installed for use by both
                                                                    Traders and Beccles Business
December 2009 from 8am to          recently retired, but since      Association for organized
4pm (road will be closed           then has been suffering from     outside events. This, hope-
from 6am) to hold their sec-       ill health.                      fully, will be a facility which
ond larger Market for Bec-                                          will encourage more traders       Insi de t hi s i ssue:
                                                  Linda Rowe is
cles which will help shoppers                                       to the Market and also make
                                                  a newcomer to
to do some last minute                                              life a little easier for those
                                                  Beccles Market
Christmas shopping. At this                                         running events in the town        Beccles Christmas     1
                                                  and is selling
moment around twenty stalls                                         centre.                           Market
                                                  good quality
will be trading, including
                                   labeled baby and toddler         If both the community and
books, soaps and driftwood                                                                            Beccles Community
                                   clothes along with a small       visitors use Beccles Friday
craft, jewellery, shrubs,                                                                             Arts Carols
                                   selection of garden plants.      Market more regularly, it
Christmas trees, and Christ-                                                                          Around the Christ-
                                                                    will help to keep Beccles a
mas wreaths, joining the           G e r a l d                                                        mas Tree, Exchange
                                   Randle serves                    Market Town, encouraging          Square
usual Market Traders. Char-
                                                                    visitors and new trade alike
ity stalls attending to date are   Whole-food s
                                                                    to this beautiful location.
East Anglia Air Ambulance          and has a vast                                                     Beccles Museum        2
                                                                    The Market needs more
and Beccles Lido.                  selection of dried fruits and
                                                                    traders to attend the Mar-        Aid & Assist
Your usual Market traders                                           ket to keep this facility
serving the community of                         Miles of CCW       alive.                            Waveney Stardust II
Beccles in all weathers are:-                    Markets serv-
                                                                    If you are interested in being
                                                 ing fresh Fruit
               Tony     Law                                         part of the regular market, or
                                                 and Vegetables                                       Beccles Historical    3
               serving Fresh                                        would like to be included on
                                                 all year round.                                      Society
               F ish   every                                        the Christmas Friday Market
               Friday with a       Unfortunately due to poor        and require further informa-
               smile and a         sales, we have lost Bill Lewis   tion, then please go to           Tasting the Earth
cheery word                        with his wonderful array of where you
                                                                    can download an application
John     Pavitt                                                                                       Reception
                                   hope he comes back in the        form, or telephone Mrs Jula
supplying barn
                                   near future.                     Janney on 01502 712109
and free range,
                                   Beccles & District Regenera-     between 9am and 3pm Mon-
eggs and pick-
                                                                    day to Friday.                    Town Council Ad-      4
les.                               tion Limited have, in the last
                          B E C CL E S CO M M UNI T Y AR T S
                                                                                                      Councillors Details
                        F RI DA Y 1 1 T H DE CE M B E R                                               Beccles in the past
               E XC HA N GE S QU AR E , B E CC L E S AT 4 . 3 0 P M

B     eccles Community
      Arts are holding the
                                   the community. A number
                                   of students from the Sir
                                   John Leman High School
                                                                                   If you can
                                                                                   make it, do
                                                                                   come along
                                   play for the children who                       for a good,        Printed by Keely
now an annual event on the         sing a number of popular                        old    fash-       Print, Beccles
school calendar as every           carols and Christmas songs.                     ioned sing-
local school is invited to         Father Christmas usually         along around the Christmas        Editor: Mrs Jula
take part. It is hoped that        comes to see the children        tree and remember the true        Janney
this event will be well sup-       with an endless supply of        meaning of Christmas.
ported by the schools and          sweets.                          For info: 01502 712109
    Page 2                       TH E CH ARTER

                                                              BEC CLES MU SEUM
                                                Le man H o use , Ba lly g ate , BECC LES N R34 9ND
                                          t he c ur a to r @ be c c le s mu se u m. or g . u k   w ww . be c cl e smus e um.o r g. u k

                                 B     eccles & District Mu-
                                       seum would like to
                                 give a big THANK YOU to
                                                                         way Exhibitions. Planned
                                                                         special events were very
                                                                         successful, such as the
                                                                                                              valuable archive material.
                                                                                                              The Sir John Leman portrait
                                                                                                              and retinue is proving a valu-
                                 all their stewards and vol-             Waveney Revels on Easter             able asset to the Museum.
                                 unteers along with the                  Monday when Queen Eliza-             Members recently visited
                                 Feoffees         (Beccles               beth I arrived on horseback,         Hampton Court to see an
                                 Townlands Trust) as Land-               and the English Heritage             earlier version of his portrait
                                 lords. They all give much               Open Day tours of Leman              painted by the same artist
                                 appreciated help and sup-               House, led by Ian Hinton.            Levinus de Vogelaare in
                                 port to keep the Museum                 Other successful events, or-         1616.
                                 thriving. Special thanks to             ganized by Pam Finch, were
                                                                                                              John Brodribb has moved
                                 Maureen Edwards, Rota                   the Victorian Clothes Show
                                                                                                              to new pastures and so Pam
                                 Manager who has now re-                 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                                                              Finch is taking over as Cura-
                                 tired and a warm welcome                during September and the             tor with Jenny Willer as her
                                 to David Broom who has                  Museum is now part of the
                                                                                                              assistant. As always, new
                                 taken over this role.                   History and Ghost Walks.
                                                                                                              help is always welcomed if
                                                                         You might also have seen a
                                 The Museum had a good                                                        you feel you have some spare
                                 start from Easter through to            Duck on the premises as part         time please phone David
                                                                         of the Beccles Duck Trail!
                                 September showing increases                                                  Broom on 01502 715722.
                                 in visitors from 2008. This                                                  Full training will be given at
                                                                         in June proved very popular
                                 was helped through the Bar-                                                  a pre-season course for exist-
                                 sham and East Suffolk Rail-             and the Museum gained
                                                                                                              ing and new stewards.

                                    AN INTRO DUCTIO N TO A ID & A SSIST
                                       Registered Charity No. 1002282

                                 A     id & Assist is a Regis-
                                       tered Charity estab-
                                 lished in 1983 and operates
                                                                         Household goods received
                                                                         can be passed on at a low
                                                                         cost to those in need
                                                                                                              to those on benefits. Basic
                                                                                                              gardening services start at
                                                                                                              £15 for the first hour and
                                 in the Waveney area to help                                                  then £10 thereafter.
                                                                         Work experience is available
                                 both the Local Community
LOOK OUT PICK                                                            to adults with learning/             For further information
                                 and Environment. Based at               mental difficulties, providing       please call: 01502 586925 or
  POCKETS                        Lowestoft the aim of the
                                                                         placements in the commu-             if you have access to a com-
                                 project is to collect, free of
   ABOUT!                                                                nity, along with promoting           puter look at the website on:
                                 charge, unwanted items, such
                                                                         an ongoing program of prac-          www.onesu
Make sure purses/wallets are     as furniture and electrical
                                                                         tical, vocational and social         aidandassistproject
kept close to you when shop-     goods, all within current
ping this Christmas! Be aware    safety regulations, which can                                                54 High Street, Lowestoft NR32
                                 be re-used or recycled.                 The Property Maintenance             1JA
who is behind you zip that
                                                                         service offers a 10% discount        Open Mon-Fri 9.00-4.00
handbag and watch that wallet!

      LOOK OUT!                                            WAV ENEY STARD UST II UPDA TE
                                                            Enquir ies: Janet on 07817920502

   From Saturday 5th
                                 W       aveney Stardust II is
                                         currentl y sitting
                                                                         waiting for us to achieve the
                                                                         target sum set in August of
                                                                         £70,000. The amount has
                                                                                                              cost! The present financial
                                                                                                              situation in general means
                                                                                                              we are amassing less interest
   December to Satur-            like a butterfly in a chrysalis,        already been reduced to              on credited sums.
   day 19th December             waiting to burst forth into             £40,000 with many grants
  you can park free on                                                                                        As soon as the target sum has
                                 life! Our second cruiser has            and donations having been
    Waveney District                                                                                          been reached, the boatyard
                                 had works below decks al-               gratefully received. THANK
  Council car parks in                                                                                        can start work on the fitting-
                                 most completed and the new              YOU.
  Beccles! Look out for                                                                                       out. The cruiser is at the
                                 hydraulic lift is complete and          Unfortunately, everything
    advertised times             painted to the same standards
                                                                         has to be paid for and the
                                 as the rest of the cruiser. The
                                                                         longer the hull has to stay          completion in one go!
                                 interior fitting-out stage is
                                                                         unfinished, the more it will
Issue 15                                                                                                                   Page 3

                             A SENSE OF HISTORY
          Contac t i nformati on: M r s A Ay ers, Hon Sec 01502 717086

A     ppropriately enough for
      a town that keenly val-
ues its heritage the Beccles &
                                 of the Historical Society
                                 centre around a year-round
                                 programme of talks and ex-
                                                                 sions, ringing the changes
                                                                 between the stately homes,
                                                                 castles, churches and muse-
District Historical Society is   cursions. During the winter     ums in which our area is so
one of the most enduringly       season the congenial sur-       rich and enjoying our coun-
successful of local societies.   roundings of Hungate            tryside, sometimes on the
It was founded in 1927 at a      Church are regularly filled     water or by narrow-gauge
time when there was great        each month for illustrated
concern, nationally, at the      talks by visiting experts,      have included Thetford Pri-
neglect of ancient buildings     whose subjects cover a broad    ory, Woodbridge Tide Mill,       POLICE MESSAGE -
and records in danger of be-     spectrum of history but with    Landguard Fort and The
ing lost forever. The Society    a special interest in our own   Museum of the Broads. In
                                                                                                  There have been a
was vigorous in raising                                          recent years we have under-      spate of devices at-
awareness locally of the         includes talks on East An-      taken longer expeditions and     tached to ATM ma-
problem, and its work played     glian landed estates; on the    in 2010 we are planning to       chines in the Bec-
a significant part in the sub-   problems of our coastline; on   visit Chatsworth House and       cles area.    Please
sequent establishment of         Suffolk painters; and on 17th   Haddon Hall. The opportu-        keep alert when us-
Beccles Museum and the           Century witches we were         nity to meet like-minded
                                                                                                  ing a cash point for
Beccles Society and close        relieved to learn that none     friends makes the Historical
links with these are still       were traced to Beccles!         Society such an important        anything or anyone
maintained.                                                      and congenial part of life in    suspicious hanging
                                 During the Summer the Soci-
Nowadays the main activities     ety organizes monthly excur-    Beccles for so many people.      around. Make sure
                                                                                                  you cover the pad
                                                                                                  with your hand
                     TAS T I N G T H E E A RT H                                                   when keying in your
                                                                                                  pin number.

                                 nized not only outstanding      cereal bar, including a design
                                 contributions that people       for the wrapper. The recipe
                                 give to agriculture through     had to be one that could actu-
                                 Long Service Awards, but        ally be baked and eaten. The
                                 also local schools which        four students concerned,
                                 have participated in this       Elena Catchpole, Claire
                                                                 Gasking, Kirsty Gregson and

A    t the Tasting the Earth
     Praise and Thanksgiv-
                                 petition.    Beccles Middle
                                 School has reason to be
                                 proud of four students who
                                                                 Millie Storey are pictured, as
                                                                 is the design for their win-
                                                                 ning wrapper. Congratula-
Service held at St Edmunds-      received 3rd prize in Key       tions to all four of them and
bury Cathedral on 11th Octo-     Stages 3 and 4 which was for    well done!        - Berenice
ber, the presentations recog-    an illustrated recipe for a     Broom, Town Clerk

              A    lways a
              occasion, this
                                 of his unstinting work within
                                 the community including
                                 many man hours for the
                                                                 to the Community of Bec-
                                                                 cles, was made to Mrs Nancy
                                                                 Barclay. Mrs Barclay was
                                                                                                  If you would like to help
                                                                                                  support the Mayoral Appeal
                                 Pride in Beccles team con-      initially dismayed at being      2009-2010 then donations or
            Reception was        sisting of both Councillors     nominated for this award as,     fund raising activities would
            no exception,        and members of the public.      being a very private person,     be very welcome. Please
            as two very          He works tirelessly on the      did not feel worthy of such      send any donations made
worthy awards were made to       War Memorial Gardens, the       recognition. However, her
two very special people.         Bell Tower garden and           friends and acquaintances        Hall, The Walk, Beccles or
Much to Councillor Douglas       makes and maintains the         who nominated her knew she       telephone 01502 712109 for
                                 many flower planters you        deserved this accolade. The      further information.
awarded the Leslie Freeman       find all around the town.       Mayoral Appeal for this year             Thank you.
Award for Long Service.          The other Award Robert          is for the Beccles Army,
Councillor Peck was nomi-        (Bob) Ellwood Memorial          Navy and Airforce Cadet
nated for this award because     Plate for Outstanding Service   organizations.
   Page 4

                                    CENTRE WARD                    D W Peck                             01502 712627
                                                                   C Richardson                         01502 719744

 Beccles Town Council                                              C J Scott                            01502 714831
                                                                   B Woodruff                           01502 713053
 Town Hall
 The Walk                           COMMON WARD                    Mrs S Bubb                           01502 713314
 NR34 9AJ                                                          M Doherty                            01502 716324
                                                                   Miss J Featherstone                  01502 715606
 Phone: 01502 712109
                                                                   D Smith                              01502 718018
 Fax: 01502 716166
                                    RIGBOURNE WARD                 G Catchpole                          01502 715819
                                                                   A Sutch                              01502 713179
                                                                   A Thwaites                           01502 714161
                                                                   Mrs C Topping                        01502 717276

                                    DARBY WARD                     J Harris                             01502 717237
                                                                   J Sigsworth                          01502 711473
                                                                   B Taylor                             01502 713307
                                                                   J Walmsley                           01502 717853

                                                                Town Clerk     Mrs Berenice Broom
                                                            Deputy Town Clerk Mrs Jula Janney

                                                      BECCLES THE PAST
                                                   B e r e n i c e B r o o m , T o w n Cl e r k
  COUNCIL                     T     he Town Clerk gave a
                                    talk to the Probus Club
                              recently and, after a lot of
                                                                 rived its name from two parts
                                                                 of its present name Beck,
                                                                                                  contending pasturage on the
                                                                                                  Common, to fight about
                                                                                                  those rights, and this re-
                              research, ended up with six        meaning by the stream, and       mained contentious for many
                              pages of information all re-       leas meaning meadow by the       years. The people of Beccles
                              lating to the history of Bec-      stream and was, at that time,    sent a Mr William Rede to
WISH YOU ALL                  cles, past, present and future.    a fishing town as the sea        London in 1542 to obtain the
                              I asked if I could cover this      came in a large estuary up to    lordship of the manor for
  A MERRY                     in the Charter in installments,    Beccles and beyond. The          Beccles but many disputes
                              so here are the first few para-    town paid a tithe to the         continued over rights to the
 CHRISTMAS                    graphs                             Crown of 30,000 herring per      Common for 40 years or
AND A HAPPY                                                      year but, due to land move-
                                                                 ments and changes in the
                                                                                                  more. It was only when the
                                                                                                  Charter was granted by
                              tion of Beccles was from an
AND HEALTHY                   account of The Corporation
                                                                 way the sea came in at Gt
                                                                 Yarmouth, the estuary silted
                                                                                                  Queen Elizabeth I in 1584
                                                                                                  that the contentious matters
                              of Beccles Fen which has a
 NEW YEAR!                    translation in the Charter
                                                                 up and eventually the chan-
                                                                 nel was embanked and land
                                                                                                  were settled. Although the
                                                                                                  Redes were then excluded
                              granted to the Town by
                                                                 was reclaimed from the sea.      from membership of the Cor-
                              Queen Elizabeth I in 1584.
                              In this book it states that        The dissolution of the mon-      poration of Beccles Common
                                                                 asteries by Henry VIII in the    or Fen until 1711, they re-
                                                                 1500s caused the people of       tained the lordship of the
                              of Beccles were granted to
                                                                 Beccles to panic. It also cre-   Manor which included con-
                              the monastery of St Edmunds
                                                                 ated an opportunity for the      trol and profits from the Mar-
                              Bury by King Edwy about
                                                                 local individuals and groups     ket. (To be continued)

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