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                                                                    HR Recruitment Consultant Manchester


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The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.

As the UK’s leading cultural relations organisation, the British Council plays a crucial role in building
overseas influence for the UK by developing mutual understanding between peoples, societies and
countries. Our activity and programmes deliver benefits for Britain at home and abroad.

The overall turnover in 2008/2009 was £645m and the forecast for 2009/2010 is £705m. Two thirds
of this is income from revenue-earned activities and one third from a government grant. We operate
at arm’s length from Government and are governed by a board of trustees. We are registered as a
charity in England and are thus regulated by charity law. We are also a Non Departmental Public
Body (NDPB). Our sponsoring department in Whitehall is the FCO which ensures that the overseas
work contributes fully to the international reputation of the UK. The Foreign Secretary is responsible
to Parliament for the activities of the British Council.

The British Council has unique experience, built up over 75 years, of how to make relationships
succeed. We now enable more than 20 million people both in the UK and in over 100 countries and
territories worldwide to experience the UK’s creativity and to discuss issues that affect a shared global
future. In the process, we enhance international understanding of the United Kingdom as it is today,
and build lasting relationships of mutual benefit to those who will become the next generation of
leaders and influencers in their countries. In education, science, the arts, English language learning,
sport, governance and human rights, we make the connections to help millions of people make a

How we are governed
The organisation receives strategic direction from a board of trustees. The board elects its own
members with the exception of one, who is nominated by the Secretary of State for Foreign and
Commonwealth Affairs. All members serve for a term of three years and may stand for re-election.
The executive direction of the British Council is carried out by Martin Davidson, its Chief Executive
and supported by an Executive Board.

The Executive Board
The Executive Board, led by the Chief Executive, is made up of four interdependent roles: Director
Network, Director English, Director Arts, Director Education and Society, Director Resources, Director
Human Resources, and Director Corporate HQ. This team works closely together to deliver individual
and team goals for the benefit of the organisation.

The British Council Advisory Bodies
Strategies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are each supported by National Committees. In
addition, strategies for our work in the arts, knowledge and information, education and training,
science, engineering and environment, governance, and English teaching, are each supported by
Advisory Committees. The organisation also has an Advisory Board; this is a policy forum that
supports the Board of Trustees and the organisation by providing perceptions and insights into its
work and the context in which it is, and will be, operating. The Advisory Board meets once a year.

Our performance targets
The British Council operates a performance scorecard. Through it we assess our performance in a
range of dimensions including customer and stakeholder satisfaction, our reputation, the perceptions
of our staff and the impact of our projects.
For more information please visit:

Annual report

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Purpose of Job

To ensure, within the strategy set by the Human Resources Director and Head of Recruitment,
provision of high quality, cost-effective professional recruitment services in areas of responsibility from
initial advice on a vacancy through recruitment and selection to appointment.

       o   leadership of the Manchester based Recruitment team (6 people) to plan and deliver UK
           recruitment campaigns across business areas and contract types;
       o   management of internal client relationships on all aspects of recruitment and contracting;
       o   provision of policy advice and coaching to recruiting managers on recruitment.
       o   development of effective relationships with external providers to source candidates and
           support campaigns
       o   monitoring, evaluating and reporting on delivery of recruitment, including costs, against
           targets or benchmarks

Context and Environment:

The job is part of Human Resources. The UK recruitment team is split over two sites - London and
Manchester. This role is based in Manchester and reports to Head of Recruitment. There are
approximately 40 staff in UK HR plus 4 HR Business Partners and a global network of HR colleagues.
The team overall works in three main areas of work: UK recruitment, International recruitment and
Teacher Recruitment. There are two band 8 consultants in the overall team, one based in London
managing International Recruitment and Teaching and associated sub-teams and this one, based in
Manchester, leading UK Recruitment (including agency and procurement contracts) and the
Manchester sub-team. Activity to support for both international and UK recruitment is carried out in
both locations and the job holder could be expected to be involved in both areas, although the
immediate focus is primarily UK.

Key Deliverables

The core responsibilities are:
    Cost effective recruitment which delivers high quality candidates and processes which meet
       business, legal and policy requirements
    Maintenance of effective control over cost, supply and quality of temporary agency workers
       used by the Council in the UK - currently under the managed services agreement with
    Leadership of Manchester recruitment team of 6 people maximising both their performance
       and development. Direct line management of 5 people
    Team perceived by internal clients as giving effective advice and guidance to managers and
       HR Business Partners on optimum strategy and operations in UK recruitment.
    Enhanced use of technology (including e-recruitment if applicable) through the implementation
       of the recruitment module and talent modules within the e-HR system

Other Responsibilities and main duties

      Via the team develop and maintain recruitment guidance and related documentation (intranet
       and Sharepoint)
      To promote equal opportunities and diversity in recruitment policy and practice.
      To design and deliver effective recruitment campaigns that meet the requirements of different
       business areas in line with statutory regulations and EO best practice
      To negotiate value for money from service providers e.g. recruitment agencies, advertising

Relationships (key stakeholders)

Internal: Recruiting managers, HR Business Partners, Diversity Unit, Trade Union Side

External: Pertemps account managers, Recruitment agencies, advertising media
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The job specific skills and behavioural competencies this post requires are listed below. You will only
need to address the skills, knowledge and experience in your application form. Should you be
successfully shortlisted, you will additionally be interviewed against the Behaviours listed.


 Consultancy skills
 Interviewing and assessment skills

 Relationship Building for influence (level 2)
 Entrepreneurship (level 3)
 Leading & developing others (level 3)

 Knowledge of the legislative context for UK employment.
 Knowledge of recruitment market in areas relevant to the BC in the UK - specifically suppliers and
  labour markets.
 Professional knowledge and experience of recruitment and selection methods and approaches

 Experience of managing recruitment campaigns for senior and specialist roles e.g. Finance, IT,
  Facilities, HR
 Experience of commercial negotiation and productive relationship building with external suppliers
 Experience of managing master vendor contracts for provision of temporary and contract staff on a
  commercial basis
 Experience of developing metrics, monitoring and reporting to deliver efficiencies in organisational
  resourcing approaches and practice

  Recruitment related qualification or equivalent experience

A competency dictionary is provided separately that gives detailed information about the behavioural

Application Form

The application form is in three separate parts: part 1 contains personal information and is a
confidential document, which will only be seen by HR; part 2 relates specifically to the post you are
applying for and will be seen by those making selection decisions; part 3 is an equal opportunity
monitoring form and is a confidential document, which will only be seen by HR.

Evidence to provide on the application form

You have up to 200 words to address each criterion. Evidence clearly in excess of 200 words will not
be taken into account.

All applications will be subject to a short listing process, where a panel will identify candidates who
meet the essential skills, knowledge and experience criteria for the post. Candidates successful at
this stage will be invited to attend an interview

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This job is open to anyone who has the legal right to work in the UK. To ensure compliance with the
Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, we will need proof before appointment to a post in the UK that you
are entitled to work in this country.

The British Council’s normal retirement age is 65. If you are over this age, or within 6 months of it, at
the time you apply to join us we reserve the right to reject your application if we consider that we
would be unlikely to derive sufficient benefit from your appointment in the period before your


Candidates will receive communication after each stage of the selection process, informing them
whether they have been successful or unsuccessful.

The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. We guarantee an interview to
disabled candidates who meet the essential short listing criteria on their application forms.


The interview will be competency based, but will also focus on specialist knowledge and experience.


The closing date for applications is Thursday 31 March.

Applications should be submitted by the closing date. Applications received after this time will not be
considered. Please do not attach a CV or any other document; they will not be used to make
selection decisions. This is to ensure that all candidates are treated equally.

The application form is available in other formats on request.

Applications should be emailed where possible to

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding the completion of your application, please email


We ask that you complete the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Monitoring Information within the
application form. Provision of this information is voluntary but will assist the British Council in its
commitment to a policy of equal opportunity and the development of positive policies to promote equal
opportunities in employment. Monitoring is recommended by the Equality and Human Rights
Commission and supports us in meeting our legal obligations.

We welcome applications from all sections of the community as we believe that a diverse workforce
gives added depth to our work.

We monitor all stages of our recruitment and selection processes to ensure there is no potential for
unjustified discrimination on irrelevant grounds. Our monitoring data is externally analysed each year,
and recommendations are published and acted upon.

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The post will be on an indefinite contract.


The range for this post is £ £31,500 - £38,275 per annum and it will be based in Manchester. The
expectation is that the starting salary would be at the bottom of this range. Salary is paid monthly in
arrears. Annual salary increases are determined by performance.


The successful candidate will be eligible to join the Civil Service pension arrangements unless their
contract states otherwise.

We offer the choice of two types of pension:

        Nuvos - a defined benefit, government guaranteed, occupational pension scheme that
         currently has a 3.5% member contribution rate. The British Council meets the rest of the cost
         of the scheme.
        Partnership pension account - a stakeholder pension with age related employer contributions,
         optional member contributions and additional matching employer contributions up to 3 per cent
         of salary.

Colleagues do not have to join the Civil Service pension arrangements and may choose to opt out.
Arrangements can be made for the transfer of pension rights to the Civil Service Pension
arrangements from many other HM Revenue and Customs registered pension schemes. Full details
of these arrangements are available on the CSP website

Successful candidates will be sent an information pack.

Annual leave

Annual leave is earned at the rate of 32 days per calendar year.

Other benefits

The British Council operates a number of schemes that are designed to be of benefit to staff in the
UK, including

        Child care vouchers
        Flexible working hours
        Employee Assistance Programme
        Staff restaurants in London and Manchester offices
        Generous maternity and paternity leave
        Interest-free season ticket loan.

Some of these benefits have eligibility criteria.

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