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With a changing research landscape there is an ever increasing
demand from the ‘client side’ to go well beyond the delivery
of pure research findings. The answer to this is to provide far
more strategic and actionable thinking, linking research to the
business problem that needs to be solved.
Consumer Insights play a crucial role in this as it takes research
findings to another level: transforming consumer research into
value-adding insights that are aligned with business goals. This
conference explores this pragmatic approach from 2 angles:
                           1. INSIGHT GENERATION: tools &
                           techniques, processes, how to distil insights
                           from different pieces of research
                           2. INSIGHT INTO ACTION: from insight to

Stephen Phillips (Committee Chair)      Shangri-La Hotel Dubai
Managing Partner, Spring Research, UK   Sheikh Zayed Road
                                        P.O. Box 75880 Dubai
Alison Bryant
                                        United Arab Emirates
Research Director of Brand and
Consumer Insights, Digital Research     Tel +971 4 4052504
Nickelodeon/MTV Kids & Family           Fax +971 4 343 8886
Group, USA
                                        Preferential room rates are available
Kristin Hickey
                                        to conference delegates.
Director, Ruby cha cha, Australia
Vaida Meskauskiene
Senior Manager, NOKIA Consumer &
Customer Insights, Finland
Kalika Tripathi
Regional Senior Manager, Liabilities
HSBC Bank Middle East, UAE              Official Knowledge partner

Sunday 8 February

Workshop 09.00 - 17.00


Cultural insight for enhanced
Extended Semiotics is a two day
workshop. Day 1 covers the key
principles of Semiotics, while day
2 looks into both theory and practice
of integrating semiotic techniques
into the research process. Both days
include plenty of hands-on practice.

You’ll learn how to use semiotics to:
• Reveal the ‘hidden consumer’.
• Find the true consumer story.
• Discover how communications trigger
rational and emotional responses.
• Map the codes of change in any area
of brand communication or popular
culture in any country.
• Create a magical brand myth.

Intermediate to advanced level

Virginia Valentine, Partner, Semiotic
Solutions, UK
Malcolm Evans, Founding Partner,
Space Doctors, UK

NB. You will need to register and
attend both days of this workshop.                        REGISTER ONLINE NOW

Monday 9 February

Workshops 09.00 - 17.00
Conference registration
Welcome reception


Cultural insight for enhanced            Understanding insight driven
communication                            innovation
Day 2 extends the learnings from day 1   Insights are a multi-facetted concept,
going into more depth on integrating     crucial throughout any innovation cycle.
semiotic techniques into the research    Generating insights is a constant stream
process. Both days include plenty of     of learning, interpreting, applying
hands-on practice.                       and then going back to learning. This
                                         process of knowledge development can
Intermediate to advanced level           be called “Insighting”.
                                         In this highly participative day you can
Virginia Valentine, Partner, Semiotic    expect to:
Solutions, UK                            • Gain insight into the practicalities
Malcolm Evans, Founding Partner,         of Insighting through situational
Space Doctors, UK                        interview techniques and connecting
NB. You will need to register and        • Explore what group collective
attend both days of this workshop.       wisdom is, how it works and how it
                                         can become a key factor to successful
                                         insight generation.
                                         • By going through a real time process
                                         participants will understand how
                                         process and methodologies fit with the
                                         different stages of insighting
                                         • Grasp the theoretical background
                                         about how innovation processes are
                                         often run in companies and how they
                                         often fail.

                                         Intermediate level

                                         Johannes Hartmann, Vice President
                                         Consumer and Market Insight, Unilever,
                                         Dirk Lorré, Cofounder, Kids2, Belgium

Tuesday 10 February

Conference day one
Networking drinks


The “insight” story                       Interactive co-creation
An in-depth understanding of              Bridging consumers’ imagination
interpretation of “insight” among         and prospective trends to generate
clients and market research               breakaway insights
professionals                             Catherine Roty, Technical Centre,
Suresh Ramalingam and Aruni Ghosh         France
Customized Research (Middle East,         Emilie Labidoire, Repères, France
North Africa and Pakistan), The Nielsen   Maryline Passini, Proâme, France
Company, UAE
                                          Netnography research
Reality YOUTH research                    Community insights in the cosmetic
The Arabian YOU (TH) Tube!                industry
Tammy Jalboukh and Ambrish                Michael Bartl and Steffen Hück, HYVE,
Chaudhry, TNS, Middle East and Africa     Germany
                                          Stephan Ruppert, Beiersdorf, Germany
Musical insights
An effective methodology to capture       I sleep with my mobile
similar personality traits                Insights throughout social networks
Sanjay Datta, ITC, India                  Alexandre Crivellaro and Celina Maki
Uttam Sarkar, Indian Institute of         Takemura, IBOPE Media, Brazil
Management Calcutta, India

“Boy culture”                             INTERACTIVE SESSION
An ecological systems approach to
generate insights                         Co-creating insights
Marsha Williams, Harvest Research         Putting the customer at the heart of
Group, USA                                your business
                                          Andrew Needham and Philip
                                          McNaughton, Face, UK

Wednesday 11 February

Conference day two
Farewell drinks


Say CHEESE!                            F1 racing for insights
Rajesh Parupalli, Kraft Foods Middle   Defining connections between F1
East & Africa, UAE                     racing readers and sponsors in
                                       Formula 1
Connecting insights                    Mitra Powell, Veritas, UK
Johannes Hartmann, Unilever,           Tim Bulley, Haymarket Worldwide, UK
Cristina Balanzo, McCann Erickson,     Making a difference with consumer
Spain                                  insights
                                       Social marketing for behavioral
Mastering insights that pay            change – insights, interventions and
How statistics get in the way of       impact
actionable segmentation                Vivek Banerji, Angela Spatharou,
Tony Costella, Sonali Desai and Koen   and Takashi Takenoshita, McKinsey &
De Vos, MasterCard Worldwide,          Company, UK
Belgium / USA
Julian Bond, Tim O’Brien, Sam Davis    Circling the square
and Dia Anna Olafsdottir, Research     Converting consumer insights into
International, UK                      actionable recommendations
                                       Crystal Nathan, The Nielsen Company,
The insights museum                    Australia
How to create a brand centred          Johanna Campbell, Danone, Australia
marketing strategy
Sanna-Mari Jantti, Kiasm Museum of     Beyond words
Contemporary Art, Finland              New partnerships in translation
Channe Järn, Dagmar, Finland           Lucy Blakemore, Gravity, UK
                                       Lekshmy Parameswaran and Laszlo
                                       Herczegh, Fuelfor, Spain

                                       PANEL DISCUSSION

                                       “Insight” the future
                                       An interactive debate forecasting the
                                       role of consumer insights and market
                                       research in the next decade.
                    CONFERENCE                                      WORKSHOPS
                                                        1 day                        2 days
PAYMENT             ESOMAR       Non-          ESOMAR        Non-            ESOMAR      Non-
                    Members*     Members       Members*      Members         Members*    Members
Until 12 Dec ‘08    ¤1110        ¤1480         ¤630          ¤810            ¤925        ¤1295
13 Dec-16 Jan ‘09 ¤1295          ¤1665         ¤720          ¤900            ¤1100       ¤1480
After 16 Jan ‘09    ¤1480        ¤1850         ¤720         ¤900             ¤1100       ¤1480

*ESOMAR membership is on an individual basis only.

CANCELLATION If you are unable to attend, a substitute may attend in your place. Please note,
however, that the status of the replacement delegate (member/non-member) may affect the original
fee charged. Cancellations must be received by ESOMAR in writing. The following charges will apply
irrespective of whether the registration fees have been paid or not:

                    CONFERENCE & 2 DAY WORKSHOP             1 DAY WORKSHOP
Until 12 Dec ‘08                              No charge. Full refund given
13 Dec-16 Jan ‘09 Cancellation charge ¤400                  Cancellation charge ¤200

• Workshops will be held on 8 and 9 February in parallel.

• The workshops are designed to compliment the programme of the Consumer Insights conference,
  but can also be attended independently.

• If 5 colleagues or more from your company wish to attend this event, you can contact for special group bookings.

• The conference and workshops registration form is available online at

• If you are unable to register online, please email or phone
  +31 20 5897 800 between 09:00 and 18:00 (CET) and we will be happy to arrange your
  registration for you.

With 5,000 members in over 100 countries, our membership brings together professionals in market
and opinion research, marketing, advertising and media all over the world. Please contact our
customer service team by email or phone +31 20 5897 800 to find out
more about membership benefits. Or visit
Members joining for the period 1 January to 31 December 2009 can apply now and already enjoy the
reduced member registration fees offered until 11 April.

ESOMAR reserves the right to alter or cancel without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating
directly or indirectly to the event, for any circumstances beyond ESOMAR’s reasonable control.
ESOMAR will not accept liability for any losses and/or damage participants may suffer on account of
alteration or cancellation. Participants and accompanying persons are advised to arrange travel and
health insurance.                                        REGISTER ONLINE NOW
ESOMAR is the world organisation for
enabling better research into markets,
consumers and societies.
With 5000 members in over 100
countries, ESOMAR’s aim is to promote
the value of market and opinion research
in illuminating real issues and bringing
about effective decision-making.
To facilitate this ongoing dialogue, ESOMAR
creates and manages a comprehensive
programme of industry-specific and
thematic events, publications and
communications, as well as actively
advocating self-regulation and the
worldwide code of practice.


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