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					             Annual Report 2007-2008

Independence                           through

The Cooke Center envisions a world where all children and adolescents with
special needs are recognized as valued members of their communities and provided
with the inclusive education necessary to assume the roles of their choosing.

The Cooke Center collaborates with parents and professionals to provide inclusive
educational programs for students with special needs, from early childhood to
young adulthood. We also share our knowledge and skills with those committed
to enhancing and supporting inclusive learning environments.

We value:
• Families as active partners in their children’s education
• Commitment to serving children of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds
• Collaborative working relationships
• Instruction that begins with each student’s strengths and interests
• Inclusion as an element of all educational programs
• Learning experiences that children use beyond classroom walls
• Instruction that integrates academics and therapeutic services

The Cooke Center is proud to be accredited by the Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools and to be a member of the New York State Association of
Independent Schools. The Cooke Center Academy is registered as a high school
with the New York Board of Regents and can award New York state diplomas.
                                            November 2008

Dear Friends,

A Cooke education offers students many things:
individualized academics, lasting friendships,
opportunities for leadership, and a strong network
of family support.

But perhaps Cooke’s greatest offering is a path toward
independence. In Cooke’s classrooms and out in the
community, our students are discovering their strengths
and passions so that they can determine for themselves
a future that is truly theirs.

From standards-based academics to inclusive arts
and sports programs to real-world internships, Cooke
students learn every day how to tackle life’s challenges.
In the pages of this report, we’ve shared with you some
of the ways our students are forging their own paths.

We are so grateful to you, our generous friends and
donors. Your contributions support not only our students’
independence, but Cooke’s financial independence as
well. Together, we are helping our kids take their
rightful place in the world.

With our heartfelt thanks,

Lon Jacobs                       Michael Termini, PsyD
Chairman                         President
    Research shows that inclusive
    education is a highly effective
    model—particularly in the earliest
    years. Our preschool services take
    place in Manhattan and Brooklyn
    preschools so that children with
    special needs can grow and learn
    alongside their typically developing

    Cooke’s signature preschool pro-
    gram is called Collaboration for
    Inclusion. It works in partnership
    with Head Start centers and
    daycare programs in some of
    New York’s most underserved
    communities. Cooke experts help
    identify children at risk for language
    and learning delays, while helping
    parents and teachers prepare all
    of their children for the challenges
    of kindergarten.

           This fall, we signed a contract with the
           nationally recognized Harlem Children’s Zone
           to provide education and therapeutic services in
           three of their Head Start and early childhood
           centers on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. HCZ
           approached us after seeing the good work we
           are conducting for other Head Start programs
           through Collaboration for Inclusion.

                         Four-year-old Robert knows he
                            can focus better when he has
                            something to hold in his hands.
                            After coaching from his Cooke
                            teachers at West Harlem Head
                         Start, he’s learned to grab a squeeze-
                   ball during class time — completely on
             his own. “He’s taking it upon himself,” said
             teacher Dan Feinman, “to get his body the
             sensory input that he needs.” Now when
             he sits down with his classmates, he’s ready
             to learn.

           Collaboration for Inclusion is made possible thanks
           to generous, long-term leadership funding from the
           Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation. We
           are also grateful to the New York Community Trust,
           the Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
           and Independence Community Foundation for their
           additional, generous support of this important project.

LOWER AND MIDDLE SCHOOL   Our lower and middle school
                          students learn in Cooke classrooms
                          in our general-education partner
                          schools, where they are welcomed
                          as part of the school community.
                          Individual attention and small
                          group learning allow children to
                          grow according to their unique
                          strengths. Cooke students join
                          in general-education academic
                          classes where appropriate, and
                          participate in school-wide activi-
                          ties such as music, physical
                          education and art.

                                             For the first time this year, all Cooke middle
                                             schoolers are learning under one roof at the
                                             School of the Blessed Sacrament, offering
                                             more social opportunities and community
                                             service options for the pre-teen set.

                                             And some of our little ones are now at Corpus
                                             Christi School on W. 121st Street, a new
                                             Cooke partner. “We are thrilled to have Cooke
                                             here,” said Dorothy Valla, the school’s principal.
                                             “The students are energizing,” she said. “And
                                             our teachers are pleased with the cooperative
                                             spirit that quickly developed between us and
                                             the Cooke staff.”

                                             CHOOSING THEIR OWN PATHS
                                                         When Emily first came to Cooke,
                                                           she struggled to climb the stairs
                                                            to her third-floor classroom.
                                                            But since she joined the New
                                                           York Road Runners Mighty
                                                         Milers program at school, all that
                      photo by Mark Bernal

                                                    has changed.
                                                 During a six-mile outing last spring,
                                               Emily, who has Down syndrome, chose to
                                               join a group of walkers instead of taking the
                                               bus back to school. “My mom is going to be
                                               so proud of me,” she said, huffing and puff-
                                               ing as she made her way. A huge smile
                                               crossed her face when the kids beat the
                                               buses back. Said Site Supervisor Elizabeth
                                               Munz: “She just felt so good about herself.”

In addition to the program grants listed elsewhere, we receive generous unrestricted
grants from foundations and corporations. We are grateful to News Corporation,
the Pinkerton Foundation and Starr Foundation for their extraordinary leadership
grants to Cooke. This support, together with additional funding from many other
generous donors, helps us continue delivering services to children and families
who would not otherwise receive them.
    The Cooke Center Academy meets
                                       COOKE CENTER ACADEMY
    a critical need for high school
    students with disabilities, who
    do not have access to the same
    school choices as their general-
    education peers. In addition to
    standards-based academics, the
    Academy provides a typical high
    school lifestyle complete with
    arts and athletics, student
    government and school dances.

    From the day they enter as
    freshmen, teens begin preparing
    for an independent life after
    graduation. All students leave
    the Academy with a concrete
    plan for the future.

           CCA teens can now prepare for apartment life
           in the school’s new Daily Living Lab, complete
           with three full kitchens and a laundry station.
           Lessons in the lab allow students to use their
           reading, math and problem-solving skills in
           preparing for independent living.

             The Academy collaborates with dozens of
             community partners to offer students in-
             ternships and other real-word educational
                        Brittany enjoys working with
                          children. “I like just getting to
                            know them,” she said, “and seeing
                             what their interests are.” She
                            hopes her internship at West
                           Harlem Head Start will lead to
                        a similar job after high school, like
              several Cooke students before her.
                 Kelvin interns at NewsCorp, where he’s
                        learned to type, shred documents
                           and use a copy machine. Here
                            he’s seen holding his first pay-
                             check. “It feels good to get paid
                            for what you do!” he said, adding
                          that he feels prepared to work in
                     an office when he finishes school.

           Cooke is enormously grateful for the leadership support
           of The Moody’s Foundation, which, since 2003, has
           helped us develop the Academy and serve increasing
           numbers of high school students. Our students, families
           and faculty also gratefully acknowledge the generous
           support of the Grace J. Fippinger Foundation, the
           American Express Foundation, the Children for
           Children Foundation, and the Adrian & Jessie
           Archbold Charitable Trust.                                7
    COOKE CENTER INSTITUTE                                The Cooke Center Institute consoli-
                                                          dates the various consulting,
                                                          professional development and
                                                          research initiatives that have been
                                                          part of Cooke for many years.
                                                          Cooke’s literacy, math and special
                                                          education consultants work in
                                                          parochial and charter schools and
                                                          Head Start programs to create
                                                          inclusive environments that serve
                                                          children with and without disabilities.
                                                          For our corporate partners, the
                                                          Institute’s ACCESS project provides
                                                          lunchtime workshops on current
                                                          child development topics.

                                                          We are pleased to report that
                                                          Cooke has tripled the number of
                                                          schools where we consult this
                                                          year. In many of these schools,
                                                          we are finding quantifiable progress
                                                          in student test scores. For instance,
                                                          at one of our partner schools in
                                                          Washington Heights, reading
                                                          scores improved at every grade
                                                          level, and fourth- and eighth-grade
                                                          students had an 80 percent overall
                                                          pass rate on standardized exams.

Cooke is grateful to the William E. Simon Foundation
and HSBC Bank USA, N.A., for their generous support
of the training and consultation services we provide to
parents and schools through the Cooke Center Institute.

Spring Benefit Raises More Than $1 Million

Through the generous contributions of our
friends, the Cooke Center’s spring gala raised
more than $1 million dollars to support our
work with special needs children. The theme
of the May 21 event was Supporting the Fund
for Diversity, one of the three priorities of
Cooke’s Road to Independence Campaign.
Held at Cipriani 42nd Street, the gala honored
Cooke parent and longtime Board member
Phyllis Saxe and media mogul Tom Freston.
   In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Saxe
described searching for a kindergarten for
her daughter Elana, now an 18-year-old
Cooke Center Academy student who has
cerebral palsy. One principal refused to even
let her in for a tour. Another said Elana must
be confined to her wheelchair at all times.
   “Then I found Cooke,” she said, proudly
telling the crowd of 400 that Elana does yoga,
shakes her pom-poms as a cheerleader, and
works with horses at a Brooklyn stable. “And
to this day Elana still walks with canes and does
not use a wheelchair at school or on the bus.”
   FOX 5’s Ernie Anastos and Andrea Day
emceed the event, which included a special
performance by comedian Lewis Black.
   Mr. Freston received Cooke’s Road to Inde-
pendence Award for the important, successful
legal battle he waged on behalf of his son, and
children with special needs everywhere.
   “This school provides students with all the
hallmarks of a great special education,” he
said in his acceptance speech, recalling his visit
to the Cooke Center Academy in early May.
“It was truly inspirational.”
   Cooke is grateful to News Corporation for
generously underwriting the event.
The Cooke Center’s $10 Million Road to Independence Fundraising Campaign

The Kresge Challenge
The Road to Independence Campaign received a boost this year when the
Kresge Foundation awarded Cooke a prestigious $750,000 challenge grant
to complete the campaign. As of November 2008, Cooke has raised $8 million.
Every gift that we receive prior to the challenge deadline of December 2009
will bring us that much nearer to receiving Kresge’s award and reaching our
final goal of $10 million.

The goals of the Campaign are three-fold:

The Cooke Center Academy – Breaking New Ground
Since the Campaign began, we have installed an elevator and improved
handicapped accessibility at 60 MacDougal Street, home of the Cooke
Center Academy. The Academy now boasts a Student Center, Daily
Living Lab, and new therapy spaces. Looking ahead, our goals are to
continue renovations at the Academy, including an arts studio, science
lab, and technology lab.

Fund for Diversity
Cooke remains committed to underserved populations and communities.
From the beginning, we have made it a priority to serve any child who
could benefit from our programs, regardless of the family’s financial
circumstances. Cooke established the Fund for Diversity to bridge the
time between the receipt of government tuition reimbursements and
Cooke’s actual expenses. The Fund also allows us to provide needed
services in schools that could not otherwise afford them.

Fund for the Advancement of Inclusive Education
The objectives of the Fund for the Advancement of Inclusive Education
are to foster best practices for inclusive education. We do this through
providing professional development and consultation for teachers and
parents; demonstrating the effectiveness of our programs through
applied research; and seeding the funding of new initiatives that have
the potential to generate earned income and become self-sustaining.

Cooke is grateful for the support of the following donors to the Road to Independence Campaign.

Susanna Aaron and Gary Ginsberg            Mario Gutierrez                            News Corporation Foundation
ABS Charitable Foundation                  Marc Haas Foundation                       Robert and Kate Niehaus Foundation
Altman Foundation                          Ms. Haeng Eum Han                          Patricia Nooy and Roger W. Miller
American Express Company                    and Mr. Jang Kyu Moon                     The Offensend Family Foundation
Anonymous (4)                              Hearst Corporation                         O’Neal Family Foundation
ASM Mechanical Systems                     The Hearst Foundation                      Louise M. Parent and John Casaly
Banner Family Fund                         Heckscher Foundation                       Patton Boggs
Sheryl Barometre                           Christine and Kevin Hennessey              Cindy and David Pinter
Marcia and Michael Beck                    Hill Holliday                              Patria Portes
Joanne Beltempo                            Hogan & Hartson, LLP                       Joseph R. Puskarz
Bernard Family Charitable Fund             Deborah and Edward Horowitz                Mary Ann and Bruno Quinson
Susan Bhyunn                               Robert Hughes                              Maria and Johnny Rahman
Ellen Bickal and Gary Bieber               Larry D. Hunter                            Rattner Family Foundation
Kathleen and Chris Boak                    Hyde & Watson Foundation                   Related Partners
The Bok Family Foundation                  Frank Iannelli                             Susan and William Rifkin
Valerie Boom and James Gunderson           Hannah and Lon Jacobs                      Karen and Tom Robards
Dr. Naomi Bravmann                         Robert and Ardis James Foundation          Dr. Elsa Roe
 and Dr. Andrew Martin                     Leslie and Charles Jeffries                Luis Rosario
Bridgemill Foundation                      JLS Industries                             Saban Family Foundation
Leslie and Fred Bright                     Brenda and Peter Jordan                    The Saxe Family
Anna and Thomas Bryan                      JPMorganChase Bank                         Eileen Caulfield Schwab
Harriett and Tom Burnett                   Art Kerber                                 Susan and Gerald Schwartz
 Family Foundation                         Jonathan Knee                              Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III               Victor A. Kovner, Esq.                     Jamie Sildar
Rita Calderon                              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Leach                   Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP
The Carson Family Charitable Trust         Thomas H. Lee Capital, LLC                 Ted Sonde
Centerview Partners                        Carol and Jack P. Levin                    Audrey Ann Soto
CIT Group, Inc.                            Edward Levy                                Bernard and Anne Spitzer Foundation
Clermont Communications Group              Joseph Levy                                Starr Foundation
Deborah Cooper and Daniel Sternberg        Anne-Marie and Peter Livoti                Lissa Steele and Vince Pisano
Georgina Cyrillien and Eric Edwards        L&L Holding Company                        Anthony Stewart
Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP                  Loeb and Loeb, LLP                         Sharon Sullivan
Fred Demenus                               Ricki and Mitchell Lubart                  Michael Termini
Carol and James Dillon                     Maher Family Foundation                    Patricia Thakkar
Dreamworks                                 Inez and William McMahon                   Margie and Nate Thorne
June Eichbaum and Kenneth Wirfel           Mihoko Manabe and Edward Kim               Time Warner, Inc.
Eric Federman                              Maniatty Foundation                        Katherine and Alan Trager
Michelle Ferguson                          Bernard J. McDonald                        Triarc Companies, Inc.
Forest City Ratner Companies               Steven Medwid                              UBS Securities
Fox News                                   The Meguid Family                          Lee and Cynthia Vance Foundation
John Gallin & Son.                         Liske Mendoza                              Lisa and Javier Vega
Maria and Ivan Galegos                     Kyoko and Toshio Mikami                    Viacom
Carlie and Neal S. Garonzik                Kate and Joel Millonzi                     Vinson & Elkins, LLP
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP                Akiko Miyake                               Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz LLP
E. Ann Gill and Robert Hempel              The Moody’s Foundation                     White Flowers Foundation
Patricia Godoy                             Morgan Stanley Foundation                  Ying Zhao and Henry Shao
Goldman Sachs                              MTV Networks                               Barbara and Michael Zimmerman
Jennifer and Russell Gribbin               NBC Universal

As of 10/15/08

The following list acknowledges with     $10,000 – $24,999                       INDIVIDUALS
sincere gratitude those individuals,     American Express Company
foundations and corporations who         American Express Foundation             LEADERSHIP
contributed to the Cooke Center during   Rose M. Badgeley Residuary              $50,000+
                                          Charitable Trust                       Rattner Family Foundation
the period from July 1, 2007 through
                                         Centerview Partners                     Susan and William Rifkin
June 30, 2008. We thank all of our
longtime supporters and welcome          CIBC World Markets Corp.                $25,000+
new contributors to the Cooke family.    Continental Grain Foundation            Karen and Tom Robards
                                         Credit Suisse                           Dr. Elsa Roe
CORPORATIONS                             Dreamworks Animation                    The Saxe Family
AND FOUNDATIONS                          Grace J. Fippinger Foundation
                                         Forest City Ratner Companies            $15,000+
$250,000+                                David Geffen Foundation                 Wendy Banner and Geoff Wiener
The Moody’s Foundation                   Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP              Marcia and Michael Beck
News Corporation                         Goldman Sachs & Co.                     Ellen Bickal and Gary Bieber
Starr Foundation                         Independence Community Foundation       Louise M. Parent and John Casaly
                                         Katzenberg Foundation                   June Eichbaum and Kenneth I. Wirfel
$100,000 – $249,999                      Leahey & Johnson PC                     Pat Nooy and Roger Miller
The Hearst Foundation                    L & L Holding Company, Inc.             Janet and David Offensend
                                         Microsoft Corporation                   Cindy and David Pinter
$50,000 – $99,999                        Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky
                                         Morgan Stanley Foundation               ANGELS
Marc Haas Foundation
                                         NASDAQ OMX                              $10,000+
Hearst Corporation
                                         NBC Universal                           Susan Bhyunn
Hogan & Hartson LLP
                                         Related Partners, Inc.                  Kathleen and Chris Boak
New York Community Trust
                                         William E. Simon Foundation             Anna and Thomas Bryan
Pinkerton Foundation
                                         Skadden Arps Slate Meagher              Deborah Cooper and Daniel Sternberg
                                          & Flom LLP                             Nancy Garvey and E. Stanley O’Neal
$25,000 – $49,999
                                         Spielberg Family Living Trust           Christine and Kevin Hennessey
Bank of America Foundation
                                         UBS Securities                          Hannah and Lon Jacobs
CIT Group Inc.
                                         Vinson & Elkins LLP                     Emma and William Keller
Fox News Network
                                         Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz            The Meguid Family
Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel
                                         Mary White and J. Christopher Flowers   Sharon Sullivan
                                         William Morris Agency                   Michael Termini
MTV Networks                             $1,000 – $9,999                         BENEFACTORS
                                         Adrian and Jessie Archbold              $5,000 – $9,999
                                          Charitable Trust                       Bruce Aust
                                         Ariel Capital Management                Valerie Boom and James Gunderson
                                         Assurant Foundation                     Dr. Naomi Bravmann
                                         Children for Children Foundation         and Dr. Andrew Martin
                                         Debevoise & Plimpton LLP                Carol and James Dillon
                                         Clarence & Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust   Christopher P. Gallo
                                         Samuel & Rae Eckman Foundation          Carlie and Neal Garonzik
                                         John Gallin & Son, Inc.                 Steven Gold
                                         Hamlin Capital Management               Haeng Eum Han and Jang Kyu Moon
                                         Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Leach
                                         Morgan Stanley                          Thomas Lee
                                         Overbrook Foundation                    Veronique and Robert Pittman
                                         Sony Corporation of America             Barbara and Griff Sexton
                                                                                 Benjamin F. Stapleton, III
                                                                                 Lissa Steele and Vince Pisano
PATRONS                              Lawrence Divney                        Dr. and Mrs. Alan Meyers
$2,500 – $4,999                      Melissa Drake                          Kathy Miller
Ellen Agress and Jay Gerber          Gay Ebers and Michael Franckowiak      Alexandra and Alan Murray
Beth and Roger Ailes                 Maurice and Carol Feinberg             John Nallen
Harriet and Tom Burnett               Family Foundation                     Char and Robert Nau
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh Devlin          Gail and Peter Ferris                  Nancy and Daniel A. Neff
Patricia Durkan                      Tom Freston                            Frances Ni
Maria and Ivan Gallegos              Jane Friedman                          Valerie and Richard T. O’Connell, Jr.
Charlotte and Gerrald Giblin         Marilyn Friedman and Thomas Block      Laura O’Leary and Michael Cleveland
Mary Francina Golden                 Genie Gavenchak and Harvey Horowitz    Jacqueline M. Osborn
 and Kenneth Handal                  Janet and Alan Ginsberg                Catherine and Louis Paglia
Karen Hagberg and Mark Jackson       Susan Glendon                          Joyce and Daniel Pariser
Irving B. Kahn Foundation            Patricia Godoy                         Liz and Jeffrey Peek
Mary Krueger and Peter Sullivan      Heide and Simeon Gold                  Stanley and Gloria Plesent
Rona J. Kurtz & Irving Weinstein     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gross               Romulo Pontual
Carol and Jack Levin                 Barbara and Michael M. Gross           Joseph Puskarz
Bud McDonald                         Allen Grubman                          Maria and Johnny Rahman
Carole Bayer Sager and Robert Daly   Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Heinberg         Dana and Alan Reis
Mary Ann and Arthur Siskind          Cory and Arthur Henkel                 David Rosenbaum
Lisa and Javier Vega                 Robert Hughes                          David Rosensweig
Steven Volk                          Larry D. Hunter                        Laurel Rossi and Joseph Filippone
Nicole and David Wachter             Clifford and Marielena Hurvich         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rotondi
Frederick Whittemore                 Anita and Richard Inz                  Howard J. Rubenstein
Shirley and Michael Wise             Jennifer Jehn                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Saunders III
                                     Lee Keating                            Patricia Schaefer and Tom Fahey
SUPPORTERS                           Michael Kleinerman                     Eileen Caulfield Schwab
$1,000 – $2,499                      Jonathan Knee                          Florence and Ernest Scinto
Susanna Aaron and Gary Ginsberg      Victor Kovner                          Jeffrey Sine
Kathy and Jeffrey Baker              Judith and Lew Kramer                  Rose Marie and Kelly Smith
Ellen Banner                         Mary Krueger and Peter Sullivan        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Smith
Lauren Baum and David Blythe         Michele Kule-Korgood                   Ted Sonde
Dorothy Beck                         Tiffany LaBanca                        Sharon Stein
Robert Begleiter and Diana Lopez     Frances and Jack Levy                  John Sykes
Joan Beir                            Gabrielle and Joseph Levy              Marsha Tajima and Tom Wai-Shek
Joanne and Robert Beltempo           Margot and Edward Levy                 Patricia Thakkar
Lewis Black                          Anne-Marie and Peter Livoti            Katherine Trager
Robert Bodian                        Ricki and Mitchell Lubart              John Train
Bridgemill Foundation                Elinor Lubin                           Rita Tuzon and Richard Stone
Leslie and Frederick Bright          Gail and Jeffrey MacKinnon             Paula Wardynski
William Brown Foundation             Maher Family Foundation                Robert Watson
Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III         Roanne Mann and David Brodsky          Kathy and Mark Weiss
Ying Chao and Henry Shao             Robinson Markel                        Deborah Wetzler
Caroline and Guy De Chazal           Angela McGlowan/Political Strategies   Serena and William Wiltshire
Daniel Cunningham                     & Insights, LLC                       Sarah Winkler and Simon Leopold
John Curley                          Valerie and Michael McKeever           Barbara and Michael Zimmerman
Anne Dayton                          Deborah McLean and Keith Kearney
                                     Steven Medwid
                                     Mihoko Manabe and Edward Kim


FRIENDS                         Marian and Francis Burke          Stefanie Fedak                    Todd Hinckley
to $999                         Preston Burnes                    Eric Federman                     Alexa Hirschfeld
Lauren Abuaf                    Melissa Butler                    Randi and Warren Feldman          Nancy and Joel Hirschtritt
Carmen Acevedo                  Caren Byrd                        Michelle Ferguson                 William Holliday
Robert Ackart                   Rita and Mike Calderon            Danielle Fernandez                Janet Hon
Jonathan Aghravi                Mark Califano                     Esther Fernandez                  Etta Hong
Kimberly Albright               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carballeira    and Mario Gutierrez              Deborah Chapin-Horowitz
 and Michael Dow                Paul Carlucci                     Joselyn Fine                       and Edward Horowitz
Alana Altmann                   Mr. and Mrs. Allan Chaney         Harvey Fishbein                   Tscharner De Graffenried
Ambac Assurance Corporation     Angela Chapman                    Natasha Franck                     Hunter
Mark Amsterdam                  Max Chapman                       Dr. and Mrs. Mark Freilich        Anne Huntington
Michael Angus                   Margaret Christakos               Richard Friedman                  Frank Iannelli
Daniel Armanios                 Rachel Chubinsky                   and Marilyn Sande                Eileen and Peter Jachym
Sarah Armstrong                 Mary Clancy                       Volney Friedrich                  Yardana and Andrew Jacobs
Cindy and Robert Arnold         Lisanne Clapp                     Helene Fromme                     Stephanie Jacqueney
Bailin, LLC                     Mireille and Philip Clapp         Elaine and James Fuld              and Mark Edelstein
Deborah Banner                  Casey and Ellen Cogut             Dudley Gaffin                     Sharon H. Jacquet
Mr. and Mrs. Henry              Edward Colt                        and Siegrid Raible               George Jamgochian
 Barkhorn, III                  Jane Condon                       Marcia and Paul Gardere           John Jamgochian
Sheryl and Roger Barometre       and Kenneth Bartels              Faith C. Gardiner                 Leslie and Charles Jeffries
Julie Barraza                   Kevin Connell                     GE Foundation                     Catherine John
Thomas Barry                    Anne and Francis Conroy           Robin Gelburd and Alan Katz       Alexander B. Johnson
Elise Bartlett                  Caren and                         Gail and Roy Geronemus            Brenda and Peter Jordan
Susan and Arthur Bassin          Dr. Arturo Constantiner          Art Giardiello                    Shayle Kann
Janet Beck                      Construction Workers              Nancy and Christopher Giblin      Jonathan Kaplan
Katherine Beck                   Cooke Academy                    Christine and Alexander Gigante   Mark and Jennie Karpe
Margo Beck                      Matthew Conway                    John Gillespie                    Shelly and Michael Kassen
Vicki Been and Richard Revesz   Veronica Cook                     Benjamin Ginsberg                 Karen Katz
Tracy Begley                    Oliver and Sheila Cromwell        Martha Glass                      Jane and John Kauffmann
Andrew Benevento                Walter Cummings                   Joyce Cornes Glassman             Stephen Kay and Susan R. Bloch
Vivian and Frank Bergonzi       Leigh Cuttino                     Mary Rose Go                      Art Kerber
Jamal Bermudez                  Georgina Cyrillien                Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Goldberg     Renee Khatami
Jed Best                         and Eric Edwards                 Kate Goldman                       and John MacArthur
Andrew Bevan                    Dattner Architects                Naomi Goldstein                   Nahede Khosrovi
Janet Bickal                    Jelani Day                        Gregory Golkin                    Gita and Michael Kinney
Jean Bickal                     Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas De Feis     GoodSearch                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirch
Paul Binder                     Karen and Anthony DeLorenzo       Mr. and Mrs. Barton Goodwin       Michael R. Kleinerman
Frances and Leonard Blackman    Development Resource Group        Deb and Eric Goettsche            Mark Kornfeld
Alan Blumenfeld                 Susan and Chris Devlin            Eliza Gray                        Matt Kroll
Beth and Bruce Bolander         Wallis Dolan                      Jesse Green                       Jackie and David Kuperschmid
Bolder Staffing                 C.B. and K.M. Dormire             Jennifer and Russell Gribbin      Sandy Mitchell-Kurz
Stu Bondell and Sheryl Fengel   Johanna Droubay                   William Gridley                    and Mitchell Kurz
Hilda Bondi                     Amy Dudley                        Elizabeth Hadzima                 Joshua Kuvin
Robert Bose                     Katherine Eberly                  Patricia Hambrecht                Laura Laakso
Adelle Botticelli               Kyle Edgerton                     Maureen Hanlon                    Judy Labuda
Jennifer Boyd                   Jacyln Eisenberg                  Mr. and Mrs. John Helm            Arlene Lacks
Colin Brady                     Dan Elitzer                       Jacqueline and Robert Helpern     James Lally
Ludovica Brigatti               Casey Emmett                      Miriam Hendel                     Lucy Lamphere
Adam Briscoe                    Billy English                      and Sheldon Steiger              Cari Lang
Michael Bunder                  Peter Enzminger                   Susan Hendel                      Dana and John Lang
Nooy Bunnell and Michael Last   Deborah A. Farrington             Zev Hendel                        Evelyn Larios
Christopher Burke               Denise Faulkner                   Doug Herling                      Nicole LaRosa
Lauren and William Burke         and Constanzo Tompkins           Carol Hertling                    Jesse Last
                                Nan Fedak                         Julia Heymans

Alisa and Alan Leibowitz                  Debra Morris                              Diego Reyes                               Mr. and Mrs. William Stutt
John Leslie                               Robert Morvillo                           David Robards                             Blanka and Jan Suchanek
Gina and Robert Levine                    Mary Munsch                               Woodford L. Robards                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swain
Louise Levy                               Elizabeth and William Munz                Rona Roberts                              Susan Taussig
Phillip H. Levy                           Maureen and Mario Murialdo                Susan Robinson                            Alexander Tischenko
Ezra Lewis                                Renee and Mike Nachwalter                 Luis Rosario                              Charles Tokieda
Geoff Lewis                               Katharine Nadler                          Cory Rosenthal                            Virginia Trainor
Michael Lindvall                          Joan and Richard Nardi                    Joan and Burt Ross                        Joan and Norman Treistman
Jordan Lippner                            Danielle Novetsky                         Therese and Anthony Rossi                 Cheryl Tuttle
Leora Lipton                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nye                   Cynthia and Jerry Rothstein               Sarah Tysoe
Rachel and David Lipton                   Gregory J. O’Connell                      Lori Rothstein                            United Way of NYC
Vicki Longo and Carl Eifler               Eileen and William O’Connor               Allen Royce                               Urban Strategies
Sean Loughrey                             Femke Oldham                              Nan and Howard J. Rubin                   Eunice Valdivia
Madeleine Ludlow                          Christine O’Leary                         Isaac Rugg                                Miriam and Mark Varian
Mary Lumet                                Anne M. O’Malley                          Kasey Russell                             Tucker Veenis
Michelle Lung                             Erin O’Neill                              Thomas Russell                            Gregory Vernick
John Lupton                               Gabrielle and Michael Palitz              Janet and Peter Saint Germain             Kathleen & Michael Voldstad
Patricia and Patrick Lynch                Mr. and Mrs. John Pancetti                Stephanie Sambeat                         Elizabeth and Geza
Lloyd Lynford                             Joel Papernik                             Tina Santiago                              Von Habsburg
Brian Maas                                Ashleigh Parsons                          Nike Schlesinger                          RWA Vose
Rosamund and Malcolm                      Susan Parsons                             Scott Schneider                           Karen and David Waltuck
Mackinnon                                 Amy Pasquariello                                             Alison Ward
Samuel Madden                             Cindy Pearlman                            Jonathan Schwartz                         Julie and Stuart Warmflash
Marjorie and Charles Malone               Penni Pearson                             Suzanne and Gerald Schwartz               Barry Washor
Susie and Ken Mandelbaum                  Linda and Joseph Pehrson                  Mr. and Mrs. H. Marshall                  Kathleen and William Weigel
Connie and Betty Maniatty                 Mary and Edwin Peissis                     Schwarz                                  Laurie and David Weiner
Louis Manzo                               Emma Pena                                 Elizabeth and Anthony Schulte             Diana Weldon
Francis and Louis Marinelli               Jane Pennebaker                           Carol Sedwick                             Mr. and Mrs. Norman Weldon
Janet Markoff                             Juan Perez                                 and Michael Patrick                      Tina Wells
 and Alan Momeyer                         Winston Perez                             Rachel and William Segal                  George Wendler
Alex Marton                               Marsha Perkins                            Sarah Senbahar                            Daniel Wershow
Mercedes Martinez                         Shannon Perotti                           Christopher Seneca                        Marshall Wheeler
Nancy and Marc Matles                     Natalie Pica                              Lisa and Andrew Setos                     Matthew Whipple
Christopher Matthews                      Robert Pincus                             Elizabeth Sheridan                        Nicole Whittle
Anna Mattson-DiCecca                      Allison Pinter                            Jean and John Sheridan                    Jodi Widerski
Christina                                 Susan and Robert Pitiger                  Shadiah Sigala                            Carmelita Wiggins
 and Mark McDonnell                       Leonard Plaia                             Jamie Sildar                              Leah and Robert Wilcox
Joseph McGeehin                           Play For Your Cause                       Kathryn Simic                             Emily Williams
McGraw Hill Companies                     Suzanne Podberesky                        Alessandra Simons                         Paul Williams
Rachel McGregor                           Tonya Pope                                Marcia and Stuart Sindell                 Susan and Samuel Williams
Nancy and Matthew McKenna                 Patria Portes                             Allison Smith                             Donna Williams-Pettaway
Inez and William McMahon                  Katherine Powell                          Joanne and Kenneth Sold                   Ruth Wilson and Colin Howell
Barbara and David Meachin                 Lorraine L. Powers                        Elizabeth and Bill Sorenson               Jayne and Jay Wiprovnick
Andrea and Thomas Mendell                 Susan Prober                              Audrey Ann Soto                           Mr. and Mrs. James Woods
Liske Mendoza                             Shirley and Stanley Puskarz               Dorothy Stapleton                         Adam Yokell
Hunter Merghart                           L. Christopher Quick                      Flora Steckler                            Benjamin Yost
Ryan Merola                               Mary Ann and Bruno Quinson                Judith and Charles Steinberg              Cynthia and Henry Zachary
Frances Meyer                             Elaine and Joseph R. Rackman              Catherine and David Steinmann             Tobi Zauberman
Kyoko and Toshio Mikami                   Jasmina and Orhan Radoncic                Sterling Engineering Services             Matthew Zedler
Ian Miller                                Jackie and Peter Rea                      Anthony Stewart                           Elliot Zeisel
Kate and Joel Millonzi                    Margaret and John Rehanek                 Nancy Stillpass                           Aaron Zimmerman
Akiko Miyake                              Abdel Reid                                Kiminia and Samuel Stowers
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reiss                   Michelle H. Green
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Peter Restler                  and Robert B. Stulberg

Every effort has been made to ensure that all of our supporters are included in this list and the names and categories are correct.
Regrettably, errors do occasionally occur and we appreciate your bringing them to our attention.
Cooke Center                                                                                Cooke Center
Community Partners                                                                          Partner Schools

Thank you to the following community partners who have provided Cooke Center             Cooke Center staff provides education and
students with opportunities for internships, community service and off-site education.   consultation services in the following sites,
                                                                                         located throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn
Abbodanza's Pizza                             New York Botanical Gardens                 and the Bronx.
American Museum of Natural History            New York Container Terminal
Amy Ruth's Restaurant                         New York Hall of Science
                                                                                         Cooke School Sites
Animal Care and Control                       New York Public Library
                                                                                         Cooke at Ascension
Apollo Theatre                                New York Tenements Museum
                                                                                          Lower School
Associated Supermarket                        New York Transit Museum
Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger              Newark Museum                              Cooke at Blessed Sacrament
Big Onion Walking Tours                       News Corporation                            Middle School
Bowery Garden                                 New-York Historical Society                Cooke at Corpus Christi
Bronx Zoo                                     NYC Parks Department,                       Lower School
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens                        Urban Park Rangers                       Cooke at Our Lady of Pompeii
Brooklyn Heights Synagogue                    Paley Center for Media                      Lower School
Cabrini Center for Nursing                    Philipsburg Manor                          Cooke Center Academy
  and Rehabilitation                          Premiere Radio                              High School
Capoeira Angola performance                   Prospect Park                              Puerto Rican Family Institute
Chanterelle Restaurant                        Queens Botanic Gardens                     West Harlem Head Start
CommunityWorks                                Queens Museum of Art
Coney Island Astroland Park                   Sanatan Dharma Mandir                      Learning Centers
Dancing Danny                                 School of the Blessed Sacrament            Ascension School
Earth School                                  Smithsonian Museum of the                  School of the Blessed Sacrament
Ellis Island                                    American Indian                          Our Lady Queen of Angels
Empire State Building                         South Street Seaport Museum                St. Ann School
Engine 24/Ladder 5 Fire Station                 (NY Unearthed)
Fire Lotus Zen Buddhist Temple                Sports Illustrated
Greenwich Village Society for                 St. Anthony's Church                       Consultation & Training Sites
  Historic Preservation                       St. Patrick's Cathedral                    Ascension School
Habitat for Humanity                          Stamford Farm and Nature Center            Brevoort Children’s Center
Harper Collins                                Staten Island Children's Museum            Cleaveland Day Care
Home Depot                                    Statue of Liberty                          Christ the King School
Hudson River Museum                           Studio Museum of Harlem                    Ecumenical Community
Hudson River Park Trust                       The Cloisters                                Development Organization
Islamic Cultural Center                       TheatreWorks                               Girls Prep Charter School
Jewish Museum                                 Top of the Rock                            Goddard Riverside Head Start
Kensington Stables                            UBS                                        Harlem Link Charter School
Kids in the Game                              United Nations                             Holy Cross School
Law Office of Hogan and Hartson               Varick Street Post Office                  Holy Family School
Law Office of Lauren Baum                     WEME Health and Nutrition —                Harlem Children’s Zone
Liberty Science Center                          Cards for the Elderly                    Hyde Leadership Charter School
Lower East Side Tenement Museum               West Harlem Head Start                     Immaculate Conception (151st St.)
Mahayana Chinese Buddhist Temple              Westchester Materials Recovery Center      Immaculate Conception School
Metropolitan Museum of Art                    Yorkville Common Pantry                      (Gun Hill Rd.)
Murray’s Cheese
                                                                                         Incarnation School
Museum of Chinese in the Americas
                                                                                         Mount Ararat
Museum of Modern Art
                                                                                         Mount Carmel / Holy Rosary School
Museum of Natural History
                                                                                         Nat Azarow Day Care
                                                                                         Our Lady of Lourdes School
                                                                                         Puerto Rican Family Institute
                                                                                         Sacred Heart School
                                                                                         Santa Maria School
                                                                                         St. Anselm School


St. Athanasius School                                                                       Year Ended June 30, 2008
St. Augustine School
St. James School
St. Jerome School
St. Joseph School                         REVENUE
St. Luke School
St. Margaret Mary School
                                          Education and Consultation Fees                          $       10,618,000
St. Mark the Evangelist School            Annual Fund, Grants & Special Events                              1,679,000
School of the Blessed Sacrament
Sumner Children’s Center                  TOTAL REVENUE                                            $       12,297,000
Tompkins Children’s School
Urban Strategies
West Harlem Head Start                    EXPENSES
                                          Personnel                                                $        9,936,000
Preschool Services
Acorn School                              Other than Personnel                                              2,372,000
Aquadila Day Care
Ascension School                          TOTAL EXPENSES                                           $       12,308,000
Brevoort Children’s Center
Brotherhood Synagogue
Brownstone School
Chabad Early Learning Center
Children’s Corner Day Care Center              SOURCES OF REVENUE
City and Country School
Cleaveland Day Care
Columbia Greenhouse Nursery School
Columbus Preschool & Gym                                         Education and
Faith Hope & Charity                                            Consultation Fees
Family and Life Center at Mt. Aarot                                   86%
Harlem Children’s Zone
Hernando Desoto School
Jewish Community Center of Manhattan
McDonough Street Head Start
Morningside Montessori School
                                                                                     Annual Fund, Grants
Nat Azarow Day Care
                                                                                      and Special Events
Park Avenue Christian Church Day School
Park Place Day Care
Preschool of America
Preschool for the Arts                         EXPENSES
Puerto Rican Family Institute
Rodeph Sholom School
Shirley Chisolm Day Care
St. John’s Family Center
St. Mark’s Head Start                                                 Personnel
Stephen Wise Nursery School                                             81%
Sumner Children’s Center
Tabernacle Day Care                                                                 Other than Personnel
Temple Israel Nursery School                                                                19%
Tompkins Children’s Center
Urban Strategies
West Harlem Head Start

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                                          Photography: Laura Dwight
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         Cooke Center Board of Directors         Cooke Center Senior Staff
         Lawrence A. Jacobs                      Michael Termini, PsyD
         Chairman                                President
         Karen P. Robards                        Joyce Pariser
         Chair Emerita                           Vice President, Finance
                                                 and Administration
         Kenneth I. Wirfel, Esq.
         Vice Chairman                           Deborah E. Cooper, Esq.
                                                 Vice President and General Counsel
         Michael D. Beck, Esq.
         Treasurer                               Veronica Cook
                                                 Head, Lower and Middle School
         Kathleen B. Boak
                                                 Susan Devlin
         Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III
                                                 Assistant Head, Preschool
         Michelle R. Ferguson
                                                 Billy English
         Christine Hennessey                     Director of Admissions
         Roger Miller                            Marcia Gardère
         Louise M. Parent, Esq.                  Director, Cooke Center Institute

         Dr. Elsa Roe                            Danielle Helfand
                                                 Assistant Head, Middle School
         Phyllis K. Saxe, Esq.
                                                 Mary Munsch
         Eileen Caulfield Schwab, Esq.           Head, Cooke Center Academy
         Katherine J. Trager, Esq.               Patti Schaefer
                                                 Director, Institutional Advancement
                                                 Kathryn Simic
                                                 Director, Family and
                                                 Community Services
                                                 Francis Tabone
                                                 Assistant Head, Cooke Center Academy
                                                 Tina Wells
                                                 Head, Preschool

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