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2007 Annual Report

                                                                                              2007 Annual Report
                                    To help people               A future where

                                    with developmental              people with

                                    disabilities live more       developmental
                                    independent and             disabilities have

                                    fulfilling lives         equal opportunities

                     our     through education,                   to experience         our
                     MISSION recreation and social                  community,      VISION
                                    activities in a safe,      life-long growth,
                                    fun and welcoming            and happiness.
2007 Annual Report

                                                                                                                                                        2007 Annual Report
                                Person-Centered     At The Center for Enriched Living we affirm, embrace
                                                    and hold ourselves accountable to the following core
                                Respect             values. These values reflect who we are and how
                                                    we treat each other, our members and families,
                                Communication       donors and volunteers, and most importantly how
                                                    we conduct ourselves in the community.

                                Innovation          Person-Centered                                    Integrity

                     our core
                                                    We value and respect the capabilities of each      At The Center we are expected to adhere to
                                Collaboration       person at The Center. We believe that our pro-
                                                    grams and activities should reflect the wishes,
                                                                                                       the highest ethical standards in everything we
                                                                                                       do. How we do our job is as important as what

                                                    desires and dreams of people with develop-         we accomplish. In our role at The Center, we
                                                    mental disabilities. We will make every effort     behave honestly, accept responsibility for our
                                Staff Development   to help our members participate fully in the       actions, and follow through on our commit-
                                                    community and lead a healthy quality of life.      ments and promises.
                                                    We believe that people with developmental
                                and Support         disabilities should have a life typical of some-
                                                    one their age, and we will support them in their
                                                                                                       Innovation and Collaboration
                                                                                                    We support a culture of innovation, creativ-
                                                    efforts to lead life on their terms.            ity, and diversity. We encourage teamwork to
                                                                                                    achieve outcomes and goals. We believe in
                                                    Respect                                         the value of collaboration and partnership to
                                                    We believe in treating everyone with equal better and more effectively serve people with
                                                    respect. We value the contribution of all, rec- developmental disabilities.
                                                    ognition of accomplishments, and positive
                                                    exchange and reception of ideas. We encour- Staff Development and Support
                                                    age diversity of thought and responsiveness to We believe in fostering a culture of learning,
                                                    need.                                           development, responsiveness, growth and fun.
                                                                                                    We support efforts to research best practices
                                                    Communication                                   and achieve at a high level. At The Center we
                                                    Open and clear communication is important continue to work towards maintaining, sup-
                                                    to building valuable relationships within the porting and rewarding a standard of excel-
                                                    agency and throughout the community. We lence. We also believe that a well-balanced
                                                    believe in clearly articulated expectations and and healthy life brings greater success to the
                                                    we foster an open door policy to positively ad- work place.
                                                    dress any issues or concerns.
2007 Annual Report

                                                                                               2007 Annual Report
                     table of
                     CONTENTS   page 08   Letter from Board President and Executive Director

                                page 10   Program Philosophy

                                page 11   Mary Lumberg—Profile of a Member

                                page 14   Who We Serve

                                page 16   Program Collaborations

                                page 18   Financial Statement

                                page 19   How You Can Help

                                page 20   Special Events

                                page 22   Donors

                                page 30   Board Leadership
         8 from the president and executive director
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                   from the president and executive director 9

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2007 Annual Report
                                                                       Dear Center Friends,
                                                                       If there is one word to describe Fiscal Year 2007   tions that we do well, the functions that we had
                                                                       at The Center for Enriched Living, it is change.    become complacent about and the functions
                                                                                                                           that needed to be changed or eliminated.
                                                                       •  We’ve enhanced programs to have members
                                                                          more actively engaged in their communities.      From an analysis of this information, the follow-
                                                                        • Our board approved new guidelines that           ing directions for the future emerged:
                                                                          reaffirm their outstanding leadership and hold   • The Center will become person-centered in
                                                                          them to a higher standard of governance.           providing programs for people with develop-
                                                                        • We bid a sad farewell to our Program               mental disabilities.
                                                                          Directors - Donna Garfield and Pam Weichsel-     • The Center will open our programs to indi-
                                                                          baum – after 14 and 18 years of outstanding        viduals with a broader range of disabilities.
                                                                          work. We are grateful to them for sustaining     • The Center will position itself to be the agency
                                                                          a culture of caring, dedication, and support.      of choice for social enrichment and continu-
                                                                          Their program team worked hard to ensure           ing education for people with developmental
                                                                          a seamless transition and a warm welcome           disabilities and their families.
                                                                          to our talented new director, Melissa Juarez-
                                                                          Ehlers.                                          We entered our 40th year with a new clarity of
                                                                        • The groundwork for our 5-year Strategic Plan     who we are, who we serve and why we are in
                                                                          began - and with it, we seized the opportu-      business. This change that we are experienc-
                                                                          nity to re-examine who we are, who we serve,     ing is the stimulus for new energy, creativity
                                                                          how we serve members and how we conduct          and enthusiasm that is permeating The Center.
                                                                          business.                                        We welcome your participation as we move to-
                     • With the addition of Randi Frank, Director of Development, we are continuing to strengthen          wards a future where people with developmental disabilities have equal opportunities to experi-
                       our fundraising efforts to align with our long-range strategic planning                             ence community, life-long growth and happiness.
                     • We revisited and updated our core values – embracing those qualities that are the very essence
                       of who we are.                                                                                      We thank you for your advocacy and generosity to The Center for Enriched Living.

                     The Strategic Planning process helped us “hold up a mirror” to The Center. We sought input            With gratitude,
                     from our stakeholders – members, families, volunteers, donors, staff, in many different formats
                     – focus groups, surveys, etc. We looked at all areas of Center functioning and challenged every
                     part of the agency. There was nothing that was off-limits for us to examine. We looked at the func-
                                                                                                                           Doug Eckrote                                         Harriet Levy
                                                                                                                           President, Board of Directors                        Executive Director

                           we entered our              40 year    th
                       with a new clarity of who we are,                                                                   who we serve
                                                                                                                             and why we are in business.
      10 our philosophy of programming
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                    member profile 11

                                                                                                                                                                  2007 Annual Report
                         ...individuals with disabilities can and
                         should be making their own decisions.
                         The end-result is empowerment,
                                                                                                                            spotlight on
                                   and greater self-sufficiency.                                                            MARY
                     At times in all of our lives, many of us will experience feelings of lone-
                     liness and isolation. For many individuals with developmental disabilities, these feelings are
                                                                                                                            LUMBERG            By Richard Miney
                     more pronounced due to limited access to the community and social opportunities. The Cen-
                     ter was founded 40 years ago to help children and adults with developmental disabilities have
                     equal access to enriching opportunities and to a better quality of life.
                                                                                                                            Mary Lumberg is a success
                     In these forty years, our program philosophy       passions through experiences—healthy cook-
                     has made a significant shift to better serve our   ing, performing, creating art, traveling, volun-    story. You probably haven’t
                     members. We have made the shift to what we         teering, horseback riding, leadership training.
                     call person-centered planning. We ask our          The list is endless. These experiences make         seen her on TV or read about
                     members “what is it that YOU want in life and      our members informed participants who can
                     how can we help you get there?”                    define themselves by their interests and abili-     her in the papers. She hasn’t
                                                                        ties, rather than their disability.
                     Historically it was thought that people with de-                                                       amassed a financial fortune or
                     velopmental disabilities needed someone to         There are so many misconceptions about peo-
                     make decisions for them. Think about this in       ple with developmental disabilities. It is often
                     terms of your own life – if someone was mak-       assumed that programs and funding are plen-
                                                                                                                            penned a best-selling memoir.
                     ing all of your life decisions, how powerless      tiful. This is not the case, and Illinois has the
                     would you feel? The truth of the matter is that    distinct shame of being 50th in the nation in       Mary’s successes are on a
                     individuals with disabilities can and should be    support of people with disabilities and meet-
                     making their own decisions. The end-result is      ing their needs. The Center receives no state       more modest, yet nonetheless
                     empowerment, self-determination and greater        or federal funds and our members pay fees
                     self-sufficiency.                                  that cover just 20% of operating expenses.          significant, scale. One of those
                                                                        That is why you hear so much about our fund-
                     We realize that in order for our members to        raising campaigns and events – we must raise        successes is being an active,
                     make their own decisions and lead life on their    the funds to keep our doors open.
                     terms – they need to have MORE depth and                                                               vital member of The Center for
                     breadth of life experiences. Otherwise – they      We do not work alone in this effort. We
                     only “know what they know.” Center programs        work in concert with schools, agencies,             almost 40 years!
                     are being designed to be more experiential. All    families, and businesses – but most important-
                     of us learn best about our world and ourselves     ly, we work in concert with all of you who are
                     by doing. Our members deserve the same             reading this annual report and who are in the
                     opportunities to find their true interests and     community-at-large.
      12 member profile
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                  member profile 13

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2007 Annual Report
                       Mary        loves            The Center.
                                   This isn’t a cliché or advertising.
                                I’ve seen it in her face and
                           I’ve heard it in her voice.
                     I’ve been asked to write this piece because,         Mary with some of the biggest challenges
                     as a part-time staff, I’ve known and worked          and joyful moments of her entire life.
                     with Mary for 27 years now. She had already
                     been an active member for 11 years when I start-     And a busy life it is. Mary works full-time Monday
                     ed working here. Amazingly, I can still remem-       through Friday at the Anixter sheltered work-
                     ber the very first time I met Mary. She was in a     shop. Because of this schedule, she has had
                     class in the gym at the old Center in Highland       to limit her Center time to the weekends and
                     Park. I was looking for the office and walked        special events. For at least twenty years she
                     in to ask for directions. Mary would have been       has been a regular in the Sunday program.            Special Olympics. In order to qualify for those    has been able to save over the year. She hasn’t
                     around 22 then. She had such a strong physical       Her mom has said that she learned to cook            games a bowler must provide qualification          said it but I think that aspect has brought her
                     presence and outgoing personality that, from         here, which has become increasingly helpful at       scores to The Center for verification. Because     particular satisfaction. And the satisfaction of
                     across the gym, I initially thought that she was     home. She loves the craft projects where she         there is no Sunday bowling program from which      knowing that she has become a seasoned trav-
                     staff. When I approached her, she quickly in-        gets to express her inner creative self in myriad    she can qualify she has bowled on a Chicago        eler. She travels well!
                     formed me that she wasn’t and cheerfully told        different forms. Her Sunday group, being the         Postal Service League for the last five years.
                     me where to go! But I always remember that           most independent group at The Center, goes                                                              So you see--Mary is a success. She has a full
                     big, open smile of hers with just a trace of in-     on many community outings with destinations          The other event which Mary has grown to love       life. She has friends, family and staff who re-
                     nocent shyness.                                      selected by the members themselves.                  is the annual Center five-day vacations. It was    spect and love her. She has grown in confi-
                                                                                                                               particularly gratifying to hear that this was      dence and skills. Because of this growth in
                     Mary is a Chicago girl. She lives in an apart-       Most important for Mary, Sunday is for social-       Mary’s absolute favorite thing at The Center       ability she is now able to return the favor
                     ment with her parents, John and Margaret. She        izing with old friends and making some new           because I have had the privilege and fun of tak-   and help out her parents as they have aged
                     also has one married sister. She is an active and,   ones. It’s a day to reconnect with those peo-        ing Mary on about 15-20 of these little jaunts.    and lost some of their independence. She
                     in many ways, equal member of a tight, close-        ple whose smiles and laughs can sustain her          We’ve been to Florida, Cleveland, Washington       matters.
                     knit family. Mary is lucky in that her family has    through those times when she might be feel-          D.C., Detroit, Kansas City and other towns too
                     provided a great deal of love and support for        ing a little lonely or blue. Because of these        numerous to mention. Mary has toured the           It would be nice to think that The Center has
                     her over these many years. Both parents have         connections Mary has made at Center                  White House, walked in caves, swooned at           been totally responsible for this transforma-
                     worked long, hard hours in order to help her         programs, she has been able to do fun                Andy Williams and sung her heart out at the        tion. No doubt it has contributed significant
                     to participate in The Center activities she loves    things with friends independent of The               Motown recording studio. Toss in the great         elements to Mary’s growth and development.
                     so much.                                             Center format.                                       food, the always refreshing swimming pools         Yet Mary’s success is largely due to one thing-
                                                                                                                               at our hotels and the great traveling compan-      -Mary herself, her spirit, intelligence and a
                     Mary loves The Center. This isn’t a cliché or Mary’s favorite sport is bowling and she has                ions and you can see why she has enjoyed           warm, generous heart.
                     advertising. I’ve seen it in her face and I’ve won more than her share of bowling trophies.               these trips so much. And these are her trips.
                     heard it in her voice. This place has provided Each June she looks forward to bowling in the              She pays for them herself out of the money she     Richard Miney has been on staff at The Center since 1981
      14 who we serve
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                          who we serve 15

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2007 Annual Report
                     The Center is committed to making our programs                                                Orchard Village
                                                                                                                   Glenview, Skokie
                                                                                                                                                         Glenbrook South High School
                                                                                                                                                                                          Niles North High School

                     available to all persons with developmental disabili-                                         Pine Terrace                          Glencoe Central School           Niles West High School
                                                                                                                   Chicago                               Glencoe                          Skokie
                     ties. To accomplish this, we market them through the                                          St. Coletta of Wisconsin              Highland Park High School        Northbrook Junior High School
                     agencies and schools who are active service provid-                                           Arlington Heights                     Highland Park                    Northbrook

                     ers. During the 2006-2007 year, we served individu-                                           Search Development Center
                                                                                                                   Chicago, Mount Prospect, Northbrook
                                                                                                                                                         Chicago, Northbrook
                                                                                                                                                                                          North Shore Academy
                                                                                                                                                                                          Highland Park
                     als from the following agencies and schools:                                                  Shore                                 Lake Bluff Middle School         Northside Learning Center
                                                                                                                   Evanston, Skokie                      Lake Bluff                       Chicago

                     AGENCIES SERVED         Clearbrook                              Jewish Child &                Victor C. Neumann                     Lake Forest High School          Sherwood Elementary School
                     Active Visions          Arlington Heights, Elk Grove Village,   Family Services               Chicago                               Lake Forest                      Highland Park
                     Chicago                 Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows,       Chicago
                                             Schaumburg                                                            Visions                               Libertyville High School         Special Education District of
                     Adult Community                                                 Keshet                        Des Plaines                           Libertyville                     Lake County
                     Transition              Countryside                             Chicago
                     Highland Park           Association                                                                                                 Maine East High School           Stevenson High School
                                                                                                                   SCHOOLS SERVED                        Park Ridge                       Lincolnshire
                                             Palatine                                Lakeside
                     Anixter Center                                                  Waukegan                      Deerfield High School
                     Chicago                 Diane Home                                                            Deerfield                             Molloy Education Center          Transitions North Program
                                             Skokie                                  Lambs Farm                                                          Morton Grove                     (NSSED)
                     Avenues to                                                      Libertyville                  Edgewood Middle School                                                 Highland Park
                     Independence            Douglas Center                                                        Highland Park                         Mundelein High School
                     Niles, Park Ridge       Skokie                                  Little City                                                         Mundelein                        Transitions South Program
                                                                                     Palatine                      Evanston High School                                                   (NSSED)
                     Center on Deafness      Glenkirk                                                              Evanston                              New Trier Township High School   Glenview
                     Northbrook              Arlington Heights, Deerfield, Glen-     Misericordia                                                        Winnetka
                                             view, Highland Park, Northbrook         Chicago                       Glenbrook North High School                                            Vernon Hills High School
                     Center for                                                                                    Northbrook                                                             Vernon Hills
                     Independent Futures     Golfview Development Center             Neighborhood Services
                     Evanston                Des Plaines                             Chicago

                     In FY07, The Center provided more
                     than 30 programs to 689 individuals
                     who come from the City of Chicago
                     and more than 55 surrounding com-
                     munities in Lake, Cook and DuPage                                  GENDER                                                AGES                                             RESIDENCY
                                                                                        Females        317   46%                              9-21       122    18%                            With family                49%
                     Counties.                                                          Males          372   54%                              22-64      531    77%                            Residential facility       43%
                                                                                                                                              65+         36     5%                            Independent                 8%
      16 program collaborations
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                        program collaborations 17

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2007 Annual Report
                                                                                                                         In collaboration with Equestrian Connection, NFP based in Lake Forest, we brought the ben-
                                                                                                                         efits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding to our members. We started small by sending our sum-
                                                                                                                         mer campers to spend an afternoon learning about horses, making a craft project dealing with
                                                                                                                         horses and getting on horses and learning to ride. They loved it.

                                                                                                                         We found that our members not only adapted well to this new program but they discovered a
                                                                                                                         new venue in which they could be successful while seeing improvements in both physical and
                                                                                                                         cognitive functioning. Therapeutic horseback riding is beneficial on many levels but we’ll just tell
                                                                                                                         you the story of Richie, one of our summer camp participants.

                                                                                                                         At the beginning of camp, the staff described Richie as lethargic, having poor social skills, low
                                                                                                                         energy, and unable to communicate. He would walk around with his head down and would
                                                                                                                         often run away from the group. Horseback riding changed his entire experience at The Center.
                                                                                                                         He became excited about camp, about The Center and especially about Dusty. Through his
                                                                                                                         connection to Dusty, the horse he rode, his energy level increased as did his verbal interactions
                                                                                                                         with staff and campers. All of that change happened in 6 short weeks. Richie and Dusty’s story is
                                                                                                                         typical of the impact of this program.

                                                                                                                         Since that first summer, our partnership with Equestrian Connection has become stronger. They
                                                                                                                         have worked with our staff to refine the program to better meet our participants’ needs and The
                     Working in partnership with other agencies and organizations is critical                            Center has added horseback riding to programs for all age groups throughout the year. Our
                                                                                                                         members are finding that this is something they can do where their disability disappears and
                     to the success of The Center. While maintaining the high standards we have for our programs,
                     we have always worked with schools and residential facilities to broaden the opportunities for      their abilities surface.
                     life enrichment for additional participants.
                                                                                                                         We are very grateful to The Helen Brach Foundation, who provided the financial support that
                     In Fiscal Year 2007, the programmatic partnerships with the Northern Suburban Special Recre-        allowed us to begin and expand the program.
                     ation Association (ELA program), the Lookingglass Theatre Company and Jewish Council for
                     Youth Services (Lookingglass Theatre Workshop) all moved into their second year of operation
                     and continued to flourish. During the same time frame, our partnerships with Niles Township
                     High Schools and the Equestrian Connection were solidified and enabled us to provide expand-        ENRICHED LIFESTYLES FOR ADULTS (ELA)
                     ed opportunities for our members.
                                                                                                                         Launched early in 2006, the Enriched Lifestyles for Adults (ELA) Program continues to operate
                     Niles Township High Schools have worked in partnership with Center staff to provide increased       with The Center as home base. ELA addresses the need for quality day programs for adults with
                     opportunities for their students who have developmental disabilities. Teachers recognized the       a year-round life skills enrichment program for individuals with disabilities. The ELA program
                     need for non-curricular after school activities for their students and with their cooperation and   revolves around four core elements:
                     support, The Center created its first offsite program.
                                                                                                                         • Independent Living and Continuing Education
                     In addition to a weekly After School program for Niles North and Niles West students, these stu-    • Communication and Socialization
                     dents form the core of Teen Scene, a monthly community-based activity that draws teens from         • Recreation and Leisure
                     Niles and New Trier Townships. This group does what any group of teens does on Friday night         • Community Integration
                     – they go to movies, go shopping, go bowling, etc. Neither the After School program nor Teen
                     Scene could have successfully launched without the partnership of the Niles Township School         ELA is a collaboration between the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA)
                     staff and administration and the generous support of New Trier Township.                            and The Center for Enriched Living.
      18 financial statement
2007 Annual Report                                           July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007                                                             how you can help 19

                                                                                                                                                                                              2007 Annual Report
                     2007                                                                    A priority for The Center is that our programming is accessible to all people
                                                                                             with developmental disabilities. We charge fees that cover only a small per-

                     REVENUE                                                                 cent of the actual cost of our programming and provide scholarships to those
                                                                                             who cannot afford even the nominal fees.

                     Contributions (Ind & Corp)        $   153,644   13%                     We employ a number of fundraising strategies to raise more than 80% of our
                     In-Kind Gifts                     $    88,302    7%
                     Foundations & Public Funds        $   170,975   14%                     annual budget. Those strategies include individual and corporate contribu-
                     Special Projects                  $    25,015    2%                     tions, special events (Chefs’ Night, Golf Tournament, Texas Hold ‘Em), and
                     Special Events (Net)              $   509,208   41%                     grant requests to foundations, community groups, townships, and United
                     United Way                        $    47,002    4%
                     Membership Program Fees           $   177,533   14%                     Way. The support of the community makes it possible to keep our doors
                     Activity Fees                     $    47,812    4%                     open and provide programs that enhance the quality of life for our members
                     Investment Dividends              $     9,912    1%
                                                                                             and their families.
                     TOTAL Support and Revenue         $1,229,403 100%
                                                                                             THE LEGACY FUND                                VOLUNTEERS
                                                                                             The Legacy Fund is The Center’s Endowment      The Center is a great place for anyone with
                                                                                             Fund. The Center is developing our resources   an interest in making a difference in the lives
                                                                                             to ensure that we are able to provide social,  of people with developmental disabilities –
                                                                                             recreational and learning opportunities for    whether working directly with our members in

                                                                                             people with developmental disabilities over    many interesting programs, helping out behind
                                                                                             the long term.                                 the scenes at dances and fundraising events,

                                                                                                                                            making our office run smoothly or serving on
                                                                                             The Legacy Fund will enable The Center to:     the Board of Directors or on its committees.
                                                                                             • Keep programs affordable for a low-income Our volunteers are the backbone of everything
                                                                                             population                                     we do at The Center.
                                                                                             • Provide scholarships to members and families
                                                                                             who can’t afford nominal program fees          Program volunteers help us to achieve our
                     Program Services                  $ 1,025,991   80%                     • Maintain The Center’s beautiful building and mission in another key way. The Center is dedi-
                     After School & Youth Programs     $ 303,485     24%                     grounds                                        cated to improving the social aptitude of our
                     Adult Programs                    $ 587,315     46%                     • Respond to the critical and unmet needs of members – learning, practicing and enhancing
                     Adult Transition & Day Programs   $ 135,191     10%                     people with developmental disabilities and their ability to relate to others. Interacting with
                                                                                             their families.                                volunteers provides the members with addi-
                     Support Services                  $   255,259   20%                                                                    tional opportunities for social skill building.
                     Management and General            $    71,854    6%                     Contact Randi Frank at 847-948-7001, ext. 219
                     Fundraising & Marketing           $   183,405   14%                     or for addi- In Fiscal Year 2007, 125 individuals donated
                                                                                             tional information.                            more than 1700 hours to The Center at a value
                     TOTAL Expenses                    $1,281,250 100%                                                                      estimated at $34,000. Contact Brian Booth,
                                                                                                                                            our Volunteer Coordinator, at 847-948-7001,
                                                                                                                                            ext. 204 or
                                                                                                                                            for volunteer opportunities.
      20 special events
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                      special events 21

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2007 Annual Report
                     Special Events have long been a keystone to The Center’s
                     development success. Not ones to be complacent, we evaluated all of our events and in Fiscal
                     Year 2007 made some significant changes in how and where we held our events to ensure they
                     remained fresh, fun and financially viable.

                                                                               The annual Golf Tournament
                                                                               was held on August 25, 2006 at a                                                        Chefs’ Night & More
                                                                               private country club in Highland
                                                                               Park. Golfers were eager to play
                                                                               two of the nines on the 27 hole
                                                                               course, but the weather was not
                                                                               cooperative, raining most of the
                                                                               day. The event was still a success
                                                                               and our dedicated golfers and
                                                                               volunteers stuck with us through
                                                                               out the day to the relief of event
                                                                               co-chairs, Richard Sheiner and
                                                                               Doug Eckrote.

                                                                               Mark your calendar for
                                             Golf Tournament                   August 4, 2008.

                     Responding to the popularity of
                     Texas Hold ‘Em, The Center co-
                     chairs Kris Keller and Kathy Nellis
                     oversaw our first Texas Hold ‘Em
                     Tournament at Fields BMW in
                     Northfield on October 22, 2006,
                     a Bears’ bye weekend. The grand
                     prize of a seat at the World Series                                                            But the most significant change in events came with the evaluation of our long-held Auction
                     of Poker in Las Vegas drew the                                                                 and the decision on the part of the board to find a more efficient way to raise funds. The Benefit
                     attention of avid players from                                                                 Book, a sponsorship feature of the Auction event, was moved to the Chefs’ Night – The Center’s
                     which a committee was formed                                                                   most popular event. With 600 guests, it provided a wider audience for the Benefit Book and
                     to plan for the second year of                                                                 a new venue provided more space and a magical setting. Chaired by board member, Lauren
                     the event and a winning event                                                                  Tashma, the Chefs’ Night & More event netted more money for The Center than the Auction and
                     was born.                                                                                      Chefs’ Night of previous years.

                     Mark your calendar for
                     October 26, 2008.
                                                           Texas Hold ‘Em                                           Mark your calendar for April 20, 2009.
      22 donors
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                donors 23

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2007 Annual Report
                     INDIVIDUAL DONORS                       Marc and Judy Becker                  Jay Butler                        George Couchell                      Berrick Elibasich                    Bryna and Edward Gamson
                     Robert Abramson                         Royce and Kathryn Bedward             Tracy Bynum                       Al P. and Tomi Coulolias             Stephen E. and Cindi Elkins          Donna L. and Michael Garfield
                     Barbara Adams                           Mary Beelen                           Marixsa Cabrera                   Todd A. and Laura K. Cowen           Howard T. and Betsy Ellen            Martin Gastro
                     Leonard J. and Phyllis L. Adams         Renee Bell                            Luis and Robbin Cadena            Mark W. and Joni S. Croll            Steven M. and Donna R. Elrod         Steve C. and Bridget Gaughan
                     Renate and Dieter Ade                   Roger Benckendorf                     Thomas Cahill                     Matthew S. and Stacey L. Curley      Pattie Erps                          Richard L. and Gerrie N. Gayle
                     Ginette Adragna                         Jordan and Lisa Bendersky             Jerrold and Peggy Cairo           Catherine C. Curran                  Charles and Pamela Ex                Cynthia S. Genteman
                     Diane Aidem                             Carolyn and Timothy R. Bennett        Thomas and Silvia Campone         Michael J. and Kara C. Curran        Mitchell and Merri Ex                Samuel T. Gerber
                     Jay and Gintana Albanese                Bob and Fredi Bensdorf                Steve and Mary Jo Cannistra       Paul H. and Shirlee Daube            Beth Eysenbach                       Melvin V. and Patricia Gerbie
                     Lane A. and Barbara Albanese            Kathy and Lou Berger                  Keith W. and Debra C. Cantrell    Michael H. Davidson                  Robert M. and Jennifer L. Faber      Nicholas Giampietro
                     Lynne and Frank Albanese                Therese Berger                        Nicholas J. Capaccio              Jeffrey Davies                       William A. and Cathy L. Factor       Larry and Beth Georgia Gies
                     Trisha Alexander                        Penny and Jerry Berkman               Sue Capillo                       Jeffrey and Karen Davis              Rona and William Farber              David Gilfand
                     Jimmie R. Alford and Maree R. Bullock   Howard and June Berkowitz             Joseph Capparelli                 Reed Davis                           Hyder Farooqie                       Alvin and Betty Gitelman
                     Navroz Allann                           Norman C. and Myra Berliant           Deborah C. Carata                 Deborah DeJean and Joe Joseph        Fred I. and Judy C. Feinstein        Marion K. Givercer
                     Vlad Altmark                            Terry and Christine Berns             Jeff Carlin                       Jorge and Susan del Castillo         Robert and Bobbi Feldgreber          Ari F. Glass
                     Alan O. Amos                            Scott and Andi Berstein               David and Ellen Carmell           Ann E. DeLacey                       Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Feldman         Barry and Nancy Glazer
                     Anna Maria Anderson                     Michael V. and Linda Berry            Michael Casavant                  Romeo Delacruz                       Jessica Feldman                      Michael and Helene Glickman
                     Chris Anderson                          Lois A Bierman                        Douglas R. and Sharon A. Cash     James Delis                          Robert Felsanthal and Roxanne Hori   LaToshia Glover
                     David Anderson                          Barry and Darlene Bikshorn            Greg C. Catering                  Harold and Lisa Dembo                Marc and Ilene M. Fern               Michael L. Gold and
                     Margaret Anderson                       Arthur A. and Helaine A. Billings     Barbara Chandler                  Jack Demes                           Rich Ferrante                           Laura J. Mayer Gold
                     Alan Andrea                             Emil J. and Patricia M. Birkenheier   Norman and Joan Chapman           Marcia and Ken Denberg               Ken Ferreri                          Scott and Bonnie Gold
                     Gena E. Andreasen                       Laquita Birt                          Bradley Chestler                  Mary Jane and Michael Derex          Marilyn Fettner                      Robert M. and Rosalie Goldfried
                     Mark Andrushko                          Steven and Susan Blinderman           Mohamed Chirwa                    Richard Desmedt                      Albert F. and Ruthelaine Fick        David Goldhirsh
                     Robert and Noel A. Angerame             Elmer and Thelma Bloom                Duane S. and Kelley M. Chudy      John Desmond                         Charles and Linda Field              Michael and Dawn Goldhirsh
                     Anonymous                               Neil and Debbie Blum                  Jo Ann D. Cimo                    Scott D. Detota                      Howard M. and Pennie D. Fields       James L. and Nancy E. Golding
                     Anonymous                               Danilo Bogdanovic                     Laura Cison                       Stephen and Pamela Devries           Leslie & Norm Finkel                 Erwin Goldman
                     Ms. Janet E. Antal                      Mark Bole                             Steven Citko                      Rand A. and Rhonda Diamond           Elaine E. Finnegan                   Irwin Goldman
                     Robert Anthes                           William Bonds                         Emanuel and Naomi Claver          Richard Diamond                      Fred Fischer                         William and Judi Goldman
                     Troy R. and Kimberly J. Appel           Carlos Borda                          Jeannine M. Cleary and Frank J.   Laura Dias                           Donald E. and June R. Fisher         Arthur and Susie Goldner
                     Stuart A. and Phyllis S. Applebaum      Helen Borows                          Tenbrink                          Joseph and Kathy DiClementi          Keith Fisher                         Ruth Goldsmith
                     James J. and Judith Arado               Joyce M. and John Borysenko           Jerome Clemente                   John C. Dietrich                     Michael D. and Julie Fisher          Lewis Goldstein
                     Guillermo M. and Maria Arellano         Donald and Nancy Borzak               Tim Clesen                        Sean Dobbins                         Vicki and Bob Fishman                Sandra Lee and Harvey Goldstein
                     Vince Argento                           Allen and Doris Botimer               Mark D. and Shari Coe             Edward J. and Mary Lynn Doherty      Stan Fleishman                       Jeffrey A. and Cidney B. Golman
                     Andrew Arnowitz                         Dennis Boyer                          Peter Coffin                      Marlene Domash                       David F. and Lesli Ann Fleming       Jeff and Ilene Gooden
                     Thomas Arzbaecher                       Tom Bozikis                           Daniel and Sara Cohan             Vearn Dowdy                          Michael and Paula Fohrman            Keith and Roberta Gordon
                     Joe Ashcraft                            John Braeseke                         Amy Cohen                         Leo Doyer                            Ronald P. and Donna L. Fohrman       Stuart I. and Deborah S. Gordon
                     Kenneth J. and Laura Ashman             Debbie Brage                          Scott Cohen                       Martin Drapacz                       Rose Fohrman                         Mary Gott
                     Ryan Aubin                              Jeanne and Ron M. Brandt              Seymour and Rita S. Cohen         Charles I. Dribin and                Scott Fohrman                        Richard D. and Catherine H. Gottfred
                     Ronald Auld                             Richard Braslow                       Sheldon Cohen                        Alice C. Eysenbach                John and Nancy Forde                 Scott S. and Susan Gottlieb
                     Jacob M. and Robin S. Axel              Jessica Breich                        Arlene Cohn                       Harriet A. Dubman                    Donald M. Fouts                      Terry Gottlieb
                     Roy and Angella Axelson                 Robert C. and Deborah Bridges         Bradley M. and Janet M. Cohn      Fred and Sue-Ellen Duboe             John and Betty Jane Fox              Gary Gould
                     Angelo Ayala                            Kevin Bronakoski                      Charles M. and Marian Cohn        Kathy Dulan                          John S. Fox                          James A. Graf
                     Karen Ayers                             Jody L. Brott                         Zane Cohn                         Doug DuMars                          Mary Beth Fox                        Jack and Lois Graller
                     Robert T. and Linda Badesch             Danielle Broughton                    David Coit and Amy Wojtas         William S. and Rebekah Duncan        James Foxvog                         David and Laura Granata
                     Keith B. and Maurine Baker              Daphne Brown                          Eileen and Lloyd Everett Cole     Ronald Eagle                         Randi Frank and Raymond Benson       Jeanne and Arnold E. Grant
                     Dennis and Kathleen Ball                John T. Brown                         Michael B. and Debra K. Cole      Paul W. Earle and Ellen A. Rudnick   Robert D. and Marianne B. Franz      Millard J. Grauer
                     Dorothy M. Ball                         Scott M. and Diane S. Brown           Steven and Monica Coleman         Stephen Early                        Jeff Freedman                        Judy Greenberg
                     Tracy Banks                             George J. and Mary Jane Brylinke      Michelle L. Collins               Felicia and John M. Eberle           Denise D. and Thomas M. Freer        Alan I. and Carol L. Greene
                     Larry and Sarah Barden                  Mike and Carol A. Buckely             Christopher Connor                Doug E. and Kim Eckrote              Alex and Susan Freund                Carl Greening
                     Lynn Barnett                            Joseph and Margarita Buedel           Steve and Sandee Connor           Gary R. and Deborah V. Edidin        Joel I. and Stacy Friedland          George Gridley
                     Steven and Margaret Barnhart            Peter J. and Lauralyn Bulandr         Mr. and Mrs. Brian V. Cook        Peter Edwards                        Marvin R. and Carol W. Friedman      Mike Grisamore
                     Ignacio Barragan                        Genoa Burgess                         David Cooper                      R. Stuart and Kathryn M. Edwards     Alene K. and Steven B. Frost         Debbie Gross
                     Jackie Barrientos                       James Burkett                         Russell Cooper                    John A. Edwardson                    John M. and Susanne M. Fuerst        Michael Gruetzmacher
                     Arnold Becker                           Leo J. and Barbara N. Burns           Wayne E. and Andrea Cooper        Richard Eggert                       James B. Fuller and Sylvia Lemen     Jackie Guagliardo
                     Ira S. and Verna Becker                 Mike Burns                            Thomas Corner                     Jeffrey A. Eicoff                    Paul and Mary Gall                   Robert W. and Meryl Guldbek
                     Janice Becker and Dave Shaw             William F. Burns                      Brian Costello                    Barry Eiden and Carol Barron         Dave Gallagher                       Thomas Gurewitz
                     Kevin L. and Julie A. Becker            Robert Burrows                        Peter Cotsirilos                  Matthew and Victoria Eisenstein      Mary Gallon                          Charles and Randi Gurian
                     July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007
      24 donors
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                donors 25

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2007 Annual Report
                     Mr. Jami L. Guthrie                 Byron R. and Deborah H. Holden       Robert and Jeanne Kapoun             Russ Kraly                            Paul D. and Laurie F. Lieberman       Carmen Maya
                     Ernesto Gutierrez                   Bernard B. Hollander                 Elias Karras                         Arthur and Deborah B. Kramer          Eunice Lieberstein                    Thomas J. and Mary Ann Mazukelli
                     Lawrence M. and Maggie Gutkin       Allison Holt                         Dena E. and Alan H. Karzen           Michael P. and Janet W. Krasny        Jay Lillie                            Richard W. McAdams
                     Robin and Scott Gutmann             Kathleen Holzheimer                  Amy Kasallis                         Roberta Krasny                        James and Gail Lillis                 Donald and Carol McAvoy
                     Seymour and Dolores Gutzait         Lisa Hooten                          Gary G. Kash                         Paul Krawitz                          Ralph A. Lindauer                     Barbara McDonough
                     David and Lisa Haas                 Rick Hope                            Irwin J. and Judy Kash               Daniel Kriser                         Robert Lindeman                       Rich McGoniagle
                     David K. Haas                       Debbie Hopkins                       Bruce S. and Linda Kaskel            Eric Kromelow                         Jody and John Lindquist               Robert D. McKenna
                     Donald E. and Marlene C. Hacke      Michael Horak                        Claudia Katz                         Arthur P. and Mary G. Krueding        Jane C. and James A. Lindstrom        Don and Nancy McNair
                     Richard Hallgren                    Terry Horan                          Peter H. and Helen Kauffman          Michael Krueger                       Sergio and Erlinda T. Liwag           Michael C. and Rochelle T. McNulty
                     Steven and Elizabeth T. Hamburg     Greg and Michelle Horvitz            Daniel and Tracy Kazan               Steven M. Krug                        Louise and Gershon Y. Locker          Irene McPartlan
                     Mark C. Handbury                    Paul Howard                          Susan Kearney Seeberg                Dorothy Kruglick                      Theodore Loebbaka                     Gary Meade
                     William and Connie Hankner          Bill Hristakos                       Kris and Mary Keller                 David F. Krull and Johannah K. Hebl   Scott and Roberta Logan               Thurston and Monica Meade
                     Harry and Marcy Harczak             James Hrovatin                       Scott Keller                         Rudolph and Debbie Kubica             Sovian Long                           Brian and Lori Meek
                     Lorajean Hardy                      John Huber                           William S. and Cheryl C. Keller      Jeff Kucharisk                        Nora T. Lopez                         Jennifer B. Melsheimer
                     Warren H. and Gloria A. Harer       Jim R. Humphres                      Norman and Vicki Kellerman           Robert W. and Kimberly A. Kuhm        Andrew and Wendy J. Lotts             Hugo and Lois Melvoin
                     Steve Harmon                        Amir Hussain                         Joseph and Lou Anne Kellman          Tom Kunkel                            Richard and Donna W. Loundy           Lynn Merrill
                     Kery M. Harp                        Robert Hyman                         William E. and Marguerite P. Kelly   Peter J. and Pamela K. Kunz           James and Alex Loverdi                Eric and Megan Meyer
                     Brandon C. Harper                   Terry Igoe                           Jack Kendrick                        Peter B. Kupferberg and               Jeff Lowell                           Michael A. Meyers
                     David L. and Stephanie Harper       Scott and Beth Inbinder              Patrick T. and Kathryn J. Kennedy       Ellen Sue Rakieten                 Joshua Lowitz                         Joel L. and Lois B. Michaels
                     Kenneth and Marie Harris            David and Carol K. Ingall            Greg Kenney                          Mindy E. and Randy J. Kurtz           William and Christina Luby            Andrea Michna
                     Mark A. Harris                      Kevin Jackson                        Mary Ann Keough                      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Kurzydlo        Jean Lucas                            Richard Mihal
                     Max L. and Jan N. Harris            Patricia Jackson                     Richard J. and Karen E. Kerbis       Charles and Lois Kusar                Robert C. Luker                       Darren and Alana Miller
                     Paul P. and Leah Harris             Edward and Joy Jacobs                Michael and Dianna Kesner            Robert and Nancy Kushner              John and Margaret Lumberg             Harriet Miller
                     Richard G. Harris                   Kenneth M. and Bronwyn B. Jacobson   Alan T. Kessler                      Michael P. and Bridgid H. Kyle        Mary Lumberg                          Hugh and Ann Miller
                     Bob Harrison                        Joy L. Jacoby                        Nam Hi Kim                           August Lacorazza                      Leslie M. and Virginia A. Lyall       Laurie Miller
                     Tim and Wendy Hart                  Helen Jahnke                         Alan Kinsler                         Renee and Sam Lallas                  Dan Lyons                             Mark Miller
                     Michael Harvanek                    Eugene Janowski                      Scott D. and Michele M. Kisten       Steve Lane                            Rich Lyons                            Shayle Miller and JinSoo Kim
                     Mir Hassan                          Jacqueline M. Jarrett                Chuck Kiven                          Rudy and Gloria Langer                Steven and Deborah Macklin            Jonathan and Lois Mills
                     Jennifer Hayes                      Chuck Jernt                          Michael B. and Renee D. Klass        Jose L. and Linda L. Lara             Mal Macnair                           Richard H. and Eileen L. Minow
                     Michal Heifitz-Golden and           Harold L. and Linda Jesser           Dean and Leslie Klassman             Joyce S. and Phillip J. Lasky         Martin Magida                         George and Judith Mitchell
                        Craig Golden                     Ruth P. Joffe                        Thomas Klehr                         Andrew W. and Saba Lausch             Laurie Mahler                         John F. Mitchell
                     Todd Heine                          Matt Johnson                         Bruce and Alisa Klein                Steven H. Lavin                       Paul M. and Audrey M. Mandell         William G. and Kathleen C. Mitchell
                     Irwin and Betty H. Helford          Robert Johnson                       Jonathan L. and Roberta D. Klein     Eli J. Lawrence                       Jayne Mangione                        Brianna Modersohn
                     Todd and Linda Heller               Russell Johnson                      Mathias A. Klein                     Charles Lawson                        Keith Mann                            Walter Mondro
                     Steve Henriksen                     Steven Ray Johnson                   John Kleinschmidt                    Thierry Lefeuvre                      Hella Mannheimer                      Michael Monticello
                     Eli Hernandez                       Tim Johnson                          Ronald L. and Shirley M. Kleintop    Glenn Lefkovitz                       Peter R. Manno III                    Pat F. Moran
                     Steven and Janis G. Hersh           Richard W. and Lynn E. Johnstone     Ms. Gladys A. Klinenberg             Stephen Legge                         Victor and Barbara Manny              Robert Moss
                     Don Hershman                        Michael Jonas                        Bob Knapik                           Sonya and Sherwin Leibold             John C. and Carole D. Marchi          Frank Moyer
                     Roger M. Heuberger and              Phyllis G. and John Curtis Jones     Ellen M. Kobernik                    Andrew Leicht                         Kenneth A. and Jeannine D. Marchini   Edward M. and Susan T. Mulhern
                        Marsha Gibson                    David S. and Lori Jonesi             Janet C. Koestring                   Carol Leider                          Ira J. and Karen Marcus               Steven Mulligan
                     Robert G. and Christine Heydt       Robert Jordan                        Matthew Kogan                        Richard A. Lenon                      Irving L. and Grace Margolin          Heather Murphy
                     Andrea Hickman                      Bradley S. and Andrea Joselit        Steve and Susan Kogan                Vincent and Grace Dolores Lercara     Michael M. and Lisa A. Marick         Kevin J. and Thelma Murphy
                     Mary L. and Larry G. Hill           Mark R. Joseph                       Joseph Kole                          Don Leuing                            Michael Marie                         Kay Murtha
                     John Hinshaw                        Donald R. and Andrea R. Jung         Roxanne Kolodziej                    Bradley and Sherry Levin              Joseph Marino                         Robert Nahorski
                     Andrew S. Hochberg                  Stewart N. and M. Lynne Jungman      Nathan Kolovich                      Edward C. and Bessie Levin            Sancy and Ray Markman                 Tomislav Narinovic
                     Earl B. and Helen Hoffenberg        Roman Jurewicz                       Lisa A. Konieczka                    Irwin N. and Elaine Levine            Adelene Marshall                      Cathy Nathan
                     Jon Hoffheimer                      Patti and Lou Kacyn                  Kelli Kooi                           James E. and Alyssa Z. Levine         Daniel L. and Sharon A. Martell       James Neary and
                     Gerry Hofflander                    John P. and Mary S. Kaiser           James D. and Linda Koolish           Michael J. and Cecile R. Levine       Gregory S. Martin                        Carolyn McCormick Neary
                     Kenneth A. and Melissa J. Hoffman   David and Susan Kalfen               Howard M. Korey                      Judy Levitan                          Mary Martin                           James C. and Paula Nedwick
                     Linda Hoffman                       Bruce and Dawn L. Kaminski           Michael and Shelley Korey            Harriet Levy and Alfred E. Roseroot   Lisa Martinez                         Lisa Neilson
                     Michael and Susan Hoffman           Allan M. Kaplan                      Sherwin D. and Betty Korey           Kenneth Levy                          Michael Marty                         Kathryn A. Nellis
                     Rodger Hoffman                      Caren F. and Bruce A. Kaplan         Sue Korntved                         Christopher J. Lewis                  Claudia Maselli                       Robert S. Nellis
                     Theodore Hofmeister                 Charles P. Kaplan                    Polly Kosyla                         Irving A. Lewis                       Daniel W. Maslauski                   Richard A. and Felice Nelson
                     Lewis and Victoria Hofstein         Richard S. Kaplan                    John Kotick                          Barry Lezak                           David P. and Victoria Masters         Allan Neumann
                     Jacqueline R. and                   Theodore and Norma Kaplan            Ronald and Deborah Kovich            Stephanie S. Liang                    Bruce Masterson and Susan Bell        Donald R. Newar
                        William A. Hogendorp             William S. and Sherry Kaplan         Joseph Kozak                         Michael Liberman                      Ken Mater                             Gia Nguyen
                     July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007
      26 donors
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                           donors 27

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2007 Annual Report
                     Barbara Nohr                             Howard and Bozena Polk               Sylvia Rooth                             Arthur Senduy                             Gideon                               Bill Towers
                     William Nosek                            Daniel and Nancy Pollack             Ron Rose                                 Larry Serota                              Randy Spahr                          Sandra C. Trachtman
                     Kim and Neal Novak                       Cynthia Polster                      Michael Rosen                            James R. and Patricia A. Shanks           Thomas C. Spalding                   Jamie and Traci Trapp
                     Lev Novoseletsky                         Carol H. and Kenneth F. Porwancher   Richard and Sheryl Rosen                 Charles M. and Renetta Shapiro            Solomon E. and Sari Spector          S. Trebs
                     Joseph S. Nowick and                     Ken and Arlene Posner                Michael and Beth Rosenbaum               Daniel Shapiro                            Lori Spero                           Matthew A. and Shelly Troka
                       Grace Santiler Nowick                  Thomas S. Postek                     Jary Rosenberg                           Gerald M. and Olivia Shapiro              Rebecca Sporn                        John E. Trout
                     Graciela Nowik                           William H.S. and Karen L. Preece     Jeffrey and Elizabeth S. Rosenberg       Lawrence and Suzanne Sharken              Daryl Stagg                          Pat Turnbull
                     Robert Nowlin                            Mr. and Mrs. Ben Primero             Jay A. and Bari L. Rosenbloom            Abraham and Andrea Shashoua               David Stagg                          Ennee Turner
                     James Oberhaus                           Eleanor Pryor                        Mr. and Mrs. Warner A. Rosenthal         John Patrick Sheehan                      Eileen S. Stanger                    Percy Turner
                     Jan Obrand-In Working Order              Mark Psensky                         Ben and Wendy Roth                       Dr. and Mrs. Leo Sheiner                  Arkady and Ella Starobin             J. Scot and Anita Tyson
                     Anthony O’Brien                          William F. and Sandra L. Puchlevic   Thomas Roth                              Richard and Sheryl Sheiner                Pat and Harriet Starr                Neal R. and Myrna R. Tyson
                     Tony O’Brien                             James H. and Virginia M. Pugh        David M. and Sherry Rothenberg           Dr. James and Rita Sheinin                Jerry Steele                         Thomas Ulrich
                     Dennis and Carolyn O’Donnell             David Pullar                         William R. and Christina Rother          Paul Sheridan                             Jack and Susan Stein                 Eric Uphoff
                     Paul O’Hara                              Jack and Susan R. Rabin              Michael I and Doreen Morrill Rothstein   Randy Sheridan                            Michael Steinberg                    Paul and Wendy Usher
                     Ron and Carol Ohm                        Robert F. and Allison F. Rabin       Marvin Rottner                           Pamela Shimamoto                          Benjamin D. and Roberta F. Steiner   Richard and Neleen Utterback
                     Paul A. O’Mara                           Dave Racicot                         Philip and Kristen Ruben                 Steve Shlensky                            Russ Stejskal                        Mindy Valdez
                     Brett Opie                               Jim and Cheri Rafferty               Michael J. and Audrey L. Rubinstein      Myra Shneider                             Kip H. Stek                          James T. and Janet VanZant
                     Lester and Dorie Ordman                  John R. and Mary M. Raitt            David and Emily Rudolph                  Richard and Leslie Shulhafer              JoAnn Stevens                        Gerald Varga
                     Jose Orosco                              Robert and Gigi Ramis                James H. and Kay J. Russell              Hal and Karen Sider                       Jonathan J. and Nancy S. Stevens     Edwin Vargas
                     Pavlo Orozco                             Ben and Nancy Randall                Robert and Ann Russell                   William F. and Susan P. Siebers           John Stolar                          Ricardo J.Vasquez and Dawn Meyer
                     Pedro Orozco                             Jeffrey M. and Sandy Randall         Eric Rydberg                             Thomas and Diane Siebrasse                Larry and Sherry Stoller             Catherine Vaughn
                     Patrice H. Oster                         Eres Rapree                          Jeffrey A. and Shari R. Sacks            Barbara Siegan                            Randy Stoller                        William J. and Joyce C. Veldman
                     Mike Ott                                 Ronald Neil and Susan Raskin         Jim Sahli                                Jerold N. Siegan                          Harriet C. and Norman A. Stone       David Venkus
                     Paul Otter                               Ingrio Razny                         Scott Saldana                            Alfred and Helen D. Siegel                Howard A. Stone                      Al and Diane Vermeil
                     Joe Padorr                               Mike Reda                            Edward S. Salomon                        Denise Siegel and David L. Jaffe          Anita Straus                         Marilyn and Les Versten
                     Nick Paldrmic                            Curtis J. Reed                       Scott Salzman                            Jerry Silbert and Barbara Alter Silbert   James and Robin Straus               Brent Vicknair
                     Abraham Pallivathuckal                   Kevin Reel                           Amram Sananes                            Ronald and Ellen Silbert                  David G. Strom                       Maxine Vihon
                     Ahmed Pana                               Richard T. and Julie Reibman         Charles and Jayne Sangerman              Bradley Silva                             Steven Struhl                        Robert and Mary Vihon
                     Mike Panacchia                           Michele Reid                         George Sanvanson                         Barry and Patricia Jo Silver              George A. and Mary Louise Stutz      Stephen N. and Esther Vogel
                     Fred and Amy Panici                      Steve and Shelly Reinisch            George M. and Arona H. Sarfatty          Verne and Marlene Silver                  Madelyn Sullivan                     Carl Wade
                     Keith J. and Margaret M. Pankow          Paul Reinsmith                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Saternus        Jeffrey Silverman                         Josefina Sutherland                  Milton and Lauren Wakschlag
                     Ronald Panter and                        Mark and Adriane Reisman             Mary Savoie                              Michael and Merle Simkin                  Jared and Kim Svoboda                Babs Waldman and Avi Shaked
                       Carol Wexler Kalnow                    Robert S. Rhine and                  Lori A. Schaefer                         Mike and Lara Simmons                     Joyce Swanson                        Laurie and Scott G. Walker
                     Gene Paoli                                 Sandra M. Rouhselang               David Schafer                            Helen A. Simon                            Steven Swanson                       Kevin Wallace
                     Alena A. Papendik                        Donna Rhodes                         Joan A. Schellhorn                       William A. Simon and                      Edward H. and Ellen Swartz           Darrell Walsh
                     Barry S. Paul                            Peter Rickerson                      Mark L. and Sally Schiller                 Cheryl D. Chamberlain                   William M. Swartz                    Clarence E. Ward
                     Elaine Pavlis                            Dale Ridge                           Lester Schlan                            Beth Bodek and George Simone              Dan Sweeney                          Robert J. and Roberta L. Washlow
                     Joseph E. Pearlman                       Barry and Marianne Rindner           Kenneth and Nancee Schmetterer           Brendy Sims                               Peter Szponder                       Patricia A. Wasson
                     Jennifer M. Pearson                      Ian Rindner                          James and Susan Schneider                Scott and Vicki Sinar                     Anthony and Kathryn Tako             Barbara Waxman
                     Michael Pease                            Larry and Michele Rivkin             Ilana Seligman, MD                       Michael L. and Roberta Sirota             Margaret and Marc Tanenberg          Pam and Fred Weichselbaum
                     Steven Peck                              Mark and Cathy Robbins               Steven Schoenbrun                        Venkat Sivarajan                          Michael Tang                         Mark and Judy Weiner
                     Peter Peckarsky                          Sharon R. Robertson                  Stephen E. and Cindy L. Scholl           John Skiba                                James D. and Christina W. Tanner     Margo Weinstein
                     Neil Pendleton                           Harold A. Robin and                  Greg Schroer                             Robert Sklare                             Tom Tapp                             Scott A. and Janice Weinstein
                     Jeffrey and Patricia Penner                Cyndy Chanenson                    Tina Schubert                            Ann Marie Slater                          Lauren S. and Douglas Tashma         Ben Weiss
                     Melissa Pennington                       Blair Robinson                       Steven M. Schuldt                        Cynthia Slater                            Anne M. Teeple                       Lance J. and Susan Z. Weiss
                     Donald G. and Emele J. Peters            Laurence and Ellen S. Robinson       Steve Schultz                            Eric and Bonnie Sloan                     James and Susan Teper                Nathan D. and Kathleen Weiss
                     Walter E. and Linda S. Phillips Marcon   Susan Rochlis                        William P. and Caryn G. Schuman          Richard A. and Terri Small                Michael and Laura Tepper             Charles and Cecile Weitzenfeld
                     Brian Philpott                           Peter and Michele Rocush             Brian R. and Lisa B. Schurgin            Juanita Smith                             Edward Thomas                        Michael and Janice Welbel
                     Charles and Jacqueline Pick              Cynthia A. and Mike Rodriguez        Joseph J. and Marita Elena Schwartz      Steven Smith                              Paul I. and Mildred L. Thompson      Paul M. and Maria V. Welch
                     Mark R. and Gail S. Pierce               Moses Rodriguez                      Ronald Jay and Charlene Schwartz         Michael Sobel                             Chris Thorsheim                      Robert J. and Jodi Welyki
                     Sabrina Pierrard                         Robert and Antonella Rogala          Ruthe and Charles Schwartz               Mary June Sobota                          Howard and Sandra Thrun              Jane Wenger
                     William Piotrowski                       Sheila M. and Robert Rogowski        Sheryl Schwartz                          John Sode                                 John Tilson                          Marvin Wenger
                     Robert and Paula R. Pivar                Jim Rohrbach                         Larry R. and Barbara A. M. Scott         Robert Soden                              Kevin J. Tobin                       Calvin K. and Audrey G. Wessman
                     Charles A. and Angela Platt              Marc and Tracy Romanz                Warren R. and Joan S. Sedlacek           Craig D. Sokol                            Michael and Nancy Tobin              William R. Westwood and Trudi Davis
                     John Polander                            Delourdes Roney                      George and Zorisa Selak                  Barry Solomon                             Michael Toburen                      Sandra Wexler
                     Nicholas Politis                         Janet S. Roof                        Tom Sena                                 Rodger R. Sonneborn and Yvette            Manuel Torres
                     July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007
      28 donors
2007 Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                   donors 29

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2007 Annual Report
                     Carol Wexler Kalnow and             AverMedia Technologies, Inc.           Hardin Paving Company                Pioneer Concepts/RFMS                 Ron and Jeanne Brandt                 TOWNSHIP AND
                        Ronald Panter                    AXA Foundation                         Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation   Platinum Health Care LLC              The Brink Family                      COMMUNITY DONORS
                     Stan Wheeler                        Ballast Point Venture Partners         Haworth Manufacturing                Polk Family Charitable Fund           Canadian Club Whiskey                 City Of Highland Park -
                     Denise Whitehead                    BankFinancial                          The Hechtman Group                   Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.        Charlie Baggs, Inc.                      Human Relations Commission
                     Nancy J. Wilke                      Bara Electric, Inc.                    Hester Decorating Company, Inc.      Premiere Financial Consultants, Inc   CDW                                   Moraine Township
                     Kenneth Wilkens                     Baxter International, Inc. &           Hewitt Associates Foundation         Prism Pointe Technologies, LLC        Deerfields Bakery                     New Trier Township
                     Brian E. and Barbara Williams          Allegiance Corporation              Hewlett - Packard                    Questys Solutions                     Desert Rose Design                    Niles Township
                     Jesse Williams                      Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc.       Howard Simon & Associates, Inc.      R.L. Perlow Steel Corporation         Discover Financial Services           Northfield Township
                     Berta Wilson                        Belkin Components                      Illinois Tool Works Inc.             Rainbow Lighting Inc.                 DLS Custom Embroidery                 Vernon Township
                     Doug and Jennifer Wilson            Bell Brokerage, LLC                    InGEAR Corporation                   Raymond James & Associates            Dominick’s Finer Foods                Village of Riverwoods
                     Neal S. and Kathryn L. Wilson       The Grace Bersted Foundation           Ingram Micro Inc.                    Razny Jewelers                        Patricia Downes                       Village of Skokie CDBG
                     Robert and Janice Winter            Helen Brach Foundation                 Interior Alterations, Inc.           Reichert Foundation                   Ronald Eagle and Cynthia Polster      Wheeling Township
                     Gregg and Bruni Witt                Brandt Box & Paper Co., Inc.           Interior Investments, L.L.C.         Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.            Doug Eckrote
                     Alan J. Wolf                        Brother International                  J.B. and M.K. Pritzker               RSM McGladrey, Inc.                   Fast Signs, Arlington Heights
                                                         Canon, USA., USA                           Family Foundation                Rudnick Family Foundation             Fisher Container Corporation          UNITED WAY SUPPORT
                     Beth A. Wolf
                                                         Care Centers, Inc.                     Jennings Chevrolet                   Scadron Outdoor Advertising           Donna L. and Michael Garfield         United Way of Lake County
                     Jordan C. and Michelle L. Wolf
                                                         CB Richard Ellis, Inc.                 Jewish Federation of                 Sealed Air Corporation                Larry, Maggie, and Alyssa Gutkin      United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
                     Marshall and Lenore I. Wolf
                                                         CDW                                        Metropolitan Chicago             Skycrest Animal Clinic, P.C.          InGEAR                                  United Way of The North Shore
                     Arnold R. and Anne S. Wolff
                                                         Century 21 Homestead Realtors          Joseph & Helen Komarek Foundation    The May & Stanley Smith Trust         Insights in Marketing                   North Suburban United Way
                     Yuk H. and Ophelia Wong
                                                         Charles Schwab                         Kane County Auto Auction             SPEAC Corporation                     Interior Investments                    Northwest Suburban United Way
                     Larry Woodard
                     Robert Woods                        The Chicago Community Trust            Ken’s Quick Print, Inc.              SS. Peter and Paul Catholic Church    Ben Jennings
                     Kathe L. Workman                    Chicago Messenger Service              Keyth Technologies, Inc.             Steve Foley Chevrolet                 Jewel-Osco
                     Richard D. and Lisa Worsek          Chicago Uniform, Inc.                  Korman & Lederer Associates          Superior Industrial Supply, Inc.      Junior Women’s Club of Deerfield
                                                         Circle of Service Foundation           Kraft Foods Matching Gift Program    Synnex Corporation                    Mike and Karen Kabarec,
                     Barb, Rick, and Rob Wrona
                                                         Clune Construction                     Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond          T & C Schwartz Family Foundation         Kabarec Financial Advisors
                     Olga Yataco
                                                         Crane Construction Company             Lake County BA                       Takeda Pharmaceuticals                Knauz Automotive Group
                     Howard Yefsky
                                                         Crown Family Foundation                LaSalle Bank                            North America, Inc.                Michael Krasny
                     Daniel Younan
                                                         Crown Lift Trucks                      Lawrence Investigations, Inc.        Target Stores                         Lake Forest Academy
                     Tim J. and Lynn E. Zak
                                                         The Curran Group, Inc.                 Lawrence, Kamin,                     Tech Data Corp                        Lake Forest Hardware
                     Dale Zalusky
                                                         DanaFilms, Inc.                            Saunders & Uhlenhop, LLC         The TJX Foundation, Inc.              Lenovo
                     Michael H. and Barbara Zaransky
                                                         Dave’s Auto Clinic                     Lawson Products, Inc.                Trend Holdings Inc. Foundations       Bruce Litt
                     Robert Zeier
                                                         Deloitte & Touche LLP                  Leo Burnett Company, Inc.            Tri-State Auto Auction, Inc.          Donald and Nancy McNair
                     Ellen R. Zemel
                                                         Desert Rose Design                     The Living Heir Band                 United Parcel Service                 Meckler Bulger & Tilson LLP
                     Faye and David Ziegler              Discover Financial Services            Marshall G. Lutz Foundation          USG Foundation, Inc.                  Greg Moran
                     Laurie Zimka                        Donald P. and                          Marty & Amy Kaplan Foundation        Vanguard Charitable                   Motor Werks
                     Marvin H. and Bernyce Zimmerman        Byrd M. Kelly Foundation            Master Brew Beverages Inc.              Endowment Program                  North Shore Congregation Israel
                     Martin M. and Karen D. Zivin        Duyckinck Metal Products, Inc.         Matco Distributors, Inc.             Veterans Messenger Service, Inc.      Northwest Christian Community
                     Peter and Debbie Zollo              Dynamex                                McGraw Foundation                    The Village Presbyterian Church       Ron and Carol Ohm
                     Daniel N. and Alisa Zucker          Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation      Midtown Athletic Club                Walgreen Company                      Kurt Pfister/Eurest Dining Services
                                                         Emulex Corporation                     NEC Display Solutions                Waste Management                      Progressive Services Network
                     CORPORATE,                          Engineering Plus, LLC                  New Age Electronics                  Wildman Harrold                       Promotional Products Partners
                     FOUNDATION                          Environmental Systems Design, Inc.     New Bronze Age Tile, Inc.            William Blair & Company               Quantum Group
                     AND CIVIC DONORS                    Fabrik/SimpleTech                      New Century Planners                 Winston & Strawn LLP                  Ravinia School Care Club
                     AB Distributing, Inc.               FCL Builders, Inc.                     NewTek Data Systems, Inc.            WNA Investment Programs, Inc.         Razny Jewelers
                     Abbott Fund                         FedEx                                  Nordstrom                            Woodfield Lexus -                     Vicki Salerno and Mike Casaccio
                     Abt Electronics                     Fields BMW                             Northbrook Bank & Trust                 Resnick Automotive Group           Joel R. and Mari Ann Schaider
                     Acer America Corporation            First Bank & Trust                     Northbrook Woman’s                   Worsek & Vihon LLP                    Richard Sheiner
                     Adobe Systems, Inc.                 First Eagle National Bank                  Club Foundation, Inc.            Yearian & Associates, Ltd.            Sodexho Corporate Services
                     Aileen S. Andrew Foundation         First Nonprofit Insurance Agency       Northern Realty Group, Ltd.                                                Specialty Printing Company
                     Alden Management Services, Inc.     Fortune Brands, Inc.                   Northern Trust Company               IN-KIND CONTRIBUTORS                  Stepping Stone Foundation
                     Allstate Giving Campaign            Fujitsu Computer Products of America   Northern Weathermakers HVAC, Inc.    Abt Electronics                       Stoller Wholesale Wine & Spirits      All contributions and data presented
                     Alta Packaging, Inc.                G. B. Marketing, Inc.                  Northside Community Bank             ACCO Brands                           Matt Troka                            in this annual report are for the period
                     Anonymous                           Geneva Investment Management           Nuveen Investments                   Allstate Print Communication Center   Viccino’s Pizzo Co.                   of July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007.
                     Aon Foundation                      George M. Eisenberg                    Pacific Coast Warehouse              Robert and Noel A. Angerame
                     Arnstein and Lehr                      Foundation For Charities            Pamco Label Company                  Baxter Healthcare                                                           We at The Center have made every
                     Arthur Goldner & Associates, Inc.   The Maurice R. and                     Partners by DESIGN Incorporated      Baxter International Inc.                                                   effort to thank all of our donors. We
                     Astellas US LLC                        Meta G. Gross Foundation            Patzik, Frank & Samotny              Carolyn and Timothy R. Bennett                                              regret any omissions.

                     July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007
      30 board leadership
2007 Annual Report
                                                                                                                         LEADERSHIP FY 2008                    Cal Wessman                        CENTER STAFF FY 2008
                                                                                                                         Officers                              CB Richard Ellis, Inc.             Executive Director
                                                                                                                         Doug Eckrote                                                             Harriet Levy
                                                                                                                         CDW                                   Jordan Wolf
                                                                                                                                                               The Curran Group, Inc.             Director of Program Services
                                                                                                                         Vice Presidents                                                          Melissa Juarez-Ehlers
                                                                                                                         Lawrence Gutkin                       Trustees
                                                                                                                         InGEAR Corp.                          Donald E. Fisher                   Director of Development
                                                                                                                                                               Fisher Container Corp.             Randi Frank
                                                                                                                         Kathryn A. Nellis
                                                                                                                         Northbrook Bank & Trust Co.           David Kalfen                       Office Administrator
                                                                                                                                                               Leff, Klein & Kalfen               Cynthia Genteman
                                                                                                                         Lauren S. Tashma
                                                                                                                         Fortune Brands                        Gary G. Kash                       Program Managers
                                                                                                                                                               Insights In Marketing              Jennifer Hayes (Adult Programs)
                                                                                                                         Rick Vasquez                                                             Mary Ellen Holt (Youth Programs)
                                                                                                                         CDW                                   Michael Krasny
                                                                                                                                                               Sawdust Investment Mgmt., LLC      Program Supervisors
                                                                                                                         Secretary                                                                Josh Allen
                                                                                                                         Keith Baker                           Robert S. Vihon                    Maureen Almazan
                                                                                                                         Law Offices of Keith B. Baker, Ltd.   Worsek & Vihon                     Mary Beth Fox
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kelly Holt
                     Inherent to The Center’s success is a strong governing board of                                     Treasurer
                                                                                                                         Leo Burns
                                                                                                                                                               Board of Directors Emeritus
                                                                                                                                                               Matthew S. Curley
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jeannene Morelli
                     directors. Though The Center was founded in 1968, its first board was formed when it became         ACCO Brands Corporation               Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.        Asst. Program Supervisor
                     an independent agency in 1984. Those original founders and leaders had the true qualities it                                                                                 Beth Winograd
                     takes to guide and lead a non-profit – from their strong belief in mission to their ready accep-    Board of Directors                    Jeffrey A. Davis
                                                                                                                         Bradley Cohn                          Cambridge Realty                   Outreach Manager
                     tance of their roles as Center fundraisers and ambassadors.
                                                                                                                         Thrun, Tallman & Cohn, LTD                                               Vicki Salerno
                                                                                                                         Primesource Healthcare Systems        Fred J. Duboe
                                                                                                                                                               NW Assoc. for Women’s Healthcare   Volunteer Coordinator
                     Though the individuals have changed in these     strategic thinking about fundraising with
                                                                                                                         David Coit                                                               Brian Booth
                     many years, those leadership qualities have      more of an emphasis on stewardship, diver-         Atomatic Mechanical Services          Michael D. Fisher
                     become even stronger. Today, The Center’s        sity of support and agency impact                                                        Fisher Container Corporation       ELA Coordinator
                     board continues to evaluate and enhance their  • guidelines for board emeritus and trustees         Noel Elfant                                                              DJ Newport
                                                                                                                         Zebra Technologies Corporation        Alex Freund
                                                                      that nurture greater participation and support
                     roles and responsibilities to align with the chal-                                                                                        Northwestern Mutual Life           ELA Supervisors
                     lenges and opportunities of The Center’s long-   by former leaders                                  Ronald Fohrman                                                           Joe Misek
                     range strategic plan.                          • encouragement         of    participation     of                                         Phyllis Jones                      Will Swanson
                                                                      community volunteers to serve on fundraising       Byron R. Holden
                                                                                                                         CDW                                   Kim Novak                          Grants Manager
                     Under the effective leadership of President      committees                                                                               Special Education Teacher          Myra Shneider
                     Doug Eckrote and the governing board, The      • a board succession plan that identifies            Kris Keller
                     Center has adopted the following:                leadership who are ready, willing and able to      National Realty Network               Robert F. Rabin                    Special Events Manager
                                                                                                                                                               Robbin, Salomon, Patt Ltd.         Nancy Hall
                     • streamlined board and committee meetings       serve
                                                                                                                         Sherwin Korey
                       to enable the busiest executives to partici-                                                      Capital Resource Management           Mark S. Robbins                    Development Assistant
                       pate and have quantifiable results           The Center’s board is not one to “rest on its lau-                                         Transwestern Commercial Services   Amy Kramer
                     • leadership guidelines which include clearly  rels” and continues to look at “best practices”      Lori Schaefer
                                                                                                                         AIT Worldwide Logistics               Michael I Rothstein                Administrative Assistant
                       articulated expectations for participation, in leadership development. On the schedule                                                  Tabet, DiVito & Rothstein LLC      Dianne Greenberg
                       support, fundraising and advocacy            for the near future is the hosting of The Cen-       Richard K. Sheiner
                                                                    ter’s first all-day board retreat in the summer      Geneva Investment Management of       Rita P. Sheinin                    Receptionist
                                                                    of 2008 and the election of Kathryn Nellis as        Chicago                                                                  Jane Lindstrom
                                                                                                                                                               Richard Worsek
                                                                    President of the board for FY 2009-2011.                                                   Worsek & Vihon                     Building Superintendent
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Guillermo Arellano
                The Center for Enriched Living is an educational, recreational and
               social center for people of all ages with developmental disabilities.

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