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A full-service managed and
outsourced Payroll Solution.
               Meeting Agenda
• COMFORCE Objective.
• Who is COMFORCE?
• Our Services.
• COMFORCE Clients.
• The COMFORCE Advantage.
• Desired State vs. COMFORCE Payroll Process.
• Flowchart.
• Online Reporting.
• Questions and Answers.
  COMFORCE Objective:
   Quick Start Staffing
To provide the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
with a flexible, robust, and efficiently managed
third-party payrolling solution for all contingent
workers and misclassified independent contractors
at a cost-savings price.
          Who is COMFORCE?
• The COMFORCE Corporation is a recognized leader in outsourced
payrolling services, contingent staffing, consulting and financial
• The Company has a forty-five year history (listed on the American
Stock Exchange (symbol: "CFS").\
• A Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Woman-Owned
Enterprise (WBE) qualifying for supplier diversity requirements
• COMFORCE has over 40 offices nationwide, serves over 8,000 clients,
processed over 31,000 W2s in 2006 and continues to grow.
• National licensed employer in 50 US States as well as Canada.
• Total Revenues for 2006 reached over $600 million.
• Ranked by Crains NY Business as one of the fastest growing
• Productivity Through People and Service Excellence are COMFORCE
Geographic Presence

      • Office Location

40+ Offices Nationwide    Corporate Headquarters
                              Woodbury, NY
     Quick Start Staffing
o Enables the Federal Reserve Bank to staff contingent
workers as needed-when needed-without adding to its

o Contingent workers are COMFORCE employees, on our
payroll, your hidden payroll expenses will disappear.
COMFORCE is the legal employer of record.

o COMFORCE processes all of your company's payroll,
handles the record keeping, and files taxes, W2 forms,
workers comp insurance claims, and government reporting.

o Provides consolidated billing and electronic reporting,
e-enrollment and e-timecards.

o A Cost Savings Solution
Other COMFORCE Services
• Temporary Staffing: COMFORCE provides employees for short and
  long-term project assignments for the client.

• Direct Hire: COMFORCE can assist our client’s staff augmentation
  efforts with recruiting and placing full-time professionals.

• Temp-To-Hire: COMFORCE supplies employees for short and long
  term project assignments with the option for the client to hire.

• Contract Consulting: COMFORCE provides and employs
  professionals who perform project based work with a defined
  scope and term for the client
Current Clients


Goldman Sachs


Sandvik Group


Los Alamos Laboratories

BAE Systems
    Quick Start Staffing Advantages
Bring back the skills of experienced former employees, retirees, or
utilize the services of consultants.
Observe potential candidates for a trial period before a hire.
An alternative to downsizing - utilize the valuable skills of your
employees while they remain on our payroll.
Simple Employee Enrollments
Customized Management Reports - COMFORCE can provide real-
time, online management reports on a regular basis that will help
track and budget the use of contingent employees
Employee Orientations - COMFORCE will provide a smooth
conversion to our payroll for your employees
Customer Service - COMFORCE will provide you with customer
service support for payroll questions and changes
    Quick Start Staffing Advantages
Enhanced Co-Employment Protection
National licensed employer servicing 50 states & Canada.
Same day, simple employee enrollments.
Outsourced Administration.
Employee Funding.
Employer Unemployment & Workers Compensation Protection.
Proven Technology Platform: Paperless System & Customized,
Consolidated Billing and Reporting.
Access to Employee Benefits: Medical, Dental, 401(k), Vision, etc.
Personal consultation and enrollment orientations.
Recruit & Retain Employees.
Desired services vs. COMFORCE Services
Secure a National licensed    COMFORCE can employ/payroll
employer.                      employees in all 50 US States
                               including Canada.

Accurate Back Office           COMFORCE processes all payroll
processing of timecards.      using Peoplesoft 8.8.

                               COMFORCE Employees have
A selection of Employee       access to Medical/Dental,
Benefits.                      401(k), Disability & Life
                               Insurance benefits.

Timely weekly distribution     COMFORCE can customize its pay
of checks.                    cycle (e.g. per diem).

Automated Timecards.           COMFORCE can accept paper, fax,
                              MS Excel or Text files, E-
                               timecards, and Web-based
Desired services vs. COMFORCE Services
                             Web-based, Automated Time and
Accurate and customized     Expense Capture, Reporting, and
On-Demand Reporting.         Invoicing System (Accurate
Customized Reports that can
easily be manipulated        COMFORCE can generate payroll
                              and invoice registers by Internal
electronically for G/L        Account Code, Employee, SSN,
accounting entries.           Dept. & Supervisor.

                               COMFORCE performs the 1099
IRS, FMLA, FLSA, ERISA, &     Independent Contractor IRS
Co-employment Compliance.      compliance test, minimizes co-
                               employment exposure and
                               manages FLMA, FLSA and ERISA
                               401k plan compliance.

                               Online and phone support for
Customer Service.              payroll questions and changes.
 COMFORCE Payroll Process Flow Chart
Employee works
one full week.

                     Option 1
                     Employee               COMFORCE          COMFORCE
Employee submits     submits weekly         payrolls the      corp. delivers
weekly total hours   timecard to            employee          checks/stubs
on timecard to       COMFORCE.              (deducts tax      to the
manager or central                          & benefits        employees or
office who signs &   Option 2               withholdings).    Payroll dept.
approves the                                                  for distribution.
                     Hiring Manger.
timecard.            reviews
                     timecards &
                     submits to
                                           Company receives
                                           weekly online
                     (online, paper,
                                           reports from
                     file, fax, e-mail).
COMFORCE Online Tools

   COMFORCE offers web-based online reporting that both
   employees and the Federal Reserve Bank can access on demand
   any time for:

   Employee On-Boarding / Registration
   Management Reporting
Online: Web Portal
Online: Employee On-Boarding
Online: E-Benefits
Online: E-Benefits                            (cont..)
 The online flexibility of the PeoplSoft Self Service Module enables you to choose
 from a variety of individual components to access your own personal
 information within a secure PeopleSoft environment.

 ePay – View Paycheck
 PeopleSoft ePay provides convenient online access to your payroll information. All
 employees of COMFORCE and its subsidiaries are given the opportunity to take advantage of
 the Self Service Module - ePay. Follow the simple steps below to access and view your
 paychecks via ePay.

 View Paycheck – From the Self Service homepage click the icon View Paycheck, your current
 paycheck will be displayed.

 Viewing Previous Paychecks - Click on ‘View a Different Payment’ at the top of the page to
 see previous paychecks. Choose the date of the paycheck you would like to view (blue

 The ‘e-Benefit’ module allows employee’s to review their benefit elections (i.e. Medical,
 Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, 401k and Flexible Spending accounts). The following icons are
 available to you from the Self Service Home page: Benefits Summary, Health Plans, Savings
 Plans, Insurance Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Beneficiaries.
 By choosing one of these icons, the system will bring you to that components summary page.
 From the summary pages, you will be able to navigate within that component to retrieve
 additional detail. Due to the numerous links within eBenefits, a separate user guide is
Online: E-Timecards
Online: E-Timecards   (cont..)
Online: Management Reporting

 Sample Reports Include:
 • Aged Trial Balance
 • Invoice Register
 • Payroll Register
 • Sales Copies
Online: Management Reporting                             (cont..)

 • Reports can be exported in to an Excel or Text file
 • Keyword Search Tool allows querying of data

• Unmatched Experience and Expertise
• Outsourced Administration
• Proven Technology and Reporting Platform
• Customer Service
• Value for Money
 Thank You!
We Welcome Your
                     Scott Schnierer
                40 East Midland Ave.
                 Paramus, NJ 07652
                  Ph: 201-599-9100
                 Fax: 201-599-1947

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