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					                                        CCSA Weekly       CCSA Weekly Newsletter

   Issue No. 89
   Week 4, November 2010
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                        International News
                        Upcoming Events

                    UK News                                           Contact Us
 ECC Committee Launches EMR Call for Evidence
                                                                      The Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA)
                                                                      exists to represent the interests of its members in the
                                                                      business of capture and geological storage of carbon
                                                                      dioxide (known as Carbon Capture and Storage, or
                                                                      CCS) as a means of abating atmospheric emissions of
                                                                      carbon dioxide and potentially, as a means of
            International News                                        enhancing the production of fossil hydrocarbons. From
                                                                      its base in London the CCSA brings together specialist
 Siemens CCS Breakthrough                                             companies in manufacturing & processing, power
                                                                      generation, engineering & contracting, oil, gas &
                                                                      minerals as well as a wide range of support services to
 BP Uses Remote Sensing to Monitor Stored CO2
                                                                      the energy sector such as law, banking, consultancy
                                                                      and project management.
 South Korea Aims for Two CCS Projects by 2020
                                                                      The Carbon Capture and Storage Association
 Korea Launches New CCS Association
                                                                      Suites 142-153, 4th Floor
                                                                      Grosvenor Gardens House
                                                                      35-37 Grosvenor Gardens
                                                                      SW1W 0BS
                                                                      Tel: +44 (0) 20 7821 0528
                       Media                                          Fax: +44 (0) 20 7828 0310
 Speech by Chris Huhne to Guardian's Cleantech Energy
 Summit                                                               For more information about the CCSA please visit our
 Gateway to the Middle East                                           To be considered by the Board for Membership please
                                                                      Pamela Rudolph

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                                                                            CCSA Weekly Newsletter

UK News                                                               EC and ZEP CCS R&D Pilot Call For
ECC Committee             Launches        EMR     Call    for
Evidence                                                              The EC has earmarked 250 million Euros under FP7 until
                                                                      2013 for CCS Research. The EC intends to use remaining
                                                                      funds partly for large pilots to be funded under FP7 rules.
24 November - The Energy and Climate Change Committee has
issued a call for written evidence for its forthcoming inquiry        Each would have a budget of approximately 20-80 million
into Electricity Market Reform. A consultation document for           Euros to be initiated by 2012. View the template.
the EMR will be issued in the autumn and a White Paper in
Spring 2011. The EMR will attempt to reform the electricity
market to promote investment in energy infrastructure,
particularly low-carbon generation. It will consider the
implementation of a carbon floor price and advancement of
the UK’s climate change mitigation agenda. The deadline for         Speech by Chris Huhne to Guardian's Cleantech Energy
the submission of written evidence is Thursday 6 January 2011.      Summit
View the call.
                                                                    Gateway to the Middle East (Includes a segment on CCS and
                                                                    the BP In Salah project)
International News
                                                                    Upcoming events
Siemens CCS Breakthrough
                                                                    The 2010 National CCS Conference
19 November - Siemens Energy has completed the first test
phase of its CO2 capture process successfully. This took place
at the Staudinger power plant operated by E.ON. The process
efficiency, long-term chemical stability of the scrubbing agent
and emissions were investigated under real power plant
conditions. It has operated for over 3000 hours since the
facility was commissioned in September 2009. The process has
been found to have a CO2 capture efficiency of over 90% with
                                                                    Park Hyatt Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | 28th - 30th
practically zero solvent emissions. Furthermore, the energy
                                                                    November 2010
consumption is significantly lower than comparable
conventional processes. View the story.                             Australia’s CCS leaders invite you to the inaugural National
                                                                    CCS Conference, a major opportunity to be informed, to
BP Uses Remote Sensing to Monitor Stored                            debate and to connect with others involved in the multi-
                                                                    faceted field of carbon capture and storage.
                                                                    The conference will go beyond the technical challenges,
November - A six year study involving BP and world-leading          bringing together stakeholders from all areas of CCS
technology development organisations has found a cost-              development to tackle the barriers to deployment of this
effective way to show that CO2 can be safely stored and             critical low emission technology.
monitored at industrial scale. The study found that satellite
images are capable of picking up minute surface movements.          The 2010 National CCS Conference will feature a program of
The data indicates that CO2 is behaving within expected             high profile speakers in fields including economics and finance,
parameters and is stored securely underground. View the             stakeholder engagement, technology and engineering and the
story.                                                              latest developments in policy, legislation and regulation.

South Korea Aims for Two CCS Projects by                            The conference will provide updates on major Australian and
2020                                                                international CCS projects and unparalleled opportunities to
                                                                    network with leaders in the global CCS arena.
21 November - South Korea is to develop two 100 MW carbon
capture demo projects to start in 2014. Commercial operations       The National CCS Conference is designed for:
may begin by 2020. View the story.                                  • Energy industry leaders
                                                                    • Banking and finance industry
                                                                    • Federal, state and local government
Korea Launches New CCS Association                                  • Community leaders
                                                                    • Economists
22 November - Korea’s top energy, steel and engineering             • Technology providers
companies have launched a new Association to promote CCS            • Policy advisors
technology.      The Korea Carbon Capture and Storage               • Project developers
Association is chaired by Korea Electric Power Corp president       • International investors
Kim Ssang-su and consists of 20 Companies including Korea           • Stakeholder engagement advisors
National Oil Corp., and Doosan Heavy Industries and                 • Engineers
Construction. CCS is one of 10 green technologies being             • NGOs
promoted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to reach the          • Researchers
nation’s emission reduction targets. View the story.                • Students

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                                                                           CCSA Weekly Newsletter

                                                                  World Clean Coal Week (WCCW) China Focus
The Conference is the central event of National CCS Week, a
program of CCS-based events around Australia held from 28
November to 3 December 2010.
For more information about the conference, including pre-
registration, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, visit

CCS World MENA 2010                                               Time: Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2010
                                                                  Location: Beijing, China
                                                                  Tel: +86 21 5830 0710
                                                                  Fax: +86 21 5831 1668
CCS World MENA 2010                                               (Cont…)
Dates: 29 November – 1 December 2010                              On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to
The Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE                   invite you to attend the World Clean Coal Week (WCCW),                                   China Focus scheduled on Nov. 29 - Dec. 3, 2010.

CCS MENA is a strategic business conference that brings           Supported by National Energy Administration, IEA Clean Coal
together oil & gas companies and technology providers to          Centre and Carbon Capture & Storage Association, WCCW,
demonstrate successful CCS projects, analyse the risks and        China Focus serves as the best platform for China clean coal
opportunities of adapting the CCS technology. Emissions           business to grow and expand. As the most comprehensive
reduction and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery for the MENA          program on clean coal technologies, WCCW will welcome over
region through CCS technology.                                    350 delegates from Coal-To-Liquid, Coal Gasification, IGCC and
                                                                  Carbon Capture Storage sector at this annual event.
The inaugural CCS World MENA arrives in 2010 to unite policy
makers, investors, oil & gas sector and heavy industries to
                                                                  Pre-forum Workshops | 3 Days Forum | Post-Forum Field Visit |
create new value chains to commercially develop CCS projects
                                                                  18 Boutique Exhibitions | 350+ Attendees | 45+ Eminent
in the region.
                                                                  Speakers | 25+ CTL & IGCC/CCS Project Updates
Key issues being addressed include:
                                                                  We have updated the WCCW Agenda with more than 40
• Global and MENA case studies demonstrating CCS pilot and        SPEAKERS from below. For more information, please
commercial projects                                               contact us.
• Expertise in storage site exploration and management             Clean Coal Project Developers & Technology Leaders
• Partnership models to advance CCS innovation and
deployment                                                             Coal Companies: China Shenhua, Yankuang Group, Lu’an
• Setting a precedent now for future relationships, projects            Mining Group, Peabody
and funding                                                            Power Companies: China Huaneng, China Datang
                                                                        Corporation,China Power Investment, Duke Energy, AEP,
Profile your company at Carbon Capture and Storage World                Future Fuels, Scottish Power, RWE
MENA 2010                                                              Gasification: GE, Shell, Lurgi, GL, Mitsubishi, Air
                                                                        Products, Air Liquide
Carbon Capture and Storage World offers you the best                   Oil and Gas Companies: Total, Statoil, Schlumberger, BP,
opportunity to:                                                         PetroChina, CNOOC
                                                                       Engineering
• Build your brand and increase your profile amongst the               Clean Coal Equipment Providers
CCS community
• Strengthen existing and develop new key client                  Why Clean Coal China a MUST
relationships                                                        Gain essential insight into the progress made within the
• Network with the decision makers face-to-face over just 2           industry
days                                                                 Debate the potential for coal in the energy mix
• Increase your marketing ROI                                        Evaluate the latest CTL, IGCC & CCS developments
                                                                     Explore the possibilities of developing niche markets with
Be there to explore critical issues with decision makers who          gasification
are developing and defining MENA’s CCS industry and probe            Hear from pioneers of the coal fired power plant with CCS
them regarding their strategies and ambitions for the sector.        Analyze operational examples of alternative clean coal
To discuss in the opportunities in detail, please call Ayusha
Tyagi     on     +971    4      440     2533     or     email
                                                                  Interested in Speaking
                                                                  For speaking & sponsorship opportunities, contact Ms. Evonne
                                                                  Wu on +86 (21)5830 0831 or email at:

                                                                  As a member of CCSA, you may enjoy10% off discount
                                                                  offered by the organizer.

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                                                                             CCSA Weekly Newsletter

Carbon Capture and Storage Forum                                     2nd Annual Brussels Carbon Capture and
                                                                     Storage Summit

Date: Tuesday 30th November 2010
Location: Le Méridien Piccadilly, London


While the viability and deployment of CCS remains uncertain,         Sofitel Europe, Brussels, 26th January 2011
the potential to solve problems both of security of supply and
global climate change provides a significant level of discussion.
                                                                     Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural Brussels
After a successful inaugural event in 2009, the Carbon               CCS summit, this high-level conference will be taking place on
Capture and Storage Forum returns to bring together the              the 26th January 2011. We expect to welcome over 200
major organisations and thought leaders involved in CCS to           European and global stakeholders to the event, including
give their views, share knowledge and build working                  representatives     from      industry    and    environmental
relationships. Speakers include:                                     organizations, as well as policy makers from the EU institutions
                                                                     and            member              state          governments.
    Nick Horler, Chief Executive Officer, Scottish Power            The 2nd Brussels CCS Summit will seek to identify and explore
    Adam Dawson, Chief Executive, Office of Carbon                  in detail what can be done to clarify and progress the
     Capture & Storage                                               demonstration of CCS, focusing particularly on the issue of
    Piotr Tulej, Head of Unit Energy and Environment, DG            finance and regulation, and will pose the question: will the
     Environment, European Commission                                technology be ready in Europe by 2020?
    Tom Burke, Visiting Professor in the Department of
     Environmental Science and Technology, Imperial College,         Sessions will look at:
     London                                                          NER300 and the ETS
    Dr Pietro Barbucci, Manager of Fossil Fuels, ENEL               EU & Member State policy tools – Striking the right balance
     Research                                                        Global CCS Development – The Current State of Play
    Simon Tilford, Chief Economist, The Centre for
     European Reform
                                                                     More information and confirmed speakers will be available
    Ian Phillips, Director CO2 Infrastructure, CO2 Deepstore
                                                                     soon,     so    check    our    website      regularly  at
                                                            where you can also register online. A
Visit the website.
                                                                     10% discount is available for CCSA members. Please use
                                                                     discount code CCSA10 when making your registration.
The Lawyer’s inaugural conference on
Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage in                             For further information, including details of sponsorship
                                                                     opportunities, contact James Wilmott on +44 (0) 2920 783 022
Europe                                                               or

                                                                     COAL-GEN Europe
                                                                                             COAL-GEN Europe
18th & 19th January 2011                                                                     15-17 February 2011,
Central London                                                                               Prague, Czech Republic
Website:                                       Location: Prague Congress Centre,
arboncapture/overview.aspx?afcode=DWCCSA                                                     Prague, Czech Republic

The Lawyer’s inaugural conference on Carbon Capture,                                         Website:
Transport and Storage in Europe, a complete policy, regulatory                               www.coal-gen-
and legal update to get feedback at this critical stage from the                   
EC, DECC and all the key, global CCS players today.

Keynote Speakers include :                                           COAL-GEN Europe, Europe’s leading conference and exhibition
Martina Doppelhammer, Legal Adviser in charge of CCS, DG             dedicated to the coal-based power industry, has just launched
Environment, European Commission                                     its 2011 Pre Show Guide.
Adam Dawson, Chief Executive, Office of Carbon Capture and
Storage, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)              Designed to help Europe meets its 20-20-20 target of lowering
Nick Horler, Chief Executive, Scottish Power                         greenhouse gas emissions, this premier annual event will take
Joan MacNaughton CB, Senior Vice President, Power and                place from 15-17 February 2011 at Prague Congress Centre in
Environmental Policies, ALSTOM Power                                 Prague, Czech Republic.

*CCSA Members receive £100 off by entering the code                  With more than 50 expert speakers from around the world,
"CCSA" when booking online.*                                         COAL-GEN Europe is designed to deliver what you need to

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                                                                            CCSA Weekly Newsletter

know about European coal-based energy and driving towards           • Juho Lipponen, Head of CCS Unit, Directorate of Sustainable
zero emissions and carbon capture and storage technologies.         Energy Policy and Technology, International Energy Agency
Investment and networking opportunities and the chance to           • Martina Doppelhammer, Senior Legal and Policy Officer,
see first-hand revolutionary products and pioneering designs        Directorate-General     for   Climate     Action,   European
from leading exhibiting companies, makes COAL-GEN Europe            Commission
an event not to be missed. For further information, visit,          • Simon Bennett, CCS Project Network Manager, Directorate-                                             General for Energy and Transport, European Commission
                                                                    • Arthur Lee, Fellow and Principal Advisor, Chevron
*CCSA members are entitled to a discounted fee of €545 for          • Joan MacNaughton CB, Senior Vice President, Power &
the 3 day conference by registering for the Association Full        Environmental Policies, Alstom Power
Conference     fee    on      the     registration    page:         • Lars Strömberg, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer            and Head of Group R&D, Vattenfall
387                                                                 • Tore Andreas Torp, Advisor CO2 Storage, Statoil Research
                                                                    Centre Trondheim, Statoil
Contact Name: Sue McDermott                                         • Henk Pagnier, Head of Department, Sustainable Geo-Energy,
Contact Tel: 44 1992 656 632                                        TNO
Contact E-mail:                                 • Jim Ward, Business Lead - CCS, National Grid
Organisers Name and URL:                                            • Steven Marshall, Head of CCS Development, ScottishPower
PennWell,                               • Peter Ragden, Technology Area Manager, Carbon Capture
                                                                    and Storage, E.ON New Build & Technology
View the pre-show guide.                                            • Martin Madrid, Chief Business Development Officer, ENDESA
Platts 5th Annual European Carbon Capture                           • Grant Budge, Director, Powerfuel
                                                                    • Henry Derwent, Chief Executive Officer, International
and Storage                                                         Emission Trading Association
                                                                    • Tore Amundsen, Managing Director, The European CO2
                                                                    Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)
                                                                    • Francois Kalaydjian, Director, Sustainable Development
                                                                    Technologies, IFP Energies Nouvelles
                                                                    • Jeff Chapman, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Capture and
Driving CCS Forward                                                 Storage Association (CCSA)
17-18 February 2011                                                 • Luke Warren, International Policy Executive, Carbon
Grange St. Paul’s Hotel – London, UK                                Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)
                                                                    • Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West of
Driving CCS Forward                                                 England, UK
Platts European Carbon Capture and Storage conference has           • Allan Baker, Managing Director - Global Head of Power,
very much become the benchmark within the industry. It              Energy Project Finance, Société Générale Corporate &
continues to build upon Platts global reputation for content        Investment Bank
quality while delivering challenging agendas at the right time      • Tony Surridge, Senior Manager - Advanced Fossil Fuel Use,
from those individuals and organisations who are leading the        South African National Energy Research Institute; Head, South
charge.                                                             African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage
                                                                    • David Reiner, Judge Business School, University of
Platts 5th Annual European Carbon Capture and Storage               Cambridge
has and will continue to:                                           • Henry Edwardes-Evans, Managing Editor, Power in Europe,
• Attract over 450 leading professionals from 291 different
organizations and 37 countries                                      CCSA members are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount off
• Showcase 25+ industry leading speakers from Europe's              this conference fee. For more information or to register
leading utilities, project developers, technology providers,        please contact Stacey Knox quoting ref PC165CCSA:
policy makers, regulators, financiers, NGOs, and observers
• Provide an unrivalled global CCS market overview from             Tel: +44 20 7176 6226
utility plans to project challenges to legislative developments     Email:
• Present the latest in project case studies
• Offer excellent networking opportunities

2011 speakers include:                                              The 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011
• Charles Hendry MP, Minister of State, Department of
Energy and Climate Change, UK
• Graeme Sweeney, Executive Vice President, Group CO2
Management, Shell
• Gardiner Hill, Special Advisor, CCS Technology, Policy and
Regulations, BP                                                     March 24th-25th | Beijing, China
• Simon Brooks CB, Vice-President, European Investment    
Bank (EIB)
• Victor Der, Acting Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy, US       Building on the massive success of the past 6 clean coal
Department of Energy                                                programs that has generated huge success by attracting 1500+
• Bob Pegler, Senior Vice President – Europe, Global CCS            industry players and intriguing great enthusiasm and pursuit of
Institute                                                           clean coal technologies especially in China and Asia Pacific

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                                                                            CCSA Weekly Newsletter

market. The 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011 will be held on March          To help participants to further understand the latest updates
24th to 25th in Beijing China, which is designed to concentrate      of worldwide featured coal-fired power generation projects,
on the key issues including China’s energy policy with the           2011 Directory of Global Featured IGCC, CFB and Ultra-critical
arrival of 12th Five-Year Plan, the process of the                   Power Generation Projects is published as one of the event
Demonstration coal chemical, IGCC and IGCC polygeneration            publications. Please refer to the website for further
projects, and the advanced clean coal technologies.                  information:

Highlights:                                                          Conference Contact:
   Updating the latest government regulations and                   18th Global Energy Dialogue
    developing trends of coal industry in China                      2011 World Coal Gen Conference: The Roadmap to 100%
   Learning the progresses of China’s large-scale coal              Thermal Efficiency and Zero Emission
    chemical and IGCC/ IGCC polygeneration demonstration             Mr. Anson Zhu
    projects                                                         Tel: (0086 21) 6652 3700 - 3688
   Exploring the forefront of leading edge clean coal               Fax: (0086 21) 6652 3733
    technologies in coal chemical industry: coal gasification,       Email:
    direct coal liquefaction, indirect coal liquefaction, coal to    Website:
    methanol,      methanol     to    gas,     and    coal-based

*CCSA members are entitled to the discounted fee of USD

If you are interested in this rewarding and fascinating
event, please contact:
Kathy TAN, Conference Manager
Tel: 86-21-68407631

2011 World Coal Gen Conference

The Roadmap to 100% Thermal Efficiency and Zero
2011.5.17-19, Beijing, P.R. China

The world coal generation industry has been, for long, in
search of new methods that lead to further improved thermal
efficiency and reduced emissions. Today, many technological
roadmaps have appeared and presented new hopes for getting
closer to this target, which cover wide areas such as
combustion techniques, coal gasification, ultra supercritical
steam condition technologies as well as flue gas treatment,
water management, new materials and the way to optimize
plant operation … As the 18th Global Energy Dialogue event,
2011 World Coal Gen Conference: The Roadmap to 100%
Thermal Efficiency and Zero Emission will discuss these
technology frontiers via following forums:

Forum 1: World Coal-fired Power Generation Prospects 2011 -
Forum 2: Coal Pretreatments - Gasification vs. PC
Forum 3: Project Practice with Latest Coal Pretreatment
Forum 4: Higher Efficient Combustion Techniques and System
Forum 5: Project Practice with Latest Combustion Techniques
Forum 6: Flue Gas Treatment and Ash Handling
Forum 7: CO2 Emissions Control in Coal Power Plant
Forum 8: Advanced Water & Steam Technologies
Forum 9: Designing Ultra Supercritical Coal Generation Units
Forum 10: Material & Engineering for Next Generation Power
Forum 11: Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

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