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Bachelor’s and Graduate Degrees

SUMMER 2 0 0 2

                                  M A RY L H U R S T U N I V E R S I T Y
                                  in U.S. News & World Report —
                                  Western Region’s top tier...

    TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                   ADMISSIONS, REGISTRATION,                                                     OTHER SERVICES
                                                                        FINANCIAL AID, ACADEMIC POLICIES                                              The Art Gym .............................................. 12
    ACADEMIC OFFERINGS                                                                                                                                Bookstore .................................................. 12
    UNDERGRADUATE                                                       Admissions ................................................... 7
                                                                        Financial Aid ................................................ 9              Career Services ......................................... 10
        Art ................................................... 20-22                                                                                 Center for Campus Events & Student Life ...... 12
        Business & Management ................... 23-24                 Grading ....................................................... 9
                                                                        Payment Options ........................................... 9                 Computer Facilities ..................................... 12
        Communication Studies ..................... 25-27                                                                                             Counseling ................................................ 11
        Cultural & Historical Studies .............. 27-28              Registration ............................................... 7-8
                                                                        Registration Form ........................................ 54                 Disability Services ...................................... 11
        English Literature & Writing ............... 31-32                                                                                            ESL (English as a Second Language) ....... 29-30
        Human Sciences ............................... 33-34            Student Policies ........................................ 7-11
                                                                        Tuition and Fees .......................................... 55                     (PIA: Pacific International Academy)
        Interdisciplinary Studies ......................... 35                                                                                        Food Service ............................................. 12
        Music .............................................. 39-41      Tuition Refunds ............................................. 9
                                                                                                                                                      Library Services ......................................... 12
        Real Estate Studies ................................ 42                                                                                       Writing Center ........................................... 12
        Religious Studies & Philosophy ........... 43-44                CALENDARS
        Science & Mathematics ..................... 45-46               Academic Calendar ...................................... 2
                                                                        Calendar of Courses .............................. 13-17
                                                                        Calendar of Events ........................................ 6
        Applied Theology ................................. 47                                                                                         Administration (BP John) Building ............ Admin
        Art Therapy ...................................... 48-49                                                                                      Clark Commons ..................................... Coms
        Business Administration ..................... 50-52             GENERAL INFORMATION                                                           Flavia Hall ............................................ Flavia
        Doctor of Ministry ................................. 47         Accreditation ................................................ 2              Mayer Art Building ................................ Mayer
        Interdisciplinary Studies ..................... 49-50           Campus Maps ............................................ 56                   St. Anne’s Chapel ............................... Chapel
    Internship Program ................................. 35-36          Considering Marylhurst ................................. 6                    St. Catherine Music Center ........................ StC
    Learning Assessment Center .................... 36-37               Email Directory ........................................... 53                Shoen Library ....................................... Shoen
    Liberal Arts Core Program ....................... 38-39             Sample Marylhurst ........................................ 3                  Wiegand Lecture & Recital Hall ......... Wiegand
    Web-Based Learning .............................. 18-19             Telephone Directory .................................... 53

    MARYLHURST MISSION                                                                                                ACADEMIC CALENDAR
    Marylhurst University is a private institution of                   SUMMER TERM 2002
    higher learning open to women and men of                            REGISTRATION OPENS: REGISTER ON THE WEB at .................................. MAY 13
    any race or religion. It is dedicated to making                     Sample Marylhurst (sample classes) ............................................................................................... JUN 4
    innovative post-secondary education accessible                      PLA Information Meeting ............................................................................................................. JUN 13
    to self-directed students of any age. Marylhurst                    Term begins ............................................................................................................................... JUN 24
    University offers coursework leading to bachelor’s                  Last day to register for classes without late registration fee ............................................................ JUN 28
    and master’s degrees, and to other goals such as                    Independence Holiday (University closed) ..................................................................................... JUL 4-5
    career transition, professional development, and
                                                                        Last day to apply for New York University Foreign Language Proficiency testing for summer term ......... JUL 8
    personal enrichment.
                                                                        Last day to register or change grade option for a standard 10-week course ........................................ JUL 9
         Animated by its Catholic and liberal arts
                                                                        Last day for refund ......................................................................................................................... JUL 9
    heritage, Marylhurst emphasizes the uniqueness
                                                                        Last day to drop a standard 10-week or online course without transcript notation ................................ JUL 9
    and dignity of each person, and is committed to
    the examination of values, as well as to quality                    FULL PAYMENT OF TUITION DUE ........................................................................................................... JUL 9
    academic and professional training. Marylhurst                      Last day to apply for Computer Literacy Exam for summer term ........................................................ JUL 17
    University seeks to aid students in advancing their                 Last day to register and submit materials for Information Studies Waiver for summer term .................. JUL 17
    goals for responsible participation in a rapidly                    Last day to apply for DANTES for summer term .............................................................................. JUL 26
    changing world by pursuing, and encouraging                         Computer Literacy Exam for summer term .................................................................................. JUL 28-29
    its students to pursue, the ideals of competence,                   Marylhurst University Scholarship Applications due (for second priority) ............................................. AUG 1
    leadership, and service.                                                              (Download application form from Web site at
                                                                        Last day to apply for fall (December) 2002 term graduation ........................................................... AUG 6
                                                                        New York University Foreign Language testing for summer term .................................................... AUG 13
    DEGREE PROGRAMS                                                     DANTES institutional test dates for summer term ........................................................... AUG 20, AUG 29
    Marylhurst offers BACHELOR OF ARTS with                             Classes end .............................................................................................................................. AUG 30
    majors in art, communication studies, cultural
                                                                        Summer term graduation ........................................................................................................... AUG 30
    & historical studies, English literature & writing,
    human studies, interdisciplinary studies, music,                    FALL TERM 2002
    organizational communication, psychology,
                                                                        Undergraduate Business Programs Information Meeting .................................................................. JUL 30
    religious studies and philosophy, science, and
                                                                        Graduate Degree Programs Information Meeting ........................................................................... AUG 6
    social sciences; BACHELOR OF SCIENCE with
                                                                        Prior Learning Assessment Information Meeting .............................................................................. AUG 6
    a management or real estate major;
    BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS with an art major;                            Labor Day (University closed) ......................................................................................................... SEP 2
    BACHELOR OF MUSIC THERAPY. Marylhurst of-                           Sample Marylhurst (sample classes) ................................................................................................ SEP 7
    fers MASTER OF ARTS with majors in Applied The-                     Prior Learning Assessment Information Meeting .............................................................................. SEP 12
    ology, Art Therapy, and Interdisciplinary Studies;                  New Student Orientation ............................................................................................................. SEP 21
    MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.                                  Term begins ................................................................................................................................ SEP 26
                                                                        Last day to register for classes without late registration fee .............................................................. OCT 3
                                                                        Last day to register or change grade option for a standard 10-week course ................................... OCT 11
    ACCREDITATION                                                       Last day for refund .................................................................................................................... OCT 11
    Marylhurst University is fully accredited at the bac-               Last day to drop a standard 10-week or online course without transcript notation ........................... OCT 11
    calaureate and master’s levels by the Northwest                     FULL PAYMENT OF TUITION DUE ........................................................................................................ OCT 11
    Association of Schools and Colleges (NASC) and                      Last day to apply for New York University Foreign Language Proficiency testing for fall term ........... OCT 18
    at the baccalaureate level by the National Associ-                  Last day to apply for Computer Literacy Exam for fall term ............................................................ OCT 31
    ation of Schools of Music (NASM).                                   Last day to register and submit materials for Information Studies Waiver for fall term ...................... OCT 31
                                                                        Last day to apply for DANTES for fall term .................................................................................. OCT 31
    NON-DISCRIMINATION                                                  Last day to apply for winter (March) 2003 term graduation ............................................................ NOV 2
    Marylhurst University, in its educational policies,                 Computer Literacy Exam for fall term ..................................................................................... NOV 10-11
    programs, and procedures, provides equal oppor-
                                                                        New York University Foreign Language testing for fall term ......................................................... NOV 20
    tunity for all of its students without regard to race,
                                                                        Thanksgiving Holiday (University closed) .......................................................................... NOV 28-DEC 1
    creed, sex, age, physical condition, ethnic or
                                                                        DANTES institutional test dates for fall term ...................................................................... DEC 3, DEC 11
    national origin, or sexual orientation.
                                                                        Classes end .............................................................................................................................. DEC 13
    COVER PHOTO: David Brunkow                                          Fall term graduation (Commencement: June 14, 2003) ................................................................ DEC 16

                              SAMPLE                             MARYLHURST
     Come to Mar ylhurst and sample special, tuition-free classes!
                                             Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 6:30-9pm
                                 The Old Library (Rm. 200), BP John Administration Building

CHS 463/LIT 463 VIOLENCE & MEDIA REPRESENTATION                          nize hazards and code problems. Includes structural, mechan-
From the L.A. Riots and Desert Storm to Columbine and Sep-               ical, electrical, and plumbing subsystems. Also discusses rela-
tember 11, the past decade has been marked by extreme and                tive cost factors and functional/alternative use issues.
diverse events of violence. Taught by David Denny, this sam-
ple class will take a critical look at the gap existing between          BUS 300 MANAGING IN DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS
the event of these singular disasters and the way they have              What external economic, technological, and industry forces
been represented by the media. Our approach will consider                drive business today? Merrill Watts, Chair of the Undergradu-
the relation between violence and representation from a histor-          ate Business Department, provides an overview of the essen-
ical and philosophical perspective.                                      tial concepts.

CM 325 COMMUNICATION OF SELF-ESTEEM                                      INT 518/PS 460 WOMEN & POLITICS
A person’s sense of self-esteem influences the degree of suc-            This course examines the political status of women in the Unit-
cess experienced when communicating with others. One’s feel-             ed States and around the world. Debrah Bokowski, Chair of
ing of self-worth is closely linked to motivation, aspiration, and       the MAIS program, introduces topics that include women’s so-
achievement. Eileen Mejia will help students examine perspec-            cial movements, psychological gender differences in politics,
tives on self-esteem, review methods of enhancing personal               the “gender gap” in voting, women candidates, and women
pride, and explore approaches to communicating self-esteem               elected officials.
in personal and professional contexts.
                                                                         PHO 241 INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                         Rich Rollins will present an introduction to the practice of pho-
                                                                         tography. How does the camera affect our seeing? In what
                                                                         ways do photographers encourage us to see anew?
Jennifer Sasser, Chair of the Department of Human Sciences,
will provide prospective Human Studies, Social Science, and
                                                                         AT 408/508 ART THERAPY:
Psychology majors with a common meeting-place for engage-
                                                                         EXPLORING THE PROFESSION
ment in a rich and comprehensive survey of the historical and
                                                                         Jeanne D’Archer will provide an overview of the Art Therapy
intellectual contexts out of which the central theories, method-
                                                                         profession, its development, and various roles contemporary
ologies, and practices in the Human Sciences developed.
                                                                         art therapists play in the worlds of mental health, medical
                                                                         treatment, education, and less traditional settings.
BUILDING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION                                           INTERIOR DESIGN
Matthew Larrabee will use the computer lab to teach this on-             The Marylhurst University Interior Design program integrates
line sample class on Building Design and Construction. This              interior design, architecture, and art in a collaborative pro-
sample class will include a survey of basic building design              cess that demonstrates the interaction of the disciplines.
and engineering orientated to single family homes and 2-4                Taught by Kelcey Beardsley, this session will provide an over-
unit properties. Learn to inspect and evaluate buildings, recog-         view of the program.

                                          RESERVATION: SAMPLE MARYLHURST
Name (Last)                                                                 (First)                                (MI)
Address                                                                     City                          State    Zip
Home Phone                                   Work Phone                                   Email
Please check the ONE session you would like to attend:
__Violence & Media Representation             __Communication of Self-Esteem               __History & Philosophy of the Human Sciences
__Building Design & Construction              __Managing in Dynamic Environments           __Women & Politics
__Introduction to Photography                 __Art Therapy: Exploring the Profession      __Interior Design
Return completed form to: MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY: Admissions
                          PO Box 261, Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261
                               OR FAX 503.635.6585
                               OR email
                               OR to register by phone, call Admissions at 503.699.6306
                                         THIS RESERVATION IS YOUR CONFIRMATION NOTICE.

    Prior Learning Assessment makes bachelor’s degree a reality
        Paula Wilson loved her career as
    a field paramedic. As a single mother
    in her 40s, she knew that one day she
    would have to give up her rewarding,
    physically demanding job, but that day
    came sooner than expected. In October
    2000, she injured her back on the job
    while lifting a patient, and suddenly
    found herself out of work, collecting
    disability insurance.
        This turn of events could have
    been debilitating to Paula’s self-worth.
    Instead, she viewed it as an opportunity
    to complete her bachelor’s degree —
    as quickly as possible.

        That’s where Marylhurst’s Prior
    Learning Assessment (PLA) came in. In                Paula Wilson with her sons Patrick and Paul, in her former life as a field paramedic. With
    the PLA program, students demonstrate                a degree in interdisciplinary studies, she is now prepared to pursue a new career in
    college-level knowledge of undergradu-               pharmaceutical or medical sales.
    ate course material through writing de-
    tailed essays on the subject.                 EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE                              the Estacada school board. “I wasn’t
        Paula met with Marylhurst PLA advi-          “I approached PLA, and all my                   ‘officially’ educated but I knew I had a
    sors in the summer of 2001. She had           college work, as a full-time job,” she             lot of knowledge.”
    100 credits from previous college work,       said. “I set specific goals and made                   Janyce was intrigued by the idea of
    and told her advisors she wanted to           myself accountable.” Plus, she said,               earning credit for her knowledge, and
    complete the remaining 80-plus credits        her PLA advisors were there to help                signed up for the introductory course,
    in less than a year.                          her succeed. “Everyone worked with                 Learning Assessment Workshop (LAC
        It was a very aggressive timeline,        me to ensure I would not fail.” Paula              100). Less than two years later, Janyce
    Paula admits, and she wouldn’t recom-         graduated on schedule in June 2002.                earned a bachelor’s degree in commu-
    mend it for everyone. She began by               Best of all, the PLA program                    nications. She utilized the PLA program
    taking 19 credits on campus fall term.        “afforded the opportunity to reflect on            to its full potential — a maximum 45
    During winter break, she completed the        everything I’ve done in my life,” Paula            undergraduate credits — while she took
    reading, research and writing for 10          said. “It was empowering to put my                 an additional 73 credits through tradi-
    papers, on subjects such as Public            knowledge and experience in an aca-                tional classes.
    Speaking and Professional Presenta-           demic format and receive recognition                   Janyce demonstrated her on-the-job
    tions. Earning 30 PLA credits — 3 for         from a university.”                                knowledge in PLA coursework for
    each paper — she was more than half-                                                             Organic Gardening and Pesticide Selec-
                                                  ACHIEVING PERSONAL GOALS
    way toward her goal.                                                                             tion and Use, and utilized her volunteer
                                                      Janyce Andre is a successful busi-
                                                  ness owner, the co-proprietor of a                 experience, as a co-founder of a commu-
    WONDERFUL MENTORING                                                                              nity drug and alcohol awareness organi-
                                                  wholesale plant nursery, Andre’s
        “All the PLA advisors were so won-                                                           zation, earning psychology credits in
                                                  Nursery. Why would she expend the
    derful in their mentoring style,” Paula                                                          Youth at Risk and Drugs and Addictions.
                                                  effort and the time to earn a bachelor’s
    said. She confessed she was not confi-
                                                  degree at Marylhurst University?
    dent in her writing abilities, particularly                                                      BUSY LIFESTYLE
                                                      “I hadn’t planned on pursuing a
    academic essays. “I was such a novice.                                                              While the research and writing
                                                  four-year degree,” Janyce admitted.
    I used a less-than-professional font in                                                          required for PLA credit was time-con-
                                                  It began with just two classes at
    my first two papers, but they didn’t                                                             suming, it was work she could fit into
                                                  Clackamas Community College —
    lower my mark. Instead, they coached                                                             her busy schedule, around her business
                                                  Conversational Spanish and Drawing
    me so I could improve my presentation                                                            and her family, she said.
                                                  — that she took for pleasure.
    in future papers.”                                                                                  Had it not been for Marylhurst’s
                                                      One day while visiting the
        Paula assumed that her PLA essays                                                            PLA program, Janyce said, she would
                                                  Marylhurst campus with her son, a
    would require several revisions before                                                           have completed only her two-year
                                                  Marylhurst student, she read an infor-
    they could be submitted to the evaluating                                                        degree. Now, she is nearing comple-
                                                  mational piece on the Prior Learning
    committee. But each time, the feedback                                                           tion of her master’s degree. Her career
                                                  Assessment (PLA) program.
    provided by her PLA advisors was so                                                              has not changed — she still runs
    specific and clear, she was able to pro-      VALUED EDUCATION                                   Andre’s Nursery — but she has
    duce a paper ready for submission with           “I have always valued education,”               achieved goals she never expected
    one revision, completed in one day.           said Janyce, who served 12 years on                were possible at this stage in her life.

MAIS graduate sings to his math students and opens door to learning
Berry Huelsman teaches math and
physics to art students who, under
usual circumstances, have little interest
in these subjects. Yet since joining the

                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO: COURTESY OF THE ART INSTITUTE OF PORTLAND
faculty at The Art Institute of Portland
(AiPD), Berry has received accolades
from faculty and students alike.
    “A man that sings to his algebra
students has got to take top honors,”
said one student. Others have pro-
claimed that Berry’s physics class is
“the most fun course at AiPD.”
    Berry believes his success is largely
due to his education in the Marylhurst
Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Stud-
ies (MAIS) program. A lifetime educa-
tor, Berry said: “I was a good teacher
walking into the MAIS program. I was
better walking out.”
                                                  Berry Huelsman, MAIS graduate, enlightens his students with an engaging mulltidisci-
    His MAIS thesis was titled An Inter-          plinary teaching style.
disciplinary Model of Mathematics Anx-
iety. As a college-level math instructor,
he had often witnessed the toll mathe-       are forced into the left-brain mode, and             Between 1980 and 1996, Berry
matics anxiety extracts from students.       that is when anxiety sets in, he said.           audited or took for credit 19 varied
He approached his topic from several         Starting with song, and following with           courses at Marylhurst, on subjects
different perspectives, including human      a multi-disciplinary teaching style, Berry       ranging from voice, poetry and
studies, gender differences, change          lets his students know that he under-            theology to group dynamics,
management and even literature. Berry        stands and commiserates with them.               information science and consulting.
used characters created by Austen,               “Optimal teaching strategies,” he                Through this process, he discovered
Dostoevsky and Melville to illustrate        wrote in his thesis, are “…character-            the value of interdisciplinary studies:
math anxiety principles.                     ized by harmony, sensitivity, direct             The ability to view any subject from
                                             experience, motivation, audiovisuals,            multiple perspectives leads to greater
INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES                    well-defined goals, structure and                depths of understanding.
PROVIDE INSIGHT                              practical tests.”                                    The MAIS learning experience
    This research, he said, gave him a                                                        is communal and collaborative,
deeper insight into how people think.        REAL-LIFE APPLICATION                            drawing on the diverse professional
It enabled him to communicate with his           When Berry lectures, he addresses            and personal experience of a MAIS
students “in their language and in their     issues his students can expect to face:          student’s instructors and peers. “The
thinking style,” he said.                    where not to stand during an electrical          MAIS program enriched my mind,”
    “As a result of my education at          storm, how to drive on ice, when James           Berry said. It paved the way for him
Marylhurst, I have a greater openness        Bond is violating one of Newton’s                to explore and use several learning
to alternate teaching methods,” he           laws, and how to illustrate falling ob-          modalities and teaching methods. In
added. He employs creative visual            jects and flowing rivers.                        the end, this has meant success for him
aids, interesting hands-on projects              When teaching the principals of ge-          — and for his students.
and as mentioned, singing to his             ometry, he gives his AiPD students an
students. Berry has had many repeat          illustration to complete — half of a
                                             face, on a slant. Students must draw                          MAIS PROGRAM
performances of his compositions, in-
cluding a song that addresses the three      lines of symmetry to construct the guide-
                                             lines to complete the face.                        The M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies is a
phases of math anxiety, sung to the                                                             streamlined 48-credit program.
tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.         He expects his students to be able to
    “Just last night I sang that song to     draw a roof on a blockhouse in two-                Foundation Courses ................... 12 crs.
my developmental mathematics class at        point perspective — a skill that comes in          Concentration Seminars ............. 18 crs.
Clark College, and four students began       handy when they study interior design.             Choose from concentrations
to cry,” he said. The stress of math anxi-                                                      in Gerontology,
                                             MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES –                            Organizational Communication,
ety is real and all too common.
                                             GREATER UNDERSTANDING                              Spiritual Traditions & Ethics,
SOLVING A COMMON PROBLEM                                                                        or Liberal Arts.
                                                 Before he enrolled in the MAIS pro-
                                                                                                Electives ..................................... 9 crs.
   “Math teachers prefer logic, left-        gram, Berry already had a master’s de-             Research Methods & Thesis .......... 9 crs.
brain thinking. Many students prefer         gree in mathematics. Yet, he had a de-
                                                                                                                                            48 crs.
feeling — right-brain.” Often students       sire to broaden his knowledge.
    CONSIDERING                                       JUNE 9                                               AUGUST 2002
                                                      Graduation Barbeque. Sunday, 1:30pm, Clark
    MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY?                            Commons. The Marylhurst University Alumni As-        AUGUST 1
                                                      sociation invites the Class of 2002 and their        Marylhurst Scholarship Application deadline for
    BUSINESS PROGRAMS                                 families to a celebatory barbeque. Graduates         undergraduate studies: August 1, 2002 (second
    INFORMATION MEETING                               RSVP by calling 503.699.6251 or emailing             priority). See Web site for application forms at
    Tuesday, July 30, 6:30-8:30pm, Flavia Hall, by May 31. Be sure to For more informa-
    Marylhurst campus. For details, call Admissions   include the number and names of those who will       tion, call the Financial Aid Office at
    at 503.699.6306.                                  be attending the barbeque. Admission: Free.          503.699.6253 or email

                                                      JUNE 11
    GRADUATE INFORMATION MEETING                      Third Annual Sister Mary Faustina Memorial           AUGUST 3-31
    Tuesday, August 6, 6:30-8:30pm, Flavia Hall,      Concert. Tuesday, 7:30pm, Wiegand Hall, BP           Streff Gallery. William Stafford Traveling
    Marylhurst campus. For details, call Admissions   John. Admission: Free. Concert features young        Exhibit. Shoen Library. Admission: Free.
    at 503.699.6306.                                  artists at the beginning of their professional ca-   Open library hours.

    PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT (PLA)                   reers. This year’s featured performer will be a
                                                      clarinetist. For more information, email             AUGUST 6
    INFORMATION MEETINGS                     or call 503.699.6263.           Last day to apply for Fall Term (December)
    6:30pm, Marylhurst campus                                                                              2002 graduation.
    • Thursday, June 13                               JUNE 13
    • Tuesday, August 6                               Eric Battles, Senior Voice Recital. Thursday,        AUGUST 30
    • Thursday, September 12                          7:30pm, Wiegand Hall. Admission: Free.               Summer 2002 Term ends. Fall term opens Sep-
    For details, see page 36.                                                                              tember 19; ends December 6, 2002.
                                                      JUNE 13
    ART THERAPY OPEN HOUSE                            Women’s Spirit Circle. Thursday, Noon, Shoen
                                                      Library. A women’s support group for self-devel-     AUGUST 30
    Friday, June 7. For details, see page 48.                                                              Summer 2002 Term Graduation.
                                                      opment and networking. For information, con-
    ONLINE ORIENTATION MEETINGS                       tact Natalie Wing, Career Services Coordina-
    Shoen Library PC Computer Lab                     tor, at or call                 CAMPUS MINISTRY
    • Saturday, June 22, 9-11am                       503.699.6271.                                        EVERY WEDNESDAY, Mass, 4pm, Chapel
    • Wednesday, June 24, 6-8pm.
    For online courses, see pages 17-19.              JUNE 14
                                                      Hooding of Master’s Candidates. Friday, 6pm,         TOASTMASTERS AT MARYLHURST
                                                      Clark Commons, Marylhurst Campus.                    EVERY TUESDAY, Noon-1pm, Miriam Theresa
                                                                                                           Lounge, Shoen Library. Open to students, staff,
    Tuesday, June 4, 6:30-9pm. Tuition-free course    JUNE 14                                              faculty, and the general public.
    samplings of Marylhurst classes. See page 3.      Baccalaureate Service. Friday, 7pm. Chapel.

                                                      JUNE 15
    COMING EVENTS                                     Marylhurst University 108th Commencement.            CURRENT CALENDAR
                                                      Saturday, 2pm. New Hope Community Church,            For a current calendar, visit the Marylhurst Uni-
    MAY 2002                                          11731 SE Stevens Road, Portland.                     versity Web site at

                                                      JUNE 16
    MAY 29-JUNE 16, 2002                              Harpsichord Recital featuring Dr. Edith Kilbuck      US NEWS & WORLD REPORT
    The Art Gym                                       playing the music of Bach. Sunday, 7pm,
    Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition 2002.                                                          RANKS MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY
                                                      Wiegand Hall, BP John Bldg. Admission: $10
    BFA candidates: James Boothe, Kathy               at the door.
                                                                                                           IN WESTERN REGION’S TOP TIER
    Esnard, Kristen Francis, Pegdenene Kreofsky,                                                           Marylhurst University appears in Best Univer-
    Aaron Nudelman, Sharon O’Sullivan-Markley,        JUNE 24                                              sities—Master’s (Western Region) in the US
    Dawn Roe, Liz Ross, Kate Simmons.                 Summer 2002 Term begins.                             News & World Report of 2002 College
    BFA–Interior Design candidates:                                                                        Rankings. Among the top 33 schools,
    Wendy Hawes, Jodie MacLean.                       JULY 2002                                            Marylhurst is #1 in two categories:
                                                                                                           “Percentage of Classes under 20 Students”
                                                      JULY 3-31                                            and “Student/Faculty Ratio.”
    JUNE 2002
                                                      Streff Gallery Exhibition. Kristin Qian. Admis-           The U.S. News report ranks 1,362 of the
    JUNE 1                                            sion: Free. Shoen Library. Open library hours.       nation’s accredited institutions with 200 or
    Marylhurst Concert Chorale Spring Concert.                                                             more students. Not ranked are service acade-
                                                      JULY 4-5                                             mies (e.g., West Point) or specialty institu-
    Saturday, 7pm, Chapel. Admission: $5.
                                                      Independence Holiday. University closed.             tions (e.g., engineering schools, seminaries).
    Available at the door.
                                                      JULY 9                                                    Rankings are organized by:
    JUNE 3-30                                                                                              • Mission with Marylhurst among the 573
                                                      Last day to register for 10-week or online class.
    Streff Gallery Exhibition. Marian Paul,                                                                     institutions offering “a full range of under-
    BFA student. Shoen Library. Admission: Free.      JULY 15                                                   graduate degrees, some master’s degrees,
    Open library hours.                               18th Annual Golf Classic. Pumpkin Ridge Golf              but few, if any, doctoral degrees” and;
                                                      Club. Tournament to benefit innovative educa-        • Region with 127 schools in the Western
    JUNE 3
                                                      tional programs through the Marylhurst Universi-          Region’s 15 states (Alaska, Arizona, Cali-
    Career Development Workshop. 5-6:30pm,
                                                      ty Annual Fund. For information about partici-            fornia, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Mon-
    Admin 204. Topic: Recognizing the Leader
                                                      pating in the Golf Classic, call 503.699.6251,            tana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
    in You.
                                                      ext. 4436, or email                 Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and
    JUNE 8                                                                                                      Wyoming). Marylhurst is among the 33
                                                      JULY 29                                                   schools in its “top tier” (top 25 percent).
    Marylhurst Symphony Orchestra Spring POPS
                                                      Charter Day Marylhurst University marks its be-           Marylhurst is also recognized as a nation-
    Concert. Saturday, 7pm, Clark Commons. Ad-
                                                      ginnings from this date in 1893 when the Sisters     al leader for its rigorous Prior Learning Assess-
    mission: $8, general; $5, students and seniors.
                                                      of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary were             ment program that provides students an op-
    Group rate available. To reserve a table, con-
                                                      granted a charter by the State of Oregon to          portunity to earn up to a year of credit for pre-
    tact Orchestra Manager through Music Depart-
                                                      grant baccalaureate degrees. Marylhurst Univer-      vious college-level life and on-the-job learning.
    ment, 503.699.6263
                                                      sity celebrates its 109th year.
A D M I S S I O N S , R E G I S T R AT I O N                                                                                                            7

HOURS                                                    Students who do not meet the minimum
                                                         requirements will be considered on a case-     REGISTRATION
RECEPTIONIST                                             by-case basis and may be asked to partici-     SUMMER TERM registration opens MAY 13;
503.636.8141; 1.800.634.9982                             pate in an interview process conducted by      early registration is recommended to ensure
The Marylhurst University Receptionist is lo-            the Admissions Committee.                      that you save a space in the classes of your
cated in the Main Foyer on the second floor                                                             choice. Unpaid balances from prior terms
of the B.P. John Administration Building.                PLEASE NOTE: All undergraduate students        MUST BE PAID IN FULL in order to register
Monday-Friday ........................ 8am-10pm          born on or after January 1, 1957, will         for the current term.
Saturday-Sunday ........................ 8am-6pm         need to provide proof of measles immuni-
                                                         zation.                                        DEADLINES
ADMISSIONS/ENROLLMENT RELATIONS                                                                         AND REQUIREMENTS
503.699.6268;                                                                 • Summer term begins June 24, 2002.
Monday-Thursday ................. 8am-6:30pm             SELECTIVE                                      • June 28 is the last day to register for
Friday ....................................... 8am-5pm                                                    summer term classes without a late
                                                         PROGRAM ADMISSION
     (Evening advising by appointment)                                                                    registration fee of $25. Course “adds”
FINANCIAL AID                                                                                             are not charged a fee.
                                                         MUSIC THERAPY PROGRAM
503.699.6253;                                                                     • After July 9, registrations or changes to
                                                         Applications should be submitted by the
Monday-Friday .......................... 8am-5pm                                                          grade options cannot be accepted for a
                                                         preferred deadline of February 15, 2003.
    (Evening advising by appointment)                                                                     standard 10-week class.
                                                            For information, contact the Music
                                                                                                        • Registrations for weekend or other non-
                                                         Therapy Program Director at
REGISTRATION                                                                                              standard classes will be accepted until the
                                                         503.636.8141, ext. 3361.
503.699.6267;                                                                    classes commence, but are subject to
Monday-Thursday ................. 8am-6:30pm                                                              late fee after June 28. See Tuition Refund
Friday ....................................... 8am-5pm   ONLINE DEGREE                                    Deadlines for drop deadlines, page 9.
                                                         COMPLETION PROGRAM                             • Registrations cannot be processed after
BUSINESS OFFICE                                          Applications for the fall 2002 cohort will       the end of a course. No registration
503.699.6278;                     be considered through August 16.                 changes or drops are accepted after a
Monday-Thursday ................. 8am-6:30pm                For information, contact Office of Ad-        course ends.
Friday ....................................... 8am-5pm   missions at 503.699.6268 or
                                                         1.800.634.9982, ext. 6268.                     REGISTRATION PROCESS
                                                                                                        See next page.
ADMISSIONS                                                                                              ARRANGED CLASSES
                                                         GRADUATE ADMISSION                             Registration for an ARRANGED CLASS,
APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION                                Applicants to one of the Graduate Degree       such as independent study, directed study,
All degree-seeking students will be required to          Programs must submit the Application for       or travel study, MUST INCLUDE an Agree-
complete a ONE-TIME admission form and                   Admission form with the $40 fee to the         ment for Arranged Class form completed
submit a non-refundable application fee.                 Office of Admissions and have an official      and signed by the instructor and the aca-
                                                         transcript of baccalaureate degree com-        demic department chair. The form is avail-
Student Category                                 Fee
                                                         pletion sent directly from their undergradu-   able on the University Web site or at the Of-
Undergraduate Student                           $20      ate college to the Office of Admissions.       fice of the Registrar.
Graduate Student                                $40          Contact the appropriate department for
International Student                           $50
                                                         specific requirements.                         ADDING OR
                                                                                                        DROPPING CLASSES
UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION                                  ADVISING                                       Students may add or drop classes:
Marylhurst University encourages prospec-                                                               • on the University Web site at
tive students to visit the campus and arrange                                                   
                                                         ACADEMIC ADVISING
an appointment with an academic advising                                                                • IN PERSON at the Office of the Registrar.
                                                         General academic advising is available in
specialist in the Office of Admissions for                                                              • by FAX to 503.697.5596.
                                                         the Office of Admissions and Enrollment
program and degree information.                                                                         • by EMAIL to
                                                         Relations. The academic advisor assists
     Most admission decisions are made on a              you by describing the various programs         Classes may also be dropped:
“rolling” basis. As soon as an applicant’s               at Marylhurst, suggesting learning options,    • IN PERSON at the Main Receptionist’s
file is complete, it is processed and the ap-            and helping you clarify your goals.              desk in the B.P. John Building
plicant is notified by letter and assigned to                For an appointment,                          AFTER 6:30pm or DURING
an academic advisor.                                     call 503.699.6268 or                             THE WEEKEND.
     To complete the undergraduate applica-              email
tion process, the applicant must submit the                                                             No phone drops will be accepted.
following documents:
                                                         TRANSFER STUDENT ADVISING                      A $12 processing fee is assessed FOR
• Undergraduate fee: $20
                                                         If you are transferring previously earned      EACH DROPPED class. Students receiving
• Application for Admission form
                                                         college credits to Marylhurst University as    federal financial aid must notify the Finan-
• Verification of high school completion
                                                         part of your admissions process and want       cial Aid Office of any dropped classes.
   or equivalency
• Official transcripts from all colleges/                to review how those credits will be ap-
                                                                                                        All changes in registration will be processed
   universities attended                                 plied toward degree completion at
                                                                                                        AS OF THE DATE AND TIME THAT THE
• Recent high school students need to submit             Marylhurst, you should schedule an ap-
                                                                                                        UNIVERSITY RECEIVES NOTIFICATION.
   ACT/SAT scores—minimum of ACT 19                      pointment with an academic advisor in the
                                                                                                        No registration changes are accepted after
   and the SAT 900; transfer students need               Office of Admissions and Enrollment Rela-
                                                                                                        a course ends. See also How Dropped
   overall 2.00 GPA in completed college                 tions at 503.699.6268.
                                                                                                        Classes Affect Your Academic Transcript,
   work                                                      It is helpful to submit your transcripts
                                                                                                        page 10.
• Letter of recommendation                               prior to scheduling an appointment.
        a. Complete the Registration Form on page 54 of this schedule.
           Forms are also available in the Office of the Registrar or can be downloaded
           from the University Web site at
        b. Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar:
           • IN PERSON: Room 226, B.P. John Administration Building
           • FAX: 503.697.5596
           • MAIL: Office of the Registrar, Marylhurst University, P.O. Box 261, Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261

    2. RETURNING STUDENTS may register by the above methods or online.

    PLEASE NOTE: For arranged classes, see Registration Process, “Arranged Classes,” page 7.

    1. Log into Campus Web.
        a. Go to
        b. Click “LOGIN.”
        c. Enter your ID # (your Marylhurst Student ID number).
        d. Enter your PIN (the last 6 digits of your Social Security number
           or, for International Students, the last 6 digits of your Social Security or I-94 number).
        e. Click “Login.”
           • If your login is successful, the “Welcome” screen appears.
           • If you receive this message, “Either the term you have selected is closed, or you have a hold on your account,”
              scroll down to the bottom of the screen for specific hold information and instructions.
           • If your login attempt fails, click “HELP,” then “Login” for assistance.

    2. Search for Courses.
        a.   Click “Course Search” under “Academics” in left column.
        b.   Select the term you wish to view from the drop down list and click “Change.”
        c.   Scroll down to “Detailed Search for Courses.” DO NOT use “Fast Search.”
        d.   Click “Department” arrow to bring up COURSE PREFIX drop down list.
        e.   Select your desired COURSE PREFIX and click “Search.”

    3. Add a Course.
        Find your desired course in the search results and click “Add.”

    4. Add Another Course.
        Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

    5. After You Have Registered
        a. Click “My Schedule” to confirm that you are enrolled in your selected classes.
           Print the confirmation of your schedule by clicking “Reformat as a printable page” and your computer’s “Print” function.
        b. When you are through with CAMPUS WEB, click LOGOUT in the upper right corner of the screen.
           For payment policies, see page 9.

    F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S ( FA Q )
    •   Why can’t I find all the courses listed in the printed schedule in CAMPUS WEB?
    •   Will I lose my classes if my browser or computer crashes while I am logged on?
        For answers to these and other questions, click on “FAQ” in the upper left corner of all Campus Web pages.

    O T H E R S E R V I C E S AVA I L A B L E V I A C A M P U S W E B
    •   View your grades                     •    Change your address
    •   View your account balance            •    Download University forms
R E G I S T R AT I O N , F I N A N C I A L A I D                                                                                                    9

                                                 1. If your financial aid funds are in excess      • GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS:
TUITION PAYMENT                                     of charges on your account, you will             Gift funds that do not have to be repaid.
PLEASE NOTE: Full payment is due July 9.            receive a financial aid refund after the       • LOANS: Low-interest loans that must
                                                    beginning of the term.                           be repaid.
Payment in full for tuition and any assessed
fees is due by the end of the second week of     2. If your financial aid funds do not cover       • WORK-STUDY: Part-time jobs on campus.
classes each term unless payment arrange-           all charges on your account, you will
ments have been approved by the Business            be responsible for the remaining amount        For further information about Financial
Office. When students register for classes,         which is due on or before July 9.              Aid, email the Financial Aid Office at
they incur charges and are responsible for                                                or call
payment of these charges whether or not          3. If your FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION              503.699.6253.
they attend classes. To have the charges re-        IS NOT COMPLETE when you register
moved, students must process a drop through         for classes, you will be responsible for
                                                    full payment, due on or before July 9
the Office of the Registrar within the refund
period. Failure to attend classes, ceasing to       (see payment options above). Subse-
attend, or only notifying the instructor does       quent receipt of financial aid funds will
                                                    reimburse you or be available for your
not constitute official withdrawal
    A late payment fee of $25 will be as-           payment to the tuition payment plan.           GRADING SYSTEM
sessed to unpaid balances the first business                                                       The grading system is based upon achieve-
day following the end of the second week of     CANCELLED CLASSES                                  ment in coursework attempted.
classes. Subsequent late fees of $25 will be    Occasionally it is necessary to cancel a
                                                class when registration for the class is           • LETTER GRADES (A-F) and quality points of
assessed each billing cycle until payment is
                                                not sufficient to accomplish the desired             the grade point average (GPA) system are
                                                learning environment. When a class is can-           explained in the University Catalog.
    Remaining unpaid balances at the end
of the term will prevent registration for       celled, registered students will be notified by    The following restrictions apply to specific
subsequent terms and transcripts will not       their academic department and offered as-          grade options:
be issued.                                      sistance in selecting an alternate class. In the
                                                event that an alternate class is not added, all    • PASS/NO PASS OPTION. For courses
                                                tuition already paid for the class will be re-       that offer a pass/no pass (P/NP) grade
PAYMENT OPTIONS                                                                                      option, students must specify this option
                                                funded. Cancellation decisions for all class
                                                formats will be made by the last day of the          PRIOR TO THE END OF THE SECOND
                                                first week of the term to allow students time        WEEK (or the equivalent) of instruction.
• AMS PAYMENT                                   to select an alternate class.                      • INCOMPLETE GRADE. An incomplete (I)
  PLAN INFORMATION                                                                                   may be granted for reasons ACCEPTABLE
  If you need more time to pay tuition, you     TUITION REFUNDS                                      TO THE INSTRUCTOR when the quality of
  may enroll in an AMS interest-free monthly    Students who drop one or more classes                work is satisfactory, but not all course re-
  payment plan. The small enrollment fee        prior to the end of the refund period (speci-        quirements have been completed.
  includes Tuition Protection Coverage. Call    fied below) receive 100 percent refund of
  Academic Management Services (AMS)            tuition. Students who withdraw from classes        In order to be granted an incomplete grade,
  at 1.800.635.0120 for complete informa-       after the end of the refund period receive no      a FORMAL REQUEST FORM MUST BE
  tion and enrollment.                          refund of tuition.                                 COMPLETED by the student and the instruc-
                                                                                                   tor PRIOR TO the end of the course. The form
                                                REFUND DEADLINES:                                  is available in the Office of the Registrar.
  BILLING AGREEMENTS                            • FULL-TERM CLASS: through the end of                  If the incomplete course is not completed
  Marylhurst University will bill employers       second week of classes.                          within the time allowed by the instructor (not
  who pay tuition for their employees. If                                                          to exceed one year), a contingency grade
  your employer pays at the beginning of        • A CLASS THAT HAS TWO OR MORE
                                                  SESSIONS BUT DOESN'T RUN THE                     established by the instructor, at the time the
  the term, please provide Marylhurst Uni-                                                         incomplete is awarded, is permanently re-
  versity with a signed letter of financial       FULL TERM: anytime prior to start of
                                                  second class session.                            corded on the student’s academic record.
  guarantee at the time you register for your
  classes.                                                                                         • WITHDRAWAL. To receive a W, a student
                                                • SINGLE-SESSION CLASS: anytime up
     If your employer pays at the end of the                                                         must officially withdraw by notifying the
                                                  to the start of the class.
  term or after grades are issued, please                                                            Office of the Registrar PRIOR TO the end
  provide Marylhurst University with a copy                                                          of the class. Ceasing to attend class does
                                                                                                     not constitute official withdrawal.
  of your employer's tuition reimbursement
  policy and verification of your employ-
                                                FINANCIAL AID
                                                Students who are unable to pay for all of          • AUDIT. A student auditing a class must
  ment and a completed promissory note at
                                                their college expenses are often eligible for        attend at least 60 percent of the course
  the time you register for classes. There is
                                                some type of financial aid. All students are         to receive an audit grade.
  a $35 charge for this option.
     The promissory note is available in the    encouraged to apply for financial aid if they
  Business Office. For more information,        need financial assistance. Application forms       ATTENDANCE
  contact the Business Office at                and assistance in completing them are avail-       Attendance at ALL class meetings is essential
  503.699.6278.                                 able in the Financial Aid Office.                  for academic achievement; it is expected
                                                    Financial aid applications are accepted        that students will attend classes as sched-
• FINANCIAL AID                                 at any time during the year. Scholarship ap-       uled. PLEASE NOTE: Marylhurst University
  If you have accepted a financial aid          plication deadlines vary. Check our Web            recognizes that child care issues are a major
  award and completed all application pro-      site for application forms and due dates.          concern for many students. However, the de-
  cesses, your financial aid funds will be          Financial aid is available from a              sired learning environment of the classroom
  posted as pending payment to your             variety of federal, state, college, and private    does not lend itself to the presence of chil-
  student account when you register for         sources. The general types of financial aid        dren and it is inappropriate to bring children
  classes.                                      include:                                           to class.
10   S E R V I C E S & G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N
     AFFECT YOUR ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT                  RECORDS                                           TRANSCRIPTS
     Courses dropped by the end of their tuition                                                        A transcript of credit is a complete copy of
     refund deadline will not appear on the aca-      • CONFIDENTIALITY                                 the student’s University academic record. In
     demic transcript. Courses dropped AFTER          In accordance with the Family Educational         accordance with the Family Educational
     the refund deadline will be considered offi-     Rights and Privacy Act, 1974, as amended,         Rights and Privacy Act, 1974, as amended,
     cial withdrawals and have a grade of W           and to ensure maximum safeguards of               transcripts are issued ONLY upon the signed,
     recorded on the transcript.                      information contained in students’ personal       written request of the student. Telephone
         After 100 percent of the course has          records, Marylhurst University will disclose      requests cannot be accepted.
     elapsed (after the last session of the course)   information of a confidential nature only to          There is a $5 fee for the first copy and
     withdrawal from a registered class is no         the student, to a parent/guardian claiming        $2 fee for each additional copy prepared
     longer possible and the earned grade (A-F        that student as a dependent (as demonstrated      at the same time. Faxed requests
     or P/NP) will be recorded on the academic        through provision of a copy of the parent/        503.697.5596 will be accepted as a
     transcript.                                      guardian’s most recent federal income tax         written request if they include the student’s
                                                      return), or to a third party upon receipt of an   signature and a VISA or MasterCard
                                                      original written release signed by the student    number and expiration date. Marylhurst
     NEW GRADE                                        concerned.                                        University does not issue copies of
                                                          Certain exceptions to this include
     REPORT POLICY                                    authorized Marylhurst University personnel
                                                                                                        transcripts from other institutions. Please
     Grades will be considered official 2 weeks                                                         allow 7 to 10 working days for completion
                                                      acting within the student’s legitimate            of a request.
     after the end of the term and will be avail-     educational interest; organizations
     able on the University Web site at               conducting studies for educational and                       governmental agencies; accrediting
     Grades may be viewed by logging onto
                                                      agencies; appropriate persons in case of          GENERAL
                                                      health or safety emergencies; agencies or
     Campus Web and clicking on "My
                                                      offices in connection with the student’s          INFORMATION
     Grades.". The login ID# is the Marylhurst
                                                      application for or receipt of financial aid;
     student ID number and the PIN is the last 6
                                                      governmental officials as identified by           ATM
     digits of student Social Security number or
                                                      Public Law 93-380; an appropriate official        An ATM machine is available in the foyer
     I-94 number.
                                                      in response to a court order or subpoena;         of Clark Commons.
                                                      and, in accordance with National Defense
     SATISFACTORY                                     Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1995,
     ACADEMIC PROGRESS                                U.S. Military recruiters filing name and          CAREER SERVICES
     • UNDERGRADUATE students must maintain           address requests under the Solomon                MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY CAREER
       a cumulative 2.00 GPA or better to re-         Amendment.                                        SERVICES OFFICE is located in Flavia Hall,
       main in Good Academic Standing.                    Without a signed release, Marylhurst          Room 210. Contact the Career Services
     • GRADUATE students must maintain a cu-          University can make only “directory               Coordinator at 503.699.6271 for an
       mulative 3.00 GPA or better to remain in       information” available for public use in          appointment to receive in-person services.
       Good Academic Standing.                        campus directories, publicity of events,             The Career Services Office offers résumé
                                                      honors, and the like.                             and cover letter critiques, interviews and
     For further details, please refer to the cur-        For details, refer to the next paragraph.     coaching, job search support, and career
     rent Marylhurst University Catalog.                                                                development information.
                                                      • DIRECTORY INFORMATION
                                                      The following constitutes directory               • CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS
     GRADUATION                                       information and may be released at the              are free and open to the public. They
     If you plan to graduate at the end of            discretion of the Registrar: name, address,         are offered once a month on Monday
     fall (December) term 2002, please contact        telephone number, name(s) and address(es)           evenings on campus at Marylhurst
     the EDP Coordinator at 503.675.3762              of parent(s), country of citizenship, major         University. The topics are different each
     before August 6, 2002.                           field of study, participation in recognized         month, but they all relate to career
                                                      activities, dates of attendance, degrees,           development. Call 503.699.6271 for
     PLEASE NOTE: Students graduating summer          honors and awards received, class-year in           information.
     term may make arrangements with the Of-          school and previous educational institutions
     fice of the Registrar to participate in the                                                        • A JOB ANNOUNCEMENT BULLETIN
     June Commencement ceremony preceding                                                                 BOARD is available on the second floor
                                                          If a student does not wish any of this
     their August graduation.                                                                             of Flavia Hall. Flavia is open Monday
                                                      information to be released, he or she must
                                                                                                          through Friday, 8am-6:30pm.
                                                      notify the Registrar in writing by the end of
                                                      the second week of classes.                       • EMPLOYMENT TRAINING AND
     PHOTO ID CARD                                        Directory information is published in
                                                      various forms during the year and
                                                                                                          BUSINESS SERVICES (ETBS) is operated
                                                                                                          by Clackamas County Department of
     A student identification card is required
                                                      Marylhurst University will withhold                 Employment. ETBS is open to the general
     for library and computer lab uses and for
                                                      information only when written requests are          public and offers free assessment testing
     other services throughout the term.
                                                      received in accordance with this procedure.         and workshops on the topics of career
         The photo ID card is prepared at the
                                                                                                          development. They are located on the
     Office of the Registrar.                         • NAME CHANGES
                                                                                                          Marylhurst campus in Davignon Hall,
                                                      A certified copy of a court order, a
                                                                                                          down the street from Clark Commons.
                                                      marriage certificate, or a dissolution decree
                                                      that includes a name change is required to
     CLASSROOM LOCATIONS                              support a request for a name change in
                                                                                                        • A JOB SERVICE EMPLOYMENT KIOSK,
                                                                                                          which lists currently available jobs
     Classroom assignments are posted in the          University records.                                 statewide, is located in Clark Commons
     reception area (second floor) of B.P. John
                                                                                                          and is free of charge.
     Administration Building.
S E R V I C E S & G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N                                                                                                          11

COPY SERVICES                                     GRADUATION RATES
AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS                             The following are completion statistics         PUBLIC SAFETY
There are three copiers on campus that may
be used by students. One is located in the
                                                  concerning the graduating class of June
                                                  2001: 70 undergraduate and 40 graduate
                                                  students were awarded degrees from              Although Marylhurst University is a relatively
Student Lounge (Admin 318) in the B.P. John
                                                  Marylhurst University. Of the                   crime-free campus, all employees and stu-
Administration Building and two are in
                                                  undergraduates, 91.4 percent completed          dents are encouraged to act in a manner
Shoen Library.
                                                  degree requirements within 6 years.             which limits the possibility of crimes occur-
    The copier in the Student Lounge
                                                      The range of time for program               ring. Procedures for reporting crimes are out-
operates on a debit card system. The cards
                                                  completion was from one year to nine years.     lined in the Student Handbook available on
can be purchased at the card dispensers in
                                                  The average amount of time to complete          the University Web site or in Shoen Library.
the lounge and the library. The first card is
                                                  graduation requirements was 3.2 years. The          Maintenance personnel perform courtesy
$1 and then may be revalued for up to $50
                                                  greatest number of students satisfied           services for students and staff, which include
worth of copies. Value can be added to the
                                                  academic requirements in 24 months.             vehicle battery jump starts, lockouts, and
card by placing it back into the card
                                                      For additional information about            temporary tire inflation. Maintenance can be
dispenser in the indicated slot. Only $1 or
                                                  graduation or completion statistics, call the   contacted by calling the receptionist, ext. 0.
$5 bills can be placed into the bill slot. If
                                                  Office of the Registrar at 503.699.6267 or          Receptionists are on duty from 8am-10pm
your card is damaged by a card reader,
                                                  email                 Monday through Friday, and from 8am-6pm
you can request a new card or a refund.
                                                                                                  on Saturday and Sunday.
    Cards are reusable. When finished with
your card, give it to the receptionist in B.P.    INCLEMENT WEATHER INFORMATION                   • INCIDENTS REPORTED
John Building to recycle. Problems with           Whenever inclement weather or some other           TO CAMPUS SECURITY
cards or copiers can also be reported to the      cause makes it necessary for Marylhurst         In compliance with the Federal Crime
receptionist.                                     University to cancel classes or to close the    Awareness and Campus Security Act of
                                                  campus, local radio and television stations     November 1990 (U.S. Public Law 101-542),
COUNSELING                                        are notified.                                   the following statistics are provided for your
Personal counseling is available to                  The UNIVERSITY WEATHER LINE is avail-        information:
Marylhurst students for a sliding scale fee       able at 503.636.8140 or visit our Web site                                   1/1/99     1/1/00     1/1/01
through the Psychological Service Center at       at
                                                                                                                             12/31/99   12/31/00   12/31/01

503.220.0390.                                                                                     Aggravated Assault               0          0          0
                                                                                                  Burglary                         5          1          2
                                                  INSURANCE                                       Drug Abuse Violations            0          0          0
DISABILITY SERVICES                                                                               Forcible Sex Offense             0          0          0
                                                  If you are enrolled as a full- or part-time     Liquor Law Violations            0          0          0
Marylhurst University is committed to ensur-
                                                  student, you are eligible for health            Motor Vehicle Theft              0          0          1
ing that all students have equal access to its                                                    Murder                           0          0          0
                                                  insurance from a company contracted to
academic programs.                                                                                Non-Forcible Sex Offense         0          0          0
                                                  provide insurance for Marylhurst students.      Rape                             0          0          0
     Students with disabilities are entitled to
                                                  Coverage for spouses and children is also       Robbery                          0          0          0
reasonable accommodations according to                                                            Trespass                         0          0          0
                                                  available. Brochures are available in the
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of                                                          Weapons Violations               0          0          0
                                                  Admissions Office.
1973 and the Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA) of 1990. Students have the right        PLEASE NOTE: Health insurance is required       • DRUG- AND ALCOHOL-FREE
not to be discriminated against or treated        for international students.                         ENVIRONMENT
with disrespect based on an actual or per-                                                        In compliance with Drug-Free Workplace Act
ceived disability. They are entitled to access    MEDIA EQUIPMENT                                 of 1988 (Public Law 100-690, Title V, Sub-
all University programs if “otherwise quali-      Marylhurst students and employees may           title D) and Drug-Free Schools & Communities
fied” to participate. However, along with         check out cassette players, overhead            Act Amendment of 1989 (Public Law 101-
these rights come responsibilities.               projectors, and so forth. Contact Kurt          226), it is the policy of Marylhurst University
     Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of     Fahner, Marylhurst’s instructional facilities   to maintain a drug-free workplace and envi-
1973 stipulates that a student with a disabil-    coordinator at 503.636.8141, ext. 3393,         ronment for employees and students.
ity is obligated to provide documentation of      or email                       The Student Handbook contains complete
their disabling condition to the college. To          Shoen Library also provides some            information regarding the applicable federal
do this you must register with the Services       media equipment in collaboration with the       and state laws, health risks associated with
Coordinator for Students with Disabilities. To    Instructional Technology Department.            use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol,
register 1) make an appointment for an in-        Contact the Circulation Department of the       as well as the disciplinary actions that may be
take/accommodation assessment, and 2)             library for information at 503.699.6261.        taken against those accused of the illegal use,
provide appropriate evidence (documenta-                                                          possession, or distribution of drugs on
tion) of your disability from a qualified medi-   PARKING ON CAMPUS                               campus. The Handbook is available on the
cal or psychological professional.                Parking permits are not required; however,      University Web site or in Shoen Library.
     Marylhurst University has rights and re-     parking spaces are limited near the center
sponsibilities, too. These include ensuring       of campus. Additional spaces are available
access to all programs, evaluating appli-         by St. Anne’s Chapel, first building on the     STUDENT CONDUCT
cants based on ability, and reviewing docu-       right as one enters the campus.                 All members of the Marylhurst community
mentation supporting requested accommoda-                                                         are expected to act in ways which foster the
tions. The institution has the right to refuse    TRI-MET BUS SERVICE                             University’s primary function of education.
any accommodation that would fundamental-         Marylhurst University is served by Tri-Met      Conduct that interferes with this educational
ly alter an academic program, or would            bus line 35 which travels between Portland      responsibility will be dealt with directly. See
pose an undue burden on the University.           and Oregon City.                                Student Handbook, available on University
     For more information, contact the Servic-    • Weekdays, 5am to 11:30pm;                     Web site or in Shoen Library.
es Coordinator for Students with Disabilities     • Saturdays, 7:30am to 9:30pm; and                  The Academic Dean serves as the
at 503.636.8141, ext. 3344, or 800.634.           • Sundays, 7:30am to 6:30pm.                    University’s judicial officer and coordinates
9982, ext. 3344, or TTY 503.699.6301,                Tri-Met schedules are available at B.P.      the efforts of students, faculty, and staff in
or email              John Administration Building main entrance.     matters involving grievances or discipline.
12   S E R V I C E S & G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N
     THE ART GYM                                             FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE                                  The library’s modern three-story building
     Director: Terri Hopkins                                 • 5-PERCENT DISCOUNT for students.                includes seminar rooms, lounges, an art gal-
     Phone: 503.699.6243                                       Show your student ID before purchase            lery, computer labs, a music listening room,
     Email:                              transaction.                                    and specially designed study carrels. Shoen
                                                                                                               Library is wheelchair accessible.
     HOURS:                                                  • PUNCH TICKETS are available for
     Tuesday-Sunday ....................... Noon-4pm           the campus cafeteria: a $21 value ticket        LIBRARY COMPUTER FACILITIES
                                                               for $20. Purchase tickets in the Bon            The library provides computer clusters in nu-
     The Art Gym exhibition program is an impor-               Appétit Office.
     tant resource for Marylhurst art students and                                                             merous locations throughout the facility.
     the Portland metropolitan community. It pro-            • VENDING MACHINES are located in the             There are two teaching labs with worksta-
     motes public understanding of contemporary                Student Lounge on the third floor and the       tions and digital projection capabilities; a
     Northwest art through exhibitions, publica-               north end of the first floor of the B.P. John   media room with two high-end PC worksta-
     tions, and discussion.                                    Building.                                       tions and specialty software; a Mac design
         Since the opening of this 3,000-square-                                                               lab; a reference area equipped with PCs; a
     foot gallery in 1980, the works of more                 PLEASE NOTE: Food service is open only on         fine arts area (Whipple Room) with PC and
     than 400 artists from Oregon, Idaho,                    weekends when Marylhurst University classes       Mac capabilities; and selective semi-private
     Washington, Alaska, and Canada have                     are being held. On occasion the Dining            nooks for PC users who want to get away
     been shown. The Art Gym is located on the               Room closes for special events. Notices will      from it all. All PCs have full Internet access
     third floor, south end, of B.P. John Adminis-           be posted in advance of its closure. Clark        and laser printing options.
     tration Building. For exhibit information, see          Commons closes on all school holidays.                The computer equipment is available to
     Calendar of Events, page 6.                                                                               Marylhurst University students and faculty at
                                                                                                               no charge.
                                                             CENTER FOR CAMPUS
     BOOKSTORE                                               EVENTS AND STUDENT LIFE                           STREFF GALLERY
     Phone: 503.699.6245                                     Director: Sharon Brabenac                         Works of Marylhurst students, alumni, and
     Email:                         Phone: 503.699.6249                               library patrons are exhibited regularly in the
                                                             Email:                Streff Gallery. For information about current
     The Marylhurst Bookstore is located in Clark
                                                             Office: Clark Commons                             exhibitions, see the Calendar of Events on
     Commons. It handles a variety of books,
                                                                                                               page 6 or on the University Web site.
     school supplies, and merchandise, including
                                                             The Center for Campus Events and Student              For information about exhibiting in Streff
     Marylhurst sweatshirts and T-shirts. Services
                                                             Life is committed to serving students, alumni,    Gallery, call Paulette Switzer at 503.699.
     include sale and repurchase of used text-
                                                             and the community through special events          6261 or email
     books and placement of special orders.
                                                             and activities, leadership development                To schedule the gallery for a meeting or
                                                             through student organizations, advocacy,          an event, call Judy Millenbach at 503.697.
     SUMMER TERM                                                                                               8730 or email
                                                             referrals to campus and community resourc-
     TEXTBOOK SALES BEGIN ............ June 10               es, and the student residential learning com-
                                                             munity. The Center offers opportunities to        LIBRARY HOURS – SUMMER TERM
     REGULAR HOURS                                           serve the community and to volunteer              Monday-Friday ........................ 9am-10pm
     Monday-Friday ........................ 10am-7pm         on campus. It is available throughout the         Saturday ................................... 9am-6pm
     Saturday ................................. 11am-2pm     year to host seminars, meetings, weddings,        Sunday ......................................... Closed
     (open on Saturday only when classes are in session)     corporate events, and retreats.
                                                                                                               BETWEEN TERMS
     FIRST WEEK OF TERM                                                                                        Hours vary between terms and on holidays;
     Monday-Thursday .................... 10am-8pm           CAMPUS MINISTRY
                                                                                                               check with the library for hours.
     Saturday ................................. 11am-5pm     Contact the Center for Campus Events and
                  (June 24-29, 2002)                         Student Life for a schedule of Campus Minis-
                                                             try activities and events or visit the Web site   WRITING CENTER
                                                             Calendar of Events.                               Phone: 503.699.6277
     Monday-Friday ........................ 10am-5pm
     Weekends ..................................... Closed                                                     Email:
                                                             • CATHOLIC MASS (Eucharist)
                                                                Wednesday, 4pm, St. Anne’s Chapel              The Marylhurst Writing Center is open free
     LAST DAY FOR                                                                                              of charge to students, faculty, staff, and the
     FULL TEXT REFUND ........................ July 10       • MEDITATION ROOM: Admin 312                      public. Writing assistants provide feedback
     BOOK BUY-BACK .................... June10-15                                                              from a reader’s point of view to help writers
     Monday-Friday .................... 10:30am-6pm                                                            flesh out ideas, fine-tune concepts, and de-
     Saturday ........................ 11:30am-1:30pm
                                                             SHOEN LIBRARY                                     velop strategies for organizing, editing, and
                                                             Jan Marie Fortier: University Librarian           proofreading their work.
     PLEASE NOTE: Marylhurst Bookstore is open               Phone: 503.699.6261                                   The Writing Center is located in room
     only on weekends when University classes                Fax: 503.636.1957                                 308 of the B.P. John Administration Building.
     are being held.                                         Email:                         For more information about Writing Cen-
                                                                                                               ter services, call the Writing Center at
                                                             Shoen Library is open to Marylhurst students,     503.699.6277 or the English Literature &
     BON APPÉTIT CAFE                                        faculty, and staff, as well as patrons of the     Writing Department at 503.699.6313 or
     & CATERING SERVICE                                      tri-county libraries, at no charge. Others        email
                                                             may borrow from Shoen Library by joining
     Phone: 503.699.6254
                                                             The Friends of Shoen Library.
     Email:                                                                          MATH ASSISTANCE
     Location: Clark Commons                                      To become a member of The Friends,
                                                             contact Jan Marie Fortier, University Librari-    Math assistance is available through the
     FOOD SERVICE HOURS                                      an, at 503.699.6261. Memberships are              Science and Mathematics Department on
     Monday-Friday ..................... 9am-1:30pm          $10 for students; $20 for individuals; and        an individual basis. For further information,
     Saturday/Sunday ........................... Closed      $30 for families.                                 call the department at 503.699.6275.
W E E K D AY C O U R S E S                                                                                                                                                                      13

Course No.   Course Title                                Day     Start    Time       Crs.   Fee   Course No.   Course Title                            Day     Start    Time       Crs.   Fee

ART (BA, BFA), pages 20-22                                                                        ESL 124      Level II Grammar                    M/W/F     6/26              V   nc

DRW 330S Pastel Drawing Workshop                        M-F    6/24          9-4       3          ESL 131      Level III Reading                   M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5

ID 214       Introduction to                          Tu/Th    6/18          9-1       3          ESL 132      Level III Writing                   Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
             Architectural Drawing                                                                ESL 133      Level III Speaking & Listening      Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
ID 215       ID Studio 1                              M/W      6/17          9-1       3 $10      ESL 134      Level III Grammar                   M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5
ID 216       ID Studio 2                               M-Th    7/22          9-1       3 $10      ESL 141      Level IV Reading                    M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5
ID 217       ID Studio 3                               M-Th    8/12          9-1       3 $10      ESL 142      Level IV Writing                    Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
ID 313       History of Architecture & Interiors      Tu/Th    6/25       3:15-6       3          ESL 143      Level IV Speaking & Listening       Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
ID 325       Architectural Freehand Drawing        M/Tu/W 7/15            3:15-6   3              ESL 144      Level IV Grammar                    M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5
             for the Skilled & the Scared          (Field Trips: F/Sa/Su, 7/19-21, 9-4:30)
                                                                                                  ESL 151      Level V Reading                     M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5
PHO 351      Photography: Pictures                    Tu/Th    6/25      9-11:45       3 $50
             Through a Different Lens                                                             ESL 152      Level V Writing                     Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
PHO 352      Photography: On the Road                 Tu/Th    6/25      12:15-3       3 $50      ESL 153      Level V Speaking & Listening        Tu/Th/F   6/25              V 1.5
PNT 275      Beginning Painting: Outdoors               M-F    8/12          9-4       3          ESL 154      Level V Grammar                     M/W/F     6/26              V 1.5
PNT 334      Beginning Watercolor: Outdoors             M-F     8/5          9-4       3          WR 420       American Business                     Tu/Th   6/25       3:30-5       3
PNT 335      Watercolor 2: Outdoors                     M-F     8/5          9-4       3
                                                                                                  WR 421       Advanced American                     Tu/Th   6/25       3:30-5       3
PNT 336      Watercolor 3: Outdoors                     M-F     8/5          9-4       3                       Business Communications
PNT 385      Landscape Painting                         M-F    8/12          9-4       3
                                                                                                  ENGLISH LITERATURE & WRITING, pages 31-32
SCP 350S     Mold Making for                        M/W/F      6/24          9-4       3 $45
             Contemporary Sculpture                                                               LIT 333      From Utopia to Dystopia               Wed     6/26       3:15-6       3

                                                                                                  LIT 359      Metropolis: The City                  M/W     6/24      12:15-3       3
COMMUNICATION STUDIES (BA), pages 25-27                                                                        in Literature & Film
CM 323A      Effective Listening: From                  Tue    6/25      12:15-3       3
             Comprehension to Critical Evaluation                                                 HUMAN SCIENCES (BA), pages 33-34
                                                                                                  HMS 484      Relationship with the                 Tu/Th   6/25       3:15-6       4
CULTURAL & HISTORICAL STUDIES (BA), pages 27-28                                                                Transcendent: A Critical Inquiry
CHS 333      From Utopia to Dystopia                   Wed     6/26       3:15-6       3                       into Numinous Experience

CHS 359      Metropolis: The City                     M/W      6/24      12:15-3       3          PS 460       Women & Politics                      Wed     6/26       3:15-6       3
             in Literature & Film
                                                                                                  INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (MA), pages 49-50
HST 351      Hollywood’s History of America             Tue    6/25       3:15-6       3
                                                                                                  INT 518      Women & Politics                      Wed     6/26       3:15-6       3
                                                                                                  MUSIC (BA, BMT), pages 39-41
ESL 111      Level I Reading                        M/W/F      6/26              V   nc
                                                                                                  MU 293G Guitar Performance Workshop:             W/Th/F    6/19         10-3       1
ESL 112      Level I Writing                        Tu/Th/F    6/25              V   nc                   Stylistic Interpretation                   & Sa    6/23          2-6
                                                                                                          of Early Music
ESL 113      Level I Speaking & Listening           Tu/Th/F    6/25              V   nc
                                                                                                  MU 436A      Vocalrobics                        M/Tu/W      7/1          3-5       2
ESL 114      Level I Grammar                        M/W/F      6/26              V   nc
                                                                                                  MU 493A      Bach/Baroque Keyboard Festival:       M/Tu    6/17          9-4       1
ESL 121      Level II Reading                       M/W/F      6/26              V   nc                        Let's Dance with Bach
ESL 122      Level II Writing                       Tu/Th/F    6/25              V   nc           MU 493D      Piano Duets by the Sea           Su/M/Tu/W    7/21              V     1
ESL 123      Level II Speaking & Listening          Tu/Th/F    6/25              V   nc
                                                                                                  SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS (BA), pages 45-46
                                                                                                  MTH 102      Survey of Algebra                       Thu   6/27       3:15-6       3

       CALENDAR:                                                                                  MTH 111

                                                                                                  SCI 385
                                                                                                               Intermediate Algebra

                                                                                                               Head Start Summer Science Institute

                                                                                                                                                             6/26       3:15-6

                                                                                                                                                             6/24 8:30-3:30


       Summer quarter classes in the evening,
       on weekdays, and weekends, begin
       on various dates throughout the term.

             To register for classes online, go to
                                                                     PLEASE NOTE: Some classes require prerequisites. See detailed
                                                                                                      course descriptions under sponsoring department.
                                                                                                      V = varying class times and/or credits
     Course No.   Course Title                         Day     Start   Time   Crs.   Fee   Course No.    Course Title                      Day     Start    Time     Crs.    Fee

     BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT                                                                 LEARNING ASSESSMENT CENTER, pages 36-37

     Undergraduate (BS), pages 23-24                                                       LRN 150       Learning Assessment Workshop    Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15        1

     BUS 300      Managing in                         Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     6          LRN 300       PLA Workshop                    Wed     7/31 6:30-9:15        3
                  Dynamic Environments
                                                                                           LIBERAL ARTS CORE PROGRAM, pages 38-39
     MKT 402      Marketing Beyond Borders             Tue   6/25 6:30-9:15     3
                                                                                           LAC 373A Information Lab                      Mon      7/8 6:30-9:15        1
     Graduate (MBA), pages 50-52
                                                                                           LAC 450A Senior Seminar                        Tue    6/25 6:30-9:15        3
     FIN 549      International Finance               Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3
                                                                                           MUSIC (BA, BMT), pages 39-41
     GDM 530 Principled Decision Making                Thu   6/27 6:30-9:15     3
                                                                                           MU 293F/ Guitar Skills Refreshed for           Thu    6/27      7-8:30      1
     MGT 515      Business Law                        Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3          493F     the Practicing Music Therapist
     MGT 524      Labor & Employment Law               Tue   6/25 6:30-9:15     3          MU 493B       Seminar: Get in the Act:           V     7/1          V       2 $40
                                                                                                         Singing Actor 2002                  (Auditions: 5/11)
     MKS 520      Marketing Analysis/Strategy          Tue   6/25 6:30-9:15     3

     MKS 540      Marketing Management               Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15     3          SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS, pages 45-46

     QA 518       Statistics for Managers              Thu   6/27 6:30-9:15     3          BIO 342       General Botany                  Mon 6/24 6:30-9:15            3
                                                                                                                                            (Field Trips: TBD)
     COMMUNICATION STUDIES (BA), pages 25-27                                               ENV 324       Field Methods I:               Th/Sa 7/11 6:30-9:15          3
     CM 324       Nonverbal Communication            Tu/F    6/25 6:30-9:15     3                        Nature Photography                  (Field Trips: Sa, 8:30-5pm)

     CM 340       Organizational Communication         Thu   6/27 6:30-9:15     3
                                                                                           ENV 343       Mountain Ecology                 Thu 7/25 6:30-9:15           3
                                                                                                                                             (Field Trips: Fri, 8:30-5:50)
                                                                                           ENV 346       Coastal Ecology                 Mon 6/24 6:30-9:15            3 $150
     HST 321      History of Islam                    Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3
                                                                                                                                            (Field Trip: 6/25-28)
                                                                                                                                           (Register by 6/10)
                                                                                           ENV 365       The Animal Mind:                 Tue    6/25 6:30-8:15        2
     WR 205       Creative Writing:                  Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15     3                        Consciousness & Intelligence
                  Memories, Places, & People
                                                                                           MTH 101       Survey of Mathematics            Tue    6/25 6:30-9:15        3
     WR 369       Writing Seminar I:                Tu/Th    6/25 6:30-9:15     3
                  Screenwriting                                                            MTH 107/ Mathematics Workshop:                Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15        V
                                                                                           207/307/ Math Your Way
     WR 466       Writing Seminar II:                 Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3          407
                  Creative Non-Fiction

     HUMAN SCIENCES, pages 33-34
     HMS 352      Bio/Psycho/                         Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3
                  Spiritual Integration

     PSY 334      Personality Theory                 Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15     3

     PSY 336      Abnormal Psychology               Tu/Th/    7/9 6:30-9:15     3
                                                 & Sat/Sun              9-5

     INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (BA), page 35                                                                            REGISTER EARLY
     INT 497      Senior Paper Seminar                Mon    6/24 6:30-9:15     3                       Since many classes have enrollment limits all
     INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (MA), pages 49-50                                                        students are encouraged to register a minimum
                                                                                                        of two weeks prior to the beginning of the term
     INT 515      Mysteries of Identity                Tue   6/25 6:30-9:15     3                       to ensure a desired course load. Students must
     INT 517      Psychology & Social Change         Wed     6/26 6:30-9:15     3                       register for a class prior to attending that class.

                                                                                                                     To register for classes online,
                                                                                                                    go to
WEEKEND COURSES                                                                                                                                                   15

Days             Course No.   Course Title                        Crs.   Fee   Days                Course No.       Course Title                     Crs.   Fee

APPLIED THEOLOGY (MA), page 47                                                 COMMUNICATION STUDIES (BA), pages 25-27
Aug 9-10,23-24   PMT 596A     Master’s Project I (Prospectus)       3 $150     Jun 21-23           CM 366L          Module III: Creating,             1
                                                                                                                    Transforming, & Maintaining
Aug 9-10,23-24   PMT 596B     Master’s Project I (Prospectus)       3 $150                                          Life-Serving Organizations

ART (BA, BFA), pages 20-22                                                     Jun 28;             CM 300           Patterns & Principles             3
                                                                               Jul 19-21                            of Communication
Jul 20-21        PHO 321      Lighting Workshop                     1
                                                                               Jun 29-30;          PR 474           Public Relations in Action        3
Jul 27-28        PRN 340      Photoetching                          1 $20      Jul 20-21                            Campaigns, Crises, Events,
                                                                                                                    & Opportunities
ART THERAPY (MA), pages 48-49                                                  Jul 12-14           CM 325           Communication of Self-Esteem      3

Jul 12-13        AT 475/575   Introduction to                       1 $15      Jul 13              CM 466C          Sales Concepts                    1
                              Art Therapy Workshop
                                                                               Aug 3               CM 466A          Technobabble: Enhancing           1
Jul 13-14        AT 478/578   Art Therapy Media & Methods           1 $15                                           Communication While Using
                                                                                                                    ”Lean Media“
Jul 19-21        AT 467/567   Multimedia Mask Making                2 $40

Jul 26-27        AT 417/517   Art Therapy with Children:            1 $15      CULTURAL & HISTORICAL STUDIES (BA), pages 27-28
                              Assessment & Treatment
                                                                               Jun 1 (register by); CHS 486         In the Footsteps of               6
Jul 27-28        AT 418/518   Bereavement & Art Therapy             1 $15      Class: Sep 3,23                      the Asian Masters
                                                                               Trip Dates: Sep 4-18                 & Mystics: Japan
Aug 2-3          AT 415/515   Art Therapy with                      1 $15
                              Chemically Dependent                             Jul 12-13,26-27;    HST 400          History of Food                   3
                              Adolescents                                      Aug 9-10

Aug 9-10         AT 447/547   Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling:     1          Jul 20-21;          CHS 346          Non-Violence as                   3
                              The Narrative Strategies of                      Aug 3-4                              Political Practice: Gandhi
                              the Artful Practitioner                                                               & Martin Luther King, Jr.

Aug 16-17        AT 480/580   Introduction to                       1
                              Dance Movement Therapy                           ENGLISH LITERATURE & WRITING (BA), pages 31-32

Aug 23-25        AT 537       Family Art Therapy                    2 $15      Jun 29; Jul 27      WR 410           Out There: Strategies             1
                                                                                                                    for Writers Ready to Go Public
BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT                                                          Jul 19-20           LIT 210          Acting Workshop I                 1

Undergraduate (BS), pages 23-24                                                HUMAN SCIENCES (BA), pages 33-34
Jun 29           MGT 465B     Balancing Career & Family:            1          Jun 28-30;          HMS 303          Intimacy & Creativity             3
                              Resources for Success                            Aug 16-18

Jul 13           MGT 465C     Sales Concepts                        1          Jun 28-30           PSY 360R         Eastern Psychology                3

Jul 27           MGT 465A     Life & Work:                          1          Jul 13-14;          PSY 452          Dreams: A Jungian Perspective     3
                              A Spiritual Integration                          Aug 10-11

Aug 2-4          BUS 431      Career Design                         3          Jul 19-21           HMS 380/         The Journey Through Change        3
                                                                                                   PSY 380
Aug 9-11         BUS 432      Career Management                     3

                                                                               INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (BA), page 35
Graduate (MBA), pages 50-52
                                                                               Jun 1 (register by); INT 486         In the Footsteps of               6
Jun 29           MGT 565B     Balancing Career & Family:            1          Class: Sep 3,23                      the Asian Masters
                              Resources for Success                            Trip Dates: Sep 4-18                 & Mystics: Japan
Jul 13           MGT 565C     Sales Concepts                        1
                                                                               INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (MA), pages 49-50
Jul 20-21;       ORG 563      Organizations of                      3
Aug 3-4                       Continual Learning                               Jun 1 (register by); INT 586         In the Footsteps of               6
                                                                               Class: Sep 3,23                      the Asian Masters
Jul 27           MGT 565A     Life & Work:                          1          Trip Dates: Sep 4-18                 & Mystics: Japan
                              A Spiritual Integration
                                                                               Jul 26-28           INT 503          Leadership                        3
Aug 2-4          GDM 531      Career Design                         3

Aug 3-4,17       GDM 534      Global Business                       3

Aug 9-11         GDM 532      Career Management                     3

                                                                                      PLEASE NOTE: Some classes require prerequisites. See detailed
                                                                                      course descriptions under sponsoring department.
                                                                                      V = varying class times and/or credits
     Days                Course No.    Course Title                   Crs.   Fee   Days               Course No.      Course Title                    Crs.   Fee

     LIBERAL ARTS CORE PROGRAM, pages 38-39                                        SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS (BA), pages 45-46

     Jun 29-30;          LAC 172       Computer Technology Survey       3          Jun 29             SCI 366         Problem Solving                   1
     Jul 20; Aug 17-18
                                                                                   Jul 6-11           SCI 387         Head Start Summer                 2
     Jul 13,27           LAC 115A/     Entering Student Seminar         1                                             Science Workshop
                                                                                   Jul 12-14          BIO 161         The Human Being:                  3
                                                                                                                      Mind & Body
     MUSIC (BA, BMT), pages 39-41
                                                                                   Jul 12-14          ENV 320         Population & Global Resources     3
     Jul 20              MU 436B       Vocalrobics Pedagogy             1
                                                                                   Aug 9-11,16-18     PHY 111         Looking In. Looking Out:          3
                                                                                                                      Physics of Medical
     RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY (BA), pages 43-44                                                                 & Space Imaging
     Jun 1 (register by); RSP 486A/    In the Footsteps of              6
     Class: Sep 3,23      586A         the Asian Masters
     Trip Dates:Sep 4-18               & Mystics: Japan

     Jun 28-30           PCR 412/512   Islam & Society                  3
                                                                                          WEEKEND COURSES are subject to the
     Jun 28-30;          SPP 460/      Spiritual Direction:             3
                                                                                          same term requirements as all other classes and
     Jul 12-14           560           Through the Arts of Theatre
                                                                                          are considered standard term length. Although
     Jul 20              PCR 470L/     The Sacred Labyrinth:            1                 class meetings vary throughout the term, depending
                         570L          Spirituality in Motion                             on the class format from one-, two-, or three-weekend
     Jul 21              PCR 470P      Creating a Peace Forum           1                 schedules, they officially commence on the first day
                                                                                          of the term and end on the last day of the term.
     Jul 27              PCR 465Y/     Life & Work:                     1
                         565Y          A Spiritual Integration
                                                                                                     To register for classes online,
     Aug 10              PCR 370R      Religion & Technology            1
                                                                                                    go to
     Aug 16-17           PCR 370T      Trauma & Post-traumatic          1
                                       Stress Disorder: A Wholistic
                                       Approach to Healing Mind,                          PRE-ASSIGNMENTS
                                       Body, & Spirit
                                                                                          FOR WEEKEND COURSES
                                                                                          Students enrolling in weekend classes are expected
                                                                                          to complete pre-session reading and/or writing
                                                                                          assignments. Registration should be completed at
                                                                                          least two weeks prior to the first class meeting.
                                                                                          An information letter will then be mailed from the
                                                                                          department. If the letter is not received within 10
                                                                                          days prior to the first weekend of class, contact the
                                                                                          sponsoring department.
MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY ONLINE                                                                                                                                   17

Additional Web-based courses may be added to the                            Course No.       Course Title                                         Crs.   Fee
schedule. Check the Marylhurst University Web site
                                                                            INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (BA), page 35
and follow the links from Online Learning for up-to-date
information. Questions? Call 503.699.6319 or email                          INT 304E         The History & Philosophy                               3
                                                                                             of the Human Sciences
   For further information about registration and access                    LIBERAL ARTS CORE PROGRAM, pages 38-39
to Web-based courses, see, pages 18-19.
                                                                            LAC 115E/315E    Entering Student Seminar                               1 $15

                                                                            LAC 373E         Information Lab                                        1
PLEASE NOTE: Most courses begin on 6/24 and end 8/30. See the               LAC 415E         Map Completion Seminar                                 1
sponsoring department for course descriptions and prerequisites.
                                                                            LAC 450E         Senior Seminar                                         3
Course No.      Course Title                                   Crs.   Fee
                                                                            MUSIC (BA, BMT), pages 39-41
BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT                                                       MU 132E          Enjoyment of Music                                     3

Undergraduate (BS), pages 23-24                                             REAL ESTATE (BS), page 42
BUS 320E        Business Statistics                              3          RE 410E          Land-Use Planning                                      3
BUS 330E        Information Technology Strategies                3          RE 420E          Building & Design Construction I                       3
BUS 341E        Financial Accounting Concepts                    3          RE 470E          Real Estate Finance I                                  3
BUS 400E        Personal Ethics in Organizations                 3
                                                                            RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY (BA), pages 43-44
Graduate (MBA), pages 50-52                                                 ETH 323E         Making Ethical Decisions                               3
FIN 513E        Financial Management                             3          SSC 407E/507E    Writings, Psalms, & Wisdom Literature in the Bible     3
FIN 541E        Corporate Investments & Forecasting              3          SSC 454E/554E    Epistles: Letters to Christian Communities             3
IKM 521E        Business Research                                3

MGT 519E        Strategy & Business Planning                     3

MGT 522E        Valuing Human Capital, A Systems Perspective     3          WEB-ENHANCED COURSES
MGT 590E        Final Graduate Project                           3          PLEASE NOTE: The following courses use online technology to support
                                                                            classroom instruction. Students are required, unless advised otherwise,
MKS 542E        Advertising Management                           3          to attend all on-campus meetings. See sponsoring department for
MKS 546E        International Marketing                          3
                                                                            course descriptions, prerequisites, and meeting times.

COMMUNICATION STUDIES (BA), pages 25-27                                     Course No.       Course Title                                         Crs.   Fee

CM 323E         Effective Listening:                             3          COMMUNICATION STUDIES (BA), pages 25-27
                From Comprehension to Critical Evaluation
                                                                            CM 300           Patterns & Principles of Communication                 3
CM 347E         Negotiation                                      3
                                                                            CM 340           Organizational Communication                           3
CM 363E         Understanding Media                              3
                                                                            PR 474           Public Relations in Action:                            3
CM 400E         Research & Discovery in Communication            3                           Campaigns, Crises, Events,
                                                                                             & Opportunities
                                                                            LIBERAL ARTS CORE (BA), pages 38-39
CHS 367E        Engaging the Other                               3
                                                                            LAC 172          Computer Technology Survey                             3
LIT 329E        The Novel                                        3

LIT 367E        Engaging the Other                               3

WR 221E         Introduction to Expository Writing               3
                & Critical Thinking

WR 303E         Writing Lab                                      1

HUMAN SCIENCES (BA), pages 33-34
HS 304E         The History & Philosophy                         3
                of the Human Sciences
SS 212E         Research Methods & Statistics                    3
                in the Social Sciences I
                                                                                PLEASE NOTE: Some classes require prerequisites. See detailed
SS 304E         Research Methods & Statistics                    3              course descriptions under sponsoring department.
                in the Social Sciences II                                       V = varying class times and/or credits
     DIRECTOR: Mark Jenkins, Ph.D.           SUMMER 2002 ONLINE                             learning. In that spirit, we have upgraded
                                                                                            to a newer, and we think better, version of
                                             All online course sites open on Monday,
     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                                                    WebCT. At minimum we hope that you'll
                                             June 24 at 5pm. At that time all registered
     & STUDENT SUPPORT LEAD:                 students will be added to their courses.
                                                                                            notice increased performance and fewer
     Meg Dielschneider                                                                      bugs. Beyond that, you will see the addi-
                                                 Please allow 24 hours between regis-
                                                                                            tion of a global, campus-wide calendar to
                                             tration and online course access—for in-
     DIRECTOR OF ONLINE DEGREE               stance, if you register for an online course
                                                                                            your MyWebCT page and a tool that al-
     COMPLETION (BA/BS) PROGRAM:                                                            lows you to collapse threads in a discus-
                                             on Monday, June 24, you will not be able
                                                                                            sion for easier scanning of postings in
     Pam Miller                              to access the site until Tuesday afternoon,
                                                                                            your course.
                                             June 25.
     FACULTY DEVELOPMENT                                                                        One of the by-products of this upgrade
                                                 The first days of an online course are
                                                                                            has been a change to our login protocol;
     COORDINATOR: Mike Randolph              often dedicated to going through student
                                                                                            we have taken advantage of this opportu-
                                             orientation materials and acclimating your-
     INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN                                                                   nity to make your WebCT login follow
                                             self to WebCT. We suggest you visit our
                                                                                            the same format as your login to Campus
     SPECIALIST: Vince Schreck               Web-Based Learning Community site at
                                                                                            Web services.
        Web-based Learning at                    This site, different from the Marylhurst
                                                                                            User ID: your Student ID number
     Marylhurst extends opportunities        Web site, is the virtual space for our on-
     for building learning communities       line learning courses and programs. You
                                                                                            PIN: the last 6 digits of
                                             can explore course syllabi, try the orienta-
     and experiencing academic excel-        tion to our WebCT course software, and
                                                                                                 your Social Security number
     lence in a powerful, easy-to-use        post questions in the Help area.                    (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:
     online setting. Marylhurst Web-             Click on “Courses” at http://                   may be the last 6 digits of your I-94.)
     based courses and programs allow for up-to-date infor-
                                             mation, student orientation materials, and     Once you’ve registered and the
     the integration of formal lifelong      current syllabi.                               course sites are open, simply go to
     learning with work and family life.                                           and click
     By using electronic access to                                                          on ”Logon.” Enter your username and
     expand our resources, we are            WHAT DO YOU NEED?                              password and you’ll see your personal-
     able to bring faculty and expert                                                       ized MyWebCT homepage. This page has
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                                                                                            direct links to all your Web-based and
     consultants from all over the           95 or better or Mac OS 8 or better. You’ll
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     world to our students.                  need reliable, consistent access to the
                                                                                            versity resources, materials, and an-
                                             World Wide Web. You’ll need a current
        We currently offer and support       browser (version 4 or higher), a good
     online offerings from nearly all        word processor, and, for some courses,
     Marylhurst departments.                 other standard office software.                PLEASE NOTE: WebCT offers the capability
                                                  Though you can use the courses with as    of changing your password. If you elect to
        Marylhurst University now offers                                                    utilize this option, it WILL NOT CHANGE
                                             little as a 28.8 connection, a faster con-
     a range of clusters of courses and      nection will improve the quality of your on-   your Campus Web password.
     online programs, including cutting-     line experience.
     edge Integrated Learning Module              For more details, see “Getting Started
                                             Online” under “Web-Based Learning” at          ONLINE ORIENTATION MEETINGS
     courses from the Liberal Arts Core,
                                                               Get some hands-on experience and
     the cohort model Online Degree                                                         have your questions answered before
     Completion Program, and a Bache-                                                       courses begin.
     lor of Science from the Center for      REGISTRATION AND                                   Two orientation sessions are sched-
                                                                                            uled: Saturday, June 22, 9-11am and
     Professional Real Estate Studies.
                                             ACCESS DETAILS—                                Monday, June 24, 6-8pm. Face-to-face on-
        At the graduate level, the MBA                                                      line orientations are conducted in the main
     program at Marylhurst University is     VERY IMPORTANT!
                                                                                            PC computer lab in Shoen Library.
                                             NOTE: DO NOT USE WebCT TO ADD OR
     now available online in its entirety.   DROP COURSES. Any schedule changes are
                                                                                                We’ve created a Student Orientation
        For further information about                                                       Site and some additional orientation
                                             done exclusively through Registration. You
                                                                                            materials to help acquaint you with
     Web-based Learning courses,             can add or drop courses online through
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     call Meg Dielschneider at                                                              out before you register by going to
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     503.699.6319, 1.800.634.9982,           the first 10 days of the term, you may be
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     ext. 6319, or email                                                                    on “Orientation.” When the dialogue box
                                             dropped from the course. However, failure
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                                                 Access to Marylhurst University’s Web-
                                                                                            Flash animation orientation. After the first
                                             based and Web-enhanced courses is easi-
                                                                                            day of the quarter, the Orientation Site
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                                                                                            will be posted to each student’s MyWebCT
                                                 Web-based Learning is always evaluat-
                                                                                            page—you can access it from that page
                                             ing enhancements to our course delivery
                                                                                            just as you do your regular courses.
                                             with an eye to creating a friendlier and
                                             more student-centered experience of online
WEB-BASED LEARNING                                                                                                                          19

 ONLINE DEGREE                                   BAKER COHORT                                  CENTER FOR
 COMPLETION PROGRAM                              SUMMER TERM (6 crs.)                          PROFESSIONAL
                                                 Prerequisite: enrolled Online Degree          REAL ESTATE STUDIES
 The degree completion program for               Program (BA/BS) student
 a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational                                                          Marylhurst University now offers an online
 Communication or a Bachelor of Science          BS in Management majors take:                 degree program in Real Estate.
 in Management is designed for students          • BUS 320E, 3 crs.                               For complete course descriptions, see
 who already have 90 quarter hours of               Business Statistics                        Real Estate Studies, page 42.
 college credit, and want the flexibility to     • BUS 341E, 3 crs.
 complete their degree on the Internet.             Financial Accounting Concepts              LAND-USE PLANNING
     The Online Degree Completion Pro-                                                         RE 410E, 3 crs.
 gram’s selective admission process ensures      BA in Organizational Communication            RE 410EZ, audit
 a cohort of peers, as well as the benefits of   majors take:                                  RE 010E, 3 CEUs
 small classes, personalized attention, and      • CM 347E, 3 crs.
 academic excellence. Students take 12 or           Negotiation
 15 credits for each of six terms, plus 6                                                      BUILDING DESIGN
                                                 • CM 400E, 3 crs.
 credits during summer term, leading to a                                                      AND CONSTRUCTION I
                                                    Research Methods
 degree in less than two years.                                                                RE 420E, 3 crs.
                                                                                               RE 420EZ, audit
                                                 Contact John French, Admissions
                                                                                               RE 020E, 3 CEUs
 SUMMER 2002 COURSES                             Office, at 503.699.6268 or
                                                 800.634.9982, ext. 6268, or email
 IN THE BA/BS PROGRAM                                                                          REAL ESTATE FINANCE I
                                                 jfrench@ for current
 NOTE: The BA/BS Online Degree Program
                                                 information about the new cohort              RE 470E, 3 crs.
                                                 beginning Fall term 2002.                     RE 470EZ, audit
 Only those students who have applied and
                                                                                               RE 070E, 3 CEUs
 been accepted to the program may enroll
 for the following courses.
                                                 FOR NEW COHORT
                                                 Applications for the new cohort
 SUMMER TERM (6 crs.)                            beginning Fall term 2002 will
 Prerequisite: enrolled Online Degree            be considered through August 25.
 Program (BA/BS) student

 BS in Management majors take:                   For more information on the
 • BUS 320E, 3 crs.                              program and courses, go to:
    Business Statistics                 and
 • BUS 341E, 3 crs.                              click on ”Finish BA/BS.”
    Financial Accounting Concepts
                                                 For information on applying to the
 BA in Organizational Communication              program, call John French in
 majors take:                                    Admissions at 503.699.6268 or
 • CM 347E, 3 crs.                               email
 • CM 363E, 3 crs.
    Understanding Media

INTEGRATED                                       WEB-ENHANCED
LEARNING MODULES                                 COURSES
                                                 Web-enhanced courses are ideal for
The Integrated Learning Modules are an           the student who needs or enjoys the face-
efficient and stimulating way to satisfy         to-face classroom but wants access to the
several General Education or Liberal Arts        information and interaction possible on
Core requirements in a single term. These        the Web. Web-enhanced courses are a
courses, open to all Marylhurst students,        perfect stepping-stone for those who have
are thematically focused classes that stu-       been considering Web-based learning
dents may sign up for from as little as          but have not wanted to leap into to an all-
3 credits to as many as 9 credits, in three-     online course.
credit increments.                                   See the course listings of individual
                                                 departments for current information on
INTEGRATED LEARNING                              Web-enhanced course offerings in your
MODULES (ILM)                                    areas of interest or consult the Online
Look for new ILM courses in the upcoming         Courses class listing, page 17.
Fall 2002 Schedule of Courses .                      For further information about Web-
                                                 Based Learning courses, please call
                                                 Meg Dielschneider at 503.699.6319,
                                                 1.800.634.9982, ext. 6319, or email
20   ART
     DIRECTOR OF ART PROGRAMS:              NOTE: In addition to scheduled class periods,        BEGINNING WATERCOLOR:
     Paul Sutinen                           most studio art classes require a minimum of         OUTDOORS ✔
                                            three hours of independent work by the stu-          PNT 334, 3 crs.
     DIRECTOR OF INTERIOR DESIGN            dent each week.                                      PNT 334Z, audit
     PROGRAM: Kelcey Beardsley              This symbol ( ✔ ) denotes classes that are rec-
                                                                                                 Trude Parkinson
                                                                                                 Mon-Fri, 8/5-9 (5 sessions),
                                            ommended for beginning students or non-ma-
     DIRECTOR OF THE ART GYM:                                                                    9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 103
                                            jors. Non-majors may request Pass/No Pass
     Terri Hopkins                                                                               Prerequisite: some drawing experience
                                            grades from the instructor prior to the start of     This course meets concurrently with
                                            the class.                                           PNT 335/336.
     The Marylhurst Art Program gives       ARTS & LETTERS CREDIT: Courses in Art and            Learn to sketch and paint the landscape in
                                            Music may be used to fulfill Fine Arts require-      watercolor. Students will paint quick impres-
     you solid training applicable to a                                                          sions from nature as well as complete, more
                                            ments in Arts & Letters. Non-majors should
     wide range of visual arts careers.     note the marked selections which are particu-        sustained paintings in outdoor settings. In-
     In today’s world a variety of          larly appropriate for them.                          struction will be given in watercolor, color
     opportunities meets a variety of                                                            theory, and composition utilizing nature for
                                            A COURSE SUPPLY AND TEXTBOOK LIST is                 inspiration.
     talents. At Marylhurst we have         available in the Mayer Building. Please pick
     classes in design, drawing, interior   one up when you register.
     design, painting, photography,         Please register promptly. Classes not meeting
                                                                                                 WATERCOLOR 2 or 3: OUTDOORS
     printmaking, and sculpture, and                                                             PNT 335 or PNT 336, 3 crs.
                                            minimum enrollment by June 21 will be can-
                                                                                                 PNT 335Z or PNT 336Z, audit
     art history, internships, and other    celled. MONDAY, JUNE 24, IS THE START-
                                                                                                 Trude Parkinson
     liberal arts classes to round out      ING DATE FOR ART COURSES.                            Mon-Fri, 8/5-9 (5 sessions),
     your education as an artist.                                                                9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 103
         The Bachelor of Fine Arts          COURSES FOR NON-ART MAJORS                           Prerequisite for PNT 335: PNT 334
                                            See PNT 334 Beginning Watercolor:                    Prerequisite for PNT 336: PNT 335
     (B.F.A.) degree program has been                                                            This course meets concurrently with PNT 334.
                                            Outdoors under Painting.
     designed by professional artists to                                                         Continue your study of watercolor in outdoor
     give you the strongest training and                                                         settings. Projects will include the necessary
     help match you with a career in        DRAWING                                              fundamental exercises and encourage individ-
                                                                                                 ual direction.
     the field. Two-thirds of your
     required University coursework will    PASTEL DRAWING WORKSHOP
                                            DRW 330S, 3 crs.                                     LANDSCAPE PAINTING
     be in the visual arts. A Bachelor of                                                        PNT 385, 3 crs.
                                            DRW 330SZ, audit
     Arts (B.A.) degree program is also     Dennis Cunningham                                    PNT 385Z, audit
     available.                             Mon-Fri, 6/24-6/28 (5 sessions),                     Trude Parkinson
                                                                                                 Mon-Fri, 8/12-16 (5 sessions),
         The Art Department recognizes      9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 103
                                            Prerequisite: DRW 115/116 Design, 6 crs.;            9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 100
     the richness of the diversity among                                                         Prerequisite: 6 crs. painting
                                            Drawing, 9 crs.
     its students and accommodates          Enrollment limit: 10                                 This course meets concurrently with PNT 275.
     those going to school full time for    Learn the basics of this classic method of color     This outdoor workshop is for intermediate and
                                                                                                 advanced painters who want to include the
     professional training or those who     drawing in a one-week intensive workshop!
                                            You’ll receive individual attention as you learn     language of landscape in their painting vo-
     wish to take a class or two to                                                              cabulary as well as develop their own per-
                                            to handle this medium and make several fin-
     acquire a basic appreciation of        ished works. This class emphasizes learning          sonal expressive and conceptual approach to
     art.                                   techniques that combine with your own per-           the subject. Students will be encouraged to
                                                                                                 stretch their technical skills. Composition and
         For more information, please       sonal expression.
                                                                                                 color will also be emphasized.
     email or
     call the Art Department Office at      PAINTING
     503.699.6242.                                                                               SCULPTURE
                                            BEGINNING PAINTING: OUTDOORS
                                            PNT 275, 3 crs.                                      MOLD MAKING FOR
                                            PNT 275Z, audit                                      CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE
                                            Trude Parkinson                                      SCP 350S, 3 crs.
                                            Mon-Fri, 8/12-16 (5 sessions),                       SCP 350SZ, audit
                                            9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 100                     Elizabeth Stanek
                                            This course meets concurrently with PNT 385.         Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/24,26,28; 7/1,3
                                            Learn to paint by exploring the colors and           (5 sessions), 9am-4pm (lunch break),
                                            forms in nature (with fast-drying acrylic paints).   Mayer 108
                                            This quick workshop will concentrate on sketch-      Prerequisite: DRW 117 Design:
                                            ing and painting in natural outdoor settings         Three-Dimensional, or 3 crs. sculpture
                                            such as Bishop’s Close or Willamette Park. Stu-      Studio fee: $45
                                            dents will acquire skills that can also translate    Learn about the uses of cast pieces and
                                            into painting with watercolor or oil. Assign-        mold making in contemporary sculpture.
                                            ments will include realistic and abstract ap-        This workshop will cover direct body
                                            proaches in order to emphasize conveying the         molds, face molds, and part molds of
                                            impact and atmosphere of place.                      simple objects for finished work in bronze,
                                                                                                 plaster, or clay. You’ll work with plaster,
                                                                                                 alginate, clay, and wax.
ART                                                                                                                                                       21

PRINTMAKING                                       PHOTOGRAPHY:                                        INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO 2
                                                  ON THE ROAD                                         ID 216, 3 crs.
                                                  PHO 352, 3 crs.                                     Staff
PHOTOETCHING                                      PHO 352Z, audit                                     Mon-Thur, 7/22-8/8, 9am-1pm,
PRN 340, 1 cr.                                    Rich Rollins                                        Admin 409
PRN 340Z, audit                                   Tue/Thur, 6/25-8/1, 12:15-3pm, Mayer 101            Prerequisite: ID 215
Nancy Wilkins                                     Prerequisite: PHO 342 or consent of                 Studio fee: $10
Sat/Sun, 7/27,28 (2 sessions),                    instructor                                          This course will utilize the student’s elementa-
9am-4pm (lunch break), Mayer 115                  Lab fee: $50                                        ry understanding of space to begin to formu-
Studio fee: $20                                   This class will take to the road each               late design solutions within the framework of
In this course students will learn how to         Thursday and photographically explore a             a program and a site.
prepare photosensitive copper plates (by uti-     variety of environments from urban to rural.
lizing non-toxic film) onto which a photo-        Each Tuesday we will print and critique the         INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO 3
graphic image is exposed, developed, and          pictures shot and prepare to hit the road           ID 217, 3 crs.
etched for printmaking. An introduction to ba-    again. Perceptual and technical exercises           Sherry Nesbit
sic aquatinting and intaglio printing tech-       will be given and different approaches and          Mon-Thur, 8/12-8/29, 9am-1pm,
niques will also be provided.                     attitudes to working photographically will be       Admin 409
                                                  discussed and tried with the objective of cre-      Prerequisite: ID 216
                                                  ating in each student a stronger and more           Studio fee: $10
PRINTMAKING STUDIO TIME                           personal way of working and seeing the              Students will move through a project that will
PRN 001, PRN 002, or PRN 003, non-credit          world. Students should not have commitments         be the synthesis of both the student’s develop-
See Courses By Arrangement below.                 at 3pm on Thursdays so that travel time does        ment of spatial perception and their technical
                                                  not interfere with picture making and more          drafting skills for this first year.
                                                  distant location options become possible.
                                                                                                      HISTORY OF
                                                  PHOTOGRAPHY LAB TIME                                ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS
LIGHTING WORKSHOP                                                                                     ID 313, 3 crs.
PHO 321, 1 cr.                                    PHO 001, PHO 002, or PHO 003, non-credit
                                                  See Courses By Arrangement below.                   Libby Dawson-Farr
PHO 321Z, audit                                                                                       Tue/Thur, 6/25-7/30, 3:15-6pm, Admin 201
Michael Henley                                                                                        Can be taken as IFC course, see page 38.
Sat/Sun, 7/20,21, (2 sessions),                                                                       This class is the third and last part of the His-
9am-3pm, Mayer 101                                INTERIOR DESIGN                                     tory of Architecture and Interiors course, con-
Prerequisite: PHO 241 or consent                                                                      centrating on the nineteenth and twentieth
of instructor                                     INTRODUCTION TO                                     centuries, including Neo-Classicism, Early
Learn about all types of lighting equipment                                                           Modernism, The Bauhaus, Chicago School,
                                                  ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING
and modifiers from reflectors to sophisticated                                                        Post-Modernism, and DeConstruction. We will
                                                  ID 214, 3 crs.
professional flash systems, and how to use                                                            also learn about the nineteenth- and twenti-
                                                  Nancy Hiss
them in this hands-on workshop. Maximize          Introductory meeting:                               eth-century architectural developments in the
the equipment you may already have. Make          Mon, 6/10, 6-7:30pm,                                United States. The course includes current the-
easy-to-build diffusers. Learn what to look for   or Tue, 6/11, 3-4:30pm                              ory and critical analysis. In addition, students
when purchasing equipment.                        Tue/Thur, 6/18-7/18, 9am-1pm, Admin 409             will learn to ”read a building,” structurally
                                                  Students will develop skills in the use of draft-   and stylistically.
                                                  ing tools and in understanding the technical
PHOTOGRAPHY: PICTURES                             drawings that architects and designers use to
THROUGH A DIFFERENT LENS                                                                              ARCHITECTURAL FREEHAND
                                                  convey space such as sections, elevations,
PHO 351, 3 crs.                                                                                       DRAWING FOR THE SKILLED
                                                  floor plans, and perspective.
PHO 351Z, audit                                                                                       AND THE SCARED ✔
Rich Rollins                                                                                          ID 325, 3 crs.
Tue/Thur, 6/25-8/1, 9-11:45am, Mayer 101                                                              ID 325Z, audit
                                                  INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO 1
Prerequisite: PHO 241 or consent of                                                                   Kelcey Beardsley
                                                  ID 215, 3 crs.
instructor                                                                                            Mon/Tue/Wed, 7/15,16,17, 3:15-6pm,
                                                  Kelcey Beardsley
Lab fee: $50                                                                                          Mayer 103
                                                  Introductory meeting:
Many photographers have decided to ex-                                                                Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21 (field trips),
                                                  Mon, 6/10, 6-7:30pm,
plore the world of pinhole, plastic, and older                                                        9am-4:30pm
                                                  or Tue, 6/11, 3-4:30pm
camera imagery as a direct response to, and                                                           Prerequisite: 6 crs. drawing
                                                  Mon/Wed, 6/17-7/17, 9am-1pm,
rebellion against, the clear, sharp, and “sci-                                                        Students will learn to feel at ease with free-
                                                  Admin 409
entifically precise” world created with sophis-                                                       hand drawing. We will focus on buildings,
                                                  Prerequisite: ID 214 must be taken
ticated contemporary cameras. The class will      concurrently with, or prior to, ID 215
                                                                                                      interior space, and architectural context with
jump off the technological boat into that un-     Studio fee: $10                                     three field trips (to Mt. Angel, Timberline
known sea where images flow spontaneously         This is an introduction to space analysis and       Lodge, and Classical Chinese Garden). We
and cannot be accurately controlled. Students     design. Simple projects will focus on single        will use ink line, color pencils, and watercol-
will utilize “alternative cameras” in making      spaces or simple sequences of spaces in or-         or media. Both beginning students and those
photographs so that the heart, mind, and lens     der to build a strong foundation for space          with experience are welcome.
understand their intuitive connection.            making. Field trips will reinforce class discus-
                                                  sions on design principles, and presentations              LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
                                                  will familiarize the student with critique, re-                    AI = Arts & Ideas
                                                  view, and redesign.                                            HC = Human Community
                                                                                                                 LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                                                                                                   NW = Natural World

                                                                                                              ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                                                                            beginning students or non-majors
22   ART
     COURSES BY                                        In order to encourage further work in print-             PNT 484 Painting Studio, 3 crs. D
                                                       making by Marylhurst Art alumni or by cur-               PRN 370/371 Etching/Intaglio Techniques, 3 crs. D
     ARRANGEMENT                                       rently enrolled art degree students, the print-          PRN 360/361/362 Block Printing 1/2/3, 3 crs. D
                                                                                                                PRN 443 Printmaking Studio, 3/6 crs. D
                                                       making studio is available for use on a time-            SCP 345 Sculpture 1, 3 crs. D
     PHOTOGRAPHY LAB TIME                              available basis during the regular open hours            SCP 441 Sculpture Studio, 3 crs. D
     Hours TBA                                         this term.                                               SCP 451 Metal Sculpture, 3 crs. D
     NOTE: Students should register for specific
     photo lab option and course number.
                                                       FUTURE OFFERINGS                                         WINTER TERM 2003
     Marylhurst black-and-white lab option:                                                                     Art 193 Art for the Beginner, 3 crs. E
     PHO 001, non-credit                               Below are listed core courses and required               ART 424 The Artist’s Enterprise 2, 3 crs. D
     Cost: $50 lab fee                                 electives that are scheduled to be offered in            ART 427 Critical Response 2, 3 crs. D
                                                       the next two terms. For descriptions, contact            DIG 310 Introduction to Photoshop, 3 crs. D
     U-Develop Rental Darkrooms color lab option:      department or see Marylhurst University Cata-            DIG 311 Photoshop 2, 3 crs. D
     PHO 002, non-credit                               log. Code: D-Day; E-Evening.                             DRW 116 Design: Color, 3 crs. D
     Cost: $65 lab fee                                                                                          DRW 232 Drawing 2, 3 crs. D
                                                                                                                DRW 317/318/319/420 Life Drawing 1/2/3/ &
     Marylhurst and U-Develop labs option:                                                                        Advanced, 3 crs. D
     PHO 003, non-credit                               FALL TERM 2002                                           DRW 440 Paperworks Seminar, 3 crs. D
                                                       ART 193 Art for the Beginner, 3 crs. E                   HTC 213 Art History: From Renaissance to Revolu-
     Cost: $100 lab fee
                                                       ART 288 Orientation to Visual Arts Community, 3 crs. D     tion, 3 crs. D
     Prerequisite: Consent of instructor required.                                                              HTC 316 Art History: Modernism, 3 crs. E
                                                       ART 423 The Artist’s Enterprise 1, 3 crs. D
     Contact Rich Rollins.                             ART 426 Critical Response 1, 3 crs. D                    ID 216 Interior Design Studio 2, 3 crs. D
     In order to encourage further work in photog-     DIG 310 Introduction to Photoshop, 3 crs. D              ID 311 History of Architecture & Interiors, 3 crs. D
     raphy by Marylhurst Art alumni or by current-     DRW 115 Design: Basic, 3 crs. D                          ID 319 Interior Design Studio 5, 3 crs. D
     ly enrolled art degree students, the Marylhurst   DRW 321 Drawing 1, 3 crs. D                              ID 338 Construction Documents, 3 crs. D
                                                       DRW 317/318/319/420 Life Drawing 1/2/3/ &                ID 355 Interior Lighting, 3 crs. D
     photography lab is available for use on a
                                                         Advanced, 3 crs. D                                     ID 353 History of Furniture, 3 crs. D
     time-available basis during regular open          DRW 440 Paperworks Seminar, 3 crs. D                     ID 357 Structures & Systems in ID, 3 crs. D
     hours this term. The U-Develop lab is also        HTC 212 Art History: Cave to Cathedral, 3 crs. E         ID 375 Introduction to CAD, 3 crs. D
     available to currently enrolled art degree stu-   HTC 315 The Practice of Art History, 3 crs. D            ID 376 Intermediate CAD, 3 crs. D
     dents who have completed the color photog-        ID 214A Intro to Architectural Drawing, 3 crs. D         ID 422 Interior Design Studio 8, 3 crs. D
     raphy class.                                      ID 215 Interior Design Studio 1, 3 crs. D                PHO 241 Photography 1: Introduction, 3 crs. D
                                                       ID 318 Interior Design Studio 4, 3 crs. D                PHO 313 History of Photography, 3 crs. D
                                                       ID 337 Construction Documents, 3 crs. D                  PHO 445 Photographic Seminar, 3 crs. D
     PRINTMAKING STUDIO TIME                           ID 356 Structures & Systems in ID, 3 crs. D              PNT 334/335/336 Watercolor 1/2/3, 3 crs. D
     PRN 001, PRN 002, or PRN 003, non-credit          ID 375 Introduction to CAD, 3 crs. D                     PNT 382 Painting 2, 3 crs. D
                                                       ID 376 Intermediate CAD, 3 crs. D                        PNT 484 Painting Studio, 3 crs. D
     Hours TBA
                                                       ID 421 Interior Design Studio 7, 3 crs. D                PRN 245 What Is Printmaking?, 3 crs. D
     Prerequisite: Consent of instructor required.     PHO 241 Photography 1: Introduction, 3 crs. D            PRN 370/371 Etching/Intaglio Techniques, 3 crs. D
     For PRN 001 (monotype,) call Martha Pfan-         PHO 342 Photography 2, 3 crs. D                          PRN 360/361/362 Block Printing 1/2/3, 3 crs. D
     schmidt. For PRN 002 (block printing), call       PHO 343 Photography 3, 3 crs. D                          PRN 443 Printmaking Studio, 3/6 crs. D
     Dennis Cunningham. For PRN 003 (etching),         PHO 445 Photographic Seminar. 3 crs. D                   SCP 346 Sculpture 2, 3 crs. D
     call Martha Pfanschmidt.                          PNT 334/335/336 Watercolor 1/2/3, 3 crs. D               SCP 441 Sculpture Studio, 3 crs. D
     Studio fee: $100                                  PNT 381 Painting 1, 3 crs. D

     WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES                             MULTIMEDIA MASK MAKING ✔                                 ART THERAPY WITH CHEMICALLY
     OF GENERAL INTEREST                               AT 467, 2 crs.                                           DEPENDENT ADOLESCENTS ✔
                                                       Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21                                  AT 415, 1 cr.
     The following courses are open to any
                                                       (Fri, 4-8:30pm; Sat, 9am-6pm;                            Fri/Sat, 8/2,3
     interested student. They do not require
                                                       Sun, 9am-5:30pm)                                         (Fri, 3-5pm & 6-8pm; Sat, 9am-4pm)
     prerequisite work in art therapy.
                                                       Materials fee: $40                                       Materials fee: $15
         See a complete course description of each
     class in the Master of Arts in Art
     Therapy section, pages 48-49.                     ART THERAPY WITH CHILDREN:
                                                       ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT ✔                               THERAPEUTIC USES
                                                       AT 417, 1 cr.                                            OF STORYTELLING:
     INTRODUCTION TO                                                                                            THE NARRATIVE STRATEGIES
                                                       Fri/Sat, 7/26,27
     ART THERAPY WORKSHOP ✔                            (Fri, 9am-4:30pm; Sat, 9am-12:30pm)                      OF THE ARTFUL PRACTITIONER ✔
     AT 475, 1 cr.                                     Materials fee: $15                                       AT 447, 1 cr.
     Fri/Sat, 7/12,13                                                                                           Fri/Sat, 8/9,10
     (Fri, 9am-4:30pm; Sat, 9am-12:30pm)                                                                        (Fri, 6-9pm; Sat, 9am-5pm)
     Materials fee: $15                                BEREAVEMENT AND ART THERAPY ✔
                                                       AT 418, 1 cr.
                                                       Sat/Sun, 7/27,28
                                                       (Sat, 1:30-5:30pm; Sun, 9am-4pm)
                                                                                                                INTRODUCTION TO DANCE
     ART THERAPY MEDIA AND METHODS ✔                                                                            MOVEMENT THERAPY ✔
     AT 478, 1 cr.                                     Materials fee: $15
                                                                                                                AT 480, 1 cr.
     Sat/Sun, 7/13,14
                                                                                                                Fri/Sat, 8/16,17
     (Sat, 1:30-5pm; Sun, 9am-4:30pm)
                                                                                                                (Fri, 6-9pm; Sat, 9pm-5pm)
     Materials fee: $15

BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                       23

CHAIR: MERRILL WATTS                   estate, or other approved courses                 CORE COURSES                  to meet your personal and profes-
                                       sional goals.                                     MANAGING IN
   Marylhurst University’s Bachelor                                                      DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS
                                          Graduates are also prepared to
of Science in Business and Man-                                                          BUS 300, 6 crs.
                                       pursue an advanced degree, such                   Staff
agement program prepares you for
                                       as Marylhurst’s outstanding Master                Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm
leadership. Flexible, adult-friendly                                                     Meets HC outcomes: HCB8, HCB9.
                                       of Business Administration (MBA)
curriculum integrates business                                                           It is recommended that the one-credit labs
                                       program.                                          WR 303 and LAC 373 be taken concurrently
courses with a liberal arts educa-
                                          In addition to our traditional on-             with this course which fulfills the LAC re-
tion, customized to meet your
                                       campus program, Marylhurst also                   quirements for WIC and IFC. See notice
personal and professional goals.                                                         above to All Newly Admitted Students.
                                       offers an Online Degree Comple-
When you graduate, you will                                                              International students with conditional MBA
                                       tion Program. If you have an                      Admission are required to take the compan-
possess the critical analysis and
                                       associate’s degree (or 90 transfer-               ion writing class WR 420 (see page 30).
business skills required to manage
                                       able credits), you may complete                   Overview of business essentials focusing on
and lead in the rich, dynamic                                                            strategic interconnectivity of management
                                       your degree in less than two years,
environments that drive today’s                                                          process (plan, organize, lead, control), inter-
                                       entirely on the World Wide Web.
economy.                                                                                 nal business functions (marketing, finance,
                                       The Online Program is a competen-                 human resources, etc.), and external environ-
   In Marylhurst’s business pro-
                                       cy-based, integrated curriculum. It               mental forces (globalization, industry struc-
gram, you will find:                                                                     tures, technology, and legal).
                                       emphasizes case-study learning in
Flexibility and Convenience
                                       a group of your peers, operating
• Evening, weekend, daytime, and
                                       much like a real-world organiza-                  BUSINESS STATISTICS
   online courses
                                       tion. See page 19 for more infor-                 BUS 320E, 3 crs.
• College credit for prior learning,
                                       mation on this program.                           Staff
   work, and life experience                                                             ONLINE
                                          Marylhurst business faculty are
• Curriculum you and your advisor                                                        Prerequisite: MTH 111 College Algebra
                                       working professionals—leaders,                    The emphasis of this course is for students to
   design to optimally meet your
                                       managers and entrepreneurs.                       be able to recognize and apply practical sta-
   educational and career objec-
                                       Experts in their fields, they bring               tistics in a business setting. Students will learn
   tives                                                                                 descriptive statistics of sampling, estimation,
                                       practical, tested business experi-
• 30 elective business-related                                                           and hypothesis testing. Other statistical con-
                                       ence to the classroom. They are
   credits make up half the business                                                     cepts such as multiple and linear regression,
                                       passionate about their work and                   correlation, chi-square, ANOVA and non-
   program’s 60-credit requirement
                                       have a desire to pass on what they                parametric statistics will be reviewed.
                                       have learned to the next generation
A Challenging Environment
                                       of business leaders.
• Small class size; lively discus-                                                       INFORMATION
                                          For more information, contact                  TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES
   sions; one-on-one access to
                                       the department advisor, Ria                       BUS 330E, 3 crs.
   quality instructors
                                       Gerritsen, at 503.675.3960, or                    Tom Bohn
• Outstanding classmates: highly                                                         ONLINE
   motivated, experienced profes-                                                        This course examines the critical role of infor-
   sionals balancing the demands                                                         mation system strategies and technology in
   of family, work, and school                                                           driving competition and industry structure. Us-
                                                                                         ing case studies, students will take the general
Affordability                                                                            manager’s view as they survey information
• Students of any age and income                                                         systems, applications, and integration options.
   may qualify for loans and           BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ELECTIVES
                                       In some cases, classes from other disciplines
   scholarships                        can be applied to your business management        PERSPECTIVE
• Credit-by-exam and prior             electives. Consult your advisor for more infor-
   learning reduce tuition costs       mation.                                           PERSONAL ETHICS
• Many employers pay tuition and                                                         IN ORGANIZATIONS
                                       NOTICE TO ALL NEWLY
   other student expenses                                                                BUS 400E, 3 crs.
                                       ADMITTED STUDENTS                                 Chuck Anderson
• Liberal arts requirements and        All newly admitted Business & Management          ONLINE
   electives often may be completed    majors must take:                                 From a business and management perspec-
   at a local community college,       • LAC 115/315 Entering Student Seminar            tive, students will examine the age-old ques-
   even after enrollment               • WR 303 and LAC 373 are required one-            tions people have asked about the “Good”
                                           credit labs that must be taken concurrently
   Graduates are prepared to               with a Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
pursue managerial careers in               and an Information-Focused Course (IFC)              LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
corporations, government organi-           from within the your major (Business). At                    AI = Arts & Ideas
                                                                                                    HC = Human Community
zations, non-profit institutions, or       this time, these courses are BUS 300
                                                                                                    LL = Life & Learning Skills
to start or run a small business.          (Managing in Dynamic Environments),
                                           BUS 380 (Human Resource Management)                        NW = Natural World
You will work closely with an              and BUS 390 (Business Strategy)
advisor, choosing from a range of      See Liberal Arts Core Program, pages 38-39,               ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                                                               beginning students or non-majors
business, communication, real          or call your advisor for more information.
     and our “Duty” in making “Good” decisions.        ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION ✔                     portant linkages between having a supportive
     The relationship between effective business       CM 340, 3 crs.                                     enriching home environment and the ability to
     leadership and ethics, as well as an in-          CM 340Z, audit                                     achieve success in your professional career.
     creased awareness of personal value sys-          Paula Usrey
     tems, will be explored.                           Thur, 6/27-8/29, 6:30-9:15pm
                                                       WEB-ENHANCED COURSE                                SALES CONCEPTS
     CAREER DESIGN                                     Meets HC outcome.                                  MGT 465C, MGT 565C or CM 466C, 1 cr.
     BUS 431 or GDM 531, 3 crs.
                                                       This course assists students in improving orga-    MGT 465CZ or CM 466CZ, audit
     BUS 431Z, audit                                   nizational environments through communica-         Bill May
     Donna Holley                                      tion. See Communication Studies, page 26,          Sat, 7/13, 9am-6pm
     Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/2,3,4, 9am-6pm                     for full description.                              Major ideas and practices of the sales pro-
     Students at the "start point" of a career, stu-                                                      cess for students with little or no experience
     dents uncertain about a career field, or those                                                       with sales. NOT a ”How to Sell”—this course
     considering a major career change are best        MARKETING BEYOND BORDERS                           introduces vocabulary and a conceptual over-
     suited for this course. A variety of exercises,   MKT 402, 3 crs.                                    view of the sales process. Students will partic-
     tools, and challenges will provide students       John Bayer                                         ipate in discussions, role-playing; a paper
     opportunity to clarify what they have to bring    Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm                        must be submitted following the workshop.
     to the world of work. Understanding today's       This course provides students with an over-
     work world, exploring career possibilities,       view of international marketing. Topics in-
     and building the bridge between who you           clude global business environment, business        FUTURE OFFERINGS
     ARE (self) and what you want to DO (career)       customs and practices, political environments,     Below are listed core courses and required
     are key to the course.                            legal issues, and the fundamentals of import-      electives that are scheduled to be offered in
                                                       ing and exporting goods and services. We           the next three terms. For descriptions, contact
                                                       will discuss what a company needs to do to         department or see Marylhurst University Cata-
     CAREER MANAGEMENT                                 develop a product, price, place, and promo-        log. Code: D-Day; E-Evening; CW-Com-
     BUS 432 or GDM 532, 3 crs.                        tion strategy for completing in international      pressed Weekend; O-Online.
     BUS 432Z, audit                                   markets.
     Donna Holley
     Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/9,10,11, 9am-6pm                                                                      FALL 2002
     Students best suited for this course are those    CAPSTONE                                           BUS 300 Managing in Dynamic Environments, E
     established in their careers and those who        INTERNSHIP                                         BUS 300E Managing in Dynamic Environments, O
                                                                                                          BUS 310 Business Economics, CW
     feel confident and secure with their career       MGT 494, 3 crs.
                                                                                                          BUS 320 Business Statistics, E
     choices. Today's work world calls for a con-      Natalie Wing                                       BUS 330 Information Technology Strategies, E
     scious and active involvement for maneuver-       Orientation required prior to registration.        BUS 341 Financial Accounting Concepts, E
     ing one's career path. A "stand alone" pro-       An internship may fulfill major elective credits   BUS 360E Principles of Marketing O
     fessional identity coupled with "free agent"      or be part of the capstone requirements in the     BUS 431 Career Design, CW
                                                       major. See Internship details, pages 35-36.        BUS 432 Career Management CW
     mentality and behavior enhances one's abili-
                                                                                                          BUS 490E Applied Management Principles, O
     ties to make sound short and long-term career                                                        CM 333 Intercultural Communications, E
     decisions.                                                                                           CM 340E Organizational Communication, O
                                                       PROFESSIONAL                                       CM 346 Conflict Management, CW
                                                                                                          EC 201 Introduction to Economics, E
                                                       DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS
     ELECTIVES                                                                                            MGT 430 Fostering Creativity in Organizations, E
                                                                                                          MGT 453 Tech. & Info. as Strategic Resources, E

                                                       A SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION                            WINTER 2003
     BUS 341E, 3 crs.                                                                                     BUS 300 Managing in Dynamic Environments, E
     Staff                                             MGT 465A or MGT 565A, PCR 465Y or                  BUS 310 Business Economics, E
     ONLINE                                            PCR 565Y, 1 cr.                                    BUS 320 Business Statistics, CW
     This course offers a balanced approach            MGT 465AZ or PCR 465YZ, audit                      BUS 321 Advanced Business Statistics, E
     to the basic concepts and practices of            Cecilia Ranger                                     BUS 341 Financial Accounting Concepts, E
                                                       Sat, 7/27, 9am-6pm                                 BUS 342 Managerial Accounting Concepts, E
     financial accounting. Students first learn to                                                        BUS 400 Personal Ethics in Organizations, CW
     analyze economic events in terms of the           In this technological age, many hours of our
                                                                                                          BUS XXX Business Strategy
     accounting equation and to prepare income         lives are spent in the workplace. These hours      BUS 431E Career Design, O
     statements, balance sheets, and statements        should be soul enriching hours—for us and          BUS 432E Career Management, O
     of cash flow. Emphasis then shifts to under-      for our colleagues. This seminar gives today’s     BUS 460 Business Law, E
     standing how to read and interpret financial      managers and other professionals a life map,       EC 312 Microeconomics, E
                                                       which enhances awareness and productivity,         MGT 422 Facilitating Human performance, CW
     reports in order to analyze and evaluate                                                             MGT 451 Managing Technology & Info. Projects, E
     business performance.                             sharpens focus, and brings enjoyment to the
                                                       individual and to the corporate community.
                                                                                                          SPRING 2003
                                                                                                          BUS 300A Managing in Dynamic Environments, E
     NEGOTIATION ✔                                                                                        BUS 300E Managing in Dynamic Environments, O
     CM 347E, 3 crs.                                   BALANCING CAREER AND FAMILY:                       BUS 310E Business Economics, O
     CM 347EZ, audit                                   RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS                              BUS 320 Business Statistics, E
                                                       MGT 465B or MGT 565B, 1 cr.                        BUS 330 Information Technology Strategies, CW
     Amanda Byron
                                                       MGT 465BZ, audit                                   BUS 341 Financial Accounting Concepts, E
     ONLINE                                                                                               BUS 342E Managerial Accounting Concepts, O
     Students explore and develop awareness            Kurt Shusterich                                    BUS 360 Principles of Marketing, E
     and communication skills, and practice the        Sat, 6/29, 9am-6pm                                 BUS 390 Business Fundamentals Comprehension, E
     processes utilized in win-win negotiation.        This insightful and dynamic one-day seminar        BUS 400 Personal Ethics in Organizations, E
     See Communication Studies, page 26, for full      will provide practical skills and resources to     BUS 431 Career Design, CW
                                                       help achieve balance in your professional          BUS 432 Career Management, CW
     description.                                                                                         BUS 450E Human Resource Management, O
                                                       and personal life. You will examine the im-
                                                                                                          BUS 490 Applied Management principles, E
                                                                                                          CM 333E Intercultural Communications, O
                                                                                                          EC 324 Macroeconomics, E
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                         MGT 450 Tech. & Info. for Decision Support, E
                                                                                                          MKT 402E Marketing Beyond Borders, O
C O M M U N I C AT I O N S T U D I E S                                                                                                                    25

CHAIR: JEFF SWEENEY                                 SEMINARS FOR                                         COMMUNICATION
    The Department of Communica-
                                                    PROFESSIONAL                                         CONCEPTS AND SKILLS
tion Studies offers degree pro-
grams, professional certificates,
                                                    DEVELOPMENT AND                                      Courses designed to develop effective com-
                                                                                                         munication skills and essential principles for
and courses to help students meet                   PERSONAL ENRICHMENT                                  majors and non-majors alike.
the challenges of the information                   Practical instruction to improve specific pro-
                                                    fessional communication skills. Open to inter-
age, master professional communi-                   ested participants (no prerequisites); non-ma-       PATTERNS AND PRINCIPLES
cation skills, and communicate                      jors, non-admitted students, and alumni are          OF COMMUNICATION
more effectively. The study of                      welcome. May be taken for Continuing Edu-            CM 300, 3 crs.
communication provides pathways                     cation Unit (CEU).                                   CM 300Z, audit
to careers or advanced study in                                                                          Debbie Hehr
                                                                                                         Fri, 6/28, & Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21
business and high technology                        MODULE III: CREATING,                                (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat/Sun, 9am-6pm)
industries, public relations and                    TRANSFORMING, AND                                    WEB-ENHANCED COURSE
advertising, government, social                     MAINTAINING LIFE-SERVING                             Prerequisite: CM 200 or equivalent course
                                                    ORGANIZATIONS ✔                                      work or training in communication studies.
and human services, counseling,
                                                    CM 366L, 1 cr.                                       Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,
law, and education. Communica-                                                                           or IFC course, see page 38.
                                                    CM 366LZ, audit
tion courses are open to non-                       CM 066L, 1 CEU                                       The study of communication provides a
majors unless otherwise indicated.                  Susan Skye & Robert Gonzales                         unique perspective on human interaction, in-
                                                    Fri/Sat/Sun, 6/21,22,23                              cluding personal, interpersonal, group, and
Non-majors may also pursue a
                                                    (Fri, 6-10pm; Sat, 9am-9pm; Sun, 9am-6pm)            public situations. By exploring the important
minor in Communication Studies,                     Learn about and practice conflict resolution         concepts and applications of communica-
Culture and Conflict, Training and                  with organizations and institutions. Learn how       tion, participants discover the individual’s
Development, or Organizational                      to facilitate and mediate understanding and          roles and responsibilities in relating commu-
Communication.                                      resolution within, and between, groups of            nication to self and society.
                                                    people. Learn to communicate with others
    For more information contact
                                                    within a systematic context and across power
the Communication Studies Depart-                   differences, and to envision transforming            EFFECTIVE LISTENING:
ment, 503.699.6246 or email                         structures into life-serving ones (structures that   FROM COMPREHENSION                            meet everyone’s needs.)                              TO CRITICAL EVALUATION ✔
                                                                                                         CM 323A, 3 crs.
                                                                                                         CM 323AZ, audit
PUBLIC RELATIONS                                    TECHNOBABBLE: ENHANCING                              CM 023A, 3 CEUs
                                                    COMMUNICATION WHILE USING                            Eileen Mejia
The Communication Studies Department
                                                    ”LEAN MEDIA” ✔                                       Tue, 6/25-8/27, 12:15-3pm
offers a professional certificate in public rela-
                                                    CM 466A, 1 cr.                                       Meets LL outcome.
tions. For an application or information con-
tact Enrollment Management 503.699.6268             CM 466AZ, audit
or email                    CM 066A, 1 CEU                                       OR
                                                    Paula Usrey & Alix Kneifel                           CM 323E, 3 crs.
                                                    Sat, 8/3, 9am-6pm                                    CM 323EZ, audit
PUBLIC RELATIONS IN ACTION:                         When does an increasing reliance on com-             CM 023E, 3 CEUs
CAMPAIGNS, CRISES, EVENTS,                          munication technologies enhance or limit the         Jeff Sweeney
                                                    effective communication in an organization?          ONLINE
                                                    In this one-day, interactive workshop we will        Meets LL outcome.
PR 474, 3 crs.
                                                    evaluate types of lean media, such as email,         Careful and discriminating listening is
PR 474Z, audit
                                                    telephone, and video conferencing, and prac-         essential to effective communication. In this
PR 074, 3 CEUs
                                                    tical strategies for assessing their value and       course we examine the effects of listening
Macy Guppy
                                                    best use.                                            style on personal relationships and public
Sat/Sun, 6/29,30; 7/20,21
(Sat, 9am-6pm; Sun, 10am-4pm)                                                                            interaction. Through exercises and assign-
WEB-ENHANCED COURSE                                                                                      ments we will assess our own listening
How are the real day-to-day challenges of or-       SALES CONCEPTS                                       strengths and weaknesses and work to im-
ganizational communications successfully ad-        CM 466C, MGT 465C, or MGT 565C, 1 cr.                prove our listening proficiency.
dressed by skilled P.R. practitioners? In this      CM 466CZ or MGT 465CZ, audit
                                                    CM 066C, 1 CEU
class we analyze actual cases to learn practi-
                                                    Bill May
cal solutions to communication problems such
                                                    Sat, 7/13, 9am-6pm
as how to implement campaigns and continu-
                                                    Major ideas and practices of the sales
ing programs (product publicity, safety, etc.),
                                                    process for students with little or no experi-
manage special events, and respond to unex-
                                                    ence with sales. NOT a ”How to Sell”—this
pected incidents and crises.
                                                    course introduces vocabulary and a conceptu-
                                                    al overview of the sales process. Students will
PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP                         participate in discussions, role-playing;                   LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
PR 494, variable credit                             a paper must be submitted following the                             AI = Arts & Ideas
Orientation required prior to registration.         workshop.                                                       HC = Human Community
See Internship Program, pages 35-36.
                                                                                                                    LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                                                                                                      NW = Natural World

                                                                                                                 ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                                                                               beginning students or non-majors
26   C O M M U N I C AT I O N S T U D I E S
     NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION ✔                           CONFLICT AND CULTURE                               effectiveness, students have three consultations
     CM 324, 3 crs.                                                                                         with an instructor who provides guidance,
                                                         Explore processes of dispute resolution and
     CM 324Z, audit                                                                                         feedback, and support.
                                                         intercultural interaction—communication in the
     Linda Suzuki
                                                         context of human difference.
     Tue, 6/25-8/27 (no class on 8/6);
     & Fri, 8/9; 6:30-9:15pm                                                                                INDIVIDUALIZED TRAVEL STUDY
     This course examines nonverbal concepts                                                                CM 386, variable credit
     and principles. Students will increase their        NEGOTIATION ✔                                      Myrna Oakley
     awareness of the major categories of nonver-        CM 347E, 3 crs.                                    A variety of individualized options are avail-
     bal behavior, and consider important contexts       CM 347EZ, audit
                                                                                                            able for those seeking college credit while
                                                         Amanda Byron
     in which nonverbal behavior has significant                                                            traveling and studying abroad. If you are trav-
     communicative impact, both positive and neg-                                                           eling independently and wish to earn credit
                                                         Opportunities for resolving conflict through ne-
     ative, and how to manage the impact of the                                                             through individualized study with a Marylhurst
                                                         gotiation present themselves frequently in our
     messages they want to send.                                                                            instructor, contact the Communication Studies
                                                         personal and professional lives. Successful
                                                                                                            Department, 503.699.6269.
                                                         conflict resolutions through interest-based ne-
                                                         gotiation involves self-awareness, communica-
                                                         tion skills, and specific techniques. Students
     CM 325, 3 crs.                                                                                         PROJECTS IN COMMUNICATION
                                                         explore and develop awareness and commu-
     CM 325Z, audit                                                                                         CM 390 or CM 490, variable credit
                                                         nication skills, and practice the processes uti-
     Eileen Mejia                                                                                           Communication faculty
                                                         lized in win-win negotiation.
     Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/12,13,14, 9am-6pm                                                                       Learning contracts are subject to approval by
     A person's sense of self inescapably influenc-                                                         the Communication Studies Department and
     es the degree of success experienced when                                                              degree advisor prior to registration. See
     communicating with others. One's feeling of         TRAINING AND WORKPLACE                             2000-2002 Marylhurst University Catalog for
     self-worth is closely linked to motivation, aspi-   COMMUNICATION                                      description. For more information, contact Jeff
     ration, and achievement. Students examine           Advanced techniques for effective communica-       Sweeney at 503.699.6269 or email
     perspectives on self-esteem, review methods of      tion in professional contexts.           
     enhancing personal pride, and explore ap-
     proaches to communicating self-esteem in per-
     sonal and professional contexts.                    ORGANIZATIONAL                                     INDEPENDENT
                                                         COMMUNICATION ✔                                    AND DIRECTED STUDY
                                                         CM 340, 3 crs.                                     Staff
     UNDERSTANDING MEDIA                                 CM 340Z, audit                                     Meetings by arrangement with instructor.
     CM 363E, 3 crs.                                     CM 040, 3 CEUs                                     Variable credit is available.
     CM 363EZ, audit                                     Paula Usrey                                        See 2000-2002 Marylhurst University Catalog
     Kathleen Lopez                                      Thur, 6/27-8/29, 6:30-9:15pm                       for description. Application forms and infor-
     ONLINE                                              WEB-ENHANCED COURSE                                mation on these options are available in the
     How do the mass media persuade, educate,            Meets HC Liberal Arts Core outcome.                Communication Studies Department from Jeff
     entertain, and sell? Do the media shape—            Whether participants are frustrated by a par-      Sweeney at 503.699.6269 or email
     or merely effect—society? This course pro-          ticular “corporate culture” or merely curious
     vides tools for understanding the languages of      about developing a more productive climate,
     film, television, and print media. This course      this course assists them in improving organiza-
     builds a foundation for media literacy, en-         tional environments through communication.         COOPERATIVE PROGRAM
     abling participants a more fluid movement be-       Students examine the organizational communi-       The following courses, sponsored by an orga-
     tween the role of consumer and product of im-       cation paradigm, explore the communication         nization other than Marylhurst University,
     ages and ideas.                                     implications of organizational structure, assess   have been approved by the Communication
                                                         formal and informal network relationships,         Studies Department for college credit.
                                                         and learn strategies for organizational diag-
     RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY                              nosis and change.
     IN COMMUNICATION                                                                                       NORTHWEST FILM CENTER
     CM 400E, 3 crs.                                                                                        Through a special cooperative program of the
     CM 400EZ, audit                                     COURSES BY                                         Northwest Film Center and Marylhurst Univer-
     Tony Bernal                                                                                            sity, selected film and video production cours-
     ONLINE                                              ARRANGEMENT                                        es required for the certificate program in film
     Prerequisite: CM 300                                NOTE: An Agreement for Arranged Courses            are available for credit towards a bachelor’s
     Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,            form must be completed, signed by the stu-         degree at Marylhurst University. Approved
     or IFC course, see page 38.                         dent, instructor, and department head, and         courses are generally offered on a semester
     Effective research is an essential component in     submitted before the course registration form      format and may be worth 3 to 4.5 quarter
     developing and writing about concepts relat-        can be completed.                                  credits each.
     ed to human communication. This course ex-                                                                 To receive cooperative credit students
     amines various research methods, strategies                                                            must apply and enroll for classes through the
     for selecting research topics, and appropriate      SPEAKING TUTORIAL:                                 Northwest Film Center 503.221.1156 and
     documentation.                                      INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE                              register for cooperative credit through the
                                                         WITH PUBLIC PRESENTATION SKILLS                    Marylhurst University Registrar’s Office. Con-
                                                         CM 101, 1 cr.                                      sult your academic advisor before enrolling in
     INTERNSHIP IN COMMUNICATION                         Communication faculty                              cooperative coursework.
     CM 494, variable credit                             Pass/No Pass only
     Orientation required prior to registration.         To develop basic public communication skills,
     See Internship Program, pages 35-36.                prepare for a particular speaking event, or
                                                         practice polishing their oral communication

C O M M U N I C AT I O N S T U D I E S                                                                                                                               27

                                                     CM 407 Principles of Training & Dev., 3 crs., CW
FUTURE OFFERINGS                                     CM 421 Adv. Small Group Behavior, 3 crs., CW
                                                                                                               CM 458 Managing Transitions, 3 crs.
                                                                                                               PR 365 P.R. Writing & Production, 3 crs.
Below are listed core courses and required           CM 432 Leadership Communication, 3 crs., CW               PR 369 Managing Comm.: Tools & Tactics, 3 crs.
electives scheduled to be offered in the com-        CM 442 Assessment & Evaluation, 3 crs.                    PR 007 Preparing for Accreditation in PR, variable
ing three terms. For course descriptions, con-       CM 451 Human Comm. & Technology, 3 crs.
                                                     PR 261 Writing for the Media, 3 crs., E
tact the department or consult the Marylhurst        PR 360 Principles of Public Relations, 3 crs.             SPRING 2003
University Catalog. Code: D-Day; E-Evening;          PR 361 P.R. Research & Planning, 4 crs., E                CM 200 Intro to Communication Studies, 3 crs.
CW-Compressed Weekend; O-Online.                     PR 363 Advertising & Promotion, 3 crs.                    CM 320 Public Presentations, 3 crs.
                                                                                                               CM 321 Small Group Communication, 3 crs.
                                                                                                               CM 322 Interpersonal Communication, 3 crs.
FALL 2002                                            WINTER 2003                                               CM 323 Effective Listening, 3 crs.
CM 200A Intro to Communication Studies, 3 crs., D    CM   220   Speaking to an Audience, 3 crs.                CM 327 Emotion in Communication, 3 crs.
CM 200B Intro to Communication Studies, 3 crs., CW   CM   300   Patterns & Principles of Comm., 3 crs.         CM 333 Intercultural Communication, 3 crs.
CM 300E Patterns & Principles of Comm., 3 crs., O    CM   324   Nonverbal Communication, 3 crs.                CM 346 Conflict Management, 3 crs.
CM 320 Public Presentations, 3 crs.                  CM   328   Communication of Affirmation, 3 crs.           CM 348 The Mediation Process, 3 crs.
CM 321 Small Group Communication, 3 crs.             CM   336   Humor & Communication, 3 crs.                  CM 352 Media Production III, 3 crs.
CM 322 Interpersonal Communication, 3 crs.           CM   337   Gender & Communication, 3 crs.                 CM 400 Research & Dev. in Communication, 3 crs.
CM 323 Effective Listening, 3 crs.                   CM   340   Organizational Communication, 3 crs.           CM 422 Adv. Interpersonal Communication, 3 crs.
CM 324E Nonverbal Communication, 3 crs., O           CM   341   Interviewing, 3 crs.                           CM 426 Facilitating Work Groups, 3 crs.
CM 332 Honoring Diversity, 3 crs.                    CM   344   Power & Influence, 3 crs.                      CM 441 Communication & Aging, 3 crs.
CM 333 Intercultural Communication, 3 crs.           CM   345   Team Building, 3 crs.                          CM 444 Professional Presence, 3 crs.
CM 340E Organization Communication, 3 crs., O        CM   347   Negotiation, 3 crs.                            CM 448 High Impact Training Materials, 3 crs.
CM 346 Conflict Management, 3 crs., CW               CM   352   Media Production II, 3 crs.                    CM 456 Open Thinking: Creativity & Conflict, 3 crs.
CM 348 The Mediation Process, 3 crs.                 CM   363   Understanding Media, 3 crs.                    CM 457 Organizational Cultures & Climate, 3 crs.
CM 351 Media & Reality: Ethics of “Screen”, 3 crs.   CM   420   Prof. Presentations: Adv. Techniques, 3 crs.   PR 261 Writing for the Media, 3 crs.
CM 352 Media Production 1, 3 crs.                    CM   433   Adv. Intercultural Communication, 3 crs.       PR 368 PR Graphics & Electronic Media, 4 crs.
CM 400 Research & Discovery in Comm,, 3 crs., CW     CM   447   Designing Creative Training, 3 crs.

C U LT U R A L & H I S T O R I C A L S T U D I E S

CHAIR: DAVID DENNY, Ph.D.                            and ethically sensitive to the                            CULTURAL AND
    Cultural Studies emerged as an                   myriad complexities of contempo-                          HISTORICAL STUDIES
academic discipline about 50 years                   rary life. Thus the Cultural and
ago as a response to society’s                       Historical Studies program at                             FROM UTOPIA TO DYSTOPIA
increasing demand to better                          Marylhurst employs a multi-disci-                         CHS 333 or LIT 333, 3 crs.
understand the rapid changes                         plinary approach in order to                              CHS 333Z or LIT 333Z, audit
occurring on a global and local                      enable students to explore how                            William Bohnaker
                                                                                                               Wed, 6/26-8/28, 3:15-6pm
scale. The two World Wars, the                       social, ethical, and economic issues                      Fulfills AI outcome: AIB6.
independence of colonized peo-                       of the present are shaped by the                          When writers, film makers, and theorists
ples, Civil Rights movements, the                    past—and how our study of the                             imagine the society of the future, they are ac-
Cold War, and major advance-                         past is influenced by the present.                        tually judging the world of the present and
ments in technology and media                                                                                  how it seems destined to evolve in the future.
                                                         The Cultural and Historical                           Increasingly in the modern era, the represen-
profoundly shook the authority of                    Studies curriculum positions the                          tations of society, factual or fictional, are
the traditional disciplines in                       student to make significant contri-                       more critical than congratulatory, portrayed
academia. Unable to adequately                       butions in fields that require                            not as utopias but dystopias. Students will ex-
address such emerging issues as                                                                                amine some of these works, literary and cine-
                                                     analytical skills and practical
                                                                                                               matic, not only to understand their critique of
feminism, class, race, ethnicity,                    sensitivity to cultural differences                       society and culture but also to discern possi-
nation, media, popular culture,                      such as international policy and                          bilities for social change. A Survey in Litera-
and film, Cultural Studies was born                  business, education, the non-profit                       ture course.
from within the academy as a way                     sector, activism, and journalism.
to ask the most relevant and vital                      For more information, contact
questions of its time. This spirit                   the Cultural and Historical Studies
continues to reflect the commitment                  Department Office at
of Cultural Studies today, and                       503.699.6313 or email
suggests why the field of study is         
becoming the Humanities of the                                                                                        LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
twenty-first century. For as it                                                                                               AI = Arts & Ideas
continues to embody a reverence                                                                                           HC = Human Community
                                                                                                                          LL = Life & Learning Skills
for the rich literary and philosophi-                                                                                       NW = Natural World
cal tradition of the West, it under-
stands that this past must be read                                                                                     ✔ Courses recommended for
through a lens that is politically                                                                                   beginning students or non-majors
28   C U LT U R A L & H I S T O R I C A L S T U D I E S
     NON-VIOLENCE AS POLITICAL                        IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ASIAN                          HISTORY OF FOOD
     PRACTICE: GANDHI AND                             MASTERS AND MYSTICS: JAPAN                         HST 400, 3 crs.
     MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.                          CHS 486, INT 486 or INT 586, or RSP 486A           HST 400Z, audit
     CHS 346, 3 crs.                                  or RSP 586A, 6 crs.                                Bob Sitton
     CHS 346Z, audit                                  CHS 486Z, INT 486Z or INT 586Z, or                 Fri/Sat, 7/12,13; 7/26,27; 8/9,10;
     Dig Misra                                        RSP 486AZ or RSP 586AZ, audit                      11am-6pm
     Sat/Sun, 7/20,21; 8/3,4; 9am-5pm                 Donatella Rossi                                    Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.
     Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.                       Tue, 9/3, 9am-noon, preparation class              The past can be read in the food on our
     This course will examine the life and work of    Wed, 9/4, to Wed, 9/18, travel                     tables. Most food is the result of human
     Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.       Mon, 9/23, 5-9pm, debriefing class                 travel, transportation, and cultivation.
     Classes will include discussion of their views   NOTE: Registration for this course MUST be         Familiar foodstuffs often have originated
     of religion, politics, world peace, and social   completed by 6/1. Apart from tuition fees,         on other continents. Italian cooking, before
     reform. Students, with the help of lectures,     students will be required to pay a full pack-      Columbus, contained no tomatoes. Slavery
     slides, and audiovisual aids, will learn how     age (approximately $3,000) which includes          is linked to the sugar trade. This course
     to use the Gandhian method of non-violence       round-trip airfare, board, & lodging, ground       explores the many relationships between
     for conflict resolution.                         transportation, medical insurance, etc.            history, food, and technology. Topics include
                                                      Travel study to Japan. For full description, see   the influence of Columbus’ voyages upon
                                                      page 44.                                           the European diet; sugar and spice: the
     METROPOLIS: THE CITY IN                                                                             motivating factors behind Western explora-
     LITERATURE AND FILM                                                                                 tion and the slave trade; the evolution of
     CHS 359 or LIT 359, 3 crs.                       HISTORY                                            national cuisines; “fast food,” and the
     CHS 359Z or LIT 359Z, audit                                                                         history of diet and health.
     Barbara Schulz                                   HISTORY OF ISLAM
     Mon/Wed, 6/24-7/24, 12:15-3pm                    HST 321, 3 crs.
     Can be taken as WIC, see page 32, and/or         HST 321Z, audit
                                                                                                         FUTURE OFFERINGS
     IFC course, see page 38.                         Evguenia Davidova                                  Below is a partial list of core courses and
     Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.                       Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm                        required electives scheduled to be offered
     In this class we will study the representation   Fulfills HC outcome.                               in the next term. For descriptions, contact
     of the urban environment in literature and       The course will be an introduction to the histo-   department or see Marylhurst University
     film. We will begin our geographical journey     ry and civilization of Islam to the present. It    Catalog.
     in early nineteenth-century Russia, will move    will begin with a survey of the early history of
     on to nineteenth-century England, and then       the Middle East, which is the cradle of three      FALL 2002
     witness the reconstruction of Paris undertaken   major religions. We will then trace the zenith     CHS 301 Introduction to Cultural Studies
     by Napoleon’s urban planner Haussman, as         and decline of the great pre-modern empires,       CHS 313 Cultural Representations of
     reflected in Baudelaire’s Parisian Scenes. As    then move to the Middle Eastern reformist at-        African Americans
     we move into the twentieth century, massifica-                                                      CHS 325 Celtic Spirituality
                                                      tempts to meet the European pressures in           CHS 345E Nature, Culture, Science
     tion and bureaucratization will be the hall-     modern times. We will also analyze the age         CHS 356 Women’s Literature & Feminist Theory
     marks of the modernized urban sphere. An         of colonialism, the rise of nationalism, and       CHS 375 Modernization to Globalization
     increasingly mechanic, politically and social-   the resurgence of the Islamist ideology today.     CHS 402 Psychoanalysis & Culture
     ly oppressive urban environment is reflected     Lastly we will end by analyzing the impact of      HST 325 History of Film
     in Fritz Lang’s famous film Metropolis. With     the petroleum factor and geopolitical prob-        HST 331 The Kennedy & Johnson Years
     Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing we will                                                         HST 399 U.S. Ethnic & Immigration History
                                                      lems of the present day.                           LNG 221 Elementary Spanish
     move into the heart of the modern U.S. city,
                                                                                                         LNG 251 Elementary Japanese
     and a final destination in our journey will be                                                      LNG 261 Elementary Irish
     the postmodern Latin American city portrayed     HOLLYWOOD’S HISTORY                                LNG 331 Intermediate Spanish
     in the new Mexican film Amores Perros.
                                                      OF AMERICA
                                                      HST 351, 3 crs. or HST 351Z, audit
                                                      Charles Martin
     ENGAGING THE OTHER                               Tue, 6/25-8/27, 3:15-6pm
     CHS 367E or LIT 367E, 3 crs.                     Fulfills HC outcome.
     CHS 367EZ or LIT 367EZ, audit                    Hollywood has frequently compressed,
     Susan Fox
                                                      stretched, and twisted the history of the Unit-
                                                      ed States. This course examines these audi-
     Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.
                                                      ence-embraced distortions, and at how many
     This course will explore what it means to en-
                                                      of them have actually transformed themselves
     gage the other. The course will begin with
                                                      into what we consider our past to be. The
     such questions as what is the other? How the
                                                      lone cowboy drives our highways with a gun
     notion of otherness changed in recent histo-
                                                      under the seat, pirates pillage Wall Street,
     ry? How and why is the other suppressed in
                                                      boys become soldiers, and happy endings
     the realm of normativity? How can this sup-
                                                      rule the day.
     pression of the other be subverted both as a
     political and spiritual gesture? And finally
     what is the difference between the other and
     the self? We will examine several genres
     such as film, the novella, poetry, and several
     short philosophical excerpts from contempo-
     rary thinkers.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE                                                                                                                            29

PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY                     LEVEL II GRAMMAR                                  materials will be utilized to encourage
COORDINATOR: PETER McMINN                         ESL 124, non-credit                               inquiry and immediate linguistic advance-
Phone: 503.699.6310                               PIA staff                                         ment. Conversation and confidence building
Email:                         Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30                            exercises will be utilized. Concepts in this
FAX: 503.697.7188                                 (Mon/Wed, 10am-noon; Fri, 10-11am)                class will be integrated into all other Level I
Location: Admin 107                               Open to PIA students only                         classes.
   Pacific International Academy                  Pass/No Pass only
(PIA) is committed to meeting the                 This is course introducing and reviewing          LEVEL II READING
                                                  basic English grammar. Students will deal         ESL 121, non-credit
academic and culture-learning                     with common expressions and past and              PIA staff
goals of speakers of languages                    present tenses at the sentence level.             Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30
other than English. New students                  Pronunciation and verbal questioning skills       (Mon/Wed, 1-3pm; Fri, 1-2pm)
are given an assessment and                       will be emphasized in a communicative             Open to PIA students only
                                                  atmosphere. Concepts in this class will be        Pass/No Pass only
placed in one of five levels of                   integrated into all other Level II classes.       This is a course in basic English reading
English proficiency. Each level                                                                     skills. Strategies of vocabulary acquisition
develops increasingly complex                                                                       and usage will be introduced. Students will
language skills, from word recog-                 LEVEL III GRAMMAR                                 be required to complete reading assignments
                                                  ESL 134, 1.5 crs.                                 and express personal perspectives in re-
nition to writing a research paper.               PIA staff                                         sponse. Concepts in this class will be inte-
Proficiency in writing and oral                   Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30                            grated into all other Level II classes.
presentation is highly stressed in                (Mon/Wed, 10am-noon; Fri, 10-11am)
upper levels.                                     Open to PIA students only
                                                  This intermediate-level course will deal with     LEVEL III READING
   Classes from Level III through                 past, present, and future tenses; modals and      ESL 131, 1.5 crs.
Level V carries 1.5 university credit             modalic expressions; comparisons; and sen-        PIA staff
hours, which count towards                        tence combinations using appropriate              Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30
                                                  connectors in a communicative atmosphere.         (Mon/Wed, 1-3pm; Fri, 1-2pm)
graduation. PIA also offers TOEFL/                                                                  Open to PIA students only
                                                  Concepts in this class will be integrated into
TOEIC/GED preparation, need-                      all other Level III classes.                      This is an intermediate course for internation-
based tutoring, and a conversation                                                                  al students. Skills such as pre-reading, pre-
partner program.                                  LEVEL IV GRAMMAR                                  viewing, predicting, skimming, and scanning
                                                                                                    will be a primary focus. This course will also
   PIA offers continued support to                ESL 144, 1.5 crs.
                                                                                                    deal with semantic mapping and the organiz-
                                                  PIA staff
all Marylhurst non-native English                                                                   ing of ideas in various readings. Concepts in
                                                  Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30
speakers. Those eligible may                      (Mon/Wed, 10am-noon; Fri, 10-11am)                this class will be integrated into all other Lev-
bypass Level 5 and enroll in a PIA/               Open to PIA students only                         el III classes.
MU course intended to support                     This high-intermediate course will briefly
                                                  overview verb tenses, aspect, and voice
prospective undergraduate, post-                                                                    LEVEL IV READING
                                                  in a communicative atmosphere. Students
baccalaureate, and graduate                       will gain a thorough knowledge of perfect         ESL 141, 1.5 crs.
students in their writing ability.                and perfect progressive tenses. Concepts in       PIA staff
                                                                                                    Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30
   In addition to orienting students              this class will be integrated into all other
                                                                                                    (Mon/Wed, 1-3pm; Fri, 1-2pm)
to the demands of academic life in                Level IV classes.
                                                                                                    Open to PIA students only
English as a second language, PIA                                                                   This is a high-intermediate course for interna-
                                                  LEVEL V GRAMMAR                                   tional students. University-level texts will be
takes pride in giving students                    ESL 154, 1.5 crs.                                 utilized presenting essays in a variety of writ-
frequent opportunities to explore                 PIA staff                                         ing styles. These include patterns of narra-
the state, offering trips to beaches,             Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30                            tion, description, comparison, and contrast.
mountains, river rafting, and the                 (Mon/Wed, 10am-noon; Fri, 10-11am)                Outlining and efficient reading practices will
                                                  Open to PIA students only                         also be addressed. Concepts in this class will
full menu of Portland events.                     This advanced course will stress the forms,       be integrated into all other Level IV classes.
                                                  and usage of English. A review of all tenses
                                                  will be followed by discussion and practice
                                                  of adverbial and adjectival clauses, gerunds/     LEVEL V READING
GRAMMAR                                           infinitives, and conditional sentences. Con-      ESL 151, 1.5 crs.
                                                  cepts in this class will be integrated into all   PIA staff
                                                  other Level V classes.                            Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30
LEVEL I GRAMMAR                                                                                     (Mon/Wed, 1-3pm; Fri, 1-2pm)
ESL 114, non-credit                                                                                 Open to PIA students only
PIA staff                                                                                           Students in this advanced course will interact
Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30                            READING                                           with University-level texts presenting essays
(Mon/Wed, 10am-noon; Fri, 10-11am)                                                                  on a variety of subjects. Examples of correct
Open to PIA students only                         LEVEL I READING
Pass/No Pass only                                 ESL 111, non-credit
This is an entry-level course introducing the     PIA staff                                                LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
basic concepts of English grammar. Use of         Mon/Wed/Fri, 6/26-8/30                                           AI = Arts & Ideas
present tenses and common simple structures       (Mon/Wed, 1-3pm; Fri, 1-2pm)                                 HC = Human Community
will be the emphasis. Useful expressions and      Open to PIA students only                                    LL = Life & Learning Skills
essential vocabulary will be reinforced in a      Pass/No Pass only                                              NW = Natural World
communicative atmosphere. Concepts in this        This is an introductory course in reading En-
class will be integrated into all other Level I   glish. Word recognition and vocabulary de-                ✔ Courses recommended for
classes.                                          velopment will be a central focus. Authentic            beginning students or non-majors
     citation will be presented and discussed. This       LEVEL V WRITING                                      LEVEL IV SPEAKING AND LISTENING
     course will also deal with patterns of narra-        ESL 152, 1.5 crs.                                    ESL 143, 1.5 crs.
     tion, description, comparison, and contrast.         PIA staff                                            PIA staff
     Outlining and efficient reading practices will       Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30                              Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30
     be addressed. Concepts in this class will be         (Tue/Thur, 10am-noon; Fri, 11am-noon)                (Tue/Thur, 1-3pm; Fri, 2-3pm)
     integrated into all other Level V classes.           Open to PIA students only                            Open to PIA students only
                                                          This is an advanced course for international         This is a high-intermediate course designed to
                                                          students. Forms of correct citation in research      advance public speaking and note-taking skills.
     WRITING                                              writing will be presented and practiced. Stu-        The course will require a 10-minute group and
                                                          dents will focus on polishing academic writ-         individual presentation on a given topic. Re-
                                                          ing skills and essay form in preparation for         search and interview strategies will be empha-
                                                          University classes. Summarizing, paraphras-          sized. Concepts in this class will be integrated
     ESL 112, non-credit
                                                          ing, citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism         into all other Level IV classes.
     PIA staff
                                                          will be covered. Concepts in this class will be
     Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30
     (Tue/Thur, 10am-noon; Fri, 11am-noon)
                                                          integrated into all other Level V classes.
     Open to PIA students only                                                                                 LEVEL V SPEAKING AND LISTENING
     Pass/No Pass only                                                                                         ESL 153, 1.5 crs.
     This is an entry-level course for international      SPEAKING AND LISTENING                               PIA staff
     students. Attention to letter and word forma-                                                             Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30
     tion will be a primary focus. Students will be                                                            (Tue/Thur, 1-3pm; Fri, 2-3pm)
                                                          LEVEL I SPEAKING AND LISTENING                       Open to PIA students only
     exposed to a variety of simple writing, and en-      ESL 113, non-credit
     couraged to express themselves on paper.                                                                  This advanced course is designed to reinforce
                                                          PIA staff                                            skills in public speaking, note taking, and inter-
     Concepts in this class will be integrated into       Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30
     all other Level I classes.                                                                                viewing. A 15-minute individual presentation
                                                          (Tue/Thur, 1-3pm; Fri, 2-3pm)
                                                                                                               on a topic of personal interest will be a re-
                                                          Open to PIA students only
                                                                                                               quirement. Research and interrogative strate-
     LEVEL II WRITING                                     Pass/No Pass only
                                                                                                               gies will be emphasized. Concepts in this class
     ESL 122, non-credit                                  This is an entry-level course in Speaking and
                                                                                                               will be integrated into all other Level V classes.
     PIA staff                                            Listening. In addition to eliciting simple con-
     Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30                              versation in English, an aim of this class is for
     (Tue/Thur, 10am-noon; Fri, 11am-noon)                students to be able to raise questions and
                                                          concerns regarding their acquisition of En-
                                                                                                               GRADUATE FOUNDATIONS
     Open to PIA students only
     Pass/No Pass only                                    glish and/or any adjustment issues. Specific
     This is a course for international students intro-   pronunciation points will also be addressed.         AMERICAN BUSINESS
     ducing basic writing skills in English. Simple       Concepts in this class will be integrated into       COMMUNICATIONS
     and compound sentence structures will be pre-        all other Level I classes.                           WR 420, 3 crs.
     sented and practiced in a variety of contexts.                                                            PIA staff
     In addition to practicing letter and word for-                                                            Tue/Thur, 6/25-8/29, 3:30-5pm
     mation, proper sentence formation will be a          LEVEL II SPEAKING AND LISTENING                      Prerequisites: ESL 151-4, or instructor
     focus. Concepts in this class will be integrated     ESL 123, non-credit                                  approval
     into all other Level II classes.                     PIA staff                                            This course is part of the English as a Second
                                                          Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30                              Language Foundation program and is integrat-
                                                          (Tue/Thur, 1-3pm; Fri, 2-3pm)                        ed with the Marylhurst Business course, BUS
     LEVEL III WRITING                                    Open to PIA students only                            300 Managing in Dynamic Environments. It is
     ESL 132, 1.5 crs.                                    Pass/No Pass only                                    primarily intended for international students
     PIA staff                                            This is a basic course in Speaking and Listen-       with conditional admission to the MBA pro-
     Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30                              ing. Students will be presented with a variety       gram at Marylhurst University. Students will fo-
     (Tue/Thur, 10am-noon; Fri, 11am-noon)                of expressions and asked to practice them in         cus on methods of inquiry, forms of communi-
     Open to PIA students only                            new contexts. Stress and intonation in various       cation in the work place, and a term paper
     This is an intermediate course for international     sentence patterns will be a primary objective.       based on material in BUS 300 (page 23).
     students. Various forms of paragraph structure       Methods of verbal inquiry will also be cov-
     will be presented and practiced. This course         ered. Concepts in this class will be integrated
     will also deal with pre-writing techniques such      into all other Level II classes.                     ADVANCED AMERICAN
     as brainstorming, discussion, and conceptual                                                              BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS
     mapping. Concepts in this class will be inte-                                                             WR 421, 3 crs.
     grated into all other Level III classes.             LEVEL III SPEAKING AND LISTENING                     PIA staff
                                                          ESL 133, 1.5 crs.                                    Tue/Thur, 6/25-8/29, 3:30-5pm
                                                          PIA staff                                            Prerequisites: ESL 151-4, or instructor
     LEVEL IV WRITING                                     Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30
     ESL 142, 1.5 crs.                                                                                         approval
                                                          (Tue/Thur, 1-3pm; Fri, 2-3pm)                        This course is part of the English as a Second
     PIA staff                                            Open to PIA students only
     Tue/Thur/Fri, 6/25-8/30                                                                                   Language Foundations program and is coordi-
                                                          In this intermediate course, note-taking skills      nated with MBA, or appropriate post-baccalau-
     (Tue/Thur, 10am-noon; Fri, 11am-noon)
                                                          will be a primary focus. Students will also be       reate courses recommended by the Marylhurst
     Open to PIA students only
                                                          presented with and practice basic presenta-          Business Department. It is primarily intended
     This upper-intermediate course will deal with
                                                          tion formats. Registers of speaking style will       for international students with conditional ad-
     various forms of essay structures. These in-
                                                          be addressed. Pronunciation issues will be           mission to the MBA program at Marylhurst Uni-
     clude the expository, comparison/contrast,
                                                          dealt with on an individual basis. Concepts in       versity. Students will reinforce methods of in-
     and persuasive essay. Outlining and concise
                                                          this class will be integrated into all other Level   quiry, explore the U.S. work environment, and
     writing practices will also be addressed. Con-
                                                          III classes.                                         write a term paper based on material covered
     cepts in this class will be integrated into all
     other Level IV classes.                                                                                   in business courses.

E N G L I S H L I T E R AT U R E & W R I T I N G                                                                                                           31

CHAIR: DAVID PLOTKIN, Ph.D.                         widely read genre in English literature. We         notion of otherness changed in recent history?
    The Department of English                       will read several classic works: Daniel Defoe’s     How and why is the other suppressed in the
                                                    Robinson Crusoe, Jane Austen’s Pride and            realm of normativity? How can this suppres-
Literature and Writing provides                     Prejudice, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Vir-        sion of the other be subverted both as a politi-
students with a broad-based                         ginal Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, and a classic          cal and spiritual gesture? And finally what is
exposure to and understanding of                    U.S. novel of choice. Our discussion will in-       the difference between the other and the self?
different types of writing, including               clude such concepts as point of view, stream        We will examine several genres such as film,
                                                    of consciousness, the Bilungsroman, realism,        the novella, poetry, and several short philo-
a critical awareness of the history                 the unreliable narrator, and so forth, and we       sophical excerpts from contemporary thinkers.
of literature in the English lan-                   will look at current and future directions of the
guage; a practitioner’s knowledge                   novel. A Studies in Literary Genre course.
of professional, journalistic, or                                                                       WRITING
creative writing; and insight into
                                                    FROM UTOPIA TO DYSTOPIA
the imaginative processes that is                                                                       CREATIVE WRITING:
                                                    LIT 333 or CHS 333, 3 crs.
the basis of all writing. English                   LIT 333Z or CHS 333Z, audit                         MEMORIES, PLACES, AND PEOPLE ✔
                                                                                                        WR 205, 3 crs.
Literature and Writing students                     William Bohnaker
                                                                                                        WR 205Z, audit
                                                    Wed, 6/26-8/28, 3:15-6pm
gain crucial skills in written and                                                                      Joan Maiers
                                                    Fulfills AI outcome: AIB6.
oral communication and become                       When writers, film makers, and theorists imag-      Wed, 6/26-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm
adept at understanding and                          ine the society of the future, they are actually    (No class: Wed, 7/3)
                                                                                                        Prerequisite: ASSET score of 41+
interpreting challenging texts. They                judging the world of the present and how it
                                                                                                        or COMPASS equivalent.
                                                    seems destined to evolve in the future. Increas-
focus these skills on literary and                                                                      Fulfills AI outcome: AIB5.
                                                    ingly in the modern era, the representations of
non-literary texts while investigat-                society, factual or fictional, are more critical    Can we, as citizens of this twenty-first century
ing the role of creativity in human                 than congratulatory, portrayed not as utopias       society, manage to go home again? Explore
                                                                                                        this ageless question in writing, while engag-
life and are well-prepared to enter                 but dystopias. Students will examine some of
                                                                                                        ing in a practical overview of literary forms
a variety of professions that                       these works, literary and cinematic, not only to
                                                    understand their critique of society and culture    and principles of composition. Develop confi-
require strong writing ability                      but also to discern possibilities for social        dence in designing, as well as discussing
coupled with critical thinking skills.              change. A Survey in Literature course.              texts based on personal experience and in-
                                                                                                        sight. Benefit from a learning situation which
The English Literature and Writing                                                                      emphasizes increased proficiency with tools
curriculum also provides a solid                                                                        and techniques, accompanied by the support
                                                    METROPOLIS: THE CITY
foundation for a range of post-                                                                         of positive feedback.
                                                    IN LITERATURE AND FILM
graduate work such as advanced                      LIT 359 or CHS 359, 3 crs.
degrees in law, business, English,                  LIT 359Z or CHS 359Z, audit
                                                                                                        INTRODUCTION TO EXPOSITORY
rhetoric and composition, journal-                  Barbara Schulz
                                                                                                        WRITING AND CRITICAL THINKING ✔
                                                    Mon/Wed, 6/24-7/24 (5-week course),
ism, or creative writing.                                                                               WR 221E, 3 crs.
    For more information, contact                   Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,            WR 221EZ, audit
the English Literature and Writing                  and/or IFC course, see page 38.                     Trevor Dodge
                                                    Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.                          ONLINE
Department at 503.699.6313 or                                                                           Prerequisite: ASSET score of 45+
                                                    In this class we will study the representation of
email                      the urban environment in literature and film.       or COMPASS equivalent.
                                                    We will begin our geographical journey in           Fulfills Writing outcomes: LLE1, LLE2, LLE3.
                                                    early nineteenth-century Russia, will move on       This course will help students learn the
LITERATURE                                          to nineteenth-century England, and then wit-        conventions of academic writing and
                                                    ness the reconstruction of Paris undertaken by      critical thinking through reading, analytical
                                                    Napoleon’s urban planner Haussman, as re-           writing, and discussions. Students will read a
ACTING WORKSHOP I                                                                                       variety of essays and one novel/novella orga-
LIT 210, 1 cr.                                      flected in Baudelaire’s Parisian Scenes. As we
                                                    move into the twentieth century, massification      nized around the topic of “self” and “identi-
LIT 210Z, audit
                                                    and bureaucratization will be the hallmarks of      ty” to engage in critical, analytical, and cre-
Dorothy Weiss
                                                    the modernized urban sphere. An increasingly        ative thought, discussion, and writing. Stu-
Fri/Sat, 7/19,20
                                                    mechanic, politically and socially oppressive       dents will compose three formal essays focus-
(Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat, 9am-5pm)
                                                    urban environment is reflected in Fritz Lang’s      ing on drafting and revision as well as numer-
Fulfills AI outcomes: AIB1/AIB5.
                                                    famous film Metropolis. With Spike Lee’s film       ous in-class writing workshops.
An introduction to the dynamics of the actor’s
art, focusing on individual self-awareness,         Do the Right Thing we will move into the heart
spontaneity, and expressiveness. This work-         of the modern U.S. city, and a final destina-
shop will assist those that are interested in the   tion in our journey will be the postmodern Lat-
fundamentals of acting as well as those that        in American city portrayed in the new Mexi-
are seeking to gain more poise and self-confi-      can film Amores Perros.

                                                    ENGAGING THE OTHER
THE NOVEL                                           LIT 367E or CHS 367E, 3 crs.                               LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
LIT 329E, 3 crs.                                    LIT 367EZ or CHS 367EZ, audit                                      AI = Arts & Ideas
LIT 329EZ, audit                                    Susan Fox                                                      HC = Human Community
Jan Marie Fortier                                   ONLINE                                                         LL = Life & Learning Skills
ONLINE                                              Fulfills AI & HC outcomes.                                       NW = Natural World
Fulfills AI outcome: AIB7.                          This course will explore what it means to en-
In this course we will examine the origins, his-    gage the other. The course will begin with                  ✔ Courses recommended for
tory, and development of the novel, the most        such questions as what is the other? How the              beginning students or non-majors
32   E N G L I S H L I T E R AT U R E & W R I T I N G
     DIRECTED WRITING                                    lines between non-fiction and fiction, that min-     Prerequisites: ASSET score of 50+ or COM-
     FOR PLA STUDENTS                                    gles elements from both genres, that both            PASS equivalent or WR 221; registration in
     WR 225, 1-2 crs.                                    bends and appropriates the truth. Students will      Writing Intensive Course in major. Meets
     Joan Maiers                                         read and write several essays, and there will        Writing outcomes: LLE1, LLE2, LLE3, LLE4.
     Pass/No Pass grade                                  be writing exercises, discussions of assigned        This workshop is a co-requisite to Writing In-
     Prospective students must contact instructor        readings, and informal critiques of student          tensive Courses and provides a structure for
     before registering at 503.699.6313.                 work. Some of the readings might include: Su-        reviewing the writing process, working on re-
     For students considering essay development          sanna Kaysen’s memoir, Girl, interrupted and         vision, and receiving feedback and assess-
     success in PLA or in other classes, this course     David Shields’ book, Black Planet: Facing            ment from a writing teacher. Students must
     will target individual writing styles and design    Race During An NBA Season and David Fos-             take WR 303 when they take the Writing In-
     strategies for analytical thinking.                 ter Wallace’s epic essay “A Supposedly Fun           tensive Course in their major.
                                                         Thing I’ll Never Do Again.”
                                                                                                              BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT
     DIRECTED WRITING                                                                                         MANAGING IN DYNAMIC
                                                         COURSES BY ARRANGEMENT                               ENVIRONMENTS, BUS 300, 6 crs.
                                                         AGREEMENT FOR ARRANGED COURSES form                  See page 23 for course description.
     WR 226, WR 227, or WR 228, 1-2 crs.
                                                         must be completed, signed by student, instruc-
     Joan Maiers
                                                         tor, & department head & submitted before            COMMUNICATION STUDIES
     These credit options exist for students who
                                                         course registration form can be completed.           PATTERNS AND PRINCIPLES
     wish to augment their background in syntax,
                                                                                                              OF COMMUNICATION, CM 300, 3 crs.
     composition techniques, style awareness. See
     WR 225 description for general details.             WRITING CONFERENCES                                  RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY
                                                                                                              IN COMMUNICATION, CM 400E, 3 crs.
                                                         WR 301, 1-3 crs.
                                                                                                              See pages 25-26 for course descriptions.
                                                         Prior to registration, contact English Literature
                                                         & Writing Department, 503.699.6313, or
     SCREENWRITING                                       email                       CULTURAL & HISTORICAL STUDIES
     WR 369, 3 crs.                                      These intensive, one-on-one conferences pro-         METROPOLIS: THE CITY IN LITERATURE AND FILM,
     WR 369Z, audit                                      vide guidance, support, and conceptual and           CHS 359, 3 crs.
     Tom Wheeler                                                                                              See page 28 for course description.
                                                         technical assistance to self-motivated writers in-
     Tue/Thur, 6/25-7/30, 6:30-9:15pm
                                                         volved in projects such as novels, stories, plays,
     Students will do the groundwork for and                                                                  ENGLISH LITERATURE & WRITING
                                                         non-fiction books, and articles. Through private,
     begin writing a 120-page screenplay. Stu-                                                                METROPOLIS: THE CITY IN LITERATURE AND FILM,
                                                         informal discussion and critique, this advanced
     dents will choose a story idea appropriate to                                                            LIT 359, 3 crs.
                                                         tutorial is designed to bring a writer’s idea to
     the medium, research their subject, develop                                                              See page 31 for course description.
                                                         its fullest and most effective realization.
     characters, and structure their story. The story
     idea will be developed into a screenplay treat-                                                          HUMAN SCIENCES
     ment. Students will then write the first act (ap-   WRITING/READING IN PRACTICE                          THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF
     proximately 30 pages) in proper format. Com-        WR 432, 1-3 crs.                                     THE HUMAN SCIENCES, HS 304E, 3 crs.
     pletion of this workshop will give students the     Prior to registration, contact English Literature    See page 33 for course description.
     necessary foundation and tools to write their       & Writing Department, 503.699.6313, or
     screenplay.                                         email                       INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES
                                                         Students can earn credit through internships         THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF
                                                         that stress professional writing, by tutoring at     THE HUMAN SCIENCES, INT 304E, 3 crs.
     OUT THERE: STRATEGIES FOR                           the Writing Center, working on Marylhurst’s          See page 35 for course description.
     WRITERS READY TO GO PUBLIC                          online journal, or via service learning projects
     WR 410, 1 cr.                                       that stress literacy activism.
     WR 410Z, audit                                                                                           RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY
                                                                                                              MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS, ETH 323E, 3 crs.
     Joan Maiers
                                                         RESEARCH PROJECT                                     See pages 43 for course description.
     Sat, 6/29; 7/27; 10am-4pm
     Prerequisite: readiness for entering into the       WR 493, 1-5 crs.
     arena of rejection and acceptance by editors.       Prior to registration, contact English Literature    SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS
     Pass/No Pass. (Letter grade available.)             and Writing Department, 503.699.6313, or             POPULATION & GLOBAL RESOURCES, ENV 320, 3 crs.
     Writers in all genres and at any level are invit-   email                       See page 45 for course description.
     ed to bring work in progress, with questions        This project provides the student with a unique
     about how to showcase their writing. In this        opportunity to combine a major area of study
                                                         with specific research in an area of interest to     FUTURE OFFERINGS
     workshop, participants can expect to discuss
                                                         the student.                                         Below are listed some of the core courses and
     venues for readings or other public presenta-
                                                                                                              required electives scheduled to be offered in the
     tions, calls for manuscripts, contests or events,
                                                                                                              next term. For descriptions, contact department
     as well as publishing concerns and resources.
                                                         WRITING INTENSIVE                                    or see Marylhurst University Catalog.

                                                         COURSES (WIC)                                        FALL 2002
                                                         Writing Intensive Courses are required courses
     CREATIVE NON-FICTION                                                                                     LIT 200 Exploring U.S. Culture through Literature & Film
                                                         in the major that, if taken to fulfill the Liberal   LIT 223 Introduction to Literary Genre
     WR 466, 3 crs.
                                                         Arts Core writing requirement for the 2000-02        LIT 313 Cultural Representations of African Americans
     WR 466Z, audit                                                                                           LIT 325 History of Film
                                                         catalog, must be taken with WR 303. The
     Jay Ponteri                                                                                              LIT 328E Short Story
     Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm
                                                         Summer 2002 term WIC courses are:
                                                                                                              LIT 3xx Survey of Literature: The Divine
     Essayist/fiction writer David Shields said this:                                                         LIT 356 Women’s Literature & Feminist Theory
     “When I write fiction, I tell the truth, and when   WRITING LAB                                          LIT 402 Psychoanalysis & Culture
     I write nonfiction, I end up telling lies.” This    WR 303E, 1 cr.                                       WR 221 Introduction to Expository Writing
                                                         WR 303EZ, audit                                      WR 222 Introduction to Literature & Writing
     seminar will focus on the “postmodern mem-                                                               WR 261 Writing for the Media
     oir,” i.e., non-fiction that purposely blurs the    Kate Heneger
                                                                                                              WR 323 Expository Writing: Argument & Persuasion
                                                                                                              WR 367: Writing Seminar I: Poetry
                                                                                                              WR 368: Writing Seminar II: Short Fiction

HUMAN SCIENCES                                                                                                                             33

CHAIR: JENNIFER SASSER, Ph.D.        HUMAN SCIENCES SEMINAR                              read about the lives of creative people and
   The Human Sciences endeavor                                                           glean their own insights into the intimacy/cre-
                                                                                         ativity dynamic.
to understand the complexities of    THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY                              Finally, students will complete a project
human behavior and what it means     OF THE HUMAN SCIENCES                               that combines the readings, lectures, and
to be a human being through a        HS 304E or INT 304E, 3 crs.                         their own lives into an integrated final whole.
wide variety of academic disci-      HS 304EZ or INT 304EZ, audit
                                     Jennifer Sasser
plines and fields of study. At       ONLINE                                              BIO/PSYCHO/SPIRITUAL
Marylhurst, these include human      Required for all Human Studies, Social Sci-         INTEGRATION
studies, psychology, anthropology,   ence, & Psychology majors.                          HMS 352, 3 crs.
                                     Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,
sociology, and political science.                                                        HMS 352Z, audit
                                     and/or IFC course, see page 38.                     Jennifer Gaddy
   Three undergraduate degree        Fulfills HC outcome: HCD8.                          Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm
options are available through        The purpose of this course is to provide Hu-        Fulfills the Systems course requirement for
Marylhurst’s Department of Human     man Studies, Social Science, and Psychology         Human Studies majors & HC outcome: HCC1.
Sciences. Each represents a          majors with a common meeting place for en-          Throughout the life-span, humans experience
                                     gagement in a rich and comprehensive sur-           constant change and growth in body, mind,
different approach to studying       vey of the historical and intellectual contexts     and spirit. Exploring different views and prac-
human beings.                        out of which the central theories, methodolo-       tices from around the world through read-
   The Bachelor of Arts degree in    gies, and practices in the Human Sciences           ings, discussion, and experiential exercises,
Psychology allows learners to        developed. We will also explore emerging            the goal of this seminar is to expand one’s
                                     and alternative perspectives and fields in the      awareness and understanding of the process-
pursue a focused, disciplinary       Human Sciences.                                     es involved in holistically integrating the
study of human behavior and                                                              growth of body, mind, and spirit.
                                     HUMAN STUDIES
   In addition, the Department
offers the Bachelor of Arts in                                                           THE JOURNEY THROUGH CHANGE
                                     FOUNDATION COLLOQUIA                                HMS 380 or PSY 380, 3 crs.
Social Sciences and the Bachelor                                                         HMS 380Z or PSY 380Z, audit
of Arts in Human Studies. The        RELATIONSHIP WITH THE                               Greg Crosby
Social Science degree offers         TRANSCENDENT: A CRITICAL                            Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21, 9am-5pm
learners a rich, multidisciplinary   INQUIRY INTO NUMINOUS                               Fulfills HC outcome: HCC2.
                                     EXPERIENCE                                          The course will explore and integrate the
approach through which to gain                                                           change process within various systems:
                                     HMS 484, 4 crs.
broad exposure to the Social         HMS 484Z, audit                                     body, self, family, group, organization,
Science disciplines at Marylhurst    Jennifer Sasser & Tess Yevka                        and society. The class will examine and
while doing concentration work in    Tue/Thur, 6/25,27; 8/6-8/22; 3:15-6pm               synthesize models of change, such as Joseph
                                     Required for all Human Studies majors.              Campbell’s writings on the hero’s journey,
one discipline. The Human Studies                                                        the readiness to change model, the integra-
                                     Fulfills AI outcome: AIC4.
degree provides an integrated,       In this seminar we will engage in a critical        tive biological/psychological/organization-
interdisciplinary degree program     inquiry into the nature and experience of           al/societal models of Will Schutz and the
for learners interested in using a   transcendence, from historical, psycho-             family life cycle of Elizabeth Carter and
                                     logical, biological, religious, and personal        Monica McGoldrick. Useful and practical
systems theory approach to consid-
                                     perspectives. We will work together to              strategies will be discussed to deal with the
er the complex contexts that shape   develop a clearer understanding of the              change process.
and are shaped by human beings.      meaning of transcendence and how numi-
   For more information call Dr.     nous experiences impact relationships with          POLITICAL SCIENCE
Jennifer Sasser at 503.675.3964      self, others, and the environment.
or                                                               WOMEN AND POLITICS
                                     SPECIAL TOPICS                                      PS 460 or INT 518, 3 crs.
                                                                                         Debrah Bokowski
                                     INTIMACY AND CREATIVITY                             Wed, 6/26-8/28, 3:15-6pm
                                     HMS 303, 3 crs.                                     This course examines the political status of
                                     HMS 303Z, audit                                     women in the United States and around the
                                     Karen Karelius                                      world. An emphasis will be placed on an in-
                                     Fri/Sat/Sun, 6/28,29,30; 8/16,17,18                 terdisciplinary approach to understanding the
                                     (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat, 9am-5pm;                    political situation of women. Topics include
                                     Sun, 9am-1pm)                                       women’s social movements, psychological
                                     The relationship between intimacy and cre-          gender differences in politics, the “gender
                                     ativity is often mysterious to us. How can I be     gap” in voting, women candidates, and
                                     creative as an individual and be actively in-       women elected officials.
                                     volved in an intimate relationship? At times,
                                     the creative work we do BECOMES a partner
                                     with us, as if we have an intimate relationship           LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
                                     with the creative work itself. What place does                    AI = Arts & Ideas
                                     creativity hold in our lives and how essential                HC = Human Community
                                     is it for us to cultivate to have a fuller life?              LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                     Considered in the class is the role that gender                 NW = Natural World
                                     can play in the apparent conflict between
                                     time spent “creating” and time spent in rela-               ✔ Courses recommended for
                                     tionships with others. In addition, students will         beginning students or non-majors
     SOCIAL SCIENCES                                     ticular attention is focused on the principles   RESEARCH AND
                                                         of personality development, the concept of
                                                         the self, and identity.                          ACTION REQUIREMENT
     FOUNDATION COURSES                                                                                   SOCIAL SCIENCE
                                                         ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY                              RESEARCH PROJECT
     RESEARCH METHODS AND STATISTICS                     PSY 336, 3 crs.                                  ANT 493, EC 493, PS 493, or SOC 493,
     IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES I                            PSY 336Z, audit                                  variable credit
     SS 212E, 3 crs.                                     Greg Crosby                                      Meetings scheduled as needed.
     SS 212EZ, audit                                     Tue/Thur, 7/9,11; 7/16,18; 6:30-9:15pm           Research projects provide a unique opportu-
     Katie McCourt                                       & Sat/Sun, 8/3,4, 9am-5pm                        nity to complement a student’s major area of
     ONLINE: 6/24-7/26                                   Prerequisite: PSY 201 or equivalent              study with specific research in an area of in-
     Prerequisite: Math 095, 101, 102, or 107,           Required for all Psychology majors.              terest to the student. Student must arrange
     or equivalent                                       Fulfills HC outcome: HCC2.                       their research project with department chair,
     Required course for all Social Science              This seminar examines distortions in behav-      503.699.6313.
     & Psychology majors.                                ior, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions.
     Fulfills LL outcome: LLD4.                          Topics include anxiety, depression, schizo-      HUMAN STUDIES RESEARCH PROJECT
     This condensed summer course focuses on             phrenia, and other psychotic disorders. Stu-     HMS 493, variable credit
     the interrelationship between data collection       dents also learn about approaches for diag-      Meetings scheduled as needed.
     and analysis and is designed to equip the           nosis and treatment.                             Research projects provide a unique opportu-
     budding researcher or anyone who encoun-                                                             nity to complement a student’s major area of
     ters research findings in their daily lives with                                                     study with specific research in an area of in-
     a basic understanding of the research meth-         EASTERN PSYCHOLOGY                               terest to the student. Student must arrange
     odologies and statistics used in the Human          PSY 360R, 3 crs.                                 their research project with department chair,
     Sciences. Topics will include ethical consider-     PSY 360RZ, audit                                 503.699.6313.
     ations, research designs, sampling and gen-         Digambar Misra
     eralizability, central tendency, variability, hy-                                                    PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH PROJECT
                                                         Fri/Sat/Sun, 6/28,29,30, 9am-5pm
     pothesis testing, and meta-analysis.                                                                 PSY 493, variable credit
                                                         Fulfills HC outcome: HCC3.
                                                                                                          Meetings scheduled as needed.
                                                         This course will provide a new conception of
                                                                                                          Research projects provide a unique opportu-
                                                         total mind, and delve into the values in Hin-
     RESEARCH METHODS                                                                                     nity to complement a student’s major area of
                                                         du, Buddhist, Zen, Chinese energetic, and
                                                                                                          study with specific research in an area of in-
     AND STATISTICS                                      body psychologies. Students will have the op-
                                                                                                          terest to the student. Student must arrange
     IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES II                           portunity to achieve deeper insight into the
                                                                                                          their research project with department chair,
     SS 304E, 3 crs.                                     mind--its structures, cognitive and emotional
     SS 304EZ, audit                                     processes, energy, and potential both for
     Katie McCourt                                       neurosis and wisdom.                             HUMAN STUDIES INTERNSHIP
     ONLINE: 7/28-8/30                                                                                    HMS 494, variable credit
     Prerequisite: SS 212                                                                                 Orientation required prior to registration.
     Required for all Social Science & Psychology        THE JOURNEY THROUGH CHANGE                       See Internship Program, pages 35-36.
     majors. This course replaces SS 304 Re-             PSY 380 or HMS 380, 3 crs.
     search Methods in the Social Sciences.              PSY 380Z or HMS 380Z, audit                      PSYCHOLOGY INTERNSHIP
     Fulfills LL outcome: LLD4.                          Greg Crosby                                      PSY 394, variable credit
     The second course in the condensed summer           Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21, 9am-5pm                 Orientation required prior to registration.
     sequence, SS 304 will delve more deeply             Fulfills HC outcome: HCC2.                       See Internship Program, pages 35-36.
     into research methods and statistics that sup-      The course will explore and integrate the
     port discovery and understanding. Topics            change process within the systems we live in:    SOCIAL SCIENCE INTERNSHIP
     covered include instrumentation, experimen-         body, self, family, group, organization, and     SS 394, variable credit
     tal design and group comparison, observa-           societal. See full description on page 33.       Orientation required prior to registration.
     tional design and correlational analysis, reli-                                                      See Internship Program, pages 35-36.
     ability and validity, and statistical and practi-
     cal significance tests.                             DREAMS:
                                                         A JUNGIAN PERSPECTIVE
                                                                                                          COURSES BY
                                                         PSY 452, 3 crs.                                  ARRANGEMENT
     PSYCHOLOGY COURSES                                  PSY 452Z, audit                                  Readings, Independent and Directed Studies,
                                                         Jim Soliday & Bob Stuckey                        and Research Projects in Human Studies,
                                                         Sat/Sun, 7/13,14; 8/10,11; 9am-5pm               Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Eco-
                                                         Dreams are the messengers par excellence         nomics, or Political Science. Please contact
     PSY 334, 3 crs.
                                                         from the unconscious. They tend to tell us       department chair for more information.
     PSY 334Z, audit
     George Tinker
                                                         something unexpected but just what we need
     Wed, 6/26-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm                         for our development and wholeness. Dreams
     Prerequisite: PSY 201 or equivalent                 use symbolic language, which is challenging      COOPERATIVE PROGRAM
     Required for all Psychology majors                  to understand, but vital for the growth of our   MONTESSORI EDUCATION
     & Social Science majors concentrating               soul and our interior life. This course ex-      Human Studies and Psychology majors may
     in psychology.                                      plores the value and importance of dreams        pursue a certificate in Montessori education
     Fulfills HC outcome HCC1.                           and develops a Jungian conceptual frame-         through a cooperative program with Montes-
     This core course in the psychology curriculum       work for dealing with the unconscious and        sori Institute Northwest. For more informa-
     looks at the history and criticisms of selected     with the symbolic language of dreams.            tion, please contact Ginni Sackett, 503.
     theories of personality, including humanistic,                                                       963.8992, or email
     psychoanalytic, and behavioral models. Par-

                                                                                                          FUTURE OFFERINGS
                                                                                                          FALL 2002
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                         Contact department for list of offerings.
INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES                                                                                                                  35

CHAIR: SIMEON DREYFUSS                THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY                        ducted for this project. The senior paper is
   The undergraduate interdiscipli-   OF HUMAN SCIENCES ✔                               part of the overall senior project, composed
                                      INT 304E or HS 304E, 3 crs.                       of INT 494, the action or internship compo-
nary studies program offers                                                             nent, and this paper, the academic or reflec-
                                      INT 304EZ or HS 304EZ, audit
students the opportunity and          Jennifer Sasser                                   tive component.
responsibility of designing their     ONLINE
own degree. Working closely with      Prerequisite: INT 300 or department approv-       IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ASIAN
                                      al. LAC 373 is useful but not required.
the department chair, students plan   •Students under the 2000-02 catalog for
                                                                                        MASTERS AND MYSTICS: JAPAN
a focused study of their own                                                            INT 486 or INT 586, CHS 486, or RSP 486A
                                       their Liberal Arts Core requirements must
                                                                                        or RSP 586A, 6 crs.
definition that combines two or        simultaneously register for a 1-cr. writing
                                                                                        INT 486Z, CHS 486Z, or RSP 486AZ or
more academic disciplines accord-      lab to be arranged.
                                                                                        RSP 586AZ, audit
                                      •This course should be taken immediately
ing to their interests, utilizes       following INT 300 during student’s second
                                                                                        Donatella Rossi
relevant transfer credit, and takes                                                     Tue, 9/3, 9am-noon, preparation class
                                       term as Interdisciplinary Studies major.
                                                                                        Wed, 9/4, to Wed, 9/18, travel
advantage of credit for prior         •Can be taken as Writing Intensive Course to
                                                                                        Mon, 9/23, 5-9pm, debriefing class
learning. The majority of course-      fulfill writing requirements, see page 32.
                                                                                        NOTE: Registration for this course MUST be
                                      •For Summer 2002, INT 304 replaces INT 301.
work in the undergraduate inter-      The purpose of this course is to provide Hu-
                                                                                        completed by 6/1. Apart from tuition fees,
disciplinary degree is composed of                                                      students will be required to pay a full pack-
                                      man Studies, Social Science, and Psychology       age (approximately $3,000) which includes
studies in other academic disci-      majors with a common meeting place for en-        round-trip airfare, board, & lodging, ground
plines either taught at Marylhurst    gagement in a rich and comprehensive sur-         transportation, medical insurance, etc.
                                      vey of the historical and intellectual contexts
or transferred to the University.     out of which the central theories, methodolo-
                                                                                        For full description, see page 44.
Students learn both the theories      gies, and practices in the Human Sciences
and methodologies for the disci-      developed. We will also explore emerging          INTERNSHIP
                                      and alternative perspectives and fields in the    INT 494, 3 crs.
plines they combine as well as                                                          Orientation required prior to registration.
                                      Human Sciences.
techniques and methods for                                                              The senior project is the capstone of the inter-
undertaking a major interdiscipli-    SENIOR PAPER SEMINAR                              disciplinary studies degree. The interdiscipli-
nary project. The interdisciplinary   INT 497, 3 crs.                                   nary internship should be viewed as a part of
                                                                                        the overall senior project, composed of this
studies program is designed with      INT 497Z, audit
                                                                                        action, or internship component and the se-
                                      Simeon Dreyfuss
serious students in mind—students                                                       nior paper (see INT 497/498), the academic
                                      Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm
with eclectic interests, a clear      Prerequisite: senior standing & concurrent        or reflective component. See Internship Pro-
sense of their academic mission,      or completed INT 494.                             gram for details, pages 35-36.
and high expectations for their       NOTE: Course meets five times during term,
                                      with additional individual mtgs. with instruc-
undergraduate experience.             tor, allowing time for research & writing         FUTURE OFFERINGS
   For more information, contact      between class sessions.                           Below are core courses and required elec-
the Interdisciplinary Studies         The senior paper is an analysis and synthesis     tives scheduled to be offered in the next three
Department Office at                  paper based on a topic or research interest       terms. For descriptions, contact department or
                                      that grows from the student’s interdisciplinary   see Marylhurst University Catalog.
503.699.6313 or email                 mission statement. In this course students re-    FALL 2002             ceive guidance as they conceptualize, re-         INT 300 Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies
                                      search, and write their senior paper. The se-     WINTER 2003
                                      nior paper integrates the lessons gained          INT 301 Methods of Interdisciplinary Inquiry
                                      though their internship, INT 494, with the cu-    INT 497 Senior Paper
                                      mulative knowledge of the student’s concen-       SPRING 2003
                                      trated study and any additional research con-     INT 300 Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies

INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR:               learning in the “real world.”                     REQUIRED ORIENTATION
NATALIE WING                          Opportunities are available in                    You must attend an internship orientation
   The internship program             business, government, and non-                    prior to beginning your internship. It is
gives advanced students the           profit organizations.                             recommended that you complete orientation at
                                                                                        least one quarter prior to the quarter that you
opportunity to earn credit for           For more information, call                     intend to register. This allows time for you to
new learning achieved through         Natalie Wing, Internship and                      plan ahead and to select a suitable place-
experience. Students apply knowl-     Career Services Coordinator, at                   ment for your internship site.
edge and skills learned in their      503.699.6271, or email
major to appropriately supervised                                LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
experiences in the community.            The Internship Coordinator’s                                   AI = Arts & Ideas
Interns have the chance to explore    Office is located in Flavia Hall,                             HC = Human Community
career options, network, demon-       Room 210.                                                     LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                                                                                      NW = Natural World
strate, and solidify classroom
                                                                                                 ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                                                               beginning students or non-majors
         The in-person orientation session is sched-     4. Select a site. Each student is responsible   ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE
     uled at the beginning of every term: Monday,           for locating her/his own internship site.    ENV 494, variable credit
     July 1, 5:30-6:30pm, Streff Gallery,                   Allow adequate time to conduct your
     Shoen Library.                                         search. The Internship Coordinator is        HUMAN STUDIES
         You have the option to conduct the                 available to assist you in your search by    HMS 494, variable credit
     internship orientation online. To access               providing information and referrals.
                                                                                                         INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES
     the online internship orientation, email
                                                         5. Complete contract that is signed by both     INT 494, 3 crs. for a pass-
                                                            you and your site supervisor. A format for
     word. Be sure to provide your name and                                                              PSYCHOLOGY
                                                            the contract is included in the Internship
     ID number. Resources listed on the online ori-                                                      PSY 394, variable credit
                                                            Handbook. Contracts for summer term are
     entation site are directories of Web site ad-
                                                            due July 26, 2002. You must submit your
     dresses and an internship site list. All students                                                   PUBLIC RELATIONS
                                                            contract to the Internship Coordinator for
     seeking internships benefit from having access                                                      PR 494, variable credit
                                                            approval. Sample contract format can be
     to the site, even if they have attended the in-
                                                            found online at internship Web site and is   REAL ESTATE
     person orientation.
                                                            also printed in Internship Handbook.         RE 494, variable credit

     THE INTERNSHIP PROCESS                              6. Complete the internship hours. Each aca-     RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY
                                                            demic credit is equivalent to 30 hours of    RSP 494, 3 crs.
     1. Consult with your academic advisor to de-           internship.
        termine the appropriate stage in your cur-       7. Complete and hand in the required intern-    SCIENCE
        riculum for an internship and to confirm            ship report, evaluations, and time sheets.   SCI 494, variable credit
        the number of credits needed for your ma-           Information regarding these materials is
        jor. Internships are to be conducted near                                                        SOCIAL SCIENCE
                                                            available from the Internship Coordinator    SS 394, variable credit
        completion of one’s coursework. Make                or online from the internship orientation
        sure your proposed internship idea meets            Web site. If your internship extends into
        the goals and objectives as outlined in the         the next term, YOU MUST submit an IP (in     PRACTICA
        Internship Handbook. The handbook may               progress) form. Internship reports (or re-
        be downloaded from the Web site,                                                                 GRADUATE PRACTICUM (MBA)
                                                            quests for an IP grade) are due no later     MGT 591, 3 crs., by using the search             than August 30, 2002.
        function or you may pick up a handbook
        from the Internship Coordinator’s Office.        NOTE: Internship reports are not returned un-   OTHER INTERNSHIP/
                                                         less specifically requested. Please provide a   PRACTICUM PROGRAMS
     2. Complete orientation. You need not be            self-addressed stamped envelope.                Other internship/practicum programs may be
        registered for the internship course to at-
                                                                                                         added to this list; consult your academic advi-
        tend the internship orientation.                 INTERNSHIPS                                     sor if you have questions. Internships range
     3. Register. Consult the list below to deter-       Internships administered through the Intern-    from 1-6 credits.
        mine the appropriate course number. You          ship Coordinator include:                           For information on internships for majors
        may register online. Internships are vari-       BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT                           in Art or Music or practica for Art Therapy or
        able. For internships more than 3 credits,                                                       Applied Theology, contact your advisor.
                                                         MGT 494, 3 crs.
        you must have prior approval from your                                                               LOWER-DIVISION (294) INTERNSHIPS
        academic advisor.                                COMMUNICATION STUDIES                           can be arranged. Please contact the Intern-
                                                         CM 494, variable credit                         ship Coordinator for more information.

     DIRECTOR: DENIS LAWRENCE                            teer work, community activities,                 INFORMATION
        Marylhurst University’s Learning                 homemaking, corporate-sponsored
     Assessment Center offers programs                   training, or other learning experi-              Students interested in receiving college
     and services to assist students with                ences.                                           credit for prior learning should attend an
     initial educational planning,                          For information about the                     information meeting.
     assessment of learning from prior                   Learning Assessment Center and/                      For students interested in Summer
                                                                                                          Term, a meeting will be held on Thurs-
     experience, and preparation to                      or credit by examination, call
                                                                                                          day, June 13. For those interested in Fall
     pursue academic credit for college-                 503.699.6260, or email                           Term, meetings will be held on Tuesday,
     level prior learning experience.           or visit our                  August 6, and Thursday, September 12.
     Through the Prior Learning Assess-                  Web page at: http://                             All meetings will begin at 6:30pm and
                                                                                                          will be held on the Marylhurst campus.
     ment (PLA) program, students may          
                                                                                                              IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING ENROLL-
     obtain academic credit for docu-                    priorlearning.html                               MENT in the Learning Assessment Work-
     mented college-level learning                                                                        shop and the PLA Program, call for room
     derived from employment, volun-                                                                      information and to confirm your atten-
                                                                                                          dance at one of these free-of-charge
                                                                                                              IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND,
                                                                                                          please contact the Learning Assessment
                                                                                                          Center to make individual arrangements
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                         concerning your next steps.
LEARNING ASSESSMENT CENTER                                                                                                                                            37

                                                         3) acceptable academic writing skills;           FALL 2002
LEARNING ASSESSMENT                                      and 4) approval of the PLA Director.             LRN   009,   SAT Prep, no credit, CW
& ACADEMIC PLANNING                                                                                       LRN   150,   Learning Assessment Workshop, 1 cr. E,O
                                                     Cost (tuition, fees, & tutorials): $1080             LRN   270,   Life/Work Planning, 2 crs. E
                                                                                                          LRN   300,   PLA Workshop, 3 crs. E,O
                                                     Instruction in the planning and preparation of
LEARNING ASSESSMENT                                  the PLA portfolio includes PLA procedures,
WORKSHOP ✔                                           identification of college-level learning, instruc-   WINTER 2003
LRN 150, 1 cr.                                       tion in essay format, examination of docu-           LRN 150, Learning Assessment Workshop, 1 cr. E,D
LRN 150Z, audit                                      mentation, and strategies for designing a            LRN 300, PLA Workshop, 3 crs. E,D
Denis Lawrence                                       portfolio plan for development and comple-
Wed, 6/26-7/24, 6:30-9:15pm                          tion of the portfolio.                               SPRING 2003
All students must attend the first three class                                                            LRN   009,   SAT Prep, no credit, CW
sessions and one of two remaining sessions                                                                LRN   150,   Learning Assessment Workshop, 1 cr. E,O
as assigned by the instructor.                       PLA PORTFOLIO                                        LRN   270,   Life/Work Planning, 2 crs. E
                                                     DEVELOPMENT STUDIES                                  LRN   300,   PLA Workshop, 3 crs. E,O
•   Pass/No Pass grading option                      LRN 311L or LRN 312L, 1 cr. each
    strongly recommended.                            Denis Lawrence
•   Class size is limited.                                                                                ASSESSMENT TESTING
•   Register through the Learning                    OR                                                   FOR NEW STUDENTS
    Assessment Center.                               LRN 311F or LRN 312F, 1 cr. each
•   Students must bring copies of                    Jacqueline Fowler                                    All new Marylhurst degree students must take
    transcripts, a résumé, and brief                                                                      math and writing assessment tests during their
    autobiography to the first class meeting.                                                             first or second term of enrollment. Marylhurst
                                                                                                          wants to help students be as successful as
                                                     LRN 003L, non-credit
Cost (tuition & fees):                                                                                    possible in their college programs, and di-
                                                     Denis Lawrence
LRN 150: $290                                                                                             recting them to writing and math classes ap-
LRN 150Z: $250                                                                                            propriate to their skill levels is an important
                                                                                                          part of this. Students enrolled in LRN 150 will
                                                     LRN 003F, non-credit
CONTACT THE LEARNING ASSESSMENT                                                                           complete the math and writing assessment in
                                                     Jacqueline Fowler
CENTER for further information on the                                                                     class. Test dates, times, and registration
development of the autobiography.                                                                         deadlines for summer term are listed below:
                                                     •   Pass/No Pass grading option
A prerequisite for students interested in the Pri-       recommended.
or Learning Assessment (PLA) program, this           •   Prerequisites: LRN 150, LRN 300                  DATE                                               TIME
course provides an orientation to Marylhurst             (& LRN 311 for enrollment in LRN 312),
                                                         & approval of PLA Director.                      Wed, 6/5 ........................................ 5-7pm
educational options and degree design as                                                                      Registration Deadline: Wed, 5/29
well as helps students to:
• clarify educational goals and priorities;          Cost (tuition, fees, & tutorials):
                                                     LRN 311 or LRN 312: $535                             Tue, 7/9 .......................................... 3-5pm
• evaluate fundamental skills in writing; and
                                                     LRN 003: $470                                               Registration Deadline: Tue, 7/2
• assess potential to receive credit for prior
                                                     PLEASE NOTE:                                         Thur, 8/8 ......................................... 6-8pm
    The workshop culminates in completion of
                                                     Instructor code (L or F) must be included.                  Registration Deadline: Thur, 8/1
an individual learning analysis and initial de-
velopment of a goal-directed educational
                                                     Upon completion of the PLA Workshop,
plan. The workshop is an ideal way to plan
                                                     students who qualify to request more than 15         CREDIT BY EXAMINATION
either beginning or completing a degree.
                                                     credits for their prior learning must enroll to
    While the Learning Assessment Workshop                                                                & NON-CREDIT
                                                     continue to receive instructional and support
is required for anyone planning to enroll in
the PLA program, it is also recommended for
                                                     services.                                            INSTITUTIONAL EXAMS
persons new to Marylhurst University and stu-                                                             In addition to assessment testing, the Learning
dents who want to explore educational op-            PORTFOLIO EVALUATION:                                Assessment Center administers credit by ex-
tions before focusing on advanced course-            Evaluation fee: $33 per cr. hour awarded             amination programs (DANTES and New York
work in a major.                                     A PLA review committee evaluates portfolio credit    University Foreign Language Proficiency ex-
                                                     requests and may award up to 45 credits.             ams) as well as non-credit institutional exams
                                                                                                          for Computer Literacy and Information Studies
PRIOR LEARNING                                                                                            designed as one way for students to meet the
ASSESSMENT (PLA)                                     WRITING CLASSES                                      Liberal Arts Core Learning outcomes in these
                                                     DIRECTED WRITING                                     areas. Test dates and registration deadlines
                                                     FOR PLA STUDENTS                                     are listed in the Academic Calendar section
PLA WORKSHOP                                         WR 225, WR 226, WR 227, or WR 228,                   (page 2) of each term’s Schedule of Courses.
LRN 300, 3 crs.                                      1-2 crs.                                             For information and materials, please contact
Jacqueline Fowler                                    Before registering, prospective students must        the Learning Assessment Center.
Wed, 7/31-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm                          contact instructor at 503.699.6313.
One individual session between instructor            For full description of these courses, see En-
& student TBA.                                       glish Literature and Writing, page 32.

•   Pass/No Pass grading option                                                                                   LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
    strongly recommended.                                                                                                 AI = Arts & Ideas
                                                     FUTURE OFFERINGS                                                 HC = Human Community
•   Enrollment limited.
                                                     Below are listed core courses and required                       LL = Life & Learning Skills
•   Prerequisites: 1) LRN 150; 2) the comple-
    tion of at least nine credits of coursework
                                                     electives scheduled to be offered in the com-                      NW = Natural World
    in academic areas such as communica-             ing three terms. For course descriptions, con-
    tion, humanities, social sciences, science       tact the department or consult the Marylhurst                 ✔ Courses recommended for
    & math, or business & management;                University Catalog. Code: D-Day; E-Evening;                 beginning students or non-majors
                                                     CW-Compressed Weekend; O-Online
     DIRECTOR: SIMEON DREYFUSS                REQUIRED COURSES                                  INFORMATION-FOCUSED
         The Liberal Arts Core at
                                              ENTERING STUDENT SEMINAR
                                                                                                COURSES (IFC)
     Marylhurst University provides a                                                           Information-Focused Courses are courses in
     multidisciplinary foundation for         LAC 115A, 1 cr.
                                              (for students with fewer than 90 crs.)            the major that require students to find, evalu-
     learning and is designed to foster       LAC 315A, 1 cr.                                   ate, and use information resources beyond as-
     a love for inquiry, critical thinking,   (for students with more than 90 crs.)             signed class materials. Students can meet the
                                                                                                Information Studies outcome of the Liberal Arts
     intellectual breadth, and ethical        Elizabeth Bilyeu
                                                                                                Core by signing up for LAC 373, Information
                                              Sat, 7/13,27, 9am-3pm
     action. The program’s goal is to                                                           Lab, in conjunction with an IFC course. For a
                                              Enrollment limit: 20
     cultivate well-informed and supple       Materials fee: $15                                list of the Summer 2002 term IFC courses, see
     citizens who are well grounded in                                                          list below.
     the intellectual traditions of those
                                              LAC 115E, 1 cr.                                   ART
     who have gone before us.                 (for students with fewer than 90 crs.)            ID 313
         The Liberal Arts Core is built       LAC 315E, 1 cr.                                   BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT
     around an extensive set of learning      (for students with more than 90 crs.)             BUS 300
                                              Simeon Dreyfuss                                   COMMUNICATION STUDIES
     outcomes. A learning outcome is a        ONLINE: 6/24-7/19                                 CM 300, CM 400E
     statement that describes what            Enrollment limit: 20                              CULTURAL & HISTORICAL STUDIES
     someone can do as the result of a        Materials fee: $15                                CHS 359
     learning experience. Marylhurst’s        •   Required within the first two quarters        ENGLISH LITERATURE & WRITING
     Liberal Arts Core Program was not            at Marylhurst.                                LIT 359
                                                                                                HUMAN SCIENCES
     designed simply to measure the           •   Pass/No Pass only.
                                                                                                HS 304E
                                              •   Prerequisites: 1) must be an admitted
     hours students spend in a variety                                                          RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY
                                                  student, 2) must have completed ASSET
     of differently focused classrooms.           (math & writing assessment tests)             ETH 323E, SPP 460, SSC 407E, SSC 454E, PCR 412
     Rather the Liberal Arts Core begins      •   Not required for students seeking a sec-      SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS
                                                  ond bachelor’s degree                         ENV 320
     with the outcomes of the program,
                                              •   Meets Liberal Arts Core outcome: IL1.
     not the paths to those outcomes.
         Many different courses can           The Entering Student Seminar introduces stu-      INFORMATION LAB
                                              dents to the meaning and significance of and      LAC 373A, 1 cr.
     provide the knowledge and abili-         requirements for completing the Liberal Arts      LAC 373AZ, audit
     ties required to demonstrate a           Core at Marylhurst University. Students will      Kirk Howard
     single learning outcome. Because         clarify their individual educational goals and    Mon, 7/8-8/19, 6:30-9:15pm
     students come to the university with     will learn about the role of the Marylhurst Ac-   Enrollment limit: 16
                                              ademic Portfolio and Action Plan (MAP) in         OR
     a wide variety of different goals        planning, assessing, and achieving their own      LAC 373E, 1 cr.
     and experiences, Marylhurst’s            educational goals and the Liberal Arts Core       LAC 373EZ, audit
     faculty developed the Liberal Arts       learning outcomes.                                Jan Fortier
     Core to provide the greatest             COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY SURVEY
                                                                                                ONLINE: 7/8-8/23
     possible choice while assuring a                                                           Enrollment limit: 16
                                              LAC 172, 3 crs.
     solid breadth in the liberal arts.       LAC 172Z, audit                                   Course meets Information Studies Liberal Arts
         For more information, contact        Chuck Sigmund                                     Core outcome. This class replaces CLL 373
                                              Sat/Sun, 6/29,30; 7/20**; 8/17,18                 Information Studies.
     the Liberal Arts Core Program            (Sat, 10am-4pm; Sun, noon-4pm)                    • This lab course must be taken concurrently
     Office at 503.699.6313 or email          **PLEASE NOTE: Class on Sat, 7/20, will meet          with an Information-Focused Course.                from 10am-5pm                                     • Pass/No Pass only.
                                              WEB-ENHANCED COURSE                               • Students may opt to test out of this course.
                                              Enrollment limit: 16                                  For more information, contact the Learning
                                              Course meets Computer Literacy Liberal Arts           Assessment Center at 503.699.6260 or
                                              Core outcome. Replaces CAS 172.                       email
                                              NOTE: This course must be taken before or         • Prerequisites: Students under the 2000-02
                                              concurrently with Information Lab (LAC 373).          catalog must meet Computer Literacy
                                              Students may opt to test out of this course.          outcome prior to registration for this class
                                              For more information, contact the Learning            through prior or simultaneous registration
                                              Assessment Center at 503.699.6260 or email            for LAC 172, completion of the Computer
                                                                       Skills Test, or appropriate transfer credit.
                                              This survey course provides a foundation for      NOTE: Students should bring to their first
                                              the understanding and use of computing tech-      meeting of LAC 373 a description of the
                                              nology. Students will combine hands-on learn-     assignment that relies on external information
                                              ing of computer logic, hardware, operating        resources from their Information-Focused
                                              systems, interfaces, and major applications       Course (IFC).
                                              with an exploration of the history and devel-
                                              opment of computing, as well as the interrela-    The ability to find and manage information is
                                              tionship of technology and society. This is a     an essential skill for all educated people. Stu-
                                              hybrid course. Instructions for accessing the     dents will learn how to define and focus their
                                              online components will be provided the first      information needs in any subject area, how to
                                              day of class.                                     access needed information, how to evaluate
                                                                                                information, and how to transform information
                                                                                                into a foundation for learning and a basis for
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                               informed action.
LIBERAL ARTS CORE PROGRAM                                                                                                                                  39

MAP COMPLETION SEMINAR                              SENIOR SEMINAR                                      students to analyze the possibilities and limi-
LAC 415E, 1 cr.                                     LAC 450A, 3 crs.                                    tations for becoming agents of ethical action
Jennifer Sasser & Simeon Dreyfuss                   Eileen Brown                                        after graduating from Marylhurst.
ONLINE: 7/8-8/2                                     Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm
Prerequisites: Completion of coursework to          OR
meet all LAC learning outcomes with excep-          LAC 450E, 3 crs.                                    FUTURE OFFERINGS
tion of MAP1 and SS1-4 (SS: Senior Semi-            Eric Salahub                                        Below are listed core course and required
nar). Students cannot receive passing grade         ONLINE                                              electives scheduled to be offered in the com-
for LAC 415 unless all LAC outcomes have                                                                ing two terms. For full course descriptions,
been addressed in their MAP.                        •   Prerequisites: 1) strong research & writing     contact the department or consult the
NOTE: LAC 415 must be taken prior to or                 skills, 2) LAC 373, & 3) senior status          Marylhurst University Catalog.
simultaneously with LAC 450 Senior Semi-            •   Must attend all sessions
nar. Not required for students seeking a            •   Meets Liberal Arts Core outcomes: SS1           FALL 2002
second bachelor’s degree.                               through SS4 (SS: Senior Seminar).               LAC 115/315 Entering Student Seminar
This seminar is designed to provide students                                                            LAC 172 Computer Technology Survey
                                                    The Senior Seminar provides students the op-        LAC 373 Information Lab
with a collaborative environment in which to
                                                    portunity to draw together their liberal arts ed-   LAC 415 MAP Completion Seminar
review and synthesize their learning and                                                                LAC 450 Senior Seminar
                                                    ucation at Marylhurst in a meaningful way.
conduct strategic planning on behalf of their                                                           Integrated Learning Module
                                                    The seminar emphasizes research, writing,
future endeavors. The central objective is the
                                                    philosophical reading, and critical thinking.       WINTER 2003
completion of the Marylhurst Academic Port-
                                                    Students analyze and discuss ways in which          LAC 115/315 Entering Student Seminar
folio and Action Plan (MAP). In addition, stu-
                                                    their own academic discipline has shaped so-        LAC 172 Computer Technology Survey
dents initiate an Inventory of Knowledge, a
                                                    cial phenomena and develop an understand-           LAC 373 Information Lab
learning project that will assist them in identi-                                                       LAC 415 MAP Completion Seminar
                                                    ing of how different disciplinary perspectives
fying educational and professional strengths,                                                           LAC 450 Senior Seminar
                                                    both enable and restrain learning and the pro-
challenges, and opportunities.                                                                          Integrated Learning Module
                                                    duction of knowledge. The course encourages

CHAIR: John F. Paul, D.MUS.                         that combines coursework in music with              SUMMER MUSIC SEMINARS
                                                    psychology, special education, anatomy,
MUSIC THERAPY PROGRAM DIRECTOR:                     physiology and related natural and social sci-      VOCALROBICS
Christine Korb, M.M., M.T.-B.C.                     ences. This curriculum is designed specifically     MU 436A, 2 crs.
                                                    to develop the student’s musical and therapeu-      Nancy Olson-Chatalas
   The Marylhurst Music Depart-                     tic skills. Students desiring this degree need to   Mon/Tue/Wed, 7/1-7/24, 3-5pm, Wiegand
ment is committed to serving our                    request admission to the program at the outset      Prerequisites: MU 124/125/126 or equivalent
community by offering a broad                       of their Marylhurst studies. Acceptance is de-      Fitness and body awareness for singers,
                                                    termined by the Director of the Music Therapy       instrumentalists, and teachers. Breathing for
range of courses and experiences                    Program in consultation with the Music De-          meditation and relaxation, vocal exercises for
for the major and non-major alike,                  partment Chair. A full interview, audition, and     speaking and singing, nutrition for the work-
within a traditional and nurturing                  essay must be presented for consideration.          ing singer and teacher, establishing a daily
environment. Whether it is through                       Certificates are offered in keyboard peda-     routine for vocal health. Includes qualified in-
                                                    gogy and sacred music. The certificate pro-         struction in Alexander Technique, ball work,
our unique music therapy program,                   grams are designed for people with various          and aerobics using choreography from
community ensembles, Suzuki                         backgrounds: those who already have an as-          Broadway and Africa.
lessons for children, certificate                   sociate’s or bachelor’s degree in music, those
programs for working profession-                    who are completing their bachelor’s degree in
                                                    music, and those who would enjoy formal mu-         VOCALROBICS PEDAGOGY
als, or the Bachelor of Arts in                     sic studies outside the structure of a degree.      MU 436B, 1 cr.
Music degree, the Music Depart-                          The Marylhurst University Music Depart-        Nancy Olson-Chatalas
ment is committed to promoting                      ment is a fully accredited member of the            Sat, 7/20, 9am-5pm, Wiegand
musical artistry and excellence.                    National Association of Schools of Music,           Option available only to persons
                                                    and a member of the American Music Therapy          registered for MU 436A.
   For more information, call the
                                                    Association.                                        Classroom techniques to teach body aware-
Music Department at                                                                                     ness and breathing to children including de-
503.699.6263 or email                                                                                   velopment of lesson plans for integrated cur-                                GENERAL STUDIES                                     riculum in the classroom and vocal studio.

                                                    ENJOYMENT OF MUSIC ✔
DEGREE OFFERINGS                                    MU 132E, 3 crs.
                                                    MU 132EZ, audit
Marylhurst offers two degrees in music.
                                                    Judy Hedberg
flexible program appropriate for the student
                                                    Fulfills AI outcomes: AIB2, AIB4, AIB5.                    LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
wishing to major in music within a liberal arts
                                                    Enjoy music more and enjoy more music!                             AI = Arts & Ideas
program, seeking a broad general education
                                                    With guided listening, learn to hear with                      HC = Human Community
rather than intense specialization within mu-
                                                    “smart ears.” Become acquainted with the                       LL = Life & Learning Skills
sic. In addition to the required music classes,
                                                    components and the backgrounds of various                        NW = Natural World
the student has the freedom to pursue individ-
                                                    styles of music-classical, jazz, rock, pop, and
ual interests.                                                                                                  ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                    Eastern. Meet a few composers and perform-
    The BACHELOR OF MUSIC THERAPY at                                                                          beginning students or non-majors
                                                    ers along the way.
Marylhurst offers a fully accredited program
40   MUSIC
     SEMINAR: BACH/BAROQUE                                  Text for the course is a special packet put    MUSIC THERAPY
     KEYBOARD FESTIVAL:                                 together for each student that will involve dic-
     “LET’S DANCE WITH BACH”                            tion, staging, text materials, lecture notes,
                                                                                                           GUITAR SKILLS REFRESHED FOR
     MU 493A, 1 cr. with special permission only        and individual repertoire.
                                                            PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED so that            THE PRACTICING MUSIC THERAPIST
     MU 003A, non-credit
                                                        repertoire may be selected and assigned be-        MU 293F or MU 493F, 1 cr.
     Fee for non-credit participants: $75 per person
                                                        fore the class begins in order to get right into   MU 293FZ or MU 493FZ, audit
     Edith Kilbuck
                                                        application of the techniques of the course.       MU 093F, 1 CEU
     Mon/Tue, 6/17,18, 9am-4pm, Chapel
                                                                                                           Paul Martin, M.T.-B.C.
     Teachers are admitted free when they bring         Each singer will be given an aria, a theatre
                                                                                                           Thur, 6/27-7/25, 7-8:30pm,
     four or more of their piano students. To ar-       monologue, and a Broadway song. Each
                                                                                                           StC 107 (Anne Cecile Room)
     range this, please contact Timothy Nickel in the   singer will be involved in the creation of a
                                                                                                           Experience the success of learning or relearn-
     Music Department, 503.636.8141, ext. 3323.         scene with their individual pieces and a duet,
                                                                                                           ing guitar basics to make your accompani-
     Piano teachers and their students are invited      trio, or small ensemble. There will be some
                                                                                                           ment playing become an inspirational asset to
     to participate in this special two-day work-       choreography. All scenes will be memorized.
                                                                                                           your clinical expertise. Learn ‘string painting’
     shop. The focus will be on Baroque style and           The course is open to high school stu-
                                                                                                           through advancing your chordal skills and de-
     performance practice relating to the keyboard      dents, adults, music professionals, and all
                                                                                                           veloping repertoire. This class will be both
     music of Johann Sebastian Bach.                    singing actors. The techniques employed will
                                                                                                           teacher and student designed depending on
         Oregon’s own renowned specialist, Dr.          serve to enhance theatre experiences and de-
                                                                                                           individual and class needs.
     Edith Kilbuck, will begin each day with lively     velop the student as a performer.
     presentation focusing on the French suites.
     Students will play the works of Bach in small
     groups and receive valuable input on ways to
                                                        SEMINAR: PIANO DUETS BY THE SEA                    GENERAL STUDIES
                                                        MU 493D, 1 cr.
     improve their performance. Marylhurst music        Timothy Nickel & Nancy LeRoi Nickel
     faculty members Margaret Witschard, Timo-          Sun-Wed, 7/21, 8pm, through 7/24, noon             ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE
     thy Nickel, and Nancy LeRoi-Nickel will assist     LOCATION: St. Peter’s Lutheran Church,             MU 107, MU 207, MU 307, MU 407, 1 cr.
     Dr. Kilbuck.                                       1226 SW 13th St., Lincoln City, Oregon.            Rebecca Robbins
         On Sunday evening, June 16 at 7pm, Dr.         For non-credit participant & additional            TBA
     Kilbuck will present a harpsichord recital of      workshop fees, contact Music Department at         Suitable for beginning and advanced musi-
     the music of Bach in Wiegand Hall. Admis-          503.636-8141, ext. 3323.                           cians alike. Fees same as for applied music.
     sion is $10 at the door. Recital is free to        ACCOMMODATIONS: For B&B and other                  See page 55. Like other applied music class-
     workshop participants.                             accommodations, contact Pacific Rest Bed           es, staff waiver may not be used.
         Instruments available to students will in-     and Breakfast (541.994.2337), Nordic Motel         This is a course to eliminate stereotyped be-
     clude the University’s newly rebuilt Mason &       (1.800.452.3558), Seagull Beach Front Motel        havior, bad habits, and patterns of misuse
     Hamlin concert grand piano, the impressive         (1.800.422.0219). A complete list of Lincoln       that interfere with poise and free movement.
     38-rank Bozeman tracker organ, a fine two          City lodging is available from the Lincoln City    The student can expect to realize improved
     manual harpsichord, and several fine Stein-        Visitor Center at 1.800.452.2151.                  physical and mental functioning.
     way pianos.                                        The Piano Duet Festival by the Sea focuses
         The final sessions will feature students in    this summer on the nineteenth-century reper-
     concert at St. Anne’s Chapel, with small-          toire. The LeRoi-Nickel Duo and guest artists      MUSIC CORE
     group instruction in Wiegand Recital Hall and      will lead this retreat for performing pianists,
     St. Catherine’s Music Center.                      teachers, and students celebrating music of        THEORY REVIEW
                                                        Brahms, Dvorak, Schumann, and their con-           MU 300, 3 crs.
     SEMINAR: GET IN THE ACT:                           temporaries. Participants are encouraged to        Timothy Nickel
     SINGING ACTOR 2002                                 come with duet partners, although teams can        TBA
     MU 493B, 2 crs.                                    be arranged at the retreat.                        Call Music Office at 503.699.6263.
     MU 493BZ, audit                                                                                       This is a refresher course for transfer students
     Nancy Olson-Chatalas & Janice Johnson                                                                 and others who need to renew previous
                                                        GUITAR PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP:
     Sat, 5/11, 2pm, Wiegand (Auditions)                                                                   knowledge or fill in gaps. Items to be covered
     TBD (Call Backs)                                   STYLISTIC INTERPRETATION OF
                                                                                                           are harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and contra-
     Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur, 7/1-25                           EARLY MUSIC
                                                                                                           puntal materials of music. Instruction includes
     (no class: 7/4); 6-10pm                            MU 293G, 1 cr.
                                                                                                           basic harmonic progression, triads, seventh
     & Fri/Sat, 7/26,27, 9am-5pm                        MU 293GZ, audit
                                                                                                           chords, secondary function, diatonic modula-
     Sun, 7/28, 3-6pm (performance)                     MU 093G, 1 CEU
                                                                                                           tion, non-harmonic devices, and basic jazz
     Preregistration is required.                       Peter Zisa
                                                                                                           theory. Students will also receive assistance
     Additional packet fee: $40                         Wed/Thur/Fri, 6/19,20,21, 10am-3pm, & Sun,
                                                        6/23, 2-6pm, (4pm performance), Wiegand
                                                                                                           with the notation software Finale.
     An innovative and exciting workshop perfor-
     mance experience for singers and actors. Au-       The primary goal is to help performers and
                                                        serious students of guitar to explore ways         JUNIOR RECITAL
     ditions are set for May 11 at 2pm in Wie-
                                                        they can more creatively contribute to the         MU 352, 1 cr.
     gand Hall on the Marylhurst University Cam-                                                           By arrangement
     pus. Call 503.636.8141, ext. 3360, for             written score and add to the stylistic integrity
                                                        of the music. In as much as the expectations       A half-hour performance or composition recit-
     more information.                                                                                     al by the degree-seeking student which is pre-
         The workshop is open to all those interest-    on the performers in the past included skill in
                                                        embellishing melodies, knowledge ornamen-          sented to the public. The works performed or
     ed in performing and having a fresh and cre-                                                          compositions presented are chosen by the stu-
     ative learning/performance experience.             tation symbols, and an understanding of form
                                                        and function of the music they performed, this     dent in consultation with the instructor.
         Classes will begin with an organizational
     meeting on Monday, July 1 at 6pm. First re-        workshop will focus on ornamentation, melod-
                                                        ic embellishment, compositional use of style       SENIOR RECITAL
     hearsal session will be on Tuesday from 6-
                                                        brise and fugal counterpoint. Included will be     MU 452, 3 crs.
     10pm in Wiegand Hall. All individual scenes,
                                                        some hands-on experience in realizing lute         By arrangement
     arias, and monologues will be memorized at
                                                        tablature and figured bass.                        A summative capstone performance by the
     this rehearsal.
                                                                                                           degree-seeking student which is presented to
                                                                                                           the public. The choice of works performed or
                                                                                                           compositions presented are chosen by student
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                          in consultation with instructor.
MUSIC                                                                                                                                                                41

SENIOR PROJECT                                      OBOE                                                      MU   404 Jazz Arranging I, 3 crs. E
                                                    Victoria Strong-Racz, MUP 293SR, MUP 493SR                MU   412 New Music: 1950/Present, 2 crs. TBA
MU 453, 3 crs.                                                                                                MU   421 Music & Technology II, 2 crs. D
By arrangement                                      ORGAN                                                     MU   472 Chamber Music Lit/Perf, 1-3 crs. TBA
For the music therapy major during the final        Nancy LeRoi-Nickel, MUP 282N, MUP 482N                    MU   241/441 Marylhurst Chorale, 1 cr. E
                                                    Margaret Witschard, MUP 282W, MUP 482W
term of academic study, the completion of the                                                                 MU   242/442 Marylhurst Symphony, 1 cr. E
following: 1) a comprehensive business plan         PERCUSSION                                                MU   243/443 Jazz Ensemble, 1 cr. D
                                                    Staff, MUP 299A, MUP 499A                                 MU   244/444 Marylhurst Piano Ensemble, 1 cr. D
for music therapy services; and 2) a 30-minute
to 45-minute live introductory presentation         PIANO                                                     MU   245/445 Marylhurst Chamber Winds, 1 cr. E
                                                    John Haek, MUP 281G, MUP 481G                             MU   246/446 Guitar Ensemble, 1 cr. D
about music therapy to a designated audience.       Gordon Neal Herman, MUP 281J, MUP 481J                    MUSIC THERAPY
    For the bachelor of arts in music major, a      Gordon Lee, MUP 281L, MUP 481L                            MU 280 Music in Recreation/Special Education, 3 crs.
summative presentation of the student's inter-      Tim Nickel, MUP 281N, MUP 481N                            MU 481 Music Therapy with Adults, 4 crs. TBA
ests which shows mastery of academic study          Susan Smith, MUP 281S, MUP 481S                           MU 285/385/485 Practicum/Seminar, 1 cr. TBA
and musical performance or creativity. A 30-        SAXOPHONE
minute lecture-recital or equivalent.               Jeff Homan, MUP 295A, MUP 495A                            SPRING 2003
                                                                                                              MU   113 Musicianship I, 2 crs. D
                                                    TROMBONE                                                  MU   103 Theory I, 3 crs. D
                                                    Staff, MUP 298A, MUP 498A
APPLIED MUSIC                                       TRUMPET
                                                                                                              MU   119 Basic Training Guitar III, 2 crs. D
                                                                                                              MU   123 Basic Training Piano III, 2 crs. D
AND COMPOSITION                                     Staff, MUP 297A, MUP 497A                                 MU   126 Basic Training Voice III, 2 crs. E
                                                    VOICE                                                     MU   132E Enjoyment of Music, 3 crs. O
COMPOSITION STUDIES I                               Janice Johnson, MUP 284J, MUP 484J                        MU   133 Development of Jazz/ Popular, 3 crs. CW
MU 277, MU 278, or MU 279, 1 or 2 crs.              Nancy Olson-Chatalas, MUP 284C, MUP 484C                  MU   213 Musicianship II, 2 crs. D
                                                    James Schmitt, MUP 284S, MUP 484S                         MU   203 Theory II, 3 crs. D
John Paul                                                                                                     MU   311 Vocal Diction III, 2 crs. D
TBA                                                 VIOLA
                                                                                                              MU   333 Music History & Literature, 4 crs. D
Prerequisite: MU 103 or portfolio of                Lajos Balogh, MUP 286B, MUP 486B
                                                                                                              MU   341 Conducting, 2 crs. E
                                                    Vickie Gunn, MUP 286G, MUP 486G
original compositions.                                                                                        MU   362 Choral Repertoire, 3 crs. E
See fee schedule, page 55.                          VIOLIN                                                    MU   303 Form & Analysis, 3 crs. E
                                                    Lajos Balogh, MUP 285B, MUP 485B                          MU   411 Professional Practices in Music, 2 crs. D
Composition of small-scale works. The student
                                                    Hae-Jin Kim, MUP 285K, MUP 485K                           MU   466 History of Church Music, 2 crs. D
is encouraged to compose in several styles          Jeanette Wood, MUP 285W, MUP 485W                         MU   241/441 Marylhurst Chorale, 1 cr. E
and several musical systems. Public perfor-                                                                   MU   242/442 Marylhurst Symphony, 1 cr. E
mance of original works is featured.                                                                          MU   243/443 Marylhurst Jazz Ensemble, 1 cr. D
                                                    FUTURE OFFERINGS                                          MU   244/444 Marylhurst Piano Ensemble, 1 cr. D
COMPOSITION STUDIES II                              Below are listed courses and required elec-               MU   245/445 Marylhurst Chamber Winds, 1 cr. E
MU 377, MU 378 or MU 379, 1 or 2 crs.               tives scheduled to be offered in the next three           MU   246/446 Guitar Ensemble, 1 cr. D
John Paul                                           terms. For descriptions, contact the department           MUSIC THERAPY
TBA                                                 or see the Marylhurst University Catalog.                 MU 285/385/485 Music Therapy Practicum, 1 cr.
Prerequisite: MU 279 or equivalent                  Code: D-Day; E-Evening; CW-Compressed
See fee schedule, page 55.                          Weekend; O-Online.
A continuation of Composition Studies I. Com-                                                                 PREPARATORY MUSIC
position in medium-scale works. These courses       FALL 2002                                                 For fee schedule, see page 55.
emphasize techniques for scoring instrumental       MU   100E Fundamentals of Music, 3 crs. O                 The Marylhurst Preparatory Music Program
and vocal ensembles, contemporary harmonic          MU   101 Theory I, 3 crs.                                 serves the tri-county Portland metropolitan
                                                    MU   107 Alexander Technique, 1 cr. TBA
styles in various forms, and analysis of con-       MU   111 Musicianship I, 2 crs.
                                                                                                              area with on-campus instruction in piano,
temporary music.                                    MU   117 Basic Training Guitar I, 2 crs. TBA              strings, voice, and classical guitar for pre-
                                                    MU   121 Basic Training Piano I, 2 crs. TBA               school through high school students. The staff
COMPOSITION STUDIES III                             MU   124 Basic Training Voice I, 2 crs. TBA               of highly qualified, experienced teachers pro-
MU 477, MU 478, or MU 479, 1 or 2 crs.              MU   127 Basic Training Organ I, 2 crs. D                 vides quality instruction in both group and pri-
                                                    MU   131 Global Music, 3 crs. E
John Paul                                                                                                     vate settings. In the Preparatory Music Pro-
                                                    MU   132E Enjoyment of Music, 3 crs. O
TBA                                                 MU   133 Dev. of Jazz/Popular Styles, 3 crs. CW           gram at Marylhurst, emphasis is on a well-
Prerequisite: MU 379 or equivalent                  MU   201 Theory II, 3 crs. D                              rounded music education leading to a richer,
See fee schedule, page 55.                          MU   211 Musicianship II, 2 crs. D                        more satisfying life.
A continuation of Composition Studies II. These     MU   221 Music & Technology, 3 crs. D
courses will prepare students to write creatively   MU   301 Counterpoint 1, 3 crs. D.                        FACULTY
                                                    MU   331 Music History & Literature, 4 crs. D             Lajos Balogh, Violin & Viola
in larger contemporary designs with contempo-       MU   341 Conducting, 2 crs. E                             Patricia Baxter, SNJM, Suzuki Piano
rary harmonic techniques and rhythms.               MU   241/441 Marylhurst Chorale, 1 cr. E                  Elisa Boynton, Violin
                                                    MU   242/442 Marylhurst Symphony, 1 cr. E                 John Haek, Piano
                                                    MU   243/443 Jazz Ensemble, 1 cr. D                       Pat Hand, Suzuki Piano
APPLIED MUSIC FACULTY                               MU   244/444 Marylhurst Piano Ensemble, 1 cr. D           Phil Hansen, Cello
BASSOON                                             MU   245/445 Marylhurst Chamber Winds, 1 cr. E            Janice Johnson, Voice
                                                    MU   246/446 Guitar Ensemble, 1 cr. TBA                   Hae-Jin Kim, Violin
Lyle Dockendorff, MUP 296D, MUP 496D
                                                    MUSIC THERAPY                                             Jenny Lidner, Harp
CELLO                                               MU 180 Introduction to Music Therapy, 3 crs. D            Nancy Olson-Chatalas, Voice
Phil Hansen, MUP 287H, MUP 487H                     MU 276 Keyboard Improvisation for Music Therapists, TBA   Anna Rapp, Violin
Nora Kosztolyani, MUP 287K, MUP 487K                MU 285/385/485 Music Therapy Practicum, 1 cr.             Helen Sandoz, SNJM, Piano and Violin
CLARINET                                            MU 480 Music Therapy with Children, 3 crs. TBA            Jeanette Wood, SNJM, Director of
Caroyln Arnquist, MUP 292A, MUP 492A                TBA, Special workshops & offerings in Music Therapy         Suzuki Violin Program
Dan Presley, MUP 288P, MUP 488P                     WINTER 2002
FLUTE                                               MU   102   Theory I, 3 crs. D                                     LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
Marcia Loman, MUP 291L, MUP 491L
                                                    MU   112   Musicianship I, 2 crs. D                                       AI = Arts & Ideas
                                                    MU   132   Enjoyment of Music, 3 crs. E                               HC = Human Community
Rob Scheps, MUP 291S, MUP 491S
                                                    MU   202   Theory II, 3 crs. D
GUITAR                                                                                                                    LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                                    MU   212   Musicianship II, 2 crs. D
Chris Korb, MUP 283K, MUP 483K                      MU   302   Counterpoint II, 3 crs. D                                    NW = Natural World
Margaret Slovak, MUP 283S, MUP 483S                 MU   310   Vocal Diction II, 2 crs. TBA
Peter Zisa, MUP 283Z, MUP 483Z                      MU   331   Music History and Literature, 4 crs. D                  ✔ Courses recommended for
HARP                                                MU   341   Conducting I, 2 crs. E                                beginning students or non-majors
Elaine Seeley, MUP 289A, MUP 489A                   MU   346   Piano Pedagogy II, 3 crs. D
42   R E A L E S TAT E S T U D I E S
     DIRECTOR: PAUL ARAGON                   CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL                           BUILDING DESIGN AND
        The Center for Professional Real                                                       CONSTRUCTION I
                                             REAL ESTATE STUDIES                               RE 420E, 3 crs.
     Estate Studies at Marylhurst            The Center for Professional Real Estate Stud-     RE 420EZ, audit
     University offers degree completion     ies is oriented primarily towards degree com-     RE 020E, 3 CEUs
     and enhancement programs for            pletion and enhancement. Traditional lower-       Matthew Larrabee
     working adults in the real estate       division baccalaureate courses will be offered    ONLINE
                                             through other Marylhurst University academic      PLEASE NOTE: Costs of audit or CEU for
     industry. Courses are intended to       departments. Students needing introductory-       a Real Estate Studies course is the same
     provide an academic context to          level courses in math, writing, business, and     as for-credit tuition.
     traditional certification, licensing,   Liberal Arts Core courses may take courses        Survey of basic building design and engi-
     and continuing education courses,       both online or in a traditional classroom for-    neering oriented to single family homes and
                                             mat. For details, contact your academic advi-     2-4 unit properties. Learn to inspect and eval-
     culminating in a bachelor or
                                             sor or call the Center.                           uate buildings, recognize hazards and code
     master’s degree.                            The Business & Management Department          problems. Includes structural, mechanical,
        Working closely with profession-     offers a real estate option (up to 18 credits)    electrical, and plumbing subsystems. Also dis-
     al groups such as the Mortgage          in the Bachelor of Science in Management          cusses relative cost factors and functional/
                                             degree program for students interested in cor-    alternative use issues.
     Banker’s Association of America,
                                             porate-level leadership and management
     the Appraisal Institute, and the        roles in the real estate industry.
     National Association of Realtors,                                                         REAL ESTATE FINANCE I
     the Center offers specialized           ENTERING STUDENT EVALUATIONS                      RE 470E, 3 crs.
     academic course work extending          All new students will be required to submit       RE 470EZ, audit
                                             transcripts of previous academic and profes-      RE 070E, 3 CEUs
     that of the professional organiza-                                                        Ken Ross
                                             sional coursework, plus a detailed compila-
     tions. Students are encouraged to                                                         ONLINE
                                             tion of professional, governmental, communi-
     take additional Marylhurst courses      ty, social services, volunteer, and supervisory
                                                                                               PLEASE NOTE: Costs of audit or CEU for
     in writing and literature, communi-                                                       a Real Estate Studies course is the same
                                                                                               as for-credit tuition.
     cations, and business to enhance            Bachelor of Science program students
                                                                                               An introduction to the real estate markets, its
     and broaden their communications        may qualify for up to 45 hours additional ac-
                                                                                               dimensions and structure: market analysis
                                             ademic credit through the Prior Learning As-
     and critical thinking skills.           sessment (PLA) program. See Learning Assess-
                                                                                               and financing methods. Covers mortgage in-
        Students may pursue a Bachelor                                                         struments and alternative methods; risk analy-
                                             ment Center, pages 36-37 for more informa-
                                                                                               sis, automated valuation modules, and other
     of Science degree in Real Estate        tion about the PLA program.
                                                                                               new computer-based applications. This course
     with a concentration option in                                                            provides an introduction to real estate invest-
     Appraisal and Finance or in Real        INTERNSHIP OPTIONS                                ments and financial management.
                                             RE 494, variable credit
     Estate Management and Market-
                                             Working students in the real estate industry
     ing. In addition, the Bachelor of       affiliated with professional groups or involved   FUTURE OFFERINGS
     Science in Management degree is         in public service projects may qualify for ad-    Additional courses are being developed to
     available with a real estate option     ditional credit for participation. See Intern-    augment Marylhurst University Business &
     for students wishing corporate          ship Program for details, pages 35-36.            Management, Center for Professional Real Es-
     management credentials. All of the                                                        tate Studies, and professional group offer-
                                                                                               ings. Code: O-Online Course
     Center’s courses will be available      WEB-BASED COURSES
     online.                                 Courses online begin 6/24 and end 8/30.
                                                                                               FALL 2002
        For information, contact Paul        For information about registration and ac-
                                                                                               RE 410E Land-Use Planning/Zoning, O
     Aragon at 503.699.6250 or email         cess, see pages 17-19 or visit the University     RE 455E Alternative Dispute Resolution
                                             Web site at                      (Arbitration & Mediation), O                                                                RE 475E Real Estate Finance II, O

                                             LAND-USE PLANNING
                                             RE 410E, 3 crs.
                                             RE 410EZ, audit
                                             RE 010E, 3 CEUs
                                             Barton DeLacy
                                             PLEASE NOTE: Costs of audit or CEU for
                                             a Real Estate Studies course is the same
                                             as for-credit tuition.
                                             This survey course looks at the historical
                                             growth of U.S. cities and explores how trans-
                                             portation modes, political subdivisions, zon-
                                             ing and environmental concessions affect
                                             land development and property values. The
                                             course introduces students to planning theory,
                                             highest and best-use concepts, and new ur-
                                             banism theories.

RELIGIOUS STUDIES & PHILOSOPHY                                                                                                              43

   Marylhurst University’s Depart-
ment of Religious Studies and           SENIOR PROJECT                                    SPIRITUAL DIRECTION:
Philosophy provides an academic         RSP 493, 3 crs.                                   THROUGH THE ARTS OF THEATRE
framework for pursuing religious        Jerry Roussell, Jr.                               SPP 460 or SPP 560, 3 crs.
                                        By arrangement                                    SPP 460Z or SPP 560Z, audit
and philosophical insights and
                                        The research project will complement a            Sheila O’Connell-Roussell & Jerry Roussell, Jr.
questions. A quest for meaning—         student’s major area of study with specific       Fri/Sat/Sun, 6/28,29,30 (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm;
What is my unique mission in life?      research in an area of special interest to        Sat, 9am-5pm; Sun, 1-5pm);
Who or what is the Sacred to me?        the student. The senior project replaces the      & Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/12,13,14 (Fri, 6:30-
                                        senior paper. Students arrange for their          9:15pm; Sat, 1-9:30pm; Sun, 1-5pm)
Where is life going? What does it
                                        research projects with the Chair of the Reli-     Meets AI outcome.
all mean?—brings a diverse              gious Studies and Philosophy Department,          Can be taken as IFC course, see page 38.
population of students to one of the    Jerry Roussell, Jr., 503.699.6305 or email        This class examines the theatre arts as an
department’s career paths or to Together they           icon for various models of personal and/or
professional seminars and personal      select an advisor.                                group spiritual direction. Students will have
                                                                                          an opportunity to explore the historical, theo-
enrichment seminars. As an                                                                logical, and experiential foundations of the
increasing number of corporations       SUPERVISED INTERNSHIP                             combined arts of theatre as source for the em-
and institutions are bringing           RSP 494, 3 crs.                                   powerment of spirituality.
spirituality into the workplace and     Natalie Wing
                                        By arrangement
seeking ethicists, counselors and       Orientation required prior to registration.       SACRED SCRIPTURES
consultants, Religious Studies and      Internship will provide a unique opportunity
Philosophy graduates are enjoying       to complement formal learning with work in
                                        an approved professional setting. A student       WRITINGS, PSALMS, AND WISDOM
a greater variety of career oppor-                                                        LITERATURE IN THE BIBLE
                                        arranges for internship with the Internship Co-
tunities in disciplines as diverse as   ordinator. The internship replaces the senior     SSC 407E or SSC 507E, 3 crs.
business, psychology, quantum           paper or project. For more information, see       SSC 407EZ or SSC 507EZ, audit
physics, international law, women       pages 35-36.                                      Garry Jost
studies, and domestic violence                                                            Prerequisite: SSC 210 or consent of instructor
programs.                               SENIOR RESEARCH PAPER                             Meets AI outcome.
   Marylhurst University offers a       RSP 496/497/498, 3 crs.                           Can be taken as IFC course, see page 38.
Bachelor of Arts in Religious           Jerry Roussell, Jr.                               What are the literary and cultic genres in this
                                        By arrangement                                    collection of biblical writings? What were
Studies and Philosophy. There are                                                         their historical and liturgical contexts? They
                                        The senior paper will allow the student to use
three concentrations within the                                                           have been used in Jewish and Christian ritu-
                                        research methods to access information from
Religious Studies and Philosophy        a wide variety of databanks, and to begin         als and monastic prayer and have often been
bachelor’s degree. Several certifi-     writing in a field that could be pursued          studied by those who minister to the dying.
cate programs are also available.       through graduate studies. Students arrange
                                        for the writing of the senior paper through the
   Marylhurst University welcomes                                                         EPISTLES: LETTERS TO
                                        Chair of the Religious Studies and Philosophy
students of all faiths and cultures.    Department and work with an academic advi-        CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES
   For more information, call Jerry     sor who is an expert in the student’s chosen      SSC 454E or SSC 554E, 3 crs.
Roussell, Jr., at 503.699.6246 or       topic. Students who write a senior paper          SSC 454EZ or SSC 554EZ, audit
                                        need not do the internship or senior project.     Dan Lioy
email                                                           ONLINE
                                                                                          Prerequisite: SSC 211 or consent of instructor
                                        PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS                             Meets AI outcome.
                                                                                          Can be taken as IFC course, see page 38.
                                                                                          Among the New Testament Epistles (letters)
                                        MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS ✔                        are the earliest writings to become part of
                                        ETH 323E, 3 crs.                                  what is commonly known as the Christian
                                        ETH 323EZ, audit                                  Scriptures or the New Testament. This
                                        Honor Vallor                                      course explores their origins, messages,
                                        ONLINE                                            and applications for contemporary life.
                                        NOTE: Prerequisite for ETH 420                    Special attention will be given to the writings
                                        Meets AI outcome.                                 of Paul, though the Synoptic Gospels will
                                        Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,          also be studied.
                                        and/or IFC course, see page 38.
                                        What are the foundations of ethical
                                        human behavior? How does one determine
                                        a consistent ethic that can serve as a guide
                                        for living an integrated moral life? In this
                                                                                                LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
                                        class, we will examine ethical theories
                                                                                                        AI = Arts & Ideas
                                        and models to determine if any of the
                                                                                                    HC = Human Community
                                        models serves personal needs. In the
                                                                                                    LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                        process, students will begin to develop
                                                                                                      NW = Natural World
                                        their own system for ethical decision making.
                                                                                                  ✔ Courses recommended for
                                                                                                beginning students or non-majors
     RELIGION AND CULTURE                                TRAUMA AND POST-TRAUMATIC                            CREATING A PEACE FORUM
                                                         STRESS DISORDER: A WHOLISTIC                         PCR 470P, 1 cr.
                                                         APPROACH TO HEALING MIND,                            PCR 470PZ, audit
     ISLAM AND SOCIETY                                   BODY, AND SPIRIT ✔                                   Gary Spanovich
     PCR 412 or PCR 512, 3 crs.                                                                               Sun, 7/21, 9am-6pm
                                                         PCR 370T, 1 cr.
     PCR 412Z or PCR 512Z, audit                                                                              Meets AI outcome.
                                                         PCR 370TZ, audit
     Masoud Kheirabadi                                                                                        September 11th has affected all of us and left
                                                         Sylvan Simmons & Louise Bauschard
     Fri/Sat/Sun, 6/28,29,30, 9am-6pm                                                                         many wondering how to help in ways that em-
                                                         Fri/Sat, 8/16,17
     Meets AI outcome.                                                                                        phasize social justice as well as compassion,
                                                         (Fri, 6:30-8:30pm; Sat, 9am-6pm)
     Can be taken as IFC course, see page 38.                                                                 non-violence. In this class we will learn how to
                                                         Meets AI outcome: AIC4.
     By analyzing Islam both in theory and prac-                                                              organize “forums for peace,” conferences on
                                                         This class presents an overview of cutting-edge
     tice this course will provide students with an                                                           social justice issues,” and “interfaith dia-
                                                         research, treatment approaches, training pro-
     essential background to better understand                                                                logues” in order to help contribute to world
                                                         grams, and resources to identify and prevent,
     the world of Islam and Muslim populations. It                                                            peace and cultural understanding. Right now
                                                         reduce, or resolve possible long-term effects of
     examines Islam as a way of life and studies                                                              informed dialogue is what is needed most and
                                                         trauma. Includes information on trauma bond-
     the ways in which this religion affects the in-                                                          no matter who you are: church or non-church
                                                         ing and compassion fatigue.
     dividual, family, and social life in various Is-                                                         member, there is much you can do to facilitate
     lamic societies.                                                                                         this dialogue.
                                                         IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ASIAN
                                                         RSP 486A or RSP 586A, INT 486 or INT 586
                                                                                                              FUTURE OFFERINGS
                                                         or CHS 486, 6 crs.                                   Below are listed core courses and required
     LIFE AND WORK:                                      RSP 486AZ or RSP 586AZ, INT 486Z                     electives scheduled to be offered in the com-
     A SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION                             or CHS 486Z, audit                                   ing three terms. For full course descriptions,
     PCR 465Y or PCR 565Y, MGT 465A                      Donatella Rossi                                      contact the department or consult the
     or MGT 565A, 1 cr.                                  Tue, 9/3, 9am-noon, preparation class                Marylhurst University Catalog.
     PCR 465YZ or MGT 465AZ, audit                       Wed, 9/4 to Tue, 9/18, travel
     Cecilia Ranger                                      Mon, 9/23, 5-9pm, debriefing class                   FALL 2002
     Sat, 7/27, 9am-6pm                                  NOTE: Registration for this course MUST be           RSP 266 Fundamentals of Rel. Studies & Phil., 1 cr.
     Meets AI outcome.                                   completed by 6/1. Apart from tuition fees,           RSP 486A Travel Study: In Japan, 6 crs.
     In this technological age, many hours of our        students will be required to pay a full pack-        RSP 493 Senior Project, 3 crs.
                                                         age (approximately $3,000) which includes            RSP 494 Internship, 3 crs.
     lives are spent in the workplace. These hours
                                                         round-trip airfare, board, & lodging, ground         RSP 496/497/498, Senior Research Paper, 3 crs.
     should be soul enriching hours—for us and                                                                ETH 420E Applied Ethics, 3 crs.
     for our colleagues. This seminar gives to-          transportation, medical insurance, etc.
                                                                                                              PCR 370C Yoga at the Coast, 3 crs.
     day’s managers and other professionals a            This class is a travel study trip to Japan. Stu-     PHL 201E Foundations of Philosophy, 3 crs.
     life map, which enhances awareness and              dents will familiarize themselves with signifi-      PHL 322 Medieval Philosophy, 3 crs.
     productivity, sharpens focus, and brings en-        cant historical and cultural sites related to        SPP 325 Celtic Spirituality, 3 crs.
                                                         Shinto and Buddhism (Zen and Tantric), in the        SPP 426 Spirituality & Mysticism, 3 crs.
     joyment to the individual and to the corpo-                                                              SSC 155E Survey of the Bible (Old/New Testament), 3 crs.
     rate community.                                     most wonderful settings of the ancient capitol,
                                                                                                              SSC 210 Intro to Hebrew Bible: Old Testament, 3 crs.
                                                         Kyoto, and relevant neighboring locations.           THT 301 Comparative Religions, 3 crs.
                                                         The group will visit a number of designated          THT 305E History of Christianity II, 3 crs.
     SPIRITUAL AND PERSONAL                              locations following the historical and religious     THT 430 History & Phil. of Eastern Rel. Traditions, 3 crs.
                                                         evolution of these two prominent religious be-       THT 451 Western Thought & History I, 3 crs.
     ENRICHMENT OFFERINGS                                liefs. There will be an introductory class two
                                                         days before departure and a final debriefing         WINTER 2003
     RELIGION AND TECHNOLOGY                             class. Students will be required to keep a log       ETH 323 Making Ethical Decisions, 3 crs.
     PCR 370R, 1 cr.                                     and write a final paper that relates their jour-     LTA 406 Symbolism of World Religions, 3 crs.
                                                         ney to one of the two religious traditions.          PCR 411 Religion & Psychology, 3 crs.
     PCR 370RZ, audit
                                                                                                              PHL 423E Modern Philosophy: Great Disparities, 3 crs.
     Lori Woodruff                                                                                            PHL 426 Eastern Phil.: Zen of Mind & Tao of Spirit, 3 crs.
     Sat, 8/10, 9am-6pm                                                                                       RSP 266 Fundamentals of Rel. Studies & Phil., 1 cr.
     Meets AI outcome.                                   THE SACRED LABYRINTH:                                RSP 493 Senior Project, 3 crs.
     This class will present a broad overview of         SPIRITUALITY IN MOTION                               SSC 211E Introduction to Christian Bible, 3 crs.
     the history of technology, especially its role      PCR 470L or PCR 570L, 1 cr.                          SSC 406 Biblical Prophets, 3 crs.
                                                         PCR 470LZ or PCR 570LZ, audit                        SPP 470L Sacred Labyrinth, 3 crs.
     in the development of North American reli-
                                                                                                              THT 411 Teachings of Judaism, 3 crs.
     gions from the invention of the printing press      Eunie Schroeder                                      THT 417 Sacramentalogy, 3 crs.
     through the age of information. Special em-         Sat, 7/20, 9am-6pm                                   THT 431 Spiritual Traditions of Asia in Practice, 3 crs.
     phasis will be given to sociological and his-       Meets AI outcome.                                    THT 452 Western Thought & History II, 3 crs.
     torical theories of secularization and utilitari-   What is the sacred labyrinth? The ancient tra-
     an individualism.                                   dition of walking the labyrinth is insistently be-
                                                                                                              SPRING 2003
                                                         ing reborn in our own generation. What is the        ETH 420 Applied Ethics, 3 crs.
                                                         historical, mythological, cultural, and spiritual    PCR 410 Religion & U.S. Culture, 3 crs.
                                                         roots of this fascinating archetype? Why is it       PHL 201 Foundations of Philosophy 3 crs.
                                                         resonating so powerfully for people of all           PHL 315E Ancient Philosophy (Plato & Aristotle), 3 crs.
                                                         ages and religious traditions? Come walk the         PHL 327 Philosophy of Religion, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              RSP 266 Fundamentals of Rel. Studies & Phil., 1 cr.
                                                         labyrinth, explore the answers to these ques-
                                                                                                              SPP 410 Human Quest for Spirituality, 3 crs.
                                                         tions, and discover how the labyrinth’s path         SPP 411 Spiritual Classics: East & West, 3 crs.
                                                         mirrors one’s own spiritual dance of life.           SSC 210E Introduction to Hebrew Bible, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              SSC 405, Torah: Pentateuch, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              SSC 422 Gospels:, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              THT 301 Comparative Religions, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              THT 304 History of Christianity I, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              THT 416 Ecclesiology, 3 crs.
                                                                                                              THT 432 Death & Dying in Asian Religions, 3 crs.
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                             THT 453 Western Thought & History III, 3 crs.
S C I E N C E & M AT H E M AT I C S                                                                                                           45

CHAIR: LARRY HANSON, Ph.D.              NATURAL SCIENCE                                     of nature photography with 35mm SLRs and
     Through the disciplines of                                                             color slide film, and the uses of outdoor pho-
                                                                                            tography as an environmental documentary
science and mathematics, world          THE HUMAN BEING: MIND & BODY ✔                      tool. Field exercises introduce landscape,
societies are reaching into the         BIO 161, 3 crs.                                     wildlife, and close-up photography. The
twenty first century seeking solu-      BIO 161Z, audit                                     course does not include darkroom work.
tions to age-old problems, as well      Jo Jenner                                           Please bring camera to first class.
                                        Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/12,13,14, 9am-6pm
as growing concerns for quality of      Meets NW outcome.
life issues. Non-science degree         This course explores the intimate workings of       COASTAL ECOLOGY ✔
seeking students are welcome to         the human body and the human mind and ex-           ENV 346, 3 crs.
pursue new or extended perspec-         amines how human beings think, eat, feel, and       ENV 346Z, audit
                                        fight diseases, and how the nervous system          Kathy Casson
tives of science that demonstrate its   and organs function. The class focuses much of      Class Sessions: Mon, 6/24; 7/8; 7/15;
relevance and excitement.               the study on the mind/body connection with          6:30-9:15pm
    For those seeking a science         regard to illness and well-being. From that con-    Field Trip: Tue-Fri, 6/25-28
degree, Marylhurst offers a Bache-      text, students explore how the major systems of     REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE must be
                                        the body function under different circumstanc-      completed by 6/10.
lor of Arts degree in Science and       es, particularly under the conditions of stress     NOTE: We have reserved a 7-bedroom house
two concentrations. A concentra-        and relaxation. The new insights gained prom-       overlooking the Bay in Charleston, Oregon.
tion in General Science prepares        ise to enhance the appreciation of the extent to    Carpools will be arranged on the first day of
graduates for careers such as           which one can influence well-being with atti-       class. An additional cost for transportation
                                        tude and lifestyle changes.                         and lodging will be no more than $150.
teaching science in the public                                                              Meets NW outcome.
school system, science writing, or                                                          The Northwest Coast supports unusually rich
                                        GENERAL BOTANY ✔
management within a science-            BIO 342, 3 crs.
                                                                                            marine ecosystems. This course will empha-
oriented business. An Environmen-                                                           size the ecology of the local coast. In class
                                        BIO 342Z, audit
                                                                                            we will study the physical environment includ-
tal Science concentration may           Vicki Coats & Jo Jenner
                                                                                            ing waves, tides, and currents as well as
allow graduates to pursue a career      Mon, 6/24-8/5, 6:30-9:15pm
                                        Field trips: Two all-day field trips to be
                                                                                            learning about the biology of marine plants
focused on environmental issues,        scheduled at the first class meeting.               and animals. In the field we will observe tide
such as planning, education and         Meets NW outcome.                                   pools and flats, docks, the estuary, and sand
                                                                                            dunes. We will get to know a diversity of ma-
communication, or resource              From microscopic algae to the giant red-
                                                                                            rine life and the myriad of ways they interact.
management.                             woods, the green plants embrace an incredi-
                                        ble spectrum of life upon which all other life      While the course will emphasize the marine
     For more information, contact      depends. This course scans the full range of        environment, adjacent coastal forest and
the Science and Mathematics             plant types and emphasizes the unique design        sand dunes will be included.
Department Office at                    and behavior of the major plant groups. It in-
503.699.6246 or email                   cludes a study of the special mechanisms in-
                                        volved in the lives of plants from the cell level   LOOKING IN, LOOKING OUT:                 to the ecosystem. The relationship of human-        PHYSICS OF MEDICAL AND
                                        kind and plants is a special concern.               SPACE IMAGING ✔
                                                                                            PHY 111, 3 crs.
                                                                                            PHY 111Z, audit
                                        POPULATION AND
                                                                                            Jan Dabrowski
                                        GLOBAL RESOURCES ✔                                  Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/9,10,11; 8/16,17,18 (Fri,
                                        ENV 320, 3 crs.                                     6:30-9:15pm; Sat, 9am-5pm; Sun, 9am-2pm)
                                        ENV 320Z, audit                                     Prerequisites: ANY ONE of following courses:
                                        Masoud Kheirabadi                                   PHY 110, AST 121, GEO 121, CHM 110,
                                        Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/12,13,14                             CHM 331, or permission of the instructor.
                                        (Fri, 2-8pm; Sat/Sun, 9am-6pm)                      Meets NW outcome.
                                        Meets NW Liberal Arts Core outcome.                 Explore aspects of physics that let doctors
                                        Can be taken as WIC course, see page 32,            peer into our bodies and that enable scien-
                                        and/or IFC course, see page 38.                     tists to learn about far-off planets. In this
                                        Each day is witness to over a quarter of a          course you will learn how we extend our
                                        million new mouths to be fed. A continuation        senses to places not easily reached or seen.
                                        of present trends in global population growth       Topics will include X-rays, MRIs, radar imag-
                                        and resource consumption could lead to disas-       ing, and remote sensing of the earth and oth-
                                        ter for the Earth. In this course we will exam-     er planets.
                                        ine the social, economical, political, and envi-
                                        ronmental consequences of overpopulation
                                        and over-consumption in a global context.

                                        FIELD METHODS I:
                                        NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY ✔
                                        ENV 324, 3 crs.                                           LIBERAL ARTS CORE OUTCOMES
                                        ENV 324Z, audit                                                   AI = Arts & Ideas
                                        Cub Kahn                                                      HC = Human Community
                                        Thur, 7/11-8/29, 6:30-9:15pm                                  LL = Life & Learning Skills
                                        Field Trip: Sat, 8/3, 8:30am-5pm                                NW = Natural World
                                        Meets NW outcome.
                                        This course, suitable for beginning photogra-               ✔ Courses recommended for
                                        phers, covers basic equipment and techniques              beginning students or non-majors
46   S C I E N C E & M AT H E M AT I C S
     THE ANIMAL MIND:                                   This course provides Head Start teachers with       MATHEMATICS WORKSHOP:
     CONSCIOUSNESS & INTELLIGENCE ✔                     ideas, methodology, and inspiration for the         MATH YOUR WAY! ✔
     ENV 365, 2 crs.                                    presentation of science in the classroom of         MTH 107, MTH 207, MTH 307,
     ENV 365Z, audit                                    preschool children.                                 or MTH 407, 1-3 crs.
     Denise Fleener                                                                                         Rhonda Hull
     Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-8:15pm                        HEAD START SUMMER                                   Wed, 6/26-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm
     Meets NW outcome.                                                                                      This course provides an opportunity to get
                                                        SCIENCE WORKSHOP
     For some time the science establishment has                                                            easily and painlessly caught up on math skills
                                                        SCI 387, 2 crs.
     regarded animals as solely instinctual … lack-                                                         where a regular math course might be
                                                        Rebecca Lowe Warren
     ing any expression of consciousness that           Sat-Thur, 7/6-7/11, 8:30am-3:30pm                   viewed as inconvenient or intimidating. Here,
     might challenge the “superior uniqueness” of       Permission of Director of Head Start Summer         a participant can elect to work alone or with
     the human being. At last, however, science         Science Workshop required. Call Rebecca Lowe        a small group to get in touch with a basic
     and other disciplines are beginning to ac-         Warren at 503.699.6279 for information. In-         math maneuver, business math, consumer
     knowledge the complex and highly evolved           tended for Head Start teachers & administrators.    math, algebra, calculus, or another mathe-
     sensory, emotional, and intelligence behavior      This exciting residential workshop in science       matics territory. Whatever the choice, individ-
     of many animals. This expanding recognition        will offer Head Start teachers background and       uals will be assisted by expert and sensitive
     of animal behavior will surely reinforce our re-   inspiration for enhancing science education in      staff who guide them at their own pace.
     lationship with animals and lend impetus to        their programs.
     the importance of environmental preservation.                                                          INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA ✔
     This course will explore the evidence of ani-      INTERNSHIP:                                         MTH 111, 3 crs.
     mal consciousness from chimpanzees to dol-
                                                        ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE                               MTH 111Z, audit
     phins and from turtles to termites.                                                                    Ann Hill
                                                        ENV 494, variable credit
                                                        OR                                                  Wed, 6/26-8/28, 3:15-6pm
     MOUNTAIN ECOLOGY                                   INTERNSHIP: SCIENCE                                 Here, students are presented with a thorough
     ENV 343, 3 crs.                                    SCI 494, variable credit                            but gentle study of the ideas and techniques
     ENV 343Z, audit                                    Orientation required prior to registration.         of algebra. Students should have a concise
     Larry Hanson                                       For more information, see pages 35-36.              and clear understanding of basic algebra.
     Class meetings: Thur, 7/25; 8/1,8,15,22,                                                               The class helps develop skills in the manipula-
     6:30-9:15pm                                                                                            tion of polynomial and rational expressions
     Field trips: Fri, 8/9,16,23, 8:30am-5:50pm         MATHEMATICS                                         and the solution of linear and quadratic
     Of the diverse set of environments to be found                                                         equations. Participants gain an appreciation
     across the Pacific Northwest, none displays                                                            of the broad range of applications of algebra
                                                        SURVEY OF MATHEMATICS ✔
     the relationships of life and its habitat more                                                         in professional as well as everyday experi-
                                                        MTH 101, 3 crs.
     impressively than does the mountain world.                                                             ences. The course is also ideal for students
                                                        MTH 101Z, audit
     The shapes of trees, the behavior of birds, the                                                        planning to study statistics and economics or
                                                        Nancy Imig
     profusion of wildflowers all convey meaning                                                            for those who are preparing for pre-calculus
                                                        Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm
     that is dramatically revealed in these rugged                                                          mathematics.
                                                        NOTE: Previously Understanding Math I
     highlands. The mountains of the Northwest          For students who took math long ago, and
     will serve as the field of study to understand
     how plants and animals thrive in this sublime
                                                        find that the computer revolution is a total mys-   FUTURE OFFERINGS
                                                        tery and want to transform the perplexing           Below are listed core courses and required
     environment. Three all-day fieldtrips to Mt.       world of mathematics into familiar territory,
     Hood will give students the opportunity to ex-                                                         electives scheduled to be offered in the com-
                                                        this course may be just the thing. In this we       ing two terms. For full course descriptions,
     perience first-hand the immense beauty and
                                                        will gain a new and exciting appreciation of        contact the department or consult the
     variety found in this mountain ecology.            math applications in common everyday life.          Marylhurst University Catalog.
                                                        The experience is designed to overcome the
     PROBLEM SOLVING ✔                                  psychological blockades to mathematics and          FALL 2002
     SCI 366, 1 cr.                                     (even) encourage further education in mathe-        NATURAL SCIENCE
     SCI 366Z, audit                                                                                        AST 122 Solar Astronomy, 3 crs.
                                                        matics-related areas. This class will concen-
                                                                                                            BIO 153 Medical Science, 3 crs.
     Berry Huelsman                                     trate on numeration and the exploration of          GEO 121 Survey of Geology, 3 crs.
     Sat, 6/29, 9am-5pm                                 numbers and their operations up to and in-          ENV 310 Principles of Environ. Science, 3 crs.
     The objective of this course is to expand your     cluding integers.                                   ENV 354 Columbia: River Under Stress, 3 crs.
     problem-solving ability by learning 23 simple                                                          ENV 358 Global Environ. Concerns, 3 crs.
     rules and practicing them on problems that do                                                          PHY 121 Survey of Physics, 3 crs.
                                                        SURVEY OF ALGEBRA ✔                                 MATHEMATICS
     not require mathematics. Algebra is not re-
                                                        MTH 102, 3 crs.                                     MTH   101   Understanding Math I, 3 crs.
     quired for this seminar. Students will have a
                                                        MTH 102Z, audit                                     MTH   102   Understanding Math II, 3 crs.
     chance to gain experience solving both men-                                                            MTH   111   Intermediate Algebra, 3 crs.
                                                        Ann Hill
     tal and physical problems in class both as in-     Thur, 6/27-8/29, 3:15-6pm                           MTH   213   College Algebra, 3 crs.
     dividuals and as members of a team. Special        NOTE: Previously Understanding Math II              MTH   251   Basic Statistics, 3 crs.
     emphasis will be given to overcoming prob-         This course continues the exploration of math       WINTER 2003
     lem-solving barriers common to our lives.          as begun in Survey of Mathematics with an           NATURAL SCIENCE
                                                        emphasis on elementary algebra. Students            AST 121 Stellar Astronomy, 3 crs.
     HEAD START TEACHER                                 should be able to work with integers and do         BIO 161 Human Being, 3 crs.
                                                        simple linear equations. This class will focus      BIO 332 How Animals Work: The Inside Story, 3 crs.
     SUMMER SCIENCE INSTITUTE                                                                               BIO 349 Wetland Ecology, 3 crs.
     SCI 385, 5 crs.                                    on problem solving using algebraic equations,       ENV 320 Population & Global Resources, 3 crs.
     Rebecca Lowe Warren                                simple graphing, ratio/proportions, percent-        ENV 328 Environmental Ethics, 3 crs.
     Mon-Fri, 6/24-7/19, 8:30am-3:30pm                  ages, and geometry. This course can serve as        ENV 373 Environmental Mediation, 3 crs.
     NOTE: No classes on 7/4,5                          an ideal preparation for future algebra class-      PHY 110 It’s Everywhere: A Survey of Physics, 3 crs.
     Enrollment limited to 20 participants from         es, statistics, graduate record examinations,       MATHEMATICS
     previously determined County Head Start.           and other upper-level math.                         MTH   101   Understanding Math I, 3 crs.
                                                                                                            MTH   102   Understanding Math II, 3 crs.
                                                                                                            MTH   111   Intermediate Algebra, 3 crs.,
                                                                                                            MTH   213   College Algebra, 3 crs.
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                           MTH   251   Basic Statistics, 3 crs.
MASTER OF ARTS • APPLIED THEOLOGY                                                                                                          47

                                      MASTER’S PROJECT I
                                      (PROSPECTUS)                                       DOCTOR
   The Master of Arts in Applied
                                      PMT 596A, 3 crs.
                                      Dan Lioy                                           OF MINISTRY
                                      Fri/Sat, 8/9,10; 8/23,24                              Marylhurst University (MU) has
Theology is a life-changing experi-   (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat, 9am-5pm)
                                                                                         made available to qualified
ence. People participate in this      Enrollment limit: 7
                                      Students who sign up for PMT 596A Master’s         students (those with a M.Div. or
intensive ministry preparation
                                      Project I: (Prospectus) will pay a Reader’s        equivalency) a cooperative Doctor
program to become more effective      Fee of $150 for each of three quarters.            of Ministry degree on its campus.
care providers. Participants grow     Students will receive advice and evaluation
                                                                                         The Doctor of Ministry degree,
in their knowledge of self, others,   on their Master’s Project from the reader.
                                                                                         administered by the Office of
and the Holy. Through personal
                                      OR                                                 Advanced Pastoral Studies of San
and group reflection students
                                      MASTER’S PROJECT I                                 Francisco Theological Seminary
strengthen their sense of personal
                                      (PROSPECTUS)                                       (SFTS), is an advanced profession-
and spiritual integration and gain
                                      PMT 596B, 3 crs.                                   al degree for persons in ministry.
an awareness of ministerial           Loretta Schaff                                     Carefully designed to complement
strengths and weaknesses.             Fri/Sat, 8/9,10; 8/23,24
                                      (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat, 9am-5pm)                   their day-to-day work, this pro-
   The program helps individuals
                                      Enrollment limit: 7                                gram enables candidates to
define their images of the Divine,    Students who sign up for PMT 596B Master’s         engage in a high level of academ-
their practice of spirituality, and   Project I: (Prospectus) will pay a Reader’s
                                                                                         ic professional development
their commitment to service.          Fee of $150 for each of three quarters.
                                      Students will receive advice and evaluation        without giving up their current
Through pastoral practice and
                                      on their Master’s Project from the reader.         employment. The purpose of the
theological reflection on that        The Master’s Project allows students to bring      SFTS D.Min. program is to en-
experience, students learn pastoral   their graduate learning to a new level of pro-
                                                                                         hance quality in the practice of
presence, communication skills,       fessional and scholarly synthesis. As the cul-
                                      mination of a graduate program, the project        ministry. The major objective is the
and assessment methods.
                                      offers evidence of the candidate’s ability to      development of professional
   The program addresses issues of    analyze and evaluate materials, to write           competencies, including critical
pastoral counseling, liturgy and      clearly and cogently, to apply theology to the     reflection on the practice of
symbol, scriptural resources, and     pastoral setting, and to make a professional
                                      contribution to a body of knowledge.               ministry, interpersonal skills, the
prayer. Through readings, discus-
                                          This is part of the requirement for a mas-     capacity for theological interpreta-
sion, lecture, writing, reflection,
                                      ter’s degree. The student receives a separate      tion, and special skills for service
supervision, and pastoral applica-    guidebook that outlines the process for carry-     in particular contexts.
tion, participants develop their      ing out and writing the Masters’ Project. Eval-
                                                                                            For more information, call Jerry
own theologies and methods of         uations from the Supervised Practicum are
                                      submitted with the Master’s Project. The Mas-      Roussell, Jr., at 503.699.6305 or
exercising pastoral and spiritual
                                      ter’s Project is presented to the Chair of Reli-   email
care. Marylhurst University wel-      gious Studies and Philosophy and the stu-
comes students of all faiths and      dent’s graduate committee.
   For more information, call Jerry                                                      FUTURE OFFERINGS
                                      STUDENTS PLANNING
Roussell, Jr., at 503.699.6305 or                                                        NINE-MONTH COLLEGIUM GROUP
                                      TO EARN THE MASTER
email                                                          (12 UNITS)
                                      OF DIVINITY EQUIVALENCY
                                      Courses in Sacred Scripture, Systematic The-       This group of 10 to 15 students provides a
                                      ology, Spiritual Theology, Liturgical Theology,    unique opportunity for participants to explore
                                      Ethics and Moral Theology, Religion and Cul-       their work openly and honestly with the recip-
                                      ture can be taken at the 500 level.                rocal support of peers and both local and
                                          See the Religious Studies and Philosophy       SFTS faculty persons. The group’s work focus-
                                      Section on pages 43-44.                            es on three themes: The Pastor as Person,
                                                                                         Theology of Ministry, and The Cultural Milieu
                                                                                         and the Mission of the Church.
                                      FUTURE OFFERINGS                                       Criteria for selection of local faculty in-
                                                                                         clude an advanced degree in the area to be
                                      FALL 2002
                                      Contact department for listing
                                                                                         covered (usually a Ph.D., Th.D., S.T.D., or
                                                                                         Ed.D.), experience and expertise in a rele-
                                                                                         vant discipline, and teaching ability.
                                                                                             The group meets locally for three 40-hour
                                                                                         quarters, beginning in the fall. A regular
                                                                                         SFTS faculty member teaches 16 hours of
                                                                                         each quarter.The other sessions are taught by
                                                                                         a different local adjunct faculty person each
                                                                                         quarter. All three quarters of the collegium
                                                                                         group curriculum must be completed before a
                                                                                         student attends the summer term.
     CHAIR: CHRISTINE TURNER,                           CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT                        cations in the creative classroom and in the
     ATR-BC, NCC, LPC                                   The Marylhurst University Art Therapy Pro-         expressive therapy setting. Through hands-on
                                                        gram is recognized by the National Board for       exploration, discussion, and film, students are
         The Marylhurst Master of Arts in                                                                  introduced to the structural and psychological
                                                        Certified Counselors (NBCC) to offer continu-
     Art Therapy Degree Program is                      ing education for National Certified Counse-       properties of varied art media. Art therapy
     approved by the American Art                       lors. We adhere to NBCC Continuing Educa-          methods with individuals and groups are dis-
     Therapy Association and accredited                 tion Guidelines.                                   cussed within this context. Recommended as
                                                            NOTE: One CEU equals 10 contact hours          follow-up to Intro. to Art Therapy Workshop.
     by the Northwest Association of
                                                        of Continuing Education Credit.                        The instructor is an art therapist and coun-
     Schools and Colleges.                                                                                 selor practicing in Portland and is chair of
        A certificate program in art                    Low-cost accommodations for students from
                                                                                                           Marylhurst's graduate program in art therapy.
                                                        out of town are available on campus by reser-
     therapy is available for students                  vation only. Call 503.636.8141, ext. 4409,
     with a related master’s degree.                                                                       MULTIMEDIA MASK MAKING ✔
                                                        or 1.800.634.9982, ext. 4409.
                                                                                                           AT 467 or AT 567, 2 crs.
         The art therapy program aims                                                                      AT 467Z or AT 567Z, audit
     to help students arrive at an                      SAMPLE MARYLHURST                                  AT 067, 2 CEUs
                                                        Tuesday, June 4, 6:30-9pm
     understanding of the therapeutic                   Art Therapy: Exploring the Profession.
     application of the creative process,                                                                  Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/19,20,21 (Fri, 4-8:30pm;
                                                        For more information, see page 3.                  Sat, 9am-6pm; Sun, 9am-5:30pm)
     and the informed use of psycholog-                                                                    Materials fee: $40
     ical theories in assessment and                    OPEN HOUSE                                         This stimulating workshop offers students the
                                                        Friday, June 7, 9am-5pm, The Old Library,
     treatment. The program is designed                                                                    opportunity to creatively explore media such
                                                        (Room 200), B.P. John Administration Building      as plaster gauze, clay, papier mache, and
     to prepare clinical art therapists to              Free and open to interested persons.               leather as they design and develop their own
     work as team members in facilities                 Graduating art therapy students will give pre-     masks. Slide/video presentations and the in-
     such as community mental health                    sentations on art therapy with children and        structor’s personal collection of masks from
                                                        adults. Faculty will be available to answer
     centers, psychiatric and general                                                                      around the world illustrate the history of
                                                        your questions. You are invited to come for all    masks in various cultures and their uses in ritu-
     hospitals, therapeutic and public                  of the session or to drop in.                      als, theatre, and for communication exercises
     schools, and day treatment pro-                                                                       in settings such as schools and agencies.
     grams. Instructors in the program                  COURSE OFFERINGS                                       Donvieve is a California Arts Council Artist
     are experienced practitioners.                                                                        in the Schools and education director for Ink
        For more information, call                      INTRODUCTION TO                                    People Center for the Arts. She has taught
                                                        ART THERAPY WORKSHOP ✔                             throughout the United States, traveled and
     503.699.6244 or email                                                                                 worked with mask makers in Bali, Mexico,                             AT 475 or AT 575, 1 cr.
                                                        AT 475Z or AT 575Z, audit                          Central America, and Europe.
                                                        AT 075, 1 CEU
     APPLICATION DEADLINE                               Christine Turner                                   ART THERAPY WITH CHILDREN:
     Applications for September 2003 admission          Fri/Sat, 7/12,13                                   ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT ✔
     to the art therapy M.A. and certificate pro-       (Fri, 9am-4:30pm; Sat, 9am-12:30pm)                AT 417 or AT 517, 1 cr.
     grams are requested by Feb. 15, 2003.              Materials fee: $15. Call for supply list.          AT 417Z or AT 517Z, audit
         Later applications will be accepted            This workshop combines an enjoyable hands-         AT 017, 1 CEU
     and considered. Applicants for admission in        on approach with discussions, videotape, and       Annette Shore
     September 2002 are asked to directly contact       art examples to introduce students to art thera-   Fri/Sat, 7/26,27 (Fri, 9am-4:30pm;
     the department to notify staff of intention to     py. Art experiences in class assist with the in-   Sat, 9am-12:30pm)
     apply and to arrange an appointment.               tegration of information. Recommended for          Materials fee: $15
                                                        those exploring art therapy as a career op-        This course provides an introduction to and
     LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES                             tion, for human services practitioners who         overview of the theory and practice of child art
     FOR NON-ADMITTED STUDENTS                          wish to acquire basic understanding of art         therapy. The emphasis is on facilitating and un-
     The Marylhurst art therapy program offers          therapy in theory and practice, and for stu-       derstanding therapeutic art expression with
     classes and workshops which are open to stu-       dents who plan to attend intermediate-level        children. Specific content areas include child
     dents who are not working towards the M.A.         classes in art therapy during summer term.         artistic development, therapeutic use of art me-
     degree. We encourage undergraduate stu-                The instructor is the chairperson of the       dia, stages of treatment, and art therapy tech-
     dents to explore the expressive therapies          graduate program in art therapy at                 nique. Experiential art activities, video ex-
     through elective classes and workshops. Pro-       Marylhurst University. She is an art therapist     cerpts, and case presentations are included.
     fessionals in the mental health field can en-      and counselor practicing in the Portland area.         The instructor is an associate faculty mem-
     hance and broaden their skills through expo-                                                          ber in the Art Therapy Program at Marylhurst
     sure to classes taught by practicing expressive                                                       University. She practices art therapy in the
     arts therapists from the Portland community        ART THERAPY                                        Portland area.
     and beyond.                                        MEDIA AND METHODS ✔
         This symbol ( ✔ ) denotes classes which do     AT 478 or AT 578, 1 cr.                            BEREAVEMENT AND ART THERAPY ✔
     not require art therapy prerequisites.             AT 478Z or AT 578Z, audit                          AT 418 or AT 518, 1 cr.
                                                        AT 078, 1 CEU                                      AT 418Z or AT 518Z, audit
     COURSE NUMBERING                                   Christine Turner                                   AT 018, 1 CEU
     AT 400 courses offer undergraduate                 Sat/Sun, 7/13,14                                   Laura Zeisler
     students opportunities to study art therapy. Six   (Sat, 1:30-5pm; Sun, 9am-4:30pm)                   Sat/Sun, 7/27,28
     credits of previously taken upper-division         Materials fee: $15                                 (Sat, 1:30-5:30pm; Sun, 9am-4pm)
     coursework in psychology is recommended,           This course develops the student’s knowledge       Materials fee: $15
     as well as experience in the art form. AT 500      and theoretical base of art therapy methods        This course will introduce art therapy as an
     courses indicate graduate credit.                  and media. The material presented has appli-       intervention to help bereaved children, ado-
                                                                                                           lescents, and their families. Participants will
                                                                                                           review various developmental issues, a variety
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                          of theoretical models and the role of ritual in
MASTER OF ARTS • ART THERAPY                                                                                                                                             49

bereavement. How a school district and a            rytelling. Actual practice with two methods of      Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/23,24,25
Hospice’s partnership addresses the role of         story making will develop technical skill.          (Fri, 1-5pm; Sat/Sun, 9am-6pm)
grief in an academic setting will be ad-                After a survey of recent literature on the      Materials fee: $15
dressed through case presentations.                 therapeutic uses of storytelling, storytelling      This advanced class provides an introduction
    The instructor is an art therapist practicing   demonstrations will illustrate the concepts and     to family art therapy and family systems theo-
in Central Oregon.                                  principles of this healing art. Group discus-       ry. The course integrates theoretical presenta-
                                                    sions and questions will provide further clarifi-   tions on several clinical approaches with an
                                                    cation, especially for specific therapeutic situ-   experiential component. Students explore art
                                                    ations. The majority of the class will be devot-    therapy techniques and directives, group pro-
DEPENDENT ADOLESCENTS ✔                                                                                 cesses and case presentations designed to
                                                    ed to the presentation, discussion, and experi-
AT 415 or AT 515, 1 cr.
                                                    ence of two therapeutic techniques of storytell-    deepen their understanding of art therapy’s
AT 415Z or AT 515Z, audit
                                                    ing. This experiential knowledge will maxi-         applications in family work.
AT 015, 1 CEU
                                                    mize the students’ learning and provide them            The instructor is an art therapist and coun-
Kristine Rongner
                                                    with additional techniques for clinical use.        selor practicing in Southern Oregon.
Fri/Sat, 8/2,3
(Fri, 3-5pm & 6-8pm; Sat, 9am-4pm)                      The instructor works in the medium of nar-
Materials fee: $15                                  rative in various settings—health care, hos-        FUTURE OFFERINGS
This course will teach students how to inte-        pice, and business.
                                                                                                        Below are listed core courses and required
grate art therapy media and techniques in                                                               electives scheduled to be offered in the next
working with adolescents who are dealing            INTRODUCTION TO                                     three terms. For descriptions, contact depart-
with chemical dependency issues and dual            DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY ✔                            ment or see Marylhurst University Course Cat-
diagnoses. Specific issues in working with ad-      AT 480 or AT 580, 1 cr.                             alog. Course offerings and times are subject
olescents, in contrast to adults, will be ex-       AT 480Z or AT 580Z, audit                           to change. Code: D-Day; E-Evening; CW-
plored, including assessment, appropriate           AT 080, 1 CEU                                       Compressed Weekend; O-Online.
treatment planning, family involvement, and         Maria Brignola Lee
                                                    Fri/Sat, 8/16,17
                                                                                                        FALL 2002
methodology. Students will be able to identify
                                                                                                        Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy, 3 crs. E
how art therapy can be particularly effective       (Fri, 6-9pm; Sat, 9pm-5pm)                          Introduction to Art Therapy, 3 crs. E
with this population and will develop applica-      This workshop will be of interest to therapists     Art Therapy Technique: The Helping Profession, 4 crs. D
ble art therapy directives.                         and teachers who wish to better understand          Psychopathology, 3 crs. D
    Kristina Rongner is an art therapist and so-    the potential applications of dance/movement        Child Dev., Psychopathology & Art Therapy, 3 crs. D
cial worker who practices in the Bend area.         therapy. The course includes an overview of         Practicum Seminar, 6 crs. D
                                                                                                        Research Methods, Development & Evaluation, 3 crs.
                                                    the profession, treatment approaches with dif-
                                                                                                        Lifestyle & Career Development, 3 crs.
                                                    ferent ages and populations, assessment strat-
THERAPEUTIC USES                                                                                        WINTER 2003
                                                    egies, and research. Participants learn how
OF STORYTELLING:                                    dance movement therapy fosters growth and           Adol./Young Adult Dev, Psychopath. & Art Ther., 3 crs., D
THE NARRATIVE STRATEGIES                            awareness by participating in a movement ex-        Art Therapy in Clinical Practice: Counseling Skills, 3 crs., D
OF THE ARTFUL PRACTITIONER ✔                                                                            Clinical Assessment by Graphic Means, 3 crs., D
                                                    perience, reading, lecture, and discussion.         Social/Cult. Fdns. of Counseling/Psychotherapy, 3 crs. E
AT 447 or AT 547, 1 cr.                                 The instructor is a dance movement thera-       Prof. Orientation & Ethics: Pre-Practicum Seminar, 3 crs., D
AT 447Z or AT 547Z, audit                           pist practicing in the Portland area.
AT 047, 1 CEU                                                                                           SPRING 2003
William Noonan                                                                                          Cross-Cultural Counseling, 2 crs., CW
Fri/Sat, 8/9,10 (Fri, 6-9pm; Sat, 9am-5pm)          FAMILY ART THERAPY                                  Adult Dev., Psychopathology & Art Therapy, 3 crs., D
                                                                                                        Grp. Dyn., Processes, Counseling & Art Therapy, 3 crs., D
This course introduces students to the thera-       AT 537, 2 crs.                                      Professional & Clinical Practices in Art Therapy, 3 crs., D
peutic uses of storytelling. The course surveys     AT 537Z, audit                                      Prof. Orientation & Ethics: Pre-Practicum Seminar , 3 crs D
current uses and their respective theoretical       AT 037, 2 CEUs                                      Practicum Studio, 1 cr., D
frameworks that claim healing power for sto-        Susan Brook                                         Appraisal of Individuals, 3 crs. D

CHAIR: DEBRAH BOKOWSKI, Ph.D.                       variety of settings. Students who          Applications for
   The Master of Arts in Interdisci-                do well in the program are typi-                    admission to the MAIS program are
plinary Studies (MAIS) program at                   cally self-directed and enjoy the                   accepted each term.
Marylhurst University is designed                   broad, interdisciplinary nature of
to provide both professional                        the degree, finding such an                         MAIS PROGRAM INFORMATION
growth and personal enrichment to                   approach less limiting than more                    Concentrations for Study
students by exploring contempo-                                                                         • Liberal Arts
                                                    traditional, discipline-bound
                                                                                                        • Gerontology
rary concerns outside the bounds                    graduate programs. The MAIS                         • Organizational Communication
of a single discipline. The purpose                 program is proud to be a full                       • Spiritual Traditions and Ethics
and structure of this master’s                      member of the Association for
program is consistent with the                      Graduate Liberal Studies Programs                   TAKING COURSES
long-standing tradition of graduate                 (AGLSP).                                            PRIOR TO ADMISSION
liberal studies programs that                          For more information, or to                      Post-baccalaureate students may take up to
                                                                                                        6 crs. of MAIS courses without formal admis-
integrate broad, classical study for                request an application packet,                      sion to the program. Non-admitted students
personal enrichment with concen-                    please call the Admissions Office                   must receive permission from the program chair
trated areas of professional study.                 at 503.699.6268, or Debrah                          prior to registering for any MAIS courses. Con-
The MAIS degree is useful for                       Bokowski at 503.636.8141, ext.                      tact Debrah Bokowski, 503.636.8141, ext.
                                                                                                        3338, or email dbokowski@ to
professional application in a                       3338, or email dbokowski@                           inquire about class availability.
     FOUNDATION COURSES                                 the psychology of individuals in groups, inter-     FUTURE OFFERINGS
                                                        groups dynamics, and the formation and
                                                                                                            Below are listed core courses and required
                                                        change of attitudes. Attention will also be given
     LEADERSHIP                                         to the understanding of social problems origi-
                                                                                                            electives scheduled to be offered in the next
     INT 503, 3 crs.                                                                                        three terms. For descriptions, contact depart-
                                                        nating in individual and group psychology.
     Gerry Brown                                                                                            ment or see Marylhurst University Course
     Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/26,27,28                                                                                Catalog. Course offerings and times are sub-
     (Fri, 6:30-9:15pm; Sat/Sun, 9am-6pm)               WOMEN AND POLITICS                                  ject to change. Code: D-Day; E-Evening; CW-
     Leadership: Doing the Right Thing. A course        INT 518 or PS 460, 3 crs.                           Compressed Weekend; O-Online.
     for leaders and advisors to leaders. We ex-        Debrah Bokowski
     plore personal, organizational, and communi-       Wed, 6/26-8/28, 3:15-6pm
                                                        This course examines the political status of        FALL 2002
     ty, asking: "What does a leader need to                                                                INT 500 Scholarly Inquiry in Interdisciplinary Studies, E
     know about herself, her 'followers,' and the       women in the United States and around the
                                                                                                            INT 504 Art & Cultural Transformation
     context of action?" and "What can she DO to        world. An emphasis will be placed on an in-         GER 530 Multidisciplinary Aspects of Aging, D
     help align people with purpose and achieve         terdisciplinary approach to understanding the       INE 531 Foundations of Spiritual Traditions, D
     impact."                                           political situation of women. Topics include        INT 521 Research Methods & Thesis I, E
                                                        women’s social movements, psychological             INT 523 Research Methods & Thesis III, E
                                                        gender differences in politics, the “gender         INC 530 Organizational Communications, E
     ELECTIVES                                          gap” in voting, women candidates, and wom-
                                                                                                            MAIS Elective TBA

                                                        en elected officials.
     MYSTERIES OF IDENTITY                                                                                  WINTER 2003
     INT 515, 3 crs.                                    IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ASIAN                           INT 502 Science, Ethics & Public Policy
     David Scott Arnold                                                                                     INT 508 Social Justice
                                                        MASTERS AND MYSTICS: JAPAN                          GER 534 Social Systems in Later Life
     Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm                        INT 586 or INT 486, CHS 486, or RSP 486A,           INC 531 Critical Contexts
     The search for identity is an age-long quest of    or RSP 586A, 6 crs.                                 INE 532 Sacred Literature I
     humankind. In the waning days of the twenti-       INT 486Z, CHS 486Z, or RSP 486AZ or                 INT 521 Research Methods & Thesis I
     eth century the search continues, perhaps          RSP 586AZ, audit                                    INT 522 Research Methods & Thesis II
     even intensifies. This seminar utilizes the pow-                                                       MAIS Elective TBA
                                                        Donatella Rossi
     er of literature and spirituality to guide the     Tue, 9/3, 9am-noon, preparation class
     search for identity.                               Wed, 9/4, to Wed, 9/18, travel                      SPRING 2003
                                                        Mon, 9/23, 5-9pm, debriefing class                  INT 501 Community
     PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL CHANGE                       NOTE: Registration for this course MUST be          INT 505 Ways of Knowing
     INT 517, 3 crs.                                    completed by 6/1. Apart from tuition fees,          GER 533 Psycho-Social Aspects of Aging
                                                        students will be required to pay a full pack-       INC 534 Power and Conflict
     Diane Nova
                                                                                                            INE 533 Sacred Literature II
     Wed, 6/26-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm                        age (approximately $3,000) which includes
                                                                                                            INT 519 Migrants & Immigrants: Dreams Not
     This course builds upon a foundation in psycho-    round-trip airfare, board, & lodging, ground          Bound by Place
     logical theory to address contemporary prob-       transportation, medical insurance, etc.             INT 522 Research Methods & Thesis II
     lems in social psychology and community life.      Travel study to Japan. For full description, see    INT 523 Research Methods & Thesis III
     The initial focus will be upon social cognition,   page 44.                                            MAIS Elective TBA

     M A S T E R O F B U S I N E S S A D M I N I S T R AT I O N
     CHAIR: BERT DESMOND                                development, finance, marketing                     MBA ONLINE
        The MBA program has been                        and sales, or international man-                    Now Marylhurst MBA students can take
                                                                                                            core courses as well as electives through
     carefully designed to meet the                     agement, plus a final project or                    our Web-based delivery program. Courses
     needs of working adults. More and                  practicum.                                          online begin 6/24 and end 8/30. For infor-
     more, MBA students look to                            Classes in the 45-credit program                 mation about registration and access, see
     themselves to define their career                  are conveniently offered nights,                    pages 17-19 or visit the University Web site
     path and future. Our MBA curricu-                  weekends, and through the World
     lum prepares students for a                        Wide Web while year-round
     changing business climate by                       admission offers the flexibility to                 CORE COURSES
     emphasizing what a student can                     enter the program when it is
     do, rather than merely counting                    convenient.                                         FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
     class hours. Students complete 30                     For more information,                            FIN 513E, 3 crs.
     credits focusing on the core                       contact Bert Desmond at                             Suzanne Malek-Rapp
     business competencies along with                   503.699.6248 or email                               This course builds the baseline skills in fi-
     classes that focus on the traditional                                 nance required to make well-informed busi-
     Marylhurst concerns of individual                                                                      ness decisions. Topics include financial plan-
     growth, ethics, and global aware-                                                                      ning techniques; operating, cash, and capital
                                                        PLEASE NOTE: Students who have not been             budgeting; financial performance measures;
     ness. Students then complete a                     fully admitted to the MBA program may enroll        financial modeling, and sources of financing.
     concentration in organizational                    in a maximum of two classes with departmen-         Students will learn how to use financial state-
                                                        tal approval.                                       ments to make decisions; demonstrate the un-
                                                                                                            derstanding of various techniques using ap-
                                                                                                            propriate software; and present financial and
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                           non-financial justifications in selected cases.
M A S T E R O F B U S I N E S S A D M I N I S T R AT I O N                                                                                                  51

BUSINESS RESEARCH                                   MIDPOINT ASSESSMENT                                 GLOBAL BUSINESS
IKM 521E, 3 crs.                                    STRATEGY AND                                        GDM 534, 3 crs.
John Hoover                                                                                             Suzanne Malek-Rapp
                                                    BUSINESS PLANNING
ONLINE                                                                                                  Sat/Sun, 8/3,4; Sat, 8/17, 8am-6pm
                                                    MGT 519E, 3 crs.
Effective business research requires an                                                                 Global business activities involve the export
                                                    DeWayne Hatcher
understanding of the vast array of business         ONLINE                                              of goods, services, culture, and ideas. Global
information resources available, the ability        Prerequisite: completion of core                    managers analyze international trends and
to locate information that is relevant to solv-     This course is a prerequisite for all elective      respond to the impact of cultural forces in in-
ing a particular business problem, and the          courses. Every business, not just the Fortune       ternational business dealings. This class in-
skill to present that information effectively.      500 or the start-ups, needs a business plan.        volves an exploration of focused topics in the
This course provides an understanding of            In this course students will integrate the skills   form of general questions and answers, case
business research methodology as well as            and knowledge gained in earlier core cours-         analyses, and current events discussions.
an overview of information resources avail-         es and put the pieces of the business puzzle
able from the public and private sectors.           together. Each student will prepare and
                                                    present a business plan, either for a business      ELECTIVES
                                                    unit, for a proposed business, or for correct-
BUSINESS LAW                                        ing problems in a business.
MGT 515, 3 crs.                                                                                         CORPORATE INVESTMENTS
Fred Isaacs                                                                                             AND FORECASTING
Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm                                                                             FIN 541E, 3 crs.
A practical survey of the legal aspects of busi-
                                                    PERSPECTIVE COURSES                                 Bill Rivoire
ness relationships. Students will learn that suc-                                                       ONLINE
cessful management of business relationships        PRINCIPLED DECISION MAKING                          Prerequisite: FIN 513
rarely involves hiding behind clever legal          GDM 530, 3 crs.                                     The fundamentals of investment theory and
strategies. The benefits to be derived from         Barry Bennett                                       practice will be broadly covered with empha-
pursuing even a strong legal case must be           Thur, 6/27-8/29, 6:30-9:15pm                        sis on such widely traded instruments in the
weighed against not only the risks and costs        This course prepares students to understand         investor’s tool kit as stocks, bonds, mutual
of litigation but also the resulting damage to      the inevitable conflicts which arise when indi-     funds, and financial derivatives, such as op-
such relationships.                                 viduals operate with different systems of val-      tions and futures. Basic concepts on how to
                                                    ues. It also prepares students for leadership       maximize returns and minimize risk will be
                                                    roles in their company and community,               presented, along with security analysis for
VALUING HUMAN CAPITAL,                              where they will be called upon to help re-          valuation of stocks, bonds, and other instru-
A SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE                               solve conflicts over competing needs, atti-         ments of interest to the class. Special topics in
MGT 522E, 3 crs.                                    tudes, and values.                                  investment strategy will be covered, including
Kurt Shusterich                                                                                         socially responsible investing and resources
ONLINE                                                                                                  on the World Wide Web.
As the dominant metaphor for business shifts        CAREER DESIGN
from the machine to the ecology of business,        GDM 531 or BUS 431, 3 crs.
companies are paying renewed attention to           BUS 431Z, audit                                     LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW
their most valuable asset, human beings. Stu-       Donna Holley                                        MGT 524, 3 crs.
dents will learn how to value today’s knowl-        Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/2,3,4, 9am-6pm                       Fred Isaacs
edge worker.                                        Students at the "start point" of a career, stu-     Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm
                                                    dents uncertain about a career field, or those      Those who have taken MGT 515 or
                                                    considering a major career change are best          its equivalent will be given preference.
MARKETING MANAGEMENT                                suited for this course. A variety of exercises,     Because of numerous and overlapping feder-
MKS 540, 3 crs.                                     tools, and challenges will provide students         al, state, and local laws governing employ-
Marc Goldberg                                       opportunity to clarify what they have to bring      ment, the modern workplace has become a
Wed, 6/26-8/28, 6:30-9:15pm                         to the world of work. Understanding today's         legal minefield for employers and employees
This course emphasizes the clear definition of      work world, exploring career possibilities,         alike. This course is designed to help students
marketing challenges and opportunities; the         and building the bridge between who you             learn to navigate through that minefield by
roll of marketing research, and the devel-          ARE (self) and what you want to DO (career)         providing an overview of the legal dos and
opment of an integrated marketing action            are key to the course.                              don'ts of hiring, managing (rewarding, pro-
program.                                                                                                moting, demoting, disciplining), and firing
                                                                                                        employees. Students—whether graduate, un-
                                                    CAREER MANAGEMENT                                   dergraduate, or non-degree—should have
STATISTICS FOR MANAGERS                             GDM 532 or BUS 432, 3 crs.                          some familiarity with the U.S. legal system.
QA 518, 3 crs.                                      BUS 432Z, audit
Paul Gilbarg                                        Donna Holley
Thur, 6/27-8/29, 6:30-9:15pm                        Fri/Sat/Sun, 8/9,10,11, 9am-6pm                     MARKETING ANALYSIS/STRATEGY
Managers use statistical tools to help make         Students best suited for this course are those      MKS 520, 3 crs.
important decisions in product development,         established in their careers and those who          Alain Gracianette
marketing, personnel, and customer service.         feel confident and secure with their career         Tue, 6/25-8/27, 6:30-9:15pm
The assumption of this course is that most          choices. Today's work world calls for a con-        Prerequisite: MKS 540
managers are consumers rather than produc-          scious and active involvement for maneuver-         This course focuses on sustaining competitive
ers of statistical research. Students will ex-      ing one's career path. A "stand alone" pro-         advantage. The student learns how to ana-
plore how statistics can help solve manage-         fessional identity coupled with "free agent"        lyze and make recommendations about the
ment problems, focusing on issues drawn             mentality and behavior enhances one's abili-        creation, distribution, and sale of goods and
from their practical experience.                    ties to make sound short and long-term ca-          services. This course also covers demand
                                                    reer decisions.                                     analysis, consumer analysis, and strategic
                                                                                                        marketing planning.
52   M A S T E R O F B U S I N E S S A D M I N I S T R AT I O N
     ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT                            the project is to provide a transitional link be-   SALES CONCEPTS
     MKS 542E, 3 crs.                                  tween the years of MBA study and future             MGT 565C, MGT 465C, or CM 466C, 1 cr.
     Marc Goldberg                                     growth and development after the MBA. It            MGT 465CZ or CM 466CZ, audit
     ONLINE                                            should demonstrate both a breadth of knowl-         Bill May
     Prerequisite: MKS 540                             edge in the business and a depth of knowl-          Sat, 7/13, 9am-6pm
     Taught from the perspective of the user of        edge in the area of concentration. The stu-         Major ideas and practices of the sales pro-
     advertising such as a product manager,            dent will be assigned a supervisor whose            cess for students with little or no experience
     this course emphasizes coordinating adver-        role is to act as a mentor and advisor.             with sales. NOT a "How to Sell"—this course
     tising with other elements of marketing and                                                           introduces vocabulary and a conceptual over-
     with the implementation of a well-defined                                                             view of the sales process. Students will partic-
     strategy.                                         GRADUATE PRACTICUM                                  ipate in discussions, role-playing; a paper
                                                       MGT 591, 3 crs.                                     must be submitted following the workshop.
                                                       Natalie Wing
     INTERNATIONAL MARKETING                           STUDENTS MUST HAVE a practicum site
     MKS 546E, 3 crs.                                  chosen and approved prior to registering for        FUTURE OFFERINGS
     Kerry Sharp                                       this course.                                        Below are listed core courses and required
     ONLINE                                            The practicum is the final step in the comple-      electives that are scheduled to be offered in
     Prerequisite: MKS 540                             tion of the MBA program. The graduate               the next three terms. For descriptions, contact
     Understand how international marketing            practicum differs from the graduate project         department or see Marylhurst University Cata-
     differs from marketing within the United          in that the graduate project is conducted at        log. Code: D-Day; E-Evening; CW-Com-
     States. Learn how to identify and analyze         the student’s current place of employment           pressed Weekend; O-Online.
     factors which differ from nation to nation.       while the practicum provides students with
                                                       the opportunity to develop professional skills
                                                                                                           FALL 2002
     Emphasis is on cross-national marketing
                                                                                                           FIN 513 Financial Management, E
     decisions and management of multinational         and gain insight by applying their experi-          FIN 540 Strategic Business and Financial Moves, E
     marketing efforts.                                ence and knowledge in a new work setting.           FIN 544E Business Recovery, Restructuring, Revitalization, O
                                                       A mandatory practicum orientation session           GDM 530 Principled Decision Making, CW
                                                       is offered both in-person and on-line. You          GDM 532 Career Management, CW
     INTERNATIONAL FINANCE                             may download the MBA Practicum Hand-                GDM 534E Global Business, O
                                                                                                           IKM 521 Business Research, E
     FIN 549, 3 crs.                                   book from the Web site           MGT 515E Business Law, O
     Kerry Sharp                                       by going to search function and entering the        MGT 519E Strategy and Business Planning, O
     Mon, 6/24-8/26, 6:30-9:15pm                       word “internship”. See the Internship section       MGT 522 Valuing Human Capital: A Sys. Perspective, E
     Prerequisites: FIN 513 and entrance into          of this Schedule of Courses for details, pages      MGT 572E Strategy for Global Organizations, O
     finance concentration                             35-36.                                              MGT 590E Final Graduate Project, O
     This course introduces students to the finan-                                                         MKS 520 Marketing Analysis & Strategy, E
                                                                                                           MKS 540E Marketing Management, O
     cial aspects of doing business in a global        PROFESSIONAL                                        MKS 544E Consumer-Driven Marketing, O
     economy. Topics covered include foreign                                                               ORG 545 Developing Alliances and Partnerships, CW
     capital markets, managing exchange rate           DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS                                ORG 553E Situational Leadership and Org. Behavior, O
     risk, and financial control systems in a multi-                                                       ORG 565 Org. Effectiveness in Turbulent Organizations, E
     national firm.                                                                                        ORG 573 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Org. Behavior, E
                                                       LIFE AND WORK:                                      QA 518E Statistics for Managers, O
                                                       A SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION
                                                       MGT 565A or MGT 565A, PCR 465Y                      WINTER 2003
     ORGANIZATIONS OF                                  or PCR 565Y, 1 cr.                                  FIN 513E Financial Management, O
     CONTINUAL LEARNING                                MGT 465AZ, PCR 465YZ, audit
                                                                                                           FIN 541 Corporate Investment Mgt. & Forecasting, E
                                                                                                           FIN 549E International Finance, O
     ORG 563, 3 crs.                                   Cecilia Ranger                                      GDM 530E Principled Decision Making, O
     Bill Noonan                                       Sat, 7/27, 9am-6pm                                  GDM 532E Career Management, O
     Sat/Sun, 7/20,21; 8/3,4;                          In this technological age, many hours of our        GDM 534 Global Business, W
     (Sat, 9am-6pm; Sun, 9am-5pm)                      lives are spent in the workplace. These hours       IKM 521E Business Research, O
     Prerequisite: MGT 522                             should be soul enriching hours—for us and           MGT 515 Business Law, E
     The organizations that will truly excel in the                                                        MGT 519E, Strategy and Business Planning, O
                                                       for our colleagues. This seminar gives to-          MGT 522E Valuing Human Capital: A Sys. Perspective, O
     future will be the organizations that discover    day’s managers and other professionals a            MGT 590E Final Graduate Project, O
     how to tap people’s commitment and capaci-        life map, which enhances awareness and              MKS 540 Marketing Management, E
     ty to learn at all levels in an organization.     productivity, sharpens focus, and brings en-        MKS 542 Advertising Management, E
     The purpose of this course will be to explore     joyment to the individual and to the corpo-         MKS 546 International Marketing, E
     characteristics of learning organizations,        rate community.
                                                                                                           ORG 545 Developing Alliances & Partnerships, O
     how they are built and rebuilt, and practical                                                         ORG 563 Organizations of Continual Learning, W
                                                                                                           QA 518E Statistics for Managers, O
     ideas for shifting organizations over time.
                                                       BALANCING CAREER AND FAMILY:                        SPRING 2003
     ENDPOINT ASSESSMENT                                                                                   FIN 513 Financial Management, E
                                                       RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS
                                                                                                           FIN 540E Strategic Business & Financial Moves, O
     FINAL GRADUATE PROJECT                            MGT 565B or MGT 465B, 1 cr.                         FIN 544 Business Recovery, Restructuring & Revitalization, E
     MGT 590E, 3 crs.                                  MGT 465BZ, audit                                    GDM 530 Principled Decision Making, E
     Kevin Matheny                                     Kurt Shusterich                                     GDM 532 Career Management, CW
     ONLINE                                            Sat, 6/29, 9am-6pm                                  GDM 534E Global Business, O
     The project is the final step in the completion   This insightful and dynamic one-day seminar         IKM 521 Business Research, E
                                                                                                           MGT 515E Business Law, O
     of the MBA program. It is an opportunity for      will provide practical skills and resources to
                                                                                                           MGT 522 Valuing Human Capital: A Sys. Perspective, E
     the student to prove that the skills necessary    help achieve balance in your professional and       MGT 519E Strategy & Business Planning
     to identify, analyze, and resolve significant     personal life. You will examine the important       MGT 572 Strategy for Global Organizations, E
     field-based managerial and administrative         linkages between having a supportive enrich-        MGT 590E Final Graduate Project, O
     issues have been acquired. The purpose of         ing home environment and the ability to             MKS 520E Marketing Analysis & Strategy, O
                                                       achieve success in your professional career.        MKS 540E Marketing Management, O
                                                                                                           MKS 544 Consumer-Driven Marketing, E
                                                                                                           ORG 553 Situational Leadership & Org. Behavior, E
                                                                                                           ORG 565E Org. Effectiveness in Turbulent Organizations, O
                                                                                                           ORG 573E Cross-Cultural Aspects of Org. Behavior, O
     REGISTER ON THE WEB:                                                          QA 518 Statistics for Managers, CW
PHONE AND EMAIL DIRECTORIES                                                                                                                                                                                    53

DIRECT DIAL                                                         ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS
All phone numbers use the 503 prefix.
Portland metro area ........................... 636.8141            UNDERGRADUATE DEPARTMENTS
Outside Portland metro ............ 1.800.634.9982                          Art ...................................................................................................
FAX .................................................. 636.9526             Business & Management .......................................................................
                                                                            Communication Studies .....................................................................
                                                                            Cultural & Historical Studies .................................................................
                                                                            English Literature & Writing .................................................................
All phone numbers use the 503 prefix.
                                                                            Human Sciences ...................................................................................
UNDERGRADUATE DEPARTMENTS                                                   Interdisciplinary Studies/Liberal Arts Core Program .............................
                                                                            Learning Assessment Center ........................................................................
Art .................................................... 699.6242
                                                                            Music ...................................................................................................
Business & Management ..................... 675.3961
                                                                            Real Estate Studies ............................................................................
Communication Studies ...................... 699.6246
                                                                            Religious Studies & Philosophy .............................................................
Cultural & Historical Studies ................ 699.6313
                                                                            Science & Mathematics .......................................................................
English Literature & Writing ................ 699.6313
                                                                            Web-Based Learning/BA/BS Online Degree Completion ......................
Human Sciences ................................ 699.6313
Interdisciplinary Studies ...................... 699.6313           GRADUATE DEPARTMENTS
Learning Assessment Center ................ 699.6260                        Master of Arts • Applied Theology/Doctor of Ministry ...........................
Liberal Arts Core Program .................. 699.6313
                                                                            Master of Arts • Art Therapy ..................................................................
Music ................................................ 699.6263
                                                                            Master of Arts • Interdisciplinary Studies ..........................................
Real Estate Studies ............................. 699-6250
                                                                            Master of Business Administration ....................................................
Religious Studies & Philosophy ............ 699.6246
Science & Mathematics ...................... 699.6246
                                                                    GENERAL OFFICES
Web-Based Learning &
                                                                            Admissions .....................................................................................
   BA/BS Online Degree .................... 699.6319
                                                                            Alumni .................................................................................................
GRADUATE DEPARTMENTS                                                        The Art Gym ........................................................................................
Applied Theology/DMin ..................... 699.6246                        Bookstore ........................................................................................
Art Therapy ....................................... 699.6244                Business Office/Student Accounts .........................................................
Interdisciplinary Studies ...................... 675-3961                   Campus Events/Student Life ........................................................
Management ..................................... 675-3961                   Campus Ministry ...............................................................................
                                                                            Disability Services .........................................................................
GENERAL OFFICES                                                             English as a Second Language Program ......................................................
All phone numbers use the 503 prefix.                                       Enrollment Relations, Prospective Students .........................................
Admissions/Student Inquiries .............. 699.6268                        Financial Aid .........................................................................................
                                    TTY: 636.6303
                                                                            Food Service ..................................................................................
Alumni .............................................. 699.6241
                                                                            Human Resources ...........................................................................
The Art Gym ...................................... 699.6243
                                                                            Internships and Career Services ........................................................
Bookstore .......................................... 699.6245
Business Office/Student Accounts ........ 699.6278                          Library Computer Facilities ....................................................................
Campus Events .................................. 699.6249                   Library Services ....................................................................................
Campus Ministry ................................ 699-6249                   Maintenance .........................................................................................
Computer Facilities (Library) ................ 699.6261                     Reception/Switchboard ............................................................................
Disability Services ....................... TTY: 699-6301                   Registration .......................................................................................
English as Second Language Program . 699.6310                               University Archives ..............................................................................
                               FAX: 697.7188
                                                                            University Communications ............................................................
Financial Aid ..................................... 699.6253
                                                                            Writing Center ....................................................................................
Food Service ..................................... 699.6254
Human Resources ............................... 699.6256
                                        FAX: 635.0139               ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES
                                  Job Line: 699.6257                        Office of the President ..........................................................................
Internships/Career Services ................ 699.6271                       Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Relations ..............................................
Library Services ................................. 699.6261                 Vice President for Academic Administration .............................................
                                           FAX: 636.1957                    Vice President for Finance ...................................................................
Maintenance ..................................... 699.6262                  Vice President for Human Resources .......................................................
Reception/Switchboard ...................... 636.8141                       Vice President for Institutional Advancement ................................................
Registration ....................................... 699.6267
                                             FAX: 697.5596
                                                                    ADMINISTRATION                                                           VP, Finance ....................................... 699.6252
Student Life ........................................ 699.6249
                                                                    All phone numbers use the 503 prefix.                                    VP, Human Resources ......................... 699.6256
University Archives ............................. 699.6265
                                                                                                                                             VP, Institutional Advancement ............. 699.6251
University Communications ................. 699.6302                Office of the President ........................ 699.6266
Weather Status .................................. 636.8140          Dean of Admissions/Enrollment ........... 699.6268
                                                                                                                                             UNIVERSITY WEB SITE
Writing Center ................................... 699.6277         VP, Academic Administration .............. 699.6240            
MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY                                                                                                                      REGISTRATION FORM
OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR                                                                                                                                               PLEASE PRINT.
17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy. 43), P.O. Box 261, Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261
503.699.6267; 1.800.634.9982; FAX: 503.697.5596; Web site:

                                                                                                                             YR/ TERM                  2002   /   SUMMER

     City                                                   State          Zip
                                                                                                               Social Security #

                                                                                                               Home phone (                    )
  Signature                                                                Date
                                                                                                               Business phone (                    )

  Birth date              /        /              ❏ Male ❏ Female
                                                                                                               Other phone (               )
  Have you ever enrolled in any Marylhurst classes?              ❏ Yes   ❏ No
  Marylhurst programs:          ❏ Undergraduate              ❏ Graduate
                                ❏ Continuing Education       ❏ Non-degree          ❏ Auditor                              Self-employed ❏ Yes             ❏ No

  Are you in a Marylhurst degree program?             ❏ Yes       ❏ No                                         The following information is optional, but used
                                                                                                               for state and federal reporting.
              If yes, Major                                                                                    Ethnic Group: ❏ White    ❏ Black ❏ Hispanic
                                                                                                               ❏ Asian/Pacific Islander ❏ Non-resident Alien
              If no, Preferred Area of Interest                                                                ❏ American Indian/Alaskan Native ❏ Other

  Have you earned a bachelor’s degree?              ❏ Yes    ❏ No                                              Are you an international student?          ❏ Yes       ❏ No

 Full payment is due on or before July 9, 2002.
                                                                                                                            YR/ TERM               2002       /   SUMMER
  LEGAL                                                            LEGAL                              MIDDLE
  LAST NAME                                                        FIRST                              NAME                           ID#

  CIRCLE YOUR                                               PG                                                                                                             CLASS
                                   DEPT. & NO.                               COURSE TITLE                      CR.        INSTRUCTOR                      TUITION
 GRADE CHOICE*                                              NO                                                                                                              FEES
                                                                                                                                                              OFFICE USE ONLY









* GRADE CODES: A-F = Letter Grade, P/NP = Pass/No Pass, AU = Audit, CEU = Continuing Education Unit    Total
                                                                                                        Crs.         $              STUDENT SERVICES FEE @ $6 per cr.
PAYMENT TYPE:           ❏ Awarded Financial Aid       ❏ Cash/Check       ❏ Staff/Faculty                             $300 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FEE ❏ YES ❏ NO
                        ❏ AMS Payment Plan            ❏ Third Party: ATTACH VERIFICATION
                        ❏ VISA/MC#                                                    Expires                  REGISTRAR                            DATE
                                                                                                                                   LATE REGISTRATION FEE ❏ YES ❏ NO
TUITION AND FEES                                                                                                                                                                                     55

UNDERGRADUATE TUITION                                                  DROP/LATE FEES
                                                                       DROP FEE (charged per course) .................... $12
                                                                                                                                              UNPAID BALANCES
1   credit .................................................... $271
                                                                                                                                              Payment in full for tuition and any assessed fees
2   credits ................................................... $542
                                                                                                                                              is due by July 9 unless payment arrangements
3   credits ................................................... $813   LATE REGISTRATION FEE ....................... $25                      have been approved by the Business Office.
4   credits ................................................. $1084    Students whose initial registration is after July 9                        When students register for classes, they incur
                                                                       will be assessed a late registration fee of $25                        charges and are responsible for payment of these
GRADUATE TUITION                                                                                                                              charges whether or not they attend classes. To
1   credit .................................................... $319   LATE PAYMENT FEE ............................... $25                   have the charges removed, students must process
2   credits ................................................... $638   A late payment fee of $25 will be assessed to                          a drop through the Office of the Registrar within
3   credits ................................................... $957   unpaid balances as of July 10. Subsequent late                         the refund period. Failure to attend classes, ceas-
4   credits ................................................. $1276    fees of $25 will assessed each billing cycle until                     ing to attend, or only notifying the instructor does
                                                                       payment is made.                                                       not constitute official withdrawal
                                                                       TRANSCRIPT OF COURSES                                                  Remaining unpaid balances at the end of each
1 credit .................................................... $328
                                                                       First copy ..................................................... $5    term will prevent registration for subsequent terms
2 credits ................................................... $656
                                                                       Additional copy,                                                       and transcripts will not be issued.
3 credits ................................................... $984
6-credit practicum ...................... $341 per credit                  requested at same time ............................ $2
                                                                                                                                              If your account is sent to collections, you will be
                                                                       PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT PROGRAM                                      responsible for any and all additional collection
NOTE:                                                                                                                                         fees and you will be reported to a credit bureau.
Certain professional development seminars,                             LRN 150: Learning Assessment Workshop
special classes, and cooperative classes have                          Tuition & materials, 1 credit ....................... $290
                                                                       Tuition & materials, audit ........................... $250            If you have a credit balance of $15 or less, you
varying rates. Fees are noted in the course                                                                                                   must request a refund check through the Business
description for the class or seminar.                                                                                                         Office. These credits will be written off your ac-
                                                                       LRN 300: PLA Workshop
                                                                       Tuition/tutorials/materials, 3 credits ......... $1080                 count after one year.
Undergraduate Degree Program .................. $20                    LRN 311 or LRN 312: PLA Portfolio Dev. Studies
Graduate Degree Program .......................... $40                 Tuition & tutorials, 1 credit ......................... $535           TAX CREDITS FOR TUITION
International Student ................................... $50                                                                                 College students can now benefit from new tax
                                                                       LRN 003: PLA Portfolio Development Studies                             credits. The Hope Scholarship is a tax credit of
                                                                       Tuition & tutorials, zero credit .................... $470
GRADUATION FEE                                                                                                                                up to $1,500 annually during the first two years
Undergraduate ......................................... $101           Evaluation Fee, per credit awarded ............. $33                   of college. The Lifetime Learning credit provides
Graduate ................................................. $101                                                                               tax credits for taxpayers who pay qualified tu-
                                                                       DANTES TEST FEE ..................................... $60              ition and required fees at an eligible institution.
UNDERGRADUATE TUITION                                                                                                                         It differs from the Hope Scholarship in that the
Regular class, per credit ............................ $271                                                                                   student is not required to be half time. The Life-
                                                                       UNIVERSITY MUSIC LESSONS/
Audit, per credit ....................................... $150                                                                                time Learning tax credit is available for tuition
                                                                       COMPOSITION STUDIES
Real Estate Studies audit, per credit ............ $271                                                                                       and required fees. Under this program, a family
Internship, per credit ................................. $271                                                                                 may claim a credit for up to $1,000 per tax
Directed study, per credit ........................... $271            PRIVATE LESSONS FOR CREDIT
                                                                                                                                              year. Check with your tax advisor for advice on
Independent study, per credit ..................... $359               Ten 30-minute lessons, 1 credit .................. $371
                                                                                                                                              your particular case. For more information on
                                                                       Ten 45-minute lessons, 1 credit .................. $507
                                                                                                                                              these tax credits, visit the following sites:
                                                                       Ten 60-minute lessons, 2 credits ................. $642
GRADUATE TUITION                                                                                                                     or
Regular class, per credit ............................ $319                                                                                   www.irs.ustreas.gove/plain/not97.60
Reg. class: Art Therapy, per credit .............. $328                PRIVATE LESSONS FOR NON-CREDIT
Audit, per credit ....................................... $150         Ten 30-minute lessons, no credit ................. $290
Practicum, per credit ................................. $319           Ten 45-minute lessons, no credit ................. $435
Practicum, Music Therapy, per credit .......... $301                   Ten 60-minute lessons, no credit ................. $580                Marylhurst University reserves the right to
Practicum, Art Therapy, per credit .............. $341                                                                                        change fees and amend policies when deemed
Directed study, per credit ........................... $319            PREPARATORY MUSIC PROGRAM                                              necessary by official governing bodies. A rea-
Independent study, per credit ..................... $388               Five 30-minute lessons ............................... $115            sonable attempt will be made to inform all
                                                                       Five 45-minute lessons ............................... $173            Marylhurst University students of changes that
SPECIAL TUITION                                                        Five 60-minute lessons ............................... $230            may affect them.
CEUs ....................................................... $150                                                                                  The Marylhurst University Schedule of Cours-
Real Estate Studies CEUs ........................... $271              LIBRARY CARD                                                           es is published quarterly and contains the most
Elder Learning, per credit ............................ $50            Faculty, staff ...................................... no charge        current information available on the subjects
Special class or co-op class ............. as published                Currently enrolled students .................. no charge               covered at the time of publication. Only promo-
                                                                       General Public ................................... no charge           tional materials published by Marylhurst Univer-
COURSE CHALLENGE/WAIVER                                                  for tri-county residents with public library card                    sity are valid.
Instructor’s fees ($52 per contact hour)
    plus ....................................... $48 per credit
                                                                                                  ATTENTION: MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY
Fee ............................. assessed at $6 per credit            Receiving more than one copy of this publication in the mail or don't wish to receive it in
                                                                       the mail anymore? Please take a few moments to fill out the form below and return it to us.
This fee contributes to the upgrade and mainte-                        Mail to: University Communications, Attn: Course Schedule, 17600 Pacific Hwy. (Hwy. 43),
nance of student electronic resources (labs, etc.),                    Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261. FAX to: 503.636.3870. Thank you very much.
operation of the Student Life Program, campus
ADA accommodations, Housing Referral Service,
and Campus Ministry.
                                                                       Name (Last)                                                  (First)                                (MI)

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FEE                                              Address                                                                City                    State       Zip
Fee ............................ assessed at $300 per term
                                                                             I would like to continue to receive this publication, but I am mailed more than one issue.
This fee applies toward an International Student                                    (If possible, please include all mailing labels.)
Specialist, document handling expenses,                                      I no longer wish to receive this publication.
orientation services, recruiting and program
administration.                                                              I no longer wish to receive any Marylhurst University materials.
                                                            K                                N


                             H                              E

                                                  A                                                   W
       G                                                                                              Riv me
                                                                                                          er tte
                                     D                                                                                                          Airport
                                                                                                                 I-405                   PORTLAND


                                       C                          B                                        I-5

                                                                                                                           Pacific Hwy


                                 A B.P. John Admin. Bldg.   H   Flavia Hall
                                 B Villa Maria              I   St. Catherine Hall
                                 C St. Anne's Chapel        J   Marian Hall
                                 D Shoen Library            K   Davignon Hall
                                 E Clark Commons            L   O‘Hara Hall
                                 F Mayer Art Bldg.          M   Baxter Hall
                                 G Education Hall           N   Thompson Hall

P.O. BOX 261
MARYLHURST, OR 97036-0261

Mon-Thur, 8am-6:30pm; Fri, 8am-5pm – Registration; email
Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm; evening by appointment – Financial Aid; email
Mon-Thur, 8am-6:30pm; Fri, 8am-5pm – Admissions/Enrollment Relations; email
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