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									global trust & corporate services

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                              Protecting wealth is about structuring and optimising assets. The only
                              way to achieve prolonged protection is through successful, long-term
                              partnership. From the management of the most complex private trust
                              arrangement, fund or capital markets structure to the incorporation of
                              a straight-forward asset holding company, advanced planning and
                              co-ordinated management are vital.

                              SMP Partners is about long term, close collaboration.
                              Aligning individual needs with collective expertise and
                              dedicated resources, we deliver bespoke, international
                              trust and corporate structuring solutions that reach
                              across the full spectrum of private, entrepreneurial and
                              corporate wealth.

                              With a meticulous approach, the relationship we have
                              with our professional intermediaries, corporate and
                              private clients has been at the core of our evolution

Your future, on our horizon   since the business began in 1980. So we listen and
                              comprehensively understand each client’s need to identify
                              and implement well thought-out, unambiguous solutions.

                              With a global client base and wealth structuring solutions
                              spanning over sixty different jurisdictions and over
                              one hundred and forty motivated people prepared to
                              respond, we are able to act thoughtfully, responsibly and
                              promptly in delivering total assurance. Anywhere.
A picture of stability, an image of dependability

The Isle of Man is distinctly different. A part of the British Isles but not the
UK, an independent Island that is proud of its ancestry, stable heritage,
proactive stance and outlook to the future.

With its status as a leading international financial centre ratified through its inclusion
on the OECD ‘white list’ of countries complying with the global standard for tax co-
operation and exchange of information and further endorsed by its long-standing AAA
rating, the Island has built a reputation for providing strong fiscal and regulatory policies
that ensure responsible business behaviour.

For SMP Partners, the Isle of Man provides the foundation on which to deliver superior
international solutions and outstanding service.

For clients it not only provides the peace of mind and confidence that their affairs are
being managed in an established and highly regarded jurisdiction but for many, offers a
potentially beneficial tax environment where business can be conducted in a pragmatic,
resourceful and proactive manner.
                               Areas of expertise, fields of knowledge

Working directly with you or through your existing advisers, from
outline discussions and needs appraisal, we tailor individual
solutions that fit. Precisely and specifically. Perfectly and seamlessly.

Taking a broad and holistic approach to understand the context of your requirements,
we fuse the collective expertise of our advisory and implementation teams, to create
blended solutions that reach across multiple professional disciplines.

Whilst the solutions are jointly conceived and implementation is a team effort,
coordination is through an experienced relationship manager.

Continual, expansive dialogue ensures that delivery is always robust and
intrinsically inclusive.

Discover a way forward
Individually or collectively, each division of the SMP Partners Group is
dedicated to support and advance the original aspiration.

• Trust Services
• Corporate Services
• Accounting and Tax
• Fund Administration
• Specialist Services
Trust Services
With the breadth of knowledge and expertise to understand the risks and
manage the diverse needs of large institutions to those of international
private clients with diverse asset classes, SMP Trustees Limited, the Trust
company of SMP Partners, stands apart.

With a team of specialists, we are able to deliver and manage multi-jurisdictional trust
solutions, whatever the level of complexity.

Engaged as part of a team of professionals brought together by a family office or
international law firm or working directly with the private client and his/her family, our
approach is consistent; through ongoing collaboration and dialogue we establish and
agree the long-term objectives and aspirations of the client, encapsulate them within the
parameters of the Trust and in doing so, give confidence and certainty that our clients’
affairs are understood and their long-term objectives met.

The trust is increasingly accepted as a familiar component of wealth structuring. Its
flexibility makes it apt for many private, corporate and institutional applications. Our
expert team at SMP Trustees has, for many years, acted as trustee for a broad range of
clients, providing guardianship over diverse asset classes with significant complexity and

Specialist areas include:
                                                                                             For private clients wishing to optimise wealth, plan for
• Bespoke wealth protection and management strategies
                                                                                             succession and protect family assets – which may
• Complex capital market and securitisation transactions                                     include trading entities, complex investments and prized
• Asset protection and confidentiality                                                       assets – art, yachts and aircraft - a bespoke trust or
                                                                                             private trust company arrangement is the definitive, most
• Tax optimisation and succession planning
                                                                                             effective and robust solution.
• Private Trust Companies
                                                                                             As a structuring solution for corporate institutions and
                                                                                             international banks, the Trust is frequently utilised in a
                                                                                             variety of complex financing arrangements and capital
                                                                                             market transactions.

                                                                                             Fundamentally, for SMP Trustees, the solutions we
                                                                                             provide are bespoke; corporate, institutional or private
                                                                                             arrangements are all built on a full understanding of your
                                                                                             long term ambitions and goals.
Corporate Services

For every significant global jurisdiction, we utilise an extensive
international network to incorporate and manage companies. With
careful thought and prudent partner selection, our clients receive a
service that it is both efficient and cost-effective.

We have the expertise, knowledge and support to create and sustain innovative
solutions from the simple and straightforward investment holding company to the
complexity of a stock exchange listing for an international group.

Incorporating and providing professional management of companies and partnerships,
our service is comprehensive and wide ranging.

Experienced relationship managers direct our Group’s          The range of companies and partnerships under our
tax, accounting and legal professionals to provide            guardianship is diverse, and the activities include the
integrated solutions that include:                            following:

• Structure and jurisdiction advice based on an               • Group Holding
  analysis of future needs
                                                              • Trading Activities
• Incorporation and registration of corporate entities
                                                              • Royalty Companies and Intellectual
  in all major jurisdictions
                                                                Property Solutions
• Readily available companies
                                                              • Financing Companies
• Registered office facilities
                                                              • Real Estate and Asset Holding
• Directors and company officers
                                                              • Sportspersons and Entertainers
• Nominee holders of shares or other assets
                                                              • Art and other luxury collectables
• Company Secretarial services
                                                              • Service and Consulting Companies
• Bank liaison

• Administration and day to day running
  of corporate entities

Whatever the purpose, professional managers and client relationship teams can
manage all aspects of a company or partnership’s affairs regardless of where
they may be established; providing regular and consistent communication and
dialogue, co-ordinating technical input; executing corporate decisions adroitly and
maintaining diligent and accurate records. This is the nature of our guardianship
and it is this which stands us apart.
                                                                                                                       Often working with clients’ existing advisers, developing
                                                                                                                       tax strategies for the individual, expatriate, entrepreneur
                                                                                                                       or corporate client, our team of tax consultants assess
                                                                                                                       the needs and design particular structured solutions that
                                                                                                                       address the following:

                                                                                                                       • Corporation and international withholding taxes

                                                                                                                       • Capital and property taxes

Accounting & Tax                                                                                                       • Income and inheritance taxes

                                                                                                                       Complemented by our VAT Consulting capability,
                                                                                                                       specialist advice can be provided to corporate
Worldwide, the regulatory and tax environment             Accounts are prepared in accordance with UK or
                                                                                                                       organisations trading across Europe and to e-commerce
is an ecology of complex and onerous                      International Accounting Standards for companies
                                                                                                                       and e-gaming operations, acquirers and owners of
                                                          and trusts located in the United Kingdom, Republic
rules. Relieving the time consuming and                                                                                superyachts and aircraft where the opportunity may exist
                                                          of Ireland, Channel Islands, Hong Kong, Isle of Man,
administrative burden through a professional                                                                           to mitigate VAT through appropriate structuring.
                                                          Gibraltar and BVI. Accounts can also be prepared for
partner is one of life’s valuable benefits.                                                                            In addition, tax compliance services are provided for the
                                                          US LLCs and companies and trusts in all other notable
                                                          international jurisdictions.                                 preparation and submission of annual tax computations
                                                                                                                       and returns for individuals, trusts or corporate entities.
With a multi-disciplined team of qualified accounting     Our accounting service is as flexible as it is reassuring.
                                                                                                                       We also offer VAT registration, completion and
and tax professionals who provide a full range of         From bookkeeping on a daily basis and the preparation
                                                                                                                       submission of returns.
advisory, compliance and transactional services, our      of quarterly management accounts, to the appraisal of
group company, SMP Accounting & Tax Limited is            trading documentation and records, the service offered is
such a partner.                                           as comprehensive as you need it to be.

With the primary focus being on the preparation of
accounts for companies, partnerships and trusts, in any
common law jurisdiction we work closely with clients’
existing accountants, auditors and advisers.
Fund Administration
                                                                                                                          Regardless of the jurisdiction of the fund’s incorporation, we can provide a broad
                                                                                                                          range of administrative services that include:
Draw on specialist resources, sketch the solution, and picture the plan.
                                                                                                                          • Structuring and tax advice; liaison with external lawyers/auditors
Fund Administration from the SMP Partners Group is an illustration of
                                                                                                                          • Assisting with the establishment of the fund and its associated corporate vehicles
unrivalled service and exceptional client care.
                                                                                                                          • Maintaining the statutory records

                                                                                                                          • Provision of corporate officers and company secretarial services
SMP Fund Services Limited are able to capitalise on         Combining a flexible yet demanding fund regulatory
group-wide capabilities that connect creative capability    system with a wide range of fund types, many                  • Maintaining the share register, shareholder communication, distribution of
to an established international network of external         hedge funds, property funds and other alternative               accounts etc

professional partners, banks and custodians.                investment funds now consider the Island to be the            • Net Asset Value calculation and publication
                                                            jurisdiction of choice.
For many private or institutional clients, fund promoters                                                                 • Preparation of financial statements
or sponsors looking to establish, manage or administer      By capitalising on its increasing international reputation
an investment fund, the Isle of Man has become the          the Island has built an impressive portfolio of private and
preferred jurisdiction.                                     publicly listed funds investing in a diverse range of asset   With experience that runs as deep as our services are broad, we
                                                            classes throughout the world.                                 are perfectly placed to support from inception to maturity, the
                                                                                                                          uncomplicated private investment fund to the very complex
                                                                                                                          multi-currency, multi-class or listed fund.
                                                  Capital Markets
                                                  Knowledge and expertise developed over many years
                                                  has enabled us to deliver complex, multi-faceted
                                                  solutions within a capital markets context.

                                                  A dedicated team advises, consults and works in close
                                                  partnership with many tier one international corporate
                                                  advisers, law firms, bankers, insurers and accountancy

                                                  Working with international groups, we can develop and
                                                  establish coherent and transparent corporate structures,
Specialist Services                               facilitating acceptability in and access to both the debt
                                                  capital and equity capital markets.

Over three decades, we have become adept          Specialist skills built in this area include:

at harnessing the specialist resources            • Strong emerging market credentials with complex
available within our Group to deliver seamless,     engagements from Russia, CIS and Asia
all-embracing structuring solutions.              • Broad, multi-sector experience including Metals, Oil
                                                    and Gas, Telecoms, Retail and Real Estate

                                                  • Ongoing trustee responsibility for multi-jurisdictional,
We recognise that in some specialist areas,
                                                    multi-million dollar trading assets
real and tangible experience is a key asset
                                                  Our solutions are dictated by specific requirements,
and a prerequisite in formulating solutions.
                                                  existing ownership structures and operating locations,
So, in a number of niche areas we have            coupled with a firm understanding of a client’s medium
built dedicated teams with the required           and long term commercial and familial aspirations.
experience and knowledge to deliver an            Whatever the solution, with us you will come to the
insightful, all-encompassing solution.            market with absolute confidence.
               Space and Satellite

               Satellite registration and orbital filings are               Not only do we advise clients on the most appropriate tax
               increasingly commonplace in the technology                   efficient corporate structure covering the complexities
                                                                            of VAT, insurance and international withholding taxes,
               led world in which we all live.
                                                                            we can then implement and deliver the solution; taking
                                                                            ownership of the ongoing administration and the
               No different to the more traditional trading and asset       regulatory, accounting and statutory requirements.
               holding companies, space companies and satellite
                                                                            Working closely with ManSat, an Island based
               launch operations seek to maximise revenues and
                                                                            consultancy tasked by the Isle of Man Government
               structure their businesses in a tax efficient manner. Not
                                                                            to facilitate the interests of Isle of Man registered and
               surprisingly, the Isle of Man presents a strong business
                                                                            incorporated companies and to assist in the preparation
               case for these ventures and has secured an impressive
                                                                            of applications to the International Telecoms Union, our
               portfolio of space related businesses and initiatives.
                                                                            comprehensive service is a compelling proposition.
               It is within this niche area that we have built specialist
               expertise that facilitates the establishment and ongoing
               administration of the offshore operations of satellite
               launch and space companies.

Image courtesy of NASA
e-gaming and e-commerce                                                                                                       The Amber Group of Companies

Attracting many of the world’s top online                     The jurisdiction of choice                                      Through the strategic acquisition of one of the
gaming and e-commerce organisations, the                      The Isle of Man’s ongoing strategy of support and
                                                                                                                              industry sectors most respected consulting and
Isle of Man offers unrivalled benefits for new                commitment to the e-business sector has created a               solutions providers, SMP Partners has created
company set up or relocation. SMP Partners’                   jurisdiction of choice for this thriving and evolving sector.   new levels of technical and administrative
e-commerce and e-gaming expertise has                                                                                         expertise in the e-business arena.
                                                              • 0% corporation tax and no capital gains tax
assisted many of these companies establish
                                                              • Low betting duty of between 0.1% and 1.5% on
operations and build successful ventures.                       gross profit                                                  In April 2010, the SMP Partners Group acquired the
                                                              • Advanced telecommunications and IT infrastructure             Amber Group of Companies, a leading corporate and
                                                                                                                              trust services provider to the e-gaming industry and a
The attractions are obvious – the Isle of Man is a globally   • Government funding of up to 40% available towards
                                                                                                                              driving force in the development of the Isle of Man’s e-
recognised e-commerce and e-gaming jurisdiction                 relocation, marketing, hardware and software costs
                                                                                                                              gaming sector.
offering a low tax environment and one of the world’s
                                                              • Low personal income tax rate
most advanced and resilient telecommunications                                                                                The combined expertise offered across the expanded
                                                              • Preferred location for non-UK companies wishing to
infrastructures. As importantly, it boasts a proactive                                                                        group brings an unrivalled suite of professional services
                                                                list on AIM
Government fully committed to the ongoing development                                                                         for e-gaming and e-commerce businesses.
of the e-commerce sector; from an open door policy to         • Annual licensing fee of just £35,000
key decision makers to generous relocation packages,                                                                          Working closely with the Island’s professional community,
                                                              • Licence processing period of 8 to 12 weeks
this level of Governmental support is unrivalled in any                                                                       SMP Partners are uniquely positioned to deliver a

other jurisdiction.                                                                                                           seamless and comprehensive service.
                                                              The partner of choice
Of course, understanding and utilising the many benefits
                                                              SMP Partners provide an exhaustive and comprehensive
can seem daunting and that’s where SMP Partners step
                                                              service to both new entrants and existing operators.
in. Our team of experts work closely with Government to
promote the e-business friendly environment and now           • Advice and support regarding direct taxation, VAT,
work with many of the Island’s premier online businesses.       ownership and corporate structure
The expertise available creates an unrivalled suite of e-     • Advice and support regarding relocation, premises
gaming and e-commerce related professional services             and staffing
– from specialist advice, tax and VAT consultancy,
                                                              • Introduction to relevant Government Departments,
corporate services and provision of officers right
                                                                including The Gambling Supervision Commission,
through the licence application process to ongoing              E-gaming and E-commerce teams
administration, accounting and book-keeping – all
                                                              • Support and advice in relation to securing regulatory
delivered seamlessly under one roof.
                                                                approval and relevant licenses

                                                              • Introduction to relevant technology partners, lawyers,
                                                                banks and payment service providers

                                                              • Provision of experienced Isle of Man resident
                                                                Directors and other necessary officers

                                                              • All ongoing corporate administration, tax and
                                                                accounting services
Yacht and Aircraft

Balancing the rewards of ownership with the financial risks that come
with owning such valuable assets is the key to securing peace of mind
and unbridled enjoyment.

With unrivalled skill and professionalism, we use our collective expertise and
uncompromising attention to detail to create and manage ownership structures that
provide tax efficient acquisition and operation of the asset, whilst ensuring compliance
with ever-changing fiscal and regulatory requirements. We can provide support with
registration and all aspects of the ongoing management of the asset through selected,
high grade international partners.

Our VAT expertise in this area is renowned and regularly sought after by professional
partners, lawyers and yacht brokers. Before embarking on the acquisition of such an
asset, let us share our expertise with you and your advisers; you are sure to value our
pragmatic, insightful advice.
SMP Partners Asia Limited

Through our fully staffed office in Hong Kong we   With a highly experienced and professional team who are
provide comprehensive structuring, corporate       fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese
                                                   and fully cognizant of the local cultures and the
and trust services to clients based in the Asia
                                                   structuring opportunities that exist, we can provide local
Pacific region and European clients wishing to
                                                   expertise and service.
invest in the area.
                                                   Supported and complemented by the broad capabilities
                                                   and service offering of our Head Office, the cross border
                                                   structuring solutions are delivered seamlessly, efficiently
                                                   and exactly to your requirements.
Every client is different. Every client is important.
These two statements underpin everything we do,
our approach and way of thinking.
All companies aspire to provide superior service.
We have an inbuilt desire to deliver it.

                   Our service is superior because it is inherently linked to personal inspiration. Creating
                   a culture that stimulates and drives people always to go beyond the call of duty has
                   established and enhanced SMP Partners’ reputation.

                   This is perhaps best reflected in the continuing long-standing associations we enjoy with
                   both clients and their advisers. Our understanding and clarity of decision-making builds
                   a sustainable and mutually rewarding commercial relationship.

                   With broad professional expertise so effortlessly available, regardless of the complexity
                   and geographical scope required, the solution is always fluently delivered.

                   Share the experience.
                                                                                                               Personal principles,
                                                                                                               collective vision
SMP Partners Limited, SMP Trustees Limited and SMP Fund Services Limited are licensed by the
Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission; SMP Accounting & Tax Limited is a member of
the ICAEW Practice Assurance Scheme.

The information provided in this brochure is intended for guidance only and should
not be applied to individual circumstances without professional advice. No liability
or responsibility for loss to any person acting, or refraining from action, on the
basis of any material in this publication can be accepted by any member of
the SMP Partners Group of Companies.

SMP Partners Limited, SMP Trustees Limited, SMP Fund Services
Limited, SMP Accounting & Tax Limited, SMP Capital Markets
Limited and SMP Yacht and Aircraft Limited are members of
the SMP Partners Group of Companies.

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