Claritics Launches Limited Beta Program for the Claritics Social Intelligence™ Suite by Claritics


									Claritics Launches Limited Beta Program for the Claritics Social Intelligence™ Suite

  Delivers real-time analysis to help app developers optimize reach, retention and revenue campaigns

Mountain View, CA – June 15, 2011 – Claritics, Inc. (, a next-generation social
analytics company, today launched the limited beta version of the Claritics Social Intelligence suite, a set
of SaaS-based analytics applications that help marketers, app developers and game designers gain
actionable insights from their social app data. The suite provides organizations with real-time access to
critical social behavioral data and user demographics in order to help optimize acquisition, engagement
and monetization campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms.

For a limited time, beta testers can analyze app usage up to 100,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) free of
charge. Participation in the beta program is by invite only. To apply, visit

Designed specifically for developers of social games and social commerce applications, the Claritics
Social Intelligence suite helps developers improve app performance by conducting cohort analysis,
multi-event engagement tracking, levels graduation analysis and more, all delivered through an easy-to-
use visualization interface.

“We were thrilled with the early feedback we received from our private beta testers, and we are excited
to open the Social Intelligence suite up to a broader audience,” said Raj Pai, founder and CEO of Claritics.
“There’s a ton of really rich data available in social applications and networks that is currently
untapped, and we harness that data to help app developers iterate on things like their monetization
campaigns, virality features and advertising campaigns much faster, more effectively and more

Most social analytics solutions do not offer the type of clear insights and actionability that Claritics
delivers through its interactive dashboards and granular actionable reports. The Claritics Social
Intelligence suite consists of the following applications:

        Social Commerce Analytics: Provides a rich set of pre-built social gaming and commerce
        analytics related to player engagement, virality, virtual products commerce and monetization.
        Key metrics tracked include DAU, MAU, Paying Player %, ARPU, ARPPU and more, in addition to
        more advanced metrics like K-Factors by Viral Message type, game levels and Invite Acceptance
        time lags. Developers can chart the information by date range, player demographics, game
        levels and virtual product SKUs by each app in their portfolio.
        Cohort Analysis: Allows product managers and game designers to segment their player base by
        custom defined cohorts and analyze their behavior and engagement related to levels
        movement, game sessions, viral activity and monetization—over a chosen period of time past
        their origin. Cohorts can be defined using first time origin, origination date intervals, and player
        demographics by default (more definition attributes can be added as needed).
        Multi-Event Analysis: Allows a deeper dive into sessions that feature a custom combination of
        gaming events (example: gaming sessions that feature a virtual product purchase, level up and
        viral invite all in the same session) during a chosen time period. Also provides further insights
        into players featured in such sessions, geo-origins, demographic distributions and total coins
        Levels Graduation: Allows product managers to set start and end levels which need to be
        transitioned within a specified time period and analyze the activities of a set of users who have
        graduated through these levels in a chosen time interval. Specific insights gained include Top 10
        virtual products purchased, real money spent, most popular events for this population, etc. This
        can help identify bottlenecks in game play and change the game mechanics to enable faster
        levels graduation across a wider player pool.

“Claritics has been an invaluable partner in helping us get the most from our social gaming analytics,”
said Eric Pei, co-founder at Galatea Systems, a leading provider of social games on Facebook and one of
Claritics’ private beta partners. “It lets us analyze lots of events within our games every day, helping us
truly understand the dials and levers affecting our business.”

Said Raj Lalwani, CEO of Hallmark’s Social Calendar: “Claritics gives us real-time access to mission-critical
data that helps improve our Reach, Retention and Revenue efforts significantly. We’ve been very

Easily instrumented using REST-based APIs and a rich set of client libraries, the Claritics Social
Intelligence suite requires very few IT resources to get started, and all app maintenance and upgrades
are handled through the cloud. To apply for the beta program, app developers can visit or email

About Claritics
Claritics is a social intelligence company that delivers rich analytics for immediate, actionable insights to
help social commerce companies reach faster, smarter decisions. The company is the first solution of its
kind to turn analytics into automated business processes that improve its customer’s reach, retention
and revenue campaigns on the fly. Claritics’ cloud-based suite of social analytics applications track data
from across multiple platforms in real-time to allow game developers, marketers and social commerce
companies make immediate improvements to their businesses. Headquartered in Mountain View,
California, Claritics is venture-capital backed and led by a seasoned management team with deep
expertise in data analytics and marketing automation. For more information, visit


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