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       innovation sustainability profitability
       February 23 - 25, 2011
       Capri Hotel, Red Deer, Alberta

                          F O C U S I N G C O M P E T I T I V E A D VA N TA G E

                          L O C A L LY A N D G L O B A L LY

Welcome                                              2011 Schedule
On behalf of the host organizations, I would like
to invite you to participate in the 2011 Alberta     Wednesday February 23rd
Beef Industry Conference. This year, the ABIC        8:00am Exhibitor Registration & Set-Up
committee has organized an outstanding program       9:00   Young Producers - Big on Beef Tour
for both delegates and exhibitors.                   Noon Young Producers - Big on Beef Workshop
                                                     4:30pm Cocktails & Networking in Exhibit Hall
This year’s theme is about exploring the impact      6:30pm Banquet in Banquet Hall
of innovation on industry sustainability and how     8:00pm Registration Desk Closes
both elements are vital to short and long term
profitability. We have arranged a number of          Thursday February 24th
speakers that are able to exemplify how your         7:00am Breakfast & Networking in Exhibit Area
contribution to the industry will provide a          9:30am Dr. Patrick Moore | Keynote Address
foundation for sustainability now and in the         10:30am Coffee & Networking in Exhibit Area
future. We hope you enjoy the diversity of topics    11:00am Brent Patterson | Education Session
and the caliber of speakers this year!               12:00pm Lunch & Networking in Exhibit Area
                                                     1:00 pm Terry Tyler | Education Session
The Alberta Beef Industry Conference is the          2:00pm Coffee & Networking in Exhibit Area
largest conference of its kind in Canada, and it     2:30 pm Bio Fuels Discussion Panel
remains a fantastic opportunity to connect with      4:00pm CanFax & CattleFacts | Education Session
peers and industry suppliers. The ABIC also          5:00pm Cocktails & Networking in Exhibit Area
provides a forum to demonstrate your support for     6:30pm Taste of Alberta Banquet in Banquet Hall
the industry. By attending the conference, you
have the opportunity to provide input into the       Friday February 25th
organizations that shape the industry and to learn   7:30am Breakfast & Networking in Exhibit Area
more about programs and services relevant to         9:00am Art Douglas | Education Session
your business.                                       10:00am Coffee & Networking in Exhibit Area
                                                     10:30am Mike Levy | Education Session
Please note that the 2011 schedule will remain
                                                     11:30am Dr. Ted Morton, MLA | Education Session
the same as the 2010 schedule with the ABIC
                                                     12:00pm Lunch & Networking in Exhibit Area
kicking off on the Wednesday night and ending
                                                     1:00pm Nowell Berg | Education Session
Friday afternoon.
                                                     1:30pm Ezra Levant | Education Session

If you have any questions, please contact the
                                                     * Please note that this program is subject to
Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association at 403-250-
2509. Thank you and we look forward to seeing
you there!

Stacy Byer
Conference Coordinator
Thursday, February 24, 2011
9:10 am                    Conference Opening & Greetings | Doug Price

9:30 am – 10:30 am         Keynote Address | Dr. Patrick Moore
Every day 6 billion people wake up with real needs for food, energy and materials. The challenge for sustainability is to provide for our needs
in ways that reduce negative impact on the environment, while also being socially acceptable and technically and economically feasible. Dr.
Moore will reflect how each of this year’s themes are interconnected and relevant to the Beef Industry.

11 am – 12 pm               Water Supply, Access & Usage: Current Trends and Strategies | Brent Patterson
This session will explore various trends and strategies as it relate to water supply, access, usage and quality affects current and future

1 pm – 2 pm                  Creative Business Solutions | Terry G. Tyler
This session will look at the industry success at harnessing science, public policy, and business acumen to sustainably and profitably produce
energy and food from agri-business.

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm           Bio-Fuels 101: Panel Lead Discussion Regarding Issues and Opportunities
This will be a panel discussion lead by representatives from ranches, feedyards, and packers/processing. The focus of this panel will be to
explore how technological advances will impact the cattle industry. The primary debate will centre around advances like Ethanol's develop-
ment and usage. This panel will host Jason Krips, Assistant Deputy Minister, Development and Food Safety, Alberta Agriculture and Rural
Development; Mike Kotelko, Highland Feeders Limited; Kevin Grier, George Morris Centre; Gordon Quaiattini, Canadian Renewable Fuels
Association; and Ted Schroeder, Kansas State University

4:00 pm – 4:45 pm           Market Outlook – A North American Perspective | Brian Perillat & Duane Lenz
This session will focus on the Beef Industry’s supply, demand and price trends in Canada and the United states as well as updating other
macro trends affecting the industry that will impact beef supplies and cattle prices in the year ahead.

Friday, February 25, 2011
9:00 am – 10:00 am          Weather Forecast & Predictions: What to Expect in 2011 | Art Douglas
This session will provide information on current weather patterns and participants will learn what to expect for the balance of 2011.

10:30 am – 11:30 am         Recession or growth: Where to from here for Canada? | Mike Levy
With the first round on stimulus obviously not successful, the U.S. has launched a second round of printing of money to try and jump start their
economy. Canada will not be far behind, though not really to nearly the same extent and with Europe teetering on a very significant debt
crisis….this session asks where to from here and how will it affect different sectors of our economy?

11:30 - Noon               Land Use & Property Rights | Dr. Ted Morton, MLA
The purpose of this session is to clarify recent activities regarding the Land Stewardship Act. Participants will have access to a number of
provincial representatives who will be on hand to address and discuss current issues.

1:00 - 1:30 pm               Watt’s Up? Understanding energy costs and your bottom line | Nowell Berg
As many of you know, the energy market is prone to fluctuations and it often leaves the consumer with many questions. This session will
highlight current trends in the energy sector and provide a forecast for consumers so they know what to expect in the years to come. Find out
what’s going on and how it affects your bottom line.

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm            Ethical Oil: The case for Canada's Oilsands | Ezra Levant
While many North Americans may be aware of the financial and environmental price we pay for a gallon of gas or a barrel of oil, Ezra Levant
argues that it is time we consider ethical factors as well. In Ethical Oil, Levant exposes the hypocrisy of the West's dealings with the reprehen-
sible regimes from which we purchase the oil that sustains our lifestyles, and offers solutions to this dilemma. Readers at all points on the
political spectrum will want to read this timely and provocative new book, which is sure to spark debate.

To review speaker biographies, please visit
Big on Beef - What’s at Steak?
Student/Young Producer’s Workshop                                           2011

                                                          Big On Beef Schedule
Innovation, Sustainability, Profitability
                                                                  Sponsored by:
                                                          Wednesday, February 23rd
This workshop will focus on educating students and
                                                          9:00   Young Producers - Big on Beef Tour
young producers about the impact our conference
                                                                 Sunterra Farms, Innisfail
theme has on the beef industry. The Big of Beef           Noon Lunch @ Capri Centre, Red Deer
Workshop will provide an interactive forum for            1:00pm Innovation - Bern Kotelko
students and young producers to hear from industry        2:00pm Sustainability - AFSC & FCC
leaders and to participate in discussions about the       3:00pm Profitability - Jack DeBoer
industry. This year, we will be including a tour of       4:30pm Cocktails & Networking in Exhibit Hall
Sunterra Farms located in Innisfail Alberta.              6:30pm Banquet in Banquet Hall

Following the Big on Beef workshop we encourage
our participants to take part in our tradeshow where
they will have the opportunity to network with            Name
representatives from more than 70 companies and
industry organizations.                                   Employer/ Post Secondary Institution

Session Topics                                            Address

Innovation This topic will highlight how the industry     Phone

is addressing technology and redefined industry best
practices and incorporating both elements in to day
to day operations.                                        I AM ATTENDING
Bern Kotelko, Highland Feeders                            Please Indicate Below
                                                          Big on Beef Workshop Only - $35                ___________
Sustainability This session will provide participants     (This includes access to the tradeshow & dinner)
with an understanding of the different resources          Full Conference - $200                         ___________
available to the beef industry. This session will focus   (includes Big on Beef Workshop)
                                                          Big on Beef - Non-Student/Over 30 - $135 ___________
on current services as well as provide insight into
                                                          Prices do not include GST
future endeavors.
AFSC & FCC                                                Payment Information
                                                          __ Visa __ MC __ Cheque (Payable to ACFA)
Profitability Students and young producers will be
exposed to strategies that synthesize the first two       Name on Card
topics and demonstrate how innovation and sustain-
ability can and will impact their                         Card Number
                                                          Exp                Signature
Jack De Boer, Monarch Feeders
                  The Value of Association Membership
                  Having a voice within your Association is important to the growth and success of not only the Association, but the beef
                  industry as a whole. By becoming a member, or renewing your membership dues each year, you are guaranteed that

                  Remember, your membership must be current in order for you to vote at your respective AGMs. Each voting member will
                  receive a distinguishing card to identify their right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

                  If you are unsure of your membership status, please call the appropriate association office for assistance.

                  AGM Notices
                  Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association     Friday, February 25, 2010
                  Jennifer Brunette                       Board Room 2
                  Phone: 403-250-2509                     7:30 - 9:00 a.m.

                  Alberta Beef Producers
                  Rosanne Allen
                  Phone: 403-451-1174

                  Alberta Auction Markets Association     Friday, February 25, 2010
                  Lorraine Klepper                        Board Room 2
                  Phone: 403-340-2460                     1:00- 3:00 pm

                  Alberta Livestock Dealers &
                  Order Buyers Association
                  Nan Mclean
                  Phone: 403-545-2991

                  Western Stock Growers’ Association      Wednesday, February 23, 2010
                  Verna Mae Gannon                        Board Rm 2
                  Phone: 403-250-9121                     3:00 - 5:30 pm

Hotel Information
Capri Hotel & Conference Centre | HOST HOTEL              Black Knight Inn
3310 - 50 Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta                      2929 - 50 Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta
Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-662-7197                    Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-661-8793

Sandman Hotel                                             Red Deer Lodge
2818 Gaetz Ave | Red Deer, Alberta                        4311 - 49th Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta
Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-726-3626                    Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-661-1657

Travel Lodge                                              Holiday Inn Express
2807-50 Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta                        2803 50th Avenue | Red Deer, Alberta
Toll Free Reservations: 1-888-383-2344                    Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-223-1933
  2011 Delegate Registration Form | Please print clearly | Fax Form to: 403-209-3255
                    Mail form to: #6, 11010 - 46th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C 1G4

Company Name

Primary Contact                                                                 Email

Mailing Address                                                                 Prov                   Postal

Phone                                                         Fax
                                                Early Bird           Late Registration
Registration Options                            Before Jan 15        After Jan 15                       Cost
Regular Delegate Registrations                  __________x $395.00 __________x $495.00                 $__________



Spousal Registration                                                    _________x $200                 $__________
Spouse’s Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________

One-Day Single Registration                                                                             $__________
Please indicate day of attendance: Thursday     __________x $265.00 __________x $340.00
                                   Friday       __________x $135.00 __________x $190.00

Young Producer Registration / Sponsorship (Registrants must be 30 yrs or younger. Verification of Age Required)
Young Producer Registration (incls. workshop) __________x $200.00 Attending Tour? _____                 $__________
Big on Beef Workshop Only                       __________x $85.00 Attending Tour? _____
__________Yes, I would like to sponsor a student or young producer at the 2011 ABIC @ $200.00           $__________
Your company name will be displayed on the student or your producers name tag, recognition of your sponsorship will be
announced during the 2011 ABIC.

Additional Dinner Tickets (Delegate, Spousal and One Day Registrations include dinner tickets)
Wednesday Banquet __________x $75             Taste of Alberta __________x $60.00                       $ __________

Please indicate the number of people attending the Wednesday night banquet dinner                       ____________
Please indicate the number of people attending the Thursday night banquet dinner                        ____________
 Are you donating an auction item? If so, please provide a description           SUBTOTAL               $ __________
 below.            Live Auction           Silent Auction                         GST R106692858         $ __________
      I will bring the item with me to conference.                                     TOTAL            $ __________
     The item will be delivered to ACFA PRIOR TO FEB 10
Payment                        Cheque                  Invoice                Credit Card
Credit Card Number:                                                    Type (V, MC):           Exp:

Name on Card:                                                           Signature:

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