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            todd Reed                     i’ v e c ho se n a r t i s t s and pieces that transcend what art jewelry
                                          or conceptual jewelry or commercial jewelry is and should be. It was
     the thrill of it all                 important to me that these works be commercially available, and
                                          also unique in their design, style, craftsmanship, and sensitivity to
                                          materials. These pieces would grace the collection of any museum. I
                                          also really wanted to highlight some amazing artists who are lesser
                                          known. The working styles of these designers range from one person
                                          doing everything (in the case of Judith Kaufman), to more than 100
                                          jewelers working together (as with Sevan), and lots of interesting and
                                          fabulous efforts in between. These works thrill me with their potential
                                          to transcend the “normal,” or expected. Truth is, I love design, I love
                                          jewelry, I love it all! And this is just a small sampling of the wonderful
                                          and cool artists who are making exciting work today.

n i c h o l a s va r n e y
Sunflower Brooch, 2005
peridot, tourmaline,
beryl, freshwater pearls,
moonstone, white
diamonds, 18k yellow gold
diameter 3"

22   metalsmith | vol .30 | no.2
         m a n ya a nd roumen
         Dove on a Walnut Branch (ring).
         sterling silver, emeralds, rubies,

t im mcl el l a nd
Idea in Eden (brooch), 2005
18k yellow gold, tourmaline,
Shakudo enamel
1 5 ⁄8 x 1"

                                              vol.30 | no.2 | metalsmith   23

                                                                s e va n
                                                                Angel Ring, 2009
                                                                24k gold, sterling silver, black
                                                                diamonds, white diamonds,
                                                                aquamarines, hand painted
                                                                micro-mosaic tiles, carved
                                                                quartz intaglio of an angel

at el ier zobel ,
peter schmid
Bracelet, 2006
sterling silver, 22k and
24k gold, turquoise,
lapis lazuli, diamonds
width 2"

              jo h n i v e r s o n
              Cutting Free (bracelet), 2009
              18k yellow gold, sterling silver
              7 1 ⁄4 x 2 1 ⁄ 2"
              p h o t o: r o b e r t h e n s l e i g h

24   metalsmith | vol .30 | no.2
ecl at jew els
Icy Diamond Necklace, 2007–8
18k white gold, with icy, rose-cut,
and pave diamonds

                                      vol.30 | no.2 | metalsmith     25

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