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                  To have a job suitable to my abilities that will bring me satisfaction and allow me to
                  spend more time with my daughter.

Experience        1990–Present        Ventures Unlimited, Inc/Pollution Solutions, Inc.      Applegate, OR
                   Developed and Patented the Clean Air Valve
                   Six US Patents and 20 International Patents
                   Currently developing additional environmental products in cooperation with other
                   Through Pollution Control Systems and Tedco, Inc. have provided consulting and
                    technical support to major companies including Lucas, Chrysler of Mexico, and Unipart
                   Have developed nearly 1,250 contacts nationally and internationally in the environmental
                    and automotive field and traveled in excess of 125,000 miles in the last 5 years, meeting
                    with private companies and government officials on environmental issues.

                  1996–1999        Technologies for Environmental Defense Company            Applegate, OR
                   Helped develop environmental legislation in third world countries. Laws and/or air
                    pollution reduction programs have been successfully passed in Republic of Crimea,
                    Ukraine – Moldova - Cote D’Ivoire – Republic of Senegal – Lithuania and currently
                    developing another program for Mongolia.
                   Helped to develop the Chinese market for environmental air pollution products for
                   Successfully engineered certification of environmental products with national and
                    regional EPAs in China, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, and California.
                   Worked with major companies in Europe and Asia for developing distribution of products
                    into regional markets.
                   Worked directly with Minister of Environments, Prime Minister and the General Secretary
                    of Science and Technology of China.

                  1973–1989        Nature Photographer & Writer
                  Owner of Sole Proprietorship
                   Attended Trade Shows to promote art work
                   Developed an exclusive line of note cards sold regionally throughout New England
                   Successfully worked with non-profit organizations to improve donor base

Background Info   Ted Sweeten – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Sweeten is the
                  inventor of the CAV. He started his career as a nationally published nature
                  photographer and writer but his interest in the environmental field led him into research
                  and development of products that can help reduce pollution with minimum impact to
                  the consumer. Mr. Sweeten, through his family corporation holds over 10 international
                  patents and 6 US patents. For the past 10 years he has worked directly in the
                  automotive field with the development of the CAV. His family corporation, Ventures
                  Unlimited, Inc. is currently working with several other inventors in developing additional
                  products that will have a major impact on the way pollution problems are looked at and
                  treated. Mr. Sweeten has the ability to converse with Prime Ministers and Ministry
            Officials from around the world. His background as a nature photographer opens the
            door and gives him instant credibility as a person who truly cares about their
            environmental problems. He has had meetings with the General Secretary of the
            Ministry of Science and Technology in China, the Prime Minister of Crimea, Ministers
            of Environment in China, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Moldova, and Ukraine. These
            meetings have been to discuss and develop plans for the reduction of air pollution
            within these countries. Moldova, Crimea, Senegal, Lithuania, and other countries have
            adopted or implemented laws that have been either written by Mr. Sweeten or that
            have supported projects implemented in these countries.

Education   1971–1972                      Brockwood Park                    Bramdean, England
             Foreign Languages.
            1980                   Automotive Vocational Training                  Providence, RI
             Graduated with 100+ average (3month vocational course)

Interests   Nature Photography, writing, downhill skiing, camping, hiking, gardening, carpentry,
            computers, most outdoor activities.
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Rick Walker

                 1968        Weleetka High School                           Weleetla. Oklahoma
                             High School Diploma
                 1995        Bright Truck Leasing Corporation

                                   Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
                                   Drilling and Drilling Services
                                   Development of Chemicals and compounds used for treating
                                    of off spec crude oil and crude oil products
Summary of
                                 Began working in the oil fields of Oklahoma in 1965
                                 Designed and constructed several small refineries to clean
                                    and treat reclaimed (slop) oil.
                                 Designed and constructed blending plant for blending
                                    gasolines and diesels
                 Currently   VARCO                                               Fort Worth,
                 Owner       Texas
                                 Buying and selling crude oil in South Texas
                 Currently   RJC Oil & Gas, Inc.                                 Fort Worth,
                 Owner       Texas
                                 Locating wells for joint venture project
                 Currently   TEX-MEX ADDITIVES, Ltd.                             Brownsville,
                 Owner       Texas
                             Building blending plant for gasoline and diesel
Professional     2001-2002
Experience                   Al Jack Sales                                         Fort Worth,
                 2000-1998   Texas
                 Owner       Sales
                             Glacier Energy, Inc.                                  Fort Worth,
                 1998-1995        Buying and selling crude oil and blending reclaimed oil
                             Obepka Petroleum, Inc.                                Angola, Africa
                                  Worked with Sonogal Oil Company stream-lining oil and gas
                                     operations for the federal government of Angola. Sonogal is
                                     Angola’s national oil company.
                 1995-1992   Petrec International                                  Fort Worth,
                                  Vice President of Petrec International which formed Petrec
                                     Nigeria, Ltd. I was a member of the Board of Directors and
                                     also was managing director in charge of the Petrec
                                     Operations in Nigera. These operations included cleaning all
                                     contaminated oil at the four refineries and off-shore terminals
                                     in Nigeria. I was also over the drilling program both on-
                                     shore and off-shore in Nigeria for Petrec International.
                                              At. 1 Box 2257
                                           Douglass, Texas 75943
                                              (936) 639-1113

Michael L. Bishop.
Objective:     To utilize my academic, leadership and management skills in a challenging environment that is
               financially, professionally and personally rewarding.

Summary of
Qualifications: Veteran (United States Marine Corps) with honorable discharge, skilled in public relations,
                general management, excellent problem solver, Experienced in regulatory matters, laboratory
                and plant operations- Excellent written, verbal, organizational and communications skills.
                Chemist; member American Chemical Society, 17 years. GOA oriented, aggressive team

Experience:    2000- Current –                                 Texas Specialty Chemicals, Inc

               Product Development Chemist/Plant Manager:
               Employed in August 2000 as product development chemist for manganese carbonate
               synthesis and purification. Promoted to plant manager in October 2000. Wrote and
               implemented corporate business plan, safety manual, and employee manual. Set annual
               budget and maligned company to meet corporate goals. Expanded product list to over 200
               marketable compounds. Primary producer of micronutrient pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical and
               specialty chemicals including manganese, nine, calcium. magnesium, cobalt, nickel, copper,
               sodium and potassium salts; (acetates, citrates, lactates, glutamates, sulfates, chlorides,
               phosphates nitrates stearates, ascorbates, propionates), eGMP, FDA and GLP. Chemist,
               QA/QC (following USP 24 & FCC), process engineering, process chemistry, product
               development, troubleshooting and managerial duties. Instituted and implemented marketing
               program yielding salsa over $1 million within first year as plant manager and over $4 million in
               sales the second year. Major bids awarded and contracts acquired include CSI, Allied
               Hunter, Celanese Chemical, and Cormetech. BASF and FMC Lithium. Currently working
               towards ISO 9001 registration through DTVV of Houston, Texas. In the process of plant
               expansion to produce ethanol, furfural, tall oil and ascorbic acid.

               1994-2000                                       Various/Self-Employed

               When the laboratory I was employed by sold and relocated to a different city in Texas, I
               did a variety of things to make a living, including farming (truck farm vegetables),
               working as a checker at a local grocery chain store (Brookshire Brothers), manager of
               a rent to own company (ColorTyme), assistant manager of a loan company (Covington
               Credit) and as a clerk/stocker of a grocery discount store (Family Dollar).

               TEST, Inc.                                      Laboratory Manager:
               Employed in June 1988 to set up environmental laboratory from scratch for Port Worth
               businessman John Rogers. Responsible for complete management, annual budget,
               business plan (5 year), staffing, training, planning, purchasing, marketing and liaison to
               state and federal regulatory agencies. Developed a worldwide market with $500,000 in
               gross sales within three years of inception. Responsible for the development and
               implementation of a QA/QC program, which enabled the laboratory to become A2LA
         accredited. Staff included one PhD in chemistry, three master degreed chemists, two
         biologists and approximately four laboratory technicians. This was the first laboratory
         in East Texas and the third in the state of Texas to achieve such distinction. All testing
         done in accordance with EPA 600 and SW 846 methodology and Standard Methods
         for the Examination of Water & Waste Water. Duties included all organic analyses and
         supervision of sample extraction and preparation; gas chromatography, mass
         spectroscopy and GC/Purge and Trap analyses. Negotiated the sale of the laboratory
         for the owners in 1994,

         1986-1988                                       Professional Service Industries

         Environmental Organic Chemist:
         Environmental chemist (organic division), responsible for sample collection in the
         field; all matrices (soils, solid waste, hazardous waste, water, wastewater, monitor
         wells) and sample extraction and preparation according to appropriate
         methodology. Operation and maintenance of all analytical equipment. Expert in gas
         chromatography. Extremely skilled in operation and maintenance of GC/MS (HP)
         and Tekmar instrumentation. Proficient in all types spectroscopy (at, UV, AA).
         Calculation of all analytical results and reporting to appropriate agencies as weft as
         clients. QA/QC including tuning, standardization, correlation coefficients, spikes,

         1980-1993                                   Emergency Paramedic Services
         Paramedic/Paramedic Supervisor/Firefighter
         Graduated number one in Houston Fire Department Class as EMT through City of
         Houston Health Department. Instructor American Heart Association. On board of
         directors for non profit paramedic school. Coordinator for fund raising and public
         relations. Pioneered first telemetry base in East Harris County and successfully
         lobbied Texas legislature to certify paramedics as professionals. Supervisory
         duties included scheduling of personnel, scene response, and preventative
         maintenance of vehicles, drug inventory and coordination of medical treatment
         protocols with medical director. Maintained certification as paramedic until 1992.
         Twenty-five years total involvement in EMS. Maintained dual certifications in ACLS
         (Advanced Cardiac Life support) and BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support). Certified
         as heavy industrial rescue and training in hazardous materials and industrial
         firefighting throughout certification as EMT and EMT-paramedic.

         1977-1980                                       petrochemical plants and refineries

         Laboratory Technician
         Employed as contract laboratory technician though temporary employment agency. Worked
         at Arco Chemical, Celanese; Shell, Upjohn Chemical (Dow), Routine quality control analytical
         testing on raw materials, intermediates and finished products using ASTM, AAOC and
         specialized methodologies. Employed by Shell Chemical in phenol/acetone research
         laboratory for methods development, (Research & Development section). Extensive GC work
         at Arco and Celanese. Extensive wet testing at Arts Chemical including tritrametric,
         calorimetric, colorimetric and viscosities. While employed, served on firefighting and medical
         rescue teams. Trained in fire suppression through Texas A&M University. Certified industrial
         firefighter and heavy industrial rescue.

        Quality Assurance/Quality control (QA/QC)
        Expert in gas chromatography
        NPDES permit testing
        RCRA testing and groundwater monitoring TLCP extraction and analysis
               8 heavy metal analysis by AA including hydride and cold vapor for mercury
               UST site assessment, remediation and characterization
               EPA methodology for water and wastewater (600 methods)
               SW 846 methodology
               Volatile and semi-volatiles by GC and GCMS
               UV analysis of compounds (Standard Methods)
               Specific gravity by Mettler densitometer and pyonometer
               Organic synthesis and purification by distillation, crystallization and sublimation
               Solution preparation and certification
               PCB analysis by GC and GC/MS
               Dioxin screening by GCMS
               Pesticides and herbicides by GC/ECID
               Skinner list and California list compound and determination
               Microbiological determination of coli forms and fecal in drinking water
               Trihalomethane analysis in drinking water (500 methods)
               ASM/AAOC/EPA and Standard Methods methodologies
               Hydrocarbon testing including BTEX and TPH
               Flash points by closed cup
               Inorganic parameters including BOD/COD/TSS/TDS/Oil and
                Grease/Cyanides/TKN/Ammonia Nitrogen, Conductivity
               HPLC
               Familiar with but not proficient in NMR, ICP, X-ray diffraction and Ion Chromatography.
               Proficiency as analyst; narcotics and controlled substances. Former license/certification as
                drug analyst through DEA and Texas Department of Public Safety, Narcotics Division.
               Solid phase extractions, liquid/liquid and continuous extractions, sonication, microwave
               Organic synthesis of flavor & fragrance compounds
               Inorganic synthesis (bench pilot plant & full scale manufacturing) nutraceuticals and mineral


        Synthesis and purification of dibutylchlorendatre from chlorendic anhydride for EPA 608
        methodology, Robert Market and Michael Bishop, 1987.

        Humic acid interference in total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) analysis of soils: IR versus
        GC (EPA 418.1 vs. California Method), Michael Bishop and Laura Cutsinger, 1992

        Oil and Grease extraction: Comparison of the efficiency of alternative extraction fluids to
        chlorinated fluorocarbons (Freon 113), Michael Bishop and Kathi Tuley, 1993

Special Projects/Areas of Study or Interest

Natural pesticides and herbicides (phytochemicals); extraction, isolation, purification, synthesis and the
synergistic effects on selected insect species. (Independent research). Current member of ACS Natural
Product Division.

Personal Interests, Hobbies
Married with 4 children. Fishing, hunting, gardening, farming, reading, aikido; play guitar and fiddle. Read
Smithsonian and National Geography, professional chemical journals, forensic publications, Financial
Times and history book.
                        Dr. Mark Keeney      Professional Experience

TEXAS SPECIALTY CHEMICALS:               March 2001-Present

Technical Director. Technical development and engineering matters relating; to processing
and production of metal salts and specialty chemicals.

PECHINEY WORLD TRADE:                    March 2000-Present

Technical Director-Chemicals Division: Responsible for the development, manufacture and
testing of new types of specialty chemicals for customer applications around the world. Areas
include lithium-ion batteries, catalysts, ballistic modifiers, polymer degradation inhibitors,
adhesion promoters, etc. Currently working with manufacturing operations and customers in
Europe, Asia, Africa and North America to develop and produce specialty products.

DAICEL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES               June 2000-January 2001

Technical Consultant: Involved with the development, production and testing of new
chemicals and engineering processes at the R&D center in Himoji, Japan and the
manufacturing facility in Harima, Japan related to the gas generants used in automotive
airbag inflators. Project leader for pilot plant development/testing and scale up.

SHEPHERD CHEMICAL COMPANY:               July 1994-March 2000

Technical Manager: Responsible far the research, development, engineering, production and
quality control of specialty chemicals. Market areas included battery, catalyst, electronic,
paint, coating, lubricant, pharmaceutical, medical, military and automotive. Directed
laboratory work and trained technical staff. Established new analytical laboratory with SEM,
XRD, and TGA/DTA, BET, X.RF, UV-VIS, FTIR, HPLC and GC/MS capabilities. Established
a new pilot plant and supervised all aspects of the operation-Assessed the technical and
commercial viability of new process chemistry/engineering, managed all technical work,
trained operations and improved production in the plant. Developed process control
schemes, waste treatment methods and safety procedures. Designed novel compounds and
process engineering technologies for customers, provided technical support to
Sales/Marketing and evaluated the technical viability of new business ventures.

CURTIN UNIVERSITY                        October 1987-December 1993

Director Industrial Minerals Research Laboratory. Established the INIRL under a Technical
Entrepreneurship Program as a non-profit, industry funded, R&D company for mining, mineral
processing and chemical projects. Responsible for all technical, financial and commercial
applications. Developed reagents and engineering processes to improve gold, coal,
petroleum, mineral sands, bauxite, alumina, clay, graphite, phosphate, barite and sulfide
operations. R&D sponsored by companies in Australia, UK, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, US,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland and the Netherlands-Established joint ventures and
commercialized engineering technologies with chemical/mineral processing companies
around the world. Active in the Science Technology and Cultural Development Program.
Appointed professor of Mineral Chemistry and held and industry endowed chair in Mineral
Chemistry. Served on the Board of Directors of Western Minerals NL, a gold and mineral
exploration company.
CSTRO-Australia                           May 1984-October 1987

Group Leader, Mineral Chemistry. Responsible for developing new chemical products and
process engineering technologies to improve mineral processing and mining operations in
Australia. Research areas included leaching, thickening, flocculation, filtration, dewatering,
precipitation, crystallization, scaling and theology control. R&D emphasis on reagents and
engineering technologies for processing bauxite and alumina. Major research projects
sponsored by every bauxite producer in Australia (Alcoa, Alcan and Alusuisse).


University of California at Berkeley
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Mineral Engineering January 1981 to
January 1982. Postdoctoral research involved the synthesis, characterization and redox
behavior of cobalt IMIT organic complexes formed during the hydrometallurgical processing
(solvent extraction) of low-grade cobalt/nickel ores.

Pennsylvania State University PHD in Extractive Metallurgy March 1981_ Interdisciplinary
doctorate from Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Mineral
Engineering and Department of Chemistry. Metallurgical research involved the synthesis and
characterization of metal organic coordination complexes formed in hydrometallurgical
systems. Mineral processing research involved the treatment/beneficiation of low-grade
copper and nickel ores. Chemical research involved the mechanisms and the
thermodynamics of colloid/small particle nucleation and growth processes.

       MS Metallurgy November 1979. Minor in Physical and Analytical Chemistry.
       BS Chemistry      November 1976

Military Service:

United States Air Force (1971-1974) Nuclear Weapons Specialist. Rank E-4.
                            RICHARD G. ROBERTS, JR. (Rob)
                                 575 Broad Valley CT.
                                   Burleson, TX 76028
                                     (817) 426-4993
                                  (817) 233-4836 (cell)


I have obtained extensive knowledge with over twenty years of diverse and
comprehensive experience incorporated in the various facets of
Materials/Operations/Marketing & Sales/Automotive Management, raw materials,
inventory and production control, planning and scheduling, warehousing, shipping and
receiving, purchasing (import & export), and marketing & sales (import & export);

Systems Utilized: ERP (MRP/MRP1l/DRP/EDI), WMS, Kan-ban, and JIT;

Software Literacy: MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle, JDE, and DCSI.

I am looking for a position where l can utilize my various management capacities as
well as my vast understanding of Materials – Operations - Marketing & Sales -
Automotive Management. My personal commitment to my profession is a strength I will
bring with me to a new position-


Management capabilities; effective communication, problem solving, staff development,
organizational and interpersonal skill, also the development of customer bases.

Responsible for monitoring productivity, compliance, and quality of work by providing
"hands on" supervision and conducting ongoing observation and review.

Responsible for the selection, training, and orientation of new staff to the goals,
objectives and general functions of the company.

Responsible for all aspects of hiring field, plant, and office personnel.

Responsible for managing and monitoring company budgets. Staying within established
departmental approved guidelines.

Responsible for ensuring effective communications with people at all levels, including
staff, and customers.


Handling cost in production, inventory control, and marketing.

Significantly improving planning and work flow by establishing new more efficient
procedures and methods to establish a strong customer base. Developing plans that
allowed materials and production to move smoother, more efficiently, and in a timely
Effectively increasing on-time deliveries and developing a new job scheduling system
that reduced late deliveries.

Achieving significant cost savings by reducing inventory, reducing turnaround time, and
increasing productivity without increasing overtime and reducing purchasing cost.


2000 -2003         Banta Global Turnkey- Fort Worth, TX (Global Turnkey Operations)

                   Regional Director:
                   Manage all operations; Responsible for the sales & marketing of the
                   Southwest and Western regions of the United States. also controlling
                   material flow throughout three branches, (fort Worth, San Jose, CA
                   and Mexico), to include managing planning/scheduling, kit building,
                   parts issuing, inventory control, negotiating large purchasing
                   contracts, all phases of stripping and receiving, and all phases of
                   warehousing, Setting operational budgets. MRP/DRP, JDE

                   Was responsible for an increase in sales of 28% in this region. Along
                   with increasing On-time deliveries to better then 99%.

1995 -2000         A to Z Automotive & Distribution- Cincinnati, OH (Automotive Repair
                   & Parts Distribution)
                   Owned and Managed Automotive Repair & Parts /Fuel Distribution
                   business; controlling the business, P&L, and new business
                   sales/marketing. Handling of the material operations; purchasing and
                   sales to local truck stops & other local distributors (new parts & fuel
                   items such as oil and gas additives), and inventory. Worked on the
                   vehicles myself when needed. Hiring of office and field personnel.

                   Built a very strong and large cliental, with the General Public, plus

                   Reason for Leaving:

                   Sold my part of company and Moved to FL

1989-1995          EXXON - Fairfax, VA (Fuel and Oil distribution Center)

                   Regional Manager_

                   Responsible for the sales and marketing of fuel and oil, plus parts for
                   refineries in the North American Region. Which included making sure
                   customers needs were met in a timely manner, along with the quality
                   of the material being of top percentage in the industries.
                   ERP/MRP/DRPP, WMS

                   Was responsible for an increase in sales of 33% in this region. Along
                   with increasing On-time deliveries to better then 99°/a.

                   Reason for Leaving:

                   Started own business.

1982-1989          M/A-COM, G.S.D.- "Vienna, VA (High-Tech Communications OEM
                   MFG and Service Company for Federal & Commercial customers)

                   Assistant Manager, Depot:
                   Handled managerial duties for Depot and Customer Service. Dealt
                   with D.O.D. contracts and Mil-Specs which included electronic,
                   mechanical packing, and documentation. Acted as customer liaison-
                   Assisted with program Management involving budgeting programs,
                   writing proposals and supervising projects productivity and
                   scheduling. Provided assistance with marketing new products and
                   purchasing_ MRP


                   Instrumental in getting a new project up and running on the
                   Production, material, and service side.

EDUCATION: Undergraduate studies at NOVA, with a concentration in Avionics

Sports: Licensed NASCAR Busch Driver in 1994. Drove Late Model Stock Cars for 17
years in the South Eastern Division, which were races up and down the east coast of the
United States

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