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					                                                             Equestrian Trails, Inc.

                                                         “Dedicated to understanding the Horse”

                                                                 ETI CORRAL 36
                                                             Seminar & Board Meeting
ETI Corral 36, P.O. Box 8374,                                 Tuesday, April 12, 7 PM
Calabasas, CA 91372-8374
2005    Officers & Directors -                                      at the home of
Pres. Jeanne Wallace 818/222 2560
                                                            Christine & Burt Baumgartner
    Email: donwwallace@att.net                                 25090 Mulholland Hwy,
Vice Pres. Art Carvalho 818/ 224-4775
    Email: acarvalho@lhcllp.com
Sec. Melissa Austin 818/ 224-2983                                  (818) 222 1359.
    Email: maaustin@earthlink.net
Treas. Saul & Ann Berman 818/ 591-5920
    Email: sberman5@aol.com                                       Guest Speaker:
Directors:                                                    Dr. Ken Marlborough,
Christine Baumgartner 818/ 222-1359
    Email: cbridgerider@aol.com
                                                          educator, riding instructor and
Mia Boudreau 818/224-3496                                 author of Trail Riding, an
     Email: mia@malibuvalley.com
Debbie DiMascio 818/ 222-7497
                                                          authoritative guide to open-
    Email: horselvr@malibuoaks.com                        country riding.
Holly Kessler 818/225 0569                                [EVERY MEETING IS OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS
    Email: hmkessler@charter.net
                                                          AND NON-MEMBERS. BRING YOUR INTEREST
Vikki Siemons 818/ 348 5258
    Email: vsiemons@aol.com                               IN ANYTHING EQUINE - QUESTIONS, IDEAS
Newsletter Editor:                                        AND THOUGHTS WITH YOU. WE WANT TO
  Stephanie Abronson 818/ 222 PONY                        HEAR THEM!]
    FAX: 818/ 222 1605
    Email: Stephanie@abronson.com
Drill Team: Karen Hartman 818/ 991-7212
                                                          President’s Message
    Email: Brightstar4Karen@aol.com
                                                              On Sunday, May 1st, Corral 36 celebrates
Trails: Jeanne Wallace 818/ 222 2560
    FAX: 818/222 4317
                                                          their membership with an old fashioned day of
       Email: donwwallace@att.net          Have your      Games on Horseback and a Pot Luck lunch at
ETI National Office                                       Malibu Valley Farms. See the flyer in the back
                                           horses had     of this newsletter. More information from
[Federal Tax ID # is 95-6135773]
    818/ 362 6819                         their Spring    Christine Baumgartner at 818- 222 1359.
    FAX 818/ 362 9443                     vaccinations        The committee met this week to get the
    Email: ETI@linkline.com                               wheels turning on the Ronald Reagan
                                               yet?       Equestrian Campground in Malibu Creek State
ETI Web Page: www.etinational.com
Area 6 Representative:                                    Park. I have attached a diagram showing the
    Jack Cunningham 818/ 592-0359                         proposed campground. Fund raising has begun
    Email: Cunningham@prodigy.net                         and donations should be made payable to ETI
Area 6 Delegate from Corral 36:                           Foundation with an entry in the memo line to
    Vikki Siemons 818/ 348 5258
                                                          MCSP Horse Campground. ETI Foundation is a
    Email: vsiemons@aol.com
                                                          501-C3 not for profit organization and
donations are tax deductible. Mail to: ETI                  I would like to remind all of our corral
Corral 63, P.O. Box 357, Agoura, CA 91301.              members of our horsemanship class at the Old
    Our guest speaker in March was Terry                Agoura Equestrian Arena. It is every
Kenney Insurance and Financial Services                 Wednesday morning ready to ride at 9:30
Agent for Farmer’s Insurance, a horse and               A.M. Karen Hartman owner of Bright Star
ranch owner and a member of ETI. Terry gave             Saddlery teaches the class. All levels of horse
us the honest facts on insuring our horses and          and rider are welcome. Fun exercises using
our horse properties. He told us that for about         ground poles. The class averages four to eight
$60.00 we could increase our liability limits to        riders, most of us never miss a class it is so
a million dollars, something he feels all horse         much fun. I have trained two horses in the
owners should have. He also feels horse                 Wednesday class starting when they were 3
owners that board horses or trailer horses              years old; they will be 10 and 14 this year.
belonging to others should have coverage for            Come join us. More information from Jeanne
“Care, Custody and Control”. Art Carvalho               Wallace (818)222-2560.
gave us a few bits of information on how the                …And we hope to have a date and location
law affects our responsibility. If you would like       for our Equine Symposium slated for October
to contact Terry for a horse or home insurance          in the May issue of our newsletter.
quote, Bus. (661) 272-9300.
                                                                                 --Jeanne Wallace

                                                                                  Tax Deductible
                                                                                  Contribution –
                                                                                  Donations for the
                                                                                  Ronald Regan
                                                                                  Campground at
                                                                                  Malibu Creek State
                                                                                  Park can be made
                                                                                  payable to ETI
                                                                                  Foundation with a note
                                                                                  on the memo line “For
                                                                                  Reagan Equestrian
                                                                                       ETI Foundation is
                                                                                  a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit
                                                                                  organization, and all
                                                                                  donations are tax
                                                                                  deductible. Mail to ETI
                                                                                  Corral 63, P.O. Box
                                                                                  357, Agoura, CA
                                                                                  91376. For more
                                                                                  information, contact
                                                                                  Ruth Gerson at 818-
                                                                                  991 1236, or email

I hope you will joins us at 7:30 P.M. April 12
at Christine and Burt Baumgartner’s for an              INSURANCE SEMINAR
evening with Dr. Ken Marlborough author of                  At our March 8 th meeting, Terry Kenney
“Trail Riding” a guide to open-country riding.          (ETI Corral 22) provided us with a very
He is an instructor at the Traditional Equitation       informative seminar on Equine Mortality
School at the LA Equestrian Center and has 20           Insurance, emphasizing the guarantees you
years of experience as a working trail guide.           should look for in that policy. Colic is one of
Christine plans for us to be on her patio               the major medical events our horses face, and
around the fire pit. Bring a friend or neighbor.        to have your horse insured for surgery, which
                                                        can run $5,000. - $8,000.00 on average, you
                                                        are able to make your decision more easily
because you have that insurance coverage for           navel...looked, etc; and I double-checked my
your horse. Not having to consider the cost            findings by lifting the tail.... Yup, it’s a Two-
the surgery can relieve this monetary pressure         holer... a FILLY!
in what may be a life or death situation.                  Before I left the corral/arena...the foal was
    Loss of Use is another aspect of Equine            up on feet, nuzzling Sweet Dreams nipples
Mortality Insurance. If your horse is injured          area. She is a GOOD Mare…takes good care of
and cannot perform in their trained capacity,          her foals! The sac was still in place, …since it
you can collect part of the value for that             was raining... I figured...I could pick up the
injured horse. Case in point is my mare FFair,         after-birth in the morning… with the 'herd'
a Three-Day Event Driving horse that was               standing guard in the arena... nothing is going
injured over two years ago in a carriage               to bother the mare and foal.
wreck. Months later it was discovered that the             Finishing off a good cup of Sleepy Time
mare had been injured, having grown a bone             tea... dry and in p.j.'s...ready to sign off...on
spur in an inoperable place to correct the             this early March 20... First Day of Spring in
damage. If I had had a policy on this mare for         2005.... Good nite...
her Loss of Use, I could have been                                 Lona [Webb], via email 3/20/05
compensated to a degree. The mare is now
permanently retired, but could be used as a                Date Changed: SPECIAL
    Kenney also touched on Care, Custody, or              HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC at
Control endorsements, and why it is important                 PIERCE COLLEGE
to carry this insurance if you trailer a horse
                                                           ETI, Corral 36 presents ROD BERGEN’S
belonging to someone else or board horses;
                                                       HORSE/RIDER BOMBPROOFING CLINIC at
and a bit about Third Party Liability. Most
                                                       PIERCE COLLEGE, 6201 Winnetka Ave.
homeowner’s policies cover this liability, but
                                                       Woodland Hills, CA (enter from De Soto Ave.
you need to check with your insurance agent
                                                       or Victory Blvd.); SATURDAY, APRIL 9 th at
to directly know your coverage. You should
                                                       1:30 PM – 4:30 PM (Animal Sciences, Room
carry at least $1,000,000.00. Anything less
                                                       4100) and SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2005 9:00
won’t even begin to cover your legal expenses
                                                       AM – 4:00 PM, (Large Arena). Rod’s special
should you be sued.                                    topic will be: “THE REAL HORSEWHISPERERS”.
                                                           Many of you have seen the movie (maybe
                                                       even read the book); now learn the “real
                                                       story” about these historically famous
                                                       individuals (dating from B.C. through the 19 th
                                                       Century to the present) and find out how to
                                                       apply the same time-proven, “ true
                                                       horsemanship” techniques in order to have a
                                                       safer, more reliable and more enjoyab le horse.
                                                       Riders: $145 (both days). Spectators: $15
                                                       (Sat.), $20 (Sun.), $25 (both days). FOR
                                                       FURTHER DETAILS CALL; (818) 591-7963 or
                                                       (310) 456-1037

                                                       March 4, 2005,
FIRST DAY OF SPRING....A                               SAVVY TIPS              from www.Parelli.com:
Welsh FILLY at 1 am...!!                               Prepare/Rehearse for the Vet, for
     A dark-colored filly...with a big star on         the Shoer….
forehead... Don't know if any white on legs.               Instead of being caught unprepared when
She was born at the edge of the tent-shelter           a horse gets hurt, needs an injection, has to
over the corral...in the mud. I literally picked       be pasted, temperature taken, trimming and
the foal up...and lifted her to where the              shoeing…think about doing little simulations
shavings and bedding straw was in the dry              every time you are with your horse.
area. I got another muck-bucket of straw to                To simulate injections, slowly pinch your
add to the pile. Did the navel, checked by             horse on the neck and release the second he
lifting rear leg...to check for sex, and how the       starts to lower his hear or starts to turn his
head toward you. Release and give a friendly,          taken such a leadership role, through the
feel-good rub to the spot you were pinching.           Acquisition Division Chief Warren Westrup and
Wait until he relaxes and then start again.            his staff--who know the ins-and-outs of
    Pretty soon you’ll be able to actually press       Sacramento better than anybody--and finally
a pointy object onto your horse’s neck                 to our "fantastic" [to borrow one of the
(without piercing the skin of course!) and have        Governor's favorite encomia] local partner in
your horse lower his head with a relaxed and           Ron Schafer.
positive response.                                         Yesterday the State Coastal Conservancy
                                                       approved $10.5 million ($2.5 million is a
                                                       contingency). Thanks to Fran Pavley who gave
VICTORY!                                               extensive personal testimony and to Sheila
March 11, 2005.                                        Kuehl who give the shortest testimony: "Soka,
    Around 10:40 this morning, officials of            Soka, Soka." Unanimous vote.
Governor Schwartzenegger's Department of                   Monday I will sign the letter exercising the
Finance, General Services Administration, and          MRCA's option as of March 15. Closing will be
Caltrans, meeting in the Old Capitol as the            no later than April 14.
State Public Works Board, took up the matter               After completion of the escrow process the
of approving a request of the State                    ownership distribution will be:
Department of Parks and Recreation to spend               MRCA           410 acres (+/-)
$7.15 million in park bond funds to purchase              State Parks 102 acres (+/-)
102 acres of the Soka property.                           NPS             76 acres (+/-)
    Hanging on the wall behind the Board was
a huge painting of Yosemite Valley that had                Soka will remain in possession under a
hung on that same wall twelve years ago in             lease until December 2007 while their current
much bleaker times when legislators - at the           class matriculates. During that time a joint
behest of Soka's lobbyists - were trying to            agency planning process will take place
block the Conservancy's attempts to acquire            involving National Park Service, State Parks,
Soka by condemnation of Soka so that Soka              and the Conservancy/MRCA. We expect that
could proceed with its plans to build a 5000           emerging from that public participation
student university with almost two million             process will be joint park administration
square feet of building floor space.                   between NPS and State Parks, visitor serving
    After hearing testimony from State Parks,          information opportunities, as well as
Fran Pavley's office, Jim Wrigley, and yours           appropriate public access and utilization of the
truly, at 10:47 the Public Works Board,                historic King Gillette mansion.
without discussion, voted unanimously to                   This has been a partnership and team
approve the purchase of the 102 acres,                 effort without parallel, and while lots of
bringing the 30-year-long struggle to preserve         paperwork (and probably bureaucratic
Soka to a successful conclusion.                       headaches) remain, the major milestones
    The Conservancy now has the $35 million            have been passed.
it needs. On Monday, one day short of the                                    Joseph T. Edmiston, FAICP
deadline, it plans to exercise its option to buy                                     Executive Director
Soka, and intends take title by April 14th.                      Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
                                    --Dave Brown                            edmiston@smmc.ca.gov

Email Subject: Final discretionary approval
for Soka Acquisition                                   West Nile Virus:
Dear All:
                                                       Remember – it is important to keep your
    Today the State Public Works Board                 horse vaccinated for West Nile Virus.
approved (unanimous vote) the State Parks              Please check with your veterinarian for the
portion of the Soka acquisition ($7.15 million         next date that your horse is due.
for 102 acres). This represents the final
discretionary approval for the entire
                                                       *To Report Dead Birds Call 1-877-WNV-
    State Parks staff is to be                         BIRD; http://westnile.ca.gov
commended: from Director Coleman who has

WORTH A TRY…                                              There will be special demonstrations and
NOTE FROM Pat Mitchell’s Parelli student              other equestrian related stuff going on. We
regarding mosquitoes and West Nile:                   hope to have DART - the animal air rescue
I noticed quite a few mosquitoes on my horse          team with their display. Pierce students will be
last night. She gets the                              giving safety demonstrations and there will be
West Nile vaccination every 6 months, as              tours through the new barns. We expect to
recommended, but I feel the                           hang some of the poster winners from
need to do more. I did some research and              Chatsworth's Horse Safety Art Contest to
found there are additional                            display. ETI Corral 36 plans to have a display
precautions you can take.                             of our red booklet, “What Do I Do With My
                                                      Horse In Fire, Flood and/or Earthquake?”
1. Eliminate standing water. (I found an old          Contact Ron Wechsler 818-710 4253 or 805-
tire full).                                           527 2242. No calls after 9 pm.
2. Spray horse with mosquito repellent at
3. Use nightly fly sheet during peak mosquito
season (now).
4. Consider purchasing a mosquito trap.

I use FLICKS by Animal Legends as a natural
repellent. It contains essential oils
(Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass,
Peppermint, Cajeput, Pennyroyal) that repel
flies, gnats, ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas.
Available from SmartPak Equine:
Description.aspx?productClassId=1532 or 1-
800-461 8898.

I have also used the Skin-So-Soft mixtures in
the past.                                             IT’S ALWAYS
Fly Repellent                                         FIRE SEASON &
2 cups white vinegar
                                                      EARTHQUAKE SEASON
1 cup Avon Skin So Soft (Bath oil)
1 cup water                                           IN SOUTHERN
1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil                           CALIFORNIA

Mosquito Repellent                                    “What Do I Do With My Horse in Fire
2 cups white vinegar                                  Flood and/or Earthquake?” It is now
1 cup Avon Skin So Soft (Bath oil)                    available to anyone…everyone…on line through
1 cup water                                           the ETI national website at
1 tablespoon citronella oil                           http://www.etinational.com OR
                                                      http://www.equestriantrailsinc.com Tell all
Hope you find this helpful.                           your friends where to find this treasured tool.
                           --Gail Snyder, Norco       It’s FREE! You are also welcome to add this
                                                      item to be downloaded on other club or
April is Equine Safety Month                          equestrian organization’s websites. Or you
                                                      can print as many copies as you wish for
in Los Angeles County                                 yourself and your friends.
 Come to LA Pierce College Equestrian
Education Center for the April 17th Pierce
Farm Walk & Equine Safety                             VOCABULARY –
Demonstrations at the new Equestrian                   What do you know about Cushing’s Disease?
Education Center, 9:30 am to 4 pm. $5.00               Look for information later in this newsletter.
donation per person; children under 12 free.

TRAILS REPORT– APR.                                        May 1 - TRAIL RIDE -Santa
                                                           Clarita Cowboy Poetry & Music
                            From Jeanne Wallace            Festival begins and ends at Atlasta Ranch
                                                           24816 Aden Ave. Newhall. Riders gather
                      WATCH OUT!                           about 8:00 am for coffee, juice & breakfast
                    Rattlesnakes are out!                  bread. Riders leaves by 9:00 to get through
                                                           Melody before opening. The ride goes through
                      Trail repair started this week       Melody Ranch, now a movie studio ranch,
       on       on the Cold Creek Loop Trail. Our          before it opens to the public, & then goes up
                    crew of five worked two days,          through the hills with magnificent views
                  a total of sixteen hours. They           almost to the ocean. Back at Atlasta Ranch
started where the trail drops off Cold Canyon              for an excellent catered lunch (with fabulous
Rd. north of John Morris’s house, crosses Cold             brownies). The ride is 2-3 hours long & will be
Canyon, loops around and goes in at the gate               broken up into two groups depending on how
and ended at the creek crossing. The second                wild you want to ride.
day they started at the DaSilva’s came north                    A benefit for Carousel Ranch, the handicap
and ended again at the creek. What I saw and               riding program in Santa Clarita. Ample
rode was wonderful. I just hope the rain that              parking. Limited stalls & corrals for day use.
is forecasted for this weekend does not do any             With reservation, riders may leave their horses
damage.                                                    & walk to Melody Ranch less than 1/2 miles
     I feel that everyone is getting anxious to            east.
ride but it may still be premature to be                        The $50 for the ride includes entrance to
spending our trail money before the rains are              the Melody Ranch.
behind us. The crew plans to go through the                Contact Terry Payne at (661) 254-1657 or
middle trail to the Satterly Road next. It is              email: terryp@thevine.net.
still very wet behind the polo barn and is not
safe for horses at this time. Christine                         Wonderful link for horse trails. Some sites
Baumgartner and I tried it and came very                   provide actual trail maps as well.
close to getting in trouble. Both of our horses            http://www.lamountains.com/parks_activities_equestri
began sinking in mud and we were lucky there               an.html
was enough solid ground to get them to
     I have asked the crew to slope all the
creek crossings so that the horses do not try
                                                           Santa Monica Mountains
to jump them. The National Park Service                    Trails Council-
recommends that we stay off the trails with                     Since 1972: The Trails Council has been
horses until at least 72 hours after a rain.               the only organization devoted to representing
      If you get out on the trail, please let me           all trail user groups in the Santa Monica
know the conditions wherever you ride. If you              Mountains National Recreation Area. Our
see a problem, let me know so I can be sure it             volunteers are maintaining a trail somewhere
is fixed.                                                  in the Park every weekend year-round.      We
                                                           welcome your suggestions on the website and
    WATCH OUT! Rattlesnakes are out!                       comments on trails, mail@smmtc.org.
Many have been washed out of their burrows
with the heavy rains, so stay alert.                       IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD:

  To contribute to the trail maintenance send              April 9 – work on the Phantom Trail in
your checks to Jeanne Wallace, 1710 No. Cold               Malibu Creek State Park. Contact Margaret
Cyn. Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302 818-222                      Brenner at 661-242 1966 – and yes, Margaret
2560.                                                      comes all the way in to MCSP from Frazier
                                     Thank you             Park where she now lives to work on her
                                                           “special” trail.
                                                           April 27 – Medea Creek Trail in
                                                           Paramount Ranch, National Park Service.
                                                           Meet up with Burt Elliott, but let him know
                                                           you’re coming to help at 805-498 2475.

May 7 – Secret Trail/Calabasas Cold                    he came by being up here, to which he
Creek Trail, part of LA Parks and Recreation –         explained that the Coast Highway had just
just around the corner on Mulholland Hwy.              been closed due to a mudslide and he was
Contact Linda Palmer at 818-222 4531.                  trying to circumnavigate it.
June 25 – Stokes Ridge Trail, Calabasas.                    Frosty and I made our usual trip up to the
Let’s get this trail fixed. Contact Linda Palmer       top of the fire road, but upon returning, I
at 818-222 4531.                                       noticed that the unusual amount of traffic had
SMMTrails Council website has the trail                now increased to “Topanga Canyon at five pm”
maintenance schedule and more at                       proportions. We hadn’t much of a choice left.
www.smmtc.org.                                         I couldn’t put my horse at risk on Stunt Road
                                                       with the traffic as it was, so I decided to use
                                                       the park trial that we normally used. The trail
                                                       was fine and we were almost home when at
                                                       the west end of the park, where there is
Careful out there. Many of our local trails            normally a dry creek, it was now full of
are extremely dangerous with slides, rock              running water, and the area forty or so feet
falls, trees down, undercut stream banks,              just in front looked very muddy. We started
and still high water in the creeks.                    into it and Frosty sank about 8” or so.
                          –Editor 3/23/05              Frightened, she spun around and started up
                                                       the hill away from this area. Being that the
                                                       rest of the trail had been so supportive up to
MUD                                                    this point, I thought that the most prudent
                                                       thing to do was to go back around the park
                                                       and take the trail that runs almost next to
us to the bottom of a mud hole in Cold Creek
                                                       Stunt Road along the northern lip back home.
Valley Preserve late in February. Frosty, my
                                                            Again, we almost made it back but right
Oldenburg mare, and I started out just trying
                                                       below Sylvan Glen and Stunt Road, it started
to leg up for a long ride that was in three days
                                                       to be soft again and Frosty did not really want
on the coming Saturday.
                                                       to proceed. So I thought that if I got off and
    Normally we ride up to our exercise area,
                                                       walked ahead of her, she would follow. If she
Calabasas Peak Motorway, through the
                                                       saw that I mad e it though this muddy area,
Preserve on the Stunt High Trail. But the
                                                       this would encourage her to continue to
Preserve was closed for another day, as it had
                                                       follow. I hit a spot where I sank maybe 4” to
rained the day before yesterday and horses
                                                       5”, but I continued on thinking that she would
are not allowed in the Preserve for three days
                                                       follow in my path. When she hit this softness,
after it rains. Being the middle of a business
                                                       on her own volition, she turned to the right
day and traffic almost non-existent, we trotted
                                                       where there was a grassy clearing and moved
up Stunt Road to the entrance of the fire
                                                       off in that direction yanking the reins out of
road. There are a few dangerous places along
                                                       my hand. She hadn’t taken more than a step
this route as Stunt Road has sections where
                                                       when she began to sink in what had appeared
there are hillsides on both edges of the paved
                                                       like just grass. Fearful, she took a giant stride
road but no dirt aprons to allow for both
                                                       and was now in a mud hole up to the saddle
automobiles and horses simultaneously. The
                                                       flaps with all four legs sunk into the earth.
danger is exacerbated by the fact that these
                                                            Some horses flail, others just lay calmly,
sections are just on the downhill sides of blind
                                                       waiting for you to do something. Frosty was
corners where amateur racers on their way to
                                                       one from the later group. She was a very
and fro appear seemingly out of nowhere in
                                                       calm horse by nature and very trusting. She
thundering fury.
                                                       wouldn’t move, in fact, she just laid her head
    I noticed toward the end of my trot up
                                                       down and looked up at me. I tried to work
Stunt that there seemed to be an ever-
                                                       with her by pulling on the reins and
increasing amount of traffic, an unusual
                                                       encouraging her to try to work her way out.
amount for a Wed nesday afternoon around
                                                       She was having none of this, and would only,
three. Just as I was about to cross Stunt Road
                                                       from time to time, make a halfhearted effort
and enter onto Calabasas Peak Motorway, a
                                                       by raising a hoof above ground, but then the
gentleman with a New Zealand accent pulled
                                                       others would sink even further into the mud
over and ask for directions on how to get
                                                       from the added pressure placed on them.
down to Santa Monica. I inquired as to how
     I thought about our predicament, and               how fat were these fat people I wondered.
about calling 911. However, how                         Frosty weighted 1200 pounds and was
embarrassing it would be if I called and then,          becoming dead weight if veterinarian Dr. Meryl
when the fire department came, or worse, the            Dervartarian’s drugs had their way. Dr. Meryl
helicopter, and found that she had                      was tranquilizing her, so that the fire
maneuvered herself out. However, there was              department could dig her out and roll her over
the problem of daylight and she was facing              onto this “stretcher”. The stretcher looked
another twenty feet of mud hole before she              more like a rubber stall mat with metal clip
could reach dry land. Embarrassed or not, I             rings at one end for a winch cable
really love this horse and my pride and/or              attachment. The firefighters and the ladies in
embarrassment was not worth the price of                yellow were chain-sawing a path through the
risking Frosty’s safety or even her life. So            brush, up a slight hill to dry land and the edge
before I left for home to get help, I removed           of Stunt Road. There were some questions as
all of her tack to make it easier for her to            to the noise from the chainsaws spooking
escape the mud. I ran all the way home,                 Frosty, but at this point, I think they could
grabbed my cell phone, and a red sweatshirt             have shaved her whiskers, she was so far
to wave at the helicopter.                              gone from the drugs.
     Upon my return, I could see that she had                Some of the firefighters dug Frosty’s legs
given up. She had laid her head down                    free and they tied 4” wide belts around each of
sideways on the mud and was gazing skyward              the four legs in order to roll her over almost
with her one visible eye. It was a horribly sad         180 degrees onto the stretcher. Once on the
sight to see this wonderful hunt horse. I was           stretcher, the firefighters tightened the belts
now very glad that I had made the decision to           so her legs were pinned up under her belly
call for help. Just then a helicopter appeared          and strapped her down to the rubber mat so
in the sky and I began waving the red                   that should she struggle to get up, she
sweatshirt around in big circles. From the              wouldn’t be able to. It worked perfectly. She
road, I then heard the sirens of arriving fire          just laid there, as if napping, while the winch
trucks.                                                 from the Pico Rivera fire truck slowly pulled
     A few minutes later, Capt. Bart Matta from         her across the remaining mud hole and up the
L.A. County Fire Dept.; Monte Nido-Station              cleared path onto the grassy knoll. It was
#67 was standing next to me. I know Bart                very dark now and Frosty laid there for about
well from our yearly brush inspections; a nicer         ten minutes coming off the drugs. Then she
human being doesn’t exist. I asked Capt. Bart           lifted her head, poked her nose over the edge
to radio for the helicopter above us to come            of the black mat without getting up, and
down. He said, “Not ours. That’s Channel 7.             started eating the new spring grass. The
They always beat us to the scene.” Not before           crowd at the roadside gave a big cheer for
long there were five helicopters in the sky,            Frosty, and for our heroes from our beloved
none belonged to Bart, all news agencies.               L.A. County/Malibu Fire Department.
     I noticed that Frosty had lifted her head               There were firefighters from all over LA
and was staring bug-eyed at the area behind             County and I would like to thank each and
me. I followed her stare to see about ten or            every one of you. I didn’t get a chance to
fifteen cute little girls in yellow slickers with       meet all of you but my special thanks to
the word “PRISONER” written across their                Battalion Chief Mike Sandeman who headed
chests in huge black letters. I turned to Bart,         the operation; Frank from Urban Search and
with a questioning look. Capt. Bart explained,          Rescue, who was on site down in the brush
“It’s better to have too many hands than not            with all his expertise, and Captain Bart Matta.
enough in these emergencies.” Turned out to             And Kevin, who took the heated calls the next
be excellent logic.                                     day from animal lovers everywhere who saw
     Capt. Bart explained that we were not              him on TV trying to motivate Frosty out of the
going to get a helicopter because a decision            mud hole by swatting her rear with a lead
had been made to use a stretcher. I had                 rope.
never heard of this and was very leery of                    My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who
whether it would work, and besides that, night          helped us, thank you!
was falling and the window for a helicopter
was closing. Capt. Bart assured me that it                                       -Chris Whittaker
was safer and it worked on fat people. Just

PIERCE COLLEGE                                           L.A. Pierce College offers horse husbandry & riding
                                                         classes. 2005 Spring & Extension class Schedules.
Equestrian Education Facility                            Info: Ron Wechsler (818) 710 2980 or (805) 527
http://www.piercecollege.com/community/equestrian/       2242 OR Get an application and apply now Contact:
                                                         Pierce College - (818) 719-6401; FAX (818) 716-
WILDERNESS HORSE ADVENTURES 2005                         9258 or go to www.piercecollege.org.
Presented by Los Angeles Pierce College
Extension, Community Education Program:                  Pierce Extension Program---
                                                         -Beginning Horseback Riding: A fundamental class
Mustangs in the Wild                                     in English and Western horseback riding is designed
Spend four days observing the free roaming               to teach students from age 16 and over who have
herds, blooming wildflowers and other wildlife.          had little, or no previous formal training. The Class
Enjoy hearty meals prepared by our cook. This            covers equestrian training on the ground and in the
trip was featured on 20/20 with Hugh Downs.              saddle with emphasis on the safe and correct way to
May 28-31                                                groom, tack and ride horses (regardless of the style
4 Days: $550.00 per person                               of riding).
                                                         - Continuing Horseback Riding: This class is an
Mountain Horsemanship                                    extension of Beginning Horseback Riding and
Wilderness base camp. Great for the first time           expands the student’s knowledge of how he or she
horse and mountain traveler. Ample time for              can obtain more performance from the horse.
fishing, photography and time to read a book.
July 1-4                                                 Contact: Pierce College at 818-719 6425
4 Days: $ 525.00 per person                              Instructor: Rod Bergen at 818-591 7896
                                                                      PIERCE COLLEGE
Family Safari Adventure
                                                           EQUESTRIAN EDUCATION CENTER
The kids are out of school and it is time to
take a family vacation on horseback.
This trip is geared for parents and kids who
can share special moments in the Ansel Adams
July 2-4
3 Days: $ 495.00 per adult and kids 12 years
and up.
         $ 400.00 per kid 6-11 years
           Minimum age for riders is 6 years old.        The first horseshow at the EEC will be an E.T.I.
                                                         Corral 54 Highpoint Horseshow-May 22, 2005
Yosemite National Park Trail Ride
Spend eight unforgettable days traveling                 EQUINE STUDIES CLASSES:
through Northern Yosemite back country.                  List of current Equine Studies classes at Pierce
This trip starts in Tuolumne Meadows and                 College:
                                                         601 Horse Production
ends at Buckeye Canyon near Bridgeport. You
                                                         602 Horse Husbandry
will be transported by the pack station to               603A-E Equine Management Techniques
Tuolumne and back from Buckeye Canyon.                   615 Introduction to Rodeo
August 20-27                                             620 Basic Equitation
8 Days                                                   621 Horseback Riding Laboratory
$1250.00 per person                                      630 Beginning Equine Training
                                                         631 Advanced Equine Training (2)
                                                         640 Horse Show Organization and Management
For information a reservations,                          645A Equine Issues: Nutrition
Contact:                                                 645B Equine Issues: Exercise Physiology
Ron Wechsler                                             645C Equine Issues: Farrier Science
805 527-2242                                             645D Equine Issues: Training
                                                         645E Equine Issues: Equitation
Trips fill fast. Don't miss out.                         650 Equine Health and First Aid (2)

  CORRAL 36 DRILL TEAM                                  WEST VALLEY HORSE CENTER

                                                                          Everything for the Horse
                                                                           ...Inside &Out

                                                        24353 Calabasas Rd.           28339 Agoura Rd.
                                                        CALABASAS, CA 91302          AGOURA, CA 91301
                                                        (818) 222-2197                   (818) 991-5210

                                                                    Buck and Luanne Wicall

   Drill Team meets EVERY Saturday, 9:30                                      Ann Bernstein
SHARP! You are welcome to join us any time                                    Realtor®
during the year. -At the Agoura Equestrian                                    Office: 818.222.0023
Center, corner of Chesebro and Driver Ave.                                    Cell: 310.927.3672
   Please contact Karen Hartman at 818- 991-                                  Fax: 818.222.9979
7212 if you plan to attend Drill Team.                                        abernstein@coldwellbanker.com
What’s the most beautiful                                                     RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE

thing you know about
                                                                              23647 Calabasas Road
                                                                              Calabasas, CA 91302
    Think about it and send your one sentence
answer to Stephanie. A list is going to be
                                                        MONTE NIDO PONY CLUB
                                                                      Established 1989
compiled with your answers and printed in a
                                                             Check out the Pony Club’s website at
Corral 36 newsletter. Do it quickly, and write
down the first thing that comes to your mind.
    This idea came from Richard Van Camp’s
children’s book of the same title, published by
Children’s Book Press, San Francisco, CA.
    Reply by U.S. mail to 543 Cold Canyon
Rd., Monte Nido, CA 91302-2206; or by email
Stephanie@abronson.com .

    The smell on their neck, under the mane.
That was the first thing that came to me when
I read your question.
After I thought awhile, their eyes.
          --Shirley Stratton, via email 2/27/05.

I don’t even need a sentence, …
FORGIVING!                                                     Does every Pony Clubber know that
              --Trish Costa, via email 3/10/05.         Sunday afternoon from 3 - 6 is a free ride
                                                        time for all our Pony Clubbers at the Pope's
                                                        arena? Pony Club rules still apply and a parent
                                                        must be present and responsible.
                                                            June 11th we have a confirmed date to
                                                        use the facility at the Meadows to school cross
                                                        country. The day is just for our Pony Club
                                                        region alone. Additional information to follow.

   July - Camp depending on the number of              Upon further investigation, we found that she
candidates we can possibly offer a C3 prep             had become caught on her peacock stirrup.
and separate test during the week.                     She had a deep laceration to her groin which
   Sept 10 & 11th - B and up prep for the              required 8 stitches to close. If the injury had
2006 test year.                                        been a few centimeters closer to her midline,
                                                       she would have had an even more serious
Other MNPC Calendar Dates:                             injury."
April 3: Dressage Rally @ Tecolote                           Pat Moran, RS, Western New York Region
April 16 & 17: Tetrathlon Clinic @ Santa Rosa
Valley                                                     "I have seen this happen before too, and
May 14 & 15: Mega-Rally @ Meadows                      have seen jodhpurs ripped by peacocks, by
May 21 & 22: Horse Management clinic @                 the curved metal parts that the rubber band
Agoura                                                 attaches to. I don't think it has to be sharp to
June 11 & 12: Cross Country Schooling @                do this if it hits you at the right angle with the
Meadows                                                right force as can happen in a fall or even a
July 30 & 31: Show Jumping Rally @ River               fast dismount. Plus sometimes the bands pop
View                                                   off and there you are with nothing. I always
August 20: Basic Balanced Position clinic @            recommend new parents to buy the S shaped
Agoura                                                 "foot-free" safety stirrups."
    Let me know if you have any questions. I                                               Leslie McColgin
need to know what changes there'll be in the
schedule this coming quarter (Jan - Mar) SO                “I, too, have had bad peacock stirrup
PLEASE CALL ME (716-5040).                             experiences with my daughter. The first
                                                       time, she was just dismounting off a larger
                             --Jan Bowman, DC          lesson horse and as she slid down to the
                         -818-716 5040 or email        ground, the hook part of the stirrup caught
              janevansbowman@earthlink.net             her right in the crotch. She bled, but no major
                                                       wound, fortunately. She was very upset and
                                                       scared and hurt. Her immediate solution was
PEACOCK STIRRUPS                                       to flip the left stirrup across the
                                                       horse's withers just in front of the saddle while
…Are they safe?                                        she dismounts, but our longer term solution
                                                       was to buy the s-shaped safety stirrups.
    Some entries to the U.S. Pony Club District            “The second incident was during her D2
Commissioners Digest about Peacock Stirrups            rating last summer. At the last minute, we
(the kind with the rubber bands) for your              decided she'd outgrown her old stirrups and
perusal: at a Pony Club riding seminar,                she needed the next size up. The local tack
Peacock Stirrups are not recommended for               shop only had the peacocks in the size she
children over 60 lbs. [Riding adults may want          needed, so we bought those since it had
to take these examples to heart.] It would be          gotten to be the last minute. [The
a good issue to research. The following                embarrassing part of this is that I own the
excerpts are examples:                                 "local tack shop"! Not only had we waited until
    "I would like to make all of you aware of          the last minute to address this need, but I had
an accident that happened at our games rally           run out of this item and had not realized it
last year. I reported the incident to both the         until too late to order more! I've since
safety and the games committee, but received           restocked and she now has the proper safety
no response. So I decided to use the Digests           stirrups in the proper size.]
to make people aware, in the interest of                   “Anyway, her pony stopped at a fence
making things safer for our PCers.                     during the rating, paused, then launched
    One of our junior players needed to                across. My daughter fell off. Well almost.
dismount during a game, and she appeared               She was hanging with her foot appearing to be
to be suspended in the air, halfway to the             stuck in the stirrup. (I was at the other end of
ground. It took me a couple seconds to                 the ring and couldn't see clearly.) Fortunately
realize that she was in trouble. Just as I             her saint of a pony just stood there. If she'd
started to run to her, she managed to                  run off, my daughter would have been
disengage herself and then seemed to be OK.            dragged. I couldn't figure out why her foot

was stuck -- it's a peacock after all --                           If, in reading the Equestrian Trails, Inc.,
it's designed to avoid just this situation!! Well,        Corral 36 Newsletter, and you find information you
it turns                                                  want to share with others, feel free to copy the
out her double-knotted shoelace had become                information, but please make certain that the
stuck on the metal hooked part and                        information you share includes exactly where the
                                                          original information came from.
was not letting go. She was mostly on the
ground, with her foot hanging up                                                                  Thank you.
in the stirrup. I like to think that if the pony
had left the area, the force exerted would
have broken the shoe lace, but I don't ever               PAT MITCHELL PNH CLINICS
want to have to find out.                                      Parelli Natural Horsemanship teacher
     “Her examiner jogged over to the dangling
(now trying not to cry) girl and her pony and                     Here is the portion of Pat’s schedule for
disengaged her foot from the stirrup. She                 2005. You can see the rest of it on her
proceeded to comfort my daughter, help her                website at http://patmitchell.parellinet.net/ or
re-mount and continue the rating (which my                contact me via email and I can forward you
daughter passed). I was proud of myself for               the entire schedule. Please contact me for
remaining seated on the grass outside the                 registration forms or questions. Please note:
ring, but I'll never use peacock stirrups again!”
         Ellen Oliver, IC, Roanoke Valley PC, Old         Apr 15-16 - 2-Day Advancing Level
                                  Dominion Region         1/Beginning Level 2 Clinic; Apr 17 Optional
                                                          3rd Day - Chatsworth, CA
    “We had an accident with peacocks that is             Apr 23-24 -2-Day Camp Out /Level 2-3
worth alerting people about. A child was                  Workshop; Apr 25 Optional 3rd day - Rancho
riding next to a woven wire fence. The                    Oso Guest Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA
"button" on the stirrup caught the fence. The             May 14-15 -Pat and Linda Parelli 2005 Tour
stirrup actually bent before the stirrup leather          Stop - City of Industry, CA
slipped off the stirrup bar (with the catch               May 20-21 - 2-Day Level 2 Workshop; May
appropriately open). The horse did not panic              22 Optional 3rd Day - Midlife at the Oasis
and the child was not hurt (Thank Goodness!)              Ranch, Acton, Ca
but this is another place where the peacocks                   Do you need Pat Mitchell's Fee Schedule
were not the safest choice. (You could argue              or entire Event Schedule? Send me an email
that riding near the woven wire fence was                 requesting Fee Schedule or Event Schedule for
unsafe--but the point is that this accident               the entire year.
happened and now more people are alerted to                   If you plan to audit any clinic or event,
the                                                       please call to confirm it has not been changed
possibility.)”                                            or cancelled. All dates are subject to change if
                             Rae Birr, Big Bay PC         necessary.
                                                                    Pat Mitchell - 3-Star certified Parelli Natural
    “My daughter has hurt herself, in the                              Horsemanship instructor, Sun Valley, CA
                                                               Email: PatMitchellPNH@aol.com. 818-768 4399.
crotch, when dismounting with peacock
                                                                         Event Coordinator: Susie Winchester -
stirrups. This has happened more than once.
She now puts the stirrup leather and stirrup in
                                                                                            or 760-947 8144
front of the saddle when dismounting. All this
discussion makes me wonder if the S style
safety stirrups might be safer? I have never              ARE YOU NOT RECEIVING YOUR ETI
used them.”                                               NATIONAL MAGAZINE????
                       Jill Steele, Gunnison, CO          Maybe it’s because you forgot to renew your
                                                          membership. Please check the expiration date on
    “I also feel that the S safety stirrups are           your newsletter mailing label. It gives your annual
preferable to the peacock stirrups. My                    renewal date. If your membership has expired or is
daughter's leg was scraped up after the                   about to expire, we urge you to renew now to
                                                          support ETI Corral 36, and the equestrian way of
peacock stirrup hook grabbed her pant leg
instead of just holding the band. She hasn't
used those stirrups since.”
      Tamara Bammel, Cimarron Region RS                   ETI Corral 36 DUES––

    Remember, your anniversary date stays
the same no matter how late you renew.
                                                                             Heavenly Ponies
    Use the convenient membership form on the               From a darling little Shetland pony to
back of this newsletter.                                    Quarterhorses and large Thoroughbreds, Alix
                                                            teaches Beginning Riding & Horsemanship
                                                            for beginners of all ages, specializing in
                                                            children, some of whom have special needs.
                                                            Raised in the Pony Club in England, she loves
                                                            to introduce students to the joy of horses.
                                                                           Alix Lawson 818-707-2474 home
                                                                                                Cell 818-917-3737

Please Advise the ETI Office …when you
change your address in order to receive your
subscription to the ETI National Magazine.
Call 818-362 6819 or drop a note to 13741 Foothill
Blvd., #100, Sylmar, CA 91342; email to eti-

               Coming due in MAY
Stephanie Abronson       Gwen Baker
Suzy Meathrell           Gina Smith Fam.
Kris Williams
Sherri DaSilva     Krista Swanson
Melody Skinner    James & Susan Thomas

            FEBRUARY/MARCH 2005
Art Carvalho         Ron Rivkin                            One way for us to say Thanks to our guest speakers is to
Deborah Davies       Buck & Luanne Wicall                  place an ad for them in our monthly newsletter.
Megan Goldring       Amie McCarthy-Winn

                 DECEMBER 2004                                                      – Sales –
Mary Keenan
Lori & Guy Bee         Don Schmitz & Associates
                                                                                   THE BEST
                                                                      P ORTABLE SOUND S YSTEMS
                    We miss you!                                              FOR YOUR EVENTS
                    We value your member-
                    ship. We ask that you                                    Contact Rod Bergen
                    support our local trails.                            818-591 7896 or 818-591 7963.
                    Please send in your

Need barn help?
Leno Esparza cleans corrals and/or feeds your
horses. Leno has room in his schedule for new
clients. Stephanie Abronson has been using his
cleaning services twice a day for more than a year.
Call Leno’s cell at (818) 635-6106; or home in the
evenings at (818) 592-0272.

                                                        To download your order form please visit the
        ALETA McCORMICK                                 Savvy Club site, and click on the Tribute to
            Equine Body Work                            Ray Hunt link under Member Specials.
     Treatment and rehabilitation for                   www.parellisavvyclub.com
            equine athletes
                                                        Who is Ray Hunt you ask?
       Website (www.omni-equus.org).
        Email aletaandfog@aol.com                           See the Feb. 2005 issue of the Corral 36
          Phone (661) 867-2048.                         newsletter.
                                         7/05               This might be our last chance to see him in
                                                        Southern California. He may well be retiring
                                                        from the on-the-road clinics very soon. Nov.
                                                        19-21 - Ray Hunt Clinic, Visalia, CA.
VOCABULARY                      --See page 5.           Contact Susie Cranny 559-741-1515 or email:
    “…Cushing’s disease affects the pituitary           dogs.r.s@earthlink.net. Nov. 26-28 Ray
gland. If the endocrine system were an                  Hunt Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA. Contact Bonnie
orchestra, the pituitary gland would be its             Stoehn 831-457 2224.
conductor. Hormones from this gland located
                                                                                          -Patti Jameson
at the base of the brain, regulate the
production of hormones by other glands
throughout the body. In Cushing’s disease,
                                                           April 28-May 1 - Santa Clarita
the pituitary becomes hyperactive and churns              Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival
out excess hormones—and that throws the
endocrine system out of whack.”                         About the Festival - In 1994, in the aftermath of the
    We see more diagnoses for Cushing’s                 Northridge earthquake, the Santa Clarita Cowboy
disease now because people are maintaining              Poetry and Music Festival began its quest for a
                                                        suitable location. At the time the owners of Melody
more horses into their ‘golden years.’
                                                        Ranch, Renaud and Andre Veluzet agreed to host
                                                        our first event and the tradition began.
        -From Practical Horseman magazine, March
                          2005, pages 99-103.           This year marks the 12th Anniversary of the Festival.
                                                        We have a new name, but will be offering the same
                                                        high quality music, poetry, food and cowboy gear that
       RAY HUNT                                         patrons have enjoyed in the past.
  APPRECIATION CLINIC                                   Melody Ranch had been the location of many famous
                                                        Western films since its beginnings and at present, is
     Pat and Linda Parelli would like personally        home to the highly acclaimed HBO series,
invite you to attend the historic tribute to Ray        Deadwood.
Hunt Appreciation Clinic as a spectator. The
program features a colt start and horseman-             Check out our website for details of events and
ship clinic in which Pat, Linda and some invited        vendors: www.cowboyfestival.org. Ticket
Parelli Professionals will ride along with other        information: 661 286 4021; 800 305 0755 or FAX:
clinicians and participants.                            661 284 1410.
          Dates: April 2 and 3, 2005
            City: Fort Worth, Texas
   Location: Historic Cowtown Coliseum
Promotion for this event is underway, so be
quick if you wish to participate - Any questions
email: sshoemark@parelli.com. We look
forward to sharing this very special event with
Event Program - Both Days:
9.30am - 12.00pm Colt Start, featuring Ray
and his family
12.00pm -1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm -5.00pm Horsemanship Clinic
7pm Banquet (Saturday only)

                                                          our best to avoid startling them. From our new
    MAKE YOURSELF FAMOUS                                  hilltop vantage point, Bayou and I peered
…at least to the rest of us in ETI. Please send           down and found that the two coyotes had
to the Corral 36 Newsletter editor a photo of             reappeared-- and magically turned into four!
yourself with your horse, with a description of           The young ones continued to play completely
what you are doing in the photo. Send the                 oblivious to us, but the two adults froze facing
photo c/o Stephanie Abronson, 543 Cold                    us, ears perked and alert, waiting for danger.
Canyon Rd., Monte Nido, CA 91302-2206. If                 Had I been on foot, perhaps I would have
you are digitally inclined, send a jpg to                 been nervous being so close to them, but on
Stephanie@abronson.com .                                  Bayou, I could study them without concern.
                                                          We watched for no more than three minutes
Something Amazing                                         before the adult coyotes gave the command to
                                                          their pups, and all four silently disappeared
                                  By Carol LaCorte
                                                          into the brush, their earth-tone coats blending
      I saw something amazing today which
                                                          into the scenery with ease.
reminded me how incredibly lucky we are to
                                                               Things remained quiet the rest of the way
live here in Monte Nido. In the brief lull
                                                          home, giving me time to reflect on what we
between doing the breakfast dishes and
                                                          had just seen. How lucky are we to live in such
helping my kids with their homework, I went
                                                          an extraordinary place?! All previous thoughts
for a ride on my gentle quarter horse named
                                                          of laundry, bills, social studies homework and
Bayou, who has been patiently teaching me
                                                          groceries were hypnotically erased while I
how to ride for the past year and a half. Eager
                                                          watched those beautiful coyotes enjoying the
to finally hit the trails after months of wet
                                                          sunshine. I wonder what they thought of us.
weather, I saddled up quickly and we took off.
We were both relaxed, happy to soak up the
sunshine and explore the hills which seem to
magically transform each time we go out. Due
to the spider web strands that continually
seemed to catch me right about nose level, it
was obvious we were the first pair out that
morning. The most striking thing I noticed was
the glorious quiet. Even the tiny flowers that
graced the mountains like so many colored
sprinkles on a child's cupcake paled to that.
There were no jets flying overhead or
motorcycles zooming down the canyon, no
tree trimmers, leaf blowers or sounds of
construction, only the occasional chirping of a
bird. The silence was stunning.
      Together Bayou and I saw many of the                               Carol flying on Bayou
usual animals that call Monte Nido home. We                   Caveat: Helmets are de rigueur, and Carol
saw two red-tailed hawks soaring high above                 normally wears one. This lovely art photo was a
and eye-catching blue jays perched high atop
                                                             special birthday present for her husband.
bright green branches, but the biggest
surprise was when I spied a coyote off in the
                                                          Recommended magazine reading:
distance. I was smug, having spotted him
                                                          HORSE-JOURNAL has the Information you’re
before Bayou did, and asked him to stop so we
                                                          looking for… horse health issues, and products that
could get a better look. A moment later, I                have been thoroughly tested. Go to www.horse-
noticed that the lone coyote was actually two             journal.com.
coyotes playing in the sun. Must have been
pups, I thought. I asked Bayou, who was now               THE HORSE, Your Guide to Equine Health
studying the pair as intently as I was, to get a          Care is sponsored by the American Association of
little closer. Moving forward, I took my eyes             Equine Practitioners (AAEP). Go to
off of them to look at the trail momentarily,             www.TheHorse.com
and when I looked back, their camouflage
coats hid them so well I couldn't find the pair           EQUUS, The Horse Owner’s Resource. Go
anywhere. Disappointed, we moved on, doing                to EquiSearch.com/magazines/Equus.
CORRAL 36 MEETINGS ARE REGULARLY SCHEDULED            April 20-24 World Cup Finals in Dressage
FOR THE 2 nd TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 7:00 PM.        and Jumping in Las Vegas. Ticket info:
                                                      www.worldcuplasvegas.com or call 866-388
CORRAL 36 NEWSLETTER: STEPHANIE ABRONSON              3267; 702 260 8605.
818/222 PONY; EMAIL: stephanie@abronson.com           April 24 – Corral 63 Poker Trail Ride & BBQ,
2005                                                  Buck & Luanne Wicall host at their ranch in
                                                      Agoura. Contact Anita at 818- 888 8908.
April 1-3 – Central Coast Equine
                                                      May 1st, Corral 36 celebrates their
Experience, Paso Robles Mid-State
                                                      membership with an old fashioned day of
Fairgrounds. www.equineexperience.net or
                                                      Games on Horseback and a Pot Luck lunch at
805- 237 0011.
April 3 @ 2:00 AM –                                   Malibu Valley Farms. More information from
                                                      Christine Baumgartner at 818- 222 1359.
Daylight savings
                                                      May 1 – Trancas Riders & Ropers Playday,
                                                      Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact Patty Adair
April 3 – Trancas                                     310-457 0707.
Riders & Ropers                                       May 1 - Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry &
English Show, Malibu Equestrian Center.               Music Festival Trail Ride begins and ends at
Contact Susan Demers 310-456 3074.                    Atlasta Ranch 24816 Aden Ave. Newhall. A
April 3 – Corral 54 Trail Trials, Contact             benefit for Carousel Ranch, the handicap riding
Charlotte Brodie 818-892 3862;                        program in Santa Clarita. The $50 for the ride
charlottebeast@msn.com                                includes entrance to the Melody Ranch.
April 9-10- Rod Bergen’s Horse/Rider                  Contact Terry Payne at (661) 254-1657 or
Bombproofing Clinic at Pierce College. See            email: terryp@thevine.net.
flyer in this newsletter.
April 10 – Corral 54 Box Lunch Ride in the            May 10 - 7 pm Corral 36 Open to the
Hansen Dam Area. Fund raiser for ETI                  Public Seminar on Fire Safety &
National Foundation. Ready to ride at 9:30            Preparedness followed by a Board Meeting
am. Lunches will be auctioned at the end of           at the home of Ann & Saul Berman, 551
the ride. Awards for the “Best Dressed,”              Mountain Green Dr., Monte Nido. 818- 591
“Highest Bid,” “Best Gourmet Lunch.” Contact          5920. This seminar is for all the horse
Diane Brewer 805-581 0560.                            owners in the neighborhood and extended
                                                      local area with Fire Station 67 Captains.
April 12 - 7 pm Corral 36 Seminar &
Board Meeting at the home of Christine &              May 13-15 – Cal-Net horse show @ LAEC.
Burt Baumgartner, 25090 Mulholland Hwy,
Calabasas (818) 222 1359. Guest Speaker:              May 14-15 Pat Parelli @ the City of
Dr. Ken Marlborough, educator, riding                 Industry – Only appearance in So. Calif.
instructor and author of Trail Riding, an             for 2005. Stephanie Abronson has 3 tickets
authoritative guide to open-country riding.           left available at $20.00 each. Contact her at
                                                      818-222 PONY or email:
April 16 – 2nd Annual Chatsworth Day of               Stephanie@abronson.com.
the Horse at Peppertree Ranch. PR and the
Chatsworth Neighborhood Council would like            May 15 – ANTONOVICH TRAIL DUSTERS
to invite you; 11 am to 4 pm at the Peppertree        RIDE. This bi-annual ride will be in
Ranch, 21031 Chatsworth St. Food sold by              Chatsworth, staging in Browns Canyon. A
Chatsworth Historical Society.                        great opportunity to support Supervisor
April 17 – PIERCE COLLEGE FARM WALK &                 Michael Antonovich, who has been our
Equine Safety Demonstrations at the new               equestrian advocate in establishing and
Equestrian Education Center. 9:30 am to 4             maintaining county trails. Volunteers and
pm. $5.00 donation per person; children under         donations needed. Contact Charlotte Brodie
12 free. Contact Ron Wechsler 818-710 4253            818-892 3862; email:
or 805-527 2242. No calls after 9 pm.                 charlottebeast@msn.com.

May 15 – Trancas Riders & Ropers English                 Aug. 20 – TRR Bombproofing Horse &
Show, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact                  Rider Clinic at Malibu Equestrian Center.
Susan Demers 310-456 3074.                               Contact Rod Bergen 818- 591 7896.
                                                         Aug. 28 – Trancas Riders & Ropers
May 21-24 – Buck Brannaman Clinic                        Playday, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact
at Del Mar, CA. Foundation Horsemanship &                Patty Adair 310-457 0707.
Cow Working. Last Brannaman clinic in                    Sept. 11 - Trancas Riders & Ropers
Southern CA for 2005. Contact Christian Clews            English Show, Malibu Equestrian Center.
858 755 5022.                                            Contact Susan Demers 310-456 3074.
May 22 – Corral 63 Paramount Ranch trail
ride. Contact Karyne Ventris 818- 718 1302.              Sept. 13 - 7 pm Corral 36 Seminar &
May 22 – Trancas Riders & Ropers Jumper                  Board Meeting at the home of Deborah
Show, Malibu. Contact Gabrielle Harris 310-              Collins, 24232 Dry Canyon/Cold Creek Rd.
457 4794.                                                Calabasas. (818) 225-1480.
May 24-29 – Bishop Mule Days, 1141 N.                    Sept. 18 – TRR Annual Cup Ride, Malibu.
Main St., Bishop, CA 93514; Info: 760-872                Contact Kathy Carle 818-716 6875.
4263; www.muledays.org.                                  Sept. 25 - Trancas Riders & Ropers
                                                         English/Western Show, Malibu Equestrian
June 5 – TRR Horse Fair/Swap Meet,                       Center. Contact Bonnie Decker310-457 4787,
Malibu. Contact Rod Bergen 818-591 7896.                 or Sharon Brumette 818-707 2108.
June 10-12 Western States Horse Expo,
Fair Grounds, Sacramento Info. 800-352 2411              Oct. 2 - Trancas Riders & Ropers Playday,
June 11-12 - "Heritage of Horses" at the                 Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact Patty Adair
San Fernando Valley Fair. CONTACT: 818-                  310-457 0707.
486-0712                                                 Oct. 7-9 – 2nd Annual Harvest Draft Horse,
June 12 – Trancas Riders & Ropers                        Mule & Carriage Show, Earl Warren
Playday, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact               Showgrounds, Santa Barbara. Contact Harriet
Patty Adair 310-457 0707.                                Landrum 805-687 0766. www.earlwarren.com
                                                         Oct. 11 - 7 pm Corral 36 Board Meeting &
June 14 - 7 pm Corral 36 Seminar & Board                 Seminar at the home of ________________?
Meeting at the home of Rod & Judy Bergen.
                                                         Oct. 16 -Trancas Riders & Ropers SHRIMP
June 19 – Trancas Riders & Ropers                        SHOW, Malibu Equestrian Park. Contact
Western/English Show, Malibu. Contact                    Debbie Tomasi 310-459 9153.
Bonnie Decker 310- 457 4787.                             Oct. 30 - Trancas Riders & Ropers English
                                                         Show, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact
July 4 – Monte Nido Parade & Picnic                      Susan Demers 310-456 3074.
July 12 - 7 pm Corral 36 Seminar & Board                 Nov. 8 - 7 pm Corral 36 Board Meeting to
Meeting at the home of Debbie DiMascio &                 plan our Dec. Holiday Party at the office of
Julian Watkins 894 Crater Oak Dr., Monte                 Brian & Mia Boudreau, 26885 Mulholland Hwy,
Nido. Wear nice socks. We leave our shoes at             Calabasas. 880 5139.
the door.
                                                         Nov. 5-11 – ETI Death Valley Ride. Contact
July 17 – Trancas Riders & Ropers                        Gwen Allen, 818- 367 1401;email:allengg@aol.com
Dressage Show, Malibu Equestrian Center.
                                                         Nov. 19-21 - Ray Hunt Clinic, Visalia, CA.
Contact Vikki Siemons 818-348 5258.
                                                         Contact Susie Cranny 559-741-1515 or email:
July 24 – ETI Convention Trail Trials. This
will be BEFORE the other events at LAEC.
                                                         Nov. 26-28 Ray Hunt Clinic, Santa Cruz,
We'll stage it at Martinez Arena so we can
                                                         CA. Contact Bonnie Stoehn 831-457 2224.
enjoy the hills more. This way, hopefully,
                                                         Dec. 4 - Trancas Riders & Ropers English
some of our faithful Convention volunteers will
                                                         Show, Malibu Equestrian Center. Contact
be able to participate. Or help if they'd prefer.
                                                         Susan Demers 310-456 3074.
July 28-31- ETI Convention @ LAEC,
                                                         Dec. 13 - 7 pm Corral 36 General Meeting
Burbank. Contact www.etinational.com.
                                                         & Holiday Party at the home of
August 9 –Corral 36 Board on Summer

Something good passing around                                    been complaining silently about "me" and "my"
                                                                 issues. I took for granted the everyday freedoms I
the internet we wanted to share                                  enjoy and the conveniences of the American way of
with those of you not into                                       life I took for granted others paid the price for my
                                                                 ability to moan and complain about a few minutes
computers...yet!                                                 delay to "me" those Heroes going home to their loved
“I sat in my seat of the Boeing 767 waiting for
everyone to hurry and stow their carry-ons and grab              “I attempted to get my selfish outlook back in order
a seat so we could start what I was sure to be a long,           and minutes before we landed I suggested to the
uneventful flight home. With the huge capacity and               attendant that she announce over the speaker a
slow moving people taking their time to stuff luggage            request for everyone to remain in their seats until our
far too big for the overhead and never paying much               heroes were allowed to gather their things and be
attention to holding up the growing line behind them, I          first off the plane. The cheers and applause
simply shook my head knowing that this flight was not            continued until the last Marine stepped off and we all
starting out very well.                                          rose to go about our too often taken for granted
                                                                 everyday freedoms......... I felt proud of them. I felt it
“I was anxious to get home to see my loved ones so I
                                                                 an honor and a privilege to be among the first to
was focused on "my" issues and just felt like standing
                                                                 welcome them home and say Thank You for a job
up and yelling for some of these clowns to get their
                                                                 well done. I vowed that I will never forget that flight
act together. I knew I couldn't say a word so I just
                                                                 nor the lesson learned. I can't say it enough, THANK
thumbed thru the "Sky Mall" magazine from the seat
                                                                 YOU to those Veterans and active servicemen and
pocket in front of me. You know it's really getting
                                                                 women who may read this and a prayer for those
rough when you resort to the over priced, useless sky
                                                                 who cannot because they are no longer with us. GOD
mall crap to break the monotony. With everyone
                                                                 BLESS AMERICA! WELCOME HOME! AND
finally seated, we just sat there with the cabin door
                                                                 THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE !
open and no one in any hurry to get us going
although we were well past the scheduled take off                “This is a ribbon for soldiers fighting in Iraq. Pass it
time. No wonder the airline industry is in trouble I told
                                                                 on to everyone and pray.”

“Just then, the attendant came on the intercom to
inform us all that we were being delayed. The entire
plane let out a collective groan. She resumed
speaking to say "We are holding the aircraft for some
very special people who are on their way to the plane
and the delay shouldn't be more than 5 minutes. The
word came after waiting six times as long as we were
promised that "I" was finally going to be on my way
home. Why the hoopla over "these" folks? I was
expecting some celebrity or sport figure to be the               TRAVELING WITH YOUR
reason for the hold up.........Just get their butts in a         HORSE?
seat and let’s hit the gas I thought.                            Who will you call when you have a breakdown
                                                                 or an emergency on the road - whether it’s the
“The attendant came back on the speaker to
                                                                 tow vehicle or the trailer?
announce in a loud and excited voice that we were
being joined by several U. S. Marines returning home
from Iraq!!! Just as they walked on board, the entire            AAA, Auto Club of Southern California, IF you
plane erupted into applause. The men were a bit                  have RV additional on your membership.
taken by surprise by the 340 people cheering for                 Membership is valid nationally. www.aaa.com.
them as they searched for their seats. They were                 800- 400 4222.
having their hands shook and touched by almost
everyone who was within an arm's distance of them                AAA Roadside Assistance for RVs and
as they passed down the aisle. One elderly woman                 Motorcycles
kissed the hand of one of the Marines as he passed
by her. The applause, whistles and cheering didn't               Feel more secure in your recreational vehicle
stop for a long time. When we were finally airborne,             or while riding your motorcycle** with our
"I" was not the only civilian checking his conscience            optional RV and Motorcycle Towing and RV
as to the delays in "me" getting home, finding my                Tire Change Service. With a standard AAA
easy chair, a cold beverage and the remote in my                 membership, you already receive
hand. These men had done for all of us and I had                 lockout/locksmith assistance, air for tires and
emergency fuel delivery for your RV and                 Or…
motorcycle. But our optional RV and
Motorcycle Towing and RV Tire Change Service            US Rider, Equestrian Motor Plan,
extends these services to include:                      Nationwide Trailering Assistance.
                                                        www.usrider.org. 800-844 1409.
4 RV or motorcycle towing and RV tire change
service calls each membership year, per                 USRider Protects You in Any Car or Truck -
household                                               Whether You Are Driving or Not. Membership
Up to $200 in services per disablement for              Benefits Include:
standard and Plus members (that's up to $800            ?USRider Emergency Roadside Assistance
per membership year)                                    ?USRider Equestrian Benefits
Up to $300 in services per disablement for              ?$500,000 Personal Excess Equine
Premier members                                         Liability Insurance
Applies to any RV or motorcycle you own,                ?Up to $20,000 Personal Accident Insurance (A
borrow or rent                                          D&D)
                                                        ?Additional USRider Travel Services
Benefits extend across the U.S. and Canada.
                                                        USRider Equestrian Benefits:
These RV and Motorcycle benefits cover                  $500,000 Personal Excess Equine Liability
vehicles and trailers used for recreational             Insurance Coverage is in effect from time of
purposes, and motorcycles that are licensed             departure to time of arrival of horse
for highway use.                                        van/trailer, including loading and unloading.

Vehicles included with our optional RV and              Up to $20,000 Personal Accident Insurance
Motorcycle Towing and RV Tire Change                    (AD&D) Coverage is applicable in respect to
Service:                                                bodily injury to member occurring while
motorcycles*                                            traveling with a horse van/trailer from the
motor homes                                             time of departure to time of arrival, including
camper vans                                             loading and unloading.
cab-over campers
camping trailers                                        Emergency Trip Interruption Veterinary
fifth wheel trailers                                    Services USRider will reimburse you for the
boat trailers                                           unexpected expenses due to a collision which
personal watercraft trailers                            results in the injury of a horse(s) being
horse trailers                                          transported by you. Covered items include:
ATV trailers                                            veterinary care, overnight boarding, lodging
utility trailers carrying recreational equipment        and meals, rental vehicle. (Reimbursement
However, if your trip is interrupted for any            limited to the first 72 hours following accident
reason, Standard membership may or may not              and up to US $1,000 maximum).
get you any help in finding lodging. If you
have AAA Plus or AAA Premier membership,                Emergency Lodging Arrangements If,
Trip Interruption is an added service, and you          while traveling, your vehicle breaks down or is
would get the help you need to find human               in an accident that does not involve injury to a
lodging, but more than likely no help in finding        horse(s), USRider will contact area hotels,
lodging for your horse(s).                              motels and stabling facilities to make lodging
                                                        arrangements for you and your horse(s).
To add the RV and Motorcycle Towing and RV              (Member responsible for lodging/stabling
Tire Change Service option, call 1-800-222-             costs. USRider cannot guarantee availability.)
8794 or visit your local Auto Club office. For
more information, see the Recreational Vehicle          Some services provided are subject to certain
and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance guide.               restrictions and limitations. Member
                                                        responsible for non-covered expenses and
Auto Club of Southern California does NOT               expenses in excess of coverage limits. Please
offer assistance to find emergency lodging for          see service contract and certificate of
people or animals or livestock if repairs cannot        insurance for complete details. Satisfaction
be made to the vehicles in reasonable time.             guaranteed or your money back.

Store these items in the trailer so you always have
them on board:
Spare Tire/Jack/Tire Iron
Three emergency triangles or flares (Triangles are
Electrical tape
Duct Tape
Equine First Aid Kit with splint (know how to use it)
Knife for cutting ropes, etc., in emergency
Water hose
Spare halter and lead rope for each horse
Spare bulbs for exterior and interior lights
Spare fuses if applicable
Fire extinguisher with up to date c harge
WD-40 or other lubricant
Broom, shovel, fork, and manure disposal bags
Insect spray (bee and wasp)

For the tow vehicle:
Registration for the vehicle and trailer
Proof of insurance
Jumper cables
Spare tire/jack/tire iron
Tool kit including wiring materials
Spare belts and hoses for the tow vehicle
Tow chain
Cellular phone and/or CB radio (CB may be more effective            Have a favorite photo? Had a desire to
in rural areas without cell phone service)                          have it as a painting for your home? Either sit
Replacement fuses
Work gloves
                                                                    for a professional portrait session or use a
Portable air compressor                                             favorite photo of your own. Either can be
Extra cash/credit card                                              rendered on fine art watercolor paper or
Road Atlas                                                          artists canvas up to 12x18 and delivered
Hawkins Guide: Equine Emergencies on the Road
USRider Membership Kit
                                                                    matted ready to frame. Also available - a very
                                                                    reasonable framing service using archival
**Check your inventory frequently and replace used or               materials throughout and conservation glass
removed items before each trip**                                    (UV inhibiting). For information on pricing, and
For crossing state lines or attending competitions:
                                                                    to see these pictures in color as well as other
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate)           examples of the artist's painting and
dated within 30 days                                                photography, contact Susannah Sofaer Kramer
Proof of Negative EIA (Coggins) usually dated within 1              at 805-445-1090 or
year. Some states require within 6 months.
Certificate of Brand Inspection if applicable
If you are in an accident and have been injured

EMS personnel and police will most likely not be capable
of taking care of your horses. Prepare for this situation by
keeping some sort of emergency directions in a very
visible place. Write the name of someone you know who
can be called to help or to advise what to do with the
horses if you are incapacitated - a knowledgeable friend,
your veterinarian, or someone else who is familiar with
your horses and all current telephone numbers. The
USRider Membership Kit contains a specially created
emergency information placard (trailer interior) and an
accompanying emergency notification sticker (trailer

                                   Pierce College Horse Science Program
                                   Pierce College Horse Science Program

          Sponsor-a-Horse in the Los Angeles Pierce College Horse Science Program.

      We have 18 Horses in the program. Each Horse costs to maintain per month:

      Feed                                          $40.00
      Farrier                                       $44.00
      Vet Costs (vaccinations & wormer)             $10.00
      Fly Spray                                     $ 4.00
      First Aid Supplies                            $ 7.00

                             TOTAL                 $105.00

NOW, compare the above costs with the Horse Science Program Tuition…

Student tuition is $18.00 per unit. Classes average $36.00 per year. BEST DEAL IN
          We need your support… Please help by donating to the program.
           In appreciation for your donation, your name will be posted
                   on our Sponsorship Board at the Horse Unit.

NAME: _________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP: _______________________________________________________
TELEPHONE: ____________________________ FAX: __________________________
EMAIL: _________________________________________________________________

I would like to sponsor a horse:
? $100. (for a month)            ? $25.00
? $75.00                         ? $10.00
? $50.00                         ? Other $________
      ?    I would like to be on the “Friends of the Pierce College Horse Unit Mailing list.
      ?   I would like to know more about the Horse Science Program.
      ? I am currently a student at Pierce.       ? I am an Alumni of Pierce.
Please make your check payable to
and send to:        Pierce College Foundation – Equestrian Education Center
                    c/o Ron Wechsler, Director
                    Agriculture Department
                    6201 Winnetka Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91371
                                        ETI Corral 36 Presents
                  ROD BERGEN’S

                        SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2005
                         SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2005

                      PIERCE COLLEGE
            6201 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, CA.
            (enter from DeSoto Ave. or Victory Blvd.)
                Riders : $145 (both days)    Spectators: $15 (Sat.), $20 (Sun.), $25 (both days)

       Special Topic: “THE          REAL HORSEWHISPERERS-Part 3”
Even if you missed the first two installments of this series, find out how you can use these time-proven,
 “ true horsemanship” training methods to obtain a safer, more reliable, more dependable and more
                                            enjoyable horse.

Saturday, APRIL 9, 2005 CLASSROOM (Animal Sciences, Room 4100)
                1:30PM – 4:30PM Enjoy an entertaining, informational
                                 lecture and learn the “Process” of
                                 effective horse/human communication.
  Sunday, APRIL 10, 2005 LARGE ARENA
              9:00AM- 12:00PM Preparing the Foundation
              1:00PM – 4:00PM Overcoming the “Obstacles” and the

                                     This Clinic will Cover:
                               How and why horses do what they do.
                           How to use a Zen approach to horsemanship.
                How to handle and ride your horse safer and smarter–not harder.
             How to stabilize both your own and your equine partner’s emotional level.

                              Snaffle Bits or Bitless Bridles are suggested
                         Proper Riding Attire and ASTM Helmets are required
                  A reservation is necessary if you want to ride (Space is very limited)

                             FOR FURTHER DETAILS, CALL:
                    (818) 591-7963 or (310) 456-1037

                        ETI Corral 36
            Cordially invites you and your family to
     a fun day of games on horseback and a potluck lunch at

                           Malibu Valley Farms
                            Stokes Canyon Road at
                           Mulholland Hwy., Calabasas

                           Sunday, May 1, 2005
                      From 10 am, ‘til 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon
           Bring your horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys
  And try your hand at playing games. We just might have an…
      Egg & Spoon Race
a little Pole Bending slalom;               -No entry fees-
 maybe a few barrels to race              Ribbons and Prizes
            around                      By reservation: contact
     An Obstacle Course                 Christine Baumgartner
       Run, Ride & Lead                      818-222 1359
         Musical Stalls                (cbridgerider@aol.com)
and Ride a Buck Bareback –
(bring your own $1!) Winner takes all $$$.

                      Pierce College
             Agricultural Science Department
                      April 17, 2005
                    9:30 am – 4:00 pm
               $5.00 Donation per Person
                  Children under 12 Free

California Dairy Council’s Mobile Classroom (Cow Milking Demonstration)
                      BBQ Õ Live Country Music Õ
                   ÕSheep Shearing & Wool SpinningÕ
             Horse Shoe Forging Õ Exotic Animal Shows Õ
                Petting Zoo Õ Kung Fu Demonstration Õ
                ÕCalifornia Women for Agriculture BoothÕ

      Come see the new Pierce College Equestrian Education Center
(Frequent Tours of the Center together with Equine Safety Demonstrations)
                 Additional Booths and Information from:

                 Department of Animal Rescue (D.A.R.T.)

                 Award Winning Art Posters from the
        Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Equestrian Committee
                      Equine Safety Art Contest

                      Equestrian Trails Inc. (E.T.I.)
                      Valley Horse Owners Assoc.
                       And much, much more!!!

      Come walk the Farm and enjoy the scenery with your family!!
                     Sorry, no dogs allowed on campus

             CALL 818-710-4253 FOR MORE INFORMATION
New: _______ Renewal: ________ DUES includes Insurance fee.

Name (Last): ___________________________ (First) _________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City/Zip Code: ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: (_______) ________________________________ Occupation ________________________

Email: ___________________________________ Spouse: ____________________________________

      _____ Junior (under 18) Birthdate _______               Dues paid ____________ $30.
      _____ Senior (over 18                                   Dues paid ____________ $35.
      _____ Family**2 members                                 Dues paid ____________ $50.
      _____ Family**3 members Sr. ___ Jr. ___                 Dues paid ____________ $55.
      _____ Family**4 members Sr. ___ Jr. ___                 Dues paid ____________ $60.
      _____ Associate (Please indicate regular Corral: ______      paid ____________ $15.
**Limited to parents & children under 18. List all family members. Birthdates required for all minors:
 Child’s name                                   Birthdate
_____________________________________ __________
_____________________________________ __________
_____________________________________ __________

Date _____________ Applicant’s signature _________________________________________
                                                        (Parent’s signature if under 18)
                             Please make your check payable to E.T.I. Corral 36,
        Send to ETI Corral 36, c/o Stephanie Abronson, 543 Cold Canyon Rd., Monte Nido, CA 91302-2206

               Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Corral 36 Mountain Ridge Riders
c/o Stephanie Abronson
543 Cold Canyon Rd.
Monte Nido, CA 91302-2206

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