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									                                                               CERTIFICATION AT A GLANCE
                                                                         Relevant, Prestigious Credentials Recognized by the Tourism Sector in Canada

Hunting Guide
Hunting guide                                         samPle questions
                                                                                                       EARNING A
A Hunting Guide is an environmentally                 q1. What is an example of
conscious person who possesses the skills             being professional?                              PROFESSIONAL
needed to guide clients on a safe and
enjoyable hunting experience.                         1.   Raising clients’ expectations.              CREDENTIAL
                                                      2.   Answering questions truthfully.
                                                                                                       emerit certification is a professional
distribution of exam questions                        3.   Offering personal advice.
                                                                                                       credential recognized by tourism employers
The Hunting Guide exam has 100 ques-                  4.   Giving trophy game the most respect.        across Canada.
tions, and is based on the following
                                                      q2. What information does a Hunting              Certification is a demonstration of
breakdown, by Major Category from the
                                                      Guide need to know about bow hunting?
occupational standards:                                                                                competency, which means that Certified
                                                      1.   Sighting.                                   Professionals meet job standards set by
	                                         average #
standards major Category              of exam items   2.   Ammunition.                                 industry.
                                                      3.   Patterning.                                 To become certified, individuals must:
A. Training                             9
B. Professionalism                     26             4.   Loading.
                                                                                                       • pass a knowledge exam;
C. Safety and Survival Skills          24             q3. How can a Hunting Guide assist cli-
D. Trip Preparation                     9             ents who have difficulty hearing?                • pass a practical evaluation of
E. Conduct Trip                        22
                                                                                                         performance; and
                                                      1. Make eye contact with the client and
F. Conclude Trip                        2                use hand gestures.                            • have the required experience
G. Legal and Employment Contract Issues 8             2. Note any difficulties the client has and      Earning this important credential means
                                                         inform the outfitter/employer.                that you will be recognized as a leading
PerformanCe evaluation                                3. Speak slowly and offer an arm when            professional in your industry.
                                                         walking in rough terrain.
A qualified evaluator will complete three                                                              By achieving emerit certification you
interviews with previous clients. Please see          4. Simplify instructions and use
                                                         demonstrations.                               earn the right to display your professional
accompanying sheet for additional details.                                                             designations on business cards and résumés.
                                                      q4. When should a Hunting Guide                  As a frontline employee, you’re eligible for
required exPerienCe                                   consider canceling a trip?                       the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP)
60 field days with hunting clients over a             1. When wildlife activities have been            designation. As a Supervisor you can achieve
minimum of 2 years; OR at least 50 days                  noted in the area.                            the Tourism Certified Supervisor (TCS)
with hunting clients plus an additional                                                                designation and as a Manager, you are
                                                      2. When the clients’ gear is inadequate.
10 days related outdoor guiding.                                                                       eligible for the Tourism Certified Manager
                                                      3. When weather conditions pose a threat
                                                         to safety.                                    (TCM) designation.
Standard first aid.                                   4. When the progress of the group is not
                                                         following the schedule.                       OPPORTUNITIES AND OPTIONS
Basic CPR.
Federal training for firearm safety.                                                                   emerit certification recognizes training from
                                                      Answer key: 2,1,1,3                              many programs and takes into account your
                                                                                                       past experience and knowledge already
                                                                                                       gained on the job. That means you don’t
                                                                                                       have to start from scratch. You can enter the
                                                                                                       emerit certification process at many points,
                                                                                                       depending on your current knowledge and
                                                                                                       experience, allowing you to tailor a program
                                                                                                       that meets your needs.

Hunting Guide (HUG) 2.0, March 2006                                                                    CALL YOUR LOCAL CERTIFYING
                                                                                                       ORGANIZATION: 1 800 486-9158
ABOUT THE EXAM                                        The Day of the Exam                                      ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE
                                                      The exam is supervised by a proctor. Make sure           EVALUATION
Your Choice
                                                      to bring a piece of photo identification, as the         The performance evaluation is a test of your skill
The exams are in a multiple-choice format. Exams      proctor will need it for verification.                   on the job. The test is based on a selected range of
can be written in either English or French (some
                                                      The exam will start on time. Individuals that arrive     skills from the standards, and may be in one of the
exceptions apply), and are available on-line
                                                      late may be asked to reschedule; it is otherwise         following forms:
(scheduled at your convenience) or paper-based
(scheduled according to set exam dates).              disruptive to other candidates.
                                                                                                               • In-person Observation (may be incognito)
To book an exam date, call your local certifying      For paper-and-pencil exams you’ll be given an
                                                      Examination Booklet with all of the required             • Structured Interview/ Simulations;
organization or book it on-line by going to:	                                       information. For on-line exams you’ll be provided        • Case Study; or
                                                      with Internet access and personal log-in
To cancel or make a change to your scheduled          information. If support or reference material is         • Portfolio
exam date, call your local certifying organization.   required, it will be supplied.
A cancellation fee may apply.                                                                                  The Self-Review or Supervisor Sign-off Checklist
                                                      You will be given ample time to write the exam.          will help you prepare. It contains all of the
Preparing for the Exam                                (Most candidates will take 2 to 3 hours to write         potential skills you may be tested against. Ideally
Exams are based on occupational standards set         the exam.)                                               your supervisor will assist you in ranking the skills
for the occupation. Before writing the exam, you                                                               listed on this checklist. Once you have mastered
                                                      The Exam Passing Mark
should spend time reviewing these standards.                                                                   all of the skills, then your supervisor signs off this
Identify your weakest areas or situations that you    Each exam has a unique passing score. This               checklist indicating that you are ready for the
have not been exposed to, and attempt to gain         is because exams are built by assembling a               formal evaluation.
more knowledge and experience in those areas.         random group of questions from a larger bank
                                                      of questions. Each question has been reviewed
Optional on-line practice exams are available for     and rated by an expert industry committee. Since         REQUIRED EXPERIENCE
many occupations. Available at a minimal cost,        each exam will be made up of a different mix of          You will need to supply a record of relevant work
these exams will give you immediate results that      questions, the passing score will vary. Typically, the   experience to show that the requirements are met.
will help you:                                        passing score will range between 65% and 85%.            Backup records (such as pay stubs or letters from
                                                      Scoring                                                  employers) may be requested in order to verify the
• decide if you’re ready to write the knowledge
                                                                                                               records. This information is supplied to your local
  exam; and
                                                      All exams are computer scored and verified.              certifying organization.
• feel less nervous because you experience what       Scores within a few points of the passing mark
                                                      are automatically verified and hand scored for           Qualified experience must relate to the skills as
  it feels like to write an exam that is much like
                                                      accuracy. Your local certifying organization will        defined in the Occupational Standards.
  the real thing.
                                                      contact you with the results.
Study Materials                                       What if You Do Not Pass?                                 PREREQUISITES
Optional training materials are available for most                                                           For some certification programs candidates may
                                                      You may re-write the exam as often as needed. A
programs. Developed and tested by tourism sector                                                             be required to meet additional conditions in
                                                      re-write fee may apply.
employees, employers and educators from across                                                               order to qualify. These conditions usually refer to
Canada, these national training materials are         Candidates have the right to appeal examination practices concerning health or safety. For example,
based on occupational standards and can help          scores. In these cases, the appeal is filed in writing candidates may be required to show they have
you prepare for Professional Certification.           within 30 days after receiving the results.            completed a program such as basic first aid,
                                                                                                             gun safety, handling food safely or responsible
Find out more about the training materials by
                                                                                                             beverage service.
contacting your local certification coordinator, or
see examples on-line at                                                                         Documentation that shows evidence of completion
                                                                                                               of these prerequisites is supplied to your local
                                                                                                               certifying organization.

emerit certification credential are awarded to candidates based solely on achieving successful pass results on the certification
knowledge and performance examinations and on having met the specified experience criteria and prerequisites. The examinations
follow generally accepted testing principles. emerit guidelines for certification focus solely on recognizing achievements,
knowledge, and skills, rather than on, for example, predicting future job performance. emerit certification is voluntary.

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