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					                                                             Registered Office : No 29 / 1,
                                                              1st Floor,Sir M N Krishna Rao Road,
                                                             Bangalore - 560 004.
                                                             Karnataka State.
                                                             Website :


We invite applications from the eligible candidates for 21 vacancies ( at present) . The terms &
conditions for appointment are as below-

1 Eligibilty :

A candidate must be a citizen of India.

 A Graduate in any discipline and having flair for marketing Housing Loan products and
other products of the Company. All qualifications mentioned should be from a recognized

Candidate should possess the following:

    -   Passion for Marketing
    -   Inclination to work independently and also with team
    -   Computer literacy
    -   Good communication skills

Preference will be given to those candidates who have prior experience in marketing.

Since the job involves extensive travelling, candidates should have good physical fitness and should
be ready to accept the challenges & meet the targets.

2. Age : Age should be between 21-35 years as on 01/07/2011

3. Job profile:

Marketing the Housing Loan product and other products of the Company. Any other work
assigned by the Company from time to time.The roles and responsibilities are narrated as
per annexure 2.

4. Vacancy/places of work:

21 Vacancies are presently available at the following locations pan India:

Existing Branches:1)Davanegere 2)Hubli 3) Mangalore 4)Chennai 5)Tamabaram (Chennai)
6)Coimbatore 7)Pondicherry 8)Madurai 9)Calicut 10)Cochin 11)Trichur 12)Goa 13)Raipur 14)Baroda
15)Jaipur 16)Patna.
 You may refer our website for exact location/address.

Proposed branches:

17) Hosur (Tamil Nadu) 18)Ambattur (Chennai) 19)Guntur (AP) 20) Tumkur (Karnataka) 21)Nagpur
5. Period of Contract:

Three (3) years with an option to extend for another two years at the discretion of the Company’s
Managing Director.

6. . Pay:

The applicant is eligible for fixed pay and variable pay, details of which are as under;

    a. Fixed Pay:

Rs. 10000/- per month subject to achievement of minimum threshold business towards
Housing Loan disbursement of Rs.100 lakhs per quarter i.e 4 crores per annum.

Fixed pay will be disbursed as under:

            Basic                 : Rs. 6000/-
            HRA                   : Rs. 1500/-
            Conveyance            : Rs. 1500/-
            Medical Aid           : Rs. 1000/-
            Total                 : Rs.10000/-

    b. Variable Pay :

Over and above the threshold limit of business canvassed (i.e Rs.100 lakhs towards
disbursement per quarter), he/she will be entitled for variable pay and the variable pay is
equivalent to 0.25% of over and above the minimum threshold business, which
shall be paid quarterly.

The contract appointees, who fail to achieve performance with a minimum threshold limit
of Rs.100 lakhs towards disbursement per quarter, beginning from the second quarter of
their appointment, shall cease to continue as contract appointees of the Company from
the last day of the month from the end of the second quarter under review. However, if
any candidate fails to achieve minimum threshold limit of Rs.100 lakhs towards
disbursement      in any quarter, the Company has the right to cancel the contract

7. Other benefits:

Casual Leave       - 10 days per calendar year
Annual Leave       - 20 days per calendar year

The Annual Leave can be encashed to the extent of 50% every year. Carry over of
unavailed casual/annual leave shall not be permitted.

Other conditions:

       Applicable Income Tax shall be deducted as per provisions
       Either party may terminate the contract by giving one month notice in writing/by
        remitting one month’s fixed compensation amount
       The Company will have the right to recover at its discretion, any loss or money due
        to the Company, from the amounts due and payable by the Company without
        prejudice to any other remedies the Company may adopt for recovering the same.
       The contract appointee shall not be eligible for any perquisites whatsoever which
        are payable to permanent employees of the Company.
8.Submission of application :

 Application should be handed over to branch in charge at the respective branches in person of
their location as per Annexure -1 duly super scribing “Application for the post of Marketing
Officers on contract” on the envelope and application received not in conformity with the format
will be rejected.

In respect of proposed 5 branches ( as mentioned in point 4 ), the applications should be handed
over to the respective contact persons either in person or by post/courier who are working in the
(nearby branches) as below:-

 Proposed Branch           To submit application @       Contact person
 Hosur                     Registered Office             Mr.   V.Durga      Rao,
                                                         Senior Manager
 Ambattur                  Chennai branch                 Mr.    N.Jayakumar,
 Guntur                    Vijayawada Branch             Mr. M.Murali, Officer.

 Tumkur                    Hubli branch                  Mr.
                                                         Asst Manager.
 Nagpur                    Hyderabad                     Mr. T.T.Achuthanand,

9. Last date for submission of application: 31/07/2011

10. Selection Procedure

The selection for the post of Marketing Officers on contract shall be by way of Interview

       Company reserves the right to accept/reject any application at any stage including calling
        for interview

       Depending on the number of vacancies, such of those candidates who rank sufficiently high
        in the order of merit in their academic career /previous experience, if any, will only be called
        for interview.

       Preference will be given only to local candidates.( The job involves marketing of Housing
        loan products within the respective city and it is target oriented as such the candidates who
        are familiar with the local market of real estate as well as the knowledge of local language
        are preferred )

11 Date of Interview:

The date and venue of the Interview will be intimated by the respective branches by email / phone
call/letter during August 2011 to enable the candidates to join in all possibility by 1st Sept 2011.
No TA/DA will be payable for attending the interview.

12. Call Letters
All the communications viz, call letters for interview etc., will be sent to the correspondence address
given by the candidate.

13. General Instructions:

    a) Candidates have to send the hard copy of the application in the prescribed format to the
       address mentioned above.
    b) Candidates may mention their valid personal e-mail ID, if any in the application.
    c) Candidates should ensure that they fit into the eligibility criteria before applying. The
       Company reserves right to reject ineligible candidate’s application at any stage.
    d) Applications, which are incomplete in any respect, will be rejected.
    e) Affix a recent passport size photograph on the application and sign it across.
    f) The Company will not be responsible for any loss of application in transit or for rejection of
       candidature for non-receipt and application received after last date will not be entertained.
    g) Candidates serving in Government/Public Sector Undertakings should submit “No Objection
       Certificate” from their employer at the time of interview, in the absence of which their
       candidature will not be considered.
    h) The Company shall not be responsible for an application being rejected, which is based on
       wrong information provided in the application form/unauthorized person/institution.
                                                                             Annexure -1

                                                                   Affix recent passport size
                                                                    photograph duly signed


 1. Name in full
    (in capitals)
 2. Sex                                             Male /Female

 3 Permanent address

 4 Native place
 5. Communication address with PIN Code             Phone: Res No:
                                                    Mobile No.
                                                    Email ID :

 6. Nationality

 8. Place of Domicile
 9. Date of Birth and Age as on 01.07.2011
 10. Marital Status

 11. Educational qualification
 Sl    Examination /                  University/    Subject    Year of          % of marks
 No.   Course                         Board                     Passing
 01.   SSLC/SSC
 02.   Pre -University/Intermediate
 03.   Graduation
 04.   Post Graduation

 12. Previous Experience (if any).
 Sl    From                To                 Name of the employer                 Designation

 13. Languages Known                          TO SPEAK         TO READ         TO WRITE

 14. Knowledge of Driving                     YES / NO

 15. Probable period required for
 joining, if selected

I hereby declare that, all the statements made in this application are true and if any of
the particulars furnished by me are found to be incorrect, my candidature is liable to be
rejected at any stage of the selection process.

DATE :                                          SIGNATURE OF THE CANDIDATE
                                                                         Annexure - 2

       Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing officers( on contract):

1. Solicitation of potential customers to avail of the products of the Can Fin
    Homes Ltd (CFHL).
2. Creating a database of potential customers and allowing Can Fin Homes Ltd
    (CFHL) full access thereto:
3. Dissemination of information and answering enquiries about the products to
    the prospective customers;
4. Mailing and distributing product information brochures and other materials
    provided by CFHL.
5. Explaining to customers the terms and conditions of, access to availability of
    the products.
6. Providing information to CFHL on the status of the documentation or about
    the customers
7. Assisting customers to fill up the application form to avail of the products
8. Calling for from the customers and reviewing and collecting all the photo
    copies of papers produced by them pertaining to their income employment or
    professional status, property, the offered security including shares, securities,
    insurance policies, and such other information and documents as CFHL may
9. Assisting customers to prepare and file the final product documentation, post
    dated cheques, security and other documents that CFHL may require.
10. Forwarding the papers required by the CFHL and such verification agencies,
    lawyers, search clerks, accountants or valuers, as may be appointed or
    designated by CFHL and following up with them to receive and review and
    their reports or opinions till the account is loaded on CFHL’s systems;
11. Providing the customers with information on the status of their applications
    for the products;
12. Visiting the customers at their homes or places of employment or business
    and performing all or any of the functions or operations herein specified at
    those places;
13. Providing information to the customers on the availability and status of
    specific loan related items.
14. Maintaining an information and providing loan related services for CFHL and
    the customers;
15. Coordinating with CFHL approved property developers and builders with a
    view to providing the best options to the customers and optimum security for
    CFHL loan products;
16. Attending to customer’s loan related service requests, processing and
    forwarding them to CFHL and coordinating with CFHL the completion of these
    requests and routing them back to the customers;
17. Such other duties, functions and operations as may be authorized in writing
    by CFHL.
18. The job profile of the contract appointee includes marketing of Housing Loan /
    other products of the Company. The contract appointee is responsible for
    end-to-end sales and any other work assigned by the Company from time to


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