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					                          Visa extension application
           (for graduate students registered through the Faculty of History)

If you need to extend your Tier 4 Student Visa we will need to receive the following details
from you in order to prepare the appropriate documentation. Please make sure to give us
sufficient time to process the information well in advance of the expiry date of your current
visa. We understand that the UK Border Agency will not accept documentation which was
completed after the expiry date of your current visa.

 •         Surname:
 •         Forename(s):
           [as given on your Passport]
 •         Student number:

 Please supply us in advance with answers to the following questions:

     (i)   will you be applying while in the UK,
           or will you be outside the country when
           applying for your visa extension?

 (ii)      which Passport will you use for your visa application?

 •         Nationality:
 •         Passport Number:
 •         Passport Expiry Date:

 (iii)     what is the exact date on which
           your current visa expires:

 Thanks for your help.                                       Print Form   Submit by Email

                           History Graduate Administration

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