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									                                                             ASHRAE Dewpoint

 To:     Tim W.
 From: Michael S.
 CC:     April Dewpoint
 Date:   7/11/2011
 Re:     Articles

 Some Dewpoint items:

 1. Please get everything out for printing by Friday, with warning to Chris Bradford to jump on
 it asap. Thanks!

 President’s Corner

 Thank you to everyone who made it out to the beach for our Refrigeration Tour at the Disney
 Cruise terminal! They have an impressive facility, as you’d expect from Disney, and an
 HVAC system to match. Special thanks to the ASHRAE Space Coast chapter leaders and
 members for their hospitality.

 The huge ASHRAE/ASPE Product Show only occurs every other year, and it happens this
 month in lieu of our regular meeting. Talk to your friend and sales rep to get a complimentary
 pass, and come on out to learn what is new and different. Look forward to seeing you there.

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