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Volume 155, No. 41                                               Monday, March 2, 2009

                                                            Law School Notes
                     Loyola law school celebrates century mark
                                     By Jerry Crimmins                       trial lawyers of his generation. He really
                                     Law Bulletin staff writer               transformed the practice of personal-injury law.”
                         It started as a night school in a Loop office           “Currently in almost every survey of Illinois
                     building with 30 students and two full-time             [trial] lawyers I’ve seen,” Yellen said, “the top
                     teachers in 1908.                                       two are” Dan K. Webb and Joseph A. Power Jr.,
                         Today:                                              both Loyola law alums.
                         • The president of the Illinois state Senate,           Two United States attorneys for the Northern
                     John J. Cullerton, is an alum of this once tiny         District of Illinois have been Loyola alums,
                     school.                                                            .
                                                                             Thomas P Sullivan and Webb.
                         • The Speaker of the Illinois House, Michael            Given the opening to brag for the school’s
                     J. Madigan, is an alum.                                 100th year, Yellen said Loyola law, with a full-
                         • Attorney General Lisa M. Madigan is an            time faculty of about 40, now has “three major
                     alum.                                                   centers of excellence, the Beazley Health Law
                         • State Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes is an           Institute, the Civitas ChildLaw Center and its
                     alum.                                                   trial advocacy program.
                         • Mara S. Georges, Chicago’s corporation                Moreover, with generous gifts in the last five
                     counsel, is an alum.                                    years, the school has created six endowed chairs
                         Before the current chief justice of the Illinois    and is now in the midst of a $20 million
                     Supreme Court, Thomas R. Fitzgerald, his two            renovation of its building.
                     immediate predecessors, Robert R. Thomas and                Yellen has been dean since July 2005.
                     Mary Ann G. McMorrow, were both alums.                      According to a history of the school by
                         Saturday this school, now known as the              Professor Thomas M. Haney to be published this
                     Loyola University Chicago School of Law, which          spring, entitled “The First 100 Years,” the school
                     has grown to 850 students in its own Loyola Law         opened in 1908 in the Ashland Block office
                     Center, at 25 E. Pearson St., celebrates its            building on the northeast corner of Clark and
                     Centennial Gala.                                        Randolph streets.
                         The event at the Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake             Because it was a night school that operated
                     Shore Drive, starts with a reception at 6 p.m.          from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., the students, all young
                     and dinner at 7 p.m. followed by dancing.               men, were there after most of the lawyers and
                         It is “the centerpiece of the whole year,” said     other office workers had gone home, and their
                     David N. Yellen, dean of the law school.                boisterousness sometimes caused trouble for the
                         Attendance for the event is expected to reach       cleaning staff.
                     650 people.                                                 The Ashland Block building later became the
                         In anticipation, Yellen listed just a fraction of   site of the downtown Greyhound bus station. On
                     Loyola’s most prominent law alumni.                     that site today is the Chicago Title & Trust
                         “We have had other alums in these positions         Center, 161 N. Clark St.
                     over the years,” he continued, such as former               The idea for the school was suggested in 1906
                     state Senate president Philip J. Rock, and former       to St. Ignatius College, the predecessor of
                     Illinois attorney general Neil F. Hartigan. The         Loyola University Chicago, by five lawyers.
                     late Henry J. Hyde, who represented Illinois in             They were the man who would become its
                     the U.S. House, also was an alum.                       first dean, William Dillon, along with Michael V  .
                         Two other Chicago corporation counsels have         Kannally, Superior Court Judge Marcus
                     been Loyola law alums, Raymond F. Simon and             Kavanagh, Patrick H. O’Donnell and Howard
                     William R. Quinlan.                                     Sprogle.
                         At least one other Loyola law alum has been a           “We are of the opinion that a law school,
                     justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, James A.         conducted under the auspices of a Catholic
                     Dooley, from the Class of 1937.                         college or university and situated in Chicago, the
                         On the other hand, “We’re probably best             great metropolis of the middle west, would
                     known for producing some of the best trial              succeed,” the five said in a letter to Henry J.
                     lawyers in the country,” Yellen stated.                 Dumbach, S.J., then the president of St. Ignatius
                         Philip H. Corboy “was one of the most famous                                               Continued…
College on Jan. 13, 2006.                            Yellen said.
   With the additional help of Circuit Court Judge      His predecessor for 20 years, Nina S. Appel,
Edward F. Dunne, former mayor of Chicago and         now dean emerita, also is Jewish.
later governor of Illinois, as well as attorney         “We’re proud of our identification and
Arnold D. McMahon, who became the second             heritage,” Yellen said, “but it’s a very ecumenical
dean, and others, the law school was able to open    one.”
on Sept. 14, 1908.
   The school was originally named Lincoln           Justices cite local prof’s work
College of Law and has had several locations
over the years. Once, in 1944, it even closed           Professor Mary Jean Dolan of The John
when the student body dwindled as so many            Marshall Law School submitted an amicus brief
young men went into military service.                on behalf of the International Municipal Lawyers’
   It was “resurrected in 1946,” according to the    Association that was cited frequently in
school’s Web site.                                   Wednesday’s 9-0 opinion by the U.S. Supreme
   Loyola is a Catholic school operated by the       Court in Pleasant Grove v. Summum, No. 07-665,
Jesuits.                                             according to her school.
   “We’re very proud of our identification with         The amicus brief included her national survey
that heritage,” said Yellen. “Jesuits are known      of muncipal monument practices.
around the world for their devotion to education        Dolan received help on the project from
and community service, and that fits our mission     student research assistants Brent Wilson and
as a law school to a T.                              Melissa Branson, and Thomas Keefe, associate
   “It is also imporant to note we are extremely     director of instruction in computer services in
embracing of people of all faiths. I’m Jewish,”      John Marshall’s law library.

                   Reprinted with permission from Law Bulletin Publishing Company.

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