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Present: Cllr Rothschild (Chairman)
Cllrs Dyer and Innes
 Ms Munro (Clerk)

1. Planning ApplicationsThere were no planning applications to discuss.
2. Apologies recorded and declarations of interest madeApologies were
received from Cllrs Nelson, Parker, Robertson and Stretton, Borough Cllr
Balfour and County Cllr Hohler.
3. Minutes of 5 June 2007 to be approved and signedThe minutes of the
meeting held on 5 June were approved and signed.
4. Action Points
i) Youth Group – nothing to report
ii) Teston Road Car Park – the Clerk reported that the fence had been
ordered and it was due to be fitted in the next 2 weeks. Cllr Innes would
obtain a quote for work to the boundary for the next meeting. CI
iii) Highways – the Clerk was asked to report the following items to KCC
Highways:§ Loose manhole cover by Morphew’s Farm on Teston Road§ Pot
holes/uneven surface in lay-by in front of 5 North Meadow The Clerk
circulated maps of the village to those present. Councillors were asked to
assess any damage to the highways in their allocated roads as follows. It was
agreed that Councillors should report any further problems on their allocated
roads to the Clerk each month. ClerkAll
 § Comp Lane Great Comp to The Bungalow Cllr Innes
 § Comp Lane (East) The Bungalow to the Green Cllr Nelson
 § Tower Hill All Cllr Nelson
 § Church Road All Cllr Dyer
 § Aldon Lane All Cllr Stretton
 § Teston Road (West) Seven Mile Lane to The Kings Arms Cllr Parker
 § The Green All Cllr Rothschild
 § North Meadow All Cllr Rothschild
 § Teston Road (East) Offham Manor to Ashtree Farm Cllr Robertson
 § Fatherwell Road All Cllr Dyer
 § Pepingstraw Close All Cllr Robertson
iv) Work to the Pound – The Clerk reported that the contractor would take
approximately 3 weeks to do the work once approval was granted. Cllr Innes
agreed to complete the Wren grant funding forms for the work. CI
v) Cricket and Tennis Club – it was agreed that the Cricket and Tennis clubs
would only be invited to attend the Parish Council meetings twice a year
rather than quarterly as previously discussed. Clerk
vi) Trees – nothing to report
vii) Legal advice on access and maintenance of Parish Council Land – The
Clerk reported that Geoff Castle had done 6.5 hours work on the project to
date. Cllr Innes agreed to talk to Mr Castle to move the project forward. CI
viii) Grants – Cllr Innes reported that the grant application for the Newsletter
for £1000 had been sent in.
ix) Playground – It was reported that residents had been very positive about
the new perimeter track recently installed. It was agreed that the tarmac
should not be painted green as originally agreed, as the black was preferred.
Arnold Tarmac would issue a credit note against this work.Cllr Rothschild
reported on his meeting with Playdale who will start work on the project on 13
August approximately. They expect the work to take no longer than 2 weeks
to complete. He agreed to mark where the youth shelter and basketball court
were to go for tarmacing by Arnold Tarmac.The Clerk reported that the area of
tarmac in the Playground where weeds were growing through had still not
been resolved. She agreed to chase Playdale. Cllr Rothschild agreed to ask
Arnold Tarmac how much they would charge to sort out this area of tarmac.
The Clerk agreed to get the last version of work required to the playground
following the RoSPA inspection 2006 from John Saynor. GRClerk GRClerk
x) Replacement of Handyman – the Clerk was asked to contact the applicant
from the previous advert last year and ask if he would be interested in the
position. An advert was agreed and would be put into the KM and the school
newsletter. The Clerk agreed to email the advert to Cllr Dyer so she could
circulate it to her contacts. While there was no handyman the following rota
for the monthly inspection reports for the Playground inspection was agreed
as follows:July – Cllr RothschildAugust – Cllr DyerSeptember – Cllr
Innes ClerkClerkCDGRCDCI
xi) Speedwatch – Cllr Dyer reported that she had more volunteers for the
initiative. She is expecting it to be up and running within another month or
two. The Clerk agreed to pass this information onto the Clerk of Ryarsh
Parish Council. Clerk
xii) Review of Systems – The Clerk agreed to email the amended risk
assessment to all Councillors with new additions highlighted. It was reported
that Richard and Christine O’Sullivan had agreed to be internal auditor for
2007/08. Clerk
5. External Reports There were no reports.
6. Action plan – 4 year planCllr Innes proposed a new agenda dealing with
administration matters first. Councillors would then report on their chosen
projects as time allowed and meetings should finish at 10.30. Cllr Innes
agreed to contact Cllr Stretton to discuss this prior to the next Parish Council
meeting.Projects were allocated as follows:§ Youth Groups – Cllr
Nelson§ Teston Road Playing Fields – Cllr Rothschild§ Highways and Traffic
(including Speedwatch) – Cllrs Dyer and Stretton§ Environmental
Improvements (inc The Pound and Teston Road Car Park) – Cllr
Innes§ Trees and Open Spaces (including Cosgrave Field) – unallocated
§ The Pond – Cllr Innes§ Landfill Site – Cllrs Innes and Stretton§ Footpaths
and Bridleways – unallocated § Website – Cllr Parker§ A local guide to
recycling (batteries, computers etc) – unallocated§ The Village Shop –
unallocated It was agreed to add this item to the agenda for the next meeting
for further discussion. CIClerk
7. Environmental Grant – remaining fundsA spreadsheet showing the financial
position of the environmental projects was circulated and discussed. There
were spare funds of £1,000 approximately. Cllr Innes agreed to email all
Councillors to ascertain ideas for what the money should be spent on. The
Clerk was asked to check the deadline for the end of the project on both the
TMBC and Wren grants. The Clerk agreed to ask TMBC if they would
transfer part of the funding towards the kissing gate for the Playground.Cllr
Innes agreed to email all Councillors with current suggestions for the position
of the newly acquired bench. The final suggestions would then go into the
next Newsletter for comment by residents. The Clerk was asked to chase Mr
Chris Butler regarding the bench currently being refurbished sited on the
corner of Teston Road and North Meadow. CIClerkClerkCIClerk
8. Reports from other meetingsThere were no reports
9. Adoption of new code of ConductCllrs Dyer, Innes and Rothschild agreed
that they wanted to include the right of Members to speak on a subject where
they have a prejudicial interest and then withdraw from the meeting. The
Clerk was asked to email all other Councillors to find out their opinions on the
Code. Clerk
10.i) Financial MattersCheques to be signed:- The Chairman and Cllr Innes
signed the following cheques:-
· 702 Helen Munro Expenses £100.59
· 703 Inland Revenue NIC & PAYE £31.53
· 704 Burslems War Memorial Inscription £137.98
· 706 KAPC Subscription (S.137 powers) £23.50
· 707 Offham Village Hall Hire of Hall £90.00

· Cheque 705 was not signed, as there was no other second signatory, apart
from Cllr Innes, present to sign the cheque. It was agreed that the cheque
would be signed at the next Planning Meeting.
· 705 Clare Innes Expenses – Maps (S.137 powers) £81.52

ii) Financial Statement – circulated
iii) Budget – circulated
11.i) Correspondence Received
· Thank you letter for our donation to the Flower Festival from the Offham
· TMBC – asking for items to add to the next Parish partnership panel
meeting. The Clerk was asked to send in the following questions: · Could
TMBC confirm where does all the material goes after it has been collected
from recycling/rubbish bins? How do they segregate the waste? Where is its
end destination? Is there a guide for recycling batteries, computers
etc· Community policing – Offham currently has no replacement officer for PC
Ford. Comment on the lack of communication as OPC and Neighbourhood
Watch were not informed that PC Ford had gone on indefinite leave. Clerk
· Citizens Advice – donation request. It was agreed that the Clerk raise
cheques for donations as per the organisations donated to in 2006. Clerk
· Offham Cricket Club – request to cut low branches on trees and request for
advice re foxes on field. Permission was granted for the branches to be
removed. The Clerk reported that she had advised the Cricket club to contact
TMBC’s environmental department regarding the foxes. Clerk
· Here & Now Issue 3 June/July 2007
· TMBC – Information on Tour de France
· TMBC – Minutes of Joint Transportation Board 11 June
· KCC – Kent Minerals Development Framework re Church Path Pit,
Northfleet – further period of consultation
· Detailed and Pocket guide to the Code of Conduct – copies were circulated
to Members present
· KAPC – newsletter June 2007
· CPRE – Voice – Summer 2007
· LCR Volume 59 – July 2007
· TMBC – Corporate Performance Plan 2007/08
· TMBC – Satellite Navigations – requesting information on use of small
roads. The Clerk was asked to respond with details of all the roads in the
village (Aldon Lane, Comp Lane, Teston Road, Fatherwell Road) as there
was no reason to come off main roads and come through Offham Clerk
· Oast to Coast – Summer 2007
· KCC – Email from Loic Flory re: Local Board Grants
· Action with Communities in Rural Kent – Strawberries & Cream Council
Meeting 9th July Elham Village Hall 6pm-8pm
· Action with Communities in Rural Kent – grants for voluntary groups
community projects. The Clerk was asked to pass on the details to the Village
Hall Management Committee. Clerk
· Offham School – confirming that Ian is to join their Governing Body.
· Vitalise – donation request – it was agreed to support only local charities

ii) Matters Arising
 The Clerk confirmed that she would be away on annual leave from 27th July
to 12th August. She agreed to email the Councillors not present with these
dates. Clerk
12. Agenda items for the next meetingVillage Hall updateAction plan – 4 Year

The Meeting concluded at 10.20 pm

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 17 July 7.30pm Planning Sub-Committee
Tuesday 4 September 7.30pm Parish Council
Helen Munro
4 July 2007

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