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Volume 104, Number 11
T he                                                              November 2004


                       Rally is Dead
   TOPEKA, Kan. (Oct. 5, 2004) – Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors voted Monday to discontinue the
sanction of its current stage-based rally format, including the ProRally and ClubRally Championships, beginning January
1, 2005 due to increasing risk exposure.
   “This was a difficult and unfortunate decision to make,” SCCA Board of Directors Chairman Gary Pitts said. “However,
from an insurance standpoint, the stage rally format has gotten to the point where it puts the entire Club, its activities and
entities under an undue risk.”
   “We have many SCCA members whose interests lie in rally,” SCCA President and CEO Steve Johnson said. “It is my
intent to allow these members the opportunity to rally in the future and continue to access the sport. I am confident we
can accomplish this task.
   “We are in negotiations to transition SCCA’s elements of the stage-based rally activity to Rally America, a longtime
partner and participant in the sport of rally.”
   Unaffected by the decision are SCCA’s RallyCross and RoadRally programs.
   SCCA began its special stage-format ProRally Championship in 1973. Since then, the ProRally Championship Pre-
sented by Hot Wheels has been regarded as the top domestic rally series. The 2004 Championship has one round re-
maining, Lake Superior ProRally (LSPR), which will run as scheduled Oct. 22 in Houghton, Mich.

                Long Live Rally
  MINNEAPOLIS, MN Oct 6, 2004 - Rally America to Accept Operation of ProRally and ClubRally Championships from
  Rally America has agreed to begin managing the operation of the former SCCA ProRally and SCCA ClubRally cham-
pionships in light of the recent business decision made by Sports Car Club of America to discontinue sanctioning of U.S.
stage-based rally events beginning January 1, 2005.
  " I know it was a difficult and controversial business decision SCCA was forced to make," Rally America President
Doug Havir said. "They've been the guardians of rally here in the U.S. for a very long time and have advanced the sport
to where it is today. Nobody would want to let go of a program they've spent so much time and effort fostering over the
decades, but rally is only a small part of their entire portfolio and they had to make a tough decision taking into account
the best interests of their entire membership."
  " It's going to be a challenge to transition the rally program smoothly from the SCCA, but I am supremely confident that
Rally America has the resources, including the help of many highly experienced people with a deep rooted passion for
the sport, to make it happen. Not only will we have a full rally calendar in 2005, we will strive toward continuing the
growth of the sport from the entry level up through the highest tiers of competition. We are all definitely looking forward
the opportunity."
  Rally America, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based corporation, has been providing rally related resources and services to
the SCCA and ProRally organizers for the past two years. While no further details have yet been announced, it is ex-
pected that more information will be presented at the final round of the 2004 SCCA ProRally Championship Presented
by Hot Wheels, the Lake Superior ProRally, October 22 in Houghton, Michigan.
2                                                                                        The Tonneau - November 2004

                                           of cars there.                            LOL Board of Directors

                                           ο Ojibwe was a “blast”, but the na-      Regional Executive
                                           tional staff could have made better/      Doug Dill
                                           more consistent decisions.                4732 Beard Ave, S.
                                                                                     Minneapolis, MN 55410
    September 14, 2004                     ο Mark Utecht will be Rally Master        H: 612-925-1731
                                           for the 2005 Headwaters Rally.
   Doug Dill called the meeting to or-     ο Breon Nagy has assumed the
der at 7:06 PM.                            duties of Rally Chair effective imme-    Assistant Regional Executives
   BOD Members present: Doug Dill,         diately.                                  Tom Fuehrer
Tom Fuehrer, Dan Moore, Steve Ol-          The Rally Chair will be responsible       16501 Valley Road
son, Rob Woolston, Mark Knepper,           for both Rally and RallyX.                Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Mark Utecht and John Glowaski.             • Road Race                               H: 952-937-8601
Other members present: Ardis Olson,
JB Lewis, Breon Nagy, Jim Griggs,
                                           ο The Back In The Saddle LOL    
                                           race didn’t happen (for LOL).
and John Parizek.                                                                   Secretary
   Meeting Minutes:                        ο Tom will publish a race summary         John Glowaski
Correct August minutes to change           in the Tonneau for those interested.      2101 Amy Circle
total number of DOB candidates re-         ο Even though this was NOT and            North Saint Paul, MN 55109-4089
quired to “6”.                             LOL event, it looked like one as most     H: 651-770-2540
   Treasurers Report:                      of the workers and competitors were
• There is still a $2000 check that        from LOL.
has not cleared.                           ο Enough workers showed up to            Interim Treasurer
• The insurance money for the BIR          “staff the June Sprints”. There were       Mark Utecht
race will be refunded by SCCA.             70 workers.                                29768 Forest Blvd
                                           ο The charity rides were a big suc-        Stacy, MN 55079
• Tom has requested the Sanction                                                      H: 651-408-1203
fee for the BIR event to be returned,      cess and LOL should consider doing
but has not yet heard back from            this next year to help raise money.
Topeka.                                    ο Depending on which expenses            Members at Large
AS Performance will reimburse LOL          Topeka refunds (insurance and sanc-       Allan Kintigh
for BIR expenses (except those for         tion fee) the event will have from        15719 Potawatomi St. NW
items that can be used by LOL in fu-       $800 to $4000 for charity.                Andover, MN 55304
ture…i.e. tech forms and sound             ο Since this was not an LOL event,        H: 763-421-2619
forms).                                    the DOB can only say that       
   Tonneau:                                “unofficially” the event was
• 525 copies of September issue            “WONDERFUL”.                              Mark Knepper
printed, 507 mailed out.                   Looking to the future for LOL, we         PO Box 414
• The number sent out should in-           would like to have this same event in     Forest Lake, MN 55025
crease next month based on the in-         2005 if BIR can finish addressing         H: 651-464-7613
accuracies of the Topeka member-           safety issues.                  
ship listing.                                 Membership:
1 paid ad.                                 • We currently have 824 members,          Dan Moore
   Comp Board:                             91 of which are “Subaru members”.         15330 Okapi St. NW
                                                                                     Ramsey, MN 55303
• Solo                                     • The file from Topeka is still diffi-    H: 763-421-0742
ο LOL Solo event will be held 10/9         cult to understand.             
at Midway Stadium.                         We still have no listing of expired
ο LOL will rent the equipment and          memberships.                              Rob Woolston
                                              Old Business:                          2080 Magnolia Ave. E
5 experienced workers from MAC for
$250 and 5 entry fees.                     • Elections                               St. Paul, MN 55119-3354
Trophies will not be available the day     ο We now have 4 people running            H: 651-739-7837
of the event. This will keep trophy        for the BOD since Jim Griggs threw
purchases to only what is needed.          his hat in the ring.
• RallyX                                   ο Ballots need to be in the mail 2        Steve Olson
                                                                                     20204 Cimarron Circle
ο Next RallyX will be at the Arkan-        weeks prior to the election date
                                                                                     Corcoran, MN 55340
sas cycle park on the 19th.                (10/28).
                                                                                     H: 763-478-3540
ο RallyFest was a success even             ο Award nomination forms will be
though there was a minimal number          included with the ballots.
The Tonneau - November 2004                                                                                                                                                         3

                                                 ο Should we pursue outstate candi-                            ο What about the Wings and
                                                 dates?                                                        Wheels event in Oceola?

                             ISSN 0886-8301
                                                 ο BOD meetings could be handled                               ο Proposed split of CENDIV
                                                 via phone conference.                                         After much discussion, the BOD
   The official print publication of the Land    Candidate bio’s needed by 9/17 to                             voted against the split.
O' Lakes Region of the Sports Car Club           get into the Tonneau.
of America. Opinions expressed are                 New Business:                                                The meeting was adjourned at 9:08
those of the authors and do not
necessarily represent those of the Land          • Auto Show                                                   PM
O'Lakes Region, its members, officials, or       ο We need someone to step for-                                  Respectfully submitted…..John
board of directors.                              ward to assume the role of Auto
   Letters to the editor are always                                                                            Glowaski
                                                 Show Chair.
welcome. The Tonneau staff reserves the
right to edit letters and articles for length.   ο Should we be looking at the
                                                 “World of Wheels” show instead of
  Please submit your materials (1000             the Mpls/St Paul Auto Show? Target
words or less, please) at the LOL Board          market would be greater.
Meeting or send it to tonneau@scca-
                                                 ο We had more traffic at auto show
                                                 when we were on 1st floor….could we
Editors                                          get back there?
  J.B. Lewis
  Brenda Lewis
  12 63 1/2 Way NE
  Fridley, MN 55432
  H: 763-502-8561 (10a-10p)

 Harvey West
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4                                                                                            The Tonneau - November 2004


                                             onstration of his consistency. In         vain, however. AAA soon dictated
                                             those days, most of the National          that front spindles be periodically

SPORT                                        Championship events were held on
                                             challenging one-mile dirt ovals such
                                                                                       Magnafluxed, preventing a tragic
                                                                                       repetition of his accident. When they
                                             as Langhorne and Springfield. In          lined up the cars for the 1949 “500”,
Harvey West                                  addition to the champ cars, Ted also      none of them carried number one…it                     campaigned sprint cars heavily, wag-      had been earned by Ted’s National
                                             ing many epic battles with the legen-     Championship the previous season,
                                             dary dirt track star Tommy Hinner-        and was appropriately retired in his
      No. 29                                 shitz. In addition to his driving prow-
                                             ess, Ted was an accomplished me-
                                                                                       memory for one year.

 Mr. Consistency                             chanic, doing most if not all of his

                                                                                          NEXT MONTH
                                             own work.
                                                 During his three-year reign as AAA
   He was one of the best liked and          National Champion, Horn reflected
most respected drivers never to win          professionalism in the appearance of        All the votes will be tallied (and the
the Indy “500.” We’re talking about          his equipment and in his personal          chads counted). The results of the
Ted Horn, who established a record           conduct. One of his chief rivals at the    annual LOL Board Elections will be
of consistency which remains un-             time was Rex Mays, who also was                         published!
equalled to this day. Between 1936           highly regarded by the racing frater-
and 1948, he scored a second, four           nity. Despite their spirited on-track           The Region By-Laws will be
thirds and four fourth place finishes in     battles, the two had mutual respect             published for your review
the classic. In these nine starts, he        for one another. Sadly, the sport was
completed 1799 out of a possible             to lose both of them.                               REport will be back!
1800 race laps. His very first race at           Horn had wrapped up the 1948
Indy was his only DNF, in 1935. He           title, but felt obligated to compete in
was at the wheel of one of the ill-          an AAA 100-mile championship event
fated Miller Fords, every one of which       scheduled at DuQuoin, Illinois in Oc-
dropped out with steering failure due        tober. It was a cold, somewhat omi-
to a design flaw, as detailed in an          nous day, with a sparse crowd in at-
earlier article in this series.              tendance. During the second lap of
   A native of Cincinnati, Ted began         the race, a front spindle broke, send-
racing when only 15, but after a seri-       ing Ted’s car into violent flips. Ted
ous accident, quit the sport at the          didn’t survive, and his respected rival
behest of his parents. However,              Rex Mays died the following year in a
within three years, he was on the            race at Del Mar, California.
track again, with more heavy crashes             Ted’s loss was not completely in
following, but his career was
launched. During the thirties, he of-
ten appeared in the immensely popu-
lar and lethal AAA sprint car races at
the storied Legion Ascot track near
Los Angeles, where many Indy aspi-
rants made names for themselves, if
they survived.
   Harry Hartz, a star driver of the
board track era, gave Ted a ride in
the 1936 “500”, which began his re-                                                        Need to know what’s
markable record of consistency.                                                         going on in YOUR region?
Ted’s only appearance on the pole at
Indy occurred in 1947. He led the
1948 race for 75 laps, but finished                                                           Check out these
fourth in his last Indy appearance.                                                           great resources !
   Ted’s racing injuries had kept him
out of the military during World War
II, despite his efforts to enlist, and his                                                       LOL Hotline
racing career resumed immediately                                                               952-885-6888
after the conflict. He won the AAA
National Driving Championship in                                                                 LOL Online
1946, 1947 and 1948, another dem-                                                    
The Tonneau - November 2004                                                                                                  5

                                          prior to our eleven a.m. qualifying         Group 7 and the Vees/F500s set as

                    BA R
                                          session only to find it already jammed      the final race. Unfortunately this did
                                          with over 60 cars comprising the            not stop the mayhem. I started back
                                          mixed FF/CFF/F500/FVs group. Sit-           on the 11th row and after a few laps
                                          ting there halfway back in the third of     started to get an idea about which
 Tony Foster                              3 rows of cars I seriously questioned       way to turn and when. Then on the                   my sanity in attempting to learn a          6th lap Loren Tiemen spun his
                                          new course in the middle of such a          Reynard entering the difficult carrou-
                                          mob on a track notorious for its’ lack      sel and was rammed by Wes Allen’s
   As late summer days grow shorter       of passing opportunities. I also ques-      pristine Merlyn 25 which finished the
and the 2004 road racing program          tioned the sanity of the organizers’        weekend for both drivers and may
approaches the end, many racers           turning this wild bunch loose.              have totaled the Merlyn. Another
thoughts turn towards the challenge          It turned out my questions were          Runoffs qualifier Chuck Brewer ap-
of Mid Ohio. This year my thoughts        valid as first I followed two Vees out      parently hit some of the debris and
were there as well, but for a change      who proceeded to spend most of the          retired while other spins and
not as a spectator/reporter at the an-    first lap side by side swerving around      crunches around the track brought
nual National Championships, but as       trying to heat up their tires on a          out a series of yellow flags but no
a competitor. True, I had not turned      “green” (i.e. open for business) track.     race stoppage as dusk was fast ap-
a wheel at a SCCA National all year,      Maybe the fact that this split me fur-      proaching. Once things got back to
but due to a fortunate set of circum-     ther back from the main group was           speed I found myself running behind
stances was able to enter the 23rd        good, as halfway around lap 2 there         a trio of CFFs who were madly dicing
Autumn Classic double Regional            were two sets of waving yellows for         at every corner and going two or
races to be held there the weekend        one car high-centered before the car-       three wide under braking. I eased off
after Labor Day. Alan Murray would        rousel and another stuffed into the         a bit as any attempt to pass would
transport my car and gear all the way     tires at the exit of that turn. These       have been futile and sure enough on
to Mansfield, and although I had a        incidents brought out a red flag at         the last lap exiting the carrousel one
meeting in Minneapolis Friday morn-       start/finish and we all headed for the      CFF got loose and the other two
ing that I could not miss I was able to   pits while the track was cleared.           came together resulting in Mike Ney-
snare a round trip Northwest fare to      Everyone was again unleashed and I          lon’s Lola getting launched right in
Toledo for less than half the cost of a   moved over on the back straight to let      front of me in what turned into a bar-
Columbus ticket and a friendly week-      pass a seething mob of cars led by          rel roll with the car landing backwards
end deal from Avis made the travel        Runoffs qualifiers Cliff Johnson and        but upright in the tires at the corner
cost less than prohibitive. The major     Dennis Hoinig who were really push-         exit. I braked and swerved to barely
problem I faced was no chance to          ing it early. We all were met by an-        miss all danger and leisurely motored
attend the Friday Mid Ohio school         other waving yellow and waving cor-         by the checker in what turned out to
session considered by many to be          ner workers approaching the blind           be 13th overall and 9th in FF. John-
mandatory for neophytes at the track.     turn one under the bridge. Just past        son and Hoinig had hooked up to-
My only guidance of how to get            the apex were two Vees together but         gether at the start and ran away from
around the 15 or 16 corners was the       not complete (missing corners) with a       the pack but opted to skip post race
old Bobby Rahal SPORTSCAR Hot             wrecked Van Diemen FF while fur-            impound and were both docked one
Lap which was copied well over a          ther down the track a three wheeled         lap which gave Jim Dietz (Van Die-
decade earlier plus the M-O School        Swift was off at driver’s left with parts   men) the overall win and elevated
video of the track that Jim Nash was      strewn across the asphalt. The re-          Jim Nash to 4th all the way up from
generous to lend to me.                   mainder of that lap was under a black       his 13th spot on the grid. This put
   Alan braved the Interstates alone      flag signifying the end of the mad-         smiles on the faces of the entire
while I arrived at the gate after dark    ness but did nothing to increase my         Nash entourage and removed any
but in time to register. Al missed a      knowledge of the difficult (blind cor-      questions concerning who would be
couple turns in the Friday darkness       ners and off camber abounding)              the 2004 overall FF/CFF Champion-
and barely made it to the entrance        racecourse.                                 congratulations Jim on a great sea-
road by midnight where we camped             As race time approached rumors           son!. Murray moved up from 26th at
out under clear skies which promised      swirled that the Stewards were con-         the start to finish 16th overall and 7th
a dry weekend. Saturday morning           sidering splitting the huge group of        in class as all three LOL drivers fin-
was a bit of a scramble finding a pad-    cars (minus about a half dozen              ished with 12 intact corners.
dock spot among the large group of        wrecked beyond repair) for our                 Sunday saw continued perfect
entries. These were augmented by          scheduled end of the day event.             weather but only 21 cars qualifying in
many early arrivals for Runoffs “test     Many drivers had suggested drop-            our now officially split group as sev-
week” which would begin promptly on       ping the scheduled laps from 13 to 10       eral mangled Fords were already
Monday. We both managed to run            to ease pressure on the schedule.           headed home. I continued working
our cars through mandatory Tech in        Happily the group was split with the        toward my goals of (a) not crashing
time to arrive at the grid 10 minutes     FF/CFF Challenge cars comprising                                (Continued on page 6)
6                                                                                             The Tonneau - November 2004

                                                                                          New Members
(Continued from page 5)                     Sievenpiper is putting together 2
and (b) improving my lap times each         more customer cars. Brewer proved
session. Cliff Johnson and Dennis           the worth of the Citation FU2 while           We haven’t had a chance to in a
Hoinig again proved their dominance         Canadian Matt Champagne moved               while, so we would like to take this
qualifying on the front row almost 3        his similar car from 22nd to 9th. The       opportunity to welcome all of our new
seconds ahead of Dietz in third.            venerable Swift DB-1 still placed six       members in 2004!
Nash was happy in fourth while I was        cars in the top 15 so I suppose my
lucky 13 and Murray 19th. The Sun-          car still retains some residual value.                 Pete Glasspoole
day race proved to be a bit more               Another LOL Swift driver returned                     Mark Krotzer
sane as Johnson decided not to start        to racing in the past two months.                          Kyle Knoff
while Hoinig eased away to an 8 sec-        2003 LOL road racing Rookie of the                     Scott D Friberg
ond win over Dietz with Nash third.         Year Tom Stillwell had spent most of                   Terry A Sanders
Once again I found myself behind a          the summer working to rebuild his                      Edward J Joyce
pair of dicing Club FFs, this time FF/      severely tweaked car while also la-                       Jim Onstott
CFF Challenge organizer Steve               boring to rehabilitate both legs se-                  David A Johnson
Beeler.and Marc Blanc who pro-              verely fractured in last summer’s hor-                  Mark Johnson
ceeded to show me a decent line             rible crash at Elkhart Lake. I’m happy                  Walter Grivna
around the course and we finished           to report success in both areas, as                       Lori Grivna
11-13 in that order. Murray was 16th        Tom first got in some laps at a                        Stephen Grivna
(again 7th CFF) and we packed up            Brainerd test day and then headed                        Alex Grivna
our gear as Justin Pritchard pulled in      for Council Bluffs, Iowa for the MAM                    Paul Beauvais
next to us to begin setting up for his      School/Regional where things went                      Yao-Chih Chen
attempt at winning an unprecedented         well. Then a more serious challenge                      Ted Heisler
3rd straight FF national champion-          waited at Blackhawk Farms and the                      Leighton Reese
ship. One of neatnik Pritchard’s first      final CenDiv Regional Fall Sprints.                      Katie Reese
activities was to pull a lawnmower out      Here again FF/CFF/FV/F500 were                           Nick Hodge
of the trailer and neatly cut out a         combined and a strong field of 32                     Benjamin Adams
prime paddock spot which was to last        cars recorded times in two qualifying                   Eric Einarsson
for the coming two weeks. Justin            sessions. Leading the pack after                      Robyn Goolsbey
was at the track the Friday school          dusting off his Hopspeed Piper for                     Bekki Freeman
before our races to record some             the first time in well over a year (or is               Robert Cutlip
blindingly fast laps in Bill Kephart’s      it two?) was Dave Hopple. Dave has                     Erik C B Payeur
Van Diemen, but this was to be the          been traveling all over the country                    Kevin Clemens
first appearance at Mid Ohio in 2004        crewing for John Church’s Zetec                        Mike Schneider
for Pritchard’s beautiful Pipe DF5.         rental so John returned the favor,                       Dennis Daly
   I kept tabs on Runoffs activities via    crewing for Dave this weekend. Al                       Eric Peterson
the internet and Pritchard’s first quali-   Murray was 13th overall but led the                Thomas James Archer
fying session on Tuesday turned out         small CFF field with Stillwell 17th.                  Charles Kinnunen
to be the pole at a new lap record          Three local FV drivers included Bruce                 Wendy Kinnunen
speed for the Mid Ohio “pro” course.        Livermore and Mike Vrchota 1-2 in                     Charles Harriman
Scott Rarick’s DB-6 which won at this       class with Dave Bowman 10th. Sun-                       Mike De Nucci
year’s strange June Sprints was also        day’s race went well for Hopple as he                    Tom Moerke
under the lap record in second. Eve-        led all but one lap and nipped Paul                 Tamara Hammerlund
rything seemed to be falling into           Reineck after Mark Kolell spun out of                   Gary Kullman
place for a Pritchard 3-peat as first       contention. Livermore and Vrchota                     Susanne Venberg
contender John LaRue stuffed his            appeared to have taken each other                    Anthony C Johnson
Citation into a tire wall in the esses      out on lap 9, Murray won CFF, Still-                      Harry Beck
while Justin pulled out a gap to lead       well finished 8th in FF and Bowman                       Peggy Beck
the first 15 laps. Then the Piper sud-      was out on the last lap in FV. It’s                      Jason Beck
denly developed a brake problem             great to have Tom back driving and                        Kevin Beck
and two spins dropped Pritchard to          we look forward to seeing him again                        Alex Beck
4th and Rarick had a relatively easy        next season.                                              Jeff Hagen
cruise to the checker flag and his first                                                          Robert Kozminski
national championship. Chuck                                                                   James Robert Coleman
Brewer had solved his Regional race                                                                  Dan Herring
problems and moved up nicely from                                                              Robert Michael Johnson
7th to 2nd while former winner Chris                                                                 Joe Kantarik
Winkler started and finished 3rd. It                                                                Damien Crane
was an impressive Runoffs again for                                                                 Anthony Davis
the Piper DF5 and rumor has it Don                                                                     Tom Pihl
The Tonneau - November 2004                                                                7

          Judson M Dayton                                            2004
             Davis Dayton
           Damon Lichtblau                                           Land O’Lakes
               Paul Koll                                             Region
         Ke Sung Anderson
            Paul A Brooks
                                                                     Awards Banquet
            Michael Moore
           Matthew Wapper                                            Saturday
             Kellie Melton                                           January 15, 2005
            Bryan Venberg
            Jake Venberg
                                                                     KFAN The Restaurant
             Arie Venberg
             Alix Venberg                                            2801 Snelling Ave
            Jason Metzgar                                            Roseville, MN 55113
            Jeremy Laabs
             Merle Meyer
             Carol Meyer
                                           Watch this space for more information!!!
            Jimmy Griggs                   OR contact Mary Utecht at 651-408-1203
              Pat Sterling
           Sharon Sterling
           Chancie Sterling
              Eric Engrav
             Amy Engrav
     Christopher Richard Slinden

            Steve Barkley
             Alex Awsumb
           Tiffany Awsumb
           Athena Awsumb
           Kepler Awsumb
             Elsa Awsumb
             Paul Weidner
            Deborah Vaia
         James G Stansbury
             Jeff Klumper

              John Boos
             Rhys Winker
             Michael Wray
               Jody Daly
          Richard A Slinden
          Mikael Johansson
            Dan Adamson                    Are you creative? Do you have
                                          experience with desktop
              Scott Martin
            Ryan Grittman
          Ty Allen Manseau
            Rebecca Smith                 publishing? The current editors
            Tyler Oesterle
            Jason Dionne                  are    passi ng       on     the
            Michael Prince
             Adam Payeur
                                          responsibilities of keeping our
            Andre Prasad
          Mark Leomardson
                                          membership informed. If you
         Keith Alan Beumer
            Ann Davidson
                                          are interested or would like to
          Kathleen Cleghorn               know more about the job,
             Jerry Greene
            Thomas Scott                  contact the current editors.
              Tony Kaus
           Randy Williams
           Brian Alan Ittner
                  (Continued on page 8)
8                                                                                             The Tonneau - November 2004

                                               FOR SALE 1999 Chevrolet C3500               FOR SALE (Two) 74 Porsche 1.8L

                                            Quad cab dually. Truck is white with        One with New engine and trans-
                                            a grey interior. It came from down          mision (professional rebuild). Header
                                            south and does not have any rust on         exhaust system, Full rollcage, Welt-
                                            it. As far as I know, it has never seen     meister 22mm torsion bars, Welt-
Classified ads for LOL members are          snow. It is a 2WD truck with AC,            meister sway bars front(22mm) and
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more competitive then the current           same time. My loss is your gain. Call
driver! Many new parts including full       Ed at 612-867-5210.                           FOR SALE 1957 Porsche Speed-
suspension overhaul, clutch, fly-                                                       ster REPLICA. Built in 1991 with VW
wheel, pressure plate, full brake sys-                                                  running gear. Great condition. Black
tem new this season. The tranny has            FOR SALE 2001 24 ft Featherlite          with tan convertible top, red interior.
6 races on it and runs a welded dif-        car hauler. This is the top of the line     Basic summer fun only, no heater,
ferential. OMP seat has 5 races on it.      all aluminum car hauler. It is white        defroster or side curtains, so if you're
Needs updated harness after Jan 1           with the smooth sides and has the           looking for something with all the
05. Comes with many spare parts             featherlite small v-nose. The inside is     modern comforts, this isn't it (on the
including 1 spare engine, 8 extra           lined and insulated. It also has the        other hand, no one points and waves
wheels and two transmissions. Lo-           classic black and white checkerboard        at middle-aged men in Miatas). Ap-
cated in Minneapolis, MN. Asking            floor. There is currently a 13,500 BTU      praised at $15,000, advertised at
$4500 with spares package.                  AC unit on the roof that is not in-         $12,000, will sell to LOL'er for $9900.
  Call Aaron @ 612-861-3748 or              cluded in the price but is negotable if     Can e-mail pics.
email @                  you want it with the trailer. I can put a   Contact Jeff Gadbois at
                                            standard vent in the hole for the AC        952-474-7521 or
  FOR SALE 2 new 20x9.5x13 2003             otherwise. The trailer has a total of
Goodyear slicks (made in Chile), 430        about 6000 miles on it since new. It
compound. 4 used 21x9x13 2003               weighs a mere 3500 pounds and has
Goodyear slicks (made in Chile) 3           dual 4800 pound axles. That gives
heat cycles. Over half of tread left.       you a whopping 6100 pound carrying                      Zachary Wilson
430 compound. Make me an offer.             capacity. It's clean enough that you                     John K Nordlie
Mark Brakke. 763 421 2952.                  would think it was a 2004 model. It                      Josh Kneubuhl
                                            also comes with an RV style side                         David Grenwis
                                            door with screen and a bugzout                         Daniel C Goldman
   FOR SALE New Lucas starter for           screen door for the rear opening. The                   Bruce Danielson
Formula Ford. Part number S3511.            origional cost was almost $14,000                       Shaun Patterson
Two bolt mounting flange. Brand new         but it can be yours for only $8995.                      Scott Beamish
still in box. Box is travel worn, starter   Must sell due to having 3 in college at                 Joshua M Simer
is not, still in cosmolene wrapper.         the same time. My loss is your gain.                      David Schaal
Starter has pinion barrel. Also new in      Call Ed at 612-867-5210.                               David T Anderson
box pinion barrel for same. Get both                                                              M Renee Anderson
for the low price of $75.00. New                                                                     Tyra Anderson
Bosch Distributor parts: Cap, points,         New members (Continued)                                Freya Hanson
rotor, condenser, $25.00 New                                                                        Brynna Hanson
Hewland MK 9 dog rings (2) $90.00                                                                   William Poppert
each New Ford 1600 rear crank seal          (Continued from page 7)
                                                                                                   William A.S. Taylor
$15.00 New 180XL037 FF water                            David A Teicher                              Allen S Taylor
pump drive belt $8.00 Clutch plate                       Steven Bickett                               Lisa M Taylor
align tool $5.00 Buy separately or                        C J Beving                                 Ryan S Taylor
$200.00 takes all. Buyer/s pay ship-                    Wayne Rames                               Christopher G Taylor
ping. Armand Eshleman (507) 376-                         Joe Holzinger                               Krista Copham
9532, or                          Wayne G Anderson                            Gregory W Hanka
                                                        Lynn Schreiner
                                                         Kahle Downs
The Tonneau - November 2004   9


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10                                                                              The Tonneau - November 2004

                      Oktoberfest Rallycross Results
                         Part of the Luther Bloomington LOL Rallycross championship
                                                October 3, 2004

                                                                     Run      Run      Run      Run
                                                         Rank       Group #1 Group #2 Group #3 Group #4
 Car #     Class   Driver                  Total    Overall   Class Best      Best     Best     Best
      44   G2S     Paul      Koll           97.21           1     1     26.90    24.75    24.78    20.78
     453   G2P     Joel      Hubbell        97.98           2     1     27.57    26.15    23.66    20.60
     157   G5P     Jason     Beck           98.41           3     1     28.57    24.78    24.19    20.87
      11   OP      Joe       Lipinski       99.05           4     1     28.21    25.12    24.07    21.65
     628   OS      Dan       Adamson        99.35           5     1     28.88    25.78    23.81    20.88
     625   OP      Michael   Wray          100.09           6     2     27.12    25.97    25.50    21.50
      65   G2S     Breon     Nagy          100.93           7     2     26.69    27.81    24.87    21.56
     757   G2P     Harry     Beck          101.14           8     2     28.78    26.15    24.81    21.40
     177   OS      Joseph    Reithmeyer    101.19           9     2     29.75    26.12    24.63    20.69
       7   G5S     Kerry     Freund        102.35        10       1     28.00    26.16    25.28    22.91
       1   OP      Brad      O'Connor      102.94        11       3     29.31    25.56    25.44    22.63
     829   OS      Matt      Naumann       103.19        12       3     30.29    28.06    23.81    21.03
      13   OS      Erik      Dahl          104.09        13       4     32.09    26.16    25.06    20.78
      77   OS      Denny     McGinn        106.62        14       5     30.62    26.53    27.22    22.25
     710   OS      Mark      Holden        106.91        15       6     32.03    27.69    25.94    21.25
      15   OS      John      O'Connor      113.62        16       7     35.41    29.90    25.59    22.72
The Tonneau - November 2004                                                                11

                                  THE RED EYE RALLY

                               SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2004
  RALLYMASTERS:               Rick & Barb Albrechtson

  START:                      Home of Rick & Barb Albrechtson, N 2841 CTH FA
                              (on top of the bluff), La Crosse, WI (call for directions)

  REGISTRATION:               9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, First Car leaves at 12:00 Noon.

  ENTRY FEE:                  $15.00 for SCCA members $20.00 for non members
                              (includes brunch)

  This rally will be a "Monte Carlo" style rally where you will get EASY route instruc-
tions designed to insure that you will not get lost AND you will know at what time you
are to get to each of the check points*. You will also know about where each check-
point is. All you have to do is arrive at each checkpoint at exactly the correct time.
You will be penalized 1 point for each second you are early or late.

  You can use any means of calculating time/speed/distance stuff but the more sophis-
ticated equipment you use, which may give you an advantage, may place you in a dif-
ferent class from those using less sophisticated equipment, or no equipment. The
Rallymaster will make a determination after everyone registers. There should also be
two people in each car, a driver and a navigator.

 “Equipment” that you should bring includes a clip board, pad of paper, a couple of
pencils and a stop watch or watch with a second hand.

 There will be a “Novice” class (have not run more that 2 rallies in the past 10 years)
so experience should not count.

  For more information call Rick at (608) 785-1773 (H); (608) 789-7900 (W).
12                                                                                     The Tonneau - November 2004


Nov 9        LOL Board of Directors Meeting                  Dec 14      LOL Board of Directors Meeting
             7:00 PM                                                     7:00 PM
             Parrish’s Supper Club, St. Paul                             Parrish’s Supper Club, St. Paul
             All members invited to attend                               All members invited to attend
Nov 14       Red Eye Rally
             9:00 AM
                                                             Jan 15     (2005) LOL Awards Banquet
             Rick & Barb Albrechtson
                                                                        KFAN The Restaurant, Roseville
                                                                        Mary Utecht - 651-407-1203
Nov 18       LOL Membership Meeting
             7:00 PM
             Radisson Inn Roseville
             “Rally and Road Racing: What lies in the
             future of our club?”
•    Note that the membership meeting is on a

      Check the LOL website and/or hotline for last minute additions/corrections
             to the calendar. or 952-885-6888

      Permit No. 64
     Minneapolis, MN                                                                 Address Service Requested
      U.S. Postage                                             Prior Lake, MN 55372
        Standard                                               P.O. Box 427
        Presorted                                              Land O' Lakes Region, Sports Car Club of America
                                                               The Tonneau

                  If you need to correct your address, please contact John Parizek at 952-496-1919
           Please make sure your address is correct and complete. The Postal Service prefers to see ZIP+4!

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